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Some time ago I discovered that one of my chairs had a broken leg. I didn't think the re would be anydifficulty in getting it mended, as there are a whole lot of antique ( 古董) shops near my home. So I left home one morning carrying the chair with me. I went into the first sh op expecting a friendly reception. chair. The second shop, though slightly more polite, was just the same, and the thir I was quite wrong. The man wouldn't even look at my

d and the fourth- so I decided that my approach must be wrong. I entered the fifth shop with a plan in my mind. I placed the chair on the floor and said to the shopkeeper, "Would y

ou like to buy a chair?" "Twenty pounds," I said. "It's got a slightly broken leg," I said.

"OK,"he said. "l'll give you twenty pounds." It's nothing." Everything was

"Yes, I saw that.

going according to the plan and I was getting excited. asked.

"What will you do with it?" I "What do

"Oh, it will be easy to sell once the repair is done. " "I'll buy it," I said. "Yes,

you mean? You've just sold it to me," he said. d.

I know but I've changed my min " You must be crazy," he said. Th

I am sorry. I'll give you twenty-seven pounds for it."

en, suddenly the penny dropped. "You're right," I said. d,

"Iknow what you want. You want me to repair your chair." "And what would you have done if I had walked in and sai "We

'Would youmend this chair for me?'" "I wouldn't have agreed to do it," he said.

don't do repairs, not enoughmoney in it and too much trouble. u. thing.

But l'll mend this for yo

Shall we say for a fiver?" He was a very nice man and was greatly amused by the whole

1. We can learn from the text that in the first shop the writer___. A. was rather impolite B. was warmly received C. asked the shopkeeper to buy his chair D. asked the shopkeeper to repair his chair 2. The underlined word "approach" in the second paragraph means___.

A. plan for dealing with things B. decision to sell tings C. idea of repairing things D. way of doing things 3. The expression "the penny dropped" in the last paragraph means the shopkeeper____. A. changed his mind B. accepted the offer C. saw the writer's purpose D. decided to help the writer 4. How much did the writer pay? A. B. c. D. 5. 7. 20. 27.

5. From the text, we can learn that the writer was___.

A. honest B. careful C. smart D. funny 1-5: DCCAC 前一段时间我发现我的一个椅子断了一条腿。我不认为会有任何困难它修好, 因为有很多古董(古董)商店在我家附近。所以我离开了跟我回家一天早上带着椅子。我走进 第一个店期待友好的接待。我是相当错误的。男人甚至不会看我的椅子上。第二个店,虽然 稍微礼貌,只是相同,第三和第四——所以我决定我的方法一定是错的。我进入第五店计划在 我的脑海里。我把椅子在地板上,对店主说:“你想买一把椅子吗?” “二十磅,”我说。 “好吧,” 他说。 “我就给你 20 英镑。 “它有一个轻微骨折的腿,”我说。 “是的,我看到。没什么事。 ” 一切都是按照计划和我变得兴奋。 “你会用它来做什么?“我问。 “哦,这将是容易出售一旦完 成了修复。 ” “我会买它,”我说。 “你这是什么意思?你刚刚把它卖给我,”他说。 “是的,我知 道,但我改变主意了。我很抱歉。我会给你 27 英镑。 ” “你一定是疯了,”他说。然后,突然一 个硬币掉在了地上。 “我知道你想要什么。你要我修理你的椅子。 ” “你说得对,”我说。 ”, 你会怎么做如果我有走了进来,说:”你帮我修理这把椅子吗?” “我不同意这样做,”他说。 “我 们不做维修,不够的钱和增添太多的麻烦。但我帮你修补这个。我们说 5 吗?“他是一个非常 好男人,逗乐了整件事。 1。我们可以从第一个商店 writer___文本。 答:是相当不礼貌的 b .受到了热情的接待 c .问店主买他的椅子上 d .问店主来修复他的椅子上

2。下划线的单词“方法”在第二段 means___。 答:计划来处理事情 b .决定出售事 c .修理东西的想法 d .做事的方式 3。表达“,”在最后一段意味着 shopkeeper____。 答:他改变了主意 b .接受了邀请 c .看到作者的目的 决定帮助作者 4。作者支付了多少钱? 答:5。 b . 7。 c。20。 d . 27。 5。从文本中,我们可以得知作者 was___。 答:诚实 b .小心 c .聪明 d .有趣的

Compared with the traditional ones, self-organized tours are rapidly gaining p opularity among the youth. During a self-organized tour, arrangements of sightseeing can be flexible and changeable depending on our own interests. Thus, we can spend the time fre ely and heard for our favorite destinations directly, only in which way can we fully expose ourselves to the local cultures and customs. Nevertheless, self-arranged tour can bring about great inconvenience in the ar rangements of transportation and accommodation. At the same time, the disc ounts for package tour may not be available. Also, lack of safety guarantees makes it easy to get hurt.

In my opinion, the advantages of self-organized tour seem to outweigh its di sadvantages. Thus I suppose that self-organized tour can’ t be a wiser choice to enjoy ourselves to the fullest. 与传统的相比,在青年自组织旅游正在迅速普及。

在自组织旅游,观光的安排可以灵活多变的取决于我们自己的利益。因此,我们可以花时间自 由,听到直接为我们最喜欢的目的地,只在方法我们才能完全暴露自己当地的文化和习俗。

然而,自办旅游可以带来很大的不便安排交通和住宿。同时,旅行团的折扣可能不可用。此外, 缺乏安全保证,很容易受伤。

在我看来,自组织旅游的优势似乎超过了它的缺点。因此我认为自组织旅游不能更好地享受 自己的明智的选择。

How often do you let other people's nonsense change your mood? Do yo u let a bad driver, an impolite waiter,a rude boss,or an insensitive employ ee ruin your day?

One day I was in a taxi and we headed for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car drove out of a parking space rig ht in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his brakes,slid sideways,and at the very last moment our car stopped and missed the other car by just inches!The driver of the other car looked around and started yelling at us. ? My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean he was reall y friendly . So I asked,“Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined y our car and sent us to the hospital! ” This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call “The Law of the Garbage Truck”. He explained that many p eople are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage,full of frustra tion,full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up ,the y need a place to dump (倾倒) it and sometimes they'll dump it on you . D on't take it personally; Just smile,wave,wish them well,and move on. Believe me. You'll be happier. Don't take other people’s garbage and spre ad it to those around you at work,at home,or on the streets, Life's too s hort to wake up in the morning with regret . The mark of your success is h ow quickly you can refocus on what's important in your life.? Roy Baumeiste r,a psychology researcher from Florida State University,found in his researc h that you remember bad things more often than good things in your life. Y ou store the bad memories more easily, and you recall them more frequentl y . So…Love the people who treat you right. Ignore the ones who don't. Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it! When you follow “The Law of the Garbage Truck”,you take back control of your life. You make room for the good by letting go of the bad. Have a Gar bage-Free Day!The seeds you plant today determine the harvest you have t omorrow.

