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2013 年高考英语试题分类汇编之夹叙夹议类完型填空
013 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试【北京卷】 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上讲该 项涂黑。 A Leap(跳跃)to Honor Leaping on a narrow balance beam(平衡木) is not easy. But Lola Walter, a 13-year-old gymnast, is an expert at it. To perfect her skills, Lola 36 for four hours a day, five days a week. At the state championships in

March, she finished seventh out of 16 girls. That’s especially impressive. 37 she is legally blind, born with a rare condition that causes her eyes to 38 how far away things are. 40 , she was fearless. So

shift constantly. She often sees double and can’t When she was little, her mom 39

that even though she couldn’t see 41

her mom signed her up for gymnastics when she was three. She loved the became her favorite. Though learning gymnastics has been more never quit. She doesn’t let her 43 42

right away and gymnastics

for her than for some of her tournaments, she has

stop her from doing anything that she wants to. 44 is the balance beam. Because she

She likes the determination it takes to do the sport. Her biggest

has double vision, she often sees to beams. She must use her sense of touch to help her during her routine. Sometimes she even closes her eyes. “You have to says Lola. To be a top-level gymnast, one must be brave. The beam is probably the most it’s four inches wide. At the state competition, Lola didn’t fall 10---- her highest score yet. Lola doesn’t want to be 48 differently from the other girls on her team. At the competitions, the 49 50 . She doesn’t tell them, because she doesn’t think they need to attitude. 47 46 for anyone because 45 your mind that it’ll take you where you want to go.”

the beam. In fact, she got an 8.1 out of

judges don’t know about her vision know. Her mom is amazed by her


Lola never thinks about 52 kids


. She is presently at level 7 while the highest is level 10 in gymnastics. Her

is to reach level 9. She says she wants to be a gymnastics coach to pass down what she’s learned to other 53 Lola is she grew up. 54 of all her hard work and success. She says it’s helped her overcome problems in her life 55 for others is “just believe yourself”. C. trains C. after C. assume C. imagined C. ahead C. event C. different C. nature C. challenge C. open C. unfair C. off C. served C. injuries C. flexible C. winning C. view C. when C. ashamed C. reward D. dances D. though D. predict D. noticed D. closely D. show D. unsatisfactory D. condition D. program D. trust D. inconvenient D. against D. paid D. problems D. caution D. bargaining D. goal D. before D. confident D. responsibility

outside gymnastics, too. Her 36. A. runs 37. A. since 38. A. tell 39. A. suspected 40. A. deeply 41. A. task 42. A. boring 43. A. talent 44. A. doubt 45. A. examine 46. A. fearful 47. A. to 48. A. greeted 49. A. pains 50. A. positive 51. A. defending 52. A. standard 53. A. until 54. A. proud 55. A. plan B. teaches B. unless B. guess

B remembered B. well B. sport B. enjoyable B. quality B. advantage B. express B. harmful B. on B. treated B. stresses B. friendly B. quitting B. range B. as B. tired B. advice

[定文体抓主旨]:本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。通过讲述有关患有视力障碍的 13 岁体操运动员 Lola Walter 挑战平衡木的故事,阐明“believe in yourself”的主题。本篇难度:中等。 [篇章结构]:

段落 第一部分 (para.1) 第二部分 (para.2--4) 第三部分 (para.5-9)

关键词 not easy; an expert at...

大意推测 导入故事背景,介绍主人公 Lola Walter: 平衡木不容易, 但 Lola Walter 是一个专家

finish seventh; impressive; legally blind; a rare condition; fearless; favorite; never quit; determination; use her sense of touch; brave; got...her highest score; doesn’t want...differently; to reach level 9; a coach

Lola Walter 排名第七,令人印象深刻,因 为她患有视力障碍(一种罕见的状况) Lola Walter 不畏惧,对体操的热爱、永不 放弃、坚定(运用触觉训练)、勇敢使她 得到了她的最高分;她不想与他人不同; 她想达到体操九级,成为一名教练。—— Lola Walter 克服视力上的困难,获得成功 的故事及她的未来目标。

第三部分 (para.10)

overcome problems; believe in yourself

Lola Walter 有关克服困难的建议——相 信自己

具体题目解析 [解析]: 36.C。为了完善技巧,她一天_____ 四个小时,一周五天。再联系上段中的“gymnast(体操运动员)” 可知,是 C 项“训练” 37.A。这个成绩令人印象特别深刻,因为从法律上来说,她是个盲人。 38.A。tell“辨别;判定”,文中指 Lola Walter 不能辨别事物的距离。guess 猜测;推测; assume 假设, 假定;predict 预言,预测。 39.D。本句指她的妈妈在她小时候“注意到”虽然她视力不好,但却不害怕。remember 记得;回想起; suspect 猜疑;怀疑; imagine 想象; notice 注意到。 40.B。根据第三段第一句中的“blind”可知,Lola Walter 的视力不好(couldn’t see well)。 41.B。the sport 特指上一句中出现的 gymnastics(体操运动),指妈妈给 Lola Walter 报名参加体操后,她就 立刻喜欢上了这项运动。 42.C。第三段提到 Lola Walter 的视力不好,因此,学习体操对于她来说,更困难。boring 无聊的;令人 厌烦的;enjoyable 愉快的,快乐的;satisfactory 令人满意的


