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新视野大学英语第一册unit2 Deep Concern

?1. How do you feel about your life in the military academy as a freshman? ?2. Do you miss your family members, especially your parents? ?3. Have you ever quarreled with your parents?

? far from perfect, ? monotonous, (not diversified) ? mentally and physically exhausted ( fatigued)

? lonely, aspire to (long to) idle, desirable, free, comfortable. ? Treasure (value) deep affection for, depart from them.


Unit 2
Section A
Deep Concern


What’s the friction (conflicts) between the father and the son?

a big rock hardly concentrate and roll fan on … egotistic(self-centered) distract by the rebellious offensive music at the top of fed up with the speaker’s volume make one’s play the electronic Blood boil guitar to his heart’s teach…a lesson content

Definition of Generation Gap

Generation gap is a
popular term used to describe

wide distinction in cultural
norms between the younger

generation and their elders.

The term first came into prominence in the 1960s, and described the cultural differences between the Baby Boomers and their parents. During this era, distinction b e t w e e n t h e t w o generations grew significantly in comparison with previous times.


70后:基本都是工作狂。 (workaholic) ? 80后:拒绝加班!(refuse to work overtime) ? 90后:可不可以不上班?

? (Freelancer is desirable.)

80后:有些清高、自傲。(aloof, arrogant) 90后:有时把无知当个性。 ( be proud of ignorance)

? 70:工作+股票。 ? job+stock (share) 80:有英超、魔兽……
? English premier league, world of Warcraft

? 90后:QQ等级,微博 ? microblog

? 70后的家进门要脱鞋。 80后家进门不用脱鞋。 90后:我们上床睡觉都不脱鞋!

assets; property;

? 70后:我们有存款。 bank savings [deposit]; 80后:我们负债。 ? in debt 90后:我们有老爸!

Associate with
70后:结交有背景有地位的人。 (good background and in high rank) 80后:结交志趣相投的人。 Congenial (same) interests 90后:结交帅哥辣妹。 handsome boy , hot girl

What lead to this generation gap?
—This results from many aspects, such as… misunderstanding/different growing environment/different friends/new media exposure/parents’ stubborn ideas/kids’ free will

1.There is a skeleton in every house. (Thackeray, British novelist)
家家都有一本难念的经。(英国小说家 萨克 雷.W.M.)

2. We never know the love of the parent s until we become parents ourselves . (Henry Ward Beecher, American clergyman and orator). ? 不养儿不知父母恩(美国牧师、演说家 比 沏.H.W.)

? 3. It is a wise father that knows his own child. ? 知子莫如父。


I---I L---Love Y---You


Unit 2
Section A
Deep Concern


Can you find the Time Clues? ? 1. it was 6:15. (para 1) ? 2. After her shower (para. 6) ? 3. After Sandy had left for school. (para.21)

?The structure of the text

Part I
(Para. 1-4)

Main Idea
The conflict between Sandy and her father.

Writing strategy

dialogue narration sequential actions

Part II
(Para. 5)

Main Idea

Writing strategy

Sandy took a shower, which implies her annoyance and paves the way for the conflict with her mother.

description of sequential actions


Main Idea

Writing strategy

Sandy and her Part III mother were in a total disagreement over her ways (Para. 6-20) of eating, teeth-brushing, dressing, and makeup, etc.



Main Idea

Writing strategy

Sandy’s parents talked over their concerns about Sandy’s growth (Para. 21-28) and decided to have a talk with her.

Part IV

Narration dialogue


Main Idea

Writing strategy

Sandy’s mother Part V thought about Narration how to talk to (Para. 29) her daughter on her way to work.

Text Understanding

Text Study—Understanding

I. Understanding
The text shows us the generation gap between a daughter and her parents through their daily dialogues. Please find out their different attitudes towards the same items.

Text Study—Understanding

(1. Rock music blasted forth)
It was weird and horrible stuff with offensive language. How did the parents react?

“I like that music, Dad; it’s my favorite. Listen for a minute; I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Text Study—Understanding

2. Having breakfast while standing by the sink.

Parents: It wasn’t healthy to eat standing up.

Text Study—Understanding

“3. I’ll brush my teeth when I’m done.”

She should brush her teeth as soon as she got up.

Text Study—Understanding

4. Wearing her old, green T-shirt and some jeans.

Parents: It was disgusting.

