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1.As we all know, our country has been under growing pressure to address the causes of air pollution as the PM2.5, a key indicator of air pollution, increasingly hits the new record and even smog frequently smothers the country's large cities. 参考译文:如我们所知,我国正面临着越来越大的解决空气污染的压 力,因为 PM2.5(空气污染的主要指标)不断的刷新纪录,雾霾甚至 窒息了我国的主要城市。 In major cities, residents are expected to get around by foot,bicycle or use public transportation. 在大城市,居民应该尽量步行,或用自行车或公共交通工具出行。 We should continue initiating some constructive initiatives, such as Car Free Day and its like, in promoting green transportation and bringing about cleaner air. 在促进绿色交通和带来更多的干净空气方面,我们应该继续采取 (initiate)一些建设性的措施(initiatives),比如无车日活动等等

2.你幸福吗?幸福话题我们没有理由不关注。 Actually, inner peace and human love breeds happiness. Dedication to social good can reward you with self-esteem, recognition and most importantly a sense of contentment, which in turn keep mind at peace and make you emotionally stronger.事实上,内心的平静和人文关怀能孕育

幸福,从事社会公益能让你得到自尊,他人的认可,更重要的是内心 的满足感,而这些反过来又促进人们保持内心的平静和丰富的情感。

3.Building a more impartial and sustainable social security system will further modulate and improve the social security conditions of people from all walks of life. Specifically speaking,the interests of the inferiority, such as disabled people, rural children left behind by their parents as well as the elderly in rural areas will be better protected.

To solve this burning problem, it is imperative for people to combine efforts to raise safety standards at all industrial facilities, to set up international cooperated laboratory, to monitor the state of environment and set up an international centre for emergency environmental assistance. All these measures will help us in solving these important problems and prevent us from dangerous illnesses and diseases. We’d better bear the following sentence in the mind “Don’t blow it – good planets are hard to find.”

大学教育的本质是什么? It is the responsibility of educators to help their students live satisfying, responsible lives. However well or badly universities perform this task, their efforts to succeed at it are worth fighting for and deserve our recognition and encouragement.

Educators must shoulder the responsibility of helping their students lead a full and meaningful life. No matter how the universities' efforts finally turn out, the battle is still worth fighting for; and the bravery to engage deserves our applaud and support.

为什么大家会选择当公务员? In many sectors of the government , average wages are higher than in the private ones. And the real gains come in benefits and work practices. Some local branches have repeatedly “backloaded” public-sector pay deals, keeping the pay increases modest but adding to holidays and especially pensions that are already generous.These facts make positions in the government much more attractive for those graduates.

梦想 A dream is a clear spiritual lighthouse that gives out direction when you do not know what to expect in the days ahead and offers comfort and support when you become doubtful of yourself. 理想和目标。 At another level , a nation must as well draw strength from a higher goal that all of its members share so that it can grow steadfastly and stably both in economic and in cultural terms. Aboveall, individuals and organizations alike all need a star, a goal, or better puta dream to navigate us in the great voyage that is life.

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