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我在这干了很久了 I have worked here very long 这样我可以和家里一起过感恩节了 It’s so that I can spend thanksgiving with my family 他们去杭州过感恩节 They go to Hangzhou for thanksgiving 你化妆了吗? Are you wearing makeup? 我是官方演员兼职模特 I am officially actor/model 你看上去像 You look more like man/woman 宣传画报 Posters for the city free clinic I’ll work on the lumps (not hump) 我现在去 coral 家 I’m off to carol’s 碰巧过来取头颅 Come by to pick up my skull 上课 Take a course 否则 Otherwise 我们把你称作精子男 We just refer to you as bobo the sperm guy 我来教你,把你的头放在火鸡里 I’ll show you. Put your head inside the turkey 我完全同意 I just like to say I am totally behind this experiment. 我非常想在你头上涂黄油 I’d very much like to butter your head. 你钱挣够了吗 Did you make your money? 家庭装 Family size bag of 你和你的假日怎么了?What is it with you and this holiday? 这就是你感恩节吃的?This is what you are having for thanksgiving? 算了吧,少来 Get out 你知道何时进,何时退 When to spritz, when to lay back 一般情况下 Normally my father pays for the tickets 预领工资 An advance on my salary 从今天起 As of today Magnificent 男用香水 Cologne 怎么了 What’s wrong? 我有性病 I have VD 滚开,别烦我 Just get out of my way and stop annoying me 落水狗逃跑了 The underdog has gotten away 它挣脱,被发现在公园上飞 He broke free and was spot flying over Changfeng park 去屋顶 Go to the roof 它多久会发生一次 How often does that happen? 随便你 Anytime you are ready 对着凸起处 Just aim for the bump (not lump, not hump) Offer a certain acoustic advantage 那只狗吧整个公园都遮住了 The dog shadowed the entire park 煤气还开着 The oven is on 我鼓足勇气 On a dare 你能不能快点 Can you go any faster with that? Enough with the keys 让我们面对它 Let’s face it 你这样不会让我更快 That tone won’t make me go any faster

我有你的钥匙备份 I have a copy of your key 钥匙孔 Keyhole 除了你说过之外 Aside from the fact that you said you had them? 我被困在这了 I am stuck here with you guys 飞机走了 The plane is gone 随便 By all means 许愿 Make a wish 你许了什么愿 What’d you wish for? 我来说祝酒词 I propose a toast 它不包括离婚,呕吐 It didn’t involve divorce and projectile vomiting 我很感激的是你们的感恩节都砸锅了 I’m thankful that all your thanksgivings sucked To a lousy Christmas and a crappy new year 尿失禁 Bladder control problem 痔疮 Hemorrhoids 3 次 TONY 奖得主 Winner of 3 tony awards I have a key hole and a zillion keys. You do the math 我们 AA 制 We all chipped in 节日宴会 Festival feast How laughter could be infectious? It’s all over the news 我还是离这些快乐远些好 Keep a safe distance form this merriment 为什么我忙得要死做这些食物 Why I am busting my ass to make this delicious dinner 你这个假笑的家伙 You smirky 你管这个叫好吃?You call this delicious 我不能陪在家里人身边 I can’t be with my family 你们提到过我吗 Did you talk about me? 能力强了 5 倍 Five times more powerful 红色开关 Red switch 有个人我希望你们见一下 There is somebody I like you to meet 我把它从实验室救了出来 I rescue him from some lab 好残忍啊 It’s so cruel 他的父母叫他 TOM His parents name him tom 他已经上岁数了 He has reached a certain age 从雪人开始说 Open with snowman 去年你是圣诞老人 You’re Santa last year 真是丢脸啊 It’s such a slap in the face 面对假日的压力 Face the pressure of this holiday Desperately scramble 既然你问了,我告诉你 For your information 我们说好了 We made a pact 我希望更乐观些 I am hoping for a little more enthusiasm 应观众要求 Back by popular demand 她的眼睫毛 Her eyelashes are resting in the jar 起风时,我觉得鼻痒 When it’s breezy, I feel a little sneezy

大声些 Speak up please She has a quality. She is beautiful in a conventional way You are luminous with a delicate grace 不要对我们叫 Stop yelling at us 我们暂停一下 We’ll take a short break 有一点 Just a smidge 他做事很有条理 He is methodical 特殊情况 Special occasion 你违约了 You break the pact I couldn’t handle the pressure so I snapped 他在玩烧菜铲子 He’s playing with my spatula(s) 今天早上我们第一次吵架 We had our first fight this morning 一定是我工作太晚引起的 It has to do with my working late He threw me some faeces (feces) 我可以帮你照看它 I could look in on it for you It seems like you are there to see him, you are not like doing it as a favor to me Today’s particle accelerators are nowhere near powerful enough to simulate this condition 我正打算吻你 I’m planning on kissing her That’s definitely a valid question 把桌上的东西清空 Sweep everything on the table Sweeping sort of Fella ASweeper trapped inside a physicist’s body 管他呢 What the hell 你在清理 You are tidying 我可以跳上去 I can hop 没地方放牛奶了 There’s no room for milk 他搭乘了早一班的飞机 He catches an earlier flight 很辣的单身母亲 A hot single mom 他一直让我吃闭门羹 He keeps shutting me out It walked around all the time dragging his hands Have a blast 杂耍表演很精彩 That juggling thing is amazing That balled-up socks. It balled up socks. 让他打好包 Tell him to pack his bags 我们取得了 3 年的全奖 We got the grant, three years, all expenses paid When do you leave? 我不想和他一起工作 I don’t want to work with him. 我要留在这,和我女友 xxoo I wanna stay here and make out with my girlfriend 你来决定 You decide 别告诉我里面是什么 Don’t tell me what’s in it 减肥明天开始 The diet starts tomorrow 这玩意不许进来 That thing is not coming in here 你就这么迎接客人?That’s the way you greet guests at a party?

出现,受欢迎 If I show up with my girlfriend, she wouldn’t be welcome in your home? 他在我咖啡桌上小便 He urinated on my coffee table 对此他比别人都内疚 He’s more embarrassed about that than anyone 让他离我远点 Keep him away from me 你觉得我们去交际一下怎么样 What do you say we do a little mingling? 他错过了航班 He missed the flight Your face exploded? 机场 I was at the airport, get into a cab 是她先叫的车 It is her cab first 她拉着我的头发把我拽出汽车 She pulled me out by my hair 吹哨子 Blow my whistle 她绊了我 She tackles me 我头撞上了人行道,结果哨子弄开了我的嘴 I hit my head on the curb and cut my lip on my whistle 我 yy 了你 I mentally undress you 那很下流 That’s dirty 给我们留个影 Take our picture 摆屁股 Sway hips Chin up/ look up 挺胸 Chest out 镜框 Photo phrame 饮水机 Water dispenser 暴发户 New rich 水壶 Kettle Vacuum flask 电熨斗 Electric iron Tiptoed/on tiptoe 一溜小跑 Trot away 蹲下 Squat down 爬 Crawl 收衣服 Bring the laundry in 转身 Turn over 转过头来 turn around 觉得痒 Feel itchy 弯腰 Bend over 他鼻子塞住了 His nose stuffed up/ runs Make a bowel movement 很臭 Stinky 老赖 Debtbeat 假钞 Fake note 伪科学 Pseudo-science 把电话摔了 Slam the pone down 接电话 Pick up the phone Hang up the pone

他把它搞砸了 He blew it up 用金粉写上“破镜重圆”Write “reunited” in glitter I necessarily think that 你不能为了我而这样 You can’t do it just because of me 这让我非常心痛 It’s tearing me apart 抱着我 Put your arms around me 科学怪人 Scientist geek 和她做 Get it on with her 别调戏她 Stop hitting on her 他是数学达人 He’s a math whiz 每个人都被亲了 Everybody is getting kissed 换尿布,抓虱子 Change his diapers and pick his fleas He loves her so much but she doesn’t love her back 她磕坏了我的牙 She cracked my tooth 她遇到了个很吵闹的家伙,结果和他 date 了 She confronted a noisy guy and ended up dating him 这不好笑 It’s not jolly 该你了 You’re on 诱人的微笑 The smile is bewitching 这是现象级的 It’s phenomenal 某个晚上 The other night Dip 钱包 Pocketbook 从猫眼里看 look through the spyhole 爆米花 popcorn You belong in Minsk he's just phoning it in 我确定 I’m sure of it 别误解我 Don’t get me wrong 别误解 Don't’ take this wrong 今天最高 45 度 The high today is 45 看下我的星象 Check my horoscope 你需要更开放一些 You need to come out of the shell 什么烂店 What a dive 就你会选这么个烂点 Only you can pick this dive 谁想要?Who is doing shots? 我们搞错时间了 We lost track of time What is with you tonight, slugger? 他同时还教雕塑 He teaches sculpting on the side. 他是二流角色 He’s a secondary character 你违反了法则 You broke the code 靓女阿姨 Hot-looking auntie 明显有人睡过头了 Apparently, somebody overslept 我的球拍在穿线 My racket is being restrung

留下你的手柄尺寸大小,弹力裤及防风镜 Leave your grip size, goggles, jockstrap 我是人渣 I am scum 你以为生 7 个孩子容易吗 Do you think it’s easy to give birth to 7 children 听上去没错 Sounds about right 听上去你们两个有一腿 Sounds like you two have issues 你觉得他今天早上好点没 Do you think he is doing any better than he was this morning? 我怎么知道 How would I know? 你知道他喝醉了会怎么样 You know how he gets when he’s drunk Among my friends, no one knows the crap I went through with my mom more than you Knowledge is a trick thing 让我甩门 Let me slam the door 看看发生什么了 See what happens It's engorged 你告诉我,他不是现象级别的 You tell me she is not a knockout 脑电活动,捧着你的头 Be awake and have brainwaves, then I’ll hold your head 我们在排练希腊戏剧 We’re rehearsing a Greek play 我有些头晕,不过基本上没问题 I’m a little woozy, but basicallyI am ok We’ve been taking care of you 消磁画是我送的 The etch-a- sketchy is from me 我给你的腿按摩 I got you the foot massager 我替你刮胡子 I shave you 谢谢/不客气 Thank you/ my pleasure/you are welcome 再见 I’ll see you around 我只想把我的这些书留给你的朋友 I just want to drop off these copies of my book for your friends 我正站在这给你解释 I’m standing here spelling it out for you 他有让我们伤心欲绝的潜力 He has the potential to plunge us into a pit of depression 日报 Daily news 我们有责任 We feel kinda responsible 找个脑子清醒的人 Find a conscious guy 他很艺术气息 He’s artistic 是时候让你孩子上床了 Time to put your kids to bed 飞机炸成了一堆火球 The plane explodes in a ball of fire 去粉刺洗面皂 Acne facial bar 你在伦敦被捕是怎么回事?究竟发生什么了 What is it about being arrested in London? Whatis that all about? 偶尔我和某人亲热后,我会想吃小鸡 Occasionally after I’ve been intimate with a man, I just get this craving for chicken 你在进行图书推广 You’re doing this book tour thing. 我是个了不起的母亲 I’m a fabulous mom 地铁票涨价 Raise subway fares 议会在争执是否减低赤字 Congress is debating the deficit reduction bill I’m in 车子在下面等 Car’s waiting downstairs

They have yesterday’s daily news 减肥食品 Diet products 在乎体重 Weight-conscious 开车 15 分钟的路 It's 15 minutes' drive/walk to the company 少年得志/大器晚成 an early bloomer/ a late bloomer 仔细考虑以后 on second thought 这样很孩子气 it’s impish. It has got boyish charm. 永远不说它是最好的 don’t say it’s the best ever。 一口气把它读完 read it out without running out of breath 取钱 withdraw some money 不灵的 Undesirable 足够的资金 enough funding 标准 criteria 说服编辑 convince the editor 人性如此 that’s just human nature 搭车人 hitchhiker 我哪里都找不到它 I couldn’t find it anywhere 我们完全不同 we have absolutely nothing in common 把我们后面的人跟耽误了 we are holding up the people behind us 从高中起 from junior-high 就这样随便扔在这 just strewn about in that reckless, haphazard manner 不时地 every now and then 折衣服 fold the clothes 全市停电了 the whole city is black out 银行自动取款机房 automatic teller machine vestibule Stop yelling 肉都在第三层 meats are on every third layer 把它刮下来 scrape it 你可以把我塞进任何一个女人的子宫中部 you can plunk me down in the middle of any woman’s uterus 指南针 compass 酸奶 yogurt 我为了帮忙才做的,我又不是婚庆公司 I do it as a favor, I am not a caterer. 你想我拿着这一堆的 pizza 怎么办 what do you want me to do with a dozen of pizzas? You eat with that mouth? 我们去我妹妹那度周末 my sister’s giving us her place for the weekend 了不起的进步 that’s a big step 这不是原先认为是玩玩的吗?Wasn’t it supposed to be just a fling? 现在它不是该结束了吗?Shouldn’t it be flung by now? 通知移民局 call immigration 我感到恶心 I am nauseous 我们远不是玩玩而已 we are way past the fling thing 她送爱心来了,带了一些苹果 she sent her love, along with some apples 告诉我,他吃肉 tell me, tell me, he eats meat

我想到你和他在一起就头大 I have enough trouble with the image of you and him together 一切正常 everything is A-OK 我们一起出钱买它 We slip it. We buy it together 这是个很大的承诺 it’s a big commitment 搬出去 move out 事情很糟 things are ugly 别来这套 don’t do that 你的工作计划有了一些变动 we have got a couple of changes in your schedule 计划被推迟至 4 点 the plan has been pushed back to 4 pm 她取消了 5pm 的按摩 she canceled her 5-pm massage 不专业 unprofessional 诱人 Yum 脱衣服 take off 我不可以不知道 I couldn’t not know 我很不爽 i am out of sorts 桌子店 7 点关门 that table place closes at 7pm 他调戏我 he make a move on me 他的手忽然不是问题了 all of a sudden, his hands were the problem any more 道德义务 moral obligation 女权问题 feminist issue 天井家具 patio furniture 瓢虫是昆虫 ladybug is insect 他在来的路上 he is on his way over 很长的时间 for that a long time 对别的饼干不公平 be not fair to other cookies 他调戏我 He made a pass at me。He hits on me 吃饭盘子 plate 水槽 sink 那天我老是说“bababa”I was all “bababa” the other day 我是不是不该告诉你 shoud I not have told you? 我不想靠近任何男人 I don’t want to be near man altogether 2 对 1 two on one 我们本星期宴请大使 We're dining the ambassador this week 乘虚而入(男女关系) swoop in 天主教朋友 catholic friend 你引领了 ROSS 的时代 you usher in the age of ROSS 烦恼的 distraught 把衣服扔下阳台 throw clothes off the balcony 手势和肢体运动 gesturing and arm waving 别盯着看 don’t stare 大胸脯 enormous BREAST PIZZA 起泡了 pizza bubbles 她被压垮了 she is overwhelmed 这不是个办法 it’s not the answer

你需要一个精细的鉴别办法 you need to develop a sophisticated screening process 我只想一个人 I just want to be by myself 我饶你一只手,胆小鬼 I will use one hand, you woosie 你的父母 your folks 我对男人感到恶心 I am sick of guys 你不尊重他人的隐私 You have no respect for other’s pricacy 我不是不尊敬你 I don’t mean to be disrespectful 我希望变化更大一些 I’m hoping for more of a change 你必须向妈妈坦白 you gotta come clean with Ma 我不管你多大,只要你住在我的屋檐下,就得按我的规矩办事 I don't care how old you are, as long as you're under my roof you're gonna live by my rules
可以认为你想葬送你的婚姻,以使你的兄弟姐妹觉得他们在父母眼里不是那么失败 it's conceivable that you wanted to sabotage your marriage so that the sibling would feel less of a failure in the eyes of the parents.

我认为你是支持我的 I thought you were on my side. 也许你这么做只是为了讨好父母,让他们更喜欢你 But maybe what you were doing was sucking up to Mom and Dad so they'd keep liking you better! 这个烂透了 This blows 以眼还眼,以牙还牙 Tit for tat
他有些分析能力 he was a little analytical. 也许缺乏自尊,也许为了弥补压制了兄弟姐妹 maybe low self-esteem, maybe maybe to compensate for overshadowing a sibling 我只是想在你脑子里留一些好的回忆,让你知道我不是一直那么坏的 I just wanted to put a nice memory in your head so you'd know that I wasn't always such a terrible guy 你的父亲有着双重身份 your dad was leading this double life 在你青春期前,你父母离婚了 Parents divorced before you hit puberty 这个针织物比较漏 That's a relatively open weave 差不多就是这样 That's pretty much it 作为精神科医师,他不太神经 And for a shrink, he's not too shrink 请说明,聪明的家伙 back up there, Sparky 你有和人交流亲近方面的问题 you have intimacy issues. 不要对这些甜品太认真 easy on those cookies, okay 追它们的尾巴 chasing their tail 他们都强迫你从事你把的管子连接生意时,你屈服了吗?When they were all over you to go into your father's pipe-fitting business, did you cave? 有勇气说 have the courage and the guts to say 你该听听他的借口 You should've heard some of his cover stories. 在理想世界里 in an ideal world 你说这话什么意思? what did you mean by that? 在轮渡上前后荡我的屁股 Haul my ass back and forth on the ferry 那个木偶男孩怎么养了 What happened to the puppet guy 和范医生预定好了 Make the appointment with Dr Fan 宠物殡葬师 A pet mortician 北京狮子狗 Poodle 9

带你去海军军港 Take you to the navy yard 我进入了恋爱关键时刻 I’m in love big time 我们都是成年人 We’re all adults here 我不会让它发生的 I don’t see that happening 请回到前面兄弟姐妹的那部分 Go back to the sibling thing 这就是你错误的地方 That’s where you are wrong 如果我有哪怕一点点的念头,知道她是 les,我为什么要和她结婚?Why would I marry her if I thought on any level that she was a lesbian? 也许你希望你的婚姻失败 Maybe you want your marriage to fail

我不为他的失败而内疚 I don’t feel guilty for her failure 我和 les 结婚,是为了让你颜面上好看一些 I married a lesbian to make you to look good 我们要去看那场电影 We’re gonna catch that moving 这是我们顶的 pizza It's the pizza we ordered 我要份薯条 I would go for a fry 跳起来取飞盘 Jump to catch a frisbee 你把假发留在我的公寓了 You left your good hair/ wig at my department 我带你去我的房间 I will show you to my room 我不想听 I don’t wanna hear it 我穿着内衣无法睡着 Can’t sleep in my underwear 我和成对的女人约会 I’m seeing girls on top of girls 向 TOM 依偎过去 Snuggle up to TOM 情妇 The mistress 他有个晚宴,想邀请你们 He is having a dinner thing and want me to invite you guys 他观察力很敏锐,所有吓到你们了 He is perceptive that it freaks you out 轻推了一下,它折了起来 Give it a tiny push and it fold away 折叠床 foldaway bed 一个头挞 Whack him round the ear 一包杂货 A bag of groceries 为什么你必须往你爹脑子了塞进那些什么要把事情做对之类的垃圾 Why did you have to fill your father’s head with all that garbage of making things right 我睡在我会计那里 I am sleeping over at my accountant’s 他对自己很羞愧,所有他变得更体贴细心,更爱 He is ashamed of himself that He has been more attentive and more loving 一切都被搞砸了 Everything is screwed up 我能打败他吗?Can I take her? 有这个戒指,不需要比 With this ring, no contest 她们有爱好上的问题 They have a liking problem 我看见了所有的好的地方,优良的地方(品质)I see all the wonderfulness, the good stuff 我们将变成她们那样 We’ll get to turn into them 倒追小男孩的酗酒金发女郎 An achoholic blond Chasing for boys 你必须让他们犯她们自己的错误 You gotta let them make their own mistake 我将和我妈一样终老 I’ll end up like my mom 在某些程度上他很适合我 In some ways he is so right for me 你没有敲门,破门而入 You didn’t knock,you just barged in

你用你的幽默使得别人不能靠近你 You use humor as a way to keep people at a distance 那天你没看够吗 Did you get good enough look the other day? 我有个办法解决这个问题 I have one way to resolve this problem 我认为你是个废物 I think you are a failure 他的宠物死了 His pet passed on 先生,请离开 Mistre, please leave now 这是不对的 This is not right 我想用你们的淋浴 I wanna use your shower 沙发床 sofabed 每天都是结婚纪念日 everyday is our anniversary 你有些 aggressive,令人不舒服 you are a little intense and creepy 这是典型的表现 it’s a typical behavior 涟漪 ripple 我收到了限制令 I have got a restraining order 几年之后 After a couple of years 自来水 tap water/running water 书龙头 faucet/tap 水通了吗?Is water on? 未成年人 minor 矿泉水 mineral water 轻拍大腿 tap/pat his leg 放鞭炮 light firecracker 他做出一副粗暴的模样,把大家都吓走了 He put on a gruff exterior to scare everyone away from him 肤浅 superificial 不成熟 immature 我很尊敬他 I respect him very much 电的 electric 电子的 electronic 易燃的 inflammable 可燃的 combustible 双方互信 mutual trust 竞争力 competitiveness 竞争 competition 双边关系 bilateral tie 独生子女 only child 烧伤感染 burn wound infection 东道主 host 烟花 fireworks 打火机 lighter 嫌疑犯 alleged mobster 打的点 tax stand 移门 sliding door 停车缴费办公室 parking shroff office

电子路牌 e-directory 搓手 rub hands 我可以载你一程 I can give you a lift. 能让我搭你的车吗?Can I get a lift ? 持不同意见者 dissident one 独裁国家 totalitarian state 我向压力屈服了 I yielded to the pressure 谈论禁忌事宜 discuss a range of taboo subjects 不许放我鸽子 Don’t dare to bail on me 篝火 bonfire 四角裤 boxer shorts 她吐在了我的身上 she throws up on me 我会让你拉警铃 I’ll let you ring the bell 偶数 even numbers 用脚趾把硬币夹起来 pick up coins by toes 要价过高的 overpriced 把手上的猫味洗掉 wash the s cat smell off my hands 她几乎不认识我 she barely knows me 有壳的鸡蛋 an egg in the shell 还你的鸡蛋 I’m returning your egg 她很饥渴 She’s needy 干得好,伙计 way to go, man 我看上去怎么样?How do I look? 她正在寄存衣服 she’s checking her coat You set me up with the woman I dumped twice in the last five months 我一紧张就尿不出 I can’t go when I’m nervous 带电子表 wear a digital watch 磁性的 magnetic 打破这个不好的循环 break this bad cycle 做一个清场法事 do a cleansing ritual 自愿的/地 Voluntary/voluntarily 秃子 bald 把他们给我们的东西烧掉 burn the stuffs they gave us 残忍 cruelty 我们边上谈一下如何 can we talk for a second over there? 把它舔干净 lick it off 三杯 cofee 打包走 three coffee to go 你的拉链没自出厕所就没拉好 your shirt’s been stickin’outta your zipper since you came outta the bathroom 甜点 dessert 破镜重圆 reunion 我需要倒时差 I need to recap the jet lag 如果你想这么说的话 if you wanna put a label on it 她又漂亮,人品又好 She is attractive and has a good personality

