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New Horizon College English Book 2

Key to Unit One


Section A

Time-Conscious Americans
Section B

Culture shock


Section A

1. Vocabulary 2. Sentence Structure 3. Translation

III. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. budget elbow restless convention acute fulfill consequently charge significance assess surroundings competent obtain conduct efficient

charge 1. Lawyers __________ such high fees, but they never seem to be short of clients. convention that male businesspeople usually wear suits on 2. It’s a matter of __________ formal occasions. efficient 3. These people are very __________, very organized and excellent time managers. obtain 4. Julian says he hopes to get a job and find a way to _________a college education. 5. Having studied business at college and knowing two foreign languages, my competent for her job. secretary is perfectly __________

budget restless convention acute significance assess surroundings







conduct efficient

assessing the influence of the 6.The leading economists of the country have been _________ current crisis upon its economy. 7.The general public did not have confidence that the government would be able to _________ this difficult job. fulfill

conducting a survey to find out local reaction to their recently 8.The company is ___________ promoted product.
consequently the land was flooded. 9. The rain was very heavy and ____________ significance to the economy in this 10. The discovery of the oilfield is of great ____________ region.

IV. Fill in each of the blanks with a suitable preposition or adverbs. 1. We can’t afford to fall ______ behind other business in using new technology.

2. Realizing that his retirement was near ____ hand, he looked for some at additional income that would provide for his children. in the setting free of 3. Months of secret talks with the opposition party resulted ___ the political prisoners. 4.When the car broke down on the highway for a third time, John’s patience completely ran ____ out . 5. He cannot go without wine even foe one day; he is a complete slave ____ to drink.

6. What one thinks and feels is, in the eyes of social scientists, mainly due ____ to tradition, habit, and education. 7. It’s a real honor to have the opportunity of meeting the well-know scientist in person. ____ 8. Happiness doesn’t necessarily go _____ with money.

9. In the thick forest, you can walk from the edge till you feet ache, and still you’ll see nothing ______ but tall trees and other plants. 10.Every day the manager has to account to the chairman _____ for how he spends the company’s money.

V. Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once.

Word Bank A) assessed
E) perception I) dilemma M) convenient B) accessed F) distinction J) relation N) leisurely C) rituals G) means K) interaction O) abrupt D) convention H) process L) appropriate

As a foreigner doing business in the United States, I feel very rushed. I am used to friendly opening exchanges when doing business. Here in Chicago, things are different. There is no time for getting to know one another. This does not seem L _________ to me. There are no _______ like tea or coffee before discussing C business, though this is a(n) ______ in my country. When we discuss business it D

Word Bank
A) assessed E) perception I) dilemma M) convenient B) accessed F) distinction J) relation N) leisurely C) rituals G) means K) interaction O) abrupt D) convention H) process L) appropriate


N chat. I think that it is important for business partners to get it starts with a(n) ____ familiar with each other first and to feel relaxed. If the exchange is too O _________ ,there is a risk that something will be forgotten. Some possibilities go without being _________ when there is too much pressure. I don’t believe this is the A E best strategy for proper communication. Besides, the _________ is that they just don’t care about you as an individual here. You are basically just another ________ G of making money. I All of this used to create a real _________ for me. At first, it caused me to have K as little ________ with American business partners as possible. Gradually, though, I have come to understand the cultural differences between our two countries. This has really helps me to feel more comfortable business here.

VI. The suffixes- ment ,- ation , -sion,and –ion are added to verbs to form nouns. study the table below.




inform produce decide educate

-ation -tion -sion -ion

information production decision education


Give the noun form of the following verbs.

commitment attraction 1.commit ____________________ 2. attract_______________________
appointment impression 3.appoint ____________________ 4.impress _____________________ composition civilization 5.civilize _____________________ 6.compose_____________________ confusion congratulation 7.confuse ____________________ 8.congratulate __________________ explanation consideration 9. consider___________________ 10.explain _____________________ acquisition depression 11. acquire ___________________ 12.depress ____________________


VII The suffix –able can be added to verbs to form adjective meaning “able” to be V+ed” , “worthy of being V+ ed ” or “that ought to be V+ed ”.Add –able to the following verbs to form adjectives. Then complete the following sentences with the adjectives.









