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高一英语模块三 unit1 单元测试
I.单项选择 单项选择(40 分) 单项选择 1. — How about eight o' clock outside the cinema? — That _______ me fine. A. fits B. meets C. satisfies D. suits 2. — _____ Smith, John also went to visit Huang Shan with me. — Did you see all the attractions? — _____ a few that are too far away. A. Besides; beside B. Except; besides C. Besides; except D. Except; except 3. ----How far away do they live? ----- _____ I know, they live in the same city. A. As long as B. As far as C. As well as D. As often as 4. -----Oh, it’s you. I ______ you. -----I’ve just had my hair cut and I’m wearing new glasses. A. didn’t recognize B. hadn’t recognized C. haven’t recognized D. don’t recognize 5. The manager has got a good business ____ so the company is doing well. A. idea B. sense C. thought D. thinking 6. Jack _____ from his seat and _____ his voice, looking excited. A. raised; raised B. rose; raised C. rose; rose D. raised; rose 7. I __________to get the door open after________ several times. A .managed; to try B. tried; to try C. managed; trying D. tried; trying 8. Thousands of foreigners were______ to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened. A. attended B. attacked C. attracted D. attached 9. — Your dog is having a bath again! — Well, we don’t care if our dog smells___, but we really don’t want him to smell___. A. bad; bad B. badly, bad C. bad, badly D. badly, badly 10. him and then try to copy what he does. A. Glance at B. Stare at C. Glare at D. Watch 11. If you go for a long ride in a friend’s car, it’s the custom to offer to __ some of the expenses. A. pay B. pay off C. pay for D. pay back 12. I don’t like the way ______ you treat me. A. how B. of which C. / D. which 13. I have done much of the work. Could you please finish _____ in two days? A. the rest B. the other C. another D. the others 14. At the railway station, the mother waved goodbye to her daughter until the train was _____. A. out of sight B. out of reach C. out of order D. out of place 15. It’s my first holiday for two years, so I’m going to _____ it. A. make the use of B. made the most of C. make much of D. made more of 16. Production reduced _____ 10% in April _____ the same month last year. A. in; compared to B. by; compared with C. in; comparing with D. by; comparing to 17. Nine in ten parents said there were significant differences in their approach their children compared with of their parents. A. to educate; both B. to educate; one C. to educating; that D. to educating; those 18. The French language is _____ German. A. close related to B. closely related with C. close related with D. closely related to 19. When and where to build the new factory _______ not decided yet. A. is B. are C. has D. have 20. As we have known from the map of the world, this is ______. A. twice as large an island as that one B. twice as larger as that island C. as twice as that one D. twice as a large island as that one 21. These photographs will show you _____________. A. what does our village look like B. what our village looks like C. how does our village look like D. how our village looks like 22. ______ is the most useful invention? A. Do you think which of these B. Which of these do you think

