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词汇book3 unit1

Unit 1 Festivals around the world
1. beauty n 1. [U]美;美麗 : the beauty of the sunset/of poetry/of his singing 落日╱詩作╱他的歌聲之美 a woman of great beauty 大美人 beauty products/ treatment (= intended to make a person more beautiful) 美容產品;美容 2. [C] 美人;美好的東西 : She had been a beauty in her day. 她年輕時是個美人。 3. [C]極好的榜樣;典型的例子 : That last goal was a beauty! 最後進的一球真絕 4. [C]好處;優點 advantage : One of the beauties of living here is that it's so peaceful. 在這裏生活的好處之一是安寧。 Idm beauty is in the eye of the 'beholder 情人眼裏出西施;對美的判別因人而異 beauty is only skin-'deep 美貌不過一張皮;貌美不如心靈美 2. harvest n 1. [C, U]收穫季節;收割;收穫 : harvest time 收穫季節 Farmers are extremely busy during the harvest. 農民在收穫季節裏十分忙碌。 2.[C]收成;收穫量 : the grain harvest 穀物的收成 a good/ bad harvest 豐收;歉收 The appeal produced a rich harvest of blankets, medicines and clothing. 呼籲的成果頗豐,收到了大批毛毯、藥物和衣服 V [V VN]收割(莊稼) ;捕獵(動物、魚) [VN] (medical 醫) 採集(人體的細胞或組織,以供醫學實驗等) : 3. starve v 1 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.pr] (使人或动物)挨饿, 饿死 Thousands of cattle are starving. 成千上万的牛正在挨饿. starve to death 饿死 She's starving herself to try to lose weight. 她正在用节食的办法减轻体重. What's for dinner? I'm starving! 晚饭吃什麽? 我饿极了! 2 [Ipr, Tn.pr usu passive 通常用於被动语态] ~ for sth; ~ sb of sth 使某人)得不到某事物而受苦或渴望获得某事物; 缺乏 children starving for/starved of affection 渴望受人疼爱的孩子 Industry is being starved of technical expertise. 工业界技术力量匮乏. 4 (phr v) starve sb into sth/doing sth force sb to do sth by not allowing him to get food 使某 人挨饿以迫其做某事 starved into surrender/surrendering 饿得只好投降. starve sb out (of sth)将某人饿得从隐藏处出来 It took 8 days to starve them out (of the building). 用了 8 天时间才把他们饿得(从那座建筑物 里)出来了.


4. origin n 1 [C, U]起点; 开端; 来源 the origins of life on earth 地球上生命的起源 words of Latin origin 拉丁语源的词 he origins of the custom are unknown. 该风俗起源不详. 2 [C esp pl 尤作复数] 血统; 背景; 出身 He never forgot his humble origins. 他从未忘记过自己出身卑微. 5. religious adj 1 [attrib 作定语] of religion 宗教的; 宗教上的 religious worship, belief, faith 宗教礼拜、 信仰 a religious service 宗教仪式. 2 (of a person) believing in and practising a religion; devout (指人)笃信宗教的, 虔诚的. 3. (fig 比喻) scrupulous or conscientious 审慎的; 认真的 pay religious attention to detail 对细节一丝不苟 be religious in one's observance of protocol 十分讲究礼节. 6. trick n 1.詭計;花招;騙局;把戲 : They had to think of a trick to get past the guards. 他們只好想出個計謀騙過崗哨。 The kids are always playing tricks on their teacher. 孩子們經常耍些花招戲弄老師。 2. 引起錯覺(或記憶紊亂)的事物 : One of the problems of old age is that your memory can start to play tricks on you. 老年人的問題之一是記憶可能紊亂起來。 Was there somebody standing there or was it a trick of the light ? 是真的有人站在那兒還是光線引起的錯覺? 3. [usually sing.] 技巧;訣竅;竅門 : The trick is to pick the animal up by the back of its neck. 竅門在於抓住動物的後脖頸把它提起來。 He used the old trick of attacking in order to defend himself. 他採用了以攻為守的老招數。 Idm a bag/ box of 'tricks 一套措施;全部法宝 be up to your (old) 'tricks 故技重演;耍老花招 do the 'trick 奏效;起作用;達到目的 : I don't know what it was that did the trick, but I am definitely feeling much better. 我不知道是什麼起的作用,但是我確實覺得好多了。 every trick in the 'book 無所不用;渾身解數 : He'll try every trick in the book to stop you from winning. 他將使盡渾身解數阻止你取勝。 trick or 'treat 是請吃糖,還是想遭殃 vt [VN]欺騙;欺詐 : I'd been tricked and I felt stupid. 我被人騙了,覺得自己真傻。 He managed to trick his way past the security guards. 他想方設法騙過保安員走了。 trick sb 'into sth/into doing sth 誘使某人做某事 : He tricked me into lending him ? 100. 他騙我借給了他 100 英鎊。


