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Company Name

Product Name

Country Germany Taiwan Taiwan

Brand Name

Stand No 8AM717 7AM323 7AM816 8AM312 6AM201 2AM122 8AM729

8 You 8 E-Commerce GmbH Custom Parts, Reflex Reflectors Wheel Nut Caps, Wheel Trim Rings, Wheel Rim Accessories, A2A Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Valve Seat Leak Testers AAPE Media Technology Co., Ltd Aban Batteries Ltd. Aberaldo Pongolini Aborn Auto Parts Mfg.(China)Co.,Ltd. Accel Auto-Transmission Systems Co.,Ltd Accumulateur Tunisien Assad Achieve Made M.E. FZE Balancing Machines for Wheels and Tyres, Car lifts for workshop use, Injection nozzle cleaners, Wheel balancing weights, Tire fitting and removing devices for commercial vehicles Alternator Parts, Alternator Regulators, DC Regulators, Starter parts Accessories, Wiper arms, Wiper blades, Wiper motors, Water pumps Oil and lubricants Tyre Aeroklas Bed Liner, Aeroklas Abs Canopy, Floor mats, Off-Road Vehicle Accessories, Hard tops, Soft tops Cast Suspension Parts, Leaf Springs, Spring Bushes, Spring-Eye Bolts, Suspension Springs and Spring Accessories Batteries Valves and Valve guides, Valve seats Auto Spare Parts Clutch Disc And Cover

India Argentina China China Tunisia United Arab Emirates France Korea, Republic of Malaysia China Thailand Brazil United Arab Emirates Aeroklas AESA Assad




ADI (UBI France)

ADI ORIGINAL Airomaster, Weather master, Rain master, Auto sun, Airo Vision Power up


ADM 21 Co. Ltd. Advance Lube Enterprise Sdn. Bhd. (Power up) Aeolus Tyre Co.,Ltd. Aeroflex International Co.,Ltd. AESA - Automolas Equipamentos Ltda. Aether Media Group FZ LLC


2AM225 8AM424 4AM215 4AM305

Afhymat AFII (UBI France) Africa Business Pages Agape Automotive Co. Ltd. Air Fren, S.L. Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. Akita Trading Co., Ltd. Akkardan Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

Hydraulic Equipment and Accessories, Hydraulic Systems, Cylinders and Cylinder Blocks, Vacuum Pumps, Winches, PtoOperated

France France United Arab Emirates


3AM313 3AM410

Business Guide - Africa Agape, Orignalinc Airfren, Brakve Toyota

3AM102 3AM601 4AM422 6AM315 7AM820

Spare and body parts, bumpers, Axle mountings, brake parts, control arms, shock absorbers


Manufacturing, Assembly and Distribution of pneumatic brakes for Spain industrial vehicles Brake Boosters, Brake Discs, Clutch Disks, Clutch Parts, Oil Pumps Cylinder head covers, gaskets, cylinder heads, piston rings, pistons Axle Drive Shafts, Balance Weights, Brake Discs, Steering Columns, Wheel Hubs Japan Taiwan Turkey



Akkussan Yedek Parca San. Automotive spare parts - propeller shaft flanges, propeller shafts, Ve Tic. propeller shaft treatment Akstrol Petrokinya Sanayi e Ticaret Ltd. Sti. Aktas Marajo Industria e Comercio de Suspensao a Ar S.A. Akusan Aku San Tic Pistons, Cabin, Convoluted Airsprings

Turkey Turkey Aksoil

6AM121 2AM302



Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Turkey Batteries United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Akü san Battery

6AM408 2AM801 2AM404

Al Ajwad Auto Worx Trading Workshop Equipment and Tools, Body repairs Al Dahiya Auto Spare Parts LLC Al Dobowi Ltd. Al Hoorani Group Al Muqarram Auto Spare Parts Trading LLC (A-MAP) Al Muqarram Auto Spare Parts Trading LLC (ASIMCO) Abrasives, Paint Mixing Systems, Painting Booth and Boxes, Sanding Paper, Water-Based Paints Tires for Passenger Cars, Trucks & Commercial Vehicles Automatic transmission, Auto spare parts, Automotive Diagnostic tools Batteries

Infinity, LingLong

8AM115 7AM203

Solite CMF Batteries


Batteries, Electrics / Electronics / Sensor Systems (Electrical United Arab Systems, Batteries, Headlights, Cables, Wiring Harnesses, Control Emirates Modules, Bus United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates ED HARDY CELEBRITY

3AM423 AGC, PAI, Unipoint, IAT, Mahle-Clevite, Schwitzer, KKK, 3AM315 Garrett, Holset 3AM424 8AM201

Al Muteena General Trading Powertrain, Chassis, Infotainment, Tuning, Performance Systems Co. LLC. Al Rahala Trading Co. Al Safa Trading Company LLC Alloy wheels, axles, brake systems, batteries, clutch disks Air Freshener, protective covers for cars, anti grinding dust and anticorrosion, sun visors, car decorations Trailers, Parts for Trailers, Automotive Electrics, Automotive Electronics, Lamps and Cables, Axles, Steering, Brakes, Wheels, Body, Equipment, Hardware, Fittings, Engine, Transmission, Exhaust, Threads and Locking Elements, Sealing Rings, Roller