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C. Which of these you think D. You think which of these 23. I think, though I could be mistaken, _______ she liked me. A. who B. which C. that D. what 24. ____you don’t like him is none of my business. A. What B. That C. Who D. How 25. That is_______ I was born and grew up. A. There B. in which C. where D. the place 26. The doctor couldn’t answer the question_______ the patient could survive that night. A. if B. that C. whether D. what 27. Do you doubt _____ I believe you? A. that B. which C. whether D. what 28. —I think it’s going to be a big problem. —Yes, it could be. I wonder ______we can do about it. A. if B. how C. what D. that 29. I firmly believe______ he said at the meeting was right. A. that that B. that which C. that what D. what that 30. ______ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights. A. Anyone B. The person C. Whoever D. Who 31. The suit fit him well _____ the color was a little brighter. A. except for B. except that C. except when D. except which 32. The doctor did a lot to reduce the patient’s fear ____he would die of the disease. A. that B. which C. of which D. of that 33. _____is no possibility ______ Bob can win the first prize in the match. A. There; that B. It; that C. There; whether D. It; whether 34. They lost their way in the forest, and ___ made matters worse was that night began to fall. A. it B. which C. that D. what 35. ____appeared to me that he enjoyed the food very much. A. What B. It C. Which D. That 36.____all the inventions have in common is ____they have succeeded. A. What; what B. That; that C. What; that D. That ; what 37. Thinking _______ you know_______ in fact you don’t is a terrible mistake. A. that; that B. what; what C. that; what D. what that 38. ______ David says sounds right to Helen. That’s why she has made up her mind to live with him ____happens. A. whatever; whatever B. No matter what; whatever C. No matter what; No matter what D. Whatever; however 39. It is said____ ____ was all ___ he said. A that; that; that B what; what; what C that; which; what D that; that; which 40. Patience is a kind of quality---and that’s ______ it takes to do anything well. A. what B. that C. which D. why II. 完形填空(30 分) 完形填空( Jenna, a popular girl from Westwood Middle School, had graduated first in her class and was ready for new 41 in high school. __42__, high school was different. In the first week, Jenna went to tryouts(选拔赛)for cheerleaders(啦啦队队员). She was competing against very talented girls, and she knew it would be __43__ for her to be selected. Two hours later, the 44__ read a list of the girls for a second tryout. Her heart _45__ as the list ended without her name. Feeling _46___, she walked home carrying her schoolbag full of homework. Arriving home, she started with math. She had always been a good math student, but now she was 47__ . She moved on to English and history, and was 48__ to find that she didn’t have any trouble with those subjects. Feeling better, she decided not to 49__ math for the time being. The next day Jenna went to see Mrs. Biden about being on the school _50__ . Mrs. Biden wasn’t as 51__ as Jenna. “I’m sorry, but we have enough 52__ for the newspaper already.

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Come back next year and we’ll talk then.” Jenna smiled _53_ and left. “Why is high school so ___54__ ?” she sighed. Later in _55 class, Jenna devoted herself to figuring out the problems that had given her so much 56__ . By the end of class, she understood how to get them right. As she gathered her books, Jenna decided she’d continue to try to 57__ at her new school. She wasn’t sure if she’d succeed, but she knew she had to __58__ . High school was just as her mom had said: “You will feel like a small fish in a big pond __59__ a big fish in a small pond. The challenge is to become the __60__ fish you can be.” 41. A. processes B. decision C. challenges D. exercises 42. A. Therefore B. However C. Otherwise D. Besides 43. A. difficult B. easy C. boring D. interesting 44. A. editor B. boss C. candidate D. judge 45. A. jumped B. sank C. stopped D. raced 46. A. strange B. happy C. awful D. lonely 47. A. struggling B. improving C. working D. complaining 48. A. ashamed B. disappointed C. shocked D. relieved 49. A. put up B. prepare for C. worry about D. give up 50. A. committee B. newspaper C. radio D. team 51. A. enthusiastic B. artistic C. sympathetic D. realistic 52. A. speakers B. readers C. cheerleaders D. writers 53. A. widely B. weakly C. excitedly D. brightly 54. A. similar B. ordinary C. different D. familiar 55. A. physics B. history C. English D. math 56. A. pleasure B. hope C. trouble D. sorrow 57. A. fit in B. look out C. stay up D. get around 58. A. swim B. try C. ask D. escape 59. A. in return for B. in case of C. in terms of D. instead of 60. A. slimmest B. smallest C. best D. gentlest III. 阅读理解 分) 阅读理解(10 When Mary Moore began her high school in 1951, her mother told her, "Be sure and take a typing course 课程) so when this show business thing doesn't work out, you'll have something to ( rely on." Mary responded in typical teenage fashion. From that moment on, "the very last thing I ever thought about doing was taking a typing course," she recalls. The show business thing worked out, of course. In her career, Mary won many awards. Only recently, when she began to write Growing Up Again, did she regret ignoring her mom," I don't know how to use a computer," she admits. Unlike her 1995 autobiography(自传), After All, her second book is less about life as an award-winning actress and more about living with diabetes (糖尿病). All the money from the book is intended for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), an organization she serves as international chairman. "I felt there was a need for a book like this," she says." I didn't want to lecture, but I wanted other diabetics to know that things get better when we're self-controlled and do our part in managing the disease." But she hasn't always practiced what she teaches. In her book, she describes that awful day, almost 40 years ago, when she received two pieces of life-changing news. First, she had lost the baby she was carrying, and second, tests showed that she had diabetes. In a childlike act, she left