trick sb 'out of sth 從某人處騙走某物 : She was tricked out of her life savings. 她被騙走了一生的積蓄。 trick sb/ sth'out (in/ with sth) (literary) 打扮(或裝飾)得引人注目 7. gain 1. 獲得;贏得;博得;取得 : [VN] to gain entrance/ entry/ access to sth 得以進入╱接近某物 The country gained its independence two years ago. 這個國家十年前就贏得了獨立。 The party gained over 50% of the vote. 該黨獲得超過 50% 的選票。 [VNN] Her unusual talent gained her worldwide recognition. 她非凡的才能舉世公認 2. ~ (sth) (by/ from sth) (從…中)受益,獲益;得到(好處) : [VN] There is nothing to be gained from delaying the decision. 推遲決定得不到任何好處。 ? [V] Who stands to gain from this decision? 誰會從這一決定中受益呢? 3. [VN] 增加;增添;增進;增長 : to gain confidence/ strength/ experience 增加信心╱力量╱經驗 I've gained weight recently. 最近我的體重增加了 4.(钟表)走得太快;快 : [VN] My watch gains ten minutes every 24 hours. 我的錶每 24 小時快兩分鐘 5. ~ (against sth) 增值;升值 : [VN] The shares gained 14p to 262p. 股價上升了 14 便士,到 262 便士。 [V] The euro gained against the dollar again today. 今天歐元兌換美元的匯率又上升了。 Idm gain 'ground 變得更強大(或更有成效、更成功) ;有進步;獲得進展 : Sterling continues to gain ground against the dollar. 英鎊對美元的比價繼續堅挺。 gain 'time (通過拖延)贏得時間 'gain in sth 增加;增長 : to gain in confidence 增加信心 His books have gained in popularity in recent years. 近年來他的書越來越受歡迎。 'gain on sb/ sth 接近,逼近(所追逐的人或物) N 1.[C, U] (尤指財富、重量的)增值,增加 Regular exercise helps prevent weight gain. 經常鍛煉有助於防止體重增加。 2.[C]好處;利益;改進 : efficiency gains 效率提高 These policies have resulted in great gains in public health. 這些政策使公共衞生得到極大改進。 Our loss is their gain. 我們之所失即他們之所得。 3. [U]利潤;經濟收益 : He only seems to be interested in personal gain. 他似乎只在乎個人的收益。 It's amazing what some people will do for gain. 有的人為一己之利而幹 出的事令人驚訝 8. independent adj 1 ~ (of sb/sth) 独立的; 自主的; 自立的 old enough to be independent of one's parents 年岁已大不必依赖父母 She never borrows anything; she's far too independent for that. 她从不向别人借东西, 她很有独立性. 2 ~ (of sb/sth) 不相关联的; 单独的; 独自的; 分开的