Al Safan Auto Spare Parts

United Arab Emirates

Bosche Germany, Fabio Air Bellows, Elring, Glyco, Hengst Filters, KS Germany, KTK 3AM201 Germany, Mahle Germany, Philips France, Trend Batteries, Sachs Germa 5AM109 King Coil Springs, Koni Shock absorbers, Borla Exhausts Mayer

Al Sharif Enterprises Lahore Industrial racks, foundry items (SME) Al Shiba General Trading Al Tawazun Auto Spare Parts LLC Alemite LLC Alex Global Aerospace Technology, Inc Off-road vehicle accessories, custom and competition exhaust systems, exhaust tailpipes and tailpipe trim, shock absorbers, suspension springs & spring accessories Powertrain, Chassis, Bodywork, Interior, Accessories Hose reels, grease guns, greasing and lubrication systems, lubricant tanks Wheels, Alloy

Pakistan United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United States Taiwan


3AM528 2AM313 7AM529

Alfa Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Automotive Lights and Lamps, Electrics / Electronics / Sensor Systems (Electrical Systems, Batteries, Headlights, Cables, Wiring India Harnesses, Control Modules, Bus Indicator Equipment, Analogue, Digital Sensors and Transmitters, Instruments and Gauges United States Self-Adhesive Accessories, Self-Adhesive Labels, Stickers, Emblems Pakistan United States Saudi Arabia

Alfa, Kemco, Veekee


All US Auto Accessories Allco Transfer Printers (Pvt) Ltd. Karachi Alto Products Corp. Alwafa Global Manufacturing Bumpers, Fan Holder, Dirt Proof Plate, Water Champer

T-rex Grilles, Asant & Lexan Grilles, RBP Grilles

8AM307 5AM111


4AM725 6AM231

Co. Ltd. Amerseal Industrial Sdn. Bhd Anadolu Hidrolik Silicon Sealant, Adhesives, Industrial cleaning products Hydroulic systems Malaysia Turkey Korea, Republic of Hardex 4AM224 6AM108 ANAM, CTR, DAEWOO, GMB, HYUNDAI, KIA, MANDO, 4AM330 SAMSUNG, SECO, SSANGYONG, TCIC, VALEO 6AM129 BORGWARNER, KKK, SCHWITZER, ELRING, LASO, FTE, TEXA, 3AM105 KOLBENSCHMIDT, TRW ENGINE COMPONENTS, SACHS, LMI, WAHLER ADB 4AM214

Anam Motors Co. Ltd.

Spare parts

Anka Otomotiv Yedek Parca Compressors, Clutch Servos, Gearbox valves, boosters, break Ltd Sti callipers


Apex of Gulf FZE

Turbochargers and Turbo Charger Repair Kits, Powertrain Gaskets, Oil Seals, Shielding Parts and Cover Modules, Hydraulic Brake Systems and Hydraulic Clutch Systems, Thermostats, Germany thermo switches, exhaust gas recirculation systems (EGR), pipes and hose Thailand United Arab Emirates

Applied DB Industrial Co.,Ltd Super Glue, Silicone,Adhesives, RTV, TPE/TPR/PVC Compound Arabian Eagle Equipment LLC

ARB Corporation Limited

ARB Boll Bars, Old Man Emu Suspension, Air locker differentials, ARB Recovery Gear, ARB Fridges




Arcek Ins. Teks. Oto Ic Ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Ardeeson International Arthur Langenhan GmbH & Co KG-LASO

Automotive spare parts - break callipers, compressor parts, belt pulleys, exhaust pipes, water pumps Warning Triangles, Trailer Lighting Equipment, Side Markers, Automotive Lights and Lamps, Rear Lamps Oil Pumps, Water Pumps, Repair Kits and Accessories



India Germany

7AM229 3AM105

Arwani Trading Company

Garage Equipment - Automotive lifts, Wheel Balances, Wheel Alignment Trolley Jacks

United Arab Emirates


Asia Pacific Trade News Magazine ASIMCO ASNU Corporation Europe Ltd Assad International AST Otomotiv Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S. Ates Kaucuk ATP-Diesel / A.A Dis Tic. Ltd. ATX Radiators Co.,Ltd Audyon S.r.l. Auger Autotechnik GmbH

Magazines, Catalogues, Illuminated advertisements

Taiwan China

6AM101 3AM423

Engine Tuning, Tuning, Performance Systems (Motorsport), Design Enhancement, Optical Tuning, Injection Valves, Equipment United Carriers, Mobile, for Measurement, Testing and diagnostic Kingdom Equpiment, Injection Nozzle Testers and Test Benches Tunisia Fuel oil Filters Rubber Spare Parts, Air Pumps, Hose coupling, Hose drums, Hose reels Truck spare parts, Brake parts, Clutch parts, Engine Parts, Oil pumps Radiators Turkey Turkey Turkey China Italy Air Compressors for Air Brakes, Brake Parts, Hub Caps, King Pins, Tie Rods Germany



