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浙江省长兴中学2014-2015学年高二下学期3月开学考英语试题 Word版含答案

长兴中学 2015 年 3 月高二开学考试卷
一、听力 略 二.完型填空 The little stream in the green forest flowed past and the beautiful wild flowers surrounded the small house there. All of a sudden, a deer raced into the yard, where a little boy was boy’s 22 21 . The deer caught the 23 a loud cry 25

with its antlers (鹿角). This scared the little boy so much that he 24

which brought his mother

out to see what the matter was. She came out just in time to

the deer running off towards the mountains with her little boy. The boy’s mother was greatly 26 ! She ran after the deer as fast as she could, and not too far away, she found her little boy sitting 27 on the grass. When he saw his mother, the little 28 him tightly. She

boy laughed and reached out his arms to her. His mother lifted him up and was so happy that she 29 .

She hurried back to their home with her precious son. When she got there, she stopped dead in her tracks, 30 at what she saw. The huge tree behind their house had fallen over 31 she

was out running after the deer to save her son. The whole house was destroyed under its great 32 . Then the little boy’s mother 33 the day about a year before when a deer 34 from a

hunter had run into her house. She felt sorry for the frightened deer, so she covered it with some clothes, 35 it with some fresh grass and let it return to the forest later. The deer seemed to 36 that she had saved its life, because as it left, it kept bending its

head to her, as if thanking her for her 37 . She never imagined that the deer 38 remember her kindness. The deer 39 knew the

tree was going to fall and hurt her, so it came back to show its 40 . When the boy’s mother thought of all this, she said, “Saving the life of another is the same as saving your own life.” 21. A. sleeping 22. A. head 23. A. let out B. crying B. clothing B. brought out C. playing C. hands C. made out D. working D. body D. put out

24. A. walking 25. A. know 26. A. surprised 27. A. safely 28. A. kissed 29. A. laughed 30. A. sorry 31. A. while 32. A. power 33. A. missed 34. A. suffering 35. A. fed 36. A. remember 37. A. clothes 38. A. might 39. A. somehow 40. A. wisdom 三、阅读理解

B. moving B. recognize B. frightened B. painfully B. kept B. waited B. interested B. before B. shape B. remembered B. dying B. sent B. recognize B. grass B. could B. hopefully B. thankfulness

C. jumping C. realize C. excited C. alone C. held C. left C. amazed C. after C. height C. mentioned C. escaping C. helped C. notice C. mercy C. will C. suddenly C. kindness

D. running D. see D. touched D. freely D. took D. cried D. amused D. because D. weight D. learnt D. running D. left D. understand D. entertainment D. must D. anyway D. love

A A world-famous Canadian author, Margaret Atwood, has created the world’s first long-distance signing device(装置), the LongPen. After many tiring book-signing from city to city, Atwood thought there must be a better way to do them . She hired some technical experts and started her own company in 2004. Together they designed the LongPen. Here’s how it works: The author writes a personal message and signature on a computer tablet(手写板) using a special pen. On the receiving end, in another city, a robotic arm fitted with a regular pen signs the book. The author and fan can talk with each other via webcams(网络摄像机) and computer screens。 Work on the LongPen began in Atwood’s basement(地下室). At first, they had no idea it would be as hard as it turned out to be. The device went through several versions, including one that actually had smoke coming out of it. The investing finally completed, teat runs w ere made in

Ottawa, and the LongPen was officially launched at the 2006 London Book Fair. From here , Atwood conducted two transatlantic book signings of her latest book for fans in Toronto and New York City. The LongPen produces a unique signature each time because it copies the movement of the author in real time. It has several other potential applications. It could increase credit card security and allow people to sign contracts from another province. The video exchange between signer and receiver can be recorded on DVD for proof when legal documents are used. “It’s really fun”, said the owner of a bookstore, who was present for one of the test runs. “Obviously you can’t shake hands with the author, but there are chances for a connection that you don’t get from a regular book signing.. The response to the invention has not been all favorable. Atwood has received criticism from authors who think she is trying to end book tours. But she said, “It will be possible to go to places that you never got sent to before because the publishers couldn’t afford it.” 41. Why did Atwood decide to invent the LongPen? A. To set up her own company B. To win herself greater popularity C. To write her books in a new way C. To make book signings less tiring 42. How does the LongPen work? A.It copies the author’s signature and prints it on a book. B. It signs a book while receiving the author’s signature. C. The webcam sends the author’s signature to another city. D. The fan uses it to copy the author’s signature himself. 43. What do we know about the invention of the LongPen? A. It has been completed but not put into use. B. The basement caught fire by accident. C. Some versions failed before its test run. D. The designers were well-prepared for the difficulty. 44. How could the LongPen be used in the future? A. To draft legal documents.

