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B 级期末口语考试情景对话 20 题 Oral English Final Test (First semester in 2015-2016) Situation 1: You find out that campus life is stressful but sometimes also full of fun. Your partner has similar feelings. Share with each other your feelings and talk about how to keep a balance between work and play on campus. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A: Hi! How is it going recently in college? B: So great! It’s really different from the senior high school life. And I have more chances to do what I like. A:Sounds like you have more colorful life now, isn ’t it? B: That’s true. I take part in some associations which I interested in. And I really like them. But I meet the problem that I spend too much time in all kinds of activities to be absorbed in my study. I am very anxious! A: So am I. I participate in two students’ unions, and I have a lot of work to do. For instance, I attended the prom training for four times before my math exam last week. B: Really? But you got a great grade in this math exam! How did you do it? A:It’s not difficult. You should arrange your time reasonably. Make a study time list as well as concentrate on your study. What the most important thing is improve your efficiency. Don’t be too worried, some activities will enrich our life instead of make us go backwards. B: That’s it. In my views, the major difference between college life and high school life is that we have more opportunities to practice what we learn and experience the free life rather than only study in classroom. A: I can’t agree more. I hope my advice will help you. B: Thank you very much. A: You are welcome. Situation 2: After coming to college, you and your partner are excited that there are various activities on campus. You both are eager to take part in some but have hesitation for which to take and how to plan your time. Talk about your feelings and offer suggestions to each other. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:Hi,you kook so tired.What is up? B:Oh,it is so annoying.I am occupied with so many tasks in these days. A:Oh,what are the tasks actually? B:Having a party yesterday afternoon,taking part in an activity in the evening,attending a lecture this morning and helping my roomates claen the dorm at noon ? A:Ohw,can you finish these tasks?I think you need to think twice before you decide to write down them in your schedule. B:You are right.I am so excited about everything in the campus and forget to think about my energy and time. A:Yes,in fact,I also have the same feelings.I really hesitate to choose something that fits me.It is really hard to decide which one to choose in so many activities. B:Maybe you should also consider you interst and character you to go for it and develop yourself. A:That is a good suggestion. B:Do not be upset !Let us make efforts to adapt new campus life and solve prombles! Situation 3: You and your partner both failed in your P. E. final test. Tell each other what had happened and how you felt for it. And show sympathy and encouragement for each other. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:Hello!You look so sad,what'up? B:I failed my PEfinal test. My parents get very amgry. A:So didi I.You know students in our school can't get scholarships if they failed any test. 1

B:It's too frastrating! I just think I can hardly accept the result. A:Oh,cheer up!Despair is the greatest sorrow.It's just a test. There are still many things left for us to do. B:You mean we are not way out? A:Of course! If we exercise hard from now on,we are bound to get good grades in next term.But if we always be disappointed,we will continue to fail. B:You are right!It's high time improved our PE.How about doing exercising every morning together? I promise it will contribute to our PE. A:Sounds great!Let's start tomorrow,shall we? B:Yeah,see you later. A:See you! Situation 4: Your partner has just won the first prize in story telling competition for freshmen. He/she is telling you how he/she feels. You congratulate him and express your pride in him/her. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. Situation 4 A:Guess what,I won the first prize in story telling competition for fresh men. B:Congratulations!I heard it just now.Some students said you are brilliant.How do you feel it? A:When it started,I was a little nervous.But the feeling did not punish me too long.I felt much easier and relaxed in the rest. B:That is really wonderful.You do have a gift for story telling and speaking in public. A:Just a little.But I still have some mistakes in the competition, at least three. B:No mistake,no perfect.I am sure you could do much better next time.I even feel much pride of you. A:Thank you for saying this. B:But how did you overcame the mistakes?I mean standing before so many people and speaking to them. A:Not so hard.I just concentrated on my story telling and did not saw the other people.When I made mistake,I just ignored it.I had never thought I could win the first prize. B:Wow!That is really a good method!Let us go!we must celebrate it! A:Of course!It is my treat!