正义男子的精液 the semen of a righteous['rai?s] man ? 和 TOM 吃饭的收据 the receipt [ri'si:t] for my dinner with TOM 媒人 matchmaker 你干什么工作?What do you do for a living? 传呼机 pager 这些人会挪位子的 These people will scooch down 她教六年级 she teaches sixth grade 贺卡 greeting card 一半烧焦的图片 a half-charred picture 多毛发的 hairy 你们是今晚第三个报警的 you’re the 3rd call tonight 我特意让他们做的 I had them made special 你找我的 You seek me out 在你灵魂深处的某些东西 something deep in your soul 她的衣服不见了 Her coat is gone 你不能否认 you can’t deny it 暂时把它放在一边,用夹子把它夹住 we put it aside for now and stick a pin in it 孔眼、沥青、音高 pitch 铁板烧的铁板 grill 一块蘑菇黏在他额头上 a mushroom stick to his forehead 把它拿下来 pick it off 她激吻他 She kisses him passionately 解决困难<口> shoot the spot v. Carol 被无助的留在那里 Carol is left stranded 从一开始 in the first place adv. 做鬼脸 make a face 无绳电话 cordless phone 我要(趁人不注意时)偷跑 I'm makin' a break for it, 结结巴巴的说 stutters something incoherent 从刀的反光里看他自己 Looking at himself in the reflection on a knife 在等我的约会对象 waiting for my date 她的大大皮暴露了 her pregnant belly is exposed 我们午夜下班,然后来接你们 We get off around midnight and then we’ll pick you up 顺从的/固执的 obedient/obstinate 枪手 ghost writer 问题青年 problematic youngth 妈妈很支持我 Mom is supportive 骚乱 turmoil 你有点微熏了 you got a little tipsy 磁铁 magnet 别打草惊蛇 let sleeping dog lies 你是不是喝药了? Are you on crack? 堕胎反对者 opponents of abortion 反堕胎游行 anti-abortion rally

一卷硬币 a roll of coins 永远不别和我说话了 don’t speak to me ever 保险箱 safe deposit box 就我个人而言 on a personal level 休息室 break room 还你的鸡蛋 return your egg 当我小的时候 when I was little 布帘 Drape 浴缸 bathtub 洗脸盆 basin 排水/排水系统 drain 扒手 pickpocket 通过分机电话 01 通知接线员 call the operator on extension 01 管道系统 plumbing 我遇到了车祸 I got in a wreck. 日光灯 fluorescent light 方便面 dehydrated Japanese noodle 我在和她约会 I am dating her 从马桶里冲掉 Flush it down the toilet 回到大学时代 back in college 对 sth 不清楚 be vague about sth 它们很恶心 they are gross 我们正在调查 We’re looking into it 我去看看 I’ll go see 我高中的好友 my friend from Junior High 被雷电击中 got struck by lightning 他看上去娘娘腔 He looks gay 盒子 Cassete 棺材 casket 牙箍 retainer 等我死了,我想海葬 when my time comes, I wanna be buried at sea 我是如此顽固不变的 I’m so predictable 你和她很配 You and she will make a great couple 你配不上他 He’s a little out of your league. 我们同意这个 we’ll go with it 她对衣着很讲究 she is dressy 我们能不能看下高跟鞋 Can we see something in slimmer heel? 把头发梳上去 wear your hair up 在葬礼上看足球 watch football at a funeral 检查一下肌肉是否痉挛 check if the muscle is in spasm 你损失了一个皮带扣 You missed a belt loop 你想做屁精吗?You wanna be gay? 听力障碍 hearing disability 比分多少? What’s the score?

第三节还有 3 分钟 3 minutes to go in the third 饼干 cracker Do you know what’s it like to grow up with someone who is critical of a single thing you say? Make you feel happy and positive about life life-affirming 他快逼疯我了,对每件事都很挑剔 He’s driving me crazy, picking on every little detail 我不清楚你在说什么 I’m not sure what you are getting at 挑剔的 picky 你带这耳环真好看 Those earring looks really lovely on you 我很沮丧 I am depressed 我们能不能表现的成熟点?Can we be grow-ups now? 你能区别出吗? Can you tell? 大多数时候,差不多 most of the time, pretty much 排风扇 exhaust fan 我代表国家 I represent the country 左撇子/右撇子 left- handed/right-handed U盘 U-disk 移动硬盘 portable hard drive 充电器 charger 电源适配器 Adapter 灯泡 light bulb 剃须刀 shaver 停车位满了 Car park full 柜台 counter 客厅 living room 卧室 bedroom 振作起来 snap out of it 虎父无犬子 a chip off the old block 酿酒厂 brewery 炼油厂 refinery 号角 horn 他和 TOM 比起来是在什么都不算 he’s nothing compared to Tom 我想参与 I want to be part of it 在小便池 at the urinal 把 sth 往后移 Back sth away 我是说独立思考是绝对必要的 I’m just saying that Independent thinking is an absolute necessity. 我有个奇怪的想法 Here is a wacky thought 我们将推出 tom 的表演 we’re gonna present the music of TOM 全市都停电了 the entire city is black out 什么时候恢复? When it’s coming back on? 电恢复了 The power comes back 在停电的时候见一个电力公司员工和一个抢劫犯 Meet a looter and a power company guy In a blackout 天井,心房 Atrium

主持仪式 officiate 很多蜡烛 a bunch of candles 我被困在 ATM 机房了 I am trapped in the ATM vestibule 让 John 听电话 put john on the phone 我来 I’ll go 大四 senior year of college The ride broke down, later on, they fixed it 机械小人 mechanical children 床脚 the foot of the bed 激情实在是被高估了,它会流逝掉的 passion is way overrated,it will burn out Go through their lives 安全 security You wait too long to make your move. I am taking my time, laying the groundwork. Every day I get a little bit closer to her Priesthood What are you shushing? 注意: 挤碎的动物尸体 Mangled animal carcass 牛奶坏了 我不喝牛奶 这不可怕 他在计划你的生日 party 可怜的小猫吓的要死 它会被踩到的 我痛恨我自己 生物 你欠失主一只猫 他不太会说英语 吹个泡泡 Reach over and put it into my mouth 我们回到正题了 我在嚼吧别人的口香糖 这完全不是我 我们骑轻骑 从技术上来说 大混蛋 鞭子抽他 -1 令人毛骨悚然的 现在提出并不合适 你要给 Monica 举办各 party 把他的脸贴在玻璃门上 大二/大三 你是几年级的?What year are you? mental note: milk is getting sour I stay away from diary It’s not scary He’s planning your birthday party The poor little tooty is sacred to death It’ll get trampled I loathe myself the living things you own the Owner a cat He doesn’t speak much English blow a bubble We are back on track now I am chewing someone else’s gum This is absolutely un-me we ride mopeds technically huge crap weasel Whip him with the whip minus one spooky It’s not a good time to bring it up you have to throw a party for Monica press his face to the glass door a sophomore/ junior['s? m? f? :]


它一圈一圈的飞 It flies in a circle 别妨碍我们 don’t get in the way 当然 You betcha 示意某人做某事 gesture at sb to do 我是倒数第二 I am the second to last 退后 step back 故意的 intentionally/purposely/deliberately 硕博连读 direct-promotion program for PHD diploma 直博 be nominated to be a phd candidate directly 畏缩退缩 flinch 热苹果汁 hot cider 橡皮 eraser 惹人喜爱的袖长 flattering sleeve length 过奖了 I am flattered Boss 今天下班后想见你 Boss want you to stop by his office at the end of the day 恶作剧 prank 他有个不可思议的消息 He has an incredible news 他想让我当监理 He wants to make me supervisor 输入数据 inputting numbers 它是临时工作 it’s a temp job 我接受升迁 I take this promotion 我有个客人 I have a client 他开了一家餐厅 He’s opening a restaurant 总厨师 a head chef 有厨师的经验 have cheffing experience 折中的、折中主义者 eclectic 西装男 suity-man 职业顾问 career counselor 少有人知的演讲 a lesser-known speech 试演 An audition 一个好的约会场所 A good date place 一块牛排 a steak 博物馆昆虫馆馆长 A curator of the insect at the museum 他说话很有引申意义 He speaks metaphorically[.met? rik? 'f? li] 它会搞定的 it will seal the deal 他的平稳的声音使我镇静下来 His soothing tones soothed me (soothe) 它的奶油味更重 it’s creamier 你完全适合于在跨国大公司内行数据处理工作 you’re ideally suited for a career in data processing for a large multinational corporation 我一直想象我做某些很重要的事 I always picture myself doing something something 也许这可以让你高兴些 mabe this could cheer you up 端盘子工作/端盘子 waitressing/ waitress、wait tables 我将保持我业余状态,这样我就可以在奥运的时候端盘子了 I’ll maintain my amateur ['?m? : ]status so that I can waitress in the Olympics t?

我不想吹牛 I don’t wanna brag 说些黄的 talk dirty 以爱抚的拥抱收场 end up Cuddling(cuddle) 抚摸 sth Stroke sth 外阴 Vulva 我感到惊慌 I panicked 这完全是个失败 it’s totally a loss 爱抚我的屁股 caress mybutt 转过身去 turn around 说啊 say it 他在颤抖 he is trembling 我始终支持你们两个在一起 I’m always rooting for you two to get together 你原来单位的人又打电话来了 the guy from your old job called again 在那边过的怎么样? How is the life over there? 你找错人了 you got the wrong guy 小隔间 a cubicle 真的 yes,Indeedy 那人在尿尿 that guy is peeing 我打算四处走走 I plan to walk around 我给你地方住 I put a roof over your head 他吸毒了 he is stoned 迎宾女郎 greeter girl 你想四处看看吗?Would you like a tour? 他吸了大麻 He blazed up a doobie/ganja 第一道菜是 the first course is 打我的屁股 smack my ass 它倒了我的胃口 It spoils my appetite 它从船上掉下水了 it is overboard 他正溺水 he is drowning 好个大笨蛋 What a tool 假货 fakes 我在造假 I am faking 我们累坏了 we are exhausted 我在乎它 I care about it 过去的,以前的 Formerly 小区内 in the neighborhood 他衣服不整 His clothes are askew 他看上去垂头丧气的 he looks beat 用以选择专业和技术工作的能力倾向测验 aptitude test n. 一个脸色难看的男人偶尔听到这个消息,这明显使他烦恼 An unamused man overhears this news, and this perturbs him 引起某人的注意 get sb's attention 俯身 bend down 伸手去那糖 reach for the sugur

杯子摔破了 the cup break open 淫秽 filth 情节线索 plot line 他很焦虑不安,所有他向后靠了些 He’s agitated, so he leans back ……的组合 the combination of…… 我当然想到了你 of course I thought of you 她在偷听电话 She was eavesdropping on the telephone call. 看了毛茸茸的爪子一眼 take a look at the furry/fuzzy claws 看晚场电影 catch late movie 抓住救生圈 grab the life buoy 抓住机会 grab the opportunity 对即将发生的灾难毫无感觉 No sense of pending doom 感叹号 Exclamation point 我感到受到了侵犯 I feel violated 魂灵出窍 peel the skin off his body and has sth else to do 开场白 opening line 校门开了 the fly is open A 女配 D 男 those really beautiful guys with really nothing guys 你长胡子了 you have a beard 以此剧为基础 Based on this play 他有最让人惊讶的生活 He has the most amazing life 他是以色列军队 He is in Israeli Army 子弹击中了引擎盖 the bullet hit the engineer block 我开着地铁去上海 I ride the subway to shanghai 仅仅是为了玩 just for the hell of it 你离婚了还是守寡了?You are divorced or widowed? 希望是 hopefully 你觉得你老公知道你坐在这, 沿着我的裤腿, 把腿翘的那么高, 都可以数我口袋里德硬币了, 会怎么想 How do you think your husband will feel about you sitting here with me, sliding your foot so up my pant leg that you can count the changes in my pocket? 我想他会对你不错的 I imagine he will be ok with you 对我解释一下 explain sth to me What kind of relationship do you imagine us having if you have already have a husband and a boyfriend 这太不正常了 This is twisted 你怎么可以和这样的一个女人搞在一起? How could you get involved with a woman like this? 这是每个男人的梦想 Tom 提出了一个理论 垫脚 把杂志翻乱 把你眼睛挖出来 衣衫褴褛的 this’s every man’s fantasy Tom put forth a theory ottoman fan out the magazine scratch your eyes right out ragged

我很有组织性 I am organized 狂妄的怪人 a madcap kook 电话账单来了就付了它 Pay the phone bill when it arrives 让我去杂货店买东西 let me go grocery shopping 无简易撕开口的洗衣粉 laundry detergent without the easy-pour spout 茶杯垫 coaster 小水滴慢慢的向桌面留下来 little beads of condensation are inching their way closer and closer to the surface of table 我的经纪人 my agent 什么角色?What’s the part? 我是他的屁股替身 I am his butt double 他走进喷水中 He goes into the shower Crack your way into show business 它对我来说是个重大突破 it’s a big break for me 邀请我们去开幕式 invite us to the big opening 她在线 she is on the phone 为他做早饭 make him a breakfast 我感到了一丝怨恨 I sense a little of resentment 用塑料刷子洗不粘锅 scrub the Teflon pan with plastic brush 我在洗澡 I am showering 双手紧握 clench 我满足不了你?You are not completely fulfilled by me? 感到对彼此都富有责任 Feel obligated for one another 他热泪盈眶 He is welling up 她是很难弄到手的 She is unbelievably unattainable 我终于等到了我的机会 I finally get my shot 它非常困扰我 It bother me that much 省略号 suspension points 引号 quotation mark #号 pound 保湿剂 moisturizer 人群叹了口气 the gang groan 看手相 read palm 手掌 palm 及时达到,达到预定目标 Make it make it to the border 将她的头埋入枕头中 bury her head in her pillow 潮湿的地方 damp places 吹风机烘干机 dryer 对 sth/sb 收很重的税 tax sth/sb heavily 晾衣架 clotheshorse 衣架 hanger 晾衣夹子 clothes pin 加湿器 humidifier 莲蓬头 shower head

卫生纸 toilet paper 我犹豫不定。I've been back and forth. 鲜榨的果汁 squeezed juice 带果肉的果汁 juice with pulp 副作用 side effect 他现在不能接电话 he can't come to the phone now. 我再给你倒一杯吧?ready for a refill? 外遇 have an affair 我在不在这里有什么区别吗?will anyone miss me if i weren't here? 我大开眼界了 i saw a lot of stuff. 通知警卫 call security 遛狗的人 dog walker 对你来说 sth 狗屁不是吗?does sth. mean squat to u? 有种你就去!go on, i dare u! 我替他道歉。i apologize on behalf of him. 为什么要转移话题?why are u changing the subject? 这就是天意!this is so meant to be! 没有指责的必要。there's no need to place blame. 我也有责任。i have part of the fault. 拿娃娃哄她开心 distract her with a doll 说你的好话 talk u up 努力坚持 stand firm to 我只是用余光看看 i was just leering 整理思绪 organize my thoughts 事先有事 get a little preoccupied 我会罩着你 I will cover you 有活力 bouncy 抢劫 mug 毒贩子 drug dealer 你还真胆大 admire your candor 摄像机正在拍摄 we are rolling 发罩 hairnet 你监视我?r u spying on me? 闹够了 enough is enough! 寻人(物)海报 flyers 我这么做很伤人 it's insensitive of me to do this 拽什么啊?u don't have to be brag 跟着点头 nod along 完全题外话 a totally separate subject 我以为是反过来的 i thought it was the other way around 注销银行卡 close my account 把他铐起来 cuff him 吓死我了 creep me out 不要偷看啊 no peeking

我有点累了 I'm kind of beat 我耳鸣得厉害。my ears r ringing so bad. 出了洋相 make a huge fool of myself 你嘲笑我?r u mocking me? 那是扯淡 sth.is beyond crap 别催我!don't u rush me. 她会崩溃的。she's gonna be crushed. 她好了。 (病或者伤害)she's healed. 起鸡皮疙瘩 get goose bumps 和某人修复关系 patch things up with sb 从单子上划掉 corss that off my list 颁奖 present an award 天生丽质 natural charisma 放他一马 cut him some slack 大家排好队 everybody get in line 你还真问住我了 u got me. 什么风把你吹到北京来的?What brings you to Beijing? 他的论点站不住脚 His argument doesn't hold water 失陪一会儿 Excuse me for a moment. 时间差不多了 It's about time. 为了安全起见 Just to be on the safe side. 我们边喝边谈 Let's talk over coffee. 我会看着办的 I will play it by ear 不分上下 Neck and neck. 别绕弯子了 Don't beat around the bush. 我浑身酸痛 I ache all over. 我 在 流 口 水 了 My mouth is watering. So far so good. ( 目 前 为 止 , 一 切 都 好 so far so good 她使我厌烦 She turns me off. 我怎么称呼你 How do I address you? 我正在努力 I'm working onit. 贬低该项行动的重要性 talked down the importance of the move 与人顶嘴的调皮小孩 a saucy child who talked back 办事拖沓无效率的 inefficient 使我惊讶 blow my mind 故去勇气做某事 get up the courage to do it 我们正联合起来对付他 we're ganging up on her 绝食抗议 hunger strike 愁眉苦脸的 scrunchy 敞篷车 convertible 他让我生气 he burns me up 你不能胜任这个 you are not up to this 你永远不能自理 you will never make it on your own 我不想看上去太饥渴 I don’t want to seem too eager

首相着重强调了能源问题的严重性 the minister accented the gravity of the energy situation 你别说还真是 you don’t say 一个奇怪的巧合 a freaky coincidence 去面试 go on audition 他试图说服 Monica 假装他的女友 He tries to convince Monica to pose as his girlfriend 他想给 Tom 和 Mary 拉红线 His plan is to hook Tom up with Mary 他对你来说绝对好 He is perfect for you 打嗝 belch 他在铺厨房瓷砖 He’s laying kitchen tiles、 你该重新考虑一下你的衣服 you should rethink your clothes 基本上这是她第一次看到你 Basically this is the first time she’s gonna see you 羞怯的 sheepy 衣物柔软剂 fabric softener 漂白剂 / 漂白 sth bleach/ bleach sth 在路上我会挑些东西的 I can pick something else up on the way BOB 看上去怎么样的?what does this Bob guy look like 我闭嘴 I'll be shutting up now 我们可以租一辆车,去追小狗 we can rent a car and run over some puppies 7 点钟 sevenish 我可以要一杯拿铁和 esspreso 吗?Can I get an espresso and a latte over here, please? 我从那个相店把样张拿回来了 We got the proofs back from that photo shoot 我打发了剩下的半天时间 I blew off the rest of the day 他一口把咖啡喝(吞)了下去 He downs his espresso in one gulp 残忍 brutal 借过 coming through 我在上面放了篮子 I put basket on top 肥皂泡,肥皂水 suds 等一下 hold on a second 演出结束了,没什么好看的了 Show is over, nothing to see here 洗衣白痴 a total laundry spaz I'm a laundry virgin 失去童贞 lose her virginity 把白色的和彩色的分开了 separate whites with colors 你自己决定,自己看着办吧 that would be a judgment call You know what I miss the most about her? That cute nibbly noise when she eats.Like a happy little squirrel, or a weasel. 仔细听这个 listen for it 她床上要求太高哦了 She's too much for me in bed 他的心里年龄超过 8 岁 He has an emotional age beyond eight 揭开护创贴,露出伤口 pull off a Band-aid and the wound is exposed 给自己烧晚饭 make dinner for myself 洗衣机上的蜂鸣器响了 the buzzer on the washer goes off 我们没时间了 that's all the time we have 我眼睛了进东西了,我们能到亮点的地方去看一下吗?I've got something in my eye, uh, Joey,

could we check it in the light, please? like you've never gotten a little rambunctious with Ross 共同想办法 put our head together 将他么拆散 break them up/rip them apart 她不小心将她的饮料撒到了他的衬衫上,正把它擦掉 She accidentally spilled her drink on Bob's shirt and is wiping it off 他在对他使眼色,放电 he is making eyes at her 他非常兴奋 He is extremely wired 甩出他的手 flail his hand out 我马上回来 I’ll be right back 这可能是天赋 it’s like a gift 挑选东西 sort sth 也许我说的不清楚 maybe I wasn't being clear 不要再制定规则了 quit making up rules 放手 let go 她们争夺这个手推车 They struggle for the cart 他一头撞在了开着的烘干机的门上 He bangs his head on an open dryer door 他在头上放了冰袋 He has an icepack to his head 需要一些时间来伤心 needed some time to grieve 他们俩处的不好 they don’t get along very well 他们对她很奇怪 they treat her oddly 把它搁回来 switch it back 在这个过程中,从阳台上掉下去了 fall off the balcony in the process 倒挂 hang upside down 火腿 ham 环顾四周 spin around 这里我住的地方很近 it’s close to where I live 我们可以重新开始吗?Could we start over? 寒冷的一天 a wintry day 三个女孩在追问 Ross all three girls are paying court to Ross 它一直将我留言饥上的消息删除 he keeps erasing the messages on my machine, 按推测,应该是意外 supposedly, by accident 连续三天 three days in a row 透过窗子盯着看 mary peer through the window at Mary 我看见了不同 I see the difference 把围巾挂起来 hang up the scarf 剪我头发的女人 the woman who cut my hair 剃头 hair cut 愚蠢的姐妹间的事 dumb sister stuff 健身房见 I’ll catch you in gym 至今为止 by now 惊慌失措地 distractedly 三人组 trio [? trio] ? 清了下他的嗓子 clear his throat、

她的眉毛往上翘了一翘 her eyebrows go up 挚爱地,充满爱意地 affectionately 办公室对讲机 buzzer 按按钮 press the button 匆忙地对着电脑屏整理了一下头发 hurried check his hair in the computer screen 从抽屉里把体育奖杯拿出来 take a sporting trophy from a drawer 卖弄地 ostentatiously 填迟……的日期 postdate 紊乱(机器等)不正常 out of whack 我明白你的意思了 gotcha =(I have)got you 听到这个好消息,他眉开眼笑 Upon hearing the good news he beamed with joy 爱调情的轻佻地 flirtatiously 外卖 takeout 兔子不吃窝边草 don’t dip your pen in the company ink 它把那么干净的地方搞脏了 it interferes with the neatness 它到处蹦蹦跳跳 It scampers about 遥控器 remote 这段话用西班牙语配音 the dialogue is dubbed into Spanish 修理 fix 计划的一部分 part of your plan 他呆的太久,导致人们不欢迎了 he outstay his welcome 就 sth 征询他的意见 run it by him 朝后躺下 slides back down/ get on your back 咧嘴笑 grin 踩在 sth 上面 step on sth 把它压扁了 squash it flat 他这么做以示抗议 he did this in protest 他做了急诊手术 He performs emergency surgery 困在学校了 stick at school 家长会 parent-teacher conference 我将再次使出我的**王牌 I’m gonna play my ** card one more time to fail to participate in something; to fail to take part in something.------- miss out (on something) 抛硬币决定这件事 flip for it 我们打算裁员 we’re gonna lay off people 她怜悯的伸出手,轻抚他的大腿内侧 She sympathetically reaches out to fondle the inner thigh of his left leg 我这么说吧 Let me put it this way 这可能是上帝低意思,让我们回家吃饭 This could be God’s way of telling us to eat at home 他因为看到有陌生人躲在门后而发抖 She shuddered at the sight of a stranger hiding behind the door 茫然的笑 Smiling blankl 她拉长了脸 she pulls her face 把灯取下 take down the lights 她的演讲听上去号空洞 Her speech sounded rather thin