1. It is _________ advisable always to wear a safety belt when you are driving. desirable that you know 2. To do the job of the sales representative, it is __________ something about the products as well as about the market. 3. The bank will lend you money on every _________ favorable terms as long as they are convinced that you will be able to return the money in good time. 4. The government has recently announced its new policy on environmental considerable number of people object that the protection, but a _____________ government has acted too slowly.









5.Finland is a country in Northern Europe and is remarkable __________ for its large number of lakes. preferable 6.Conventionally , a dark suit is __________to a light-colored one for official occasions. 7.The quality of the water has very much improved in this region and now drinkable the coming directly from a tap is perfectly___________. 8.After a one-week talk they have finally reached an agreement on this issue ___________ acceptable to both parties.

Sentence Structure
VIII . Complete the following sentences by translations the Chinese into English after the model, using “much less”. Model:

Americans do not assess their visitors in such relaxed surroundings over extended small talk,_____________________(更不用说带他们出去吃饭了) much less do they take them out for dinner 1.The students can hardly speak simple English,________________(更不用 说写英语文章了) much less can he write English articles 2. He cannot manage a small shop,_____________(更不用说管理一家大 公司了) much less can he manage a big company

Sentence Structure
3. John couldn’t even pick up the box,_____________(更不用说把它搬到 楼上去了). much less could he carry it upstairs 4. I’ve never seen the man,_____________(更不用说和他谈话了). much less have I spoken to him 5. Almost every scientists now finds it impossible to read all the works connected with his own subject,___________(更不用说大量地阅读自己学 科以外的东西了). much less to read a lot outside of it

Sentence Structure
IX . Combine the following sentences using the conjunction “whereas” to introduce a clause which contrasts with what is said in the main clause. Model:

The telephone service is superb here. The postal service is less efficient.

The telephone service is superb here, whereas the postal service is less efficient.

1. Having meals at home can cost as little as two or three dollars. Eating out at a restaurant is always more expensive.
Having meals at home can cost as little as two or three dollars, whereas eating out at a restaurant is always more expensive

Sentence Structure
2. We thought she was rather proud. In fact she was just very shy.
We thought she was rather proud, whereas in fact she was just very shy


3. We have never done anything for them. They have done so much for us.
We have never done anything for them, whereas they have done everything for us.

4. Natalie prefers to stay for another week. Her husband prefers to leave
immediately. Natalie prefers to stay for another week, whereas her husband prefers to leave immediately.

5. Some praise him highly. Others put him down severely.
Some highly praise him, whereas others put him down severely .

X . Translate the following sentences into English.

much less

stay for dinner

1. 她连水都不愿喝一口,更别提留下来吃饭了。

wouldn’t take a drink

He wouldn’t take a drink, much less would he stay for dinner.

tell the truth

lie to him

2. 他认为我在对他说谎,但实际上我讲的是实话。 whereas

He thought I was lying to him, whereas I was telling the truth.


3. 这个星期你每天都迟到,对此你怎么解释? account for

How do you account for the fact that you have been late every day this week?.


due partly to

new market strategy

4. 他们利润增长的部分原因是采用了新的市场策略。
increase in their profits

The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy.


are likely to

The improvement of work efficiency

5. 这样的措施很可能会带来工作效率的提高。 result in

Such measures are likely to result in the improvement of work efficiency.



a lot time and energy
6. 我们已经在这个项目上投入了大量时间和精力,所以我们只能继续. pour into

carry on

We have already poured a lot of time and energy into the project, so we have to carry on.

XI. Translate the following sentences into Chinese. 1. I don’t think that he would commit robbery, much less would he commit violent robbery.

我认为他不会抢劫,更不用说暴力抢劫了。 2. Men earn ten dollars an hour on average, whereas women only seven dollars. 男工平均工资每小时10美元,而女工才每小时7美元。
3. Once the balance in nature is disturbed, it will result in a number of possible unforeseeable effects. 自然界的平衡一旦遭到破坏,就会带来很多不可预知的影响。

4. The final examination is close at hand; you’d better spend more time reading. 期终考试迫在眉睫,你最好多花点时间看书。 5. What is interesting is that consumers find it increasingly difficult to identify the nationality of certain brands. This is due partly to changes in the location of production.