你经常让别人的废话改变你的情绪吗 ?你让一个糟糕的司机,一个不礼貌的服务 生,一个粗鲁的老板,还是一个麻木不仁的员工毁了你的一天? 有一天,我在一辆出租车,前往机场。我们开车在正确的车道上,突然一辆黑色的车 开的停车位就在我们眼前。我的出租车司机猛地一脚刹车,下跌,并在最后一刻我 们的车停下来,错过了另一辆车只有几英寸 ! 另一辆车的司机环顾四周 ,我们大喊 大叫。 吗?我的出租车司机只是笑了笑,挥手的家伙。我的意思是他真的很友好。所以我 问:“你为什么这样做?这家伙几乎毁了你的车,把我们送到医院!“这是我的出租 车司机教我我现在所称的“垃圾车”的法则。他解释说,许多人就像垃圾车一样。 东奔西跑,充满了垃圾,充满了挫败感,充满了愤怒,充满了失望。 当他们的垃圾堆积, 他们需要一个地方来转储(倾倒),有时他们会抛弃你。 别把这当做人身攻击,只是微 笑,波,希望他们好,继续前进。 相信我。你会更加快乐。不要把别人的垃圾和传播到你周围的人在工作中,在家 里,或在街上,生命太短暂了,早上醒来与遗憾。你的成功的标志是你能多快地将注 意力重新集中到你生活中什么是最重要的。 佛罗里达州立大学的罗伊· 鲍迈斯特, 心理学研究者,他的研究中发现你记得坏事多好东西在你的生活中。你商店更容 易坏的记忆,回忆他们更频繁。 所以?爱善待你的人。忽略那些不。生活有百分之十在于你塑造它,有百分之九 十在于你如何把它!

当你遵循“垃圾车”的法律,你收回控制你的生活。你房间好放手的坏。有消除 垃圾的一天!你今天植物的种子决定你明天的收获。

36. A . enrich B. C. enjoy D. acquire 37. A. through B. to C. in D.

38. A. latter B. C. opposite D. free 39. A. B. quite C. only D. little 40. A. knocked B. overtook C. D. lost 41. A. laughing B. throwing C. glancing D. 42. A. wondered B. C. stared D. guessed 43. A. B. angry C. tired D. disappointed 44. A. expectation B. passengers C. D. goods 45. A. turns B. pushes C. holds D. 46. A. roads B. children C. D. dustbin 47. A. upset B. C. pitiful D. frightened 48. A. B. share C. explain D. contribute 49. A. surprise B. pleasure C. doubt D. 50. A. funny B. C. strange D. embarrassing 51. A. B. forget C. value D. appreciate 52. A . Respect B. Persuade C. D. Hate 53. A. inspire B. C. mend D. notice 54. A. B. finding C. making D. dreaming 55. A. direct B. deserve C. deliver D.
Earn Money This Summer with Sunny Libraries! summer vacation? Do you need a summer job to earn extra money? experience.

Do you have too much free time this Do you want to job Book

be involved in your community? Sunny Area Library System (SALS) has Computer searches Tutor helps guests to deal with and using the SALS Website to find skills.

opportunities for high school students. These are good chances to get work Theater brings children’s book stories to life. Libraries. Applicants

It has shows at all Sunny and Work Practice:

technology problems, involving Internet materials. Applicants should have computer Work Hours:

should enjoy performing in front of an audience working with young children. Hours: Fridays 4:00 p.m.—6:00 p.m. Tuesdays 10:00 a.m.

Monday—Friday 9:00 a.m.—5:00 p.m. Rate of Pay: $ 8/hour



of Pay: $16/performance helps the driver find the routes to air-conditioned, Reader Desk provides service with a smile while Friendly checking materials in and out to guests. required. Work Hours:


libraries. The truck you work in is lift Work Sunday Rate heavy boxes. Hours:

and the driver is friendly. Applicants must be able to

attitude and ability to work on library data system

and Friday 9:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. of Pay: $10/hour

Monday—Tuesday 8:00 a.m.—4:00 p.m. Rate of Pay: $ 7.50/hour

1. If you are interested in acting,

should be your choice.

A. Book Theater

B. Bookmobile

C. Computer Tutor

D. Reader Desk

2. If you get the job of “Bookmobile”, you are expected to


A. work with young children

B. lift heavy boxes

C. check materials for guests

D. repair computers

3. The purpose of the advertisement is to


A. attract students to libraries

B. raise money for libraries

C. introduce new books

D. offer job opportunities


这个暑假你有太多的空闲时间吗? 你需要一个暑期工作来赚取额外的钱吗? 你想 参与你的社区吗?阳光充足的地区图书馆系统 (号码)为高中学生的就业机会。这 些都是很好的机会以获得工作经验。

书剧院带来儿童读物的故事。 它显示在阳光明媚的所有库。申请者应该享受在观 众面前表演,和幼儿一起工作。 工作时间: 实践:周五 4 点。下午 6 点。 性能:周二上午 10 点。 支付率:16 美元/性能 计算机导师帮助客人处理技术问题 , 涉及互联网搜索和使用号码网站找到的材 料。申请人应该有电脑技能。 工作时间: 上午 9 点。下午五点, 支付:8 美元/小时 流动图书馆帮助司机找到图书馆的路线。你工作的卡车是空调,司机很友好。申 请人必须能够举起沉重的箱子。 工作时间: 周日和周五上午 9 点- 4 点。 支付:10 美元/小时 读者桌子提供微笑服务,检查材料进出的客人。友好的态度和工作能力在库数据 系统。 工作时间: Monday-Tuesday 8 点。4 点。 支付:7.50 美元/小时 1。如果你有兴趣,应该是你的选择。 答:书剧院流动图书馆 c .计算机导师 d .读者的桌子上

2。如果你得到这份工作的“流动图书馆”,你预计。 答:与孩子 举起沉重的箱子 修理电脑

客人 c .检查材料

3。广告的目的是为了。 答:吸引学生为库库 b .筹集资金 c .介绍新书
Car Talk When I got the driving license last summer, Mom and I took our first trip around an empty parking lot. Then I found that my mother was not the best teacher for me. It wasn't that she shouted, or told me that I was doing poorly. As you can imagine, my mother's "helpful instructions" only managed to make me more nervous. Since I could no longer practice with her, the job was placed in the hands of my father. The idea of learning from Dad was not one that thrilled me. I loved him dearly, but I just did not see Dad as someone I could be comfortable learning from. He almost never talked. We shared a typical father-daughter relationship. He'd ask how school was, and I'd say it was fine. Unfortunately, that was the most of our conversations. Spending hours alone with someone who might as well have been a stranger really scared me. As we got into the car that first time, I was not surprised at what happened. Dad and I drove around, saying almost nothing, aside from a few instructions on how to turn. As my lessons went on, however, things began to change. Dad would turn the radio up so I could fully appreciate his favorite Stones music. And he actually began talking. I was soon hearing about past failed dates, "basic body" gym class, and other tales from his past, including some of his first meeting with Mom. Dad' s sudden chattiness was shocking until I thought about why he was telling me so much in the car. In all the years that I had wondered why my father never spoke that much, I had never stopped to consider that it was because I had never bothered to listen. Homework, friends, and even TV had all called me away from him, and, consequently, I never thought my quiet father had anything to say. Since I began driving with him, my driving skill has greatly increased. More important, though, is that my knowledge of who my father is has also increased. Just living with him wasn't enough—it took driving with him for me to get to know someone who was a mystery. 小题 1:The author couldn't practice driving with her mother because . A.she couldn't talk with her mother B.her father wanted to teach her


C.her mother made her nervous her A.happy . B.uneasy

D.she didn't trust her mother

小题 2:At first, the idea of learning driving from her father made C.satisfied D.disappointed