Situation 5:

Our school now requires the check of campus card for everyone entering at the school gate. You think it is useful for preventing crime on campus but your partner fails to agree with you. Talk about it and express your ideas on school ’s decision. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:nowadays,our school has a new decision about campus cards. B:Oh,I heard that.But I think it is unconvenient to ise the campus card when you enter school. A:I don't agree with you.In my opinions,campus cards can prevent crime on campus.Everyone knows that safety is really important. B:If you forget to bring your card,you shouldn't enter the school.It's really unreasonable. A:Maybe you can talk to the srcurity man about your experience.They can understand you. B:You mean that everyone can be understood.Why does the school need the campus card?In other words,the campus cards don't play a part in the security. A:Our school really concerned about us.So we should observe its rules.In a way,most of the rules really take effect. B:I can't agree more with you.We should be qualified students.If only everyone obey the rules,we can prevent crime on campus truely.

Situation 6:

You find out that your mobile phone has gone. You express your upset to your classmate. Your classmate is trying to help 2

you recall where you left it. He/She accompanies you to look for it and in the end you find it. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:Hey,Mark,have you seen my mobile phone?I can’t find it now. B:Hey Tom. No,I haven’t.Are you sure that the place where you put your mobile phone? A: I only went to the library,oh my god.it must have been stolen. I feel very sad.What should I do? B:Oh,I am sorry to hear that.However,don’t worry. Maybe The result is not as bad as you think.Could you please tell me something about you mobile phone? A:It is my new mobile phone.I bought it last week,and it cost a fortune.I was very fund of it.It is a black mobile with a big screen,and on its back I have put on a picture of Kobe Bryant. B:Ok,let’s go to the library. A: You are so kind,let’s go. B:Do you remember which floor did you stay? A:I was at the second floor all the time. B:Let me call you mobile phone,and keep silent. A:oh I hear my mobile phone ringing.The sound comes from the corner. I can’t believe my ears. B:That is great.Let’s take it back. A:How unbelievable that I could find it back. B:Everything is not impossible. A:I don’t know how to show my appreciation to you. B: This is what I should do,because when I meet some trobles,many people help me. A:Oh,I know.Helping others means helping ourself. Situation 7: You are sharing a piece of news with your roommate. Tell him/her the news and respond appropriately to his/her comments on your introduction of the news. Then talk about how both of you usually get news. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:hi **,I just comed across Ms gao,she told to me a very important news about the oral examination arrangement. B:oh,what's that?I want to know it,please tell me.I'm afraid that I can't pass the exam. A:DON't be frightened.we will take the exam in12.23,after ten days later.you will have a long time to make preparations and do more exercises. B:Uh?that's good.but I still have some worries.you know,my oral English is very very bad. A:Take it easy.I think it's very wise for our school to arrange this exam.they leave a lot oftime for us to control and let us know the requirements about this exam.therefore,we can prepare for it right now,can't we? B:Of course.but I still have some questions want to ask Ms Gao,Did she tell you that when we can go to ask her question? A:Oh,I forget it,she said to me that we can go to her office at this monday. B:Ok,Wonderful!after asking questions,maybe,I will be more confident.thank you very much for telling me these news. A:you are welcome.I believe that you can pass the examination successfully. Situation 8: You and your partner are watching news at canteen after supper. Your partner believes it is a joyful way to get news on TV and predicts newspaper will disappear but you hold a different opinion and A:Hey, look at the TV, there's an interesting news is broadcasting ! B:oh, yeah! That's interesting ! By the way, what do you think of the news broadcasting on TV ? You like it , or you prefer to read newspaper ? 3 prefer to read newspapers in the library. Talk about this and try to give your supporting ideas. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes.