6AM523 6AM223 6AM218 ATP Diesel 5AM313 1AM404 3AM722 Auger 2AM623

AURILIS France (UBI France)

Air Fresheners, Luggage Racks, Rear Cycle Racks, Roof boxes, Ski Racks

France APM, Performax absorbers, Bendix Brake Pads, UMW Advantech, Europower, Kyoto Japan, SPX Filtran


Austral - Point Sdn Bhd




Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association Auto Bharti Auto Craft Trading LLC Auto Parts Marketing Sdn Bhd (APM)

Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles

Australia India


Engine Parts, Starters, Transmissions and Gearboxes, Rebuilt Engines Chassis, Interior

United Arab Emirates Malaysia United States China Italy

4AM131 4AM402 1AM520 3AM715 7AM412 ZXT & TWQ 3AM530

Auto Strategies International Information about Car Registration Inc Auto(Tianjin)International Trade Co.,Ltd AUTOGAMMA spa Autolift Jacks, Hydraulic Systems Diesel Engine & Heavy Duty Truck Parts

United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Germany

Autolut International Trading Connecting Rods, Engine Parts LLC Automechanika Globalstand Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH Automotive Engineer & Trader (AET) Automotive Industry Export Council (AIEC) Automotive Parts Australia Automotive Products S.p.A. Magazines Automotive export manual, naamsa annual report, naacam directories Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles, Canisters Brake parts, Brake shoes, Clutch Disks, Clutch parts, Clutch pressure plates Cable Connectors, Brake parts, Clutch parts, Cylinder Head Gaskets, Car Care Products


India South Africa Australia Italy

4AM727 4AM605 5AM213 3AM823 ANVIS, AUTOMOTOR FRANCE, CORTECO3AM504 MEILLOR, DURA, FILTRAUTO (PURFLUX Filters) 5AM101 3AM401 Bosch, Continental / VDO, Delphi, Denso, Malpassi, Pierburg, SARD, SX Performance, Walbro



Autotrader Publishing House Magazines FZ LLC (AT) Avtoinstrukzia Magazines Engine Tuning, Tuning, Performance Systems (Motorsport), Design Enhancement, Optical Tuning, Fuel Injection Lines, Fuel Pumps, Injection Systems for Petrol Engines Leaf springs , Parabolic springs

United Arab Emirates Russian Federation




B.J. Spring Limited Banco Products (I) Ltd. Barez Industrial Group Basso Industry Corp. BBT Automotive Components GmbH Bearmach

India Banco

7AM223 7AM304 8AM123 BASSO 2AM425 2AM812 Land Rover spare parts 7AM313

Cylinder head gaskets, Engine gaskets, Engine Overhaul Seal and India Gasket sets, Heat exchangers, Radiators and Coolers Tires Compressors As Accessories, Tools for Vehicle Tool Kits, Compressed Air Tools, Compressed-Air Guns, Hand Saws Iran, Islamic Republic of Taiwan Germany Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, United Off-Road Vehicle Accessories, Fuel Tanks, Plastic, Radiator Kingdom

Grilles Beijing Mikrouna Mech. Tech. Co., Ltd. Beijing Sendi· longjing Automobile Brake Co.,Ltd Belgin Madeni Ya?lar Bengbu Hongfa Filters Co.,Ltd. Bertrand Trading Partner Beser Balatacilik Best Form Brake Manufacture Sdn. Bhd. Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Brake Linings, Brake Shoes, Brake Parts Chassis, Standard parts Hid Lamp Brake Dise、Brake Drum、Beake Pliers.Rubber Sealed Products 、Hydraulic Rolatable Joint For Central Axis. Fuel oil Filter China China Turkey China France Turkey Malaysia beser, ferbe, fsb, grap 1AM405 1AM522 6AM324 1AM101 5AM112 5AM201 3AM532

BG Products, USA

Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Tuning, Performance Systems (Motorsport), Design United Arab Enhancement, Optical Tuning, Air Conditioning System Testers Emirates and Service Devices, Additives Car headlights, Spare Bulb Kits Korea, Republic of Germany Alloy Wheels, Tyres and Wheels Rims United Arab Emirates Germany Turbochargers and Turbo Charger Repair Kits United Arab Emirates Italy United Arab Emirates Magazines Brazil

BG Products, USA


Biolight Co. Ltd. Bita Trading GmbH Black Stallion Tr. Co. LLC BMWi Information Booth BorgWarner Turbo Systems Worldwide Headquarters GmbH Brain Bee Spa Brand Owners' Protection Group - BPG-GCC & Yemen Brasil AutoParts (OEM Brazil) Brazilian Autoparts Manufacturers Association (SINDIPECAS) Britpart - Border Holdings (UK) Ltd. Burkert Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co KG

Biolight, Halogen Bulb

4AM429 2AM613

Safari Tires

8AM215 2AM715


3AM105 2AM501 3AM203

Brazil Belts & Straps, Cable Winches, Axle Parts, Brake Fittings, Shock absorbers, Suspension Springs & Spring accessories United Kingdom Germany Turkey South Africa Italy Germany Pick-Up Truck Accessories, Tuning, Performance Systems (Motorsport), Design Enhancement, Optical Tuning, ChromePlated Parts, Brake Parts, Electrics / Electronics / Sensor Systems Taiwan (Electrical Systems, Batteries, Headlights, Cables, Wiring Harnesses, Event Agencies Italy



5AM122 2AM615 6AM113 4AM605 3AM815 3AM217

Buyuk Eker Bijon San.Ve Tic Trailer Brakes, Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Wheel Bolts, Wheel A.S Nuts C & J Services (Pty) Ltd C.E.I. S.p.A. (Costruzione Emiliana Ingranaggi) C.H. Tecke gegr. 1868 GmbH Automotive components

Camco Auto Sangyo Co., Ltd.