小题 3:What surprised the author when the driving lessons went on? A.Her Dad liked modern music. B.Her Dad was the best teacher. C.Her Dad was a chatty person. D.Her Dad told her his sad stories. 小题 4:With her story "Car Talk", the author indicates that . A.fathers love their daughters dearly B.mothers are less patient than fathers C.family members need real communication D.it takes time to improve the father-daughter relationship
汽车说话 去年夏天当我拿到了驾驶证,妈妈和我我们第一次在空旷的停车场上。然后,我发现了我的妈 妈不是对我最好的老师。这不是她喊道,或者告诉我,我在做差。可以想象,我母亲的“有用的 指示“只有设法让我更紧张。 因为我再也不能和她练习,我父亲的工作是放在手中。的想法向爸爸不是一个激动我学习。 我爱他,但我没有看到爸爸作为一个我可以舒适的学习。他几乎从不说话。我们分享一个典 型的父女亲情。他会问学校是如何,我想说它是没问题的。不幸的是,这是我们的对话。花时 间单独与人不妨被一个陌生人真的吓了我一跳。 我们上了车,第一次,我并不感到意外,发生了什么事。爸爸和我开车,说几乎没有,除了几条指 令如何将。作为我的课了,然而,事情开始发生变化。爸爸会把收音机的音乐,这样我就能完全 理解他最喜欢的石头。实际上,他开始说话。我很快就听到过去失败的日期,“基本的身体” 体育课,和其他从他过去的故事,其中包括一些他与妈妈的第一次会议。 爸爸的突然通信量是令人震惊的,直到我想他为什么告诉我这么多的车。这么多年来,我想知 道为什么我的父亲从来没有说那么多,我从来没有停止考虑,因为我都懒得听。作业、朋友、 甚至电视都叫我离开他,,因此,我从来没想过我安静的父亲有什么要说的。 自从我开始与他开车,我的驾驶技术大大增加了。然而 ,更重要的是我知道我父亲是谁也增 加。只是生活和他与他不开车而道歉——那把我了解的人还是一个谜。 小题 1:作者不能开车和她的母亲因为练习。她不能说话和她的母亲他父亲想教她 刘昀母亲让她紧张的她不相信她的母亲 小题 2:首先,从她的父亲让她学习开车。A.happy B.uneasy C.satisfied D.disappointed 小题 3:什么惊讶作者当驾驶课了吗?他爸爸喜欢现代音乐。他爸爸是最好的老师。

刘昀爸爸是一个健谈的人。他爸爸告诉她他悲伤的故事。 小题 4:与她的故事“汽车”,作者指出。A.fathers 深深地爱着自己的女儿 B.mothers 比父亲缺乏耐心 C.family 成员需要真正的沟通 D.it 需要时间改善父女亲情

It is quite reasonable to blame traffic jams, the cost of gas and the great speed of modern life, but manners on the road are becoming horrible. Everybody knows that the nicest men would become fierce tigers behind the wheel. It is all right to have a tiger in a cage, but to have one in the driver’s seat is another matter. Road politeness is not only good manners, but good sense too. It takes the most cool-headed drivers great patience to give up the desire to beat back when forced to face rude driving. On the other hand, a little politeness goes a long way towards reducing the possibility of quarrelling and fighting.A friendly nod or a wave of thanks in answer to an act of politeness helps to create an atmosphere of good will and calm so necessary in modern traffic conditions.But such behaviors of politeness are by no means enough.Many drivers nowadays don’t even seem able to recognize politeness when they see it. However, misplaced politeness can also be dangerous. Typical examples are the driver who waves a child crossing the street at a wrong place into the path of oncoming cars that may be not able to stop in time.The same goes for encouraging old ladies to cross the road wherever and whenever they want to. An experienced driver, whose manners are faultless, told me it would help if drivers learnt to correctly join in traffic stream without causing total blockages that give rise to unpleasant feelings. Unfortunately, modern drivers can’t even learn to drive, let alone master the roadman ship. Years ago, experts warned us that the fast increase of the car ownership would demand more give-and-take from all road users.It is high time for all of us to take this message to heart. 1.The passage mainly talks about . A.road politeness B.traffic jams C.good manners D.modern drivers 2.Troubles on the road are often caused by . A.traffic jams B.the behavior of the drivers C.great speed D.terrible road conditions 3.According to the writer, a good driver should . A.beat back when forced to face rude driving B.be able to recognize politeness when he sees it C.encourage old ladies to cross the roads whenever they want to D.join in traffic stream quickly however other people feel

4.The following statements are right EXCEPT that . A.some modern drivers are not good at driving B.road politeness is good sense as well as good manners C.it is also right to have a tiger in the driver’s seat D.a friendly driver should nod or wave thanks in answer to an act of politeness 5.It is not always right for drivers to . A.master roadman ship B.recognize politeness when they see it C.encourage old ladies to cross the road whenever and wherever they want D.give a friendly nod in answer to an act of politeness

很合理的造成交通堵塞,天然气的成本和现代生活的速度 ,但礼貌的 道路上变得可怕。每个人都知道最好的男性将成为凶猛的老虎。是好 一只老虎在笼子里,但有一个司机的座位是另一回事。 道路礼貌不仅是礼貌,但判断力。需要最冷静的司机好耐心放弃想要 击退当被迫面对粗鲁 driving.On 另一方面,一点礼貌很好地减少争 吵的可能性和 fighting.A 友好的点头或一波又一波的回答由于礼貌 的行为有助于创建良好意愿和平静的氛围,有必要在现代交通 conditions.But 这样礼貌的行为绝不是 enough.Many 司机现在甚至 不似乎能够识别礼貌当他们看到它。 然而,错位的礼貌也可以 dangerous.Typical 的例子是司机波一个孩 子过马路在错误的地方到迎面而来的汽车的路径可能无法阻止时间 鼓励老太太过马路也是一样随时随地。 一个有经验的司机,他的举止是完美无缺的,告诉我它将帮助如果司 机学会正确地加入交通流不会造成总阻塞引起不愉快的感受。 不幸的 是,现代司机甚至不能学开车,更不用说掌握修路工人。年前,专家警 告我们,汽车保有量的快速增长将需求更多的妥协所有道路以及高时 间我们借此消息的心。 1.主要讨论通过。 A.road 礼貌 B.traffic 堵塞

C.good 礼仪 D.modern 司机 2.问题的道路上往往造成的。 A.traffic 堵塞原行为的驱动程序 C.great 速度 D.terrible 路况 3.根据作家,一个好的司机。 A.beat 时候被迫面对粗鲁的驾驶 做好能够识别礼貌当他看到它 C.encourage 老太太只要他们想穿过道路 D.join 在交通流快不过别人的感觉 除了 4.以下语句是正确的。 A.some 现代司机不擅长开车 B.road 礼貌是理智和礼貌 C.it 正确也有一只老虎在司机的座位 D.a 友好的司机应该点头或波由于在回答一种礼貌的行为 5.对司机来说并不总是正确。 A.master 小贩船 B.recognize 礼貌当他们看到它 C.encourage 老太太过马路无论何时何地,只要他们想要的东西 D.give 友好的点头回答一种礼貌的行为
【小题 1】According to the passage, troubles on the road are often caused by A.road conditions C.the large number of cars 【小题 2】In the writer’s opinion, . . B.the speed of modern life D.the behavior of the drivers

A.drivers should show road politeness properly. B.strict traffic rules are badly needed C.unskillful drivers should be punished D. drivers should avoid traffic jams

【小题 3】The underlined word “give-and-take” in the passage means A.politeness and impoliteness B.willingness to give in to each other’s wishes C.offering help to others as much as possible D.good manners and bad manners 【小题 4】What is the best title of the passage? A.Road Politeness B.Traffic Problems C Bad Manners on the Road D.Good Drivers and Bad Driver


答案:根据短文,麻烦在路上常常引起的。 现代生活的 A.road 条件原速度 城建的大量汽车 d.the 司机的行为 【小题 2】在作者看来,。 A.drivers 应该显示正确道路礼貌。 B.strict 交通规则是急需的 C.unskillful 司机的人应该受到严惩 d .司机应该避免交通堵塞 【小题 3】下划线的单词“妥协”的通道。 A.politeness 和无礼 B.willingness 屈服于对方的愿望 C.offering 尽可能地帮助别人 D.good 举止和不礼貌 【小题 4】什么是最好的标题的一段吗? A.Road 礼貌 B.Traffic 问题