Two independent investigators have reached virtually the same conclusions. 两个调查人员各自做出的结论简直完全一致. 3 靠私人而非政府资助的; 私立的 independent television 私营电视台 the independent sector in education 私立的教育机构 independent schools 私立学校. 4. 未受有关的人影响的; 无偏见的,公正的 an independent witness, observer, etc 无偏见的证人、 观察者等 We demand an independent inquiry into the government's handling of the affair. 我们要求对政府处理该事的情况作独立的调查. independent, n (abbr 缩写 Ind) (politics 政)无党派的议员、 候选人等 stand as an independent 作为无党派候选人. Independence n[U] ~ (from sb/sth) 独立; 自主; 自立 young people who want independence from their parents 不想依赖父母的年轻人 independence celebrations 独立庆典(如新独立的国家的) Independence, Day 美国独立纪念日 (7 月 4 日, 美国国庆日, 纪念 1776 年脱离英国而独立 之日). 9. gather v 1 (a) [I, Ipr, Ip, Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] 聚集; 集合; 召集; 搜集;收集, 收拢(分散的东西 ~ round (sb/sth); ~ sb/sth round (sb/sth) ~ sth (together/up) A crowd soon gathered. 很快聚集起一群人. Gather round and listen, children! 孩子们, 围拢过来听我说! a musical evening with the whole family gathered round the piano 全家围在钢琴旁的音乐晚会. She gathered up her scattered belongings and left. 她把自己的散乱物品收好就走了. 2(a) [Tn, Tn.pr] 搜集, 采集(植物、 水果等) ;捡拾或收割(庄稼) ~ sth (from sth) ~ sth (in) gather flowers, berries, nuts, etc 采花、 浆果、 坚果等 gathering mushrooms in the fields 在野地采集蘑菇 The harvest has been safely gathered in. 庄稼已妥善收获完毕. 3 [Tn, Tn.pr, Tf] ~ sth (from sb/sth) 理解某事物; 得出结论 I gather you want to see the director. 我猜想你要见经理. She won't be coming.' `So I gather.' `她不来了.'`我也这麽看.' I gathered from the way she replied that she wasn't very enthusiastic. 从她的回答来看, 她并不十分热心. 4. [I, Tn] increase (sth) 增加(某事物) The darkness is gathering. 夜色渐浓. The car gathered speed. 汽车速度逐渐加快了. 5 (idm 习语) be gathered to one's `fathers die 死. 10.award n 1.[C] ~ (for sth) 獎;獎品;獎金;獎狀 :

to win/ receive/ get an award for sth 因某事贏得╱得到╱獲得獎項 He was nominated for the best actor award. 他獲得最佳演員獎提名。 an award presentation/ ceremony 頒獎;頒獎儀式 the Housing Design Award 住宅設計獎 2. [C](收入的)增加 : an annual pay award 年工資增加 3.[U](畢業證書等的)授予 : Satisfactory completion of the course will lead to the award of the Diploma of Social Work. 合格完成此課程者將獲得社會福利工作文憑。 4.[C] (BrE)獎學金;助學金 Award vt ~ (sb) sth | ~ sth (to sb) 授予;獎勵;判給 : [VN] He was awarded damages of ? 50 000. 他判得損害賠償金 5 萬英鎊。 [VN VNN] The judges awarded equal points to both finalists. 裁判判定決賽雙方得分相等。 The judges awarded both finalists equal points. 裁判判定決賽雙方得分相等。 11. ad?mire vt 1. ~ sb/ sth (for sth) | ~ sb (for doing sth) 欽佩;讚賞;仰慕 : I really admire your enthusiasm. 我確實欽佩你的熱情。 The school is widely admired for its excellent teaching. 這所學校教學優秀,遠近稱譽。 You have to admire the way he handled the situation. 你不得不佩服他處理這個局面的手段。 2. 欣賞 : He stood back to admire his handiwork. 他退後幾步欣賞他的手工製品。 ad?mir?ing adj.: She was used to receiving admiring glances from men. 她習慣了男人投來的讚賞目光。 ad?mir?ing?ly adv. 12. en?er?get?ic adj. 精力充沛的;充滿活力的;需要能量的;積極的 : He knew I was energetic and dynamic and would get things done. 他知道我精力充沛、生氣勃勃,會把事情辦成的。 an energetic supporter 熱情支持者 The heart responds well to energetic exercise. 心臟對劇烈運動反應良好。 en?er?get?ic?al?ly adv 13. cus?tom n 1.[C, U] ~ (of doing sth) 風俗;習俗 : an old/ ancient custom 舊的╱古老的習俗 the custom of giving presents at Christmas 在聖誕節贈送禮品的習俗 It's a local custom. 這是當地的風俗習慣。 It is the custom in that country for women to marry young. 女子早婚是那個國家的風俗。 2. [sing.] (formal or literary)(個人的)習慣,習性,慣常行為 habit, practice : It was her custom to rise early. 早起是她的習慣。 As was his custom, he knocked three times. 他敲了三下,這是他的習慣。 3. [U] (BrE, formal)(顧客對商店的)惠顧,光顧 :