Camera Di Commercio, Industria E Artigianato Di Torino Canton Fair Imp.&Exp. Co.,Ltd.


Diesel Fuel Injection Parts



CAP Corp. Cape Heat Exchange Capelec Cardone Industries Carter &Carter International Holding Co.Ltd. Castello Italia Celikis Gear Factory Cenmak Otomotiv San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Central Trading Company Centre de Promotion Des Exportations (CEPEX) Centro Estero Per L'Internazionalizzazione S.C.P.A. CFA Tools Co.,Ltd Chan Rubber Co.,Ltd. Changzhou City Nangua Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd

Wiper Arms, Wiper Blades, Wipers Automotive, Industrial, Heat ex chanltins Automatic Inspection Lines, Diesel Fume Meters, Electronic Testers, Exhaust Gas Analyzers, Headlamp Aimers Brakes, drivetrain, electrical, electronics, engine, pumps, motors, steering Truck Body Parts Of Man ,Iveco,Volvo,Benz, Tga,Scania,Daf Brake Hoses, Hose Lines, Pneumatic Springs, Tubes, Compressed-Air Hoses Axle Parts, Differential Parts, Differentials, Transmission Parts, Transmissions and Gearboxes Truck and car spare parts

Korea, Republic of South Africa France United States China Italy Turkey Turkey United Arab Emirates Tunisia


8AM709 4AM605 3AM413

A1 Cardone, Cardone Select

4AM501 8AM330 3AM603 6AM228

Cenmak Akzonobel

5AM321 2AM415 7AM124

Event Agencies Towing And Trailer Parts Automotive Floor Mat Latter Fog Lamp;Backup Lamp;Led Lamp;Tail Lamp;Signal Lamps.

Italy China Thailand China China China Complexion

3AM816 1AM413 4AM121 1AM429 1AM227 1AM105

Changzhou Far East Foreign Auto Lamps,Bulbs Trade Co.,Ltd Changzhou Feiben Imp.And Starter,Alternator And Their Parts Exp. Co.,Ltd. Changzhou Guohua Automobile And Motorcycle Fitment Factory Changzhou Haochen Imp.&Exp.Co.,Ltd. Changzhou Leyuan Metal Tube Co.,Ltd Changzhou Pookin Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd Changzhou Seagull Vehicle Interiors Co., Ltd. Changzhou Suotepower Engineering Co.,Ltd. Changzhou Wentao Auto Parts Factory Changzhou Yongtong Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd Cheng Feng-Chih Hui Co., Ltd. Chimigal S.r.l. Chin Lang Autoparts Co., Ltd. China Auto Caiec Ltd China Economic News Service Lamp, Bumper,Grille, Door Mirror, Etc



Auto Lamp,Mirror,Body Parts For Car,Bus And Truck Metal Tube,Exhaust Pipe Auto Parts Racing Seat Seat Cover Car Mats Turbocharger Auto Accessories Starter Armature Alternator Car Decorations, Plastic Exterior Body Parts, Plastic Interior Body Parts, Wheel Rim Accessories, Car Sales Planning Panels Anticorrosion Agents, Car Care Products, Car Wash Products Windscreen Washer Water Tanks, Expansion Tanks, Brake Fluid, Wiper Motors, Radiator Fans, Tank Level Gauges

China China China China China China China Taiwan Italy Taiwan

1AM407 2AM114 1AM325 8AM523 1AM401 1AM723 1AM516 7AM728 3AM726 7AM626 1AM125 Taiwan Transportatation Equipment Guide 7AM321

Brake Drum, Brake Disc, Brake Pads, Wipers, Brake Pads Sensor China Publication Taiwan

