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阅读理解 第一节 A He lived his whole life as a poor man. His art and talent were recognized by almost no one. He suffered from a mental illness that led him to cut off part of his left ear in 1888 and to shoot himself two years later. But after his death, he achieved world fame. Today, Dutch artist Van Gogh is recognized as one of the leading artists of all time. Now, 150 years after his birth on March 30, 1853, Zundert, the town of his birth, has made 2003 “The Van Gogh Year” in his honor. And the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, home to the biggest collection of his masterpieces, is marking the anniversary with exhibitions throughout the year. The museum draws around 1.3 million visitors every year. Some people enjoy the art and then learn about his life. Others are interested in his life, which then helps them understand his art. Van Gogh was the son of the mister. He left school when he was just 15.By the age of 27, he had already tried many jobs including an art gallery salesman and a French teacher. Finally in 1880, he decided to begin his studies in art. Van Gogh is famed for his ability to put his own emotions into his paintings and show his feelings about a scene. His style is marked by short, broad brush strokes (绘画笔法).“Instead of trying to reproduce exactly what I have before my eyes, I use color more freely, in order to express myself more forcibly,” he wrote in a letter to his brother in 1888. Van Gogh sold only one painting during his short life. He relied heavily on support from his brother, an art dealer who lived in Paris. But now his works are sold for millions of dollars. His portrait of Dr Gacher sold for $89.5 million in 1990. It is the highest price ever paid for a painting. “I think his paintings are powerful and the brilliant color in them are attractive to people,” said a Van Gogh’s fan. 1.All through his life Van Gogh ________. A.depended on his brother C.was not recognized by people B.worked hard on art studies D.expressed himself in paintings

2.One of the characteristics for Van Gogh’s paintings is ________. A.the likeness between his paintings and the reality B.the short time for him to complete a painting C.the various styles mixed together D.the special strokes he made


3.The selling of his paintings is considered to be the most successful because ______ A.more and more people like his paintings B.people can understand him through his paintings C.1.3 million people visit his painting museum every year D.Zundert has made 2003 “The Van Gogh Year” in his honor 4.We can infer from the text ________. A.his powerful art came from his poor life B.his fellow townsmen regret treating him unfairly C.all his paintings were drawn in the last 10 years of his life D.most of his paintings are kept in the museum of his hometown 5. What’s the title of the passage? A. “ The Van Gogh Museum Year” B. Brief information about Van Gogh’s life C. Van Gogh’s painting sold at the highest price D. Van Gogh is good at putting his own emotions (情感) into his paintings B When was the last time someone unexpectedly did something nice for you? Not someone you knew, but a total stranger? It’s happened to me a few times, but two instances really stand out. A few years ago, I was dining in a restaurant with a friend who kept talking about himself, completely not aware of the fact that I was sitting there in misery. It wasn’t my friend’s talks that made me suffer. I was recovering from a broken heart, and just sitting down to dinner reminded me of my last relationship. I could have burst into tears right there at the table. When we picked up the check, the waitress said, “Your meal was already paid for.” My friend and I didn’t have a clue how it happened. Then I remembered a man I saw out of the corner of my eye. He was dressed in mostly white, sat down at the bar, had a beer, and stayed for maybe ten minutes. The waitress said, “Yes, the gentleman in white paid for you.” It felt like an angel was saying, “I see you, honey. It’s going to be okay.” Just last year, I was running a half?marathon. With just 1 mile to go, I was out of gas. Runners call it “hitting the wall”. I thought I couldn’t move another inch. Out of nowhere, a stranger came up to me and said, “What’s your name, sweetie? Jennifer? Okay, Jennifer, let’s go! Come on! It’s just around the corner! You can do it!” And he ran with me until I picked up my pace. I found him at the finish line to thank him for the encouragement only to learn he wasn’t even supposed to be in the race that day.