43.D。根据第三段第一句话“a rare condition”可知,Lola Walter 的视力问题是一种罕见的状况,43 题指 她不会让这种状况阻止自己做她想做的事情。 44.C。下一句提到因为她视觉有重影,会看到两根平衡木,所以,平衡木对她是最大的挑战。 doubt 怀 疑,疑惑;advantage 优势;有利条件; challenge 挑战; progress 进步;前进。 45.D。通过上一句 Lola Walter 在平衡木练习时有时闭上眼睛可知,所以她相信自己的能力。 46.A。 根据本段第一句“one must be brave”说明平衡木对任何人来说都很令人害怕。 fearful 令人害怕的; harmful 有害的; unfair 不公平的; inconvenient 不方便的 47.C。fall off 掉下;从......跌落,此处指 Lola 没有从平衡木上掉下来(成功了) 48. B。 根据本段下文可知, Lola 没有把自己的视力问题告诉裁判, 她不想得到和别人不同的对待。 greet 打 招呼;迎接; treat 对待;招待; serve 为…服务;端上; pay 付款;偿还。 49.D。根据第三段可知,Lola 存在视力上的问题。pain 痛苦;疼痛; stress 压力;重音; injury 伤害; 损害。 50.A。根据本段前两句 Lola 不想因为自己的视力问题而得到不同的对待,可知 Lola 的态度积极。positive 积极的;friendly 友好的; flexible 灵活的; cautious 小心的;谨慎的。 51. B。 通过本段下文可知, Lola 还会继续努力, 从目前的体操 7 级达到九级, 因此她没有想过放弃。 defend 防卫;辩护; quit 停止;放弃; bargain 讨价还价。 52.D。她的目标是达到体操九级。standard 标准; range 范围; view 视图风景;goal 目标。 53.C。句意:当她长大时,她想成为一名体操教练,把自己的所学交给其他孩子。 54.A。通过全文可知,Lola 对于自己的努力和成功感到自豪。be proud of 以...为豪;be tired of 厌倦;厌 烦; be ashamed of 感到羞愧,惭愧;be confident of 对?事有信心。 55.B。句意:她给别人的建议就是要相信自己。plan 计划; advice 建议;忠告; reward 回报;报答; responsibility 责任 2013 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试【江苏卷】 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 请认真阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上 将该项涂黑。 I used to believe in the American Dream, which meant a job, a mortgage (按揭),credit cards, success. I wanted it and worked toward it like everyone else, all of us 36 chasing the same thing.


One year, through a series of unhappy events, it all fell my truck and $56. I 38


. I found myself homeless and alone. I had 39 possible amount. I

the countryside for some place I could rent for the 40

came upon a shabby house four miles up a winding mountain road It was 41

the Potomac River in West Virginia. 42 a corner to camp in. 44 of being a

, full of broken glass and rubbish. I found the owner, rented it, and 43

The locals knew nothing about me,

slowly, they started teaching me the 45

neighbor. They dropped off blankets, candles, and tools, and began teach me a belief in a 46

around to chat. They started to 47 .

American Dream—not the one of individual achievement but of 48

What I had believed in, all those things I thought were place. 49

for a civilized life, were nonexistent in this 50 with my neighbors. 52

on the mountain, my most valuable possessions were my 51

Four years later, I moved back into

. I saw many people were having a really hard time, 53

their jobs and homes. I managed to rent a big enough house to

a handful of people. There are four of

us now in the house, but over time I’ve had nine people come in and move on to other places. We’d all be in 54 if we hadn’t banded together. The American Dream I believe in now is a shared one. It’s not so much about what I can get for myself; it’s about 55 we can all get by together. B. equally B. apart B. left B. largest B. through B. abandoned B. approached B. although B. lesson B. looking B. real B. happiness B. expensive B. Down C. violently C. over C. toured C. fairest C. over C. emptied C. cleared C. otherwise C. nature C. swinging C. different C. friendliness C. rare C. Deep D. naturally D. out D. searched D. cheapest D. round D. robbed D. cut D. for D. art D. turning D. remote D. kindness D. necessary D. Along

36. A. separately 37. A. off 38. A. crossed 39. A. fullest 40. A. at 41. A. occupied 42. A. turned 43. A. but 44. A. benefit 45. A. sticking 46. A. wild 47. A. neighborliness 48. A. unique 49. A. Up

50. A. cooperation 51. A. reality 52. A. creating 53. A. put in 54. A. yards 55. A. when

B. relationships B. society B. losing B. turn in B. shelters B. what

C. satisfaction C. town C. quitting C. take in C. camps C. whether

D. appointments D. life D. offering D. get in D. cottages D. how

[定文体抓主旨]:本文是一篇夹叙夹议的散文。本文主题围绕作者对于美国梦的认识变化而展开。首先讲 述了作者曾经以为美国梦就是追求个人的成功;后来,在遭遇一系列不幸后,作者在乡村生活四年的经历 和感受使得作者对美国梦的有了新的认识和深刻感悟,也就是如何实现大家共同的成功。 本篇难度:中等。 [篇章结构]: 段落 第一部分 (para.1) 第二部分 (para.2--5) 关键词 used to believe in the American Dream, which meant…,chasing unhappy events, fell apart, countryside, a shabby house, the art of being a neighbor, a belief, a different American Dream, a civilized life, nonexistent, valuable possessions, relationships, moved back, managed, in shelters 第三部分 (para. 6) a shared one, It’s not so much about what I can get for myself, it’s about how we can all get by together. 作者对美国梦的全新认识: 美国梦 不是仅仅实现个人的成功, 而是关 于我们如何通过共同奋斗都能获 得成功。 大意推测 作者过去对美国梦的理解就是个 人的成功。 在经历了一系列不幸后, 作者曾经 的美国梦破碎;然而,在乡村与邻 居们相处四年的经历使得作者对 美国梦有了新的感悟。