A:oh, come on, newspapers are out of the date! B: really? I think I like getting news from newspaper instead of from TV! A:it's so boring to read newspapers ! Watching TV can also get news , then why we should read newspapers? B:because it's a traditional way , and also less effect to your eyesight ! A:ok, but watching TV is much more convenient ! Actually , I think newspaper would disappear soon, the technology is developing so fast! Oneday, it will replace newspaper ! B:But you can be more concentrate on it when you are reading newspapers! And that's something that you can't get from watching TV A:The news are broadcasted vividly on TV,but I don't think newspaper can offer you something like this ! B:you can also collect newspaper and you can recheck them after 10 or more years , you will find it so great! A:that sounds interesting! But I still like watching TV ! B: it just because you hardly tried to read newspaper! Once you tried it, you will certainly find it's the best way to get news ! A:ok, maybe I can give it a try! Let's go to buy some newspaper first B:great! Let's go! Situation 9: You’ve just seen a movie about a war. Your partner asks you to tell him/her what caused the war, how the war ended and how you felt about it. Then you discuss the effect of the war. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:Hi,I have just seen a wonderful movie. B: What 'the movie 's name? A:Trojan War. B: So,what caused the war? A: A woman named Helen. B: A woman? Why? A:The Trojan 's prince captured the Queen of Greece on account of her beauty. B:Just for her beauty? A: Yes!It is said that she is the most beautiful woman in Greece.No one can compare with her. B: Oh I think she must be a very charming layd.But is it worthy. A: It's not only for that woman but also for dignity. B: So who won at last? A: The Greek beat their Trojan by using The Trojan House. B: Wow, what a fantastic story, how do think about it? A: I think the prince of Trojan is too reckless. B: I think the war also effected people 's life. What 's your opinion? A: I agree with you. The war made lot's of people homeless, even more people die for this. B: Yes, I think so. It cost too much. Situation 10: You have just read a book/novel about World War II and you’d like to share it with your partner. Tell your partner what happened in the book/novel and why you are impressed with it. Your partner shows interest in it and introduces some other books about war he/she has read. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A: Hello,I have Just read a novel named Peace and War,and are you willing to talk about it with me? B: Of course.What's the novel about? A: It tells a story in the World War Ⅱ.The duke Andre fighted for his country, unfortunately, he wounded. Then he married Natasha and lead a peaceful life. 4

B: As far as I am concerned, the novel is very long. What impressed you to read it? A: Actually, The story between Andre and Natasha impressed me most. I was moved by their sincere love.So, have you read any novels about war? B: Let me think. Um...Such as: And Quite Flows the Don, Doctor Zhivago and A Farewell to Arms. They are all classic novels about the war. Have you read anyone of them I mentioned just now? A: No, I haven't. But I'm going to read And Quite Flows the Don because it interests me most. B: You must read that, and I'm sure you will enjoy it. Situation 11: Share with your partner one particular sport you enjoy watching. You two can tell or ask each other about the rules, the reasons you like it, your favorite players or an unforgettable gam e…. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A : hello,are you watching the basketball game? B: yes,i am watching the NBA,this is rocket and lakers. Do you like watching NBA? A: Yes,me too,however, I am not good at good at playing basketball,can you introduce it's rules for me? B:of course,first of all,a game will be held beteen the hometeam and guestteam,every team has five athletes:point Guard(控球后卫)shooting Guard(得分后卫)small forward(小前锋)power forward(大前锋)Center 中锋 All in all,basketball is a team game not a one's game,each member should try his best to win the game togher rather than perform himself. A:Perfect I think I have learnt something useful B:Oh ,why do you like watching nba? A;Because kobe B:Kobe? The “little fiying man ?” A:Yes ,he is a gifted player and he is so hardworking.I still remember his words ”if somebody has to win so why not be me?”,he is such a emulative(好胜的)that I allways get power from him. B:It’s cool!do you remember the game in which he got 81 points. A:Yes, I can’t forget that night ,it was amazing. B:How about playing basketball toghter this afternoon? A:No problem, I’m very happy to do it ! Situation 12: You feel that in our society great sportsmen are paid too much beyond their performance and contribution. But your partner believes there is reason in it and it is what they deserve. Talk with each other about it by giving specific examples and reach an agreement between you on it. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:I feel that it is unfair to pay much to great sportsmen B:Oh,why do you think so? A:Well,in our society ,to get the frame and money,they just need to get the golden madel.It seems so easy. B:Really?But I don't think so.You know, For example Olympic swimmers, weight lifter and runners. They have exceptional abilities which exceed the norms, which we can consider as some sort of entertainment that we can enjoy watching. A:You are right ,it is really hard for us to finish that action,it deserves frame.they perform something that other people cannot, it's reasonable to pay them more. B:Yes,because they have a talent in sportsmanship which not everyone has.They should be admired. A:I can't agree more. Situation 13: You and your partner are discussing how people treat animals nowadays. You notice some people are cruel to animals. Your partner agrees with you and insists you can make your own contribution to animal protection. Make sure your 5

conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:Hey,recently i found that people are cruel to animals.This makes me feel really bad.How about you? B:I can’t agree more.Nowadays many people always kill animals to earn money.For example,some people get ivory from elephant which makes elephants can't live a comfortable life. A:Yes,that is happening everywhere .But what makes me even angrier is that some of us like eating dogs!We always say”Dogs are human beings’best friends”.Now,we’re killing them for food! B:So,we should do our best to protect animals.Though we’re just normal people,we can make our own contribution to animal protection. A:First of all,we are supposed to let our family members know that animals are close to us and we ’d better take efforts to protect them in order to keep the balance of natural environment. B:In addition to this,starting to protect animals from our own is also an important thing.In our daily lives,we ought to refuse to eat endangered animals so they won’t become extinct so quickly. A:Last but not least,we can print some posters which have some slogans of protecting animals and hang them in our school so that many students and teachers can see them. B:It’s a good idea!We can design our posters from now!I believe we can live in harmony with animals in future. Situation 14: You notice that many people have their dogs for various purposes. Your partner has a dog at home and explains his reasons for keeping it. You also talk about how to keep pets without disturbing others. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:Hi!What are you doing? B:I’m walking my dog. A:Dogs are so violent.Why do you keep a dog? B:First,I don’t consider that dogs are violent.On the contrary,i think dogs are extremely cute!And thats one of the reasons to keep it.Besides,I also believe that dogs are our best friends.They are very royal and never betray you. A:Maybe you’re right.Some people keep dogs to guard their houses.Other people keep pets in order to have a partner because nowadays many old people live alone.But I think there is a lot of virus on pets.So we can easily get ill. B:Oh,you don't need to worry about that.Good owners will take their pets to pet hospital regularly.And once we find our pets are dirty,we’ll give them bathes.So actually pets will not influence our neighbours ’ health. A:What you have said is reasonable.Some people who don't like pets think keeping pets will make too much noise,but pets’ owners have means to prevent them from disturbing others.Once my grandpa kept a dog.When it barked at others,my grandpa would punish it.So it would keep quiet when we had a talk. B:What your grandpa did is right.We are supposed to control our pets and not let them affect others’ lives.Only if we do this can we keep our pets with a happy mood

Situation 15: You like climbing mountains in vacation while your partner prefers going to seaside to relax. Talk with each other about it and some other activities you want to go in for in the future and why. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:Winter holiday is coming.Let’s go out to relax ourselves after several stressful examination. B:Sounds good!Where would you like to go? A:why not go to climb the mountains.In the past few days,air quality is too bad.In order to breath fresh air,we ‘d better go to the countryside and mountains. B:It’s a good idea!But I prefer going to seaside to relax. A:Talk about your reasons and maybe I will consider your suggestion. 6

B:as you known,I love the ocean which can soothes my mind.And according to the rusult,the air quality around the sea is fresh too.So,going to the seaside also can achieve our aim of breathing fresh air. A:um?Maybe you are right.this time,let’s go to the seaside to relax. B:This time?You mean we would have next time?It seems like the place you plan to go is more than one. A:Of course.My dream is traveling around the world and enjoying the beauty of each country and city . B:Well,where else do you want to go? A:The first place I want to go is prairie that can strech to the distant horizon. B:In fact,the thought of riding the horse on the piairie more than once crossed my own mind. A:In addition to the seaside and the piairie,which place do you like? B:Wherever I can enjoy the peaceful and happy time is my love. A:Well,I can’t agree more. B:Don’t forget to call me the next time you travel. A:No problem!B:See you. A:Good-bye. Situation 16: Our school will celebrate its 120th anniversary of founding soon. Talk with your partner about what volunteer job you are expecting to do for it and how you can benefit from it. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:Nxet year is our school’s 120th anniversary.Recently our academy has held some activities to celebrate it such as Light Show B: It’s just a beginning.Our school will celebrate its 120th anniversary of foundingnext year in more colourful form. A:As a student of our university,what can I do for this anniversary. B:Have you heard the news that we can sign up for the volunteer activity. A:Would you like to a member of the volunteer group? B:Of course!I have enter for it several days ago and I'm proud that I have passed the inspection. A:Really?I can’t wait and I’d better to sign up right now. B:What part of volunteer work do you want to participate in? A:Um ? I ’ d like to do same paperwork.For example,I can write article in public platform such as WeChat to propagandize and popularize.And you? B:I have chosen the part of introducing our school history to others.At the same timeI can also help them paint the poster. A:I think through this volunteer activity,I might benefit a lot. B:I’m with you on that.I hope that this activity can improve my ability to communicate with strangers and practice my painting skills. A:For me,I’m looking forward to developing my writing competence. B:In a word,we should try our best to finish our volunteer work which can not only help us know our school and develop the friendship between the students but also can improve our competence in any ways. A:I can’t agree more.Let’s fight together. B:Ok,see you then.A:See you. Situation 17: You have read an article about jobs and personalities. Share with your partner about it and discuss whether and how personalities influence people’s choice of work and work performance. And talk about the jobs that may suit you best in the future based on your personality. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A: I read an article about jobs and personalities. How do you think about jobs and personalities? B: Well, I think personalities would influence people’s choice of work and work performance. 7

