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段落翻译训练1 及答案

段落翻译训练 1 及答案 1. 蹴鞠(Cuju)是中国古代的一项球类运动。它是竞技运动,要把球踢进球网内。该运动是为 了训练士兵而发明的。在汉代(the Han Dynasty),从军队到皇室,乃至贵族阶层,蹴鞠都很 盛行。由于社会经济的发展,蹴鞠在宋代(the Song Dynasty)甚至风靡社会各阶层。当时,职 业蹴鞠球员十分普遍。这些球员分为两类:一类是由皇室训练并为皇室表演,而另一类则由 靠蹴鞠谋生的平民百姓组成。 Cuju is an ancient Chinese ball game. It is a competitive game that involves kicking a ball through an opening into a net. The game was invented for military training purposes. During the Han Dynasty, the popularity of Cuju spread from the army to the royal courts and upper classes. Due to social and economic development, the sport even extended its popularity to every class in society during the Song Dynasty. At that time, professional Cuju players were quite popular. These players fell into two groups. One was trained by and performed for the royal court and the other consisted of civilians who made a living as Cuju players. 2. 大型电视系列纪录片《舌尖上的中国》 (A Bite of China)自 2012 年开播以来反响巨大。 纪录片在描述食物取材时,巧妙地融入人们的故事。当然,当影片过多地刻画人物而不是介 绍美食时,也会引起观众的抱怨。但这丝毫不影响《舌尖上的中国》在中国的成功,还激起 人们对食物的狂热。在纪录片播出后不久,片中出现的食材,其销量就直线飙升。 The hugely popular documentary series A Bite of China has been such a surprise hit since first appearing on our TV screens in 2012. Its main ingredient is the clever interweaving of human stories with the preparation of food. There were even some complaints when human characters took up more screen time than the dishes. But still, the runaway success of this well-made TV recipe has whipped up a food frenzy. Items featured on the show have seen their sales skyrocket within a short time of being aired. 3. 中医(Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) )起源于 6,000 多年前的神农氏时代。 神农这位著 名的中国古代药王所生活的时代被认为是中医史上的萌芽阶段。中医学在长期的发展过程 中,逐渐形成了一整套医学原则和观点。首先,中医认为“万物人为贵” 。中医将“救死扶 伤”视为职业道德规范。第二,中医重视无病防病,强调以食补来延缓衰老,减少疾病。第 三, 中医理论认为, 社会环境与自然环境相互作用, 互为依存, 人的身心也是一种相互作用、 互为依存的关系。 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) originated from Shennong, the famous king of medicine in ancient China who lived about 6,000 years ago. The time Shennong lived is considered to be the embryo stage of the development of TCM. During its long process of development, TCM has gradually developed a set of medical principles and concepts. First, it believes that “nothing is more important than a human life”. It regards “healing the wounded and rescuing the dying” as its professional ethics. Second, it pays attention to the early prevention of diseases, advocating the food treatment to defer senility and reduce diseases. Third, in the TCM theory, the relationship between social and natural environment, as well as the relationship between human body and spirit, is of mutual influence and interdependence. 4. 网上购物作为一种新的购物方式,近年来在国内被广泛接受,尤其是在年轻人中流行开 来。2006 年以来,中国网上购物增长速度迅猛。网上购物的特点是购物方式新颖、便捷以

及价格较低等。 它具有传统购物所没有的很多优势, 在一定程度上弥补了传统购物的很多不 足。但是,网民在网上购物的同时,也面临着种种问题,比如产品质量不合格、隐私权不好 保护、容易被诈骗等。其中,安全性问题是阻碍网上购物发展的最大问题。 As a new way of shopping, online shopping has been widely accepted in the country in recent years, especially among young people. Since 2006, online shopping has experienced a rapid growth in China. Online shopping is characterized by its modern way of shopping, convenience and inexpensiveness, etc. It has many advantages that the traditional one doesn’t have, which, to some extent, make up for those shortcomings of traditional shopping. However, while shopping online, net citizens are also faced with various problems, such as low quality of commodities, poor protection of privacy, and easily being cheated, etc. Among them, the security issues are the biggest problems that have hindered the development of online shopping.

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