36.A。结合文章主旨和上文语境。由此句 “I wanted it and worked toward it like everyone else.”作者过去曾 经坚信的美国梦就是大家都在共同的追求中实现个人的成功。separately 单独地,个别地;equally 相等地; 平等地; 37.B。根据语境和固定短语。由第二段 “a series of unhappy events”,一系列的不幸使得作者的梦想破碎。 fall apart 崩溃,破碎;fall off 减少;跌落;变坏;fall over 被…绊倒;意外地从…上跌落;fall out 争吵;结 果;解散。 38.D。语义和词组搭配。在穷困潦倒时,作者只得到乡村找个便宜的居所,此处搭配为 search…for… 其 余均不符。 39.D。语境和语义。“I had my truck and $56”,因为作者已经到了几乎身无分文的地步,带着身上仅有的 56 美元,作者只能租下最便宜的花费的住所(some place I could rent)。 40. C。根据句意和搭配。作者找到了可以租赁的一个破旧房子,不过要沿着横跨波托马克河的蜿蜒山路 向上行走 4 英里。” a winding mountain road”横跨 “the Potomac River”,over 在…上面,由一边到另一边,其 余均不符。 41.B。由上下文信息和词义。 “a shabby house”这是一个破旧的房子,“full of broken glass and rubbish”到 处都是破碎的玻璃碎片和垃圾,所以看出这里早已被遗弃多时,occupied 已占用的,在使用的;abandoned 被放弃的,被遗弃的 ,其余两项被清空的和被抢劫的语境不符。 42.C。把握上文语境。作者找到房主租下房子后,“to camp in”必须先进行清理才能住宿,所以作者先清 理了房主的一个角落。clear 扫除,使干净;approach 接近,走近,靠近; turn 旋转;使改变方向;cut 剪 切;切成。这三项与语境不符。 43.A。根据语句间的逻辑关系。尽管当地人对我是一无所知,但是,他们却教我与邻居相处的艺术。很 显然是一种转折关系。 although 尽管; 虽然位置应该放在 “The locals knew nothing about me”之前。 otherwise 否则,不然;for 因为,由于。它们都不符合。 44.D。根据句意和词汇。邻居们教作者应该如何与邻居们相处的艺术。art 艺术,技巧;benefit 利益,好 处;lesson 教训,训诫;nature 自然;天性;天理;后三项与语境不符。 45.A。根据句意和词组。“to chat” 邻居们开始停留下来与作者聊天。stick around 逗留,停留;look around 骋目四顾;四顾;swing around 使转过;turn around 使)转身;(使)好转;改变意见。 46.C。 根据上下文语境解题。文章第一段讲到了“the American Dream,which meant a job, a mortgage (按 揭), credit cards, success”,空格后提示“not the one of individual achievement”,可知这是一个不同的 (different)American Dream。

47.A。 根据上下文语境解题。本段前面讲到邻居们教他做邻居的艺术,给他提供了很多帮助,由此可知 选 neighborliness 友善,睦邻友好。其余三项分别意为:幸福;友好,亲切;仁慈,好意。neighborliness 侧重指邻里关系。 48.D。根据上下文语境解题。根据第一段所描述的美国梦的内容“a job, a mortgage (按揭), credit cards, success”,可知作者原来认为这些东西是文明生活必须的(necessary)。其余三项分别意为:野生的,野 蛮的,狂野的;真实的;偏僻的,遥远的,均不符合语境。 49. A。根据上文提示和语法知识解题。由第二段中“I came upon a shabby house four miles up a winding mountain road”可知房子在山上,可知选 up。 50.B。根据上下文语境解题。句意:在这个山上,我最珍贵的财产是我和邻居们的关系(relationships)。 其余三项分别意为:合作;满意;约会,均不符合语境。 51.C。 根据上下文语境解题。根据第二段的“I _38_the countryside for some place”可知作者到乡村找地方 租住,现在是“I moved back into”,当然是搬回到城里(town)了。其余三项分别意为:现实;社会;生活, 均不符合语境。 52.B。根据句内逻辑关系解题。前面说“many people were having a really hard time”,许多人正过着相当艰 难的生活,可知是失去(losing)了工作和家。creating:创造;offering:提供,明显不符合语境;quitting 只能和 jobs 搭配,不能和 homes 搭配。 53.C。根据语法知识解题。本题考查动词词组含义。四个选项分别意为:放进,提交,申请;上交,拐 入,告发;让…进入,接受,理解,吸入,欺骗;进入,到达,收获,被录取。此处说作者设法租了一个 足够大的房子来让一些人住进来,因此选 C。get in 是主动进入,不符合语境。 54. B。根据上文语境和语法知识解题。 此处说: 如果我们不团结在一起, 我们都会流落到住收容所 (shelters) 的地步。其余三项分别意为:庭院;帐篷;小屋,村舍,均不符合语境。 55.D。 根据语法知识和语境解题。句意:美国梦不是关于我能为自己得到什么,而是关于我们所有人如 何能够一起度过难关。about 后面的从句不缺主语、宾语、表语,因此不选 what;也没有是否(whether)的 意思;也没有涉及时间问题(when),因此只能选 how. 2013 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试【辽宁卷】 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填人空白处的选项,并在 答题卡上将该项涂黑:


A little girl lived in a simple and poor house on a hill. Usually she


play in the small garden. She

could see over the garden fence and across the valley a wonderful house with shining golden windows high on another hill. 37 she loved her parents and her family, she desired to live in such a house and 39 must feel to live there. her mother for a bike ride 38 all

day about how wonderful and exciting

At the age when she gained some 40 skill and sensibility (识别力),she 41

42 the garden. Her mother finally allowed her to go, 43 her keeping close to the house and not 44 too far. The day was beautiful. The little girl knew rode to the 47 48 of the golden house. 49 to the house and 45 where she was heading! 46 the hill and across the valley, she

she got off her bike and put it against the gate post, she focused on the path

then on the house itself. She was very disappointed when she 50 that all the windows were 51 and rather dirty. So _ 52 and heart-broken, she didn’t go any further. She 53 and all of a sudden she saw an amazing

