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高中英语人教版必修四 40分钟课时作业:3-12

Unit 3
A taste of English humour


Learning about Language

1.注意区别 particular(ly)与其他同义词、形似词的 作业 辨析及 particular 的搭配。 目标 2.注意 occasion 等名词充当先行词,其后定语从 句关系词的选择。 作业 设计 限时:40 分钟 满分:60 分


Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.Such a casual dress would not be correct for a formal ________ (场合).
答案 occasion

2.It looks nice but is too expensive to my ________ (预算). 答案 budget

3. The ________ ( 女演员 ) moved the audience with her performance. 答案 actress

4.The car, whose handbrake wasn't very reliable, began to ________ (滑动) backwards. 答案 slide

5.These books will be ________ (特别地) helpful to those who wish to improve their spoken English. 答案 particularly

Ⅱ.词语辨析 special, particular, specially, especially 1.I like seeing love films in ________.



2.The book I bought is ________ for you.



3.I ________ like the films directed by Zhang Yimou.



4.There are some books whose prices are ________. 答案 special

5.I came here ________ to ask for your advice.



Ⅲ.单项填空 1.I saw Betty play the violin at yesterday's that ________ she was very A. scene C. occasion
答案与解析 C

party and on


B . circumstance D. situation

提琴了。 在那个场合下, 她简直太出色了。 occasion“场合”; on the occasion“在那个(这个)场合下”, 是固定搭配。 scene“现场; 场面”; circumstance“环境; 详情”; situation“情形; 情况”。

2.She has already tried her best. Please don't be ________ about her job. A. special C. unusual
答案与解析 D


B. responsible D. particular

作挑剔了。be particular about ...“对??挑剔”,固定短语,符 合句意。 special“专门的; 特别的”; responsible“负责任的”; unusual“不同寻常的”。

3 . The naughty boy


into the classroom

while his teacher was writing on the blackboard. A. looked C. moved B. slid D. ran




的男孩溜进了教室。slide 最符合句意。

4 . Many rules in English are ________ , and large numbers of students feel ________ them.

A. puzzled; puzzled with B. puzzling; puzzled about C. puzzled; puzzling with D. puzzling; puzzling about


B puzzle“使人迷惑”; puzzling 修饰或描

述事物,“使人迷惑的”; puzzled 修饰或描述人,“感到迷惑 的”。

5.I've been writing this paper ________ two weeks, but it has to be handed in A. finally C. occasionally D. certainly tomorrow.

for the


B. immediately




文,但明天就要交了。finally“最后;终于”; immediately“立 刻; 马上”; occasionally“偶尔地; 时不时地”; certainly“当 然地;一定地”。故 C 项为最佳选项。

6.— Did you enjoy the stay in the countryside? — No, ________. A. particularly C. particular B. not particular D. not particularly


D not particularly=not very much,由否定

回答 no 来判断,该处应选 D 项。

7. For children, learning to ________ their time carefully is a skill that can benefit them the whole life. A. react C. direct B. budget D. improve




一个能对他们终身有益的技巧。 budget“ 安排 ” ; react“ 反 应”; direct“指挥;导演”; improve“改善”。

8.Only on such special ________ as his son's graduation ceremony will Mr. Thompson wear a tie. A. situations C. places B. cases D. occasions





9.He made a long and thorough examination, ________ of the eyes. A. particularly C. generally B. partly D. occasionally




查,特别是眼睛。particularly“特别地”; partly“部分地”; generally“一般地”; occasionally“偶尔地”。

单项填空 (2013· 安 阳 高 一 检 测 )The Spring Festival is an occasion ________ people use paper cuts to decorate their house. A. who C. why B. which D. when




时候。先行词是 occasion,在空格后面的从句中作时间状语,故 用 when 引导定语从句。


Ⅰ.完形填空 My name is Benjamin Belinski and I don't have a talent (才 华) to show at talent night. But every day my teacher asks me to think of __1__. “I'll just have to be __2__, the day of the show, ” I tell my __3__ one afternoon. “If you get a cold, be sure to cough on me.”

“You must have a talent,” says Kate. “What are you __4__?” “Eating,” I answer. “Watching TV.” “Benjamin, be __5__, ” Kate says and turns to our friends, “__6__, guys. What are Benjamin's talents?” “Benjamin is __7__,” says Tommy. “He could make a comedy show.” “Yeah. Every __8__ could be about how I have no talents,” I say.

“Benjamin,” says Olivia, “maybe you don't know how to make a comedy show, __9__ you always get us together to do something fun.” What my friends say gets me __10__ and I come up with a plan. My teacher says that's a good __11__.

In the next few weeks, I am busy making sure everything is prepared and __12__ for the show. On the night of the big event, when people __13__ the gym, they all agree it looks amazing, when the __14__ begins, each person with an act __15__ whose turn it is to perform.