Text Study—Understanding

Sandy: 5. Wearing her makeup (such as eyeliner).
All the girls at school did so. Some have tattoos ...

“Too young to wear that much makeup.”


1) concern[c]n. thing that is interesting or important to :
对某人说来是重要或有兴趣的事情 Translation


This policy fails to address the concern of the poor people.

vt. 1) concern: (+ oneself with/in/about sth) be busy with sth; interest oneself in sth 忙于(某事);关心(某事) Translation
There is no need to concern yourself with this matter; we are

dealing with it.
你不用管这事,我们正在处理 令专家最为关心的是城市的污染日益严重。

What concerns the experts most is the increasing level of
pollution in our cities.

Extension concerned

adj. +about/for sth/that

vt. 1) concern: be the business of (sb); be important to;

Tonight’s program concerns the effects of the law on ordinary

今晚的节目是有关法律对普通民众的影响的。 别管与你无关的事情。

Don’t interfere in what doesn’t concern you.

be concerned with sth: 与某事有关
Her latest film is concerned with unemployment.

? ? ? ? click one’s hands The key turns with a click. The click of heels A film clicked with the public.

2) stuff:

vt. (+ sth with sth)/(+sth into sth) fill sth tightly/ carm sth(into sth).(用某物)塞满某物/把(某物)



He stuffed his shoes with newspaper.
他用报纸塞鞋子。 她把硬币塞进口袋里。

She stuffed the coins into her pockets.

stuffed animals/toys 毛绒玩具

?fashionable ?cool ?exciting ?energetic ?talented

? cosmetic ? cosmetic surgery ? shampoo ? lipstick


clicked The radio ________ on. Rock music blasted ________. Then Sandy’s _______ forth father ______ _____ the room. He burst into thought her daughter should not listen to such _________ ______, although horrible stuff it does have _______. rhythm

?1. be distracted from study

(concentrate/focus on) ?2. cosmetics costly/ breadwinner ?3. cosmetics do harm to their skin. ? 4. Natural beauty is the best.

Guinness World Record holder for the 'Most Pierced Man', Rolf Bucholz of Germany, poses showing some of his 453 piercings in Dortmund, October 24, 2011.


eyebrow eyeball eyelash

?upset sb, make sb upset ?He is easily offended ?irritate sb ?She became stirred up.

Words and Expressions—Word Using

. offensive

adj. causing offence; unpleasant
remark manner offensive 冒犯性的话 无礼的态度

weapons 攻击性的武器


appeal to ?1. 出国工作对你有吸引力吗? ?Does the idea of working abroad appeal to you? ?2. 政府呼吁人人节约用水。 ?The government is appealing to everyone to save water.

?light music ?classical music ?rock and roll ?jazz ?Metal music ?pop music ?blues

in any case ?1. I think I’ll take an umbrella in case it rains. ?2. In case of fire, break of the glass. ?3. They are not offer me much money. In that case, I won’t take the job.

? smoke, puppy love, tattoo, flashy clothes ? makeup, violence, dropout addicted to the internet






English Equivalents of Chinese

1.嘴里哼着歌词 2.冲进房间 3.梳理头发 4.化妆 5.画眼线 6.冲出房子 7.平静地坐下来 8.使某人愤怒 9.摆脱,抛弃 10.心乱如麻

sing along with words burst into the room brush one’s hair put on makeup wear eyeliner bolt out of the house sit down in peace and quiet make sb’s blood boil get rid of sth. have knots in one’s stomach






English Equivalents of Chinese


feel lucky 12.对··产生负面影响 have a negative influence on… ·· ·· 13.发生在··某人身上 happen to sb. ·· ·· be concerned about sb. 14.担心某人


have a talk with sb. 16.惹上麻烦的青少年 teenagers in trouble in any case 17.无论如何 18.对某人有吸引力 appeal to sb.
19.保持沟通渠道畅通 keep the lines of communication open 20.是某人的精神支柱 be an anchor for sb.

Writing Skills

? 1. time and space sequence ? 2. dialogue ? 3. detailed description

What can we do to bridge the generation gap?
1) Keep our minds open to our parents; 2) Treat them as we want them to treat us; 3) Make friends with our parents; 4) Learn to be responsible for our actions; 5) Be sure to show love to our parents in different forms; …

? Three are required to perform the drama on the stage.

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