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段落翻译 1 苏州是一个具有悠久丝绸文化历史的城市。它有栽桑、养蚕和织 造的传统。苏州的丝绸是皇家贡品。早在唐宋时期就在世界范围内享 有盛名。苏州市有自然优势,日照充足,雨量充沛,土壤肥沃。这些 给蚕茧的高产和丝的高质量提供了合适的环境。 它一直是中国丝绸原 料的主要产地和集散中心。

Suzhou is a city with a long history of silk culture. It has a tradi tion of mulberry planting, silk worm raising, silk reeling and weavin g. Suzhou’s silk was an imperial tribute and gained a worldwide re putation from as early as the Tang and Song dynasties. Suzhou cit y also abounds in natural gifts, abundant sunshine, plentiful rainfall and rich soils, which offer a pleasant environment for rich cocoons and high qualities of silk. It has been the main producing area and the center of collecting & distributing silk, raw materials in China.

段落翻译 2 舞龙 (dragon dance) 是中华文化中一种传统的舞蹈表演表形式。 传统上来讲,其表演动作象征着龙的历史地位,展示了力量与尊贵。 舞龙起源于汉代。人们认为它最初是作为耕作收成文化的一部分;同 时也是一种治病的方法起源。舞龙在宋代已十分盛行,成为了一项民 间活动,且最常见于各种节日庆典中。舞龙是世界各地唐人街举办春

节庆典的一个重头戏。 Dragon dance is a form of traditional dance performance in Ch inese culture. The movements in the performance traditionally sym bolize historical roles of dragons, demonstrating power and dignity. The dragon dance originated in the Han Dynasty. It is believed to have begun as part of the farming and harvest culture, also with ori gins as a method of healing and preventing sickness. It was alread y a popular event during the Song Dynasty when it had become a f olk activity and was most often seen in various festival celebrations . The dragon dance is a highlight of Chinese New Year celebration s held worldwide in Chinatowns around the world. 段落翻译 3 中国最重要的节日是农历新年。由于它是依据农历而来,所以大 约比阳历新年晚了一个月。传统上,中国新年节庆约持续一个月,现 在都已缩短为一个星期左右。中国农历年和西方阳历年有些相似之 处,譬如像大扫除、全家团圆。所有的债务都要还清,这样新年才有 个新开始。 与家人、 朋友共享盛宴, 街上有栩栩如生的舞龙舞狮表演。 到处都听得到爆竹声。小孩子们收受装了钱的红包。 The most important holiday in China is the Lunar New Year. Si nce it is based on the lunar calendar, it comes about a month later than the Western New Year. The Chinese New Year season traditio nally lasts about one month. The period has now been reduced to

a week or less. There are some parallels with the Western New Ye ar: houses are cleaned thoroughly, for instance, and families all get together for the festivities. All debts must be paid off so that a new year can be started with a fresh beginning. Feasts are enjoyed with family and friends, and there are lively dragon and lion dances in t he streets. Everywhere there is the sound of fire cracker explosion s. Children receive gifts of little red envelopes with money inside th em. 段落翻译 4 我们中国是世界上最大的国家之一, 它的领土和整个欧洲的面积 差不多相等。在这个广大的领土之上,有广大的肥田沃地给我们以衣 食之源;有纵横全国的大小山脉,生长了广大的森林,贮藏了丰富的 矿产;有很多的江河湖泽,给我们以舟揖和灌溉之利;有很长的海岸 线,给我们以交通海外各民族的方便。 China is one of the largest countries in the world, her territory being about the size of the whole of Europe. In the vas t country of ours there are large areas of fertile land which provide us with food and clothing, mountain ranges across its length and breadth with extensive fores ts and rich mineral deposits, many rivers and lakes which provide us with water transport and irr igation,

and a long coastline which facilitates communication with nations b eyond the seas. 段落翻译 5 古往今来,“时间”对人类来说是最难捉摸的东西。每个活着的人 就只能掌握“今天”-只能掌握此时,此刻。不过,怎样使用这短暂的 二十四小时,我们每个人都可以各有千秋。我们可以在里面填进去不 同的内容。有的人蹉跎岁月,延误时机;有的人把时间用来为别人造 福,有的人则自己奋发向上。您怎样度过您的时间呢?抽空好好考虑 这个问题准会使您受益匪浅。 Time is always a riddle for man throughout the ages. people al ive can only have “today” — the very day and the very moment. Ho wever, we are different in making use of 24 hours. We differ in wha t we do in 24 hours (what we do in 24 hours is different), therefore, what we get is different. Some idle their time away and missed ma ny opportunities because of delay. Some spend their time in benefi ting others, some work hard to move forward. How do you spend y our time? If you spend some time thinking it over, you will be benef ited. 段落翻译 6 到中国来旅游观光的人很少不会注意到中国人学习英语的劲头。 公园里有专门的英语角,老老少少会定期聚在一起操练。马路上外国 游客被学习英语的人围住交谈,从天气到政治,无所不谈。各种英语

班如雨后春笋在到处出现。 Few visitors to China will fail to notice the eagerness of the Ch inese to learn English. In public parks there are special corners wh ere English learners old and young gather at regular time to practic e their spoken English. Foreign visitors are often besieged on stree ts by English learners who want to talk with them in English about anything from weather to politics. English classes are mushroomin g across the land. 段落翻译 7 根据中国古代历史传说中记载,有一个叫“年的”怪物经常从山上 到村子里吃牲畜。后来人们发现这个怪物怕红色,所以就在门上,窗 户上贴红纸,红纸上面还写一些增加转运的诗。这样,怪兽害怕贴满 红纸的屋子,所以这个风俗被流传了下来,一直到今天。对联传统的 来讲是用黑墨在两张红纸上写字,然后贴在门的两侧。 According to legends in the China's ancient past there was a monster known as Nian who often came down from the mountains to eat livestock and locals. It was discovered that he was afraid of t he color red and so red paper was placed around doors and windo ws of houses and poems for good luck were added to them. The h ouses with the red paper were avoided by the monster, so its inhab itants were spared. The tradition has continued until today. Couplet s are traditionally painted with black ink on two pieces of red paper

which is then hung on either side of a door. 段落翻译 8 要保持身体健康,头脑清醒,水是最好的药品。你身体的 60% 是由水组成的,你必须不断地补充水份。标准的建议是每天至少喝八 杯水。当你做体育运动的时候,会需要更多的水,因为你在不停地流 汗、失水。当然炎热的天气也会增加失水。如果你在炎热的天气里走 上一小时,就要多喝 2 杯水。 Water is great medicine needed to maintain a healthy body an d a clear mind. About 60%of your body is water and you must cons tantly resupply it. The standard recommendation is to drink at least 8 glasses a day. When you are exercising, your need even more water because you are sweating and losing water. Of course, war m temperatures also increase water loss. Just walking for an hour on a warm day may increase your requirement by 2 glasses or mor e.

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