After the last act, __16__ stand on the stage and my teacher says, “Everybody worked hard to put together this impressive night. However, we should give special __17__ to one person for making it go on so smoothly (顺利地). He __18__ behind the scenes, but please give a big hand to a special talent — Benjamin Belinski, Producer! ” People the stage. Benjamin Belinski, Producer. I producer and I bet that is my talent. __20__ being a __19__ their hands as I step onto

1.A. everything C. anything 2.A. sick C. sad 3.A. teacher C. audience 4.A. sure about C. angry at

B. something D. nothing B. popular D. famous B. parents D. friends B. worried about D. good at

5.A. excited C. serious 6.A. Come on C. By the way 7.A. strange C. crazy 8.A. mistake C. joke

B. quiet D. quick B. Go ahead D. To be honest B. funny D. smart B. warning D. puzzle

9.A. or C. but 10.A. relaxing C. dreaming 11.A. idea C. feeling 12.A. different C. special

B. and D. so B. thinking D. escaping B. explanation D. message B. ready D. useful

13.A. pass C. enter 14.A. class C. meeting 15.A. knows C. understands 16.A. producers C. students

B. close D. find B. training D. show B. notices D. realizes B. workers D. performers

17.A. help C. praise 18.A. rested C. stayed 19.A. raise C. wash 20.A. love C. avoid

B. care D. description B. practiced D. waited B. clap D. cover B. imagine D. miss

答案与解析 语篇解读 本文是记叙文。 作者认为自己没有什么才华可

以表演,在朋友的启发下,他决定在幕后统筹安排整场演出,使 之井然有序,得到了大家的认可。 1.B 作者认为自己没有什么才华可以表演,老师却每天让 他想出一些可以表演的东西,故 something 符合此处语境。 2. A 根据本段中的 If you get a cold, be sure to cough on me 可推测,作者跟朋友抱怨说,希望表演那天自己“生病(sick)”。

3.D 下文中的 turns to our friends 提示了本题答案。 4. D 根据语境可知, Kate 在帮作者想才华, 所以问作者“擅 长(be good at)”什么。 5.C 作者回答的 Eating 跟 Watching TV 并不是什么才华, 所以 Kate 让作者“认真(serious)”点儿。 6.A Kate 让朋友们跟她一起想作者的才华,故 Come on 符 合此处语境。 7.B 见下一题解析。

8.C 根据 Tommy 的建议 He could make a comedy show 可推测,他认为作者很“有趣 (funny)”,而作者却不以为然, 认为如果表演喜剧的话,那么每个“笑话(joke)”都是关于自己 没有特长的。 9.C “作者不会表演喜剧”和“他总是能把大家聚在一起 做有趣的事情”分别是作者的不足和优势, 故此处应用转折连词 but。

10.B 根据本空后的 I come up with a plan 可知,朋友们的 话启发了作者,于是作者开始“思考 (thinking)”,最终想出了 一个计划。 11.A 根据上句中的 plan 可知,老师认为这个计划是个好 “主意(idea)”。 12.B 本空跟 prepared 并列,表示作者在接下来的几个星 期里,一直为演出忙碌,确保一切准备妥当。故 ready 符合此处 语境。

13.C 表演当晚,当人们“进入(enter)”体育馆时,大家都 一致认为体育馆看起来棒极了。 14.D 见下一题解析。 15.A 根据下段内容可知,整场演出都是由作者安排调动

的,所以这里是指当“表演(show)”开始后,一切都井然有序, 每个表演者都“知道(knows)”轮到谁上场表演。 16 . D 当最后一个表演结束后,应该是所有的“表演者 (performers)”都上台谢幕。

17.C 老师首先肯定了所有人的功劳,然后又提出有个人 应该给予特别的“赞扬(praise)”。 18.C 根据下文的 Producer 及上文内容可知,作者并没有 表演任何才艺,而是“待在(stayed)”幕后统筹安排整个演出。 19.B 根据老师的提议 give a big hand to a special talent 可 知,当作者上台时,大家都为作者“鼓掌(clap)”。 20.A 根据文末的 I bet that is my talent 可知,作者终于找 到了自己的才华,由此可推测,他“喜欢(love)”当制作人。

Ⅱ.阅读理解七选五 (2013· 许昌六校高一检测) You will benefit in many ways from having a high level of emotional intelligence. strengthen your EQ. Be openminded and agreeable. Openness and being agreeable go handinhand when it comes to EQ. __2__ A narrow mind is generally an indication of a lower EQ. To develop a more open mind, seek to understand and reflect upon the emotions and ideas of others. __1__ Here are some ways to

__3__ When you're optimistic, it's easier to see the beauty in life and everyday objects. In a way, being optimistic results in an open mind, making it an important element of improving your emotional intelligence. __4__ Practice communication skills. A high level of communication skills makes it easier to send and receive messages in a proper way. body language. __5__ You can learn a lot about a person and their emotions by studying their

A. Allow space for personal growth. B. It is important to not only build on your verbal communication, but also to take note of your body language. C. Be optimistic. D. Indeed some people consider high EQ to be more important than having IQ. E. Be open to new ideas. F. Getting your ideas across is a key to your success.

G. If you have a negative outlook on everything, how can you expect to be emotionally intelligent?







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