Thank you for your custom. Please call again. 謝謝您的惠顧,請下次再來。 We've lost a lot of custom since prices went up. 自從價格上漲以來我們失去了很多主顧。 14. world?wide adj. [usually before noun] 影響全世界的;世界各地的 : an increase in worldwide sales 全球銷售額的增長 The story has attracted worldwide attention. 這件事已經引起了全世界的關注。 world?'wide adv.: We have 2 000 members worldwide. 我們在全世界有 2 000 名成員。 15.fool n 1. [C]蠢人;傻瓜 idiot : Don't be such a fool! 別這麼傻了! I felt a fool when I realized my mistake. 我意識到了自己的錯誤,覺得自己是個傻瓜。 2.[C] (in the past) a man employed by a king or queen to entertain people by telling jokes, singing songs, etc. (舊時國王或王后豢養供人娛樂的)小丑,弄臣 Idm act/ play the 'fool 裝傻,扮醜相(以逗人笑,但往往惹人惱怒) : Quit playing the fool and get some work done! 別再裝傻了,幹點實事吧! any fool can/ could... 任何人都能;容易得很 : Any fool could tell she was lying. 任何人都可以看出她在撒謊。 be no/ nobody's 'fool 精明機智;不易上當 : She's nobody's fool when it comes to dealing with difficult patients. 她對付難纏的病人很有辦法。 make a 'fool of sb 愚弄某人 : Can't you see she's making a fool of you? 難道你不明白她是在愚弄你? (there's) no fool like an 'old fool 糊塗莫過老糊塗;老糊塗最糊塗 Fool vt 1.[VN] ~ sb (into doing sth) 欺騙;愚弄 : She certainly had me fooled —I really believed her! 她確實把我騙了 —— 我真的相信了她的話! You don't fool me! 不要騙我! Don't be fooled into thinking they're going to change anything. 別上當受騙,以為他們打算作出任何改變。 2. [V] ~ (about/ around) 說蠢話,幹傻事(常為逗樂) : Stop fooling around and sit down! 別幹傻事了,坐下來! If you fool about with matches, you'll end up getting burned. 如果你擺弄火柴,最後可能燒到自己。 Idm you could have fooled 'me (表示不相信別人的話)休想騙我,說得像真的一樣 : 'I'm trying as hard as I can!' 'You could have fooled me!' "我要盡力而為!" "說得像真的似的! fool a'round (也作 fool about) 虚度光阴 fool adj 傻的,愚蠢的 16.permission n 1. [U] ~ (for sth) | ~ (for sb/ sth)准許;許可;批准 : You must ask permission for all major expenditure. 一切重大開支均須報請批准。 The school has been refused permission to expand. 學校擴充未得到許可。