很响的敲门声 a loud knocking at the door 他跳过椅子 he leap over the chair (胸前开扣)羊毛衫 cardigan [?ɑrd? n] k ɑ? 它很合身 it fit 就天气而言 weather-wise 就尺寸而言 siza-wise 我感觉到了 I take this in 忧虑忧惧,理解 in apprehension 结绒线 knit Monica 手忙脚乱的聪明开始行动 Monica frantically bursts into action 我就这个留了备忘录给你 I memo you on this 没有被解雇的任何记忆 have no recollection of being fired at all[?? ? k?n] r k?l? ? 对他人来说是威胁 be threat to others 相信他说的 credit what hesaid 她的笑话完全没效果 Her joke falls flat 它看上去象它原来那样 it resembles what it represents. 抱着一个垫子以寻求安全感 cuddle a a cushion for security 你刚刚想到吗 This is just occurring to you 浴室防滑垫 bath mat 不管你的事 not that it’s any of your business 闭嘴扣紧嘴唇 button one’s lip 嫉妒我们 be jealous of us 受到晋升 Get a big raise 处理文书工作 put through the paper work 将她的精神简介发到人事处 send her psychological profile to Personnel 怀疑的看 chandler gives Chandler a quizzical look 阅读安装手册 reads the instruction manual 订书机 stapler 采取报复措施 take one’s revenge 他被包扎的手 his bandaged hand 匪徒在警察的攻击下向后退却 The bandits reeled back under police attack 挑衅地靠在门柱上 defiantly leans against the doorpost 她从小窗子里弹出头来 she leans out of the small side window 外面很冷 it’s freezing outside 失去平衡,从边缘掉了下去 lose balance and fall over the edge 极端严重的全面交通堵塞(无车能动);僵局 gridlock 你永远不知道别人脑子里怎么想 You never know what’s going on inside a person’s head 我确信她对自己和别人都不再是威胁 I am assured she is not a threat to herself, or others 我怎么能养大一个小孩?How can I raise a baby? 你有空吗?Do you have a sec? 在过去的几天里 For the past couple days 她对此反应如?How did she take this? 你好,小姐 Hello, Miss 每个人都认为她比较漂亮 Everyone always thought of her as the pretty one

好的 Allrighty 在新年附近的时间里把灯拿下来 Take the lights down around the new year 使我们一年都快乐 Keeps us merry all year long 我上周来晚了 I came In late last week 人们都躲着我 People have been avoiding me 无所不能的 omnipotent 世界和平 world peace 热带雨林 rainforest 阳痿的 impotent 我无法在公共产所睡着 I can’t sleep in public place 打瞌睡 nod off、nap 她们在床上都没有把握 They are both insecure in bed having to reassure each other that they're having a good time XXOO consummateour physical relationship 不去这场球赛 pass on the game 这将使我忘记它 it'll take my mind off it 我记得我第领到薪水的那一天 I remember the day I got my first paycheck 这个煤矿发生的塌陷 a cave-in in the mine 我擦桌子,蒸牛奶 I wipetables and steam milk 我们被他们阻挡了 We are blocked by them I'm a duplex guess who my dad's making partner in his firm 炫耀她的钻戒 show off her engagement ring 谈到...时涉及...时 on the subject of While we are on the subject of money, may I ask when you will repay the loan? 我们短暂停一下 We'll take a brief time out 桃核 Peach pit 二眼/三眼插座 2 pin/3 pin plug 我们穿好了衣服 we got dressed 告诉我所有的八卦 tell me all the dirt 让我们谈点正事 Let's talk reality for a second 搅拌机 blender 八卦杂志 trashy magazines Phoebe was staying over tonight we'd have kinda like a slumber party thing. 镊子 tweezers 你的账号有些异常行为 there's been some unusual activity on your account confused, in a state of inner turmoil floopy 如果……怎么办 what if we don’t get magic bean? 冰球飞离了球场 the puck flies off the rink 我们上电视了 we are on that TV thing 马上站起来 jump to one's feet 我不想制造麻烦 Idon’t want to make any trouble 我现在很痛,我的脸凹下去了 I’m in a lot of pain now,my face is dented 你必须等你的次序 you have to wait your turn

你认为要多久 how long do you think it'll be? 随时 any minute now 这些人后退了 the guys back off 很抱歉让你们心情不好 I’m sorry to bring you down 无脂脆皮双芝士(pizza)a fat-free crust with extra cheese 笨蛋 bonehead 从沙发上跳下来并跑上前去 leap off of the couch and run up 一个看上去很聪明的人 a guy with intelligent good look 差不多 adv pretty much pretty much just a towel 双筒望远镜 binoculars 她走过地板去拿 pizza she's walking across the floor and went for that pizze Joey 在模仿冰球击中额头 Joey is miming hockey pucks hitting foreheads 这惊着他了 it takes him by surprise 灯还关着?Light still out? 我把他勾引出来 I draw him out 她的脸上有健康的光泽 Her face has the glow of health 止痛药 painkiller Tommy 送给你的放在锁柜里德情人节礼物实际上是我送的 The valentine Tommy left in your locker was really from me. 他七年级时尿裤子 he pee in their pants in seventh grade 这家伙是个怪物,我断定了 The guy's a freak. I judge him 承认吧 admit it 总的来说,全面地考虑 all things considered 哭泣 weep 我击倒了他 I knock out him 我试着把它从孩子手里抢回来 I tries to snatch it from the kid 他欣赏得看着她的屁股 he stares at her butt appreciatively 取代我的位子 take my place、 他们还没睡过觉 they haven’t slept together 他们非常奇怪地看着我 They give me these strange looks 除了订书机事件以外 except for the stapler thing 在相似的情况下 in a similar situation 我在检查你的数据 I’m going over your data 和穿皮衣的酒鬼约会 date leather-wearing alchoholics 善意的谎言 cushion the blow 他点着香烟,深吸了一口 he lights a cigarette, takes a drag 放松你的手,放松你的手腕 relax your hand, let your wrist go limp 松软的 limp 吸一口 take a puff 退缩 V. wince、recoil 我感到很满足 I feel complete They say it's the same as the distance from the tip of a guy's thumb to the tip of his index finger 这些家伙伸出手指 The guys stretch out their fingers

我真行 good for me 我仔细查看我的邮件 I'm going through my mail 每月声明 n. monthly statement Satan's minion's at work again 业报深重的罪过 giant karmic debt 呼出一口烟 exhale a mouthful of smoke 漠不关心的耸耸肩 nonchalantly shrug 这是我的奖励 this is my reward Just think about what you went through the last time you quit 摘掉取走 pick off ---you should not pick off any of the flowers 兽群 herd 我跟你之間完了 I'm over you, they're just looking out after you 几率很小 the odds are slim 带过滤嘴的朋友 your filter-tipped little buddy 垃圾桶盖子 a garbage can lid 生气地 sulkily 感谢你唤起我们对错误的注意 Thank you for calling attention to our error 将 500 元钱存入你的账户 credit your account with 500 元 他湿湿淋淋地进来了 He came in,dripping wet. 让我们开始 Alan 批判大会 let's let the Alan-bashing begin. 谁先来? Who's gonna take the first shot 我来 I’ll go 邪邪的,不正派的人 crooked people 我对此半信半疑 I am dubious about it Alan will become the yardstick against which all future boyfriends will be measured 沮丧地 dejectedly 一个无家可归的人 a homeless guy 锡箔帽 tin-foil hat 我们扯平了 we’re even 喷一些空气清新剂 spray some air freshener 口气清新剂 breath spray 他窒息,做呕 He gags maybe it's a contest, Like, collect all five 我有个缺点 I have a flaw Does the knuckle-cracking bother everybody 咬她的头发 chew her hair 她总是带着一副可爱的笑脸 She is always wearing an endearing smile 不受打扰地 undisturbedly 度过,脱险 get through he'll get over it 夏天很多人受蚊子的困扰 In summer many people are persecuted by mosquitoes The bottom line is, smoking is cool 他熄灭了他的烟 he stubs out his cigarette

我开小差了 My attention wandered 该换尼古丁贴片了 time to change Nicotine patch 最后一片口香糖 last stick of gum I'm alive with pleasure now. 放松警惕 let your guard down 含泪的 tearful Mo 正委婉的把坏消息告诉 Alan Monica is breaking the news to Alan 你今天过得很艰辛 You had a rough day 错过训练的机会 Miss out on the coach training 搬去和 MO 一起住 move in with Mo 他是驼背,戴假发 he has a bump and a false hair/hairpiece 这个教师因不能回答这么简单的问题而感到羞愧 The teacher was mortified by his own inability to answer such a simple question 把东西取走 moved her stuff out 让...见鬼去去(她)该死的 to hell with her 夜总会 strip joint 脱衣舞 Striptease 女傧相,伴娘 bridesmaid,maid of hornor 我们有些疏远了 you and I have kinda drifted apart 这不是个问题 that wouldn't be an issue、 抓她头发 hold her hair 可能并不像看上去那么糟,也颇有点良药虽苦的意思 be for the best 内部对讲机(楼房里) intercom 整队排列起 v. line up 前往 be headed for 装配我的新家具 put together my new furniture 捡起一个剩余的部分 picking up a leftover part 螺纹 worm/screw thread. 抓住一罐啤酒并用力吸 clutching a beer can and sniffing 你被骗了 you got screwed 理解这个事实 catch on/comprehend this fact 最可怕的部分 the scariest part 他欲火焚身 He’s horny 冰箱 freezer 她放弃了我 she walked out on me 揭示告白 n. revelation 吐出她的饮料 spitting out her drink 合法丈夫 lawful husband <俚>succeed in controlling your feelings get it together 把它倒进花盆 pour it into a plant pot 轻声的说话 talk in a low voice 我对此很怀疑 I doubt it 这部电影的重播 The reruns of the movie I will not take this abuse

把他推下沙发 push him off of the sofa I'm trained for nothing! I was laughed out of twelve interviews today 高兴的,乐观的 upbeat 信用卡和一把剪刀被铺开放在桌子上 credit cards are spread out on the table,along with a pair of scissors 你不可能一辈子靠你父母生活 you can't live off your parents your whole life 继父 step-dad 港务局 port authority 挡风玻璃 windshield 国歌 the national anthem['?nθ? m] 临时睡着沙发上 crash on the couch 书呆子气的哥哥 geeky older brother 强烈的脆弱感 intense vulnerability 带着一壶咖啡走上前 walk up with a pot of coffee I'm just serving it 这让我倍感压力 this stressed me out 开场表演 an opening act 耐着性子看完(听完)sth sit through sth 一个滑稽演员 a comedian we're fighting traffic 建议如下:……word of advice: …… 一个人听唱片 listen to the album alone 布置展览 setting up an exhibit 服装模特儿人体模型 mannequin 你有什么烦恼吗 Do you have any issues 冰河时代 ice age 站地笔直 stand erect 她很偏执 she is panaroid 你喝完了吗 are you through with that? 吞咽让我慢了下来 the swallowing slowed me down 一个小纸球 a little ball of paper 抖松枕头 fluff a pillow 我不想给他们提供任何可以攻击我的炮弹 I just don't wanna give them any ammunition 她在无意识的捻头发 She was twirling her hair absent-mindedly 沙发垫 couch cushion 我伤透了你的心 I stomp on your heart 穿着婚纱的女孩 the girl in the veil 我担心……. I am dreading sth 你必须学会正确的看待事物 You must learn to see things in perspective 你怎么适应这些事 how do you fit into this whole thing 推测起来大概 adv. presumably 为父母倒酒 pouring wine for their parents 她对你感兴趣 She had a thing for you 这也许可以帮我减低些压力 it might take some of the heat off me

拼图游戏 puzzle 有些人满足于维持原状 Other people are satisfied with staying where they are 口琴 harmonica 轶事八卦 anecdote 她怀了我的孩子 She's pregnant with my child 专家 n. pro She's like this high-powered, driven-career type. 有一个想象中的朋友 have an imaginary friend 打扫卫生 clean up 扫帚 broom 有可能她早就听说这个消息了 Chances are she's already heard the news 你也许想避开这个词 you may wanna steer clear of the word 凳子 n. stool 我怎么可能忘记?How could I forget? 他窒息了 he is gagging 她正对着镜子化妆 she is doing her makeup in the mirror 你晒得这么黑 you are so tanned 隐形眼镜 lens 把手指伸到眼睛里 sticking your finger in your eye 我认为那有虐待儿童之嫌 I think that borders on child abuse. 与…接壤 boarder on…… 这就遂了他的愿了 Then he gets his way 准妈妈 the mother-to-be 把头倾向左侧 tilt your head to the left 贱招 a cheap shot 一条计策 a ruse 她正跛行 She is limping 有纸夹的笔记板 Clipboard 那是保险欺诈 That's insurance fraud Joey 开始沉思他的坏运气 Joey begins to contemplate his ill fortune 你会发现有人恶狠狠地盯着你 you'd be staring at the business end of a hissy fit 微量的(一捏之量) a pinch of 只不过是扭伤 it was just a sprain 你遗漏了最愚蠢的部分 you left out the stupid part 取消约会 blow off the date 应门 answer the door 每个人都太激动了,没注意他 everyone is too keyed up to notice him (液体)慢慢流出 ooze out 把我吓得巴巴都出来了 You scared the crap outta me 摆动她的手指 waggles her fingers 晒干的西梅干 sun-dried prune 惊吓的 panicky 拳头 fist 结束对讲机讲话(楼房) getting off of the intercom

他谨慎的咳嗽以警告她 he discreetly coughs to warn her 马上 STAT 降低嗓音 lowers her voice 胆小鬼 wuss 露出牙齿 bare one's teeth 紧张的 uptight 把目瞪口呆的 monica 留在背后 leaving an open-mouthed Monica in her wake 指挥某人使别人团团转 boss sb around 尿床 wet the bed 口头污蔑 verbal destruction 上气不接下气 v gasp for breath 使某人倒闭破产 put sb out of business 紧握听筒放在胸口 clasping the receiver to her bosom['buz? m] 不出声地说…… mouth sth 她打响指 she snap her fingers 他非常关注地站在那里 he stands up in concern 她放我的鸽子 she stood me up/blow me off 轻蔑地 adv. dismissively 他对你很疯狂 he's really nutsy about you 那个好管闲事的护士值班 The officious nurse is on duty 学她朋友的样子 mirroring her friend 想象中最糟糕的事情 worst case scenario[si'nɑ:ri? si'neri.? u, u] 他很痛苦 he is in distress 这个小孩, 被松软的毯子包裹着, ROSS 裹在手臂中 被 The baby, wrapped in a fluffy towel, is cradled in Ross's arms 退缩 recoil 他有力的抗议引起了注意 His vigorous protest is attracting attention 把 sth 弄平整 smooth out sth 她最后的问题难住了我一会 Her last question threw me for a moment 我被你迷倒了 I was drunk on you 最后通牒 ultimatum 她激动地颤抖 She was tingling with excitement 从不同的角度看她的侧脸 regard her profile from various angles 她露陷了 she's sprung 一个愚蠢的理论 a daft theory 她温柔地把下边搁在 Mo 的肩上 Shel tenderly rests her chin upon Monica's shoulder 外卖 takeout 最细心的 dad most caring dad 我们可以弥补它 we can make up for that 有些良心好不好 please have a heart 我有保险 I have insurance 它发生的几率有多少?What are the odds of that happening? 我们陷入麻烦了 we’re getting in trouble 让我来看一眼 I’ll take a look at him

你从没看上去那么漂亮 you have never looked so beautiful 按照希望地 hopefully, 这就像是回到犯罪现场 It’s like returning to the scene of the crime 我吓坏了 I freak out 别再当个胆小鬼 Stop being a wuss 每天你都变得越来越妈妈化 Everyday u become more and more like mom 不情愿的 Reluctantly 我们简历快用完了 we're running low on resumes 你校对过这些吗 did you proofread these 复印机 the Xerox machine 把这封信揉皱 crumples up the letter 谢谢你的咨询 thank you for your inquiry 你的信用卡账单很高 Your Visa bill is huge 她让我的心跳加剧 she gets my heart pounding 玩具,玩物,被玩弄的人 plaything 纱,纱线 yarn . 讽刺的 sarcastic 男性主义者,性别歧视者 sexist 欢迎女士来玩 women are welcome to play 多烂的借口 what a lame excuse 抽牌 draw cards 黑桃/红桃/梅花/方片 spades/ hearts/clubs /diamonds 黑桃十 the ten of spades 花色 suits 各式各样的 assorted 单音节 one syllable 发牌 deal 我有简历要传真 I've got resumes to fax 我有一些纸币来结账 I have several bills to settle 我们要重赛 We want a rematch 组合家具 ya-ya 拍手 clap hands 你大大的错了 You are way off 我从前对她有爱意 I might've had feelings for her at one time 尖叫 screech 五十步笑百步 It's like the pot calling the kettle black 我不同意这个观点 I beg to differ 盘子从我手里滑落下去 the plate slipped out of my hand 母舰 mother ship 我开车撞了他 I hit him with my car 你在牌桌上听到的一切都是一派胡言 everything you hear at a poker game is pure crap 我们对衣服有相同的品味 we have the same taste in clothes 去和她的兄弟一起野营 went to camp with her cousin 这些家伙躲到了桌子底下 The guys all duck under the table

熟练地洗牌 Shuffle the poker expertly (政治)重组 Reshuffle 我来 I'm gonna give it a go 千元钞票 big one The money is cursed, so I can break 'em up with a movie 把钱递过去 Hand over her money He's been exerting his influence on his friend to change his decision 一角钱 dime 拘泥形式 formality:I wish we could treat each other without formality 笑到最后取得最后胜利 have the last laugh 不要再闲聊了 done with the chitchat 欺负弱小者 bucko 便宜的妓女 a cheap hooker 你们不能忍受失败 you really can't stand to lose 静脉丛太阳穴爆出 little veins pop out on the temple 他因为 Ro 的愚蠢而哑然无语 he is dumbfounded at Ro’s stupidity 他们扑向 Ross 的牌 They dive for Ross's hand 保持清醒 stay awake 混乱的,团团转的 chaotic and twirly 我感觉我像个父亲了 I start to feel like a father 他在胡说八道 he is talking crazy 我们刚刚得到消息 we just got the messages 你有重点吗 do u have a point? 冰水 ice water 这个世界怎么回事 what’s up with the universe 我会想念你们大家的 I’m really gonna miss all you guys 我昨晚没睡着 I got no sleep last night 详细的告诉我 Tell me specifically 我厌烦了 sth I am sick of sth 别指望我做好人 don’t expect me to be a nice guy Step on my point 我们不得不走形式 we have to go through the formality 放这首曲子 put this song on 我对他计算机技术印象深刻 I am impressed with his computer skills 我们会和你们在玩一次 We will play you again 我不想看上去太饥渴 I don’t want seem too eager 鼓起勇气做某事 Get up the courage to do sth 奇怪的巧合 Freakish coincidence 洗衣剂 Detergent 那个公司和我签约了 The company signs me 他太有争强好胜了 He is too competitive 很多回信 A lots of responses 你可以教我们 You can teach us 它稍微便宜一些 It cost a little less

妈妈叫你回家了 Mom is calling you home 我诅咒它 I cursed it 我在等那个工作单位的回信 I am still waiting to hear from that job 我们想再试一次扑克 We want to give poker another try Barry 和 mindy 订婚了 Barry is engaged to Mindy 试用装咖啡 Free sample of coffee 我没有灵感,没法写作 I cannot write without inspiration 禁止言论自由 lay an embargo on free speech 使你紧张,不安,难堪 make your toes curl 糟透了 suck fest 女人看的电影 chick flick 只要有一些裸体 so long as there's a little nudity 嬉戏欢闹 vi frolic 我们去洗个澡 We're gonna go take a bath 莫妮卡姨姨没点儿发言权的么 Does Aunt Monica get a say in this 放松,别紧张 unclench 我不相信 I'min disbelief 试着追求他 try to woo her 她们再看肥皂剧 they are watching a soap opera 你在鞋子里大便 you poo in the shoe 对折后关起来 folds it shut 它向另一个方向跑开了 it runs out in the opposite direction 把他翻过来 Roll him over 女用长围巾 feather boa['b? ] u? 笨重的 clunky 它和什么都很配 it goes with everything 做些游客喜欢做的事 do some of the touristy things 泡菜 pickle 拔去酒瓶塞 Uncorks the wine 瓶塞你 n. V. cork 窗台 window ledge 我想我有部分责任 I guess it's partially my fault 从...开始 start off with 它是非法的非本地动物 it is an illegal exotic animal 这完全是个误解 That was a complete misunderstanding 以……命名 be name after…… 你们是否知道,非法拥有非法外籍动物会被判入狱两年,并没收该动物?Are you aware that possession of an illegal exotic is punishable by up to two years in prison and confiscation of the animal? 你们要把那个可怜的小东西关入大牢?You'd put that poor little creature in jail 我相信,一定有办法可以和解 I'm sure there's some friendly way to reconcile this 我们还没有自我介绍 we haven't been introduced, 工作裤,连装裤 an overall 尽管如此 Be that as it may

