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第一卷(三部分,共 115 分) 第一部分:听力(共两节,满分 30 分) 第二部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 45 分) 第一节:单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分;满分 15 分) 21.The Minister expressed his satisfaction with the talks,_____that he had enjoyed his stay here. A. having added B. to add C. adding D. added 22.In front of ___ remained of my old house, I told my son some stories about my childhood. A. which B. that C. what D. where 23.I send you 100 dollars today, the rest _______ in a yew. A. follows B. followed C. to follow D. being followed 24.Happily for John’s mother, he is working harder to _______ his lost time. A. make up for B. keep up with C. make the most of D. catch up with 25. ---Will you go to the exhibition tomorrow? --- Yes, I will go ______ it’s windy. A. as if B. even though C. as soon as D. as though 26.----Tell me where you live, please. ---- I live _______. A. in 123, King Street B. at 123, King Street C. in King Street, 123 D. at King Street, 123 27.It makes good sense to buy a large packet_____ it works out cheaper in the end. A. so B. as if C. because D. even if 28. .________, the boys were shouting and singing. A. Happy and excited B. Happily and excited C. Happily and excitedly D. Happy and excitedly 29. James didn’t attend the meeting and _______. A. so did Jane B. neither did Jane C. Jane didn’t too D. Jane did too 30. Her phone_______ for ten minutes. Why doesn’t she answer it? A. has rung B. rang C. had been ringing D. has been ringing 31. It was really a pity that the great writer died_______ his works unfinished two months ago. A. with B. from C. because of D. for 32.While paying for the gas, Kate told the seller about the night_______ she had spent at the Inn. A. in which B. when C. on which D. that 33.The argument remains extremely heated______ there are necessary conditions of existence such as water on the Mars. A. that B. whether C. if D. which 34.--- Did they offer us enough books? ----______ than we had expected. A. Much more B. Many more C. Little more D. Rather 35. We can judge that he is much_______ from the _______ look on his face. A. frightened, frightening B. frightening, frightened C. frightened, frightened D. frightening, frightening 第二节 完形填空: (共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分;满分 30 分) I did very badly at school. My headmaster thought I was 36 and when I was 14 he said, ―You’re never going to be 37 but a failure.‖ After five years of 38 jobs, I fell in love with a very nice middle-class girl. It was the beat 39 that could have happened to me. I 40 I wanted-to do something positive (积极地) with my life because I wanted to prove to 41 that what people said about me was 42 . Especially her mother, who had said to me, ―Let’s 43 it, you’ve failed at everything you’ve ever done.‖ So I tried hard with my 44 and went to college. My first novel 45 while I was at college. After college I taught during the 46 in high schools and attended evening classes at London University, where I got a 47 in history. I became a lecturer

