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高中英语语法练习-名词 一、基础练习 1、There are only twelve ______ in the hospital. A.woman doctors B.women doctors C.women doctor D.woman doctor 2、Mr Smith has two _______ , both of whom are teachers in a school. A.brothers-in-law B.brother-in-laws C.brothers-in-laws D.brothers-in law 3、——How many ______ does a cow have? ——Four. A.stomaches B.stomach C.stomachs D.stomachies 4、Some ______ visited our school last Wednesday. A.German B.Germen C.Germans D.Germens 5、The _______ of the building are covered with lots of . A.roofs; leaves B.rooves; leafs C.roof; leaf D.roofs; leafs 6、When the farmer returned home he found three _______ missing. A.sheeps B.sheepes C.sheep D.sheepies 7、That was a fifty _______ engine. A.horse power B.horses power C.horse powers D.horses powers 8、My father often gives me ______ . A.many advice B.much advice C.a lot of advices D.a few advice 9、Mary broke a ______ while she was washing up. A.tea cup B.a cup of tea C.tea’s cup D.cup tea 10、Can you give us some ______ about the writer? A.informations B.information C.piece of informations D.pieces information 11、I had a cup of _____ and two pieces of _____ this morning. A.teas; bread B.teas; breads C.tea; breads D.tea; bread 12、As is known to us all, ______ travels much faster than ______ . A.lights; sounds B.light; sound C.sound; light D.sounds; lights 13、She told him of all her ___ and ____ . A.hope; fear B.hopes; fear C.hopes; fears D.hope; fears 14、The rising _____ did a lot of ____ to the crops. A.water; harm B.water; harms C.waters; harm D.waters; harms 15、How far away is it from here to your school? It’s about ______ . A.half an hour’s drive B.half hours drives C.half an hour drives D.half an hour drive 16、The shirt isn’t mine. It’s _____ . A.Mrs Smith B.Mrs’ Smith

C.Mrs Smiths’ D.Mrs Smith’s 17、Miss Johnson is a friend of _______ . A.Mary’s mother B.Mary’s mothers’ C.Mary mother’s D.Mary’s mother’s 18、Last week I called at my _____ . A.aunt B.aunts C.aunt’s D.auntes’ 19、The beach is a ______ throw. A.stone B.stones C.stones’ D.stone’s 20、I can hardly imagine ____ sailing across the Atlantic Ocean in five days. A.Peter’ B.Peter C.Peters D.Peters 二、提高练习 1. It won’t make much ________ whether you agree or not. A. difficulty B. trouble C. difference D. matter 2. No one has yet succeeded in explaining the ________ of how life began. A. cause B. problem C. reason D. puzzle 3. You must get there within an hour. There should be no ___ in sending this information to him. A. question B. problem C. quarrel D. delay 4. I can’t give you the card without Smith’s ________. A. agreement B. allowing C. permission D. perfomance 5. What impressed me most was that they never lost ________. A. hearts B. heart C. their heart D. their hearts 6. Though I spoke to him many times, he never took any ________ of what I said. A. remark B. observation C. attention D. notice 7. I went to buy a ________ of China Daily. A. piece B. sheet C. lot D. copy 8. Shelly had prepared carefully for her English examination so that she could be sure of passing it on her first ________. A. intention B. purpose C. attempt D. desire 9. There are usually at least two ________ of looking at every question. A. means B. directions C. views D. ways 10. We have worked out the plan and now we must put it into ________. A. fact B. reality C. practice D. deed 11. She is young for the job, but on the other ________, she is well trained. A. way B. situation C. chance D. hand 12. The most important________ of his speech was that we should all work whole-heartedly for the people. A. point B. sense C. spot D. view 13. --- I’d like ________ information about the management of your hotel, please. --- Well, you could have ________ word with the manager. He might be helpful. A. some; a B. an; some C. some; some D. an; a 14. He told me he had been offered a very well-paid ________.