帮助某人某事 help sb out on sth 看在老交情的份上,为了过去的(恩情) for old times' sake 一个全身是汗的女人 A very sweaty woman 我们被吓呆了一阵 we are dumbstruck for a moment 暖房装置散热器 radiator 把那个旋钮反方向拧 turning the knob back the other way we may not know anything about radiators per se, but we do have a certain amount of expertise in the heating and cooling... mileup? :'seim? j? l? 正在做某事 in the middle of something 地下室 basement 有什么东西轻轻地碰到了我的右腿 Something just brushed up against my right leg 避开退让 step aside 少量镇静剂 a small tranquilizer 慢动作 in slow motion 他开枪了 he fires the gun 我去检查 tom 的情况 i go to check up on TOM 标枪 dart 踢指示牌(标牌)Kicks a sign 我故意这么做的 I did this on purpose 最佳的最典型的 Vintage ----This piece of music is vintage Bach 不管别人的感受 oblivious to people's feelings 那个老人拄着拐杖一瘸一拐的走了 The old man hobbled along with the aid of his stick 钾 potassium [p?t?si? ? m] ROSS 从 TOM 身边挤了过去 Ross pushes past TOM 因这个和法官交往 take this up with the judge 与...交往 take up with 班长 class president 用标枪射我朋友的屁股 shot my friend in the ass with a dart 一套不错的服装 a great outfit 一双合适的女舞鞋 a right pair of pumps 对某人刻薄 be hard on sb 邻居一定在用吸尘器 The neighbours must be vacuuming 阿尔卑斯山 Alps ?lps 山岳 alp 我去了寄宿制学校,有四百个男生 I went to boarding schoolwith four hundred boys 他在我鞋子里拉巴巴 He pooped in my shoes 我们没有任何相同点 We have absolutely nothing in common -48 Minus 48 你能相信她会这么想吗?Can you believe she actually thought that? 这只是时间的问题 it’s a matter of hours 发霉的硬币 fuzzy mints 你和 LOU 可以成为很好的一对 You and Lou could make a great couple Set me up with TOM 耳环 earring

你穿上衣服很好看 You looked nice all dressed up Belt loop 听力障碍 Hearing disability 有积极生活态度的人 Life-affirming person 你们中有人知道该怎么玩吗 Do any of you know how to play? 你们的牌怎么样你在撒谎 You are lying about how good your cards are 会便宜一些 It cost a little less 我同意 That’s fine with me 便宜的鸡 Cheap hooker 别的地方我们上哪去弄这些?Where else would we get any? 他随时可能回来 He’s gonna be home any minute 我们检查第三及第四层楼 We checked the 3rd and fourth floor. 你们花了 4 年时间忽视我 You spent 4 years ignoring me 这些香蕉怎么回事?What’s with all these bananas? 我应该让你从钢笔开始 I should start you off with a pen 你做什么模特 What are u modering for? 一个健康的家伙 A healthy guy 抵制所有的节日 Boycotting all the pilgrim holidays 她在开职员会 She’s at a faculty meeting 我对此很熟悉 I am familiar with the concept 你必须上课 You have to take a course 我非常生动得记得 I remember this part vividly, 满嘴的南瓜派 I have a mouthful of pumpkin pie 这是传统 It’s a tradition It’s all over the news 外脆内嫩 Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside 我可以切开了吗 Shall I carve? 喷射性呕吐 Projectile vomiting 梅毒 Syphilis 该你上了 You are on 这家伙回去要挨批了 This guy is going home with the note 他的助手 His helper 他扔了一些大便 He threw some faeces 我不打算把它搞砸 I’m not gonna blow this one up 工作是我的生命 My work is my life 他只是认为理所应当 He is just phoning it in 很常见 Very often 炸弹 Bombs 你欠我一块华夫饼干 You owe me a waffle 快速而痛苦 Quick and painful 谢谢惠顾 Thanks for coming 你有机会成为一个大人物 You have a chance to be a big person 请坐 Have a seat 他是最强硬的零食 he’s got to be, like, the toughest snack there is

那个教授很严,不留活口 That professor is really tough, he takes no prisoners 你不想招惹他 you don’t wanna mess with him 那里有个拿着望远镜的讨厌家伙 There’s some creep out there with a telescope 我告诉你们,几年之后,小屁孩们将把它作为有史以来最成功的首次约会而认真学习它 I am telling you, years from now, schoolchildren will study it as one of the greatest first dates of all time. 我们可以完全坦诚以对,不比伪装 We could totally be ourselves, we didn’t have to play any games How needy do I want to seem? 催促某人做某事,施加压力让人做某事 pressure someone to do something, 电话留声机 answer machine 接电话 pick up the phone 清扫落叶吹风机 leaf blower 我留下了消息 I left a spontaneous message 你戳它,所有的黄油就都溅出来了 you poke it and all the butter squirts out 接着我们走到 KFC Then we took a walk down to KFC’s 我跟他讲不要,但他还是给我买了一瓶香奈儿 I told him not to, but he got me a little bottle of Chane 我们没有谈及那件事 we don’t get to that topic 那个有什么问题吗? Is there anything wrong with that 我将结束它 I will just put an end to it 有空给我打电话 Give me a call when you get a chance 我在反复练习 I’ve been honing 没有东西溅出来 nothing spatters 顺便告诉你 for future reference 你明显看过了我报纸上的征婚/友广告 you obviously saw my personal ad 我被冷落了 I am snubbed 你头发里怎么有牙线 how come you have dental floss in your hair? 有旧情的 There’s a history there 我有我自己的生活,我有一大堆的事情要做,但是已经被某些事情给耽误了! I have things to do with my life, I have a jam packed schedule, and I am late- for keeping up with it 你该下地狱 Hell is filled with people like you 蹲下跳舞 get down 随着音乐的节奏扭动身体 boogie 我知道事情变得很奇怪 I know things’ve been weird lately 我只问一次,我希望得到直接回答 I’m just gonna ask you this once, and I want a straight answer 他最近行为很奇怪 he’s been acting really weird 哑铃 free weights 我们重头再来一次, we’ll start all over again the guy is the devil! He's Satan in a smock 单片眼镜 monocle 我只是想搞清楚:你们让花生先生出局了?I just wanna clarify this: are you outing Mr. Peanut?

有人用望远镜偷窥这个公寓 Someone is peeping into the apartment building with a telescope Tom 和 Mary 的第一次约会很好 Tom has a good first date with Mary 高的帽子 a top cap 手杖 cane 领结 bow tie 钮钉 cufflinks 常见的健身器材 a common fitness tool 她身边有几个男的在追求她 She had several young men dangling round her 挂电话 hang up 街对面的男人 the man across the street 他带我去 KFC 吃饭 he takes me to lunch at KFC 走走路就到 it’s a walking distance 与...订婚 be engaged to sb 使盘子作响 Rattles some dishes 闲坐 sit around 今早我抓到他看我们的公寓 I caught him looking into our apartment 我不能做事情 I can't do stuff! 麦片 oatmeal 如果你想,我就和她断交 if you want, I'll just break it off with her 我来进行矫正 I am here for my adjustment 它悬挂在橱上 it draped on a cupboard 我们开始起效了 we're starting to see some real progress here 他面无表情的旁观着 he looks on, deadpan it is nothing like me and Carol (在水中)挣扎踌躇 vi.He flounders 如果需要,我可以回避 If it helps, I could slide over 一屁股坐下 sit down heavily 我明天上班 I'm working tomorrow 我蹑手蹑脚地走向他 I creep up next to him 他抓住电话 he clutches (at) his phone 踩离合器 clutch 先松离合器,再换挡 Disengage the clutch before changing gear 偷窥者 peeper 我七个月没和她联系了 I haven't heard from her in seven months 我像是第三者 I'm like the other woman 下流的 naughty 我和你一起出去 I'll walk out with you 帮我看着电话 Will you watch my phone 我有尊严的 I have some pride 我不小心关了电话 I accidentally shut off my phone 我们坐下来谈 we should really be sitting for this 她很痛苦 she's all bitter she lost the weight and it turns out she doesn't have a pretty face

宣布订婚 we announced the engagement 退却后却 draw back 当我和他订婚的时候 when I was engaged to him We have a little thing 他向我求婚 he proposed to me 圣母玛利亚,我把它关了 Mother of God, I turned it off! 只是指出这些具有讽刺意味的事 Just pointing out the irony 我不喜欢这样 I don't appreciate it 具有深褐色头发的白种女人 brunette 你该遭雷劈 bad things should happen to you 我控制不住我自己 I couldn't help myself 从一组人中把她找出来 picked her out of a lineup 他被牙箍窒息了 he is choking on his retainer 重击几拳 take a couple punches 他是衣冠禽兽 He's Satan in a smock 我在婚礼上抛弃了 Bary I ran out on Barry at the wedding 化妆台 dresser 我搞错你的号码了 I had your number wrong 她大老远的跑过来 She comes all the way down here 避开汽车 dodge the bus 童子军 child soldier What are u gonna do? Left side of my butt 你暂时就穿着吧 Leave it on for now 这是我在音乐之声 This is me in the sound of music 你怎么会这么想 What make you think that? 稍等 hang on , hold up 我住在街对面 I live across the street 他是水手 He is a sailor 别看 Don't look Chandler 冲向电话 Chandler dives for his phone 你看到他关节上的凹陷吗 Did you see the dents in his knuckle? 他很艺术性的 He is artistic 我打赌他是律师 I bet he is a lawyer 这很让人尴尬 It’s embarrassing 你在进行书本推广活动 You’re doing this book tour thing 我明天动身去伦敦 I leave for London tomorrow 我在街上小便 I’ll just pee in the street 我们讨论进行一场一早的篮球比赛 We discussed getting in an early morning basketball game 明显有人睡过头了 Apparently somebody overslept 你太空了 You got way too much time 我想我们跑题了 I think we’re getting into a weird area 我母亲结婚时的照片 A picture of my mom on her wedding day 我们付出,付出,付出,什么回报也没有 We give, we give, we give, and then we just get

nothing back 我感到恶心 I am nauseous 他是虔诚的基督徒 He is an earnest Christian 天主教徒 catholic Everything is a-ok 我搬出去 I move out 就一小会 just a second 我非常尴尬 I am so embarrassed 相信我,他很有魅力 Trust me, He is charming 我不认为赌咒不理男人是个方法 I don’t think swear off guys altogether is the answer 我们早知道了 we already knew that 绝望的 Desperate 我做了正确的选择 I make a right choice 我带你去我的房间 I’ll show you to my room 我不想听 I don’t wanna hear it He has a dinner thing and want to invite you guys 你该听听他的借口 You should hear some of his cover stories In some ways, he is so right for me 这才第二天 It’s the next day 我可以和 mindy 断绝来往 I could break it off with mindy 我们还没第二次约会 We haven’t been on a second date 我们私下里偷情 We had a little thing on the side 新郎 groom 新娘 bride 伴郎 groomsman、best man 盘子是怎么回事 What is with the dishes? 真是挥霍浪费 It's just such reckless spending 他冒险行事 He throws caution to the wind 将...抛至九霄云外 throw sth to the wind 魔术拖把 wonder mop 这个我听起来不熟 it does not ring a bell with me 我去踢踏舞班 I'm going to tap class 酸奶瓶 yoghurt container 你是如此的不协调 you are just so unbelievably uncoordinated 踢踏舞中踢踏 click 找个舞伴 grab a partner 车上抢座位 grab a seat 抢篮板 grab rebounds 体育课 gym class 一个紧张的女孩 a tense girl 他到了性成熟期 he's reached sexual maturity 不道德的,堕落的 vicious 白日梦 pipe dream 她是小偷 She's a stealer

她简直就是个奇人,并且有着令人惊奇的人格魅力 she is this astounding person, with thisamazing spirit 我买了一个吹头发机,结果人人都避开我 I bought a blow dryer, then I was shunned 怎么会有人得到你信用卡的号码 How could someone get (a )hold of your credit card number 只是一个阶段 it's just a phase 她从惊吓我的那些销售人员的店里买衣服 She buys clothes from stores that I'm intimidated by the sales people 关系亲密的,密友,暗示 Intimate 将个人表现至于优先位置 places the individual performance on the priority 去骑马 go horseback riding 艺名 stage name 种族的 Ethnic 中立的中性的 neutral 屋顶上的小提琴家 the Fiddler on the Roof Tom 领衔主演这个电影 Tom is starring in the movie 邮局 post office 你在钻牛角尖 this is really becoming like a weird obsession thing 她们站在门口 they are standing at the door 我们只是来看看 we're just here to observe 那里有多余的鞋子 Spare shoes are over there 模仿 imitate 上次课后, 地上有很多空的酸奶瓶, 我们不要再让它发生了 there were some empty yoghurt containers lying around after class. Let's not have that happen again! 大家开始一致地跳舞 Everyone starts to dance in unison 旋转地 swirly 她和班中其他人显得非常同步 she is in perfect sync with the rest of the class 女孩们不知道该如何结对 The girls are unsure how to pair off 到前面来 come up to the front 窘迫的 Mortified 我刚从兽医那回来 I just got backfrom the vet 随着时间的推移,它会越来越暴力 as time goes on, he's gonna start getting aggressive and violent 我们在向很多大学申请 we're applying to several universities 你们自己的正义 Your own brand of vigilante justice 他们包下了整个第六层楼 they had taken over the entire sixth floor 你们先睡,不要等我了 Don't wait up 我们明天去百老汇试镜 we're auditioning for a Broadway show tomorrow 那是我们保底的动物园 That was like our safety zoo 我进哈佛了 I get into Harvard 冲击 brunt---------------chair's taking the brunt 他屠杀了那些人 he slaughtered all these people 它更是一种交互式的野生动物体验 it's more of an interactive wildlife experience 他和别的动物打架吗 Does he fight with other animals

他很听话顺从 he's very docile 他被逼的 he was cornered 他握东西的本领怎么样 how is he at handling small objects 他能抓住一把小刀 he can hold a small blade 他要面对(危险情况下)带角的动物 he's up against an animal with horns 我们散步回来 we come back from our walk 20%的利润 twenty percent of the gains Monica 冲了进来 Monica bursts in 我刚刚未受邀请而参加了大使馆 party I just crashed an embassy party 他们逮捕了 TOM They've arrested TOM 劳改处 Department of Correction 蓝色使我的幸运色 blue's my colour 不是我出卖的呢 it wasn't me who turned you in 带我去纽约马戏团 take me to the Big Apple Circus 我以在众人面前小便开始我的一天 I started my day by peeing in front of twenty-five other women 不一定地,不是必须的 not necessarily 在门口的那个 You by the door 在后面的那个 You in the back 他在那送别 TOM he is there to see off Marcel 我为你写了这首诗 I wrote you this poem 诗人 poet I'd like to take a moment, just me and him 爵士手,摸裆动作 hold my groin 我知道这个名字吗?听起来耳熟 Do Iknow that name? it sounds familiar 有这种可能性 That’s a possibility 你会去工作吗?Will you show up for work? 自然地 Naturally 他们发现这个事实 They caught on to the fact 你认为我起什么好的艺名好?What do you think a good stage name for me would be? 讽刺地 sarcastically 重要的是,我棒不棒 More importantly, was I any good? 不能胜任的力不从心 inadequate Monica 拍他的大腿的前部 Monica pats him on his lap 潜意识 n. Subconscious 潜意识的 adj subconscious 操控钻床 operating a drill press 仅是作为一些短工 Just for some short-term-work 海盗 pirate 我真是个大笨蛋 I was just...such a dummie 我举办了自我按摩讲习班 I taught this "massage-yourself-at-home"workshop 她去进行缩乳术 She is having one of her boobs redused 一天中的大部分时候 For a large portion of the day Ross 的 BP 机响了 Ross's beeper goes off

你在玩什么东西?What are you playing with? 它们灭绝了 they're extinct 她进入分娩 Carol goes into labor 他和我们差不多大 He's... our age 我不能被看作 22 岁?I can't pass for 22 图钉起子 thumbtack remover 他正在开会 he's in a meeting right now 我确保他得到了消息 I'll see that he gets the message 对讲机响了 The intercom buzzes 趴在台子上 leans against the desk 只是一点点 adv. just a touch 你有没有刮腿毛?did you shave your legs 我不提供这种服务 I don't perform those kind of services 值得做某事 it pays to do sth 你升职了 you got promoted 他们甚至模仿你 They even do you 山上充满了音乐之声 The hills were alive with the sound of music 充满着 be alive with 烤饼 n. scone 'A man is being held up at gunpoint Tourists are being terrorised, at gunpoint <俚>色鬼 n. goat You know, you read about it, you see it in the movies. Even when you practice it at home, man oh man, it is nothing like that. 重罪犯 felon 用手捏住他的嘴 closeshis mouth with her hand 放弃它吧 fall out of it 分发薄荷糖 hand out mints 带着 walkman wearing a Walkman 我们可以作罢了吗 Could we drop it now 变形!It's morphin' time 他们交叉双臂 They all cross their arms 头晕 head rush 站起身 raise 和一些同事 with some work people 我负责 I am in charge 狂妄的言行异乎寻常的事物 Extravaganza 卡拉 OK karaoke k?ri'? uki 他们开你玩笑 they made fun of you 我想你必须面对它 I think you've gotta face it 每个人都有反应 everyone reacts 按下 punch in-----------she punches in 911 开场白 opener 你们有没有检查过厕所的新干手机?did you guys check out those new hand-dryers in the

bathroom? 我是国会议员 I am a Congressman 参照系 I have no frame of reference 让人发腻的 icky 我们生活中圣经时代 we lived in biblical times Are your hands still wet? Uh, moist, yeah. Let's dry 'em again 留着小胡子的人是谁?who's the guy with the moustache Ross 给她盖毯子 Ross puts a blanket over her 他摔倒了地板上 he falls onto the floor 我受伤了 I'm hurt 他从房子里大摇大摆地走出来 he struts out from his apartment 口红 lipstick 你省了吧 save it 他昏迷了 he is in a coma 它刚刚哔哔作响 It was just beeped 我们多大他妈的到底有什么关系?What the hell does it matter how old we are? 我的生活很有趣 My life is amusing 我是不是有些失控?Am I out of control? 犯罪发生地 A place that crime happens That’s what’s you kids are calling these days 它不会改变任何东西,什么都照旧 That shouldn’t change anything 百年纪念 centennial 我们可不可以不一起走?Could we not go together? 她包括很多东西 it involves a lot of things I’ll be a huge disappointment 就是自己找死嘛 just suicide I am magnet I experienced jet lag 你可能想要这个 You might wanna try this 我正在你这上课 I am taking some classes with you 到前面来 Come up to the front 这是上机最后通知 It’s the final boarding call 我不知道这个让谁更痛苦 I don’t know who this is harder on 我失业了 I lost my job 你完全错了 You are getting it all wrong 他上了飞机 He gets on a plane 他对你多大不感冒?He has no problem with how old you are? 谁不喜欢我 Who doesn’t like me? 令人惊讶地,这是一锤子买卖 Surprisely, it was a one-time-thing 才不是呢 nothing like that 我的秘书要请几个星期的假 My secrectory is gonna be out for a couple of weeks 小大人 man-child 你能听到吗?Can you hear that? 带子太紧了 The belt is too tight

不至于感觉那么差 Don’t feel bad 报告的太晚了 Could that report be any later? 高三 A senior in high school 填完这张表,把你的信息填进去 Fill out this form and put your information 看下他要干嘛 Find what he want 她感觉和我有千丝万缕的联系 She felt connected to me 他在玩呼啦圈 He is doing the hula 我彻底忘了她了 I am totally over her 这是典型男人的反应 It’s a typical gut’s response 我有一段时间对她有感觉 I have feelings for her at one time 独眼龙 An One-eyed guy 上限是 50 美分 It is a fifty cent limit 我退出 I fold 不要催我 don’t rush me 她和他调情 she flirts with him 她渴望有个孩子 she yearns for a baby of her own 她的羊水破了吗 Has her water broke yet? 他在等待室 he is in the waiting room 他在安排…… he's made arrangements to…… 她的评论很粗俗 she made a tasteless comment 你必须选择时机 You have to pick your moments 有一阵子 for a while 我们在礼品店停了一下 We stopped at the gift shop 毛茸茸动物玩具 stuffed animal 我的车上有小贴纸 I used to have that bumper sticker 你怀孕九个月了 you're nine months pregnant 良好的开端 That's a good start. 我能喝点什么吗?Am I allowed to drink anything 碎冰护士站有 ice chips,They're at the nurses' station. 产科医师 obstetricianɑbst?tr?? ? ?n 他在她肩上睡觉 He is falling asleep on her shoulder 亲爱的,今晚不行,我明天要早起 Not tonight, honey. I got an early day tomorrow. 先发中锋 starting center 这是重建年 it's a rebuilding year 小孩长大,开始讨厌你们,对你们叫嚷 the children’ll grow up and resent you so much, yell at you 我出钱让你停止 I'm paying you to stop 新生的双胞胎 newborn twins 假设地,假想地 hypothetically Is there something fundamentally unmarriable about me? 背包 knackpack 漂亮的衣服 dressy-dress 我想打扮的漂亮些 w wanna look nice 用他的眼神做出了我的上帝啊的表情 makes an 'Oh my God' gesture with his eyes

She's not much of a phone person 孩子他爸是怎么回事 what's the deal with this father guy 我对你当父亲的观点感到有趣 I am interested in your views on fatherhood 保重 take care 他在教导 TOM he is coaching tom 还有 15 秒 15 more seconds 飞机着陆 the plane lands on 惨败大败 fiasco 腿抽筋了 leg cramp 他开始的 he started it 一个护士出现在房子里 a nurse ispresent in her room 都是你的错 This is so your fault 在你出现以前 before you came along 带他们进入小扫帚储藏室 taking them into a broom closet Don't make me do this again, I don't like my voice like this 听一些有讽刺意味的事 hear something ironic 他一脚踩在了筒里 he steps in a bucket 听上去很吸引人 it sounds fascinating 尸体 body 你们不必飞回来 you don't have to fly back 发出模仿静电的噪音 makes a noise resembling static 你现在和谁有交往吗?are you currently involved with anyone 我的工作影响了我的日常生活 my work affects my personal life 有的时候…… there are times …… 租借品 loaner 纽约队赢了 10 分 the Knicks by 10 把气球帮助门把手上 ties the balloons to the knob 我继父入监狱了 my stepfather went to jail 他们为了…争执 they are fighting over…… 把我的心脏扯出来 rip out my heart 通风孔 air vent 她穿着看门人的衣服,准备向上进入通风孔 She is wearing a janitor's uniform, ready to go up in the vent 倒数 3 on three leaving Phoebe dangling from the vent 苦恼地 irked 你们出去 out you go covered in Jell-o 从头上的通风口 from the air vent overhead 对她招手 wave at her 我们刚编造出来 we just cooked it up 这就是我们出去干的事情 That's what we were off doing 他们对 baby 做鬼脸 They make faces at the baby 水果篮 fruit-basket