54 . There on the other side of the valley was a little house and its windows were golden. Looking at her little home, she 55 that she had been living in her golden house filled with love and care. Everything she dreamed

was right there in front of her nose! 36. A. might 37. A. Unless 38. A. dreamed 39. A. this 40. A. different 41. A. begged 42. A. inside 43. A. insisting on 44. A. traveling 45. A. madly 46. A. Over 47. A. windows 48. A. Until 49. A. getting B. should B. Although B. worried B. that B. scientific B. blamed B. outside B. relying on B. running B. rapidly B. Down B. steps B. As B. introducing C. would C. Since C. asked C. it C. musical C. invited C. through C. arguing about C. riding C. exactly C. Around C. center C. While C. leading D. paid D. along D. wondering about D. walking D. possibly D. Beside D. gate D. Because D. moving D. must D. But D. shouted D. which D. basic


50. A. felt

B. learned

C. concluded C. plain C. serious C. settled down C. background C. realized

D. found D. wide D. sad D. dropped in D. sight D. guessed

51. A. transparent B. bright 52. A. anxious 53. A. turned around 54. A. hill 55. A. imagined B. angry B. cheered up

B. valley B. decided

[定文体抓主旨]:本文是一篇记叙加议论的短文。小女孩住在山上的一座破旧的小房子里,她可以通过花 园的篱笆看到对面山上一个有着金色窗子的美丽的房子。于是,稚嫩的童心里就有了一个美丽的梦想:什 么时候能住进这所美丽的房子里呢?等女孩稍稍长大后,她骑车到了梦想的房子的前面,她所看到的使她 震惊、心碎:心目中金色的窗子原来是普通而又满目灰尘。暮然回首,才发现对面山上自己的房子是那般 美丽! 本篇难度:中等。 [篇章结构]: 段落 第一部分 (para.1) 关键词 a little girl, poor house on a hill, a small garden, a wonderful house with shining golden windows, desired to live such a house 第二部分 (para.2-3) gained some skill and sensibility, allowed her to go, The day was beautiful, across the valley, rode to the golden house, focus on the path, vey disappointed, windows were rather dirty 第三部分 (para.4) Heart-broken, amazing, There on the other side of the valley was a little house and its windows were golden. She had been living in the golden house filled with love and 眼前的景色让她失望且伤心。但回头处, 却看到了另一番美景:对面的山上,是自 己住的金色的房子。原来自己一直置身于 自己梦想的金色的房子里,享受这家人的 关爱!

大意推测 住在山上的小女孩看到对面山上的有金 色窗子的美丽的房子。虽然她深爱她的父 母和家人,但她是多美渴望能住进这所金 色的房子里啊! 女孩渐渐长大了,妈妈答应她在房子周边 骑车。她骑上自行车下山直奔对面的金色 的房子。但是到了房前,她端详着那条小 路和房子的窗户,这才发现窗户是如此地 普普通通而又脏兮兮。


[解析]: 36.C。 利用语境解题。本题的提示词是 usually, 根据语境这里应该表示一个小女孩的个人习惯,句子的 意思是:通常她会在那个小花园里玩耍。 37.B。根据句间逻辑关系解题。主句是 she desired to live in such a house, 从句是 she loved her parents and her family, 主句和从句的关系应该是让步关系,虽然她深爱着自己的父母和家人,但还是渴望住在那 栋房子里。所以选择 Although。 38.A。利用语境解题。desired to live in such a house 和______ all day about how wonderful and exciting…之 间是并列关系。 解题关键在于 desired, 既然渴望, 就会有梦想, 所以选择 dreamed。 dream about doing sth 梦想做…,所以选择 dreamed。 39. C。 根据上下文语境解题。 本题的解题关键在于介词 about 后面的宾语从句 how wonderful and exciting _________ must be to live there.这个句子如果用陈述句型表达应该是:_____ must be wonderful and exciting to live there. 经分析可知,本题考查的是 it 做形式主语,代替后面的不定时 to live there。鉴于 此,答案为 C。 40.D。 根据下文提示解题。下文提到恳求妈妈之后才被允许骑自行车围着花园转一转,说明小女孩刚刚 学会些基本的(basic)技能和识别力,所以选择 D。 41. A。 根据生活常识和上下文提示解题。 上一段提到 desired, dreamed 等动词, 说明了小女孩渴望的心情, 后面有提到 “Her mother finally allowed her to go”,由此可知小女孩“恳请”妈妈答应自己的请求,所以选 择 A。 42.B。 根据下文词汇复现解题。下文提到了 keeping close to the house(在房子周边,附近) ,说明这里 表达的是在花园周围骑车。所以答案是 B。 43.A。根据上下文语境解题。前面提到妈妈答应了小女孩的要求,但是这是有条件的,那就是妈妈坚持 (insisting on)要她不要远离自家的房子,不要骑太远。这个答案表明妈妈的态度,所以选择 A。 44.C。根据下文词汇复现解题。上文提到 begged her mother for a bike ride, 所以这里应该是表明妈妈对她 的要求,不要骑(riding)太远,所以答案选择 C。 45. C。 根据上下文语境解题。 小女孩早就梦想着一饱花园的美丽, 当得到妈妈允许骑车的时候, 她心里“确 切”地知道她要去哪里。所以答案选择 C。


