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robinson crusoe--英国文学选读

The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe


Part A



1. According to the text , which sentence is false?
A、 Robinson loved of sailing, character perseverance, and lived for 28 years on a desert island. B、 Robinson had rescued a native named "Friday", and later the native became his faithful servant and friend. C、 Robinson helped the captain to put down the revolt, and returned to England aboard the ship.

★D、 Robinson's story is true , using the first-person narration
to describe the author's own experience.


2、 Robinson wanted to find a better place to build house, which one is not meet the demands?
A、health and fresh water

★ B、shelter in the heat of the sun
C、security from ravenous creatures
D、a view to the sea


3、Which place is Robinson finding as his settlement?
A、a cave in the earth B、a tent upon the earth

★ C、 a little plain on the side of a rising hill
D、a low moorish ground near the sea


4、 Which sentence is not about Robinson setting up his tent and making the cave?
A、 He made a double tent , that is to say , a large tent was above a smaller one. B、 He dug up the rock and made it become a cave. C、 He put the earth and stones inside the fence in the nature of a terrace.

★D、 He made bags and boxes to separate the powder ,and
keep it a little and a little in a parcel.

5、Into this fence or fortress ,with infinite labour, I

my riches my provisions carried all __________, all __________________ ammunition and stores _,____________________, of which you have the account above.

6、In the interval of time while this was doing ,I went out once at least every day with my gun, divert myself as well to __________, as to see____ if I could kill any thing fit for food __________________________.

7、What is the way of Robinson reckoning time? He cut every day a notch with his knife, and every seventh notch was as long as the rest ,and every first day of the month as long as again as that long one. 8、What does Robinson cut on a large post? “I came on shore here on the 30th of Sept. 1659”


Part B

Daniel Defoe Robinson Crusoe


Daniel Defoe
? Daniel Foe – Daniel Defoe ? an English trader, writer, journalist, pamphleteer(小册子 作者) ? one of the founders of the English novel

(ca. 1660 to 1731),


Daniel Defoe
? 1665, Great Plague of London ? 1666, The Great Fire of London ? 1670, Annie’s death

? a merchant – woollen goods and wine ? 1684, Defoe ? Mary Tuffley (a dowry of ?3,700 ) ? 1685, the Monmouth Rebellion ? 1688, William Ⅲ’s close ally and a secret agent ? 1692, be arrested for debts ? …

Daniel Defoe
? ? ? ? ? Robinson Crusoe (1719) Captain Singleton (1720) Moll Flanders (1722) A Journal of the Plague Year …



Alexander Selkirk

? a Scottish sailor ? be marooned on an uninhabited island ? be rescued in 1709 by Woodes Rogers' expedition ? Cruising Voyage (1712)


Robinson Crusoe
The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner: Who lived Eight and Twenty Years, all alone in an un-inhabited Island on the Coast of America, near the Mouth of the Great River of Oroonoque; Having been cast on Shore by Shipwreck, wherein all the Men perished but himself. With An Account how he was at last as strangely deliver'd by Pirates.

Robinson Crusoe
? sets sail (1651) – be shipwrecked ? sets out to sea again – be enslaved

? joins an expedition (1659) – be shipwrecked
Only he and three animals, a dog and two cats, survive the shipwreck.


“the Island of Despair”
? arms, tools, other supplies

? builds a fenced-in habitat
? a wooden cross – a calendar ? hunting, barley and rice, raisins(葡萄干), pottery, goats, parrot ? Bible


? native cannibals (食人族) ? Friday ? Friday’s father & a Spaniard


The Island of Despair

The mainland

Robinson’s hometown


? Literature ? Comics ? Stage and film

Marked the beginning of realistic fiction as a literary genre

Robinson Crusoe (1947) ? a 1927 silent film titled Robinson Crusoe ? …. ? a 1997 movie entitled Robinson Crusoe

? Television

? The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe(1964) ? …. ? Crusoe (2008)

Part C

Deep thinking


? 1. If you are going to live on an uninhabited island, which things would you choose to bring with you and why? ? 2. Analysis of Robinson Crusoe’s character from both positive and negative sides.

? 3. The theme of this novel



admirable qualities :
? His perseverance in spending months making a canoe, and in practicing pottery making until he gets it right, is praiseworthy. ? His resourcefulness in building a home, dairy, grape arbor, country house, and goat stable from practically nothing is clearly remarkable. ? His business instincts are just as considerable as his survival instincts ? His honesty in admitting his fears and panic.

? The flaws in his character.
? His indifference to his family ? His urge to subjugate others


-His indifference to his family
? He never displays any emotion about leaving from his families. ? Though he is generous toward people, as when he gives gifts to his sisters and the captain, Crusoe reveals very little tender or sincere affection in his dealings with them. ? When Crusoe tells us that he has gotten married and that his wife has died all within the same sentence, his indifference to her seems almost cruel.

? His urge to subjugate others

? His teaching Friday to call him “Master,” even before teaching him the words for “yes” or “no,” seems obnoxious even under the racist standards of the day, as if Crusoe needs to hear the ego-boosting word spoken as soon as possible.


? (一)主题一:人与上帝的冲突 ? 《鲁滨逊漂流记》主要地反映了 笛福的宗教观,他认为上帝是辅 佐人克服困难的外在的精神力量,具有安慰人心的作用,并对人精神 的自我完善起到了推动作用。 ? (二)主题二:人与自然的冲突 ? 借由人与自然的冲突的展现,既表现了 笛福崇尚劳动、个性自由 和开拓精神等,也表现了 笛福的以人为本,崇尚人类征服自然的自然 观。在 《鲁滨逊漂流记》中,人是自然的主人,人以战胜自然显示自 己对于自然的主宰地位,人与自然是事物对立的两个方面,这篇小说 中,人与自然的矛盾冲突的化解结果就是人战胜了自然。 ? (三)主题三:人与人的冲突 ? 借由人与人的冲突,表现 笛福想建立一个自由的,只凭口头契约 就可以实施统治的乌托邦理想。 《鲁滨逊漂流记》中人与人的冲突反 应了 笛福的政治理想:建立一个乌托邦。因为 笛福在政治上反对专 制,主张民权,他认为任何人的基本权利都是不能够被侵犯的,虽然 他的政治思想也有其两面性的地方,比如他在反对专制崇尚宗教自由 的同时也赞同殖民制度。

? 总之, 笛福及其作品赞扬了处于上升时期 的资本主义的开拓进取,不畏艰难,勇于 冒险的精神,蕴含了劳动创造美的思想, 却因歌颂了一种永不满足地对外扩展的殖 民意识,以及无节制的对自然的洗劫行为 等表现出了时代的局限性和消极意义。



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