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高中英语 第一模块第三单元单词学习导学案 牛津版必修1

Module 1

Unit 3

Looking good, feeling good

Learning aims(学习目标):1.To improve the ability of memorizing the words. 2. To master the usage of important words. Important points(学习重点):To memorize the new words in this unit. Difficult points(学习难点): How to master and use the words. Learning guide(方法导引):Read, copy , memorize and practice Learning procedures(学习过程): Step1. Try to read and remember the new words and phrases as quickly as possible。 (温馨提示:说一千,道一万,记住单词是关键!) 1. Read and recite new words and phrases from act to cash three times.p69 (方法 导引:按音标正确的读背单词和短语) (A 级) 2. copy the new words and phrases from act to cash three times in your exercise books(方法导引:汉语只需抄写一遍;抄写后应会默写这些单词和短语) (A 级) 3. 根据要求写出各单词和短语的正确形式(方法导引:要默写单词,然后核对答案,用红 色笔写出正确答案并加以巩固) 级) (B Please pay attention to these nouns: 1.健身房_____________________ 2. 体重,重量,杠铃片____________ 3. 衰退,衰竭,故障__________ 4. 化学物质,化学药品___________ 5. 手术 ____________________ 6. 相配的人或物__________________ 7. 建议,忠告________________ 8. 陌生人_________________________ 9. 压力______________________ 10. 女演员_______________________ 11, 节 食 , 日 常 饮 食 ______________ 12. 效 果 ___________________________ 13. 运 动 员 _______________ 14. 成 就 ___________________________ Please pay attention to these verbs: 1.保持_________________ 2.锻炼,运动__________________ 3.起作用,有效果________________ 4. 痊愈;重新获得_________________ 5.包含,容纳___________________ 6. 遵循,遵守,__________________ 7,举起,_______________ 8.考虑__________________________ 9. 影响__________________ 10 冒险_________________________ 11,辨认出,识别出____________ 12. 匹配,相称___________________ Please pay attention to these adjectives: 1. 苗条的,纤细的____________ 2. 惭愧的,羞愧的_________________ 3.减肥的,瘦身的______________ 4.无价的,珍贵的__________________ 5.有害的______________________ 6.精确的,准确的__________________ 7.有吸引力的,有魅力的____________ 8.动人的,感人的___________________ 9.肥胖的,超标的__________________ 10. 极瘦的,皮包骨的_______________ Please pay attention to these phases: 1. 锻炼,计算出___________________ 2. 节食________________________ 3.秘密的________________________ 4. 副作用______________________
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5. (头发等)脱落__________________6. 体重增加___________________Please pay attention to these word-formation: 1. failure__________ (v.) 2. operation_____________ (v.) 3. advice______________(v.) 4. attractive ___________(vt.) 5. touching____________(v) 6.actress ____________(opp.) 7. properly__________(a.) 8. consider_____________(n.) 9. achievement___________(v.) Step2: Consolidation 根据首字母补全单词,注意所填单词的词性以及词形变化. 1. Fruit and vegetables are sold by w____________. 2. I’m trying to lose weight because I’m so a_________ of my body. 3. The medicine c________ a harmful chemical that causes my liver to fail. 4. Now he is c_________ taking some pills, which he thinks will make him become stronger. 5. The policeman r_________ her as a pickpocket quickly. 6. I am sorry, I don’t quite f_______ you. 7. Let’s ask for Mr. Yang‘s a __________on this matter. 8. We must find carpets that will m_______the curtains. 9. Every woman wants a slim f______ these days, especially here in Canada. 10 She was deeply a______ by the news of her father's death. Step3. Word usage: 1. stay: vi.暂住,留下;n. 停留时间;link-v. 仍然是 【感知翻译】1. I am going to stay at a hotel tonight. 2. The window stayed open all the night. 【指点迷津】:1. 表示继续呆在某处时,可用不及物动词 remain 或者 stay. 2. 表示暂住,短期停留时,只能用不及物动词 stay. 3. 表示继续保持或处于原来状态时, 可用 remain 或者 stay. 4.表示残留,剩下时,只能用不及物动词 remain. 【即景活用】 :1.My mother- in –law _______with us this week when she visited us. 2. Not much of the house _________after the fire. 3. ________indoors for a few days until you recover from your cold. 2. consider: vt. 考虑,认为 【感知翻译】 :1. I am considering what to do next. 2. He considers me as /to be his best friend. 【思维拓展】 “考虑” 1.当 讲时, consider+n/pron 或 consider +doing 或 consider+wh-+to do, 2. 当 “ 认 为 ” 讲 时 , consider+sb/sth+(as)+n 或 consider+sb/sth+(to be )+n/adj. 或 consider +sb to have done sth 3. 把??当做:consider?as ; treat? as; regard? as; think of ? as ;have?as; 等 4.consideration : n. 考 虑 take sth into consideration under consideration
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【即景活用】 1.Alexander Bell is considered _______________(invite) the telephone. : 2.We all consider Mr. Deng Xiaoping________a great leader of our country in recent ages. Which of the following can NOT be used in the blank? A. as B. to be C. be D./ 3. advice: n,建议,建议 【感知翻译】 :1.If you follow my advice and study hard, you will pass the exam. 2. He gave us good advice on how to learn English. 【思维拓展】 :Ⅰ.1. give/offer sb some advice on 就??给某人提出建议 2.ask sb for advice 征求某人的意见 3. follow/take one’s advice 接受某人 的建议 Ⅱ. advise: vt, 建议: advise sb to do sth; ?advised sb not to do sth =advise sb against doing sth advise doing sth 建议干某事 advise that 建议?? advise sb on 向某人提??建 议 【指点迷津】 :1. advice 是不可数名词,一条建议:a piece of advice 2. advise 后接 that 从句时,从句用虚拟语气。3. advise 后接动名词做宾语。 