China Spsun Group

Shock Absorber ,Auto Guage

China China Taiwan China China Taiwan Spain Brazil Brazil SANZ Agrale

8AM625 1AM509 7AM232 1AM226 8AM631 7AM319 4AM323 4AM625

China Watt International Co., Auto Lamp, Shock Absorber, Arm Control, Radiator, Grille, Tank Ltd. Surge Ching Chan Machinery Co., Ltd. Chiping Luhuan Auto Radiator Co.,Ltd Chiping Xinfa Aluminum Product Co.,Ltd Chuang Hsiang Technology Co., Ltd. Cigü e?ales Sanz, S.L. Cinpal Cia. Industrial De Pe? Para Automoveis as CIPEC Autopecas Ltda Cixi Huaxing Automotive Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd Cixi Salent Rubber And Plastic Science & Technology Co., Ltd Cixi Shengyin Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. Clutch Bearings Industries Co., Ltd. ?MYS Madeni Yaglar Imalat Ith.Ihr.Nak. San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. CNC Clutch - China & Canton (Holdings) Co. Ltd. Co-Car & Co-Car Co., Ltd. Coido Corporation Cojali, S.L. Clutch Disks, Clutch Parts, Clutch Pressure Plates, Clutch Release Bearings Bumpers, Mirrors, General, Shock Absorbers, Tie Rod Ends, Tie Rods Air Pumps, Car Vacuum Cleaners, Compressors as Accessories, Boosters, Tire Inflators Air brake systems elements. Clutches and fans. Taltest diagnosis equipment Auto Parts(Alternator) Automatic Inspection Lines Radiator,Condenser,Intercooler,Tank,Oilcooler,Tube Alloy Wheels Door Handles, Handle Parts, Exterior Mirror Lenses, Exterior Rear-View Mirros, Molded Plastic Parts, Side Markers Crankshafts Engine, Transmission, Gear Box, Brake And Axle Shaft Parts

CIPEC Spare Parts, NTI Brake 4AM412 Parts 1AM130


Silicone Hose



Feed Pump,Hand Pump,Lever,Joing,Howo Auto Partsand

China Taiwan FWD, HBC

1AM725 7AM621



Hong Kong Taiwan Taiwan Spain

CNC Clutch

4AM705 7AM422 7AM419 4AM315


Leaf-springs and u-bolts for European trucks & trailers




Colmar Cometi Mecnan S.p.A. Confort Autocar Connects2 Consortium Pieces Auto Constromech Continental Automotive Systems Corona & C. S.p.A. Corteco GmbH

Leaf Springs

Tunisia Italy

6AM723 3AM817 6AM715 4AM310 Misfat, Assad, Siame, Record Port-A-Cool, USA, Reef Industries Inc. USA 6AM523 7AM803 2AM815 4AM104 CORTECO, Freudenberg, 2AM815

Car Carpets, Protective Covers, Seat Cushions

Tunisia United Kingdom

Batteries, shock absorbers,and filters Air Conditioning Systems Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Brake Fluid, Brake Hoses, Brake Linings, Brake Shoes

Tunisia United Arab Emirates Germany Italy

Brake Hoses, Rubber-Bonded Metal Parts, Cylinder Head


Gaskets, Sealing Rings

Simmerring??, meilor??gasket, micronAir??-cabin air filters Australia Taiwan 5AM314 7AM416

Couplertec Create Electronic Optical Co., Ltd. Creative Graphics International Dae Myung Industry Co.

Off-Road Vehicle accessories, Recreational Vehicle Accessories, Truck Accessories, Rust Converters Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles, Priority Vehicle Warning Lights, Reversing Cameras Decals, Emblems, Badges

Daimler Chrysler, Ford, GM, South Africa Hyundai, Nissan, Tata, Toyota, 4AM605 Volkswagen Korea, Republic of Hanko 2AM213

Dah Kee Co., Ltd. Danyang Hongfeng Plastics Co.,Ltd. Darson

Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Car Trailers and Small Commercial Vehicle Trailers, Parts for Taiwan Trailers, Alternator Parts, Ignition Coils, Ignition Distributors Auto Lamps ,Bumpers, Fenders ,Hoods And So On For Korean And Japanese Cars China Pakistan China


1AM113 5AM208 1AM134

Deguang Automobile Radiator Of Guangzhou Co., Radiator Ltd Department of Export Promotion (DEP) Desert Face Trading LLC Dexol Diesel Parts of America Diesel Parts S.r.l. Automatic Transmission Friction Clutch Plates, Torque Converters, Transmission Parts Replacement Diesel Fuel Injection Products for Heavy Machineries Fuel Injection Pump Parts, Engine Parts, Injection Nozzles, Pressure Valves Engine Tuning, Injection Systems for Diesel Engines, Transmissions and Gearboxes, Injection Pumps, Reconditioned, Diesel Injection Pump Test Benches Export Promotion Agency

Thailand United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United States Italy ALTO, DEXOL, LUBEGARD, PRECISION, SONNAX DPA

4AM314 7AM215 4AM725 7AM513 3AM807

dieselkontor.de (Weber)


2AM710 ZF, Tremec, Bryco, Toledo Trans Kit, TRI Components, JB 6AM430 German Oil, ZF-Lifeguard Fluid, Lube Gard 1AM312 8AM707 ATP DIESEL, COLAERT, DOLALRAD, DOLCURAD, DOLPHIN, DOMAC, GARRETT, MAHLE, SACHS, SLP, TRUCK TECHNIC, VALUE

Automatic Transmission Oil Filters, Automatic Transmissions, Diko Motors General Trading Transmission Cases, Transmissions and Gearboxes, Automatic Company W.L.L. Gearboxes, Regenerated Ding Li Company Limited DLAA Industrial Co. Ltd. Lamp


China China

Dolphin Manufacturing Ltd.