at a college and was thinking of 48 that job to write full time 49 I was offered a part-time job at Leeds University. I began to feel proud of myself — 50 was a working-.class boy who’d 51 school early, now teaching at the university. My writing career (职业) took off when I discovered my own style. Now I’m rich and 52 , have been on TV, and met lots of film stars. 53 what does it mean? I 54 wish all the people that have put me down had 55 : ―I believe in you. You’ll succeed.‖ 36.A. bright B.useless C.simple D.hopeful 37.A. anything B.something C.everything D.nothing 38.A. low B.poor C.good D.useful 39. A. support B.happiness C.surprise D.thing 40.A. admitted B.decided C.planned D.told 41.A. me B.them C.her D.it 42.A. wrong B.right C.stupid D.faulty 43.A. see B.know C.understand D.face 44.A. experiment B.practice C.writing D.composition 45.A. came on B.came in C.came out D.came back 46.A. day B.night C.month D.year 47.A. graduation B.pass C.degree D.success 48.A. giving in B.giving back C.giving out D.giving up 49.A. while B.if C.when D.or 50.A. there B.here C.it D.that 51.A. left B.attended C.changed D.graduated 52.A. tired B.calm C.nervous . D.famous 53.A. And B.But C.However D.Well 54.A. just B.exactly C.so D.very 55.A. praised B.said C.answered D.advised 第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题,每小题 2 分;满分 40 分) A. It was early morning. Peter Corbett helped Mark Wellman out of his wheelchair and onto the ground. They stood before El Captain, a huge rock almost three-quarters of a mile high in California’s beautiful Yosemite Valley. It had been Mark’s dream to climb El Capitan as long as he could remember. But how could a person without the use of his legs hope to try to climb it?Mark knew he couldn’t finish the climb alone, but his friend Peter, an expert rock climber, would be there to lend a helping hand. He and Mark thought that it would take seven days to reach the top. Peter climbed about 100 feet up and hammered a piton(岩钉)into the rock. Fastening one end of a 165-foot rope to the piton, he let the other end of the rope fall down. Mark caught the rope and fastened it to his belt with a special tool. This tool would allow Mark to move upward, but would stop him from falling even as much as a single inch. He next reached above his head and fastened a T-bar to the rope, using the same kind of tool. Mark took a deep breath, pushed the T-bar up almost as far as his arms could reach, and began the first of the 7,000 pull-ups needed to reach the top. High above, Peter let out a cheer, ― You’re on your way.‖Seven years before, at the age of twenty-one, he had fallen while climbing mountain, injuring his back-bone. The fall cost him the use of his legs, but he never lost his love of adventure or his joyful spirit. For the first four days the two men progressed upward without accident. But on the fifth day, a strong hot wind began to blow, and as time went by, it became stronger and stronger, causing Mark to sway violently on his rope. But Mark kept on pushing up the T-bar and pulling himself up. In spite of that, he had to admit that he felt a lot better when the wind finally died down and his body touched rock again. It took them one day

more than they had expected, but on July 26 at 1:45 in the afternoon, the crowd of people waiting on the top went wild with joy as the two heads appeared. Mark Wellman showed that if you set your heart and mind on a goal, no wall is too high, no dream impossible. 56. What had Mark Wellman long hoped to do? A. To climb El Captain B. To be the first to climb El Captain. C. To climb the highest mountain in California. D. To help his friend Peter climb El Capitan. 57. How did Mark climb the mountain? A. he fastened the rope to his wheelchair. B. He hammered pitons into the rock so that he had something to hold on to. C. He held on to the T-bar and Peter pulled him up. D. He pulled himself up using a T-bar and a special tool. 58. How did Mark lose the use of his legs? A. He lost his footing and fell from the side of a mountain. B. He fell during his second attempt on El Capitan. C. His legs were broken by falling rocks. D. While working out in the gym, he injured his backbone. 59. What was the worst problem Mark had during the climb? A. He struck against the rock and hurt his arms. B.A strong wind caused him to sway violently on his rope. C.He kept falling several inches. D. While swaying in space, he became much afraid. 60. How did Mark deal with difficulties during the climb? A. He stopped to ask for help. B. He often worried about his friend’s condition. C. He was able to keep calm and full of hope. D. He had to give up. B. The documentary “March of the Penguins” (? 帝企鹅日记? ) is one of 12 films showing in Beijing for the 2005 French Film Festival from April 7 to 17. The festival will go on to other cities including Shanghai, Wuhan and Chengdu. The film tells the story of a year in the life of a group of penguins, focsing on one couple in particular. They travel across the Antarctic on their yearly journey from their deep blue ocean to empty Antarctica. They overcome huge difficulties in order to return to their breeding grounds for the mating (交配)season. Their journey sees them cope with all the drama in life: from birth to death from dating(约会)to mating, and from love to fighting for survival. They struggle against meat-eating animals and terrible weather conditions. They protect their babies from other mothers who want to replace their own dead babies. Their struggle has one aim: to carry and bring up their young. While enjoying the excellent photography, there is so much to learn about penguins. On the way to their mating grounds they sometimes walk and sometimes slide(滑行)on their stomachs. They are faithful to their mating partner. Parents share roles of hunting and looking after their baby. They are also sensitive and emotional, capable of loving and crying. It took 13 months to shoot the documentary. ― The emperor penguins demonstrate the most powerful moments of existence,‖ said the film’s French director Luc Jacquet. ― Love and solidarity(团结) combine in their heroic struggle for life. ― 61. The underlined phrase ― cope with‖ ( in paragraph 2) can be replaced by ―______‖. A. deal successfully with B. put on C. compete with D. appreciate 62. Which difficulty is NOT mentioned in the story of the penguins’ journey to their breeding grounds? A. Their baby may get stolen. B. The weather is very bad. C. They may not have enough food. D. They will probably be attacked by other animals. 63. Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?