A: I’m agree with you! I think that outgoing people enjoy mixing and doing things with other people but introverted people tend to do things by themselves. B: Yeah, if a person were extroverted, he would like to be more positives and rush in jobs. But an introverted person would be more calm and careful. A: I think so .What kind of personality do you think you have and what kind of job do you want to do? B: I’m very active and energetic. I don’t like leaving things half done. So maybe I want to be an engineer. I think that a team can do better than a person. How about you? A: Well, I am a little introverted, so I want to be a writer. I think it ’s better to think and create by myself. I like a quite atmosphere of job. B: Oh, it’s great. And what kind of people do you want to work with if you need other ’s help. A: Em ?.People who are honest, dedicated to their work and have integrity. And you? B:Well, I can work well with many people. But I don ’t like slackers and those who violate working principles. A: You are right, I think so. Situation 18: You and your partner are talking about the jobs you are expecting to do after graduation. You want to get an easy one with a great amount of free time while your partner prefers a rewarding one in salary even if extra time and work are required. Share with each other your ideas and give suggestions to each other. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:Hi,Jane!How is everything going these days? B:Fine!How time flies!The first term is coming to an end in ten days. A:Yeah,so fast does the college life proceeding.Do you have any plans for the future? B:What do you mean,after graduation? A:Yes!Do you have a clear career path to follow? B:Career path?I’m not sure. I am planning to go to the graduate school,but i also want to find a job. A:Good!You have great ambitions.I just want to life. A:You are right..We both need to study hard to get a good job. Situation 19: Technological innovations have transformed our life. Tell each other which one(s) you think are the most important ones. Give your reasons and examples. Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:With the development of technology,our life has been changed a lot . Do you think so? B:Yeah,especially the computer.Technology makes us know some people who are far away from us. A:And we also get another way to study what we like but we can't learn from teachers. B:It's the great invention that change the world,isn't it? A:Of course,how about mobile phones?I think since it came to the world,we haven't need to spend too much time getting latest news.And we can talk with others easily. B:That's also a great technology invention ,now the mobile contain more and more application function.Because of these,we can relax ourselves by listening music and playing games when we are free . A:That sounds so good ! B:I believe we will have more technological innovations to makes our life more convenient! A:That will come true soon,I think! Situation 20: Share with each other how you perceive yourself. Use 3 to 5 words to describe your personality. At the same time ask 8 get an easy one with a great amount of free time. B:I prefer a rewarding one in salary even if extra time and work are required because money is very important in social

his/her impression on you. How do the two differ or coincide? Make sure your conversation takes at least 2 minutes. A:Hi guys! We have been friends for some time,I want to know how do you think about me. B:But I think what is more important is that how you perceive yourself. A:Hm.. I find that I'm a bit naughty sometimes,and I think I'm optimistic and enthusiastic.But what's more,lazy is also one of my characters. B:Woo!That sounds interesting!You are exactly naughty at intervels!But I think you are cute instead! A:You always like joking !Seriously,what is your impression on me in these days. B:In fact,I think you're a good guy of kindness.For example,last time after I play play football ,you offer to buy me dinner and I feel B:I find so warm that time. A:Don't mention it! It is granted.Anything else? that you sing songs so well! A:Really?I haven't know it ever at all!It is quite different from my own impression on myself. B:So how about go to the KTV when we are free? A:Why not!


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2015-2016上学期高级中学七年级英语期末考试卷及答案...对话听两遍。 (共 5 小题,每小题 0.5 分) ...B. Fish. C. Birds. ( ) 20. What is the ...