Brake Linings, Brake Shoes, Air Conditioner Condensers, Radiators and Coolers, Radiator Manufacturing and Repair Machines, Radiator Repair Tools

United Arab Emirates


Dong-Yang Electronics Co. Ltd. Dongying Winset Brake System Co., Ltd Dorian Drake International Inc. Dosemenler DP Chip

Dye, Thermal Fuse, Sensor Systems, Fuses, Electromechanical and Electronical Components Brake Disc, Brake Drum

Korea, Republic of China Turtle Wax, Abel, ECCO Group, Golight, Grote, Interdynamics, Johnsens, Pylon

4AM721 1AM207

Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles, Alarm United Systems for Vehicles, Reversing Cameras, Searchlights, Car Care States Products Truck Accessories, Trailer Parts, Trailers, Spring Links, Springs Engine Tuning, Performance System (Motorsport), Design Enhancement, Control Modules, Accessories and Special Turkey Australia


5AM315 5AM316

Equipment for Motor Vehicles Dr.-Ing. Paul Christiani GmbH Germany Accounting and Invoicing Systems, Dealer Management Systems: Business Organisation, IT, Data Management, Customer Loyalty United Programmes, Management Consultancy Services, Software for Kingdom Spare Part Stocks and Procurement United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Brake Blocks, Brake Linings And Disc Pads For Medium And Heavy-Duty Vehicles. Application In Trucks, Trailers, SemiTrailers, Buses And Mini Buses. Leaf spring Brazil Hongtech 2AM705

Dragon 2000


Dubai Impex Trading Dubai Impex Trading (Austral) Dubai World Statistics Department Duroline S/A Dusunur Motorlu Vasitalar A.S Dynatrade

2AM334 8AM308 3AM101


Turkey United Arab Emirates


Automotive Parts for European & Japanese Trucks & Cars Tuning, Performance Systems (Motorsport), Design Enhancement, Optical Tuning,Dynamic Power Analyzers, Dynamic Power Analyzers for Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles Track control arms. Suspensió arms. Tie rod end. Ball joint. n Silentblocs. Link bars Automotive Lights and Lamps, Headlamps, Led Headlights, Led Tail Lights, Rear Lamps Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles, Clutch Disks, Clutch Parts, Clutch Release Bearings, Piston Rings Automotive Bounet Rubber Insulation, Rubber Gadget, Rubber Profile, Other Rubber Products Cylinder Liners, Piston Rings, Centricast Bushes, Valve Seats, Valve Guides And Engine Kits. Also Casts And Machines Special Cylinder Liners With Diameters From 20 Up To 450 Mm.

Dyno Dynamics DYS – Direccion Y Suspension Eagle Eyes Traffic Co., Ltd East Planet Auto Spare Parts Trading LLC Eastern Polymer Industry Co.,Ltd. Ecoparts Comercio E Industria Ltda EDS - Esam A. Allejami Establishment for Maintenance EDSA Company (UBI FRANCE)


Spain Taiwan United Arab Emirates Thailand Eagle Eyes EP Kowei

4AM423 7AM528 3AM330 4AM217



Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Tools for Vehicle Tool Kits, Engine Tuning, Tuning, Performance Saudi Arabia OEM Diagnostic tools Systems (Motorsport), Design Enhancement, Optical Tuning, Dealer Management Systems Brake Parts, Shock Absorbers, Engine Parts, V-Belts, Valves and Valve Guides France Turkey Turkey Egypt Metal ELRING NGK, EXEDY, TOKICO, TOP, KOITO, RIMA, GEN, CTR, DENKI, CHALLENGER Ege Fren, Bayraktar, AruinMeritor


3AM309 6AM613 5AM305 6AM713 3AM105 6AM605

EGE Fren Sanayii ve Ticaret Air Brakes, Brake Parts, Disk Brakes, Drum Brake Parts, Drum A.S. Brakes Eksan Otomotiv Paz.Tic.Ve San.A.S El Teriak Industrial Group ElringKlinger AG Emerald Spare Parts Camshaft and spare parts Fuel Tanks, Air Conditioner Condensers, Air Conditioners and Spares, Air Conditioning System Modules, Heat Exchangers

Powertrain Gaskets, Oil Seals, Shielding Parts and Cover Modules Germany Spare Parts, Batteries, Lubricants Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Brake Linings, Brake Shoes, Wheel Hubs Paints and Varnishes Engines, Injection systems & Turbokits United Arab Emirates Italy Italy Spain

Emmerre S.r.l. EP Vernici S.r.L Equipos Diesel Remaned, S.L. (Avima Motor)

3AM822 EP Vernici 2AM202 4AM419

ERA S.p.A. Ernst Apparatebau ERRECOM S.r.l. Errevi Estas Eksantrik Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S Euro Diesel Services Camshafts Spare Parts & Test Equipment, Fuel Injection Pump Parts, Fuel Injection pumps, Injection Nozzles, Injection systems for Petrol Engines, Diesel Injection Pump Test Benches Brake pads. Brake shoes. Brake discs. Brake linings. Brake pads for comercial vehicles. Pre-assembled spare parts shoes and wheel cylinders. Dual kit (disc-pad kit). Differential Gears, Differential Parts, Synchronizer Rings, Transmission and Gearboxes Air Conditioner Accessories

Italy Germany Italy Italy Turkey United Arab Emirates

3AM719 2AM815 3AM724 3AM713 6AM105

C-Max, Carbon Zapp


Eurofren Brakes, S.L.