No official permission has been given for the event to take place. 這項活動未得到正式批准,不能進行。 She took the car without permission. 她未經許可擅自使用了汽車。 2. [C, usually pl.] 許可證;書面許可 : The publisher is responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions to reproduce illustrations. 出版者負責申辦准予使用他人插圖的必要許可文件 Permit n 许可证,特许证 Vt permit (doing) sth Permit sb to do sth Permit sb sth 17. verb [V] ~ (to sb) (for sth)道歉;謝罪 : Why should I apologize? 我為什麼要道歉? Go and apologize to her. 去給她賠不是。 We apologize for the late departure of this flight. 本航班延誤離境,謹致歉意 Apology n 1.[C, U] ~ (to sb) (for sth)道歉;謝罪 : to offer/ make/ demand/ accept an apology 主動道歉;致歉;要求╱接受道歉 You owe him an apology for what you said. 你要為你所說的話向他道歉。 We received a letter of apology. 我們收到了一封道歉信。 2. [C, usually pl.](因不能赴會或提前離會的)致歉 : The meeting started with apologies 會議一開始就宣佈了請假缺席者的名單。 She made her apologies and left early. 她致歉後就提前離開了 make no a'pology/ a'pologies for sth (對某事)無可道歉,無錯可認 18. drown v/vt 1.(使)淹死,溺死 : [V] Two children drowned after falling into the river. 兩個孩子掉進河裏淹死了。 He had attempted to rescue the drowning man. 他曾試圖去救那個溺水的男人。 [VN] She tried to drown herself. 她試圖投水自殺。 He was drowned at sea. 他淹死在海裏。 2. [VN] ~ sth (in sth)浸透;淹沒;浸泡 drench : The fruit was drowned in cream. 水果在奶油裏泡過。 3. [VN] ~ sb/ sth (out) (of a sound 聲音) 壓過;蓋沒;淹沒 : She turned up the radio to drown out the noise from next door. 她開大了收音機的音量以壓過隔壁房間的吵鬧聲。 drown your 'fears/ 'loneliness/ 'sorrows 借酒壯膽╱解寂寞╱澆愁等 drown?ing noun [U, C] : death by drowning 溺水身亡 Alcohol plays a part in an estimated 30% of drownings. 大約有 30% 溺水是酒精作用所致。 19. obvious adj 1. ~ (to sb) (that...)明顯的;顯然的;易理解的 clear : It was obvious to everyone that the child had been badly treated.

人人一看便知,那個孩子受過虐待。 It's obvious from what she said that something is wrong. 根據她所說的,顯然是出問題了。 I know you don't like her but try not to make it so obvious. 我明白你不喜歡她,但是盡量別表露得那麼明顯。 For obvious reasons, I'd prefer not to give my name. 因為顯而易見的原因,我不願披露自己的姓名。 2.公認的;當然的 : She was the obvious choice for the job. 她是這一工作的當然人選。 There's no obvious solution to the problem. 這個問題尚無公認的.解決辦法。 3.太明顯的;意料之中(故無新意)的 : The ending was pretty obvious. 結尾十分平淡無奇。 I may be stating the obvious but without more money the project cannot survive. 我這話可能多餘,但是不投入更多資金,這個項目就難乎為繼。 ob?vi?ous?ness noun 20. wipe v/vt 1. ~ sth (on/ with sth)擦;拭;抹;揩;蹭 : [VN] Please wipe your feet on the mat. 請在墊子上蹭一蹭腳。 He wiped his hands on a clean towel. 他用一塊乾淨的手巾擦了擦雙手。 She was sniffing and wiping her eyes with a tissue. 她邊抽泣邊用手巾紙拭擦眼淚。 [VN-ADJ] He wiped his plate clean with a piece of bread. 他用一塊麪包把碟子擦乾淨 2. [VN] ~ sth (from/ off sth) | ~ sth (away/ off/ up)(用布、手等)擦乾淨,抹掉 : He wiped the sweat from his forehead. 他擦去額頭上的汗。 She wiped off her make-up. 她把化的妝擦掉了。 Use that cloth to wipe up the mess. 用那塊布把髒東西擦掉。 (figurative) Wipe that stupid smile off your face. 別那麼傻笑啦 3. [VN] ~ sth (off/off sth) 消除,抹去(計算機、磁帶或錄像機上的信息等) erase : You must have wiped off that programme I recorded. 你一定是把我錄製的節目給抹掉了。 Somebody had wiped all the tapes. 有人把所有磁帶上錄製的內容都抹掉了 4. [VN] ~ sth from sth | ~ sth out 抹去(舊事) erase : I tried to wipe the whole episode from my mind. 我設法把這整個經歷從心中抹掉。 You can never wipe out the past. 你永遠不能把過去一筆勾銷 Idm wipe sb/ sth off the face of the 'earth | wipe sth off the 'map 使…從地球上消失;徹底消除 wipe the slate 'clean 把以往過錯一筆勾銷;一消前愆;捐棄前嫌 wipe sth' down (用濕布)徹底揩擦乾淨 : She took a cloth and wiped down the kitchen table. 她拿了一塊布把廚房桌面擦得乾乾淨淨。 wipe 'out (尤指做滑雪或衝浪等體育運動時)跌倒,翻跌下來 wipe sb'out 使疲憊不堪 : All that travelling has wiped her out. 一路舟車辛勞讓她疲憊不堪。 wipe sb/ sth'out [often passive] 徹底消滅;全部摧毁 : Whole villages were wiped out by the earthquake. 地震把整座整座的村莊夷為平地