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the hospital and treated herself to a box of doughnuts (甜甜圈). Years would pass before she realized she had to grow up —again—and take control of her diabetes, not let it control her. Only then did she kick her three-pack-a-day cigarette habit, overcome her addiction to alcohol, and begin to follow a balanced diet. Although her disease has affected her eyesight, she refuses to fall into self-pity. "Everybody on earth can ask, 'why me?' about something or other," she insists. "It doesn't do any good. No one is immune (免疫的) to heartache, pain, and disappointments. Sometimes we can make things better by helping others. I've come to realize the importance of that as I've grown up this second time. I want to speak out and be as helpful as I can be." 61. Why did Mary feel regretful? A. She didn't achieve her ambition. B. She didn't take care of her mother. C. She didn't complete her high school. D. She didn't follow her mother's advice. 62. We can know that before 1995 Mary . A. had two books published B. received many career awards C. knew how to use a computer D. supported the JDRF by writing 63. Mary's second book Growing Up Again is mainly about her . A. living with diabetes B. successful show business C. service for an organization D. remembrance of her mother 64. When Mary received the life-changing news, she . A. lost control of herself B. began a balanced diet C. tried to get a treatment D. behaved in an adult way 65. What can we know from the last paragraph? A. Mary feels pity for herself. B. Mary has recovered from her disease. C. Mary wants to help others as much as possible. D. Mary determines to go back to the dance floor. IV. 词组填空(20 分) 词组填空( 1. Sometimes senses affect ____________ _____________. (互相) 2. She _____________ _____________ the faces around her. (扫一眼) 3. She could feel her heart beating ___________ _____________. (因为害怕) 4. “Thank you so much for coming to my aid,” said Polly _________ __________.(松了口气) 5. She is thinking how to ___________ ____________ the support from her friends. (回报) 6. Since I am blind, I always live ___________ _____________. (在黑暗中) 7. I often ___________ ___________ things that are up high. (撞到) 8. They are also _____________ ____________ whether it is the same for both sexes. (好奇) 9. The doctor ____________ _____________ a safe treatment plan. (制定) 10. The last two types of attack more often ____________ _______ the death of humans. (导致) 11. You must be ______ her _________ her sister. They are twins. (把…错认为) 12. What he told us just now doesn’t ______ ___________. (有道理,有意义) 13. I glanced around quickly and found there was no one ____ _____ . (看得见) 14. Mother ______ ____ her hand to wipe the tears on my cheeks. (伸出) 15. Pigeons can find their way home ___________ __________ ____________. (经过长距离) 16.After the message was _____________ ________ the pigeon’s leg, it flew into the air. (系上) 17. She ______ ______ her sleeves and began to wash clothes. (卷起) 18. He is standing in front of the window ____________ _______ the rain pouring down. (凝视) 19. Jane _____________ ____________ the rain to stop, as she had no umbrella. (盼望) 20. _____ _______ __________ _____ the bear, the girl stepped back and shook with fear.(看到)

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参考答案 I. 单选

1-5 DCBAB 6-10 BCCBD 11-15BCAAB 16-20 BCDAA 21-25 BBCBC 26-30 CCCCC 31-35 BAADB 36-40 CCAAA II. 完型 41-45 CBADB 46-50 CADCB 51-55 ADBCD 56-60 CABDC III. 阅读 61-63 DBAAC IV. 词组 1. one another 2. glanced at 3. with fear 4. in relief 5. pay back 6. in darkness 7. run into 8. curious about 9. worked out 10. result in 11. mistaking for 12. make sense 13. in sight 14. reached out 15. over long distances 16. attached to 17.rolled up 18. staring at 19. wished for 20. At the sight of

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