46.B。根据生活常识和上下文提示解题。文章的开始就提到 A little girl lived in a simple and poor house on a hill. 明确告诉我们小女孩住在山上,所以这里是骑车下山,答案是 B。 47.D。根据下文词汇复现解题。由下段的开始句 she got off her bike and put it against the gate post, 可知小 姑娘骑车到金色的房子的门口,所以答案为 D。 48.B。根据句间逻辑关系解题。本句的解题关键在于主句中的谓语 focused on the path 和从句谓语 got off the bike 之间的逻辑关系。先下车再专心研究/看…,由此可知要选的从属连词为引导时间状语从句的, 但是 got of f her bike 为瞬间动词,而 while 引导的时间状语从句的谓语动词应该是延续性的,所以否 定 C 答案,选择 B。 49. C。根据固定搭配解题。get to 到达;introduce… to 介绍…给…;lead to 通向; move to 朝…移动。 本句要表达的是道路与房子的关系,应该是这条路通向那所房子,所以选择 C。 50.D。根据上下文语境解题。上句提到她 focused on the path and then on the house itself, 说明她仔细观 察了这条道路和那所房子。仔细观察后应该有所发现,这里是指小女孩亲眼见到的一切,所以选择 D。 51.C。根据句间逻辑关系解题。前面说到 she was very disappointed 和下面提到 very dirty,这些都是选择 本题答案的依据,既然 disappointed, 就说明这所房子远没有她当初想象得好,很一般,很普通。所 以选择 C。 52.D。根据上下文语境解题。上段提到了小女孩 disappointed, 本句中又有 heart-broken,由此可推断小女 孩很伤心和难过(sad),所以选择 D。 53.A。根据下文提示解题。下文提到 There on the other side of the valley…可知这里指“小女孩转过身,回 头看”,所以选择 A。 54. D。根据上下文语境解题。下文提到 There on the other side of the valley was a little house and its windows were golden. 这是小女孩回头所看到的的景象,所以选择 D。 55.C。根据生活常识和上下文提示解题。这里指小女孩通过自己的亲身经历明白了一个道理,原来自己一 直住在一座充满了关爱的金色的房子里。也就是她意识到了这一点,所以答案选择 C。 2013 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试【山东卷】 第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项, 并在答题卡将该项涂黑。 I used to be a very self-centered person, but in the past two years I have really changed. I have started to think about other people 36 I think about myself. I am happy that I am becoming a 37 person.

I think my


started when I was at Palomar College. At first, I just wanted to get my 40


and be

left alone. I thought I was smarter than everyone else, so I hardly ever end of my first semester, I was really having fun. So tried a(n) having trouble I friends, and two of 43 45 42 41

to anyone in my classes. By the

. It seemed as if everyone but me had made friends and was

. I started asking people around me how they were doing, and if they were 44 for me. By the end of the year, I had several new

to help. That was really a big

are still my best friends today. 46 , however, came when I took a part-time job at a Vista Nursing Home. 47 . Every time I came into her room, she was 49 her, so I took her place. 51 , but I

A bigger cause of my new

One old lady there who had Alzheimer’s disease became my so 48

because she thought I was her daughter. Her real daughter never 50

She let me

that making others feel good make me feel good, too, when she died, I was

was very grateful to her. I think I am a much experiences. They have 52 54 person today than I used to be, and I hope I will not 53 these 55 who I am

me to care about other people more than about myself. I

today, and I could not say that a few years ago. 36. A. since 37. A. famous 38. A. education 39. A. balance 40. A. talked 41. A. careful 42. A. argument 43. A. dared 44. A. dream 45. A. us 46. A. attitude 47. A. friend 48. A. polite 49. A. bothered 50. A. explain B. before B. simple B. career C. homework B. wrote B. lonely B. game B. offered B. problem B. which B. hobby B. partner B. happy B. answered B. guess C. or C. different C. tour C. degree C. lied C. curious C. experiment C. hesitated C. duty C. them C. hope C. guide C. strange C. visited C. declare D. unless D. skilled D. change D. interest D. reported D. guilty D. defence D. happened D. step D. whom D. luck D. guest D. confident D. trusted D. see

51. A. homeless 52. A. quieter 53. A. forget 54. A. forced 55. A. miss

B. heartbroken B. busier B. face B. preferred B. like

C. bad-tempered C. better C. improve C. ordered C. wonder

D. hopeless D. richer D. analyze D. taught D. expect

[定文体抓主旨]:本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。作者通过自己从一个以自我为中心的没有朋友的人转变到 关心他人,帮助他人,与人相处和谐的过程,说明做一个对别人有益有帮助的人是幸福的,成功的。文章 首尾两段都点出文章主旨大意。本篇难度:中等。 [篇章结构]:示例 1 段落 第一部分 (para.1) 第二部分 (para.2--3) 关键词 used to be a very self-centered person,changed, happy be left alone,everyone but me had made friends and was having fun,started asking people around me how they were doing,had several new friends 第三部分 (para.4) [解析]: 36.B。 把握上下文的语境。根据前一句话,可知作者现在和过去不一样了,先考虑别人再考虑自己,所 以用 before, 在为自己着想之前先为别人着想,故选 B。 37.C。 利用原词复现解题。根据文章第二句“in the past two years I have really changed.”,可推知,我现 在是一个与之前不同的人了,故选 C。 38.D。把握上下文的语境。根据文章第二句“in the past two years I have really changed.”,可推知,本段要 讲的是,我的改变发生在什么时候,故选 D。 39.C。根据生活常识推理手段。上大学的目的,就是为了得学位,所以作者一开始,就只是为了拿学位, 故选 C。 care about other people more than about myself 大意推测 最近两年我变了,开始为别人着想了,我 很高兴。是什么促使了转变呢? 大学时不与人说话,没有朋友。后来开始 改变,并慢慢的有了朋友。 态度转变的另一个重要原因是在敬老院 做兼职时, 与一个老人成朋友, 帮助老人, 代替她的女儿,最终自己也得到快乐。 很高兴自己的改变,喜欢现在的自己,愿 意帮助别人。