C 在路上不礼貌

D.Good 司机和糟糕的司机 【小题 1】D【小题 2】A【小题 3】B【小题 4】A 答案解析:试题分析:本文讲述的道路行车礼仪的话题,,道路行车的礼仪正变得越来越糟糕了,道路行 车礼仪不仅仅是有礼貌的还是有意义的,接下来介绍了一些不恰当的做法,最后提出文明行车势在必行。 【小题 1】D 推理题。根据第一句 but manners on the road are becoming horrible.Everybody knows that the nicest men would become fierce tigers behind the wheel but good sense too.It takes the most cool-headed drivers great patience to give up the desire to beat back when forced to face rude driving.说明 D 项为最佳答案。 【小题 2】A 细节题。根据第二段第一句 Road politeness is not only good manners, but good sense too .第三 段第一句和 However, misplaced politeness can also be dangerous.说明 A 正确。 【小题 3】B 推理题。根据 give-and—take 前后变得的可知,司机驾车要相互理解,相互尊重,要为对方考 虑,要文明驾车,故 B 正确。 【小题 4】A 主旨大意题。文章第一段支持,道路行车的礼仪正变得越来越糟糕了,第二段第一句指出道 路行车礼仪不仅仅是有礼貌的还是有意义的,接下来介绍了一些不恰当的做法,最后提出文明行车势在必 行,故 A 项为最佳答案。 考点:考查新闻报告类短文阅读 点评:本文要求考生读懂文章中的每个句子的意思还要推理它们之间的关系,结合自己的生活常识和经验, 再通过逻辑推理和判断,理解文章的言外之意,从而揭示文章的深层涵义。任何一篇文章都有其特定的写 作目的,读者应当知道如何去做或按照某种方式传递思考问题。

A young man from a village called Nawalapitiya married a young woman fro m Maiyuwa, a small village. They lived with the man’s big family-his parent s, his brothers, their wives and husbands and children. The family kept an ele phant, in which the woman soon took a great interest. Every day she fed it with fruit and sugar. Three months later, having quarreled with her husband, the woman went bac k to her parents’ home. Soon the elephant refused to eat and work. It appe ared to be ill and heartbroken. One morning after several weeks the animal d

isappeared from the house. It went to the woman’s home. On seeing her, the elephant waved its trunk and touched her with it. The young woman was so moved by the act of the animal .So she went back to her husband’s home. 小题 1:The woman left her new home ______. A.to visit her own parents in Maiyuwa

B.to see if the elephant would follow her

C.because she was angry with her husband

D.because she was tired of the large family 小题 2:The word “disappeared” in the reading means “______”. A.ran away B.lost C.hid D.remained

小题 3:After the young woman left her husband’s home, the elephant______. A.returned to the forest B.was sad because it missed her

C.went to look for a new home

D.was sick because nobody fed it

小题 4:How did the elephant express its feeling when it saw the young woma n? A.It waved its trunk and smiled. B.It touched her with its trunk.

C.It touched her and cried.

D.It waved its trunk and ran around her.

小题 5:The writer wrote the story in order to______. A.show that elephants are very clever

B.tell how a woman trained a wild animal

C.show that women care more for animals than men do

D.tell how an animal got a husband and a wife together again

小题 1:C 小题 2:A 小题 3:B 小题 4:B 小题 5:D 试题分析:这篇短文中的大象因为想念女主人,就自己跑去女主人家,最后让这对夫妇重归 于好。 小题 1:根据 Three months later, having quarreled with her husband, the woman went back to her parents’ home.描述,可知选 C。 小题 2:联系下文 It went to the woman’s home. 描述,可知此处指的是它从这个家庭消 失了,故选 A,逃跑。 小题 3:根据第二段 Soon the elephant refused to eat and work. It appeared to be ill and heartbroken. 描述,推理可知这头像是想念这个女主人,故选 B。 小题 4:根据最后一段 On seeing her, the elephant waved its trunk and touched her with it. 描述,可知选 B。 小题 5:这篇短文主要讲述了一头通人性的大象让一对吵架的夫妇重归于好的故事,故选 D。 点评:本文浅显易懂,层次分明,学生很容易把握文章中心内容。答题中注意带着问题阅读 短文,一般就能顺利找出答题依据。对于不能直接找到根据的问题注意联系上下文,根据短 文中心总结出正确答案一个年轻人从一个村庄叫 Nawalapitiya Maiyuwa 娶了一个年轻的 女人,一个小村庄。他们住男人的大俊秀的父母,他的兄弟,他们的妻子和丈夫和孩子。的家庭 一直大象,女人很快就花了极大的兴趣。每天她用水果和糖来喂它。

三个月后,与丈夫吵架后,女人回到她父母的家里。不久,大象拒绝吃饭和工作。这似乎是生病 和伤心。一天早上,经过几周的动物消失了。 它去了女人的家里。看到她,大象挥舞着它的树干和抚摸她。这个年轻的女人是如此的动物 的行为所感动。所以她回到她丈夫的家。 小题 1:这个女人离开她的新家________。为了在 Maiyuwa 拜访她的父母 为了看看大象会跟随她 C.because 她很生气她的丈夫 D.because 她累的大家庭 小题 2:“失踪”这个词在阅读意味着“__________” 。A.ran 离开 B.lost C.hid D.remained 小题 3:年轻女人离开她丈夫的家后,elephant______。 A.returned 森林 B.was 难过,因为想念 她 C.went 寻找一个新家 D.was 生病,因为没人来喂它 小题 4:大象是怎么表达它的感觉,当它看到年轻的女人?它挥舞着树干,笑了。 发育抚摸她的树 干。 C.It 感动她,哭了。D.It 挥舞着它的树干和跑。 小题 5:作者写的故事……。A.show,大象非常聪明 B.tell 如何一个女人训练野生动物 C.show,女人比男人照顾更多的动物 告诉一个动物是怎么一个丈夫和妻子在一起了 小题 1:C 小题 2 A 小题 3:B 小题 4:B 小题 5:D

任务型阅读(共 10 小题;每小题 l 分,满分 l0 分) 请认真阅读下列短文, 并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入一个最 恰当的单词。注意:每个空格只填 1 个单词。请将答案写在答题纸上相应题号的 横线上。 4 Reasons Why Fad (风靡一时的) Diets are Bad for You A quick weight loss program sounds like a good idea at the time, but yo u’ll soon discover that fad diets can be mor e dangerous to your health than beneficial to it. Here are four reasons why fad diets are bad for you, plus

get tips on how to create a diet plan that helps you lose the extra pounds safely—and keep them off. 1. You’ll Wind Up Feeling Dehydrated (脱水的) Most of the weight you drop when you lose weight too quickly tends to be water weight, which can lead to rapid dehydration. Your body burns calo ries and excess weight in stages, and if you force your body to lose weight faster than it naturally wants to, you can cause serious health problems for yourself. Tip: When trying to lose weight, remind yourself that water is your frien d. To keep from overeating and to stay properly hydrated, drink one to two glasses before a meal. Also, if you exercise daily, be sure to increase your water intake in order to counteract the water lost from sweating while worki ng out. 2. You’ll Get Tired Quickly Fad diets involve depriving (剥夺) yourself of calories, however, calories a re what translate into the energy your body needs to get through the day. I f you fast or eat less than what your body requires in order to lose weight too quickly, you’ll find yourself feeling fatigued for most of the day. Tip: Eat smaller meals throughout the day. This will help to boost your met abolism, and can provide you with more energy to help you lose weight in a healthy manner. 3. You Can Get Serious Digestive Problems In actual fact, losing weight too quickly can lead to severe diarrhea, to b e followed later by constipation. As with losing water weight, having diarrhea over an extended period of time can lead to dehydration —a condition that can be life-threatening. Tip: Ensure that you have a diet which is rich in fibre. 4. You’ll Suffer from Malnutrition (营养不良) Crash diets and fasting are dangerous because they restrict (限制) you fr om consuming fats and carbs, but they’re also unsafe since they prevent you r body from getting the vitamins and minerals it needs. If you restrict your body from its normal caloric intake over a long period of time, your body wi ll be deprived of important nutrients and you’ll become malnourished.