A. French director Luc Jacquet sings the praises of the brave penguins. A. Penguins are capable of loving and crying. B. Male and female penguins share roles of looking after their baby. C. The film tells the story of a penguin couple’s entire life. 64. What’s the passage mainly about? A. Why people should protect penguins living in Antarctica. B. A film which records the lives of penguins on their yearly journey to their breeding grounds. C. The 2005 French Film Festival. D. What people learn from the film. C. Help Wanted PAINTER Must have at least 3 years painting experience. Commercial and new construction work. $10/hr. Immediate opening. Call 435-9201 with work history SECRETARY Part-time position available in friendly, busy office. Good typing and general office skills. Some weekends required. High pay. Various duties. Apply at East Side Management, 500 Park Drive, DeWitt, NY. 13214. Help Wanted VETERINARIAN ASSISTANT(兽医助理) Person needed for busy animal hospital. Some nights and weekends. Apply in person to Johnson-Marks Animal Hospital, 404 Snow Road, Syracuse, NY. 13224. After 4p.m. only please. NURSES’ASSISTANTS Full-time and part-time positions available for modern nursing home. High pay. Call Mrs. Downes.R.N. at 534-7618. Help Wanted COOK NEEDED Immediately. Busy downtown restaurant. Must be good and dependable. Experience preferred. Weekends required. Call 324-9817. SALESPERSON Experienced. Must have some knowledge of men’s clothing industry. Available to work evenings and some Saturdays. Send resume(个人简历)to: Martin’s Apparal,237 Rockledge St. Syracuse, NY. 13224. TEACHER Small private school needs English and math teachers. Must have BS degree and at least 4 years teaching experience. Send resume to: Wales Charter School 19 South 8th St. NY. 13214 Help Wanted HOTEL needs part-time FRONT DESK CLERK. No experience necessary. Excellent people and phone skills a must. Some computer skills helpful. $13/ hr. Call: Mr. Jones 357-2897. 65.If you are interested in working in a hotel, call________. A. 435-9201 B. 534-7618 C. 324-9817 D. 357-2897 66. If you want to get a job as a math teacher, send your resume to_______. A. 237 Rockledge St. Syracuse, NY. 13224 B. 404 Snow Road, Syracuse, NY. 13224 C. 500 Park Drive, DeWitt, NY. 13214 D. 19 South 8th St. NY 13214 67. If you dislike working on Sundays, being a______ should be your best choice. A. cook B. secretary C. salesperson D. veterinarian assistant 68. Which of the following statements is true accordingly? A. The pay you get from being a painter is higher than from a front desk clerk. B. Your parents or friends can’t help you for the application for a veterinarian assistant. C. You can’t apply for the nurses’ assistant if you are a nursing school student. D. As a cook, you have to work from Sunday to Friday. D. Like a growing number of young women in Vietnam’s northern part city of Haiphong, Pham Tgu

