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一)并列关系 名山大川 famous mountains and great rivers 名胜古迹 scenic spots and historical sites 湖光山色 landscape of lakes and hills 青山绿水 green hills and clear waters 奇松怪石 strangely-shaped pines and grotesque rock formations 平等互利 equality and mutual benefit 扬长避短 play up strengths and avoid weaknesses 反腐倡廉 fight corruption and build a clean government 简政放权 streamline administration and institute decentralization 集思广益 draw on collective wisdom and absorb all useful ideas 国泰民安 the country flourish and the people live in peace and harmony 政通人和 the government functions well and people cooperate well 国计民生 national welfare and the people’s livelihood 辞旧迎新 bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new 徇私舞弊 bend the law for personal gain and engage in fraud 流连忘返 linger on with no thought of leaving for home 国际局势复杂多变 the complex and volatile international situation 开拓进取 blaze new trails and forge ahead 求同存异 seek common ground while shelving differences (二)语意重复 广袤无垠的中华大地 the boundless expanse of the Chinese territory 高瞻远瞩的决策 a visionary/far-sighted decision 贯彻落实重大决策 carry out/ implement a series of major policy decisions 层峦叠嶂 peaks rising one after another 优胜劣汰 survival of the fittest

延年益寿 prolong one’s life 灵丹妙药 panacea / miraculous cure 长治久安 a long period of stability 求真务实 pragmatic 审时度势 size up the trend of events 招商引资 attract investment 誉满全球举世闻名 world-renowned 功在当代,利在千秋 in the interest of the current and future generations 继往开来,承前启后(continue the past and open up the future ) break new ground for the future 路遥知马力,日久见人心 Time will tell. 吃的苦中苦,方知甜中甜 no sweet without sweat 车到山前必有路,船到桥头自然直 in the end things mend /there’s always a way out 急功近利 eager for instant success and quick profits 大黑扫黄 crack down on gangland and pornography 德高望重 of high ability and integrity 互利互补 mutually complementary and beneficial 互谅互让 mutual understanding and accommodation 遵纪守法 observe the relevant code of conduct and the law (三)目的关系 减员增效 downsize (and cut payroll) to improve efficiency (for efficiency) 退耕还林 return cultivated land to forest or pastures 集资办学 raise money to set up new schools 结党营私 form cliques for private gain 扭亏为盈 turn a loss-making enterprise into a profitable one

(四)途径方式 寓教于乐 teach through lively activities 因材施教 teach students according to their aptitude 按劳分配 distribution according to performance 以商养文 support /sponsor cultural activities with the profits from doing business (五)偏正词组 廉洁奉公 honestly perform one’s official duties 环境绿化 environmental greening 超前消费 premature consumption; Over-consume; excessive consumption 以强凌弱 the strong domineering over the weak 以人为本 people foremost; People-oriented (六)动宾关系 优势互补 complement each other’s advantages 自主经营,自负盈亏 make one’s own management decisions, take full responsibility for one’s own profits and losses (七)条件关系 不进则退 no progress simply means regression (八)省略意象 瞻前顾后 over cautions and indecisive 源远流长 have a long history 呕心沥血 spare no efforts 画龙点睛 bring out the crucial point 花天酒地 go on the loose 汗马功劳 exploits 闻名遐迩 famous

独具匠心 original 中流砥柱 mainstay, chief cornerstone 鱼米之乡 a land of milk and honey 世外桃源 a haven of peace 浩如烟海的文化典籍 numerous volumes of literature

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