Tip: A healthy, well-balanced diet is the key to proper weight loss. Talk t o your doctor about dietary supplements (补充物) if you are concerned abou t the amount of nutrients you’re getting. Title: 4 Reasons Why Fad Diets are Bad for You Introduction: Although a quick weight loss program sounds like a good program, fad diets will cause damage to your health. Reasons Tips 1.You’ll Wind Up Feeling Dehydrated ●To avoid overeating and to stay ●The majority of the weight you drop properly hydrated, drink one to two quickly tends to be water weight, leading glasses of water before a meal. to rapid dehydration. ●If you take exercise daily, be sure to ●If your body is forced to lose weight? increase your water intake. It can unnaturally, you will have serious health counteract the water you lose from problems. sweating while working out. 2. You’ll Get Tired Quickly Eat smaller meals throughout the day, so If you fast or eat less than required, you’ll you are provided with more energy to feel tired for most of the day for lack of lose weight in a healthy manner. calories. 3. You Can Get Serious Digestive Make sure that you have a diet Problems containing a large amount of fibre. Actually, if you lose weight too quickly, you will suffer from diarrhea or dehydration. 4. You’ll Suffer from Malnutrition ●A healthy, well-balanced diet is the key If fad diets restrict your body from its to reducing weight properly. normal caloric intake for a long time, you ●Consult your doctor or pharmacist will become? malnourished. about dietary supplements if necessary. 71. /While/Though 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. / worn/fatigued/exhausted 77. 78. 79. 80. /losing 4 为什么时尚(风靡一时的)饮食对你有害 快速减肥计划听起来像一个好主意,但是你很快就会发现时尚的饮食可以更危险 比有益你的健康。这里有四个原因时尚饮食对你有害,加上获得有关如何创建一 个饮食计划,可以帮助你减掉额外的磅安全、保持他们。 1。你会感觉脱水(脱水的)

大部分的体重下降,当你减肥太快往往是水的重量,从而导致快速脱水。你身体燃 烧脂肪和体重超标阶段,如果你强迫你身体减肥速度比它自然地想,你自己可能会 导致严重的健康问题。 提示:想减肥时,提醒自己,水是你的朋友。避免暴饮暴食,保持水分,餐前喝一到两 杯。 同样,如果你每天锻炼,一定要提高水的摄入量以抵消水从出汗而失去了工作。 2。你会很快就厌倦了 时尚饮食涉及剥夺(剥夺)自己的热量,但是,卡路里转化为你的身体需要的能量得 到什么。如果你快或吃不到你的身体需要什么为了减肥太快,你会发现自己感到 疲惫的一天。 小贴士:吃小餐。这将有助于提高你的新陈代谢,可以为你提供更多的能量以一种 健康的方式帮你减肥。

3。你可以得到严重的消化问题 事实上,减肥过快会导致严重的腹泻,遵循后便秘。像失去水的重量,在一段时间会 导致腹泻 dehydration-a 条件,可以危及生命。 提示:确保你的饮食富含纤维。 4。你将遭受营养不良(营养不良) 崩溃的饮食和禁食是危险的,因为它们限制(限制)你消耗脂肪和碳水化合物,但是 他们也不安全,因为它们防止你的身体所需要的维生素和矿物质。如果你限制你 的身体正常的卡路里摄入量在很长一段时间,你的身体就会被剥夺重要的营养物 质,你会变得营养不良。 提示:健康、均衡的饮食的关键是适当的减肥。跟你的医生谈谈膳食补充剂(补充 物)如果你关心你得到的营养。 标题:4 原因时尚饮食对你有害 简介:虽然快速减肥计划听起来像一个好项目,时尚的饮食习惯会对你的健康造成 损害。 原因提示 1。你会感觉脱水

●大部分的重量你体重迅速下降往往是水,导致快速脱水。 ●如果你的身体被迫减肥吗?不自然,你就会有严重的健康问题。 ●避免暴饮暴食, 保持水分,餐前喝一到两杯水。 ●如果你每天锻炼,一定要提高水的摄入量。它可以抵消水从出汗而失去工作。 2。你会很快就厌倦了 如果你快或吃不到,你会感觉很累的一天因为缺乏热量。每天吃小餐,所以你提供 更多的能量以健康的方式减肥。 3。你可以得到严重的消化问题 实际上,如果你过于迅速减肥,你会患腹泻或脱水。确保你有一个饮食含有大量的 纤维。 4。你会遭受营养不良

如果时尚饮食限制你的身体正常的卡路里摄入量很长一段时间 ,你会吗? 营养不 良。●一个健康,均衡的饮食是减肥的关键。 ●请咨询你的医生或药剂师关于膳食补充剂,如果必要的话。



第一步:审题: 审题是否清楚是一篇书面表达成功与否的关键所在,在整个写作过程中起着决定性 作用。审好题会让我们做到“磨刀不误砍柴工”,审题时要做到以下几点: (1)审要求:书面表达试题一般都由“情景”和“要求”两部分构成。“情景”中 包括所写材料的目的、对象、时间、地点、内容等,一般在书面表达题的前半部分;

而“要求”一般在书面表达的后半部分,以“注意”形式给出,实际上是对考生提 出的要求。因而考生对于题目所提供的说明,应认真分析、反复推敲,搞清提出的 内容要求,抓住所要表达的信息点。 (2)审文体:高考书面表达的体裁一般有三 大类:记叙文、说明文和应用文,具体形式有便条,日记,通知,书信,人物、事 情、情景故事的描写,看图说话,缩写,扩写,改写等。审题时要审清文体,注意 格式上的不同,避免出错。 (3)审人称:审查书面表达题干中隐含的读者对象和撰写人,即搞清楚此篇文章是 “由谁写给谁” 的。 写稿人是谁一般都已明确指出, 给出形式假设环境中的 “某人” , 如“假设你是李华”,写作时即用第一人称“我”,即李华。而读者对象有时没有 明示,要考生自己去进行判断。 (4) 审时态: 根据情景判断短文需要的主体时态, 即搞清楚要写的是什么时候的事, 过去的就用过去时。比如日记,是叙述过去发生的事情,自然用过去时;通知多用 将来时。

第二步:抓中心,列要点,列出写作提纲: 写作文时,一定要切题,抓住中心,紧扣要点。不要任意发挥,画蛇添足,也不要 丢三落四,要点不全。通过对众多提示或图画、图表的观察和分析,获取与写作内 容有关的主要信息,并按一定的逻辑顺序排列起来,找出最密切相关的要点,列出 写作提纲。

第三步:选词组句: 在体裁明确、中心突出、要点清晰的前提下,应该选择自己最熟悉、最有把握的词

语、句型,将要点逐条表达出来。表达时应该综合运用所掌握的知识,避开生僻的 词汇,并克服母语的干扰,按照英语的习惯方式,用地道的英语表达出来,力求做 到语言准确无误。

第四步:连句成篇: 根据要点选词组句,然后按照篇章结构连句成篇。在这一过程中要注意选择恰当的 表示并列、递进、因果或转折意义的过渡词,把所有要点、句子连接起来,使句与 句意思连贯,结构衔接,力求准确生动、条理清楚。

