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2011-2015 年高考英语全国卷完形填空汇编
(2015· 全国卷Ⅰ· 完形填空) 话题:爱心帮助 词数:250W 难度:★★★ My kids and I were heading into the supermarket over the weekend.On the way,we spotted a man holding a piece of paper that said,“ 41 my job.Family to Feed.” At this store,a 42 like this is not normal.My 10-year-old noticed him and made a 44 in the cold wind. 45 something they thought our“friend”there would 49 from 43 on how bad it must be to have to stand

In the store,I asked each of my kids to

46 .They got apples,a sandwich and a bottle of juice.Then my 17-year-old suggested giving him a 47 .I thought about it.We were 48 on cash ourselves,but... well,sometimes our need instead of our abundance is 50 they could do away with for the week. When we handed him the bag of 52 This has been a wonderful 55 others we can 56 ,he lit up and thanked us with 53 eyes.When I handed him the gift card,saying he could use it for 54 his family might need,he burst into tears. for our family.For days the kids have been looking for if I had simply said,“No,we really 59 ,it also gave my !Things would have played out so 57 what we need to do!All the kids 51 something

don’t have 58 to give more.”Stepping out not only helped a brother in kids the 60 taste of helping others.It’ll go a long way with them.

【文章大意】文章讲述了周末作者带孩子们去超市,在路上看到一个需要帮助的人,在超市里 作者和孩子买了许多东西给这个需要帮助的人的故事。 41.A.Quit 42.A.condition 43.A.suggestion 44.A.by 45.A.draw 46.A.appreciate 47.A.dollar 48.A.easy 49.A.giving 50.A.yet 51.A.declared 52.A.food 53.A.sleepy 54.A.whoever 55.A.message 56.A.rely on 57.A.suddenly 58.A.time B.Changed B.place B.comment B.proudly B.say B.supply B.job B.low B.saving B.even B.shared B.medicine B.watery B.whatever B.example B.respect B.vividly B.power C.order C.hot meal C.soft C.spending C.still C.ignored C.toys C.curious C.whichever C.experience C.learn from C.differently C.patience C.Lost C.sight C.decision C.outside C.arrange D.Finished D.show D.call D.angrily D.pick D.discover D.gift card D.loose D.begging D.just D.expected D.clothes D.sharp D.whenever D.adventure D.help D.perfectly D.money

59.A.need 60.A.strong 话题:学习 (2015· 全国卷Ⅱ· 完形填空) 词数:211W

B.love B.sweet C.strange

C.fear D.simple


难度:★★★★ 42 somewhere else 45 46

Where do you go when you want to learn something? School?A friend?A tutor?These are all 41 places of learning.But it may well be that the learning you really want instead.I had the 43 of seeing this first hand on a 44 . My daughter plays on a recreational soccer team.They did very well this season and so a tournament,which normally was only for more skilled club teams.This led to some experiences on Saturday as they played against teams playing her best, 50 still defeated. It seemed that something clicked with the 52 for their Sunday game,they were of play and teamwork they had and 56 scored a goal. me that playing against the other team was a great 58 moment for all the girls on 59 is the best teacher.The lessons they learned may It 57 not be 60 54 53 51 between Saturday and Sunday.When they 55 .They played aggressively different.They had begun to integrate(融合)the kinds 47 games,her 48 did not get one serious shot on goal.As a parent,I 49

trained.Through the first two seeing my daughter

the day before into their

the team.I think it is a general principle.

what they would have gotten in school,but are certainly more personal and

meaningful,because they had to work them out on their own. 【文章大意】我们想学些东西时,应该找谁呢?事实上,我们经历一些事情后可以从中学到很 多。 41.A.public 42.A.passes 43.A.dream 44.A.trip 45.A.won 46.A.painful 47.A.less 48.A.fans 49.A.imagined 50.A.if 51.A.girls 52.A.dressed 53.A.slightly 54.A.seen 55.A.styles 56.A.even B.traditional B.works B.idea B.holiday B.entered B.strange B.poorly B.tutors B.hated B.or B.parents B.showed up B.hardly B.known B.training B.still C.made up C.basically C.heard C.game C.seldom C.official C.lies C.habit C.weekend C.organized C.common C.newly C.class C.avoided C.but C.coaches D.planned D.completely D.read D.rules D.again D.special D.ends D.chance D.square D.watched D.practical D.better D.team D.missed D.as D.viewers