Euroricambi SPA


3AM523 Barum, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Firestone, Fulda, GT Radial, Good Year, 8AM116 Hankook, INFINITY, Kleber, Maxxis, Michelin, Nankang, Pirelli, Semper DLAA 8AM707 7AM121 3AM411

Euro-Tyre B.V.



Eyad Al Mahamid Trading Co. LLC F.S.S. Fren Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. Facom-Stanley / Otal Trailer Brakes, Fifthwheel Couplings, Air Brakes Battery Testers and Chargers, Box Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Tool kits and boxes, Torque Wrenches

United Arab Emirates Turkey France

FAE-Francisco Albero, S.A.

Oil pressure switches and transmitters. Stop light switches. Fan switches. Thermocontacts. Reversing light switches. Temperature Spain transmitters. Sensors. Panel switches. Press buttons. Indicator lamps and bulb holders. Gauges. Fose holders. Supresor ca Fuel Tanks, Metal, Tank Caps, Tank Filler Necks, Radiators and Coolers BMC, Caterpillar, Daf, Fiat, Ford, Iveco, John Deere, Man, Massey Ferguson, MercedesBenz, Scania, Volvo


Fah-Ler Yedek Parca Ve Makina Imalat San.Tic.A.S Fair World Automotive Magazine / Vehicle Seat World Fales Grand General Trading LLC FAR srl FARCO FBK Systems Sdn. Bhd. F-Diesel Power Co.,Ltd Feituo Auto Parts Trading LLC Fengcheng City Zhenqi Turbocharger Plant




Turkey United Arab Emirates Crystal Tyres, Hong Kong Tyres


7AM809 4AM205 4AM310 4AM226 1AM131 1AM602 1AM620 1AM513 1AM111 3AM213 4AM325 3AM712

Nuts, Rivets, Thread Inserts, Threated Inserts, Body Work Tools

Italy Iran, Islamic Republic of Malaysia

Diesel Engine And Auto Parts


Mirrors, Molded Plastic Parts, Plastic Interior Body Parts, Radiator United Arab Grilles, Sheet Steel Body Parts Emirates Turbocharger China China China Germany Tappered roller bearings. Ball bearings. Cylindrical roller bearing Electromechanical and Electronical Components, Horns Spain Italy

Fengcheng Pacific-Shenlong Turbocharger Turbocharger Co.,Ltd Fenghua Dongcheng Friction Material Co.,Ltd Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH & Co. KG Fersa Bearings, S.A. FIAMM S.p.A. Brake Pads

Filter Master Co., Ltd. Filtrauto (UBI FRANCE) Five Seasons (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. Five Star Autoparts Co,.Ltd

Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Filter Inserts, Air Cleaners Pollen Filters, Oil Filters, Fuel Filters, Interior Air

Korea, Republic of France

Filter Master

4AM524 3AM506 7AM430

Brushes for Vehicle Washes, Car Care Products (Professional Supplies), Care: Washing Equipment, Equipment for Vehicle Care, Taiwan Cleaning Products, Polishing Cloths, Sponges Steering Racks, Steering Systems, Suspension Links, Suspension Thailand Struts, Tie Rods China Germany

4AM322 1AM122 2AM806 Crystal Skin by Swarovski foils, DUGuard window tinting, foilaboat yacht design foils, 8AM405 foilaboat yacht protection foils, foilacar Premium workshop, fo 7AM118 Flexipad, Forte, RedWing Proffessional Fortop SSB Compressor 2AM223 7AM729 1AM621 1AM336 3AM629 Fras-le & Lonaflex 4AM406 3AM723 4AM625 6AM201 FTE 3AM105 1AM324

FKG Bearing(China) Co.,Ltd Wheel Hub,Wheel Bearing Flennor GmbH Wiper Blades, Sensors and Transmitters, Drive Belt Tensioners, V-Belts Plastic Foils / Adhesive Foils, Stone Strike Protection Foil, Decorative Films, Stripes and Pictures, Tinted Window Foils, Cover Foils

Foilacar Middle East

United Arab Emirates

Fonderie Moderne De Tunisie Forte Middle East FZC Fortop Industrial Co., Ltd. Fortune Eagle Industrial Limited Foshan Fuhe Automobile Industrial Fittings Co., Ltd Franchi & Kim S.p.A. Fras-le S.A. FRATELLI BOSIO S.r.l. Freios Farj Industria E Comercio Ltda Frictionlab Srl FTE automotive GmbH

Cast Parts for The Engine Abrasives, Grinding and Sanding Products, Car Care Products (Professional Supplies), Polish Products, Additives Electric Motors, Led Headlights, Led Tail Lights, Wiring Accessories, Wiring Harnesses Air Conditioner Compressors, Cooling System Parts, Expansion Valves, Pressure Switches, Thermostats One-Piece American Type & German Type Axle;Axle Of Special Type Paint Primer, Painting and Anti-Corrosion Protection: Systems, Equipment, Paints and Varnishes, Water-Based Paints Trailer Brakes, Brake Linings, Brake Shoes, Brake Parts, Clutch linings