A. business B. service C. work D. position 15. Each player must obey ________, who is the leader of the team. A. captain B. a captain C. the captain D. captains 16. It was ________ that he had to ask for help. A. such big a work B. a so big job C. a so big work D. such a big job 17. He dropped the ________ and broke it. A. cup of coffee B. coffee’s cup C. cup for coffee D. coffee cup 18. What ________! Where did you get them? A. big fish B. a big fish C. a piece of big fish D. big a fish 19. He left ________ with my secretary that he would call again in the afternoon. He said he would keep ________. A. words; his words B. word; his word C. word; word D. the word; his words 20. The new law will come into ________ on the day it is passed. A. effect B. use C. service D. existence 21. We held a party in ________ of our Australian teacher, Meggi. A. prize B. honor C. praise D. pride 22. --- Tom, will you boys play soldiers outside? There’s not enough ________ for you boys here. --- But we can play in the next ________, can’t we? A. places; place B. room; room C. rooms; space D. house; rooms 23. --- Is this bridge made of ________? --- Yes, it is made of 2300 huge ________. A. stone; stone B. stones; stones C. stone; stones D. stones; stone 24. --- Mum, I’m going to visit my aunt. What about a week? --- A week is too long. Try to be back in a ________ of days. A. number B. dozen C. few D. couple 25. Mrs. Green tried hard to find a job but she had no ________. A. luck B. time C. hope D. chance 26. His daughter is always shy in ________ and she never dares to make a speech to ________. A. the public; the public B. public; the public C. the public; public D. public; public 27. Fast-food restaurants are ________ to us all. A. of many helps B. a great help C. great helps D. much help 28. These young people are now making an active ________ to beautify (美化) our city. A. part B. effort C. decision D. plan 29. --- What you like may not be what I like. --- Yes, one man’s meal is another man’s ________. A. poison B. medicine C. meal D. food

30. He said that two ________ would come to our school the next day. A. woman scientist B. women scientist C. woman scientists D. women scientists 31. My ________ all ________ hard for the people. A. family; work B. family; works C. families; work D. families; works 32. Dr. Jones ordered ________ for the laboratory. A. two equipments B. two pieces of equipments C. two pieces of equipment D. two equipment pieces 33. --- Where have you been? --- I’ve been to________. A. the Turners B. the Turner's C. Mr. Turners' D. the Turners' 34. Many children have to see the films for________. A. grown-up B. growns-up C. grown-ups D. growns-ups 35. I told about some of the terrible ________ I had had in the war. A. experience B. experiences C. experiencing D. experienced things 36. The table is only ________ high. A. two-foot B. two foot C. two-feet D. two feet 37. These days I employed two ________ in my house. A. man-servants B. men-servant C. man-servant D. men-servants 38. That' s________. A. James and Charles father B. James and Charles's father C. James's and Charles's father D. James's and Charles father 39. ________ is published daily. A. Time B. Times C. The Time D. The Times 40. There are many ________ in big ________. A. ladies driver; citys B. lady drivers; cities C. ladies drivers, cities D. ladies driver; city 参考答案: 一、 1、B 2、A 3、C stomach(胃)虽是“ch”结尾,但其发音为[k],所以加“s”,不用加“es”。 4、C 5、A roof, chief, gulf, belief 等词的复数形式,直接加“s”。 6、C 7、A 名词 作定语一般不用复数。8、B 9、A 根据句意,打破的应是杯子,而不是茶;名词作定语表类别不用 加“’s”。 10、B 11、D 12、B 13、C 14、C 15、A 16、D 根据上句,此处应是史密斯太太的衬衫。 17、D 18、C 19、D a stone’s throw 是固 定短语,意为“近在咫尺”。 20、B 此句中 Peter 作动名词 sailing 的所有格,本应用 Peter’s, 但因其在动词后作宾语,所以可用宾格,因此 B 为正确答案。 二、1~20: CADCB DDCDC DAADC DDABA 21~40: BBCDA BBBAD ACDCB DABDB

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