57.A.confused 58.A.touching 59.A.Experience 60.A.harmful to

B.struck B.thinking B.Independence B.mixed with

C.reminded C.encouraging C.Curiosity C.different from

D.warned D.learning D.Interest D.applied to

(2014· 全国卷 I· 完形填空) As a general rule, all forms of activity lead to boredom when they are performed on a routine basis. As a matter of fact, we can see this ____41____at work in people of all _____42____. For example, on Christmas morning, children are excited about ___43____with their new toys. But their ___44_____soon wear off and by January those_____45____toys can be found put away in the basement. The world is full of_____46____stamp albums and unfinished models, each standing as a monument to someone’s ____47_____interest. When parents bring home a pet, their child____48____bathes it and brushes its fur. Within a short time, however, the___49____of caring the animal is handed over to the parents. Adolescent enter high school with great____50___but soon looking forward to_____51___. The same is true of the young adults going to the college. And then, how many____52_____, who complain about the long drives to work, ____53_____drove for hours at a time when they first_____54____ their drivers licenses? Before people retire, they usually ___55____to do a lot of___56__things, which never had __57___while working. But ____58____after retirement, the golfing, the fishing , the reading and all of the other pastimes become as boring as the jobs they ___59____. And, like the child in January, they go searching for new____60_____. 41.A.principle 42.A.parties 43.A.working 44.A.confidence 45.A.same 47.A.broad 48.A.silently 49.A.promise 50.A.courage 51.A.graduation 52.A.children 53.A.carefully 54.A.required 55.A.need 56.A.great 57.A.time 58.A.only B.habit B.races B.living B.interest B.extra B.passing B.impatiently B.burden B.calmness B.independence B.students B.eagerly B.obtained B.learn B.strange B.money B.well C.way C.countries C.playing C.anxiety C.funny D.power D.ages D.going D.sorrow D.expensive D.main D.worriedly D.game D.excitement D.success D.retirees D.bravely D.discovered D.plan D.correct D.knowledge D.soon

46.A.well-organized B.colorfully-printed C.newly-collected D.half-filled C.different C.gladly C.right C.confusion C.responsibility C.adults C. nervously C.noticed C.start C.difficult C.skills C.even

59.A.lost 60.A.pets

B.choose B.toys

C.left C.friends

D.quit D.colleagues

(2014· 全国卷Ⅱ· 完形填空) Joe Simpson and Simon Yates were the first people to climb the West Face of the Siula Grande in the Andes mountains. They reached the top __21_____, but on their way back conditions were very _22______. Joe fell and broke his leg. They both knew that if Simon __23_____ alone, he would probably get back _24______. But Simon decided to risk his __25_____ and try to lower Joe down the mountain on a rope(绳). As they __26_____ down, the weather got worse. Then another ___27____ occurred. They couldn’t see or hear each other and, ___28____, Simon lowered his friend over the edge of a precipice(峭壁). It was ___29____ for Joe to climb back or for Simon to pull him up. Joe’s __30_____ was pulling Simon slowly towards the precipice. ___31____, after more than an hour in the dark and the icy cold, Simon had to __32_____. In tears, he cut the rope. Joe __33_____ into a large crevasse(裂缝)in the ice below. He had no food or water and he was in terrible pain. He couldn’t walk, but he __34_____ to get out of the crevasse and started to ___35____ towards their camp, nearly ten kilometers __36_____. Simon had ___37____ the camp at the foot of the mountain. He thought that Joe must be __38_____, but he didn’t want to leave ___39____. Three days later, in the middle of the night, he heard Joe’s voice. He couldn’t ___40____ it. Joe was there, a few meters from their tent, still alive. 21.A. hurriedly 22. A. difficult 23. A. climbed 24. A. unwillingly 25. A. fortune 26. A. lay 27. A. damage 28. A. by mistake 29. A. unnecessary 30. A. height 31. A. Finally 32. A. stand back 33. A. jumped 34. A. managed 35. A. run 36. A. around 37. A. headed for 38. A. dead B. carefully B. similar B. worked B. safely B. time B. settled B. storm B. by chance B. practical B. weight B. Patiently B. take a rest B. fell B. planned B. skate B. away B. travelled B. hurt .C. successfully C. special C. rested C. slowly C. health C. went C. change C. by chance C. important C. strength .C. Surely C. escaped C. waited C. move C. above C. left for C. weak . D. early D. normal D. continued D. regretfully D. life D. looked D. trouble D. by luck D. impossible .D. equipment D. Quickly D. backed D. hoped D. march D. along D. returned to D. late