B. To improve credit card security C. To keep a record of the author’s ideas. D. To allow author and fan to exchange videos 45. What could be inferred from Paragraphs 5 and 6? A. Atwood doesn’t mean to end book tours. B. Critics think the LongPen is of little use C. Bookstore owners do not support the LongPen D. Publishers dislike the LongPen for its high cost B Community Affairs Calendar Today’s Events *Open Plans---Fixing the Great Mistake 6:00 p.m., Center for Architecture, Tafel Hall 536 LaGuardia Place, Manhattan Advocate for livable streets and alternative transportation, Mark Gorton explores the history of transportation in New York City with a focus on how urban planning policies that prioritize (优 先考虑) the automobile have affected many other aspects of life in the city. Admission: $ 10 For more information, please call 917-388-9080 or visit www. ftgm. eventbrite.com. *River to River Festival---Extraordinary Moves: STREB Human Fountain 6:00 p.m., 200 Vesey Street, Manhattan Inspired by the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, Human Fountain involves performers leaping from as high as 30 feet from a three-story, open honeycomb structure in order to create cascades (小瀑布) of airborne liquid muscle. The outcome is a mixture of slam dancing, amazing human flight, and wild action sport, which captures kids, adults and the general public’s hearts, minds and bodies.

FREE For more information, please call 212-945-0505 or visit www. streb.org. *Scandinavia House---Nordic Summer Jam 6:30 p.m., 58 Park Avenue, Manhattan Contemporary singer and songwriter Anders Holst’s music sh ows roots in jazz, soul and European pop music. Admission: $ 10 For more information, please call 212-847-9740 or visit www.scandinaviahouse.org. *Hot Festival---Tickets to Manhood 7:30 p.m., Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie Street, Manhattan What makes a man today? How do boys grow into men? Through humorous, poignant (令人 心酸的) stories a glimpse is offered into the events that turn boys into men. Performed by Douglas Allen, Maximiliano Balduzzi, Spencer Scott Barros, Gerard Joseph and James Scruggs. Admission: $ 15 in advance; $18 at door. For more information, please call 212-219-0736 or visit www. hot festival.org. 66. If Jesse wants to know more about an activity without admission charge, he can ________. A. visit www. ftgm. eventbrite.com www.scandinaviahouse.org C. call 212-219-0736 212-945-0505 67. If a couple with two children wants to enjoy the evening together, they can go to ______. D. call B. visit

A. Tafel Hall 536 LaGuardia Place C. 200 Vesey Street Avenue

B. 161A Chrystie Street D. 58 Park

68. Who might you meet if you happen to be walking on 58 Park Avenue at 6:30 p.m.? A. Mark Gorton. D. Gerard Joseph. 69. Two 18-year-olds who have booked in advance to learn the events that turn boys into men should pay _______. A. $ 20 D. $ 36 70. What can we learn about the four activities? A. They will be all held in Manhattan. held in the open air. C. They are all for educational purposes. one or more famous persons. C How did the sea horse get its name? It’s not hard to guess. The top half of this fish looks like a small horse. But looking at the sea horse’s tail, you might think “sea monkey” is a better name. Then there’s the sea horse’s pouch. “Sea kangaroo” might also be a good name for this fish. Sea horses live in warm ocean waters all over the world. They keep safe from other fish by hiding in plants and grasses that grow under the sea. They can also change color to match their surroundings. A sea horse remains in one place for hours at a time by winding its tail around a plant. It feeds on live food, such as small shrimps. For a fish that doesn’t move around much, the sea horse eats a lot—in just one day, a sea horse can eat 3,000 shrimps! D. They will all invite B. They will be all B. $ 30 C. $ 33 B. Anders Holst. C. Douglas Allen.