他无意中泄露了她是个贼 he lets slip that she is a stealer 发型 he's got Ross's haircut! 此时 ROSS 对 Racheal 露出痴迷的表情 Ross is practically drooling over Rachel at this point 他受不了 Ross 的奉承, 发出了 pf 的噪音 He annoyed with Ross's fawning, makes a 'pfft' noise 走到 joey 坐的地方 walks over to where Joey is seated 大量的美元 jillion dollars 我会还给你的 I'll pay you back t 每个人的兴趣都被激起了 everyone's interest is piqued, 对工程做出我的贡献 make my contribution to the project 每隔一天 every other day adv.每隔一天 两周后 at the end of two weeks 不费力地大量地 hand over fist 被搅碎的肉 the ground-up flesh put out fire by peeing, no get invited back 她怎么考虑你的研究事业 What does she think of your little science project 这个项目还有一个星期结束 I still got a week left to go in the program 按照规定 according to the rules Chandler and Joey are making the fire 这是我的行程表 here's my itinerary 将一张纸递给 moinca hands a sheet of paper to Monica 常常不时地 every now and then 她和 Carl 出去喝酒了 she's out having drinks with Carl 咖啡屋 coffeehouse (中央部分突出之高而宽广的)橱柜 Breakfront 忘了她 forget about her we're just looking out for you 我可能只喝了一点啤酒 I may only have a couple beers in me 我还在喝我的第一瓶啤酒 I'm still on my first Joe 拥抱了 Ross Joey gives Ross a hug 交易 transacton Monica rolls her eyes 不明白你在说什么 Not following you 那本书陪伴我度过了很多艰难时刻 That book got me through some tough times 走过一个古物点 walk by an antique store 这一定花了他很多钱 This must have cost him a fortune 他刚才不小心泄露出了 Ross 喜欢 Rachel 的秘密 he just spilled the beans about Ross's crush on Rachel 那将会时间倒流 That'll turn back time 微小的 small,tiny,petie, wee 能让她闭嘴吗 is there a mute button on this woman 你觉得怎么样 Did you have any idea? 时差 time difference 你来不及的 You're never gonna make it Ross 戴着耳机 Ross has headphones on

he makes an outburst in Chinese in accordance with the tape 进入登机通道 get on the jetway 停机坪 parking apron 空姐 flight attendant 挤过去 push past 登机牌 boarding pass 联邦法规 federal regulations 替我给他带个信 give him a message for me 她走过 Ross,走到一个老头身边 she walks past Ross, and approaches an older man 不要拉长脸不理我 Don't give me that deep freeze 我意识不清了一分钟 I blacked out there for a minute 我把你定义为和那些永远自我的男人一样 I just had you pegged as one of those guys who're always me, me, me 你简直就是一个女人 you're practically a woman 保留这些破损的包装纸 save this torn wrapping paper 这是我的直觉 this ismy initial gut feeling.Intuition 你很忠诚 you're committed 挥金如土的人 spender 扔草纸的游行 a ticker tape parade 游行路线 parade route 我其它的感觉加强了 my other senses are heightened 我换了女士短上衣 I exchanged the blouse 一点点 a teensy bit 你将继续这样吗?you're gonna stick with this? 一个瞎子复明了 a blind man gets his sight back 平举双臂走路 walks around with arms spread 我本身不反对环境问题 I'm not against environmental issues per se Ross 立马消失了 Ross disappears momentarily 你看中他什么?What do you see in this guy 我是否迷住了你?are you attracted to me 我从来没有从那个角度看过你 I've never looked at you that way before 笨蛋 hammerhead 在机场接个朋友 pick up a friend at the airport 把她的饮料给他 gives him her drink 从人群中穿过 sifting through crowd 他老婆还是和他不爽 his wife is still upset with him 下飞机 get off the plane 他们嘲笑我 they ridicule me 别跑题 Can we focus? 不要叫 no shouting Give me your foot 他对她没有显出任何兴趣 它很轻 捐献我的时间 he doesn’t show any interest in her it’s light donate my time

Formly cute cow 对不起 pardon me 完成交易 complete the transaction 它作响 It rattles 帮我带个消息给他 Give him a message for me 把毛巾撕碎 Shred his towel 我把她的手表踩碎了 I smash her watch 被痰吐到 Being spit on 非核心工作 Regional work I take credit for paul 睡着沙发上 Crash on the couch 开场秀 Opening act 我马上就去做 I'll get right on that. 元宵节 the latern festival 觉得恶心吗?Any nausea? 它追逐马 It chases horses 我查阅我的邮件 I am going through my mails 我留下了 Y I left in Ys 我最好放弃这个游戏 I’d better pass on the game 我最近没怎么用它 I haven’t been using it much 我将改变时间表以便和你们衔接好 I'll change my timetable to fay in with yours. 感到有些怨恨 Sense some resentment 彼此间有责任 Feel obligated to one another 我除了烂片子,这六年什么都没做 I have done nothing but crappy plays for 6 years 他跑向他的朋友们 He ran up to his friends 把握赶出房子 Throw me out of a room 我连想都没想过孩子 I am not even thinking about babies yet 你看到谁赢了吗?Did you see who won the game? 当这天结束 When this day is over 她可能在车上生产 She could be giving birth in the cab 我有这个小贴纸 I used to have that bumper sticker 不要再叫了 Stop all the yelling Never got invited back 经常给 Ben 看看这个 Show it to Ben every now and then 我在橱窗里看到这个发夹 I saw this pin in the window 贵的离谱的 ridiculously expensive 什么消息 What's the message 他有什么优点吸引你 What did you see in him, anyway 留在这,喝完你的饮料 Stay and finish your drinks 你满两个怎么了 How are things going on with you two? 我想要这些钱 I want the money 你完全不是我想象中的那样 You are nothing like what I thought you would be 把这纸扔了 Throw this paper out 扔草纸游行 Ticker tape parade

有一些 A teensy bit weird Ride 坏了 The ride broke down 女厕所 The woman’s room 你搞什么?What’s messing you up? 给我 100 元工资预付款 Give me an 100 bucks advance on salary / Slash 肚子时间 Belly time 什么时候后撤 When to lay back? 你得选择你的主修课程 You gotta pick a major 除了你说你有的事实外 Aside from the fact that you said you had one 把火鸡从炉子里拿出来 Take this turkey out of the oven 我很感激你们的万圣节砸了 I am thankful that all your thankgivings sucked. 你们认为他这样吗 Do you think that about him? 对每个细节都很苛求 Be Critical Of every single thing 她装扮好后很漂亮 She looks nice all dressed up 我没表述清楚 I wasn’t being clear 我嘴里多余的空气 Extra air in my mouth 贵的离谱 Ridiculously expensive 错过了时间 Lost track of time 争论赤字消减法案 Debate deficit reduction bill 涨地铁票费 Raise subeway fares 封面上的女孩 Girls on the covers 我们跑题了 We are getting into a weird area 想象她没怀孕 Try to picture her not pregnant 我感到恶心 I am nauseous 这绝对不是玩玩 It’s way past fling 她送爱心来了,还有些苹果 She send her love along with these apples 商店明天开门,7 点关门 Store is open tomorrow and close at 7 骰子 dice 博士论文 doctoral thesis 青铜时代 bronze age 可能……It’s conceivable…… 他在讨好父母 He is sucking up to mon and dad 他们都强迫西去做管道生意 They are all over you to go into the pipe business 向 TOM 依偎过去 Snuggle up to TOM 情妇 Mistress 把……搞砸 Mess up/ screw up/ blow up 我认为这有效 I think it’s winning 明信片 Greeting cards 她吓了我一跳 She took me by surprise 保持健康 Keep fit 你想扔了它还是保留它 You wanna throw it out or save it The drivers clocked similar times with most of the cars 回顾上集剧情 recap last season

我剃头了 I got my hair cut 搂着某人 arm around sb <美口>行动迟缓的人,迟钝的人 slowpoke 从飞机上出来 come of the plane 她试着爬过沙发,结果摔倒了 She tries climbing over a bench and falls down 你在流血 You're bleeding 不要管我了 Enough about me 领取行李 baggage claim 向某人告白 go for it with sb 留下更好的第一印象 make a much better first impression 我坐了 20 小时的飞机和出租 I have 20 hours of cab and plane on me 泄露结局 give away the ending 我们同一个小学 we were in grad school together 负责整个勘探事宜 in charge of the dig 踢裆 kick- you-in-the-crotch spit-on-your-neck 随便说说的 It's an expression 我们要睡会 we've gotta get some sleep 我们对她表示同情 we sympathize with her 你欠我个人情 you owe me one 收费 charge sb $ for sth. 完全靠自己,不借助外界帮助 without any outside help (不幸或失望中的)一线希望 silver lining 没人愿意和他一队 he is picked last you gave the guys such great haircuts, I thought, maybe you'd like to do mine? 一个控制狂 an unbelievable control freak 把电话扔给他 Throws him the phone 改衣服 Needs some clothes altered 用粉笔在我身上划线 draw on me with chalk 遇到阻力就要停 You have to stop when there's resistance 示意她安静 motions for her to be quiet 对不起,电话断线了 Sorry, we got disconnected 他在电话里和她亲亲我我 he is smooching with her on the phone 他妈在线 His mom is on the phone 探出他的头 poke/stick her head 气氛明显很紧张 palpable tension 解开密码 crack that code 解密者,黑客 cracker 不痛的 you are not gonna feel a thing 女演员 actress 你裤脚要多高?How long do you want the cuffs 做了一个很惊讶的表情 makes a rather surprised face 现在还不知道,她休息了,这是个好消息。It's too soon to tell. She's resting, which is a good sign

我在一边放了一个发夹 I put a clip on one side 这会让她不安 it would upset her 我坠入谷底 I hit rock bottom 他吃我豆腐 he took advantage of me 拔火罐 cupping they do the rear (病愈后)可出外走动的 be out and about 医生做疝检查 the doctor does that hernia test 我对天发誓 I swear to god the way I am with Julie Julie 想让 Phoebe 帮她剪头发 Julie is wanting to get her hair cut from Phoebe 把留声机上的声音删除 Erase the messages on my machine I’m comfortable with the situation 这段话用西班牙语配音 the dialogue is dubbed into Spanish 我可以听到你们 I can hear you through the ceiling 我们会轻一些的 We’ll try to keep it down 他们嫉妒我们 They are just jealous of us 你晋升了 You got a big raise 人事部 Personel 紧急呼叫电话 u In case of emergency call 他们挡住了我们 They block us 梅干 Prune 他是工作狂 He's like this high-powered, driven-career type. 免费试用咖啡 Free sample of coffee 女性裸体 Femal nudity 洗澡 Take a shower 我不相信 I am in disbelief 关两年牢 Two years in prison 关进大牢 Put it in jail 这就是 TOM This is vintage Tom 我在他们前面 I am in front of them 这就是你干了 2 个小时的东西?That’s the thing you have been working on for the last two hours? 我可以和 Mendy 拗断 I can break it off with mendy 我们都在乎对方 We care about each other 我是第三者 I am an another woman 取暖器 Radiator 做出正确选择 Make the right choice 看看这些挥霍浪费 Look at those reckless spending 我需要补给 I need the supplies 他和别的动物打架 He fights with other animals. 他很顺从 He is docile 你打算去工作吗 Are you gonna show up for the work? 我会回她电话的 I will call her back

我昨晚偶遇他 I ran into him last night 我不打算骗你 I’m not gonna lie to you 我想这个是十分 I think it’s a ten 我们复合了 We’re back together 我想剪短一些 I was thinking of doing it a little shorter 我用它来止血 I use it to stop bleeding 在出租车里 In the cab 此后我们就没再见过 We haven’t seen each other since then 你和他谈过了吗?Have you talked to him yet? 讽刺地 Ironically 闭一会眼 Close your eyes for a sec 他调戏 phebe He hit on phebe 看上去不好 It doesn’t look good 我试着和我女儿交流 I try to reach out to my daughter 我的头发很可笑 My hair is amused 我们从哪开始 where do we start 我还是说不 I am still on no 放松些行不?Would you relax? 把它移过去,再移过来 Move it over and move it back 我希望时光倒流,我重来一次 I wanna go back in time and do it again 他和她复合了 He gets back together with her/ He is back with the guy 他值得尊敬 He is adorable 他的新发型 His new haircut 我们过来打个招呼 I just wanna say a quick hi 我昨晚做了一些傻事 I sorta did this stupid thing last night 我希望我的发型像 TOM 一样 I want it like TOM 他们就是这么做裤子和西服的 That’s how they do pants and suits 他们不是这么量裤子的 That’s not how they measure pants 你做什么傻事了?What stupid thing did you do? 你要走吗?Are you leaving? The man-child has no problem about how old you are? 才不是那样呢 it’s so not true 我今晚呆的很晚 I stay over 我明早有课 I have an early class tomorrow 我的生活如此有趣 My life is so amusing 你是在大办公室里的家伙 You are the guy in the big office 我以为是传言呢 I think it is a rumor、 我们再把它吹吹干 Let’s dry it again 我看上去太急了 I seem too eager It make me look eager That makes me seem eager I look like a complete idiot 我和你一样期待他的发生 I have been waiting for it as much as you have 杯盖 cup lid

碗盖 bowl cover 开始水果篮生意 Start this fruit basket business 在飞机上玩 play On the plane 替我给他带个信息 Give him a message for me Man, oh man 它帮了大忙了 It’s helping ,He is making it easier 就这些了 That’s the whole all. 我们的时间是明早 6am It’s 6am tomorrow out time 背后 Off the back These actions violate international normsand every standard of common decency The United States also strongly supports the universal rights of the Libyan people. That includes the rights of peaceful assembly, free speech, and the ability of the Libyan people to determine their own destiny. These are human rights. They are not negotiable. They must be respected in every country. And they cannot be denied through violence or suppression. it is imperative that the nations and peoples of the world speak with one voice,and that has been our focus 我们指责利比亚的暴力行径 we condemnthe violence in Libya voices are being raised together to oppose suppression and support the rights of the Libyan people 我们将和我们的盟友合作 we will coordinate with our allies and partners the Libyan government has a responsibility to refrain from violence, to allow humanitarian assistance to reach those in need, and to respect the rights of its people. face the cost of continued violations of human rights. she’ll hold consultations with her counterparts on events throughout the region This change doesn’t represent the work of the United States or any foreign power. It represents the aspirations of people who are seeking a better life. It is the most basic of aspirations that is driving this change. 国务卿 Secretory of state 如何面对该危机 how to respond to the crisis 禁飞区 no-fly zone 重建外交关系 re-establish diplomatic relations 中国不愿进行制裁 China does not like imposing sanctions an infringement on Libyan sovereignty 由于商业飞机上的座位数有限,解救的行动被阻碍延缓了 the effort has been hampered by a shortage of seats on commercial flights 美国政府包机 flights chartered by the United States government 人质解救谈判专家 hostage-rescue negotiator 海盗可能已经被美国激怒了 the pirates might have been angered by the Americans 反叛 revolt uprising 撤回 revoke walkie-talkie 对讲机 想探望他的人被武力驱逐 Visitors who try to see him are physically repulsed 刺眼的探照灯 Blinding floodlight 他拒绝屈服于他们的意愿 He refused to bend to their will

当权者拒绝承认软禁的存在 The authority denies the existence of Soft detention 精神病医院 Psychiatric hospital 他们囚禁了他 They confine him 国家安全局 State security personnel security officials arranged for water and electricity to be cut off from the hotel room 政府宣称他们要依法治国 the government’s claims that it is devoted to rule of law 不宣而入 barge in unannounced 看医生 see a doctor 用拳头打 pummel 高速铁路 high-speed rail 纪委官员(公务员)Discipilinary official MR.liu 的下台 Mr. Liu’s downfall 回扣 Kickback 暗箱操作 Below-board activity 几乎所有的人都是这山望着那山高 Almost all people think that the grass is greener on the other hill. 一个月后他就将穿不下他们 he's gonna grow out of them in a month 我无法抑制诱惑 I couldn't resist 对他来所压力太大了 was that too much pressure for him Carol 开始母乳喂养 Ben Carol starts to breast feed Ben 运动鞋 sneakers 现在说……太早 It’s too early to say 杓子, 长柄杓 Ladle there's a baby suckin' on it That is the most natural beautiful thing in the world 关于母乳喂养的问题 a question about breast-feeding 向……(里面吹气) blows into 你的围裙松了 you're losin' your apron here 让我来帮你,好了 let me get it. There you go Ties it back up for her 大量使用折扣 abuse his discount 嘿,甜心 Hey, sweetums 这是个问题 It's gonna be a problem 这就像是对 Rachel 不忠 That's like cheating on Rachel 吐血 haematemesis[.hi:m? 'tem? sis] 在我的地盘 in my section 你必须了解从你这到那个电动扶梯都是我的地盘 it's kinda understood that everything from Young Men's to the escalator is my territory 你刚才说什么?You were saying? 我没吃饱 I don't feel full 我吃了沙拉 I had a salad 拉 bra 带子 yank on her bra strap 当然 Carol is dropping Ben off for Ross to watch

you bet


滑稽小丑是给他睡觉后玩的 Funny Clown is only for after his naps 我们曾经经历过这些 we've been through this before 我是个好人 I'm a lovely person Ross is great with him 你没用微波炉加热 you didn't microwave that 加热母乳 heat breast milk Squeezed from the boobs 寻人启示 a picture of a missing child 他们带 ben 去公园了 They took Ben to the park 与 sb 共度美好时光 little quality time with sb 事情一件接一件发生 one thing led to another 在我意识到之前,我们已经开始…购物 before I knew it, we were...shopping 事情远远没有那么简单 it's not as simple as all that 这很恶心 It's gross 外包装 packing 包装纸 wrapping paper 包装纸 这个包装招无论大人还是小孩的喜欢 the packaging does appeal to grown-ups and kids alike 香瓜,哈密瓜 Cantaloupe 您好 Howdy 他们把我换到了 Hombre 部门 they switched me over to Hombre 你穿衣服的方式 the way you're dressed he goes through two bottles a day 兼职 This is your day job 家用器皿 They need guys up in housewares to serve cheese 展示你的实力 you show this guy what you're made of you are the baddest hombre 最棒的原野奇侠 <俚>毛贼,小偷,妓女 hooker Well that works out good 我不会在刀子后面捅背 did my back hurt your knife I'm friends with her doesn't make me any less friends with you (感情上的)偷吃 hate Julie's guts 你弄瞎了我,我要起诉你 you blinded me, I'm suing doofus n.<俚>笨货,蠢人,缺少社会能力的人 菜鸟 new kids 我被你吓坏了 I'm pretty much totally intimidated by you 我不想因为这个使你烦恼 I'm not gonna bore you with it 好一个圆滑的杂种 What a manipulative bitch 她打喷嚏时, 蝙蝠从她的大鼻孔里飞出来 when she sneezes, bats fly out of her nig nostril 向后倾斜 leanback 因肤浅表面的理由而拒绝 sth reject sth over the most superficial insignificant things 这次我站在 chandler 这边 I gotta side with Chandler on this one 慢着 Hold it 了不起的接吻对象 great kisser 喉结 Adam's apple

你因为一个真正的理由而和她分手 you broke up with her for a real reason 你们惊到了我的鸟 It's disturbing my birds 扫帚 broom 现身吧 Go into the light 轻蔑地说, 嘲笑 scoff v.(+at) 麦田怪圈 crop circles 百慕大三角洲 Bermuda triangle 进化,进化论 evolution 单细胞生物 single-celled organisms every living thing on this planet evolving over millions of years from single-celled organisms 进化是科学事实 Evolution is scientific fact 不要让我从地球重力开始 don't get me started on gravity 我的律师 my attorney 有何贵干 What can we do for you 按照我当事人的遗嘱 According to my client's will 他所有的财产 his earthly possessions 这是他的最终报复 It’s his final revenge 玷污了……的好名声 sully the good name of 看看这个 Check this out 令人心惊胆颤的衬衫 funky shirt! 逐字地 literally You can literally see them evolving through time 委屈, 冤情 grievance He needs some time to grieve 干洗好的衣服 dry-cleaning <非正>俗气的,邋遢的 Tacky 少女钟 girly clock 最高统治主, 霸王 overlord 操控他们的飞船 steer their spacecrafts 是什么强迫你要求每个人都相信你?What is this obsessive need you have to make everyone agree with you 年鉴 yearbook 你让我捧腹大笑 you crack me up in science class 上面是这么说的 That's what it says 他被选为班级小丑 Hewas voted class clown 模型俱乐部 scale modeler’s club <俚>笨蛋 dork 停止 knock it off 他是个疯子 Hewas a nut 我们是一丘之貉 Our trains are on the same track 村庄 ville 隐士,隐居者 hermit 想象得到地,可假定地 supposably 离开 go off 结婚了 Get married

你能否答应我一些事?Will you promise me something 过节时邀请我参加 invite me over for holidays 兄弟等会见 I'll see you man 难以理解 be difficult to comprehend 真心的在乎我 honestly cared about me 做梦吧,你真会幻想 You wish 已婚妇女 a married lady Janice likes to have her fun 我对有壳水生物过敏 I was allergic [? :d? to shellfish? 'l? ik] 在这个公文包里 In this briefcase 非常小的可能性 a teeny tiny possibility 傲慢的, 自大的 arrogant 放弃了你的整个信仰系统 abandoned your whole belief system 奇迹般地 magically 安全网 safety net 弄糟, 破坏(特指通过恶意的闲话 bitch up 我抱怨……I bitch about the fact that……….. 实质上地 virtually 他毫无头绪 he does not have a clue 你们会很高兴地知道……you will all be pleased to know……… 拖延着不约她 holding off on asking her out 拖延 dalay/hang up/hold up 我成熟了 I’m growing 重复应用 sth recycle sth 为 sb 默哀 took a few moments for sb 照明 lighting 哲学家 Philosopher 分类广告 classified ad 会打扮的女人 A good dresser 她碰到了个家伙 She met a guy 可能是我在胡乱猜测 It’s probably me being totally paranoid 她对这可以接受 She’s fine with it 这不会让我变的和你不是朋友 It doesn’t make me any less friends with you 过份的噪音 Escessive noise 我尊敬你 I respected you 我们从世界各地收集化石 We have collect fossils from all over ther world 你可以看到他们随着时间进化 You can see them evolving through time 把它放在显微镜下 Put it under the microscope 你准备好做出承诺了 You’re ready to make a commitment 它没什么用 It’s useless 他一定在扫地 He must be sweeping 他的屁屁室友 His gay roommate 你该下地狱 You’re going to hell 我们去买皮毛 We went shopping for fir

你逃到哪去?Where are you gonna run? 你现在正处恨 julie 时 You’re in a place where you really hate julie’s guts 你们最好习惯它,它会经常发生 You’d better get used to it,it’s gonna happen a lot 我只想知道一件事 I just wanna know one thing 你尝过它 You’ve tasted it 我觉得你不喜欢我 I kinda have the feeling that you don’t like me 我完全被你吓坏了 I am totally intimidated by you 让我们讨论钱吧 Let’s talk money 我在乐队里演奏钢琴 I play piano in band 我将独自终老 I’m gonna end up alone 我不打算以此终老 I’m not gonna end up like this 你准备怎么面对你的科学家伙伴?How are you gonna face your scientist guys? 你准备好接受危险 You’re ready to take risks 分类广告 Classifieds 解放思想 Open your mind 他们相信地球是平的 They believe the world is flat 她是 Alis,同事 She’s Alis, from work 她的头非常大,不过我不打算受此干扰 She has an unusually large head, but I’ll not let that stuff hang me up any more 别受它打扰 don't get hung up on it 每个这个星球上的生物 Every living thing on this planet 让我们讨论签字 Let’s talk signing 你们都是书呆子 You’are both dorks 我迟到了 30 年 I am coming 30 years behind 他们中一下儿已经 2 亿年了 Some of them are over 200 million years old 这是个意外 It’s an accident 和某人亲近 Be intimate with someone 你什么时候看到分类广告里写着“想要哲学家”How often do you look in classifieds and see “philosopherwanted” 往坏里/好里 In a bad way , in a wonderful way 他是个大麻烦 He is kind of a pain 我的头看上去像个高尔夫球 My head look like a golf ball 列举出 5 个你喜欢她的地方 List five things you like about her 我想我知道该如何加热母乳 I think I know how to heat breast milk. 你说我对,这非常正确 You’re damn right I am right 去看电影 Go to a movie 在她父母那 In her folk’s place 不同的物种 Different species 我们必须要得到这个 We have to have this 曾经……There was a time that …… 让我去拿下衣服 Let me get my jacket 算你狠 You win 你和别的家伙没什么不同 You’re no different than the others 那里离这有 10 条街远 That was 10 blocks from here