C. make a decision .D. hold on

39. A. secretly 40. A. find

B. tiredly B. believe

.C. immediately C. make

D. anxiously D. accept 36 the

(2013· 全国卷 I· 完形填空) I went to a group activity, “Sensitivity Sunday” which was to make us more problem faced by disabled people. We were asked to “ Sunday. Some member or blindfolds (眼罩). Just sitting in the wheelchair was a 40 wheel were not of 45 46 42 39 experience, I had never considered before how 41 made the chair begin to roll. Its 43 , It took me quite a while to it would be to use one. As soon as I sat down my 44 38 37 a disability” for several hours one

chose the wheel chair. Other wore sound-blocking earplugs (耳塞)

. Then I wondered where to put my

get the metal footrest into 时的) 49 . 47

, I took my first uneasy look at what was to be my only means

for several hours. For disabled people, “adopting a wheelchair” is not a temporary(临 position and thought it might be restful, 50 task, 54 . It made a deep impression on me. A few 55 , both physical and mental, that disabled D. careful with D. analyze D. like me D. relaxing D. exciting D. weight D. grasped D. handles D. effect D. production D. entertainment D. comfortable D. even D. guided D. admitted D. seized D. way D. extra 51 48 kind of nice to be 52

I tried to find a

around for a while. Looking around, I 53

would have to handle the thing myself! My

hands started to ache as I

the heavy wheels, I came to know that controlling the

of the wheelchair as not going to be

My wheelchair experiment was soon people must overcome. 36. A. curious about 37. A. cure 38. A. inserted 39. A. learning 40. A. convenient 41. A. height 42. A. locked 43. A. hands 44. A. place 45. A. operation 46. A. exploration 47. A. flexible 48. A. yet 49. A. shown 50. A. realized 51. A. lifted 52. A. path 53. A. easy B. aware of B. adopt B. strangely B. working B. awkward B. force B. repaired B. feet B. action B. education B. safe B. just B. pushed B. suggested B. turned B. position B. heavy

hours of “disability” gave me only a taste of the

C. interested in C. prevent C. as usual C. satisfying C. boring C. skill C. powered C. keys C. play C. experiment C. starting C. still C. driven C. agreed C. pressed C. direction C. major

B. communication C. transportation

54. A. forgotten 55. A. weaknesses

B. repeated B. anxieties

C. conducted C. challenges

D. finished D. illnesses

(2013· 全国卷 II· 完形填空) Michael Greenberg is a very popular New Yorker. He is not famous in sports or the arts, But people in the streets 16 him, especially those who are 17 . For those people, he is "Gloves" Greenberg. How did he get that 18 ? He looks like any otner businessman, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase (公文箱). But he's 19 _. His briefcase always has some gloves。 In winter,Mr.Greenberg does not 21 the street.He looks around at gives them a pair and then he On winter days,Mr.Greenberg gloves.People who have heard about him Mr. Greenberg him and 30 33 29 20 like other New Yorkers,who look at the sidewalk and 22 .He stops when he 26 23 someone with no gloves.He 25 . 27

24 ,looking for more people with cold

gloves.During the rest of the year,he

28 him gloves,and he has many in his apartment. 31

doing this 21 years ago. Now, many poor New Yorkers know 32 . 35

his behavior. But people who don't know him are sometimes

him. They don't realize that he just wants to make them It runs in the everyone happier. Michael Greenberg feels the thing,but it can make a big difference in winter. 16.A..know about 17. A. old 18. A. iob 19.A.calm 20.A.act 21.A.cross over 22. A. cars 23.A.helps 24.A.holds up 25.A.hands 26. A. searches for 27. A. borrows 28. A. call 29. A. delayed 30.A.understand 31.A.sorry for 32.A.smart 33.A.city 34.A.honor B. learn from B. busy B. name B.different B.sound B. drive along B. people B .chooses B.hangs out B. ears B. stores up B. sells B. send B. remembered B.dislike B.satisfied with B.rich B.family B.pain C. cheer for C. kind 34

.Michael's father always helped the poor as he believed it made .A pair of gloves may be a D. look after D.poor D. message D.curious D.dress D. keep off D.sees D.turns around D. eyes D. puts on D. buys D. show D. enjoyed D.excuse D.surprised by D.happy D.company D.cold