21. weep vt (wept, wept) 1. ~ (for/ with sth) | ~ (at/ over sth) (通常因悲傷)哭泣,流淚 : [V] She started to weep uncontrollably. 她不由自主地哭了起來。 He wept for joy. 他高興得流淚了。 I do not weep over his death. 他死了我也不哭。 I could have wept thinking about what I'd missed. 想到所失去的東西,我真想痛哭一場。 [VN] She wept bitter tears of disappointment. 她失望得痛哭流涕。 [V to inf] I wept to see him looking so sick. 看到他病成那個樣子我愴然淚下。 2. [V] (usually used in the progressive tenses 通常用於進行時) (傷口)流出,滲出(液體) : His legs were covered with weeping sores. 他的雙腿有多處紅腫流膿的傷口 weep noun [sing.]哭泣;落淚 : Sometimes you feel better for a good weep. 有時候你痛痛快快哭上一場就會覺得好受些。 22. re?mind re?mind verb ~ sb (about/ of sth) 提醒;使想起 : [VN] I'm sorry, I've forgotten your name. Can you remind me? 對不起,我忘了你的名字。提醒我一下好嗎? 'Don't forget the camera.' 'Remind me about it nearer the time.' " 別忘了帶相機。" "到時候再提醒我一下。" [VN to inf] Remind me to phone Alan before I go out. 提醒我在出去之前給艾倫打電話。 [VN (that)] Passengers are reminded (that) no smoking is allowed on this train. 旅客們請注意,本次列車禁止吸煙。 [VN wh-] Can someone remind me what I should do next? 誰能告訴我下一步該做什麼? re'mind sb of sb/ sth 使想起(類似的人、地方、事物等) : You remind me of your father when you say that. 你說這樣的話,使我想起了你的父親。 That smell reminds me of France. 這股氣味使我想起了法國。 23. forgive 1. ~ sb/ yourself (for sth/for doing sth) | ~ sb sth 原諒;寬恕 : [VN] I'll never forgive her for what she did. 我絕不會原諒她做的事。 I can't forgive that type of behaviour. 我不能寬恕那種行為。 [VNN] She'd forgive him anything. 她會原諒他的任何事。 2. ~ me (for doing sth) | ~ my... 對不起;請原諒 : [VN] Forgive me, but I don't see that any of this concerns me. 對不起,我就看不出這與我有啥關係。 Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly does the company do? 請原諒我的無知,這家公司到底是幹什麼的? [VN -ing] Forgive my interrupting but I really don't agree with that. 請原諒我打岔,不過我確實不同意那一點 3. (formal) (of a bank, country, etc. 銀行、國家等)免除(債務) : [VN] The government has agreed to forgive a large part of the debt. 政府同意免除一大部份債務。


sb could/ might be forgiven for doing sth 某人的做法雖錯卻是可以理解的 : Looking at the crowds out shopping, you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone has plenty of money. 見到人們成群結隊地外出購物,難怪你會以為人人都很富有。 forgive and for'get 不念舊惡;不記仇


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