第五步:复查纠错: 通读全文,检查内容是否符合要求,要点是否齐全,格式是否正确,词数是否合乎 要求。 最主要的是要检查句子是否符合英语习惯, 句型是否正确, 语法是否正确 (包 括句子结构、时态、语态、主谓一致等),检查单词是否误写、少写,习语搭配是 否得当等,以及字母大小写、标点符号是否正确等,这就要求考生在定稿认真检查, 仔细核对,及时发现并改正问题,保证要点齐全,句子完整通顺,力争减少失误。

第六步:书写规范,卷面整洁: 书面表达不仅反映在表达内容上,也反映在书面形式上。一定要注意单词拼写正确, 书写规范,字迹工整,卷面力求整洁,正确使用标点符号,使别人看起来耳目一新, 具有整体美感,从而提高自己的得分档次。

One possible version: Why are more and more children getting short-sighted? It is reported that the rate of myopia of Chinese students is ranked as th e highest in the world. The causes of myopia are complicated. Firstly, too much homework leads to t he lack of time for exercise and a good sleep. Long time of studying makes i t difficult to refresh eyesight. Secondly, medical research shows genetic factor s also contribute to poor eyesight. In addition, many students don’t form go od eye care habits. For example, when reading, some students hold books to o close to their eyes. Realizing the reasons of this result, it’s time for us to take measures to protect eyesight. I think the most important is to encourage students to enga ge in more outdoor activities and create a vision-friendly studying environme nt.

一个可能的版本: 为什么越来越多的孩子变得目光短浅? 据报道,中国学生的近视率排名为世界上最高的。 近视的原因很复杂。 首先,作业太多导致没有时间运动和好好睡一觉。 长时间的学习很难刷新的视力。 其次,医学研究表明,遗传因素也导致 视力不佳。另外,许多学生不形成良好的眼保健习惯。例如,当阅读, 一些学生持有书太靠近他们的眼睛。 实现这一结果的原因,是时候,我们采取措施保护视力。 我认为最重要 的是鼓励学生参加更多的户外活动和创建一个 vision-friendly 学


英语暑假作业(5) 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选 出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 Last week, I was out getting the mail outside my house. Suddenly, I noticed a dog crossing the street that looked quite could neighbor familiar recognize lost . I went near the dog to see if I it. four Interestingly, when I got close years ago. I called out

to the dog, I realized that it was the same dog that my my children to make sure whether the dog was the neighour’ carefully , they were all

s. After exa lost mining the dog the neighbor from the last finding day looking

sure that it was the neighour’s. However, a few months ago, moved away , but that was not going to stop me them! I for all remembered of the they moved to with their

Minnesota, the other side of the country. I spent the rest of people name in the Minnesota area. Imagine the big amount starting to give up hope, I called believe it; it was them!

of work! At last when I was In a(n) excited

the last number. I couldn’t

voice, I told them how I found their dog meet told me money with their dog and God has heard . I thanked them

that went missing 4 years ago. They thought it was unbelievable, too. They flew down to Florida to were their really shocked .They wish and offered me some

and said no debt (债).

although I really needed it to settle the huge Seeing the happy faces of them with their dog

made me very happy, too!

到狗过马路,看上去相当熟悉。我去附近的狗,看看我能认出它。有趣的是,当我接近了那只狗 时,我意识到这是相同的狗,我的邻居失去了四年前。 我打电话给了我的孩子,以确保狗是否真 面目的。在穰失去仔细挖掘狗,他们都肯定了真面目的。然而,几个月前,你的邻居搬走了,但 这不会阻止我找到他们!我记得他们搬到明尼苏达州,另一边的国家。我花了一天的休息寻找 所有的人与他们的姓在明尼苏达地区。想象一下大数量的工作!最后我开始放弃希望的时候, 我叫最后一个号码。我简直不敢相信,这是他们!(n)兴奋的声音,我告诉他们我是如何发现他 们的狗失踪 4 年前。他们也认为这是难以置信的。他们飞到佛罗里达会见他们的狗和真的 震惊了。他们告诉我上帝已经听到他们的愿望,给了我一些钱。我感谢他们,说没有虽然我真 正需要解决巨额债务(债)。看到开心的面孔与他们的狗让我非常快乐,!

阅读理解: A
When I was sixteen years old,I made my first visit to the United States.It wasn't the first time I had been abroad.Like most English children,I learned French at school.And I had often been to France,so I was used to (习惯于) speaking a foreign language to people who didn't understand French.But when I went to America I was really looking forward to having a nice easy holiday without any language problem. How wrong I was!The misunderstanding began at the airport.I was looking for a public telephone to give my American friend Danny a call and tell her that I had arrived.A friendly old man saw me looking lost and asked if he could help me. "Yes",I said,"I want to give my friend a ring." "Well,that's nice," he said,"Are you getting married?But aren't you a bit young?" "Who is talking about marriage?" I replied."I only want to give my friend a ring to tell her I've arrived.Can you tell me where there is a phone box?" "Oh," he said,"There is a phone downstairs."

When at last we met,Danny explained the misunderstanding to me. "Don't worry," he said to me."I had so many difficulties at first.There are lots of words which American use differently in meaning from British.You'll soon get used to all the funny things they say.Most of the time,British and American people understand each other!" 57.The writer wanted to ___ B _____. A.buy a ring for his friend B.make a call to his friend e his friend off

C.go to the telephone company

58.In the last paragraph the word "they" refers to___ B _____. ] A.the old man and the boy B. Americans C.the British D.the French 当我
十六岁的时候,我第一次来美国。这不是我第一次在国外。最喜欢英语的孩子,在学校我学会 了法语。 和我经常去过法国,所以我习惯了(习惯于)讲外语的人不懂法语。 但是当我去了美国 我真的很期待有一个好的简单的假期没有任何语言问题。 我是大错特错!在机场的误解开始。我正在寻找一个公共电话给我的美国朋友丹尼打电话,告 诉她我已经到来。友好的老人看见我失去了,问他是否能帮我。 “是的,”我说,“我想给我的朋友打个电话。” “嗯,这很好,”他说,“你结婚了吗?但你不年轻一点吗?” “是谁在谈论婚姻?”我回答说。“我只是想给我的朋友打个电话告诉她我 来了。你能告诉我哪里有电话亭吗?” “哦,”他说,“有一个电话在楼下。” 当我们终于遇见,丹尼解释了误会我。 “别担心,”他对我说。“我有那么多的困难。有很多单词从英国美国使用不同的意义。你很快 就会习惯所有的有趣的事情。大多数时候,英国和美国的人们相互理解!” 57。作者想要___ _____。 一。买一个戒指给他的朋友。打电话给他的朋友 C。去电话公司 e 朋友送行 58 岁。在最后一段“他们”这个词是指 to___ B _____。 ]。老人和美国男孩 b . C。英国的 D。法国

During my first day at senior high school, I met my new teacher. She looked at me and said, “I am happy to have an international student in my class.” I was very excited.

One day, I came to the class about three minutes late, and she told me to write my name on a piece of paper and, beside it, the word “late”. In that way she could know I was late for the first time. At first, I was embarrassed and angry. Then I did not complain because she taught me an important lesson: time is very valuable. I learned another important lesson during one of my classes — the day of the first exam. After I finished my exam, I did not review my answers because it was the end of the exam time. One week later, she returned my exam paper. I found that one of my answers was wrong. Even though the only choices were A, B and C, I chose D instead of C. I tried to explain my mistake to her, “I marked D though I knew C was the right answer.” However, she refused my request and told me, “I do believe you, but I am not going to forgive your mistake. This will encourage you to be more careful before you turn your papers in.” I was not expecting that from her, but she was completely right. 59. The teacher told the writer to write his name to A. force him to work hard C. make him angry B. test his writing style .