C. chance C.crazy C.feel C. hurry down C.greets C.moves on C.faces C.gives away C.returns C. lend C. began C.study C.proud of C.special C.neighborhood C.same

C. street numbers D. traffic lights

35.A.small (2012· 全国卷· 完形填空)



Dcomforting 36 than 38 . And

Body language is the quiet, secret and most powerful language of all! It speaks words. According to specialists, our bodies send out more body language is particularly 39 37 non-verbal communication(非言语交际) takes up about 50% of what we really Indeed, what is called body language is so 40

than we realize. In fact,

when we attempt to communicate across cultures(文化). a part of us that it's actually often unnoticed. 41 , different societies treat the 43 45 42 , . contact(接触)

And misunderstandings occur as a result of it. even with friends, and certainly not with

between people differently. Northern Europeans usually do not like having touch each other quite a lot. Therefore, it's possible that in

44 . People from Latin American countries

46 , it may look like a Latino is 47 49 --- which the Latino

a Norwegian all over the room. The Latino, trying to express friendship, will keep moving 48 The Norwegian, very probably seeing this as pushiness, will keep will in return regard as 50 _. Clearly, a great deal is going on when people themselves. And when parties are from 52 whatever the situation, the best 54 to be 55 _. 36. A. straighter 37. A. sounds 38. A. hope 39. A. immediate 40. A. well 41. A. For example 42. A. trade 43. A. eye 44. A. strangers 45. A. in other words 46. A. trouble 47. A. disturbing 48. A. closer 49. A. stepping forward 50. A. weakness 5 I. A. talk 52. A. different 53. A. curiosity 54. A. chance 55. A. noticed B. louder B. invitations B. receive B. misleading B. far B. Thus B. distance B. verbal B. relatives B. on the other hand B. conversation B. helping B. faster B. going on B. carelessness B. travel B. European B. excitement B. time B. treated C. harder C. feelings C. discover C. important C. much C. However C. connections C. bodily C. neighbours C. in a similar way C. silence C. guiding C. in C. backing away C. friendliness C. laugh C. Latino C. misunderstanding C. result C. respected D. further D. messages D. mean D. difficult D. long D. In short D. greetings D. telephone D. enemies D. by all means D. experiment D. following D. away D. coming out D. coldness D. think D. rich D. nervousness D. advice D. pleased

51 . And only a part of it is in the words 53 . But

cultures, there's a strong possibility of

is to obey the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like

(2011· 全国卷· 完形填空) In our discussion with people on how education can help them succeed in life,a woman remembered the first meeting of an introductory__36__course about 20 years ago. The professor __37__the lecture hall,placed upon his desk a large jar filled with dried beans (豆), and inbited the students to _38_how many beans the jar contained.After __39__shouts of wildly wrong guesses the professor smiled a thin,dry smile,announced the __40__ answer,and went on saying,”You have just __41__an important lesson about science.That is Never__42__ your own senses.” Twenty years later,the __43__could guess what the professor had in mind.He __44__himself,perhaps,as inviting his students to start an exciting __45__into an unknown world Invisible(无形的)to the 46 ,which can be discovered only through scientific 48 47 .But the to 51 .The seventeen-year-old girl could not a ccept or even the invitattion.She was just 49

understand the world.And she 50 that her firsthand experience could be tne

professor,however,said that it was 52 .he was taking away her only 53 for knowing and was providing her with no substitute.“I remember feeling small and 54 ,”the women says,“and I did the only thing I could do.I 55 the course that afternoon,and I haven’t gone near science since.” 36.A.art 37.A.searched fo 38.A.count 39.A.warning 40.A.ready 41.A.learned 42.A.lose 43.A.lecturer 44.A.described 45.A.voyage 46.A.professor 47.A.model 48.A.hear 49.A.suggesting 50.A.believed 51. A.growth 52.A.firm 53.A.task 54.A.cruel 55.A.dropped B.history B.looked at B.guess B.giving B.possible B.prepared B.trust B.scientist B.respected B.movement B.eye B.senses B.make B.beginning B.doubted B.strength B.intersting B.tool B.pround B.started C.spint C.present C.pretending C.proved C.faith C.wrong C.success C.frightened C.passed C.science C.got through C.report C.turning away C.correct C.taught C.sharpen C.speaker C.saw C.change D.light D.methods D.refuse D.waiting D.explained D.truth D.acceptable D.connection D.brave D.missed D.math D.marched into D.watch D.listening to D.difficult D.taken D.show D.woman D.served D.rush


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