40.A。把握上下文的语境。由上句“I thought I was smarter than everyone else,”,可知,作者自恃清高,看 不起别人,因而也不与人说话交流,故选 A。 41.B。 把握上下文的语境。根据前一句话“I hardly ever talked to anyone else”,可知作者没有朋友,很孤独, 故选 B。 42.C。 利用概括词复现解题。根据下文“I started asking people around me how they were doing, and if they were having trouble I offered to help”,可知作者这样做,不是 A 争论,不是 B 游戏,而是一个尝试,D 变化与前边动词不搭配,故选 C。 43.B。 根据词汇的意义解题。根据前一句“if they were having trouble”可推知,作者是愿意提供帮助的, 故选 B。 44.D。 根据上下文词意复现解题。前文中出现转变 different, 这里说的一大跨越,与前文相符,故选 D。 45.C。把握句子结构解题。这是一个由 and 连接的并列句,前后都是一个简单句,后半句中表达“其中有 两人”,所以用 two of them. 本句中如果前边没有 and,那么就该选 D whom,是指人的关系代词。故 选 C。 46.A。 利用概括词复现解题。前文说作者是生活态度的转变,而不是 B 兴趣爱好,C 希望,D 运气的改 变,故选 A。 47.A。 根据生活常识和文化背景的推理手段。作者去敬老院做兼职,与老人之间成了朋友,而不可能成 为 B 伙伴,C 向导,D 客人,故选 A。 48.B。 把握句内的逻辑关系。作者每次去看望她,她都把作者当成她的女儿了,所以她应该是高兴的, 故选 B。 49.C。 把握上下文的语境。根据上下文,可知她真正的女儿从来都不看望她,故选 C。 50.D。 把握上下文的语境。由后边句子“making others feel good make me feel good, too”,可知,老人是 使作者明白了一个道理,故选 D。 51.B。 把握上下文的语境。根据前一句话“when she died”,可知作者非常伤心,故选 B。 52.C。 利用概括词复现解题。根据前文的事例,可知作者现在是变成了一个更好的人了,故选 C。 53.A。 根据词汇的意义解题。根据前文所说,可推知,作者是希望自己不会忘记这些宝贵的经历,故选 A。 54.D。把握上下文的语境。这些经历一定是教会了我这样的道理,故选 D。 55.B。把握上下文的语境。我的这些转变,使我喜欢现在的自己,故选 B。


2013 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试【四川卷】 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在 答题卡上将该项涂黑。

“Look, it’s Baldy!” A boy shouted in my direction across the playground. Even though I was used to regular insults (侮辱) because of the back to the class. When I was just 20 months old, I suffered serious 14 13 after a bowl full hot oil fell on my head. I was 15 to save my life. “Holly’s very 16 11 on my head, it was 12 horrible to hear. I sighed as I was headed

to hospital and had to stay there for weeks while the doctors 17

to be alive,” they told Mum and Dad. “But she’ll be grow there.” As a child, I cared much about my scars, so I 19

with scars on her head, and of course her hair won’t


wore a scarf to cover them up when I left home.

I didn’t, people would call me horrible names like Baldy. Although my friends were always comforting me, 20 understood how it felt. 21 to a children’s burns camp, where children like me can get any 23

they never

Then through the hospital I was help. There, I 22

14-year-old Stephanie, whose burns are a lot more serious than mine. But she is so 24 25 what people say about what you look like me. “And you don’t need to wear a scarf

that she never lets anyone put her down. “You shouldn’t because we’re not different from anyone else, Holly,” she because you look great something 27 26

it!” For the first time in my life I could speak to someone who’d been through 28 by her bravery, I gave up my scarf and

. So weeks later, at my 13th birthday party, 29

showed off my scars. It felt amazing not having to Now, I am 30

away behind my scarf.

of what I look like and much happier, because I have realized it is your personality (个性)

that decides who you truly are.

11. 12. 13. 14.

A. A. A. A.

hat still hunger rushed

B. B. B. B.

scarf just cold led

C. C. C. C.

scars never defeats invited

D. D. D. D.

cuts seldom burns forced

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A. A.

learned happy pressed possibly Although correctly promoted met honest write sown promised in similar allowed hide sick

B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B.

fought lucky occupied usually Since roughly introduced recognized strong agree with encouraged for strange required give aware

C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C.

returned lonely left finally If easily reported remembered active pass on ordered without hard guided keep tired

D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D. D.

decided poor painted nearly Before really carried caught young listen to calmed beyond important inspired put proud

[定文体抓主旨]: 本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。作者因儿时的一次意外事故,头部留下了大片的疤痕而且不能再长头发,成 了光头。为了不被人嘲笑讥讽,她总是用头巾把头部遮盖起来。后来她遇到一位与自己有相似经历的一位 女孩,在她的鼓励下她摘下了围巾,开始勇敢面对现实。作者通过自己的经历告诉我们,真正的你是由你 的个性而不是外貌决定的。文章最后一段点出文章主旨大意。 本篇难度:中等。 [篇章结构]: 段落 第一部分 (para.1) 第二部分 a bowl full hot oil fell on my head; save my 事故发生的原委及对作者后来的生活造成 关键词 it’s Baldy; was used to regular insults; 大意推测 作者所面临的困境



life; with scars on her head; hair won’t grow; people would call me horrible names like Baldy


第三部分 (para.5) [解析]:

much happier; it is your personality that decides who you truly are.

