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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister
重点短语: 1.the singing competition 唱歌比赛 2.be similar to 与……相像的/类似的 3.care about 关心;介意 4.be like a mirror 像一面镜子 5.as long as 只要;既然 6. bring out 使显现;使表现出 7. get better grades 取得更好的成绩 8.reach for 伸手取 9.in fact 事实上;实际上 10.the other 其 他的 11.touch one’s heart 感动某人 12.be talented in music 有音乐天赋 13.be good at 擅长…… be good with 善于与……相处 14.have fun doing sth.享受做某事的乐趣 15.play the drums 打鼓 16.primary school 小学 17.the one with shorter hair 头发较短的那个 18.call sb. at -语法聚焦:写出下列形容词的比较级。 funny thin small fast serious popular fat heavy outgoing 用所给词的适当形式填空.


1. My bike is ___ , but hers is _____ than mine .(new) 2. Which is _____ , this one or that one ?(nice) 3. My brother is ____ than my sister .(funny) 4. Li Ying is ____________ than Li Ping .(thin) 5. She is a little quiet than _______ .(I) 6. My room is much bigger than _______ .(she) 7. My mother is very _____ every day . And my father is even _______ than her .(busy) 8. This sweater is too big . Do you have a ____________ one ?(small)

讲一讲 1 1.Peter likes to do the same things as me. 彼得喜欢和我做一样的事情。 My best friend Larry is quite different from me. 我最好的朋友拉里和我很不一样。 (1)the same as...意为 “与··· ···相同” 。例如:My birthday is the same as Tom’s. 我的生日与汤姆的一样。 I have the same school bag as yours. 我有一个和你一样的书包。 (2)different from...意为“和··· ···不一样” ,是 the same as...的反义词组。 例如:Lucy is different from Lily. 露西与莉莉不一样。 [拓展] difference 意为“不同;不用之处” 可做可数名词,也可用作不可数名词。例如: , There is no difference between the twins. 那对双胞胎长得一模一样。

练一练 1
1. Life in the country is quite ____ that in the city. A. the same B. different from C. full of D.the same as 2. Is your pen _______ Jim’s? A.same as B.the same C.the same with 3. There is not much _______ (different) in price between the two coats. 4. 我的妹妹和我不一样。 My sister _______ _______ _______ me. 讲一讲 2 D.the same as

2.We both like sports. 我们两个都喜欢运动。They are both tall. 他们两个都高。 both 表示两者都, neither 表示两者都不。both of/neither of 表示“两者都/都不” 。例如: They both are students.= Both of them are students. 他们两个都是学生。 The girls both like English.=Both of the girls like English. 这两个女孩都喜欢英语。 Neither of them is a doctor. 他们两个都不是医生。

练一练 2
5. There are lots of colorful on ___ sides of the streets. 6. What are your parents? They Li Lei and Li Ming black hair. A.each B.both C.either D.all doctors. A.are all A.have both B.both have B.are both C.all are D.both are C.has both D.both has a doctor.

8.Both of them are doctors.( 改为否定句) _______ _______ them _______ 讲一讲 3 3.Huang Lei isn’t as good at tennis as Larry. 黄磊不如拉里擅长网球。

as...as 与··· ···一样 not as/so...as 不如··· 中间加形容词或副词的原级。例如: ··· He is as tall as Tom. 他跟汤姆一样高。She isn’t as outgoing as her sister. 她不如她的姐姐外向。

练一练 3 9. Jim is twelve years old. Tim is twelve years old, too.(合并为同义句) Jim is _______ _______ _______ Tim. 10. English is as easy as math.(改为否定句) English _______ _______ ______ ________ _______math.
11. Write _______ and try not to make any mistakes. A.as careful as possible B.more careful C.most careful 12. Do you think football is as ____ as basketball in America? A.most popular B.the most popular C.more popular D. popular D.as carefully as you can

13. This math problem is _______that one. A.not so easy as B.more easy than C.as easier as D.easy than 讲一讲 4
4.However,Larry is much less hard-working, so I always get better grades.然而,拉里不如我用功,因此我总是取得更好的成绩。 [拓展] 修饰比较级除了用 a little 外,还可用 even(甚至) ,far(非常) ,a lot(非常) ,a bit(一点)等。

练一练 4
14. This is my friend. He is outgoing than I am. A. much B.more much C.a little more D.a lot of more

15. She is _______ _______

_______(稍矮一点) than Tom. 讲一讲 5 我认为好朋友会使我笑。

5.I think a good friend makes me laugh.

make v. 制造;使;让。常用结构:make sb./ sth.+adj. 使/让某人/某事怎么样;make sb. do sth. 让某人做某 事。例如:Mother made a birthday cake for me.妈妈为我做了一个生日蛋糕。 The news makes everyone happy.这个消息使每个人都很快乐。 His mother made him finish the work alone.他妈妈让他一个人完成这项工作。 练一练 5 16. The boss makes the worker _______10 hours every day. A.work B.to work B.does C.working C.to do D.works D.doing
17. Mr Bean enjoys ____ jokes and often makes us ____. A.to tell; to laugh B.tells; laugh C.telling; laugh D.telling; laughing

18. His parents often make him _______ his homework till 10 pm.


19. 这个消息使每个人都很快乐。 The news _______everyone_______. 单元检测题 一、根据句意用所给单词的适当形式填空。 (20 分) 1.He is (funny) than the other students in his class. 2.The boy enjoys 3.He doesn’t like singing,but he is good at (dance) 4.Did you have fun
5.Nelly practiced (dance) a lot more than Lisa. 6.His mother often makes him

(swim) very much. (learn) something? (learn) English well.