I still shake my head when I think of these momentary angels that came to me at my point of need. Do you have any experiences like these? 6.Which of the following is the best title for the passage? A.The kindness of strangers C.Two special experiences A.Because she didn’t like the dishes. B.Because she quarreled with her friend. C.Because her friend only talked about himself. D.Because she was sad for her last relationship. 8.According to the passage, the man in white ________. A.was the author’s friend C.was generous and kind?hearted A.being hurt by the wall C.taking a deep breath A. the writer’s friend C. an athlete in the race C One in every five young people has a sleep problem, so you’re not alone. Getting enough sleep has become as important as eating vegetables and exercising regularly. It’s very important for your body. Most young people only get seven hours of sleep each night, when they actually need nine hours. And making up for lost sleep during the week by sleeping on weekends doesn’t really work. In fact, sleeping late on weekends may actually do you more harm than good, if you have sleep problems. What happens if you don’t get enough sleep?If your sleep problem continues for a few nights, you could suffer serious problems. Lack of sleep can affect learning and memory. Worse, if your sleep difficulties last a long time, that could lead to anxiety or depression (抑郁). Therefore, you’ ve got to have some healthy sleep habits. Below are some suggestions: ●GO TO BED AT THE SAME TIME — including weekends, if possible. ●WAKE UP AROUND THE SAME TIME EVERY MORNING. When you sleep late just one morning during the week, it may disturb your body clock. This will make it hard for you to sleep that night. ●DO SOMETHING RELAXING before going to bed. B.had a big meal in the restaurant D.enjoyed making fun of others B.winning the game D.running out of energy B. the winner of the race D. a stranger passing by B.Valuable friendship D.Helping others is worthwhile

7.Why did the author suffer when dining out with a friend?

9.The underlined expression in the passage means “________”.

10. Who is the stranger in the marathon race?


●EXERCISE DURING THE DAY. Don’t exercise right before going to bed. ●AVOID DRINKING ALCOHOL. Alcohol makes you excited. This prevents you from falling asleep or wakes you up during the night. ●DON’T SMOKE. Smoking is always bad for the body. Smoking before bedtime keeps you awake. If trying these tips over a couple of weeks does not help you, speak to your doctor. Do not take any sleeping pills without first asking your doctor. Many of them have strong side effects. 11. How many people have a sleep problem in your class of 40 students? A. five people C. one in every five people be ________. A.lonely B.serious C.forgetful D.happy 13.The passage suggests that people with sleep problems should _______ _. A.eat vegetables and exercise regularly B.make up for lost sleep on weekends C.follow a fixed timetable for sleep D.sleep seven hours every day 14.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage? A.Sleep problems are serious among some young people. B.Sleeping late on weekends can make up for lost sleep. C.Your eating habits will be broken due to lack of sleep. D.You’ll no longer have your sleep problem if you try the tips. 15.What’s the main idea of this passage? A.Many young people have sleep problems. B.Don’t smoke before sleeping. C.How to keep healthy sleep habits. D.Smoking can make you awake. 第二节 根据内容,从短文后的选项中选出最佳选项填入空白处,其中两项为多余选项。 Easy Ways to Boost (改善) Your Mood __16__. Taking an extra moment for yourself will make your day brighter and give you a healthier outlook on life. Here are some simple ways you can bring a little happiness into your life right now: 1.Go for a walk. Grab your dog, best friend, or your significant other and head out on a brisk B. eight people D. everyone

12.According to the passage, if you have sleep problems for a few nights, you could


(轻快的) walk. Just a little bit of exercise can boost your mood and give you a fresh perspective (态度) on problems that have been bothering you. Think walks are boring? __17__ Take a trip to the mall, or even walk to get some frozen yogurt. Make it a fun trip and you’ll surely make it part of your routine. 2.__18__ After all, laughte r is the best me dicine. Pick up something that makes you laugh like a funny picture, book, magazine, or a DVD of your favorite comedy. __19__ Giving yourself time to laugh boosts feel?good endorphins(胺多酚). 3. __20__ Take a photo of yourself doing something you enjoy, like roller skating, skiing, swimming, playing an instrument, or being with friends and family. Place the picture on your desk to remind yourself that you lead an amazing life and have lots to be happy about. A.Model behavior. B.Try walking to a place that seems exciting to you. C.Ten minutes of relaxation can do wonders. D.Even the most optimistic people can use a mood boost every once in a while. E.Tell someone that you’re guaranteed to brighten their day. F.You could even plan a date night out to a comedy club. G.Buy something silly. 完形填空 I had arrived at the airport about 30 minutes before the check?in. It had been very __21__ three days for me with lots of meetings. So I was glad to have the __22__ time to make a note of what I __23__to do the following day. But then came the __24__ that my flight had to be __25__ because there was a problem with the plane. As I sat waiting for my __26__ to be called, I reflected on my last meeting of the day. It was not a business meeting but rather a very enjoyable __27__ with an old business friend I had not seen for over 12 years. Our lunch was spent recalling time gone by __28__ filling each other in what had happened in our lives over the last 12 years. We both laughed and smiled as we recalled the good times and the great experiences we had __29__ together. At the end of our time together, we both said how much we had __30__ it and that we must do it again. It was great to have this additional time to replay in my __31__ all that we had talked about. I realized how important it was to have regular__32__ of the good times in our life. I was lucky enough to have had the chance to take a short __33__ and reflect on the good things that had happened in my life over the last 12 years. It was somewhat like looking at an old photo album __34__ in a cupboard in your