有趣的是,消费者发现越来越难以辨别某些品牌的原产国。其部 分原因来自于全球化带来的影响,部分的原因是由于产地的变化。
6. A recent survey showed that women account for 40 percent of the local workforce. 最近一次调查表明,妇女占总劳动力的40%。

XII .read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.

I am frequently asked the question, “Can you use the chopsticks?” I (more often) have lived in Korea, Japan, and China. In each country ,I have, C ________ than not and without having requested one, been given a fork __________ B (when) one was available. I have politely refused and said that I would be fine with B (further) chopsticks. Sometimes, I have to make ___________explanation. A (the least of) my worries when I am eating in an Chopsticks are _____________ D (how) to use chopsticks Asian home or restaurant. In fact, learning __________ B (nothing but) few weeks. This is not to say I am skillful, takes me _____________a C (whereas) though. Learning how to use chopsticks is easy for me, __________ D (conduct) myself at the table is quite learning the rituals and how to __________ difficult. ________________ A (Just how many) times do I have to say “no, thank you”_________ C (when) I really mean “no, thank you, I truly am full”? How do I get D (offending) someone? If I insist away with refusing more food without ____________ and I still get more, is it appropriate just not to eat it? This would be C (impolite) ___________where I come from.

C (interactions) with the people I have enjoyed many great meals and my ______________ have been great. I am ____________ B (increasingly) aware that I will never be able to A (give back) as much as I have received. I don’t know how I can never thank all ___________ of the people who introduced me to eating in Asia. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. A. very often B. too often A. for B. when A. more B. further A. the least of B. the worst of A. when B. what A. more than B. nothing but A. where B. because A. contrast B. consider A. Just how many B. Always so many A. until B. since A. delighting B. denying A. impatient B. impersonal A. convention B. significance A. largely B. increasingly A. give back B. give up C. more often C. after C. another C. the most of C. where C. rather than C. whereas C. contact C. Why so much C. when C. demanding C. impolite C. interactions C. initially C. give away D. most often D. because D. other D. the greatest of D. how D. instead of D. since D. conduct D. Not many D. as D. offending D. impossible D. surroundings D. necessarily D. give in

marvelous favorable distress

Section B
considerable interact

III. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.






utilize 1. In this section, we’ll provide some important tips on how to better_________ the technologies available for distance education.
reject 2. People are free to accept or _________ what the government says of the facts. considerable damage as a result of the recent earthquake, 3. The city suffered ___________ so the government would have to spend a lot of money to rebuild it. temporary 4. Because of damage to their homes, many people had to stay in __________ housing for few months.

marvelous hostility utilize favorable recognition reject distress alleviate temporary considerable appreciate acceptable interact furthermore

5. The argument was settled in a way that was __________ acceptable to both sides.
6. Illness and age have changed the once well-know actress beyond recognition __________. alleviate 7. You cannot cure a common cold, but you can ________the symptoms. 8. I would __________ appreciate it if you could turn down your radio a little bit. furthermore 9. To be honest, the Internet isn’t meant for kids, and, __________,it’s not a tool for taking care of kids. 10. Desks are arranged in a U-shape, so the teacher can _________ interact easily with the students.

IV. Replace the underline words or expressions in the following sentences with expressions from the text that best keep the original meaning.

1. Stories and songs can help parents communicate with their young children. (interact with) 2. Francis had experienced one difficulty after another before he finally became a great football player. (gone through) 3. The manager of the sales department will take action about all the complaints from the clients. (deal with) 4. The country has not yet returned to the proper economic situation after the effects of the economic crisis which hit this part of the world a few years ago. (recovered from) 5. Many new arrivals have difficulty getting used to life in a foreign country. (adjusting to)

6. Nowadays depressing accounts of air and water pollution are often heard by the public. (familiar to) 7. Despite a thorough enquiry, the police found no sign of the man who had escaped from prison. (In spite of) 8. By midnight, the film star still had not appeared. The fans lost patience with waiting and started walking away from the entrance to the hotel. (were tired of) 9. The farmers were stopped from taking their products directly to the market. (prevented from)

10. The police reached the conclusion that she was not telling the truth.
(came to )

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