D. tell him the importance of time

60. Why did the writer choose D instead of C?


A. D was the right answer. B. The exam time was short. C. It was just an accident. D. He didn’t know the right answer. 61. The writer thought the teacher’s attitude to his request was A. rude B. bad C. unexpected D. wrong 62. What’s the writer’s purpose in writing this passage? .



A. To praise his teacher very highly. B. To show how strict his teacher was. C. To tell us to be careful in exams. D. To tell his experience of studying abroad. 我在高中的第一天,我认识了我的新老
师。她看着我,说:“我很高兴有一个国际学生在我的类。“我很兴奋。 有一天,我来到了类大约三分钟,她告诉我要把我的名字写在一张纸上,在它旁边,“晚”这个词。 这样她可以知道我第一次迟到了。起初,我感到尴尬和愤怒。然后,我没有抱怨,因为她教会了 我一个重要的教训:时间是非常宝贵的。

我学会了在我的一个类的另一个重要教训,第一次考试的日子。之后我完成了我的考试,我没 有检查我的答案,因为它是考试的结束时间。一个星期后,她返回我的试卷。我发现我的一个 答案是错误的。即使只有选择 A,B 和 C,我选择 D 代替 C .我试着向她解释我的错误,“我标记 D 虽然我知道 C 是正确的答案。 “然而,她拒绝了我的请求,并告诉我,“我相信你,但我不会原谅 你的错误。这将鼓励你更小心在你把你的论文。“我不希望从她的,但她是完全正确的。 59。老师告诉作者写他的名字。维 答:迫使他努力工作考验他的写作风格 c .让他愤怒 d .告诉他时间的重要性 60 岁。为什么作者选择 D 代替 C ?C a D 是正确的答案。考试时间很短。 这只是一个意外。d .他不知道正确的答案。 61 年。作者认为对他的请求老师的态度。C a .粗鲁的坏 c .意想不到的 d .错 62 年。作者写这篇文章的目的是什么?一个 答:高度赞扬他的老师。 b 显示他的老师是多么的严格。 告诉我们在考试中要小心。 d .告诉他出国留学的经验。

Read the advertisements carefully and answer the following questions. Cosmos Hotel Cosmos Hotel is in the center of Chicago. It is fifty minutes’ drive to the international Chicago airport. It offers a choice of 200 rooms: single, double and twin rooms, as well as two-room apartments and three-room apartments. Cosmos Hotel can host meetings, lunches, dinners and private receptions (接待). Jolly Alon Hotel Jolly Alon Hotel, one of the best five-star hotels in Chicago, is glad to welcome you and offers you warm hospitality. All the rooms are designed in an ancient style. It is the best choice for those who look for a happy and comfortable life. The distance from the international Chicago airport is 30 km. Zimbru Hotel Zimbru Hotel is situated in the southeast of Chicago. It is designed in European

style. It is a good choice for business and sports. It has three football fields, three tennis courts and you can play with your partners. It is an hour’s drive from the international Chicago airport. Arus Hotel Arus Hotel was opened in October 2007. It is a two-star hotel with single and two-bed rooms. The hotel is near a public green space — the Rose Valley. It’s within walking distance of the international Chicago airport. And we are staying in a quiet, comfortable place where you can have a good rest. 63. Which hotel is the closest to the international Chicago airport? A. Cosmos Hotel. B. Jolly Alon Hotel. C. Zimbru Hotel. D. Arus Hotel. 64. What does the underlined word “hospitality” mean? A. Being helpful to friends. B. Being friendly to visitors. C. Being honest with friends. D. Being careful with everyone. 65. Which of the following would most probably choose Cosmos Hotel? A. A professor who plans to hold a lecture. B. A college student who is preparing for his exam. C. A sports fan who wants to practice playing football. D. A rich man who wants to do business with foreigners. 66. We may read this article in A. a newspaper C. a science report
宇宙的酒店 宇宙酒店是在芝加哥的中心。它是芝加哥国际机场 50 分钟车程。它提供了一个 200 间客房 的选择:单、双和双室,以及两居室公寓和三房的公寓。宇宙酒店可以主持会议,午餐、晚餐和 私人招待会(接待)。 欢乐的阿龙酒店 欢乐的阿龙酒店,最好的五星级酒店在芝加哥,很高兴欢迎你并提供热情好客。所有的房间都 在一个古老的设计风格。 这是最好的选择对于那些寻找一个快乐和舒适的生活。 芝加哥国际 机场 30 公里的距离。





B. a storybook D. a sports magazine 仔细阅读广告,回答下列问题。

Zimbru 酒店 Zimbru 酒店位于芝加哥的东南部。它的目的是在欧洲风格。为商业和运动,这是一个不错的 选择。它有三个足球场,网球场和三个你可以玩你的合作伙伴。这是一个小时的车程从芝加 哥国际机场。 阿鲁酒店 阿鲁酒店是在 2007 年 10 月开业。这是一个中等的酒店与单和两间客房。附近的酒店是一 个公共绿地,玫瑰山谷。这是在步行距离芝加哥国际机场。我们住在一个安静的、舒适的地 方,你可以好好休息一下。 63 年。哪个酒店离芝加哥国际机场?维 答:宇宙酒店。b .快活阿龙酒店。 c . Zimbru 酒店。d· 阿鲁酒店。 64 年。下划线的词“好客”是什么意思?B 答:有帮助的朋友。b .友好的游客。 诚实与朋友。 d .注意每一个人。 65 年。下列哪个宇宙很可能会选择酒店?一个 答:一个教授计划举办讲座。 b .大学生正在准备他的考试。 c .体育球迷谁想练习踢足球。 d .有钱人谁想与外国人做生意。 66 年。我们可以阅读这篇文章。一个 答:报纸 b .故事书 d . c .科学报告一本体育杂志

The white swan (天鹅) is the most beautiful bird in the world. They are mostly quiet through their life. They float quietly on the water, unable to sing sweet songs like most other birds. In ancient times, however, people believed that the swan was given a special gift of singing at the end of its life. The ancient Greek philosopher (哲学家) Socrates talked of this 2,300 years ago. Socrates explained that the swan was singing because it was happy and the bird was happy because it was going to serve the Greek god Apollo. And the expression swan song has long been a part of the English language. At

first, swan song meant the last work of a poet, musician or writer. Now, it means the final effort of any person. Someone’s swan song usually is also considered that person’s finest work. Another expression with a similar meaning is the last hurrah. It may be used to describe a person’s final attempt to win the votes (投票). The last hurrah also can mean the last act of a politician. Writer Edwin O’Connor made the expression popular in 1956. He wrote a book about the final years in his life of a long-time mayor of Boston, Massachusetts. He called his book The Last Hurrah. Some language experts say the expression came from a name given to noisy supporters of Andrew Jackson, America’s seventh president. They cheered hurrah so loudly for Andrew Jackson that they became known as the hurrah boys. 67. In ancient times, people thought a swan A. was looked after by the Greek god Apollo B. began to sing only when it was very glad C. would be given a gift by people when it died D. sang a most beautiful song before it died 68. If a musician says “this is my swan song”, he means A. it is his best work B. he likes the swan best C. it is his first work D. he likes to listen to music 69. The phrase “the last hurrah” was widely known because of A. Socrates B. Edwin O’Connor C. Andrew Jackson D. the Greek god Apollo 70. What’s the writer’s purpose in writing this passage? D To explain why swans keep quiet all their life. B. To tell a story of American president Jackson. C. To request people to take care of swans. D. To introduce two interesting English expressions.
白天鹅(天鹅)是世界上最漂亮的鸟。他们通过他们的生活大多是安静的。他们静静地浮在水 面上,无法像大多数其他鸟类一样唱出甜美的歌声。