作者用自己的经历告诉我们:你的个性决 定了你是什么样的人

11. C。根据首句 baldy(秃头)和第二段 with scars on her head 可知作者头上能看到的应该是‘疤痕’,因 此选项 C 正确。 12. A。根据句首的 even though(即使),此处应为转折关系。 根据句意:‘即使已经习惯了被人这样侮 辱,但听到时仍旧会感到伤心难过’,可推知 A 项正确。 13. D。根据 a bowl full hot oil fell on my head,可知作者受的是‘烫伤’,因此 D 选项正确。 14. A。根据上句作者‘受了严重烫伤’,推断出应该被‘迅速’送往医院,因此 A 选项正确。 15. B。根据句中 to save my life,可知‘挽救生命’如同一场‘战斗’,因此 B 选项正确。 16. B。根据上一句‘医生在全力抢救生命’可知,作者能够活下来应该是‘很幸运的’,因此 B 选项正确。 17. C。第二段提到‘一碗热汤倒在了头上’,那么肯定会‘留下’疤痕了,所以选项 C 正确。 18. B。因为‘在乎头上的疤痕’,所以应该‘总是’戴上头巾来遮掩,所以选项 B 正确。 19. C。根据前一句可知,作者出门总是会‘戴上头巾’,这里的 didn’t 显然是指‘不戴’,所以可知本句 的意思应该是:‘如果’不戴,人们就??,因此选项 C 正确。

20. D。从第 4 段的 For the first time in my life I could speak to someone who’d been through something similar (在我的生活中第一次可以和一个与我有相似经历的人交谈)可以得知之前没有人能够‘感同身受地、真 正地’理解她。因此可知正确选项为 D。 21. B。根据固定搭配。be introduced … to … 意思是‘把??介绍给??’,根据句意:通过医院,我被介 绍参加了一个儿童烧伤营,可知选项 B 正确。 22. A。根据前句可知作者去了一个儿童烧伤营,所以,她在那里应该是‘遇到’了一个女孩,因此可知选 项 A 正确。 23. B。 根据句中 she never lets anyone put her down (她从来不让任何人将她击败) 可知她是个 ‘意志坚强’ 的女孩,因此选项 B 正确。 24. D。考察短语词义。根据 what people say about(人们说什么),可知是不要‘听’,因此选项 D 正确。

25. B。根据上下文中的句子 we’re not different from anyone else(我们同其他人没有任何不同)和 you look great(你看上去棒极了)可知,Stephanie 是在鼓励作者,因此选项 B 正确。 26. C。根据 you don’t need to wear a scarf(你没有必要戴头巾)可知 Stephanie 要表达的是‘不戴’头巾看 上去也很棒,因此选项 C 正确。 27. A。根据上下文可知作者是在儿童烧伤营,这里都是有着类似经历的孩子,因此可知选项 A 正确。 28. D。根据上下文可知作者受到了 Stephanie 的激励,下决心勇敢地接受自己,因此选项 D 正确。 29. A。根据前句 show off the scars (亮出疤痕)和 not having to … behind my scarf 可知应该是‘不必再躲 藏在围巾的后面’因此选项 A 正确。 30. D。考查短语词义。be proud of , 意思是‘为??感到骄傲、自豪’,根据上下文可知作者不再为自己 的容貌感到自卑,因此选项 D 正确。选项 B be aware of (意识到??),选项 A be sick of(讨厌??)和 选项 C be tired of (厌倦??)均与句意不符。 2013 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试【天津卷】 第二节 完形填空 (共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) As I held my father's hands one night, I couldn't help but notice their calluses(老茧) and roughness. His hinds tell the story of his life as a 16 . including all his struggles. 17 desert. On one of those

One summer. I remember, a drought(旱灾)hit Ontario, turning it into a hot mornings I was picking sweet com with my dad to fill the last was all we needed, which 19 18

from the grocery store. Fifty dozen 20

took twenty minutes. That morning, however, the process didn't 21

quickly. After forty minutes of aimlessly walking in the field, we frustrated and 22

needed twenty dozen. I was completely

. Dropping the basket heavily, I declared, "If the store wants its last twenty dozen, they 23 . "Just think, my little girl, only ten dozen left for each of us and then we're 25 , he never gives up.

can pick it themselves!" Dad 24

.” such is Dad—whether problem he 16

, the disastrous effects of the drought were felt all over our country. It was a challenging time for 27 Dad remained optimistic. He 28 29 to be grateful for other things like good health and Dad and his faith that guided us through the hard


food on our plates. Only then did I truly begin to times. Dad is also a living example of real family. He always puts our happiness 30 32

. From dawn to dusk, he works countless hours to



his own, and never fails to cheer me on at my sports games


33 and

his exhaustion after long days. His loving and selfless nature has inspired me to become more sympathetic 34 , putting others first. 35 I have learned from you will stay with me forever. You are my father, teacher, friend

Dad, the life

and, most importantly, my hero. 16. A. teacher 17. A. stormy 18. A. order 19. A. repeatedly 20. A. go 21. A. yet 22. A. surprised 23. A. apologized 24. A. lost 25. A. meets with 26. A. Thankfully 27. A. or 28. A. happened 29. A. face 30. A. love 31. A. support 32. A. after 33. A. in spite of 34. A. careful 35. A. history B. gardener B. lively B. form B. normally B. begin B. still B. nervous B. cried B. done B. brings up B. Hopefully B. for B. seemed B. appreciate B. pride B. settle B. before B. in terms of B. regretful B. motto C. farmer C. disappearing C. gap C. finally C. occur C. even C. angry C. complained C. gone C. works out C. Unfortunately C. so C. continued C. examine C. friendship C. start C. beside C. in control of C. considerate C. patterns D. grocer D. burning D. position D. really D. change D. nearly D. frightened D. laughed D. touched D. thinks about D. Strangely D. but D, aimed D. question D. honesty D. impress D. under D. in place of D. humorous D. lessons