一只鸽子停在了桌子上 a pigeon lands on the table 抓着一个锅子和它的盖子 grabs a pot and lid 轻喜剧 gentle comedy 伙计,门开着 It's open you guys 她还住在这吗?does she still live here? 我可以给她带个信 I can get a message to her 她的丈夫顺路拜访 her husband stopped by 把花放在木板上 leave flowers on bar 它逃脱了 it get away 你会评头论足的,不会答应 you will get judgemental and not approve 你爱死他了 you were totally in love with this guy 你一个月一直穿着睡衣 you stayed in your pajamas for a month 得了吧,好像你什么都告诉我一样 c’mon, like you tell me everything 外面电话杆上的内衣 the underwear out there on the telephone pole 是你和 Bobie 在晒台上做爱时留下的 It is yours from when you were having sex with bobie outon the terrace 他看上去很腼腆 He looks sheepish 你死定了 You are dead meat 这是个大秘密 it was a big secret 和……一样的事情 the same lines as having a third nipple 秀一下 whip it out 搅打(蛋,奶油) whip 小肿块 a tiny bump 它完全没用 it's totally useless 好像与你多功能乳头相反?as opposed to your other multi-functional nipples? 小瘤 nubbin 他演过色情电影 he was in a porno movie 色情书刊 porno/porn 如果我要死,临死我也要拉个垫背的 If I'm goin' down, I'm takin' everybody with me 我不能完成/做完它 I can’t go through with it 我不能修理这个复印件 I can’t fix this copier 真狂野 that’s wild 它什么形状 what’s it shaped like? 它的上面还有毛 there is a hair on it 你轻弹它 you flick it 按下它,就打开了通往 niania 的传送通道 pressing it opens the delivery entrance to the magical land of Narnia 在某些文化中 in some cultures 它是有男子气概的标识 it’s a sign of virility[v? ti] 'ril? 有男子气概的 virile 'virail 小屋子 hut 每一可能 per chance 我和你一样希望 Ross 能和你走到一起 I wanted you to hook up with Ross as much as you did hook up with sb 和某人恋爱

盛装打扮地 all dressed up 狡猾的女士 Foxy lady 他们旋转地很快 the turns are fast 碎石 gravel 让你自己重蹈覆辙 you're setting yourself up all over again 把这些感情抛在我身后,彻底忘了她 put all those feeling behind me 拿着一个装奶瓶的(带柄和倾口的)大水罐 holding cream pitcher 能帮我把这装满吗 would you fill me up here? 临近关门时间 close to closing 她在清理桌面 she is cleaning tables 踢她的屁股 kick her in the butt 停止(做某事),住手 cut it out 你……的最长时间是……?what's the longest you've been….. 她性冷淡 she's so cold in bed 不需要知道细节 don't need to know the details 我吓得神经失常了 I am psyched out 不开玩笑?No kidding? 她恳求,祈求 she begs and pleads 珠宝 jewelry 她大摇大摆的离开了 she struts off 我会成功 I'd make it 我要去换衣服 I’m gonna get changed 斗牛士 matador 他们在摆餐具 they are setting the table 递给她一个碗 hand her a bowl 古生物学者 you had a paleontologist on your face 你打算这么办 ? you're gonna go with it? 克服自己心理的阴影 get over myself 放出来看看 Pop it in 我不介意 I'm fine with it 这些电影冒犯人的 these movies are offensive 不讨好人的,不让人喜欢的 unflattering 低劣的,下等的 cheesy 她最好被聘用 she better get the job 据我看来 Looks to me 托盘,送纸闸 the paper tray 那个家伙的屁股挡住我了 the guy's butt's blockin' me 修整她的发型 fix her hair 我需要离婚 I need a divorce 我不是同性恋 I'm straight 你开如此出色的聚会 you throw such great parties 奥斯卡奖 Academy Award 我想在某种程度上,我一直知道 I guess on some level I always knew 你达到了某种程度,不能做人再这么虚伪 you just reach a point where you can't live a lie

anymore 我努力地合群 I was just tryin' to fit in 有一到两次 there are one or two times 追溯到大学时 back in college 我醒来,身边有个女人 i wake up with a woman next to me 大学里每个人都做实验 everyone experiments in college 烈性酒,酒精饮料 liquor 我生来如此 I was born this way 发现,领会到 figured this out 那里闻上去有猴子味 it smells like monkey in there 我们又有话说了 That saves us a conversation 我累死了 I'm officially wiped 你入伙我们两个月了 you have been in our lives for nearly two months 这要花一点时间 that could take a while 我非常了解她 I know her pretty well Rach 恶狠狠地盯着她 Rachel gives her a look from hell 简单来说 in a nutshell 我们从你的童年开始吧,你的童年怎么样?let's start with your childhood, what was that like? 她在签署离婚协议 She is signing the divorce papers 他们拥吻 they hug and kiss 说真的 Seriously 她在讲述他的生活经历 she is telling her live story 生活经历 门外的走廊 Outside in the hallway 他是侃爷 he’s a talker 你准备怎么处理这个?how are you gonna handle it 他渴望出国机会 She pounced on the chance to go abroad 猛扑,突然袭击 v. pounce 如果你第一次不成功,那要恢复是很难得 if the first time doesn't go well, that's pretty darn hard to recover from. 也许你该推迟它 Maybe you should put it off 我去年混的太惨了 I spent last year being so unbelievably miserabl 你已经把一切都搞定了 you were on the right track with this whole 让我解除警惕 catch me off guard 从我脸上把头发拨弄开 brush the hair away from my face 凝视我的眼睛 look far into my eyes 在某种程度上,稍稍地 in a way 被他的话诱惑了 being drawn in by his talk 把我拉近你 pull me close to you 我紧贴着你 I am pressed upright against you 我出汗了,视物模糊 I get sweaty and blurry 他边跳舞边前进 he is dancing along 昨晚有人爽歪歪了 somebody got some last night 两个老人坐在长板凳上 Two old ladies are sitting on a bench

茄子 eggplant 他在看西班牙侏儒摔跤 He is watching Spanish midgets wrestling 电话响了 phone rings 你知道那是干什么用的吗?You ever figure out what that thing's for? 如果我一直接电话,人民会认为我很空 if I'm always answering the phone, people'll think I don't have a life Here comes the beep, you know what to do 你还用这个号码?you're still at this number? 我希望我们能够破镜重圆 I’m hoping we could hoop up again 我没有勇气打这个电话 I barely had t he nerve to make this call 你近来如何 What've you been up to 教有氧操 teaching aerobics /?'r? ? ubiks/ 买个电话终于物有所值了 Having a phone has finally paid off 装 BOB 装的很响 do a good Bob impression 坏笑,揶揄的笑 a wry smile 鬼脸 a wry face 你邪恶到家了 You are pure evil 欲火焚身 horny 牛仔们将小牛赶拢,并将它们拦起来 The cowboys rounded up the steers and herded them into a corral. 我知道价格有些贵 I know it's a little steep. 我想无非做不可 I think I might just 你们晚饭吃啥 what are you guys doing for dinner tonight? 为 Ross 的生日而存钱 saves up for Ross's birthday 在家喝西北风 I'll just stay home and eat dust bunnies 我们钱赚的没他们多 we don't make as much money as they do? 他把我叫进办公室 he calls me into his office 午餐总厨 fired the head lunch chef 采购总监 made me head of purchasing 我在楼下偶遇 ROSS I just ran into Rossdownstairs 我们外出庆祝一下 we should go out and celebrate 你认为我卖肾能得多少钱?How much do you think I can get for my kidney 用传统方法,我无法得到这样的女孩 I can never get a girl like that with conventional methods 他打算和 Jean 在一起 he is meant to be with jean 我必须承认一件事 I have to confess something 你留着整包吧 you keep the pack 我哭干了 I'm all cried out 新任命的总厨 the newly-appointed head lunch chef 她有她自己的小台子 she has her own little desk 你们准备点单了吗 Are we ready to order? 我们还没看菜单呢 we haven't even looked yet 我就在那翘首以盼 I'll be right(=just 就在) over there on the edge of my seat. 收银机 cash register

这个女的在我的留言机上给你留言 this woman is leaving a message for you on my machine 制绳者,用索套捕牲口的牧人,诱人进入赌场者 roper 我可以问了吗?Do I dare ask? 烤明虾 grilled prawn 我要一样的 Same for me 泰国肌肉披萨 thai chicken pizza 韭葱 Leeks 你是那么想的吗 You'd think, wouldn't you And what will that be on the side of? 鲶鱼 Catfish 诗节 a verse of 对着我的鱼打喷嚏 sneeze on my fish 计算器 calculator 加上小费,除以 6 Plus tip, divided by six 每个人 28 元 everyone owes to 28 bucks 每人 33 美元$33 apiece 每个人 三十多美元 thirty-something bucks? 陷入谈论 sth get into sth 如坐针毡,焦虑不安 be on thorns 我从没把钱当一回事 I just never think of money as an issue 是……的来源 be the source of…… 我可以收音机上听他们 I can catch them on the radio 让我们看一眼 Let's take a look 我们更改了肉品供应商 we switchedmeat suppliers at work 他们送了五块牛排以示感谢 the new guys gave me the steaks as sort of a thank-you. 这是你们的好意 it's a nice gesture 这感觉像是施舍 it just feels likeCharity 我们再做好事 we are doing a nice thing 我们无法得倒你们的认可 we can't win with you guys 让我拿下夹克 let me grab my jacket 她紧要嘴唇, 以免发出尖叫出他的名字 She was biting her lip to stop from screaminghis name 崎岖不平的 bumpy 我们现在离开对他们很不礼貌 it would be rude to them for us to leave now 我们等一首歌的时间 we should stay for one song 临时照顾幼儿者 Babysitter 我要去后台 I gotta run backstage 我们公司代理这个乐队 my firmrepresentsthe band 和我父亲一起鬼混 fool around with my dad 我曾经照看过他 I used to babysit him 整个晚上是彻底的失败 the whole evening was pretty much a bust 半身雕像 bust 一个吻痕 a hickey 一群人 a gathering of people

你和 sb 聚会 You partied with sb Tom 的杰作 the work of Tom 你们在外面聚会 You are outpartying 别怪我们 don't blame us 我们钱赚得比你多 don't blame us 别怪我们 有人 call 我 I just got a page 我们在拖你后腿 we are holding you back 拖你后腿 卖主 Vendor 公司政策 corporate policy 4.12 four twelve 我可能有点过分,没道理 I'm probably way out of line here 前冲,刺,戳 Lunge, Joey lunges for phone 我对他开枪 I shoot him 电动汽车 electric car 晚上一个人走 Walk alone at night 我为他而盛装打扮 I am dressing up for him 你们的账单 Here is your check 老样子 The usual 你们能再不乐观些吗 Could you be less enthused? 我认识你吗?Do I know you? 谁给你的吻痕 Who give you that hicky? 堕落的女人 Degrading woman 打算干某事 Plan on doing sth /Plan to do sth 有没有可能……Is there any chance that 我们负担不起去这或去那 We can’t afford to go here or go there 切菜和翻炒 Chop and sauté 我今天下午太不可置信了,和 Jade 在一起 How incredible was my afternoon with jade 你们想去音乐会 You want to go to the concert 告诉你,我今天 XX 了 Tell you I have sex today 你上个晚上过的怎么样 How was your night last night? 我摔跤了 I fall down 违法行为 Offence 新的法案没有通过 The new law did not go through. (测验)合格 Tom got through. 我打了你很多次电话,都没有接通 I rang you several times but couldn't get through. 他们举行了婚礼 They went through the marriage service. 你可能正在破坏两人幸福的机会 You may be destroying two people’s chance for happiness 去他那,告诉他真像 Go over there and tell him the truth 我有这种奇怪的感觉 I have this weird sense. 六张戏票 It’s six tickets to the play 继续,再来一次 Come on, one more time 吮我的脖子 Suck on my neck 你们的穷朋友额外援助计划 Your poor friend outreach programme 全球粮价创新高 Global food prices hit new record

全球粮价达到了新的记录高点 Global food prices have hit record highs 他提出了引渡复审要求 He mounts extradition appeal 我哀悼他 I mourn him 巴基斯坦宣布为前少数名族首相哀悼 3 天 Pakistan has announced three days of mourning for former minorities minister 路障被设置,轮胎被燃烧 road blocks were set up and tyres burnt 他因敦促对有争议的亵渎神灵法案进行变革而受到死亡威胁 He had received many death threats for urging reform to Pakistan's controversial blasphemy laws. 画出了抢劫犯的草像 issued a sketch of the mobster 一群持枪人包围了他的车,在光天白日下把他的车子打成了筛子 several gunmen surrounded his vehicle and riddled it with bullets in daylight, 批带头巾 wearing shawls 联合调查组被要求在一周内向内务部递交一份报告 the joint investigation team has been asked to submit a report to the interior ministry within a week 他的葬礼将在他的出生地举行 His funeral will be held in his native village 他的一些在国外的近亲到达了 some close relatives living abroad arrive 变革亵渎神灵法案 reform the blasphemy law 她否认污染了先知 She denies insulting the Prophet Muhammad 基督教徒在巴基斯坦 1.85 亿人口中占了估计 1.5 Christians make up an estimated 1.5% of Pakistan's 185 million population. 他否认了三项关于性骚扰及一项强奸罪的指控 He denies three allegations of sexual assault and one of rape 举办听证会 a hearing will take place 当时的主教练 then-manager 曼城队目前正在三线作战,追求冠军 City are currently pursuing trophies on three fronts They will play Reading in the quarter-final of the FA Cup, are set to take on Dynamo Kiev in the Europa League and lie third in the Premier League, 10 points behind leaders Manchester United. 船长,队长 Skipper 我在工作 I’m at work 我打算去看迈克尔杰克逊 I am gonna see Mike Jackson 这是工作 It’s work 我要去干件事 Im gonna do a thing 跟你相比他一无是处 He was nothing compared to you 我们被她的态度震惊了 We were greatly taken aback by her attitude 给我 let me get this 整件事情都太傻了 This whole thing is stupid He’s bossy and make it feel like school. 看录像 Watch a video 请别管这事 Stay out of this matter, please. 谁有时间听这个?Who has the time to hear it? 你们在和我闹着玩 You guys are messing with me 成熟点好不好?Would you grow up? 我们各付各的 We’ll each pay what we had

快来 Come quick 自从期中起 Since the midterm 今天第三次了 Third time today 你在说什么啊 What are you talking about? 她需要请假条 She needs a note 到前面来 Come up to the front 他被哈弗录取了 He got into Harvard 椅子正承受着冲击 The chair is taking the brunt 在门口的你 You by the door 我给你写了首诗 I wrote you this poem 军事政变 Military coup 牢骚先生 Mr. Crankypants 任性的,脾气坏的 cranky 心情多变,多愁善感的 moody 要多久 how long it's gonna be 把它移近/挪远 monica Move it close to and away from monica 酸橙 lime 猕猴桃 kiwi 新西兰人 kiwi 我对舌头肿起来了 my tounge is sweeling up 要么……要么……Either… or… 他要去打一针 he's just gotta get a shot 他在窗外 he is out of the window 带他去散步 take him out for his walk 包在我们身上 Consider it done 他大舌头 he has a really big tongue 我在洗澡的时候写的 I wrote it this morning in the shower 我的皮肤上涂着肥皂 My skin is soapy 我能和你谈一下吗 could I see ya for a minute 告诉你 F.Y.I 周六下午请职业音乐人来这表演 pay a professional musician to play in here on Sunday afternoons 转我的手指 Swirl my fingers around 肥皂泡膜 lather 涂肥皂 lather 清水冲洗 v.n. rinse 打包带上儿童止痛片 pack the baby's anvil 一包儿童止痛片 a pack of the baby's anvil 众所周知女人爱孩子 It's a known fact that women love babies 把他对准那群美女 aim him at that packof babes 就在左面 hard left 这个小不点是谁 who is this little cutie pie 不谦虚 immodest 他有小孩的气味 He's got that great baby smell

闻一下他的头 Get a whiff ofhis head 我的子宫停顿了一下 my uterusjust skipped a beat 领养孩子 adopt 这是我的特约独奏会 this is my gig 我的名字在外面用粉笔写着 my name is written out there in chalk 把粉笔擦掉 erase chalk 带球的金杖 gold stick with a ball on top 张某某 zhang sth 清理 cappuccinno 咖啡机 clean the cappuccino machine 孩子,要看谁出马的呀?Who's workin' for you babe 蹩脚的二流慈善乐队 sloppy second, charity band 在人行道上 on the sidewalk 吉他盒 guitar case 我要打一针 I'm gonna get a shot 喷到我嘴里 squirt it into my mouth 水枪 squirt gun 有人有过敏反应 someone's having an allergic reaction 我哥对针有些恐惧 My brother has a slight phobia about needles 口服药物的办法治疗是不可能的 there's no way to treat this orally 这种情况下必须进行注射治疗,而且必须是现在 under these circumstances it has to be an injection, and it has to be now 坐 have a seat 医生说要打一针 he doctor says it's gotta be a needle 你想握紧我的手吗 You wanna squeeze my hand 不要捏的那么紧 don't squeeze it so hard 放开我的手 let go of my hand 看那些美女 look at that talent 可爱的 adorable 带着我们异性恋朋友的孩子 hanging with the son of our other heterosexual friend 做些异性恋家伙干的事 do the usual straight guy stuff 得了吧 Get outta here 拉绳子 pull the cord 他听到了我 he heard me 骨头擦伤 a bone bruise 刺伤 the puncture wound 双向关节的男孩 double-jointed boy 从 D 到 A 调 go from D to A minor 我的吉他有带子 my guitar has a strap 在用投币电话 on pay phone 运输管理局 transit authority 我们丢了一个汽车宝宝座 We lost a carseat 它是白色塑料的,带把手 It's white plastic, with a handle 它可以插入婴儿手推车 it fits onto a stroller 热烈欢迎他 Give him a warm welcome

他们放下了心,互相拥抱 they hug each other in relief 我猜想你们中的一个是他的父亲 I'm assuming one of you is the father 他嘴角边有颗痣 he had a cute little mole by his mouth 痣掉下来了 the mole came off We have to assign heads to something 开始做某事 get the ball rolling 有人要求点 smelly cat 这首歌 there was actually a request for "Smelly Cat" 这不是你赚大钱的歌 it's not your big money song 在你的箱子里掉了一个避孕套 drop a condom in your case 我对你下毒 I poisoned you 记得那次我把铅笔戳进你的手吗 remember the time I jammed that pencil into your hand? 雀斑 a freckle 我用 silvan 的南瓜砸你的脸 I hit you in the face with the Silvian's pumpkin 我把扫把插进你自行车的轮辐里 I stuck that broom in your bike spokes 你摔跤了,头撞在了路边的石头上 you flipped over and hit your head on the curb 她可以好好地教训他 she can kick his ass 我把你娃娃的腿截肢了 I cut the legs off your doll 害怕地看着 Joey looking fearfully at Joey 他今天乘公交车了 he rode the bus today 退后 Stay back 太夸张了 that’s too much 我是哪里不对 what is it about me 我有什么地方让人讨厌吗 Is there something repellantabout me? 我非常让人可怕的不吸引人吗 am I hideously unattractive 我经历过完全一样的事情 I go through the exact same thing 每次我变胖一些,我就开始怀疑一切 Every time I put on a little weight I start questioning everyting 减肥 lose weight 绝缘,绝缘材料 insulation 我失业了 I'm unemployed 我非常需要一个事业 I am in dire need of a project 你想健身吗?我可以重塑你 Ya wanna work out? I can remake you 这可能影响我无所事事 that might get in the way of my lying around time 让双手合拢 make hands meet 门廊 hallway 慢跑 jog 弹力裤 stretchy pants Chandler 落在后面, 所有他跳进了一辆插头, 逃走了 Chandler is lagging behin so he hops ina cab and takes off 做仰卧起坐/俯卧撑(可数) Five more and I'll flash you 做收臀运动 doing butt clenches 行动以确立进一步的恋爱关系 put out 微不足道的事物(或人) ,无,零 do situps/push-up


我不介意慢慢来 I don't mind taking it slow 逆车道行车 drives his car on the other side of the road 你从表面能看出多少 how much can you tell from a look 我从屁股感到的 I felt it on my hip 抬起我的手,拍他 Lift up my hand 抬起我的手 and smack her with it 兄弟一把 be a pal 她假装不关心 she feigns indifference 愚蠢的嫉妒之类这些事 my whole insane jealousy thing I've decided to opt for sanity 易于….,有倾向于…… be apt to 匆忙能干的,有成效的 ept 选择…… opt to do sth/ opt for sth 心智健全,不发神经 sanity 说出他的全名 say his full name 它和 Ross 住一半时间,和我住一半时间 it'll live with Ross half the time, and with me half the time 希望如此 Hopefully 上菜托盘 tray Rach 在和 mike 约会 Rachel is on her date with Michael 碰杯 clink glasses 前男友 an old boyfriend 坐在沙发上 sit on the couch 他不想和我睡觉 he doesn't want to sleep with me 行李架,挂架 rack monica 开玩笑地地推他 Monica playfully pushes him 开始用拳猛击和掌击 start puchingand slapping 香槟酒内最后的一点酒倒入杯子 pours the last of the champange bottle in her glass 账单 a check 在脑中放电影 playing the movie in my head 我在打电话 I'm talkin' 他仍旧很为难 he is still reluctant 把电话掷进冰桶 toss the phone in the ice bucket 应门 answer the door 在车上,船上,飞机上 be on board Julie 在楼下打的 Julie's downstairs getting a cab 我们那晚打电话了吗 Did we speak on the phone last night 我那晚呆在 julie 家 I stayed at Julie's last night 我甚至还没回过家 I haven't even been home yet 无地自容,无脸见人 feels too ashamed to show one's face 我马上下来 I'll be right down Joey 在看犹太学者弹电吉他节目 Joey is watching a rabbi play an electric guitar on TV 情绪化的 Emotional 让我搞清楚 Let me get this straight 使某人做某事 get sb to do /He got you to beg to sleep with him,