A sea horse keeps the same mate for its whole life, and it’s the male sea horse that gives birth to baby sea horses. How does this happen? Baby sea horses start out as eggs, which come from the female’s body. The male carries the eggs in its pouch for about three weeks until they hatch. Soon after the babies are born, the female gives her mate a new set of eggs. Sadly, the number of sea horses is becoming smaller. Why is this happening? Some places where sea horses once lived have been filled in to make new land. Also, many sea horses are caught and sold as aquarium fish (观赏鱼). This really is not a good idea because most sea horses don’t live long in aquariums. The best place for a sea horse is the ocean. 71. The sea horse got its name because of its ________. A. head C. skin B. tail D. pouch

72. How does a sea horse keep safe from other fish? A. It hides in plants and grasses. B. It runs away quickly. C. It remains still. D. It rolls up. 73. We can learn from the text that sea horses _________. A. like to move around C. feed on small sea animals 74. What does a female sea horse do wit h her eggs? A. She puts them in the male’s pouch. B. She hides them in sea grasses. C. She carries them around. D. She hatches them. 75. Why is the number of sea horses becoming smaller? A. They grow at a very low speed. B. Their homes are being destroyed. C. They are killed by people for food. D. Their food is becoming less and less. B. live in cold ocean waters D. change color with the temperature

D Pamela ,a popular writer, writes “Pam’s Corner” for the local newspaper and many of her writings have been published on the Internet as well as in several books. The following is an essay from www. skywriting. net. “That was really stupid.” I said out loud as I was reading over something I had written down incorrectly. “We don’t say that word, Mom,” my son, Jeremy, quickly informed me as his little daughter was playing on the floor with her dollhouse. “That was really obtuse.” I quickly rephrased my words as I with effort thought of a vocabulary word from my high school days. “Thanks, Mom, now she’s going to be telling people that they are O-B-T-U-S-E”, he spelled. “S-O-R-R-Y” I jokingly spelled back to him and then thought better of it because that is probably one word that doesn’t get used enough any more. Jeremy seems to have taken a sudden interest in spelling lately. For example, I hear him saying such things as: “I H-A-T-E it when that happens”, “In this game you have to K-I-L-L the monsters with lasers” and “This D-U-M-B thing isn’t working!” But what I want to know is when his change occurred? What happened to the little boy who used to scare his older sisters without firing off a single spelled word? How often did I hear one of his sisters say, “Mom, he called me an idiot again!” It’s really not so difficult to figure out this mysterious change. It began when Jeremy married his college sweetheart, Katie, and then a couple of years later I watched as my son carried his new baby girl, Tessa, out of the delivery room. When Tessa came into the world, at that moment everything changed. It is beautiful to watch the transformation in another person, especially our own children. As Jeremy’s mother, it was as if she was back to the time when he was born. The change happens because of an overwhelming love that wants to protect such a precious little one from the evils in the world. Suddenly, everything we say or do is evaluated in light of the effect it has or might have on the child. For our family this way of thinking is a standard that has been passed down by our ancestors

for who knows how many generations. There are several reasons for it. The first one is that watching our words is rule because we have a Christian belief. “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord your God in vain”. This means not to misuse the name of God. His name should only be said in respect and awe(敬畏) and never used as an addition information or curse, nor should it be dropped as a casual word into our sentences. There is also the instruction, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” There is a children’s song that very simply explains this way of thinking: “Oh be careful little mouth what you say. Oh be careful little mouth what you say. For the Father up above, is looking down in love, so be careful little mouth what you say ”. Other Verses: * ears what you ear * eyes what you see * feet where you go To speak or to spell, is that the question? Perhaps if we would try to say only things that are beneficial, we wouldn’t have to spell. Besides, grandchildren are very smart these days and it’s only a matter of time until I hear my little granddaughter say, “Daddy, this D-U-M-B thing isn’t working”. 50. How did Jeremy feel when Pamela used the word “stupid”? A. It was proper. C. It was polite. B. It was rude. D. It was useful.

