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大学英语Unit 1 Ways of Learning

Unit 1 Ways



? Students will be able to: ? 1. grasp the main idea and structure of the text; ? 2. appreciate the difference between comparison and contrast, as well as different ways to compare and contrast; ? 3. master the key language points and grammatical structures in the text; ? 4. conduct a series of reading, listening, speaking and writing activities related to the theme of the unit.

Learning objectives

Pre-reading task
According to the song, who should teach whom? Is learning a one-way street? Can you guess what the theme of this unit is about?

Education in the west
There is no common agreement in the West concerning the best method of education. It is this very existence of contending points of view that is characteristic of Western education.

Gqeek philosoph eq Socqates

Tracing back, Socrates encouraged his students to question anything, even their most fundamental beliefs.

Currently, compared with Asian methods of learning, Western methods are more student-centered, expecting students to discover things for themselves rather than relying on their teachers to tell them.
student-centered vs teacher-centered process-based vs product-based

Unit 1 Ways of Learning
Text A Learning, Chinese Style

Text Organization
?Part I (Paras 1-5)
The author got to know the differences between Chinese and American ideas of education by his experience in the Jinling Hotel.

Text Organization
?Part II (Paras 6-7)
The author discussed the two different learning styles in China and the West in detail.

Text Organization
?Part III (Paras 810)
It analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of teaching by holding hands in China.

Text Organization
?Part IV (Paras 1114)
It described Creativity First, a way that American cultivated children’ abilities.


Ways to introduce a theme
Stating a topic directly Using an anecdote or an incident Posing a question Quoting An imagined argument between people

Comparison & Contrast
Comparison brings out the similarities between two or more things of the same kind Contrast concentrates on the differences between them

Ways of Comparison & Contrast
One side at a time Examining one subject thoroughly and then start the other Point by point Examining two subjects at the same time, discussing them point by point


Ways to learn to accomplish a task
Chinese Show a child how to do sth., or teach by holding his hands

Points for Comparison & Contrast

Ways to learn to accomplish a task
Teach children that they should rely on themselves for solutions to problems

Points for Comparison & Contrast

Attitudes to creativity and skills
Give great priority to developing skills at an early age, believing creativity can be promoted over time

Points for Comparison & Contrast

Points for Comparison & Contrast
Attitudes to creativity and skills
Put more emphasis on fostering creativity in young children, thinking skills can be picked up later

Ways of conclusion
Restatement of the main points previously mentioned A proposed solution A quotation from some books or persons A prediction of future developments A suggestion for further study

attach: fasten or join (one thing to

another) attach sth. to sth. Please attach the document to this letter before you send it out. The teacher attaches great importance to speaking and listening. The middle school is attached to that university.

not in the least: not at all I don’t in the least appreciate the Marilyn Monroe kind of beauty. 这个男孩一点都不在意学习。 The boy is not in the least concerned about his study.

assist: help
? The student is assisting the professor in doing the experiment. ? The college student decided to assist the boy with his study.

somewhat: to some degree, a little ?It’s reported that conditions in the village have improved somewhat since last year. ?他有点担心考试成绩。 ?He is somewhat worried /concerned about his exam results.

await: (fml) wait for
There are many challenges awaiting us in the next century.

Await & wait

“Await” is a fairly common word in formal writing, but you do not usually use it in conversation. Instead you use “wait for”

on occasion: now and then
The heavy pressure in the city made him go to the countryside on occasion for a relaxation.
I was usually the only foreign participant, although on occasion I brought other Americans in as guests.

neglect: give too little attention or care to ?He was addicted to computer games, neglecting his study. ?Their investment turned out to be a failure and the manager was accused of neglecting his duties.

neglect & ignore
neglect: give too little attention or care to
The investment turned out to be a failure and the manager was accused of neglecting his duties.

ignore: pay no attention to sb./sth. on

purpose, or as if sth. has not happened

He completely ignored all these facts as if they never existed.

relevant: directly connected with the subject ?What he said was not relevant to the topic. ?Only a few people feel the debate about the cloning of human beings is relevant to their daily lives.