Gye was infected with HIV by her husband, one of the town’s many drug users. But instead of being shamed into silence, as Vietnamese with HIV and AIDS are, the 25-year-old tailor and mother of one went public, appearing on television and at conferences. Her business suffered and her neighbors insulted (辱骂)her, but Hue has now become the public face of Mothers and Wives, an HIV/ AIDS support group established in Haiphong by a Norwegian nongovernmental organization and her neighborhood’s People’s Committee. Last year, she founded a smaller group named after a local flower. People who need advice on treatment or help preparing bodies for burial can dial a hot line and get assistance from able and empathetic(同情的)HIV victims. ―We gather to support each other,‖ Hue says. ―When we are sick, what we need most is encouragement and comfort from people who understand our situation and are willing to share our happiness, as well as our sadness.‖ On a hot and damp night last month, Hue welcomed into her small home a very thin woman, also a tailor, who was HIV positive. The woman tearfully told Hue that she had not told anyone about her condition, fearing that she would lose customers and that her daughter would be insulted at school. Hue became the wise elder, offering medical and personal advice. 69. What did Pham Thi Hue do after she was infected with HIV? A. She kept silent B. She worked as usual C. She stayed at home and cried every day. D. She went public and gave help to others. 70.It can be inferred from the passage that the group Pham Thi Hue founded is made up of_____. A. drug users B. HIV victims C. all kinds of patients D. poor people 71. From the passage we can learn that Pham Thi Hue is a woman who is_______. A. weak and kind B. foolish and idle C. brave and helpful D. cautious and energetic E. Parents often believe that they have a good relationship with their teenagers. But last summer, Joanna and Henry noticed a change in their older son: Suddenly he seemed to be talking far more to his friends than to his parents. ― The door to his room is always shut,‖ Joanna noted. Tina and Mark noticed similar changes in their 14-year-old daughter. ― She used to cuddle up (蜷伏)with me on the sofa and talk,‖ said Mark. ―Now we joke that she does this only when she wants something. Sometimes she wants to be treated like a little girl and sometimes like a young lady. The problem is figuring out which time is which.‖ Before age 11, children like to tell their parents what’s on their minds. ―In fact, parents are first on the list,‖ said Michael Riera, author of Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers. “This completely changes during the teen years,‖ Riera explained. ―They talk to their friends first, then maybe their teachers, and their parents last.” Parents who know what’s going on in their teenagers’ lives are in the best position to help them. To break down the wall of silence, parents should create chances to understand what their children want to say, and try to find ways to talk and write to them. And they must give their children a mental(精神 的)break, for children also need freedom, though young. Another thing parents should remember is that to be a friend, not a manager, with their children is a better way to know them. 72. ―The door to his room is always shut‖ suggests that the son_________. A. is always busy with his studies B. doesn’t want to be disturbed C. keeps himself away from his parents D. begins to dislike his parents 73. What troubles Tina and Mark most is that _______. A. their daughter isn’t as lovely as before B. they can’t read their daughter ’s mind exactly C. they don’t know what to say to their daughter D. their daughter talks with them only when she needs help. 74. Which of the following best explains ―the wall of silence‖ in the last paragraph?

A. Teenagers talk a lot with their friends. B. Teenagers do not want to understand their parents C. Teenagers do not talk much with their parents D. Teenagers talk little about their own lives 75. What can be learned from the passage? A. Parents are unhappy with their growing children B. Parents have good ways to talk with their teenagers. C. Parents should be patient with their silent teenagers. D. Parents should try to understand their teenagers.

三. 短文填空(10%)
阅读下面短文,根据汉语提示或语境提示,在每个空格内填入一个适当的英语单词 What will life be like without animals? Animals are close friends 1.o human beings. Their existence, 2. (尤其是)the (听到)such hurt and killed,

existence of rare animals makes the whole world lively. Unfortunately, we 3. news recently that rare animals, even those kept in the zoo, couldn’t escape 4. at which we can feel nothing but shocked. The reason why it people lack understanding about these animals 6. Therefore, we should study and publicize the 7. 5.

(发生)is that some

caring for them. (信息) about rare animals, and keep it

in 8. m _____ that protecting animals is the duty of everyone. At the same time, we should take 9. a and effective measures. After all, protecting animals is protecting 10. o

1---20 BACBB BACAB CBACC BACAC 21---35 CCCAB BCABD ADBBC 36---55 BABDB CADCC ACDCB ADBAB 56—75 ADABC ACDB DDCB DBC CBCD 短文改错: 76. have --- be 77. lies--- lay 78. such---so 79. 去掉第二个 to 80. photo---photos 81.对 82. burnt---made 83. of 后加 a 84. 去掉 was 85. but---and 书面表达: TEFL Teachers Are Wanted Two native-English –speaking TEFL teachers are wanted. Those who are 21-60 years old, in good health, and have over one year of teaching experience are expected to teach in our school. There will be 60 teaching classes a month. You will get paid 5,000 yuan a month. We will provide a flat with a TV set, a washing machine, a telephone and so on in it. At the same time you will have two days off a week. If you are interested in the position, please leave us your telephone number and a photo.

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