51. The underlined word “obtuse” is closest in meaning to___________. A. clever B. sorry C. old D. slow

52. What made Jeremy take an interest in spelling? A. His marriage with Katie. B. The interest into literature. C. The love of his daughter. D. The role model of his mother. 53. Which of the following statements is forbidden among people of Christian belief?

A. “My God.” C. “God bless you.” truth.” 54. What is the author’s attitude toward spelled words? A. Necessary. C. Natural. 三、改错 B. Joking. D. Useless.

B. “God damn you!” D. “In God’s name, I’m telling the

First, I’d like to thank you for your reminding, although I don’t agree with your view which students should spend more time on their lessons instead of read novels.Indeed, reading novels takes up some of time that should be spent on lessons, but it’ll make us to know what hard life is.Beside, by reading novels we can gain what we can’t learn from our textbook.Of course, reading novels has it’s shortcomings. Novels that have wrong ideas will make us to do something wrongly. Maybe, in your eyes, the disadvantages of reading novels outweigh the advantages.And in my opinion, reading novels is just as another pair of eyes, which broadens my horizon

四、单词拼写 1.The opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London left a lasting____________on the world. 2.He was in a ____________(困境),not knowing whether to turn left or right at crossing. 3.Unfortunately, owing to the heavy smoke,he c___________ to death. 4.We need to give our house a________________(彻底的)cleaning before the Spring Festival. 5.These English words are easily forgotten unless ____________ repeated. 6.It’s _________ to give the proper first aid to the victim,which may mean life and death. 7.He __________(擦亮)his glasses with a clean handkerchief so that he could see the film more clearly. 8.Being o___________ and enthusiastic in our life anables us to go further and further. 9.His b___________ was recognized by everyone when he saved the child from the burning house. 10.Jane is one of my c ______________and we have been working in the same company for two

years. 五、书面表达 上周日,你班开展以“美化城市环境,倡导低碳生活”为宗旨的志愿者活动。活动内容包括: 上午去郊区植树;下午去广场宣传,分发传单。请你就这个活动为校报写一篇 120 个左右词 的短文。 你的文章应包括下列要点: 1.活动宗旨,内容及其对同学的影响; 2.你的评论。 注意:1.文章的标题和开头已给出(不计词数)。 2.参考词汇:低碳生活 a low-carbon lifestyle 传单 leaflet 郊区 suburb A voluntary activity Last Sunday, our class launched a voluntary activity.___________________________________

答案 完型:CBADD BACDC ADBCA DCBAB 阅读 A:DCADB 改错 First, I’d like to thank you for your reminding, although I don’t agree with your view which students should spend more time on their lessons instead of read novels.Indeed, that reading reading novels takes up some of time that should be spent on lessons, but it’ll make us to the know what hard life is.Beside, by reading novels we can gain what we can’t learn from our B:DCBBA C:AACAB D:BDCBA

Besides textbook.Of course, reading novels has it’s shortcomings.Novels that have wrong ideas textbooks will its

make us do something wrongly.Maybe, in your eyes, the disadvantages of reading wrong

novels outweigh the advantages.And in my opinion, reading novels is just as another pair of But like eyes, which broadens my horizon 单词:1.impression 6.vital 10.colleagues 写作:One possible version A voluntary activity Last Sunday, our class launched a voluntary activity. Its theme is to make the city more beautiful and advocate a low-carbon lifestyle. In the morning, we went to plant trees in the suburbs. We worked in cooperation. Some dug holes, some carried and planted trees, and some watered them. In the afternoon, we went to People’s Square to hand out leaflets, raising people’s awareness of environmental protection. Most of the students think highly of the activity, which will surely produce a positive effect on their daily life. As far as I’m concerned, it’s everyone’s duty to protect the environment. As long as there is the possibility of saving our planet, take action now before it is too late. Low carbon living is surely a way of great significance.(120 词) 2.dilemma 3.choked 7.polished 4.thorough 8.optimistic 5.constantly 9.bravery

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