exception: ?Normally, parents are not allowed to sit in the class, but in your case, we can make an exception. ?Without exception, all our youngsters wanted to leave school and start work.

on one’s own
without anyone’s help Although her father is the president of that firm, she insisted getting the job on her own. alone I’d rather not go to dance on my own. I do wish you’d come with me.

accomplish: manage to do
If you work hard and never give up, you will absolutely accomplish your goal of life.
考虑到他们的能力,完成任务的可能性 并不高。 Considering their capacity, the possibility of accomplishing the task is not high.

in due course: at the proper time;

eventually Be patient. You will get your promotion in due course.

very important Whether you may meet the demands of the customers will be critical to the success of this campaign.
very serious or dangerous As the situation in Iraq became critical, the UN Secretary-General appointed a special representative to tackle it.

make up for: repay with sth. good, compensate for ?He was ill and away from class for a month, so he has to work harder to make up for the lost time. ?它丈夫给她买了一份礼物来弥补前一 天与她的争吵。 ?Her husband brought her a present to make up for the quarrel with her the day before.

in retrospect: on reflection ?In retrospect, I wish that I had chosen biology as my major. ?The young man knew in retrospect that he should have married his first love Emily.

extreme: very great ?The girls were afraid of snakes and walked along the mountain trail with extreme caution. ?The film is not very good, but some critics have gone to extremes, saying it is the worst of the decade.

continual & continuous
continual: it describes separate actions
which are repeated over a period of time Recently the young couple have had continual arguments with each other because of trifles.

continuous: it indicates an action carrying
on without stopping or interruption The brain needs a continuous supply of blood.

apply: ?The advice given by the professor only applies to some of the college students. ?How many jobs had you applied for before you were offered this one? ?他选择了份他可以把学到的知识应用 于实践的工作。 ?He chose the job where he could apply what he’d learnt to practice.

priority: sth. that one must do before anything else ?Earning enough money to maintain his family takes priority over everything for him. ?Fire engines and ambulances have priority over other traffic.

evolve: cause to develop gradually ?As knowledge of genetic engineering evolves, beliefs change. ?If you want to be a poet, you must evolve your own style of writing.

contrast: ?In contrast to/with the hot days, the nights were bitterly cold. ?I was always reading when I was a kid, but my daughter, by/in contrast, just watches TV all day.

on the one hand…on the other hand ?On the one hand, her temper is likely to cause trouble, but on the other hand, we need her expertise. ?一方面,我们有理由对我们的进步感 到满意;另一方面,我们一定不能自 满。 ?On the one hand, we have good reason to feel pleased with our progress, on the other hand, we must not get complacent.

promote: help to grow or to develop ?You don’t have to sacrifice environmental protection to promote economic growth. ?Regular exercise will help promote physical and mental health.

pick up: gain; learn ?He picked up quite a lot of English during his one-year stay in America. ?Children pick up things quickly.

1. Help the growth and development of
The purpose of this class is to foster students’ communication skills. 2. Bring up (someone else’s kid)

They are his foster parents, not his birth/biological parents.

worthwhile: worth doing, worth the trouble taken ?It might be worthwhile to consider buying an insurance policy (保险单). ?Teaching is considered a worthwhile career.

Going over the exercises
? Keys to the translation work I consider it worthwhile trying to summarize our experience in learning English. Here I would like to make three relevant points.

? First, wide reading should be taken as a priority in the learning process, because it is through reading that we get the most language input. Next, learning by heart as many well-written essays as possible is also very important.

? On the one hand, rote learning /learning by rote is indeed of little help, but on the other hand, memorization/learning by heart with a good understanding will certainly be of benefit/do good to us. With an enormous store of excellent essays in our heads, we will find it much easier to express ourselves in English.

? Finally, it is critical that we should put what we have learned into practice. By doing more reading, writing, listening and speaking, we will be able to accomplish the task of perfecting our English.

Post-reading task
Debate Should we develop children’s creativity first or train them in basic skills first?

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