(clean) his room on weekends.

7.Lisa practiced a lot more and wanted


8.It’s necessary for us (different).

9.He is (different) from his brother. They have some 10.I’m (good) at physics than my sister. 二、选择填空(50 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1.She is talented music but I am good sports. A.in, at



D.in,in D. cheapest

)2. Li Hua’s shoes are as _______ as Zhang Hui’s. A. cheap B. cheaper C. the cheaper )3..—Are you relaxing yourself here ? —Yes. It is _______to walk slowly along the river.

A. fantastic B. boring C. Bad D. terrible )4.It’s very important for him me laugh. A.to make B.making C.makes D.made )5. ____you don’t give up(放弃),your dreams will come true. A. As long as B. As soon as C. As well as D.As often as )6.She is similar A.as,as her mother. B.from,from A.to B.with D.from,as C.of D.in me. )7.I don’t really care if my friends are the same C.as,from me or different

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

)8.If you want to be a student helper,please call him )9.This is my friend. He is )10.Mr Bean enjoys A.to tell,to laugh less outgoing than I am.

443—5667. A.much



C.of C.more

D.on D.very

B.much more

jokes and often makes us . B.tells,laugh C.telling, laugh

D.telling, laughing

)11.Tara and her sister quiet and they sports. A.are both,both like B.are both, like both C.both are, both like D.both are,like both )12.If you want to be a student helper, you must be good children. A.at B.with C.for )13.
he is very young, he can do many things. A.Though,but B.Though,/ C./,though

D.in D./,/


)14.Tom can play

drums,but Sam can play





)15.Lily’s books are new than . A.we B.us C.our D.ours )16. —Have you seen the funny movie Let the Bullet Fly? —Yes,it made me ___________ many times. A. laugh B. cry C. Sleep D. sing )17. It’s important ___ us ___ _English well. A. of; learning B. for; to learn C. Of; to learn )18. Betty and Mary are in _________ school,but they are in __________ Classes. A. same;different B. same;the different C. the same; the different D. the same;different )19.—Let’s go shopping at the new mall. —Why not shop online? It’s ____. A. expensive B. more expensive C. Less expensive D. less cheapest )20. Now, some robots(机器人) are ____________ to do the same things ______ people. . A. enough smart;as B. enough smart;for C, smart enough;as D: smart enough;with )21. He is_______ outgoing student long hair.. A. a,with, B.an,with C.a,of D.an,of D.or; learning

)22. The fantastic music made the students______relaxed. A. feel B. feels C. felt D, to feel )23. Someone says“ Time is money. “But I think time is_________ important than Money. A. least B. Much C. even more D. much least )24. My friend likes singing and talking with others. But I often stay at home to watch TV. So my friend is________ than me. A. quieter B. more serious C. more outgoing A.has D. more wilder B.have C.with D.and

( )25,The girl shorter hair is Lisa. 三、阅读理解(10 分)

If you go to Beijing and Shanghai, you can see the same and the different points between them. In some ways they look the same, in some ways they look different. Both of them have tall buildings and wide streets, although some buildings in Shanghai are taller than in Beijing. They are both important in China. Beijing is the capital of China, there are more places of interest there, but Shanghai is the biggest city in China. Now they are becoming more and more important in China. ( ) 1. Some buildings in ____ are taller than in Beijing A. Shanghai B. Xi’an C. Tianjin D. Chongqing ( ( ) 2. Shanghai is the _____city in China. A. tallest B. biggest C. smallest D. busiest ) 3. The underlined word “point” means _______. A. 想法 B. 点 C. 内容 D. 主意

( ) 4. Beijing has more ______ than Shanghai. A. places of interest B. buildings C. wide streetsD. people ( ) 5. Which of the following statements is right according to the passage? A. Shanghai is the capital of China B. The buildings in Beijing are taller than in Shanghai C. Shanghai is the largest city in China. 四、书面表达(10 分) Age Zhang Wen Fu Yi 15 14 Height 1.73m 1.75m D. Shanghai has more places of interest.

假设你叫张雯,根据下面你和同班同学付怡的比较表,完成短文,每空一词。 Personality(性格) quiet outgoing English 115 118 Physics 117 116 The number of the books 65 60

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