【即景活用】 :1. Father went to his doctor for_______about his heart trouble. A. an advice B. advice C. advices D. the advices 2. We advised that steps _________(take ) at once. 4. effect: n. 影响;结果;效力 【感知翻译】 :1. The medicine has little effect on the old man. 2. This had a great effect upon the future of both mother and son. 【思维拓展】 :have an effect on 对??有影响 take effect 生效,起作用 come into effect 生效 bring sth into effect 实施?? in effect 实际上 be of no effect 无效 【指点迷津】 :1. effect 为名词,常用于 have an effect on 结构, “对??有影响” 2. affect 为动词, “影响”通常指对身体,思 he 想或情绪带来不良影响。 此外, “感动,触动”之意,相当于 move. 【即景活用】 :请用 affect/effect 的正确形式填空。 1. Punishment almost had no ______on the naughty boy. 2. The rise in prices will _______all classes. 3. She was _________at seeing such scene. 5. care about 关心;在乎;介意 【感知翻译】 :1. I don’t care about money or what people call position. 2. Don’t you care about anybody? 【思维拓展】 :care for 喜欢;愿意;照顾 take care of 照顾;保管 with care 仔细地; 认真地 be careful of 小心;当心 be careful in dong sth 在做??谨慎仔细 be careful about 讲究 【指点迷津】 :care about 多用于否定句和疑问句中。 【即景活用】 :用适当的介词或副词填空。 1. She thinks only of herself, she doesn’t care ______other people. 2. I don’t care _______what you think. 3. Would you care _______a cup of coffee?
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6. along with 连同??,随同?? 【感知翻译】 :1. I posted the book along with money? 2. The father, along with his son, is travelling in China. 【思维拓展】 :all long 一直,始终 get along (on )with 在?方面有进展,与某人相处 融洽 【指点迷津】 :在句中,由 along with 引出短语时,其谓语动词要跟主语保持一致,类似 情况还有:as well as; rather than; together with; including; with; besides; but; like; except 等。 【即景活用】 :Jane, together with her parents _______(go) to the park every Sunday. 7. work out 计算出;解除难题等;锻炼;事情等顺利进行;拟定计划,方案等 【感知翻译】 :1. I work out every morning. 2. W e work out a plan to leave school. 3. The plan didn’t work out well. 【思维拓展】work at 从事于;致力于 work on 继续;从事 out of work 失业 at work 在 工作 turn out 结果是,证明是 make out 辨认出,理解 pick put 挑出,选出 point out 指出 break out 爆发,发生 come out 出来,出版 give out 用完耗尽,精疲力竭 【即景活用】 :The problem is difficult for a little girl to _______. A. solve it B. work out it C. work it out D. work out 学 生 反 思 : ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ . Step4. Practice. Ⅰ. Words. 1. Professor Smith, along with his assistants ____________(work) on the project day and night to meet the deadline. 2. The emperor cared _________nothing than for new clothes. 3. Why don’t you put the meat in the fridge? It will ________fresh for several days. A. be stayed B. stay C. be staying D. have stayed 4. My parents often tell me that being unable to answer a teacher’s questions in class is noting to a________ of. 5. Doctors warn that smoking is h_______to health. However some young people still have developed the habit of smoking. 6. It will take two or three weeks before you r________ from illness. 7. The sofa is a perfect m _______for the grey curtain in our sitting room. 8. The young man is suffering from heart disease; he needs an o__________. 9. He is under great p________ because he has a lot of things to deal with in his business. 10. It is not wise even dangerous for young women to take weight-loss pills to keep a slim f__. 11. After graduating from Beijing Film Academy, she became an a______ and acted in films.
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12. It was a (n) ______( 感 人 的 )scene when the old couple got reunited after separation. 13. Don’t tell your personal information such as your address and cell phone numbers to ________(陌生人) online. 14. Don’t do anything that will ____(损害)the reputation of your family ,school and country. 15. Taking weight-loss pills proves to be dangerous, as it ______( 包 含 )some chemicals. Ⅱ. Phases: 1. He has just had an operation and now is in hospital ____________it.(恢复) 2. In my opinion, it is unnecessary for teenagers to _______ because they need much more food to study.(节食) 3. To ________(减肥),many girls take weight-loss pills instead of taking exercise. 4. The famous actors keep fit by ________(锻炼) in the gym every day. 5. _______the doctor’s ________(遵循某人的建议)and give up smoking, you will pick up your health shortly. 6. The couple who have been married for many years _____(渴望) have a baby of their own. 7. She said that she was not good at singing.__________(事实上),she sings very well. 8. The girls doesn’t eat high calories food because she is afraid of __________(体 重增加)。 9. To his sadness, his bag ________(连同)his cell phone was left in the taxi. 10.As we all know, healthy diet and regular exercise are good ways to ________(保 持健康)。 Ⅲ. Sentences. 1.He is generally ________________________(被认为是发明了) the first computer. 2. The boy ________________(听从父亲的建议) and made up his mind to work hard. 3.你应该因为对同学们说了谎而感动惭愧. ___________________________________________________________________________. 教师反思:___________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ .





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