house. There before your eyes were lots of wonderful __35__ that take you back to times and places, and most importantly to those people who were in the __36__. My flight home was finally __37__ three hours later. I smiled as I __38__ the plane and realized that I was not at all __39__ about the delay in the flight, as I had been able to spend the time __40__ on the good times from days gone by. 21. A.important B.busy B.satisfying B.failed B.cancelled B.turn B.lunch B.except for B.met B.enjoyed B.spirit B.plans B.cut B.put on B.memories B.books B.phoned B.boarded B.happy B.seizing C.convenient C.happy C.needed C.opening C.taken C.name C.party C.as well as C.managed C.made C.flight C.reminders C.method C.set aside C.awards C.childhood C.called C.jumped C.crazy C.reflecting D.useful D.extra D.managed D.speech D.delayed D .order D.discussion D.in addition D.shared D.paid D.mind D.remainder D.break D.given out D.presents D.photos D.commanded D.reached D.surprised D.bringing 22.A.pleasant 23.A.had 25.A.waited 26.A.flight 27.A.negotiation 28.A.as well 29.A.spent 30.A.got 31.A.thought 32.A.time 33.A.way 34.A.stored away 35.A.celebrations 36.A.cupboard 37.A.shouted 38.A.left 39.A.upset 40.A.taking 语法填空 阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。 James’ grandfather writes him a letter to a dvise him to quit 41__________(smoke). James’ grandfather says that his long and acti ve life must be 42_________ the healthy life he lives. He also tells James 43___________ tough it is to stop smoking. During 44___________ (adolescent) he also smoked and 45____________(addict) to cigarettes. There are three different ways you can become dependent on cigarettes. Firstly, you can become 46___________(physical) addicted to nicotine. After a while your body becomes 47____________ (accustom) to having nicotine in it. 48__________ the drug leaves your body, you get withdrawal symptoms. 49___________, you can also begin to do it automatically. Lastly, you can become mentally dependent. He also offers some advice to help James to stop and 50__________

24.A.announcement B.declaration


(strength) his resolve. 短文 改错 下面短文中有 10 处语言错误。请在有错误的地方增加、删除或修改某个单词。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下画一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 When I was young, I didn’t know what friends hip. When I stayed with my friends, a warm feeling came out of the bottom from my heart. Now I have grown up and get many friends. And I have tasted the pleased feeling of friendship. When I am happy, they are also happy and share the happy with me. When I make progress, they will be more exciting than I. Therefore, when I’m in a difficult situation, they will offer help to me. But friendship is never an one?way ticket. If we want to get it, we must treat others good first. We should always be ready to help the others, especially when they are in difficult situations.

Ⅵ.书面表达 每 年的 5 月 31 日都是世界无烟日, 《中国日报》报社计划举办一次中学生征文大赛, 主题是关注中学生吸烟与健康问题。 请根据你对吸烟的认识, 假设你是王伟给报社编辑写一 封信,谈谈你的看法,并提出建议劝同学们戒掉吸烟的坏习惯。 注意:1.词数 100 左右; 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.信头和信尾已给出,但不计入总词数。 Dear Editor, __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________

Yours ever, Wang Wei 答案:CDACD BDCAD ADCDD ABCDB BCCAC DCDAB DBGFA DCBAC how, adolescence, was addicted, when, Secondly, strengthen

smoking, ∧was,

due to,

physically, accustomed,

from—of, get—got, pleased—pleasant, h appy—happiness

exciting—excited, Therefore—Instead, an—a, good—well, the╲


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