[定文体抓主旨]:本文是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。作者包含感情地描述了记忆中跟爸爸在一起度过的时光, 爸爸对待生活的乐观态度,对待子女的无私的奉献和爱跃然纸上,让作者,让读者感慨无限。本篇难度: 中等。 [篇章结构]: 段落 关键词 大意推测

第一部分 (para.1) 第二部分 (para.2--4)

father’s hands; calluses and roughness; the story of his life picking sweet corn; frustrated; laughed; never gives up; optimistic; through the hard times; real love

父亲的手满是老茧很粗糙;农民的一生, 辛苦奋斗的一生 在田里摘玉米,很泄气;父亲笑,不言放 弃;乐观向上;带领我们走过艰难岁月; 对家人无私的奉献和爱

第三部分 (para.5)

life lessons; father, teacher, friend and hero

从父亲那里学到的很多,将伴随自己一 生;是父亲,是老师,是朋友,更是自己 心目中的英雄。

16.C。前面的句子提到父亲的手上满是老茧很粗糙,推测他的职业是农民最合适,更重要的是,下文中 说到了父子在田里摘棉花,更加印证了是农民的判断。四个选项的意思分别是老师,园丁,农民,杂 货商。 17.D。根据句意,既然发生了严旱灾,那么用 burning 来修饰 desert 最合适不过了。A,B,C 三个选项的 意思分别是暴风雨的,生动的,消失的,均与句意不符,排除。 18.A。fill an order 是一个固定短语,意思是“交付订货”,此句的意思是,我跟父亲正在田里摘玉米, 以便交付杂货店定的货。 19.B。此题需要结合后面一句话去做,后一句的意思是“然而这一次,这个过程进展不快”,说明前面 的二十分钟是“通常情况”下所需要的时间,因此应该用副词 normally。 20.A。事情进展如何,常用动词 go,而不用 begin, occur, change。 21.B。平时只需要二十分钟,可是这次,四十分钟过后,还没结束,“仍然”还需要二十分钟。其他三 个选项均不能表达此意。 22.C。由于这次摘玉米用的时间太长,太辛苦,所以“我”很泄气也很“生气”,这个可以结合后面“我” 说的话来推断出来:重重的摔篮子,然后说“如果杂货店还要那他们可以自己摘玉米”,这些都可以 印证“我”很生气,而不是 A 吃惊,B 紧张,D 害怕, 23.D。看到“我”生气的样子,爸爸“笑”着安慰我。 24.B。本句意思是:我们每人“仅仅”需要摘十打,然后我们就结束了。be done 是固定用法,意思是“结 束,做完了”。


25.A。本句意思是:无论他“遇到”什么难题,他都不会放弃。四个选项的意思分别是:遇到,抚养, 解出(难题),考虑,只有选项 A 符合句意。 26.C。本句的意思是:这次干旱的灾难性影响在全国都能感受得到。这是坏事,所以应该用 unfortunately. 其他三个选项的意思分别是:谢天谢地;满怀希望地;很奇怪,均与句意不符。 27.D。句子的前半部分说旱灾对于每个人都是一种挑战,后半部分说父亲保持乐观,两者之间显然是一 种转折关系,应该用连词 but。 28.C。根据文章的主题可知,父亲对待生活持乐观态度,乐观的人会感激生活和所拥有的一切。上句 Dad remained optimistic 提示,在艰难的日子里,父亲“依然乐观”,“继续”感恩已有的东西,如健康 和盘中食物。选项 A“似乎”,选项 B“似乎”,选项 D“目的是”不合主题和句意。 29.B。句子意思是:就是在那时,我才开始“感激”父亲以及他引导我们走过艰难岁月的信念。四个选 项的意思分别是:面对 感激 检查 质问,只有选项 B 符合句意。 30.A。这句话是本段落的主题句,从下文可以看出,“父亲”对于家庭无私的风险已经对子女无私的爱, 所以选择 love 是最合适的。其它三个选项的意思分别是:自豪,友谊,诚实,均不符合句意。 31.A。句子的意思是:父亲每天工作很长时间来“养家”,所以应该选择 support。其他三个选项的意思 分别是:安置,开始,使……有印象,均不符合句意。 32.B。句意为:他总是把我们的幸福放在他自己的“前面”,而且……。 33.A。长时间工作之后,“尽管”很累,也从不忘记在我参加比赛的时候为我打气加油。“累”和“给 我打气加油”之间是转折关系,所以应该用 in spite of。其它三个选项的意思分别是:在……的条件下, 在……的控制下,取代,均不合句意。 34.C。句子的意思是:他的爱和无私激励着我更加富有同情心和“更体谅人”,把别人放在前面考虑。 解题关键是“putting others first”,这其实就是对 considerate 的解释。 35.D。句中的 I have learned from you 是一个定语从句,空处就是它所修饰先行词,从句中的谓语动词 learned 缺少宾语,空处就是它的宾语,这样就是 learn … from you,从四个选项中找一个词填到这个 省略号中做宾语,lessons 是最合适的,意思是“我从你那里学习到的生活上的一些经验教训”。其它 三个选项的意思分别是:历史,箴言,模式,放到句中均不符合句意。


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