偶像 idol Rach 在打烊 Rachel is closing up 完全不好玩 Completely opposite of interesting 未婚夫 fiancé 未婚妻 fiancée 我早就驾轻就熟了 I've gotten pretty damn good at it 显然地,明显地 visibly Rach 重新整理了情绪 Rachel regroups She gets back up to finish closing 你充满活力 you are energetic. it's wonderful how much energy you have 考虑到你找到份工作有多难 considering how tough it's been for you to find work 你想哭,却没有男友的肩膀让你依靠 you don'thave a boyfriend's shoulder to cry on 我试着保持乐观 I try to stay positive. . . 小睡一会 take a nap 跳着舞进入房子 dance into the room 毛毯 rug/ afghan['?fg? n 我们在跳舞 we are grooving 我们来照看他 we’ll watch him 反过来拼写 spell it back 你们去的哪家代理公司 which agency do you go through? 我在做一项研究 I am doing a research 我想要打篮球 I am lookin forward to playing basketball 这不花你一分钱 It’ll not cost you anything 我打碎了它 I break it 我的第一次约会 The first date I go on 它们能活多久 How long do they live? 我受到侵犯了 I am officially offended 我经历过离婚 I have been through a divorce 我就打一个电话,我很快的 Just one phone call, I’ll be very quick 我需要躺下 I need to lie down 他准备好了 He’s prepared 你没有权利这样做 You have no right to do this 告诉你父母你被解雇了 Tell your parents you’re fired 再来 5 个 Give me five more 不要逼我做我会后悔的事 Don’t make me do anything I will regret 你想去跑步吗?You feel like going for a run? 就一小会 Just for a little while 我明白那些 I can see that 我采纳了你的建议 I take your advice I found out about you 对我来说起床时很困难的 It’s difficult for me to get out of bed 感谢你唤起我们对错误的注意 Thank you for calling attention to our error 你们这帮家伙不明白……You guys don’t get that…… 除了……之外 Aside from that

你个畜生王八蛋 You bitch 我的计划有些迟了 I am late for keeping up with them 你可以过来找我 You can come by 阻止,延缓 Hold up/hang up/hold off 我想要个痛快的答案 I want a straight answer 我们偷偷地有些暧昧 We had a little thing on the side 常见的健身器材 a common fitness tool 把她从人群中找出来 Pick her out or a lineup 他被牙箍窒息了 He’s choking on his retainer 他是恶魔,是披着羊皮的狼 He’s the devil. He is satan in a smock 伴娘 Maid of hornor 在婚礼上抛弃了 barry Run out on barry at the wedding 高帽子 Top hat 弄明白你们把他给除外了 Clearify it you’re outing him 不远千里来看我 Come all the way down here to see if I am ok 我不相信 I am in disbelief 你在玩他的鞋子 You are playing with his shoes 他随时可能回来 He is gonna be home any minute 我想征求你的要求 I wanna run it by you 实用主义 Pragamatism [pr?gm? m] tiz? 不错的牛仔套装 Nice overalls 做…有经验 Have expertise in sth 踢广告指示牌 Kick the sigh 不理会 sth Be oblivious to sth 因这个和法官交往 take this up with the judge 一套不错的套装 A great outfit 我对你如此粗暴严厉 I am so hard on you 我想要一些葡萄类物品 I am in the mood for something grape 吸尘器使用中 Be vacumming 你校验过了吗 Do you proofread it? 我不认为这样 I beg to differ 我停在咪表处了 I parked at meter 我想试一下它 I wanna give it a go 我们和你再玩一次 We will play you again 基本和我观点一致 Kinda step on my point 混蛋,坏蛋 Bucko 小血管从你太阳穴爆出 Little veins popping out on your temple 牌已经发了 The cards are delt 我和她约会 I date her 我绝对不要打针 There is no way I am gonna get a shot 讨论昨晚的事 discuss the night before 拔掉电话线 unplug the phone 悲剧还是喜剧结尾 does this end well or do we need to get tissues 等我来了再开始 Do not start without me

激烈的 Intense 我们深陷其中不能自拔 we got sunk into it 他抱着你 hewas holding you 12 兆 ram,500 兆硬盘 12 megabytes of ram. 500 megabyte hard drive 内置式表单处理功能 Built-in spreadsheet capabilities 每秒传输 2800bps 的 modem modem that transmits at over 28,000 b.p.s 你拿它做什么?What are you gonna use it for 有一个要赤裸厨师的广告 There's an ad for a naked chef 恋人间的相处 make out 痛苦地 painfully 床头柜上的隐形眼镜清理液 saline solution on my night table I'm thinking to myself You got all that from saline solution? 我梦想要她已经十年了 I've been dreaming about her for ten years now 请弹奏些什么 play sth please 我带隐形眼镜 i wore lenses a love triangle between three people that I made up 我虚构了 sth I made up sth 这个工作到底需要什么?what exactly does this job entail 人工合成的巧克力替代品 a completely synthetic chocolate substitute 来吧,尝一块 go ahead, try a piece 弄碎,破碎,碎 crumble 他撞车后驾驶执照被吊销了 His driving licence was revoked after the crash. 在感恩节前获得 FDA 批准 getting our F.D.A. approvalin time for Thanksgiving 根据我们的眼光 the way we look at it 创作一些以感恩节为主题的食谱 create some Thanksgiving-themed recipes 余味 the after taste 清教徒 pilgrim 他打算和 Julie 在一起 He's gonna stay with Julie 恕我冒犯 No offense Ross 正对 Rachel/Julie 的事手足无措 Ross is up in arms about the Rachel/Julie situation 三人一组 Threesome 受侮辱的 He gives him an insulted look 让我们理性的来处理它 Let's get logical about this 我们列个表,Rach 和 Julie 的优缺点 We'll make a list. Rachel and Julie, pros and cons 我们把他们的名字用不同字体表示,并用粗体加深 Let’s put their names in bold, with different fonts 不同的栏用不同的颜色 I can use different colors for each column 他有些骄纵的 she's a little spoiled 可以这么说 You could say that 神经兮兮的;轻浮的,肤浅幼稚的 ditzy 我认为她太关注她自己的容貌了 I've seen her be a little too into her looks 她的脚踝有一些胖 her ankles are a little chubby(plump) Oh my god good?

他咬了一口 he takes a bite 他跑到水槽边,把它吐了 he runs to the sink to spit it out 这个家伙就是不打印 this thing won’t print 背景是什么 What is that in the background? 他合上了笔记本的屏幕 he closes upthe laptop computer screen 打印机开始工作了 the printer starts to run 慌乱地 rattled 他把纸从打印机上撕下来 He rips offthe sheet of paper from the printer 他对她挤眉弄眼 he makes eye at her 清了清嗓子 clears his throat 她跑着穿过房间 she runs across the room 你很适合在紧急事件发生后做个马后炮 You'd be a great person to have around the day after an emergency 真是个混蛋 What a dinkus/ dirtbag 放他一马 cut him some slack 这是 chandler 的主意 It was Chandler's idea let's get some perspective 这是事出有因的 These things, they happen for a reason 你相信这些因果报应的事 You believe in that karma crap 屎壳郎 dung beetle 他沿着防火梯往上爬 He climbs up the fire escape 她把窗帘拉了起来 She closes the drapes over the window 你一定冷死了 you must be freezing 一杯热腾腾的巧克力 a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate 你们不必走,我们说完了 you really don't have to go, we're done talking 我说了不要走 I said don't go! 她当着他的面关了门 She closes the door in his face 一大汤匙的 mocolate one tablespoon of mockolate. 我们的 FDA 认证没有通过,因为实验室老鼠事件 Our FDA approval didn't come through. Something about laboratory rats. 客套话,谢谢你的参与 Thank you for all the trouble you went through 你小便的时候有灼热感 itburns when you pee 下一首个是由 Ross 点给 Rach 的 The next one's dedicated to Rachel from Ross 她暂停了一会,然后拿起电话开始拨号 She pauses for a moment, then picks up the phone and starts to dial 这太让人震惊了 It's pretty appalling we devote our time to a couple that stands a chance 我们真是一丘之貉 It's like I'm lookin' in a mirror. 它们主要有再造鱼屑造成 they're made primarily of reconstituted fish bits I have no morals and I need the cash. 他在装扮他的圣诞树 He is decorating his tree 看他圣诞球的大小 see the size of his Christmas Balls 你们今年给管理员多少小费?how much did you guys tip the super this year 我们给他自制的甜点 we just made him homemade cookies

钱很没有人情味, 而甜点显得你很体贴 Money is so impersonal. Cookies says someone really cares 我们很穷 we’re broke 他告诉我一首打油诗 he told me a limerick 它们里面有大麻 they had pot in them 你们还给了谁甜点小费?who else did you tip with cookies? 邮差 the mailman/postman 门口有声巨响 There's a bang at the door 报纸的剩余 the remnants of the newspaper 被撕碎的报纸 thetorn-up newspaper 在体育新闻栏 in the sports section a Slinky walks down stairs in pairs 丧失体面的, 可耻的, 不名誉的 degrading 你们那有楼梯吗 you got stairs in your place 相框 picture frame the blouseis extremely tacky, with sewn-on medals hanging off of it 看这些以假乱真的奖章 Look at these authentic fake medals mom's gonna be voted best dressed at the make-believe military academy 家饰店 home furnishings 继父 stepdad 天空万里无云,万里晴空 it was really clear 每个人都洗耳恭听 everyone's all ears 把电话本里的名字划掉 crossing/scratching out names in the phonebook 更新电话本 updating the phonebook 在草地上帮小孩子放风筝 helping a little boy fly a kite in a meadow 有人在撒谎 someone's pants are on fire it hurt her so much when he left 我不赞同她 I didn't want to go along with it 他住在缅甸的一个没有电话的小屋子里 he lives in a hut in Burma where there's no phones 我最后一次听说,是他是一个药剂师 Last I heard, he was a pharmacist 拔出一张照片 pulls a picture out 他走路蹒跚,撞到了某个东西,惊醒了每个人 Hestumbles, crashes into something and wakeseverybody up 这是你母亲寄来的装饰品 Here are the ornamentsyour mom sent 递给她一个压碎的盒子 hands her a smashed box 你爱发牢骚 you're whiney 雄峰 drone 你胆子太小 you're gutless 你没有抓紧时间 you don't seizethe day 你头发上的发胶涂得太多了 you wear too much of that gel in your hair 能帮我查下……的电话号码吗 can I have the number of…… 查号台 information 他是个不负责任的混球 he's still the irresponsible creep 我没有对你说实话 I’m not honest with you

如果你到了 DQ,那就开过头了 If you hit the Dairy Queen, you've gone too far 给他一个飞吻 blows a kiss to him 停尸房 morgue Outlet7 点关门 the outlet stores close at 7 Phoebe runs over the curb 他上了车的后排,她上了前排 he gets in the back seat,she in the front 那是我的小抄 that's my cheat sheet 那边没有保险带 that sidedoesn't have seat belt 医疗急救人员割断了它 the paramedics had to cut through it Rachel holds up her hand with wet fingernail polish 你能把加热器关小吗 could you turn the heat down 熔炼金属 fuse metal 我被勒索了 I’m blackmailed 一个主题 party a theme party 主题是:像热锅上的蚂蚁 here's a theme:live like bacon 他们被往前冲到了出租车内的有机玻璃板 They are thrown into the plexiglass wall in the cab 每个客人都脱去了外套,因为太热了 All the guests are stripped down because of the heat 欢迎到我们热带圣诞 party welcome to our tropical Christmas party 我完全按照发胶瓶上的说明书上的用量 I use exactly what the gel bottle says 一粒豌豆大小的量 an amountabout the size of a pea 冰块 ice cube 餐巾纸 napkin 他快变成人干了 he is turning into jerky 兄弟,请排队,我是下一个 get in linebuddy, I was next 桑拿浴 sauna 没办法 No can do 他不妥协 He’s playing hardball 你到哪里了 How far'd ya get 邮筒, 邮箱 mailbox 去他的药房 go to his pharmacy 树篱,障碍 hedges/barrier 我从下面把它关了 I just turned it off from underneath 他们在分发礼物 they are giving outtheirpresents 一个纸板箱 a cardboard box 雨刷 Wiper blades 挡风玻璃(汽车前面的) windshield 马桶座垫子 toilet seat covers 我正在加油 I was getting gas 爱吃甜食的人 Mr. Sweet-tooth 一包避孕套 a pack of condom 我们有很多相同点 We have a lot in common 开心果 pistachio 讣告 obituary 交换生活经历 Swap life stories

左面是刹车,右面是油门 Brake left,gas right 往这边是开,往这边是关 This way is on and this way is off 你今天取得了很大的进步 You took a big step today 看另外一边 Look at the other side 虽然这些问题,我还是要和你在一起 I’m gonna be with you in spite of these things 如果事情反过来 If things were the other way around 我在烧饭 I’m cooking 孙女 Granddaughter 这是真实的我 This is the real me 他弄坏了我们的取暖器 He broke our radiator Does it help with the knob getting? 下班了 Off duty 他在毕业典礼 He is at a graduation 这很明显 It’s patent 鸽子学的都比你快 Pigeon learns faster than you 祝我好运 Wish me luck 他是个大好人 He’s a very nice guy 这是不可接受的 It’s unacceptable 这使事情复杂化了额 It complicates the issue 贿赂 Bribe/graft/corruption 鹅(复数)Geese 要和她争论很难 It’s hard to argue with her 他们崇拜他 They worship him 把它放回去 Put it back 我走了 Here I go 他的手在她的腰上/背上 His hands is on his waist/back 这听上去一点都不像她 This sounds nothing like her 它们更有趣 They are more fun 有麻烦的反应堆 Troubled reactor 无人飞机 drone 把它给抛弃了 throw it away 这个故事不是真的,是我编造出来的 The story is not real, I make it up 我做了正确的事 I did the right thing 是别的事情 It’s the other thing 我们去散步 We go take a walk 结束了吗?Is this over? 猫毛 cat hair 我是厨师 I am a chef 包耳朵的耳机 Headphone 塞耳朵的耳机 earphone 我们会有很多孩子 We’ll have lots of kids 可以用钢笔吗?Can we use a pen? 你有义务呆在设施旁 you have an obligation to stay at the facility 经济困境 economic straits

扔弃……Cast aside……/throw away…… 他们就受过常规的医疗训练 They have receiced regular medical training 火车有哪些时刻的?最近的是 4 点 20 的 What time are the trains? The soonest is 4:20 火被扑灭了 Fire is doused 视为神圣 Hallow 我的真正的父亲 Real dad 看见没?See 那个地方周二才开门 The place is not open till Tuesday 过了午夜了 It’s after midnight 他放松了 He is relaxed 村民 villager 偷偷地溜下楼 Sneak downstairs 你可以用我的出租车 You can take my cab 他们很人性化,很体贴 They are so personal 方向盘 steering wheel 自动档汽车 Automatic Transmission car 手动档汽车 manual transmission car You play with your hair when you are nervous 我有个办法 Here is a thought 在这种情况下 In this type of situation 送报员 The newspaper delivery guy 他自称问询处 He calls himself information 把热气关小 Turn the heat down 一盘布朗尼 A plate of brownies 移居国外者 Expat ikspat 他自称树木剪枝员 Icall him tree surgeon 不幸的意外 An unfortunate incident 我知道她在干嘛 Iknow exactly what she is going through 报摊 newsstand Joey 焦虑地走在前面 Joey is anxiously in the lead 慢点行不 would you slow down 我印象很深刻 I was really impressed Tom 令人讨厌的蹩脚的描绘 Tom's disturbingly unskilled portrayal 没头脑的,愚笨的 mindless 那是一个人的观点 that is one guy's opinion, 我干这行 10 年了, 但我毫无成就 I've been doin' this ten years and I haven't gotten anywhere 你只是在为成功复出代价 you're just, uhhh... paying your dues. 不值得 It's not worth it 达到相当高的烂的新水准 achieve brilliant new levels ofsucking 续 153 页 continued on page 153 别耍我 Don't toy withme 你在健身?you've been working out? 听到你和我妹妹复合了,这太让我高兴了 I was so psyched to hear you're back with my sister!

你需要我把你抱起来吗?do you need me to pick you up? 上下抖他 bounce him 爱情公演上映 public display of affection coming up 你们可以把眼睛转过去了 You can avert your eyes Rach 把他们的头转离 monica Rachel turns their heads away fromMonica 我想这次我会和他定下来 I really think this time it may work with him 我最近感觉太坏了 I've been feeling so lousy 为了两周纪念 for our two-week anniversary 今晚我们喝了很多酒 We went througha lot of wine tonight 我回想了一下 I think about it 我喝的大醉 we were sobombed, 垃圾车 dumpster 参加品酒会 go to a wine tasting 她给 monica 带了一个大杯子 She brings a mug to Monica 里面有脱脂牛奶吗?does this have nonfatmilk 嘢了一下口 takes a sip 拿出了一个细颈瓶子 pulls out a flask 你最近酒喝的有点多 It seems like you've been making an awful lot of stuff Irish lately 很多东西 an awful lot of stuff 我总是为它找借口 I always made excuses aboutit 我是爱交际的饮酒者 I'm just a social drinker 你想说(表达)什么(意思)? what are you saying now 我将试着戒酒 I'll try and quit(drinking) 他重回娱乐圈 he is back in show business 看上去是有喜有苦 It is gonna seem kinda bittersweet 我们要举办一个肥皂剧主题晚会 We should do, like, a soap opera theme 我们中的一个人得了健忘症 one of us could get amnesia 你什么时候下班 what time do you get off? 我对他没有任何想法 I'm not really anything at him anymore 你们将不得不习惯于这个事实……You're just gonna have to get used to the fact that…… 除了下巴 except for his chin Tom 一人分饰二角 It’s tom in a dual role 大家互相惊讶地看着对方 Everyone looks at each other in amazement 你非常有天赋 you're very talented 没有戏码空余了 there's very little actleft 让我休息一下,放我一马 give me a break 我收到了下周四的复查要求 I got a callbackfor Thursday 你看见过我狂喜吗?have you ever seen me ecstatic?ek'st?tik 狂喜,心醉神迷 n. ecstasy 几乎像是在笑 She almost smiles 电视台选角小姐 The network casting lady 一个胸大无脑的人 a doll 她对我很有意思 she wascoming on to me Peepee the Little General

Mm 瞪了他一眼 MM gave him a stern look 我打电话给 sb I' put in a callto sb 搞清楚 sth,把 sth 搞正确 straighten sth out 他很严肃清醒,没醉 he is sober 忧郁的,阴暗的 somber 午夜过后村里五金店不开门 There are no hardware stores open past midnight in the Village 你现在不是要去参加面试了吗?Don't you have to be at your interview now 无聊至极 ridiculously dull 不要感到太尴尬 don't get all squinky 这让我非常尴尬 this made me feel all squinky 是我让他戒的酒,使我让他那么无聊的 I'm the one who made him quit drinking. He's dull because of me. 我把它放出来了 I set it free 他在我后面走了进来 he walks in behind me 他有没有让你想起某人?Does he remind you of someone? 她把蜘蛛涂进他的吐司面包了 she buttered a spider into her toast 我们有备用的 we have a spare 牙周病学家 Periodontist 我要去弄点饮料喝 I am going to, uh... get a beverage 一瓶酒在手 a drink in hand 彼此,如上 DittoIt was nice meeting you. Ditto 一些有翅膀的东西 some winged things 她明显地表现出喜欢我 she is drawn to me 至今为止与她保持距离 so farkeep her at bay 傻瓜蛋 goober 他一个星期才憋出一句话 it takes himweek to get out a sentence. 视线里的每样东西 everything in sight 我取得了角色 I got the part 我愿意做 I'm willing to do it 立体书 a pop-up book 她漂亮吗 Is she good-looking? 照我看来 the way that I see it 我回过头来看看(回忆)I look back 我提拔了他 I promote him 酒吧间 bar 我觉得这样不对的 I wouldn't feel right about it 灯灭了 the light went out 我要威士忌加冰块和柠檬片 I'd like a scotch on the rocks with a twist 坐在沙发上 sit on the couch 原子序数 101,以 ium 结尾 atomic element number 101... ends in ium. 经理放下架子和工人谈话 The manager condescended to talk to the workers) 谦逊地, 故意屈尊地 Condescendingly 湿度 humidity 谦虚,谦卑 humility

谦逊的 humble 贬低 sth humble sth 小孩子 weenie 微小的 weenie 二号选手获胜 number twohas it 缎子,绸缎 satin 除了他们的名字相似外 Other thantheir names being similar 玩纸牌老手,以赌纸牌行骗为生的人 A crad sharp 放高利贷的人 a loan-shark 你错的不能再错 You could not be more wrong 掐人戳眼开始了 the pinching and eye-poking begins 建筑学文凭 a diploma in architect 周末我们去度蜜月 we are going away for the weekend 小酒瓶装的酒 airline bottles of liquor 鞋带 shoelaces,lace 我马上就好 I'll be ready in just a second 你不再戒酒了 you fell off the wagon 我不再戒酒了 Iabstaining fromalcoholic beverages 她酗酒 she has a drinkingproblem 我无法和你再继续下去了 I am just not strong enough to be in a codependentrelationshipright now 他们交换钱 they exchange money 我假装是个巨人 Ipretend I'm a giant 我不想通过那样的方法取得角色 I didn't want to get the part that way 她在电梯上追上我,给了我个更大的角色 she caught up withme at the elevator and offered me an even bigger part 神经外科医生 neurosurgeon 神经外科 neurosurgery 至少在四集里重复出现 recurring in at least four episodes 我要去洗澡了 I've got to go shower 他们假装不知道 they feign ignorance'ign? ns r? 前女友 ex-girlfriend 音乐响起了 The music builds... 这是他的尿布袋 Here's his diaper bag 喷射性呕吐事件 a Projectilethrowing up incident 我们有些事要告诉你 I've got some news about us 我们希望你能来 we'd like you to come 我不能因你们的快乐而狂欢高兴 I couldn't revel in your joy 沉醉的,非常高兴的 Reveling 我的手指被那个椅子夹住了 my finger is caught inthat chair 你真的要上电视了 You're actually gonna be on television 我昨天晚上才真的意识到 It really hit me last night 他的备办宴会者骑山地车出意外了 his caterer had a mountain bike accident 她全身都绑着石膏 she's in a full body cast