然而,在古代,人们相信天鹅是给定一个特别的礼物唱最后的生活。古希腊哲学家(哲学 家)2300 年前苏格拉底谈到这个。苏格拉底解释说,天鹅是唱歌,因为它是快乐的,这只鸟是快 乐的,因为它将为希腊神阿波罗。 天鹅之歌和表达一直是英语语言的一部分。起初,绝笔意味着最后一个诗人的作品,音乐家或 作家。现在,这意味着任何人的最后努力。某人的绝笔通常也被认为是人的最好的工作。 另一个表达类似的意思是最后的努力。它可以用来描述一个人的最后尝试赢得选票(投票)。 最后的努力也可能意味着一个政治家的最后行动。 作家埃德温· 奥康纳在 1956 年使表达受欢迎。他写了一本关于他生命的最后几年长期市长 波士顿,马萨诸塞州。他给他的书最后的努力。 一些语言专家说这个表达来自一个名字给安德鲁?杰克逊的狂热支持者,美国第 7 任总统。他 们大声欢呼,安德鲁· 杰克逊,他们被称为“欢呼男孩。 67 年。在古代,人们认为天鹅。维 答:是希腊神阿波罗 b 只开始唱歌时很高兴 c 的人将获得一份礼物的时候死了 d .唱了一首最美丽的歌曲之前死亡 68 年。如果一个音乐家说“这是我的天鹅之歌”,他的意思。 答:这是他最好的作品。他最喜欢天鹅 d . c .这是他的第一部作品他喜欢听音乐 69 年。“最后的狂欢”是众所周知的,因为 B。 答:苏格拉底埃德温· 奥康纳 c· 安德鲁· 杰克逊· d· 希腊神阿波罗 70 年。作者写这篇文章的目的是什么?维 答:解释为什么他们所有的天鹅保持安静的生活。 b .告诉美国总统杰克逊的故事。 c .请求人们照顾天鹅。 d .介绍两个有趣的英语表达。


假设你应邀参加学校组织的“英语学习师生座谈会”,请你根据下表所提示的信息,用英语 写一篇发言稿,简单介绍自己英语学习的情况,并对学校今后的英语教学提出建议。

注意: 1. 对所给要点逐一陈述,适当发挥,不要简单翻译。 2. 词数 150 左右。开头和结尾已经写好,不计人总词数。 3. 文中不得提及考生所在学校和本人姓名。 Dear teacher and schoolmates, it's a great pleasure for me to be today and share my experience of learning English with you. __________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ __________ _______________________________________________________________________________ __________ Thank you for listening.

I'm interested in English and hope to be an interpreter in the future. Naturally it's very important for me to learn English well. As everybody knows vocabulary is an important part of language, just like bricks in a building. I usually memorize twenty new words a day and put them to use whenever possible.After class, I often listen to English programs on TV and on the radio. Besides, I've learned a lot from the Internet and other sources. Now I'd like to make some suggestions on English teaching and learning in our school. Firstly, we should be given more opportunities to use what we've learned in order to have a better grasp of it. Secondly, I hope our teachers can recommend

more interesting books and magazines and give us more free time to read them. Finally, I suggest we have more English activities,such as English contests and festivals.
三、 英语作文 We often eat out,and we usually order more food than we need.Finally we can see a lot of food is left at the end of the meal.It was a great waste . Each year ,we wonder how much food we waste.Don't you feel pity when you see so many leftovers? So ,from now on,we must learn to save all the time.How can we save at table?We are supposed to eat up all the food on the dinner at table.If we can't eat them up,we should take them home with us. 我 们经常出去吃,我们通常比我们需要订购更多的食物。最后我们可以看到很多食 物是年底离开。这是一个巨大的浪费。每年,我们想知道我们浪费多少食物。你 不觉得遗憾当你看到这么多剩菜?所以,从现在开始,我们必须学会节约。我们怎 样才能拯救餐桌吗?我们应该吃晚餐桌上所有的食物。 如果我们不能吃它们,我们 应该把他们带回家。
As is known to all, waste has become a more and more serious problem. We can easily see many persons dump a lot of food in the garbage can. Some persons spend thousands of yuan buying fashionable clothes and so on. The negative effects of waste can be shown in the following aspects. In the first place, it makes some students dependent on their parents for money, which is harmful to their development. If they don’t learn to support themselves, they will be “useless people” when they graduate. In the second place, it is not easy for our parents to arrange for our schooling. Last but not the least important, there is no denying the fact that our country is still poor. There are many people who cannot go to university and many poor people still need our help. As far as I am concerned, I should set a good example to reduce waste on social. First of all, I will refrain from wasting anything, from food to stationery. What’s more, I’m determined to call on more schoolmates to fight against waste. Only through these measures can we hope to reduce waste 众所周知,浪费已成为一个越来越严重的问题。我们可以很容易地看到许多人倾倒大量的食物在垃圾桶里。 一些人花几千元买时髦的衣服等等。浪费的负面影响可以体现在以下方面。首先,它使一些学生依赖他们的 父母要钱,这是有害于他们的发展。如果他们不学会养活自己,他们将“无用的人”,当他们毕业。第二,它是 我们的父母不容易安排我们上学。 最后但并非最不重要,不可否认的事实,我们的国家依然贫穷。 有很多人不 能上大学,许多穷人仍然需要我们的帮助。就我而言,我应该减少浪费在社会树立一个好榜样。首先,我将避 免浪费任何东西,从食品到文具。更重要的是,我决心呼吁更多的同学反对浪费。只有通过这些措施,我们才 能减少浪费

阅读理解 C


国际排球联合会的管理机构是排球比赛和 arg 国际联合会。 排球的比赛始于 1895 年,是由威廉· g· 摩根发明他的斯普林菲尔德大学毕业的基督教青年会 (YMCA)。 起初,排球被任命为 Mintonette 和摩根这个词换成排球工作时作为一个教练在基督教青年 会。 第一个排球比赛是在摩根 July7 学院,1896。 起初在排球比赛中,任何数量的球员被允许玩和法院的大小是 25 * 50 英尺。每一场比赛有 9 局(回合)和 3 服务(发球)每小组被允许。如果服务网络,它导致损失。一套新的规则在 1900 年被 A.E.Day 发表。25 分的规则改变了 21 分。 排球很快蔓延到许多国家与基督教青年会的援助之手。排球是古巴的一名军官。Agusto,服 用公园 Caribbeam 战争,虽然它被带到东京 Hyozo Omori,毕业。 马克斯 Exner 和霍华德 Crokner 给中国带来了排球。在马尼拉,游戏介绍了由基督教青年会 导演埃尔伍德棕色。 国际排球联合会(FIVB)成立于 1947 年。排球是首次引入作为奥林匹克运动在 1964 年在日 本东京奥运会。 第一个胜利我们男人和女人发生在 1984 年的洛杉矶奥运会。女性的职业排球协会(WPVA) 成立促进排球的发展在 1986 年女性。 63 年。根据短文,摩根。 一。大学时是一个优秀的篮球运动员吗 B。大学时是非常喜欢运动吗 C。从未在基督教青年会任教员 D。赢得了第一 July7 排球比赛,1896 年 64 年。当人们在排球比赛时,他们应该尝试。 一。避免触及球网 B。了其他球员 C。尽量把球扔 D。把球扔尽可能高 65 年。以下哪一个是正确的根据这一段吗? 一。排球是其发明者的名字命名的。 B。排球是最受欢迎的游戏在美国。 C。排球的重要性在美国是首屈一指的。 D。排球在奥运会在成为一个事件。 66 年。一篇文章的主要目的是告诉我们。 一。谁发明了排球的比赛吗 B。一些关于排球的历史 C。排球的比赛如何在世界各地传播。


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