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外研版 高二年级(选修7) Module 1

Reading Practice &

Cultural Corner

Discuss the questions with your partners.
1. Do you think basketball is a safe or dangerous sport? 2. Have you ever seen or played in a basketball match where someone was hurt? 3. What possible risks are there when you are playing basketball?

Reading Practice

Dizzy Heights of School Basketball


Before you learn the “Dizzy Heights of School Basketball”, try to

remember the new words
of this part.

Read the first 3 paragraphs.
1. Basketball is a safe sport, why?

at a 90-degree angle
Less risk of collision

2. But basketball is also dangerous, why?

An abrupt change of direction
Personal injury

Read the whole passage and choose the sentence which best describes the writer’s conclusion.
a. Basketball is one of the safest sports.

b. The players’ energy is partly directed
upwards, so there’s less risk of a

collision between two players.

c. Although basketball players wear socks and sneakers which are specially designed to absorb the energy when they bound into the air, they wear no other protection. d. If there is an abrupt change of √ direction in their energy, there’s a real danger of personal injury.

Read Para4-6 and Choose the best answers.
1. Basketball is one of the safest sports because____. A A. the direction of the players’ energy means there is less chance of a collision B. the players are well-protected C. the players make abrupt changes of direction D. the players accelerate across the court, bouncing the ball

2. According to the writer, a typical basketball player would be ___. C A. able to accelerate and bounce the ball at the same time B. fast and weighing about 80 kilos C. tall and slim D. short and stout

3. The foul was caused by _____. C A.the referee interrupting the match B. Sackler passing the ball over Joe’s head C. Joe lowering his head D. Sackler falling over Joe

4. The referee thought Sackler was seriously injured because ____. B A. Joe ran into him B. Sackler’s nose was bleeding and he lay very still C. Sackler was dizzy on his head, a blanket round his shoulders and called an ambulance.

Complete the sentences in your own words.
1. Basketball is one of the safest sports the player’s energy is because _________________________ directed upward and there is less risk ________________________________ of a collision ____________. 2. Basketball can be dangerous because there is sometimes an abrupt change of _________________________________ direction in their energy _____________________.

3. Joe is a good basketball player despite being short and stout ___________________. 4. The referee thought Sackler was badly injured because his __________________ nose was bleeding _________________________. and he was lying very still 5. Sackler will always remember the he still has a scar on match because __________________ his face _______.

Language points
1. One reason for this is that the players’ energy is partly directed upwards… 该句为一个表语从句,由that引导。 2. So there’s less risk of collision

between two players.
collision n. [U][C]

(1) 碰撞;相撞 The collision between the ships was caused by fog. 船只相撞事件因雾造成。 (2) (意见、利益等的)冲突, 抵触 A collision with parliament could rain the government’s plans. 政府与议会冲突可能使政府的计划 归于失败。

3. But although basketball players wear socks and sneakers which are specially designed to absorb energy when they bound into the air… absorb vt. (1) 吸收(液体,气体,光, 声等) Cotton gloves absorb sweat. 棉手套吸汗。 (2) 汲取, 理解(知识等)

So many good ideas! It's too much for me to absorb all at once. 这么多好主意!太多了, 很难一下完全 吸收。 4. If there is an abrupt change of direction in their energy, from vertical to horizontal, such as when they accelerate across the court, bouncing the ball, there is a real danger of personal injury.

vt.(1) 使增速

The driver stepped on the gas and
accelerated the car.

司机加大油门, 让汽车加速行驶。
(2) 促进;促使...早日发生

The bad weather accelerated our


(3) 【物】使加速 vi. 加快;增长;增加 The car suddenly accelerated.


5. But St Mary had appointed a captain who was not a typical basketball player. vt. 1. 任命, 指派 They appointed him (to be) manager. 他们任命他为经理。 He appointed Williams as his deputy in the city of York. 他任命威廉斯作为他在约克市的代理人。

6. But he was really fast, and he obtained control of the ball, he could make a circuit of the court and reach the opposing team’s

boundary within seconds.

vt. 得到, 获得

He failed to obtain a scholarship.

They obtained a loan from the
government. 他们从政府那里得到一笔贷款。

7. Joe immediately took possession of the ball and ran,… took possession of 占据,占有,拥有 8. Joe was a considerate guy, and apologised as Sackler left, sniffing and weeping, either in pain or in frustration. considerate adj. 体贴的;体谅的;考虑周到的

He was considerate of everyone. 他对大家都很体贴。 apologise vi. He apologized to her for not going to her party. 他因为没有出席她举行的宴会而向她 表示歉意。

9. For a moment, he lay very still, and the referee even checked his pulse, but soon confirmed he was ok. vt. (1) 证实;确定[+(that)][+wh-] His letter confirmed everything. 他的信证实了一切。 (2) 坚定;加强

The latest developments confirmed me in my belief. 最新的发展使我坚信我的信仰。 (3) 批准, 确认 The queen confirmed the treaty. 女王批准了此项条约。

Cultural Corner

Read the passage and fill the form.
names Rugby Time of origin

Place of origin
Rugby school, England Springfiel d USA Perhaps England

A pupil picked up the ball and ran with it Created for cold winter months

Basket-ball 1891



It was based on an old English game


teamwork is most important in an American football race.

Kicking Off

Runs as fast as he can

Got the score

The baseball is very popular in
Japan and America, their teams are

good at winning in the all kinds of
baseball race.


Throwing the baseball

just the moment during hitting the baseball

American football (rugby)
1. Football or ______ soccer started in

________ with a round _____ ball that England players ______ kicked but could not
_____. carry

2. In 1823, a _____ pupil picked up the ball ran during the soccer game and ___ with it. His classmates enjoyed it. Later,

rugby was played with an ____ oval ball
that could be both ______ carried and

_______. thrown

3. Rugby was ________ exported to the USA and became popular _______sport that Americans now call it football _______. However, people in China _______ seldom play it.

1. It was invented in 1891 in a __________ gymnasium by a _______________ teacher who physical education wanted to provide ______ exercise ____ for a noisy class. He ________ attached two basket ____ to two tall poles and asked the players to throw the ball into the baskets.

2. The 13 rules he wrote are the ______ basis of modern basketball rules. popular in 3. Basketball is very _______

the world.

1. It __ _____ ___ is probably based on an old English game called rounders. 2. A ______ version of the game became

popular in the early 19th Century.
Modern rules of the game are very similar to his _______ original rules.

Read the passage and discuss the questions.
1. Which of these games do you think is the most

enjoyable to play?
2. How popular are these

games in China?

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