它固定你的断骨不动 it immobilizesbroken bones 这对你不是个问题(不开心的事)this isn't a problem for you 和他们亲近的人一起庆祝他们的爱情 celebrate that love with the people that are close withthem. 如果你硬要说这是个理由的话 If you wanna call that a reason 那个家伙开枪自杀了 this guy shoots himself 肛门 anus['ein? s] 她叫我如何在镜头前演戏 She taught me all about how to work the cameras 屁,放屁 fart 在你想台词的时候, 你要表现的表情凝重, 借此机会想 So while you're thinkin' of it, you take this big pausewhere you look all intense 那是我的戏 There's my scene 情况比我们想像的还糟 the situation is much worse than we expected 有一下子(的时间)For a minute there 它就在图表上 it's right there on the chart 我要去检查一块大恐龙骨头 I got a big dinosaur bone to inspect 一切都好吗 Is everything ok? 我要去散个步,然后去按摩一下 I'll take a little walk, and then I'll have my massage 小羊更恐怖 lambs are scarier 杯子边缘处的口红印子 Alipstick on the rim 香烟屁股 a cigarette butt 第一百遍讲……的故事 tell the story of……for the hundredth time 她明显有些未了心愿 she obviously has some kind of unfinished business 她忽视他 she ignores him 你们觉得我女儿的这份工作做的怎么样 what do you think of my daughter with the big job 女生联谊会 sorority [s? riti 'r? 她做了蹩脚的拉皮手术 she got the lousy face lift 一个难看的裸男在拉大提琴 an unattractive nude man is playing the cello 玩小一些的乐器 playa smaller instrument 乐器 你现在的生活真有意思 You have some life here 鸡胸肉,[医]鸡胸 chicken breast 他们经常吵架 They fight a lot 在我年青的时候,我们不会离婚 In my day, divorce was not an option 你能不能乐观点看这个问题?她这么做也学是想更像你 Is there any chance that you can look at this as flattering? I mean, she's doing it because she wants to be more like you 她做了我的发型 She copied my haircut 所有的孩子都有自我谴责的倾向 all kids have a tendency to blame themselves 邮购 mail order 网购 online shopping 团购 team buying/group buying 谢谢你能来见我 Thanks for meeting me 你打断了我忙碌绘画的一天 you did cut into my busy day of drawing 早晨, 上午 midmorning 他的灵魂在我这里逗留 his spiri is sticking around in me

逗留 stick around, hang around 最后再做一次 do it one last time 值得一试 Worth a shot 直接从办公室过来 come straight from the office 我计划的时间不够了 I don’t plan enough time to actually do it 自由女神像 Statue of Liberty 这真好玩 This is so much fun 有人有大麻吗 Does anybody have any marijuana 没人在这些食物周围吸大麻 nobody's smoking pot around all this food 我什么都没听到 I don’t hear anything 我在切菜/掷筛子 I'm dicing 这对你把不算无理 this is no offense to your dad 你将这颗炸弹在我头上引爆 You drop this bomb on me 我想要你的祝福 Iwant your blessing 你想让我劝说你放弃这个?You want me to talk you out of it we're in trouble here 德语字幕 German subtitles 快点,加速 speed it up 我一切都策划好了 i had this all planned out 你想看我哭吗 you want see me cry? 我不想参与这件事 I am not a part of this thing 我知道你和他们有过节,我也同情你 I realizethat you have issues withthem, and I feel foryou 创作一个新的开胃菜 create a new appetizer 挖香瓜球 ball the melon 一切都按计划进行 Right on schedule 我们打算取消婚礼 we're calling offthe wedding 他们应该把握嫁出去(婚礼上带给别人 )They're supposed to give me away 一个语气强调的宣告 An emphatic declaration 枉费心机的尝试 a futile attemp 披肩,斗篷 Cape 她吵闹的打开了一颗糖 She noisily unwraps a piece of candy Monica 将 ben 放在小推车上沿着走道向前推 Monica pushes Ben down the aisle in a stroller Carol 由 ross 陪同着 Carol is escorted by Ross 我们今天齐聚一堂, 参加 carol 和 susan 的神圣婚礼 we're gathered here today to join Carol and Susan in holy matrimony'm?trim? uni 在招待会上 At the reception 这个猪肉卷你觉得做的怎么样 How's that pig-in-the-blanket 猪肉卷 workin' out for you 是在下包的 I wrapped those 继续你自己的生活 move on with your life 海角 Cape 他在吊她马子 He is coming on to her 我甚至不必提出什么话头了吧 I shouldn't even bother coming up with a line 自助餐 a buffet [b?fei:] ? ?

还有更多的酒 There's more alcohol 你们中谁会是最早结婚的 which one of usis gonna be the first one to get married Ben 参加这个活动吗?Isn't Ben in this 这场乏味的剧似乎演个没完没了 The dull play seemed to last an eternity 繁忙工作了一天 It’s a tough day of work 是由他先开始的 He started it 大麻 Marijuana [mɑ:ri'wɑ:n? ] 你们以后会后悔的 You’ll be sorry later 试着开始个有趣讨论 Try to start an interesting discussion 边喝咖啡边讨论它 Discuss it over coffee 它走的很远 It went very far 你对你妈来这如此紧张 You’re so uptight about your mom coming 我带她去了所有的地方 I took her everywhere 我忙着切 I’m stuck dicing 我们继续 We’re back on 我无法决定是小羊还是鸭子 I can’t decide between lamb or duck 我想这是有趣的事 I think that’s the fun 我知道你让我想起了谁 I know who it is you remind me of 我没法和你谈这个 I can’t have this conversation with you 你们还是会给我钱的 You’re still gonna pay me 我不得不喂我弟弟午餐 I had to feed my younger brother his lunch. 没人叫作 sleeve No one is named sleeve 我想 XX 她 I wanna bone her 登机 Board the plane 我戒酒了 I quit drinking 面试很成功 The audition went pretty well 他上了老友记 He’s on friends 那东西不可能可以阻止我 No way that will stop me 一个大个子女人 A large woman. 这是你的婚礼,上啊 This is your wedding, do it 神圣的 Holy ['h? uli] 冬青树 Holly 我忍不住听到 I couldn’t help but overhear…… 谁醒了?Who’s up? 就我的情况 In your case 易容 makeover 让人嫉妒羡慕的 enviable'envi? bl 我可以和你聊一下吗?can i talk you for a minute Would you sleep with somebody to get a good job? 擦碰伤 Cuts and scrapes I remind her so much of somebody 暴牙 snaggletooth Crises in Japan Ripple Across the Global Economy Arrive in nick of time

喝了一半的 Half-drunk 打开……Open up 那个家伙看上去很沮丧 The guy looks dejected 那个家伙坐在办公桌后 the guy sit at his desk 老板把一本书扔在他桌上 the boss drops a book on his desk 画外音 VOICEOVER 无法摆脱工作的压力?让你无法摆脱的累赘?Can’t get the monkey off your back 他打开啤酒盖 he opens the beer 在吊床上 in a hammock 把戏, 恶作剧 monkeyshine 那个商业广告总是让我感觉不好 That commercial always makes me so sad 我要去后台 I gotta run backstage 那些女孩子向他拥去 those girls run at him 翘嘴的, 容易生气的 pouty …的事实 the fact that…… 葡萄干(可数名词) rasine 我的态度就有问题 I have this big attitude problem 我的第一封影迷信 my first fan mail 你的公开的崇拜者 Your not-so-secretive admirer 这是被寄往上海热线的 This wasaddressed to shanghai daily 上面没有邮票 There's no stamp on it 变态影迷 stalker 你去哪里?where are you off to? 旅游乡下佬 Travelin' Jake I'd go and then drive down to the zoo and surprise Marcel 那就来一杯 Then put it in your mouth 我会开车去动物园,给 marcel 一个惊喜 I'd drive down to the zoo and surprise Marcel 它不能做这样的表情 he isn't capable of that emotion 我为少儿图书馆安排演员表 I schedule performers for the childrens libraries 为孩子表演你的音乐 play your songs for kids 他们分散的站在厨房里 they are standing around in the kitchen 你今天晚饭做什么 whaddya wanna do for dinner 歇斯底里地笑 laugh hysterically 他握着煎锅 he grabs a frying pan 我们最好有个后备计划 We might wanna have a backup plan 以防万一她不是卡通人物 Just in case she isn't a cartoon. 他们敲门 they knock on the door 有人敲门 There's a knock at the door 他们不在家 they're not home we pass her on the stairs 我们在楼梯上和她擦肩而过 广播名人就是这么逃避追踪者的 That's how radio stars escape stalkers 打开洗洁精的盖子 Opens the top of the dish soap Joey gets a huge smile 他把洗洁精飚到了空中 He squeezed the dish soap in the air

动物园管理人 zoo administrator 你叫它 maarcel ,它会回应 it answers to the name Marcel 有个很老的谚语 there's an old saying 它今天确实很适用 it certainly is fitting today 这是一点小意思 it's just a gesture 这不能让它复生 this can't bring him back 动物园折扣券 Zoo dollars 她长得如何 what is she like 她长的和那个截然相反 she looks the exact opposite of that 不,她的完全秀斗了 she's a total wack job 他不能这样做 He can not pursue this 通过电视机看他 see him through the magical box 她应该得到爱和快乐 shedeserves love and happiness 你们看着我干嘛 What're you lookin' at me for 他和那个狂躁症患者 xxoo he boffs the maniac 那是最后那个家伙被炒鱿鱼的原因 that's kinda the reason the last guy got fired 他们喝咖啡 they drink their coffee 责任重大 This is a huge responsibility a bright, shiny bike 重接某人的脊柱 reattaching someone's spinal cord 这个很复杂 that was a trickyone 手术花费了 10 多个小时 that operation takes over 10 hours 我的手表掉了下来 my watchfalls off 这双充满魔力,挽救生命的手 These miracle, magical, life-giving hands 我在他边上 I am near him 动物园夜行馆 The nocturnal house 食物阻塞症 foodal chokage 我质疑他 I question him 他打断了她的话,吻她 he cuts her off with a kiss 非常有新闻价值 Very informative 非常合适 Not at all inappropriate 你们后面有甜点 There're cookies in the back. 我酷毙了 I rock 畜棚场动物 barnyard animals 黑暗大使 ambassador of darkness 像个有翅膀的信使般掠他的出洞穴 flitting out of his cave like a winged messenger 瞎子幽灵 sightless spectre 几个月前,有非法进入 There was a break-in, few months back, 内贼干的 inside job 他们不想弄坏名声 They don't want the bad publicity 他们掩饰得密不透风 it’s all a big conver-up 你知道这件事情牵涉到多高层吗?Do you have any idea how high up this thing goes 树上的谜团 Enigma of the trees, 居住者,居民 denizen

小道消息 Word on the street 你的猴子在娱乐圈有了新职业 Your monkey found a new career, in the entertainment field 这条消息对你来说值多少钱 what is this information worth to you 你是暗示我要贿赂你吗?Are you tryingto get me to bribe you? 海报 poster 草地上的牛哞哞叫 the cow in the meadow goes moo 农场主粉碎了他 the farmer grinds him up 我让他清醒了 I get Leslie out of the coma 他们开直升机把我送到这里 they chopper me in 在医生休息室 in the doctor's lounge You told me I was the only one 拿一杯水泼他的脸 throws a glass of water in his face 这是个电视剧 it's a television show 你在说什么?what're you getting at 他的邪恶的双胞胎兄弟 his evil twin 和我一起私奔 run away with me 你不盖马桶盖 you left the toilet seat up 我根本配不上你 You deserve much better than me 图书馆委员会收到了大量对于你唱歌内容的投诉 The library board has had a lot of complaints from parents about some of the stuff in your songs 一些儿童歌曲 some kiddie songs 我追踪 Marcel 的下落 I tracked down Marcel 他很健康 he’s healthy 他在拍 speed2 he is filming speed2 猴子在拍电影 the monkey is making movie 我终于在电视上搞到了一个角色 I finally get a part on TV 这种类型的理论 Theories in this genre'? ɑ:nr? It's a closed set. 退后 back up 跳到他的肩上 hops up on his shoulder 用言语,欢呼鼓励他 They Urge him on 它近来压力很大你知道,主演一部电影 He's underpressure, starring in a movie and all. 别太在乎它,别放在心上 don't take it personal marcel 是多大的一个影星 how big of a star is Marcel in human terms 按照人类的标准 黄色隔离衣 yellow isolation suits 跟我走 walk with me 逃离开这些可怕的食肉病毒 get away from the horrible flesh eating virus 我没法给 cris 化妆 I can't do Chris's makeup 她拒绝承认……She refuses to acknowledge that…… 让我漂白它 let me bleach it 穿着士兵工作服的临时演员 an extra in fatigues 伪装的好,伙计 Nice camouflage man 一盒动物饼干 a box of animal crackers

手提包 purse 女大十八变 You look great job growing up 我读完四年级后发现我不是皮条客 I graduated fourth grade and realized I wasn't a pimp 班级表演 the class play 你拉起我的裙子 you pulled up my skirt 整个礼堂都看到了我的内裤 the entire auditorium saw my underpants 一种防卫机制 a defense mechanism 他在电影里很棒吗 was he any good in it 这有点傻 it’s goofy 我们有些走题了 we're kinda gettin' off the track here 邀请我约会 ask me on a date 碰你的手 touch you on the arm 如果事情顺利的话 if things go well 十字路口 Crossroad 她很 hot she’s smoking 我们可以改星期六打 we can rescedule for Saturday 用叉子插我 Stick a fork in me 在电梯里做 do it in an elevator 我们得走了,预定了 30 分钟后的位子 we gotta go, got a reservation in 30 minutes 做多不超过 2-3 分钟 Not take more than 2, 3 minutes tops. 女士内裤 panties 你太棒了 You're swell Ross is setting up for his time with Marcel 生于谷类, 面粉中的甲虫之幼虫 mealworm it' not like I uh, had anything special planned 他们彼此不爽 they are upset with each other 她在调停 she is mediating 她同意我这样做 She gave me the green light 在她背后做鬼脸 make faces behind her back 这是完全没道理的,不合适的 this is totally unjustified 你出卖了我 You sold me out 在 monica 前额上弹了一指 flicks Monica on the forehead 最后 phoebe 不耐烦了 Eventually Phoebe gets fed up 想点快乐的事情吧 happy thought 好的,老娘要开始教训人了 OK, now I'm gonna kick some ass Phoebe 拎着他们的耳朵 Phoebe grabs each of them by an ear 你希望我打电话给他 You want me to just call him up 谢谢今晚让我能跟着你们混 Thanks for letting me tag along tonight you guys 蠕动的 Squirmy 有很多很酷的责任 a ton of cool responsibilities 选角色 casting 去了一个男生学校 went to an all boys high school 她退入了一个厕所小隔间 She backs into a stall 从厕所门下我们看到 chandler 的裤子掉了 we see Chandler's pants drop from under the

stall door 把你的裤子塞进它们里 have your shirt tucked into them 脱下你的衣服 Take your clothes off 特色餐 the specials/special dishes 该从后面看你了 Time to see you from behind 她收集器他的衣服 she gathers up his clothes 我和 tom 约会 I'm on a date with Tom 你可能打败那个家伙吗 Can you beat up that guy? 参加一个未见过面的约会 go on a blind date 什么让你为我破了例 what made you make the exception for me Rach 扭身从衣服里金蝉脱壳 Rachel squirms out of the sweater 一大罐的….. a jar of…… 她胆子很小的 she is chicken 她从 rach 的衣服里抽了一根丝 shepulls a thread on Rachel's sweater 不要发疯了 STOP THE MADNESS 你的手套 your gloves 他开始吹口哨 Joey starts whistling 我以为你们走开了 I though you guys took off. 瞧你这坏运气 talk about your bad luck 有人顺手牵羊拿走你的衣服 someone walks off with your clothes 在隔壁的厕所 in the other adjoining stall 小屁屁 Tushie 穿粉红丁字裤的人倒训起人来了 I'm getting heat from the guyin the hot pink thong. 牛奶用完给我好吗 can I have the milk after you? 我快好了 I'm almost done with it 他打电话请病假 He calls in sick (医院里推送病人用的)轮床 gurney'g? :ni 一连串的谋杀案 a sequence of murders 一辆豪华轿车 a limo 我吉他上的一根玄断了 one of the strings on my guitar is broken 遮羞布 G-string 你等着说这句话多久了 How long you been waitin' to say that 手术室 operating room 我要回复身材 I need to get back in shape 在现实中 in reality 否则 otherwise 这里有医生吗 Is anyone here a doctor 这件外衣是男式的 this coat is masculine 附近没有男人 No guys around 我有个建议 Here is an idea 我早该告诉你了 I should told you a long time age 到厕所来见我 Meet me in the stall 嘲笑重力 Taunting gravity 动物园里的小的假路 Little pretended street in the zoo

看上去一切工作正常 Everything seems to work out ok I give it away and got it back later 我们跑题了 we are getting off the subject 操纵电梯 operate an elevator 自动扶梯 escalator 倚靠,斜倚 recline 你还我的毛衣 You give back my sweater 他遮着她的眼睛 he covers her eyes 不许偷看 no peeking 可躺式椅 recliner Friends 剧组和我续签了 Friedns picks up my option 随便你要哪个 Whichever one you want 这才是生活 that's the stuff 脚登杠杆 footrest lever 两头牛做出了最终牺牲 two cows made the ultimate sacrifice 翘起腿看电视 watch TV with your feet up 无法在野外生存 can’t survive in the wild L 型的架子 L-shaped bracket 它差不多真人大小 it’s is practically life-size 基本上老样子 pretty much the usual 小鸟喳喳叫 birds chirps 这些话让你想到些什么没 any of those words trigger anything for you 幼兽,不懂规矩的年轻人 a cub 两个荷包蛋 two poached eggs 她咯咯的傻笑 She just giggles Mary 和我分手了 Mary and I split up 大瀑布 cataract 充满怜悯的侧着头 a sympathetic head tilt 点头 head bob、 bob his head 我要去放音乐了 I've got to set up the music 自动换片 CD 机 A CD changer 离婚后我只剩下了四张光碟 the divorce only left me with 4 CD 你死不了的 I'll survive 不要按 202 门铃,按 201don’tring the buzzer for 202,ring 201 按我们的门铃 buzz our door 取消碳酸饮料 cancel the sodas 警长 a sheriff 白内障 cataract 我五分钟后把你叫进来 I'll come get you in 5 minutes withkabob emergency 你是如此神魂颠倒的 You are so smitten 你们两个互相着迷 You’re into each other 在眼科预约检查时见到他 see him at my eye appointment 大声喊出我妹妹的名字 shout out my sister's name 我觉得太不自然了 I'm feeling too selfconscious

摩擦它 rub it 看神奇蜡电视直销广告 watching a Miracle Wax info-mercial 起士 Cheeto 我的头发挠痒痒她的下巴 My hair was tickling her chin 激光束 laser beam 说响点 speak up 餐后甜点 dessert 眼药水(可数) drop 三维空间的人 three-dimensional people 可怜的 pathetic 他一副哥哥的派头,指手画脚 he’s big-brothery and judgmental 我骑自行车摔倒了 I crashed my bike 陶罐 clay pot Rachel 偷看了一眼一个演示模特缠腰带下的东东 Rachel takes a peek under the loincloth of one of the display models 我高中毕业后就没再见过他 I've not seen her since high school graduation 她很激动 she is emotional 公平地来说 in all fairness 他是个酒鬼 he’s a drunk 我在她的游泳池里尿尿 I pee in her pool 我喝酒的时间比你年龄都大 I'm a whole person who can drink older than you there's no rush or anything 送披萨的 Pizza delivery 一条毛皮毯 a fur pelt 行星仪, 天文馆 Planetarium 他们上了舞台 They enter on stage 红莓苹果 cran-apple 音响系统发出…声音 The stereo system booms out ' . . .' 你值得等待 You were worth the wait 他们在毛毯上打滚 they roll across the fur rug 你压到了果汁盒 you just rolled over the juice box 是火灾报警吗 Is that the fire alarm they're laughing along with the show 电费 electric bills 小马 a pony 珠宝盒 a jewelry box 一根华而不实的手镯 agaudy gold bracelet'g? :di 上面刻了字的 it's engraved 兄弟 bud 在抽屉前放了一把椅子 sets a chair in front of the drawer 它好就好在和什么都配 that's the beauty part, it goes with everything 你戴起来会很好 you're good to go 可不是嘛 I so am. 他对你的 xxoo 有什么影响?what this'll do for your sex life

我要对你最后的工作做个回访 I want to call for a reference on your last job 它在最底下 that's there on the bottom 是骡子是马牵出来溜溜 lets see if you're as good in person as you are on paper 帮我做个色拉 Make me a salad 撕碎生菜 tear the lettuce 听你的、悉听尊便 That's your call 切碎西红柿 cut up the tomatos 它们很硬,很结实 they are firm 它们还没有变质 they haven't gone bad 我打算把它们切片 I am gonna slice them up 我打算把它们切成丝 I was gonna do them julienn'd? u:'lien can I take a message 在看电影时遇到的人 some guy she met at the movies 他想对她怎么样 what does he want with her 耐心点吧,坚持住 Hang in there 她想说点什么 she's goin' somewhere 他们白头偕老 They mate for life 它在水缸里乱兜 it walks around its tank 第五次洗澡洗掉了我面试的霉运 This fifth shower gets the interview off me 我不需要交房租 i won't make rent 你有没有别的什么可能 do you have any other possibilities 你最好在某人身上刮掉点钱 you had better make some money off of sb 那个闪闪发光的是什么 What is that sparkly thing? 俗艳的 Flashy (=cool)够帅的 sharp 我们把你的房子改为健身房了 We're turning your room into a gym 得奖奖牌 plaques and merit badges 他们分居了 they're separated 谁知道呢 never know 我要说我们一点都不惊讶 I can't say any of us were surprised 我有些衣服要折 Ihave some folding to do 把某人赶进屋子 shuffle sb into the room 他挺出肚子,用鼻子吸气 she sticks out her gut and sniffs her nose 暴露出他的手镯 exposing the bracelet 女性驱逐剂 woman repeller 眼中钉,肉中刺 the eyesore from the Liberace house of crap 眼中钉 eyesore 你说的简单 easy for you to say 炫耀他的新胡子 sport his new beard 收藏 Collection 一些被弃之物 some reject 我可怜那些带上我的珠宝的傻瓜蛋 I pity the fool who puts on my jewelry 做名人模仿秀 Do some impression 在柜台处的人 a man at the counter

艺妓,歌妓 geisha 'gei? ? 退后,滚开 back off 石头不动 The stone won’t budge 搞错了不是今天吗? is this the wrong day 这事成了 it works out 孙辈 Grandkid holding the claws 我爱上你,结果情感上倍受打击 I fell for you and I get clobbered 接受它吧 Accept that. 把篮球扔给 joey Throws a basketball to Joey 球打碎了台灯 the ball takes out a lamp doesn't the fact that I wore the bracelet even though I hated it say something about our friendship and how much it means to me? 那正是我混蛋的地方 that's the part where I'm a wank 他开始搜索房间,举起沙发垫 he starts searching the room, lifting up the couch cushions 我跪在这里 I am here, on my knees 她有个漂亮的屁股 she has quite a tush 那个建筑油漆广告 that house paint commercial 情感地狱 Emotional hell 我现在不再工作了 I'm no longer at my job,I had to leave it 你收入的 10%跑哪去了 Ten percent of your paycheck, where does it go? 我们教女有方 We taught her well 她在吃她的老本 she dips into her savings 不要怨天尤人,开心点吧 Get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay 我刚花了 400 美元去换一个手镯 I j

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