Tunisia United Arab Emirates Taiwan Hong Kong China Italy Brazil Italy

Pneumatic Brake System, Clutch Servers, Foot Vave, Pressure Regulator And 300 Products More. Brake Shoes, Brake Discs, Disk brake calipers Hydraulic Brake Systems and Hydraulic Clutch Systems

Brazil Argentina Germany China

Fujian Quanzhou Hand Auto Steering Parts,Bolt&Nuts,Suspension Arms Parts Co.,Ltd. Fujian Shenlika Aluminum Industry Development Co., Ltd Fujian Zheng Shun Automobile Wheel Co.,Ltd Fullrun Tyre Corp.,Ltd Fully Equipped Limited Fundacion Export-AR Trailer Brakes, Brake Discs, Brake Linings / Brake Shoes, Disk Funderg Hipper Freios Ltda. Brakes,Drum Brakes Funtoro Inc. Dvd Players, Infotainment (Radios, Aerials, Navigation Systems, Telematics, Mobile Phones), Monitors, Navigation Systems, Telematic Systems Cylinder Liners, Engine Gaskets, Engine Parts, Piston Rings, Pistons Aluminium Wheels



Wheel Tyres Pick-Up Truck Accessories

China China New Zealand TUF DEK bedliners Argentina Brazil

8AM423 8AM530 8AM315 6AM201 4AM307




G.C.F Co., Ltd. Gahbin Corporation Gamma Diesel S.r.l.

Taiwan Korea, Republic of Onnuri, Zzaim

7AM329 4AM628 3AM728

Fuel Injection Pump Parts, Injection Nozzles, Injection Systems for Italy

Diesel Engines, Injection Valves Gang Yi International (Hong Kong) Company Limited Garima Global Pvt Ltd. Gates Fleximak GEKATEX (UBI France) Gemini International Pvt Ltd. General Motors Africa & Middle East FZE (ACDelco) Georg Fischer Vkt. Gibbs Machinery Company Global Market Group (Asia) Ltd. Global Win Vehcile Co., Ltd. Axle Additives, Coolant Additives, Fuel Additives, Radiator Cleaning Products, Sealing Compounds for Engine, Transmission and Exhaust System Air Brakes, Air Compressors for Air Brakes, Brake Boosters, Power Steering Systems, Electric and Hydraulic Rubber Parts Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Grilles for Additional Headlamps, Air Conditioners and Spares, Hong Kong Bearings, O Rings Liners, pistons, can rods, valve Guids, valves, gaskets, oil pumps, India water pumps Heavy Duty V-belts, Timing belts, Radiator hoses Cleaning and Care Products, Paint Polish, Polish Products, Polishing Cloths, Polishing Discs Hydraulic Pumps, Cylinder Liners, Valve Seats, Valve Tappets, Valves and Valve Guides Brake Parts, Batteries, Spark Plugs, Oil filters, Engine oils United Arab Emirates France India United Arab Emirates Germany United States China China United States United Arab Emirates Thailand China United Kingdom Gold Eagle, AlumAseal, DieselPower, 104+ Octane Boost, HEET, NO LEAK, Golden Touch, STA-BIL SORL GlobalMarket 1AM534 Target ACDelco Rainbowpower 1AM605

7AM328 3AM415 3AM510 7AM308 3AM505 2AM815 7AM610

Gold Eagle Co.


Golden Dragon Auto Spare Parts LLC Good Rubber International Co., Ltd.

3AM731 4AM229 1AM123 7AM404 7AM514

Good Way Automobile Parts Suspension Arms, Ball Joint, Drag Link For Automobile Co.,Ltd Goodridge Gordon Auto Body Parts Co., Ltd. Grant Piston Rings Grantex S.A. Green Climate Control Co. Ltd. Green Filter Co., Ltd. Group Three Auto Spare Parts & Tyers Tr. LLC GST GmbH Guangdong Dahua Rensheng Scein-Tech Co,. Ltd Guangdong Kemei Industry Co.Ltd Aluminum High-Frequency Welded Tubes With Clad Alloys For Vehicle Heat Exchangers Motorcycles, Auto Parts, Decals Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Oil Filter, Air Conditioning System Air Filters Brake Coupling Hoses, Brake Fittings, Brake Hoses, Chassis (Axles, Steering, Brakes, Wheels, Dampers), Hydraulic Systems

Bodywork (Sheet Metal Parts, Mounted Parts, Windows, Bumpers, Taiwan Door handles, Handle parts, Sheetmetal Parts, Headlamps Piston Rings Trailer Parts, Air Brakes, Axle Parts, Brake Discs, Brake Linings, Brake shoes United States Greece Korea, Republic of Thailand United Arab Emirates Germany China Grant Piston Rings Grantex

7AM511 4AM101 4AM525 4AM220 7AM107 2AM815 1AM310

China China China China

1AM634 1AM434 1AM208 8AM733

Guangzhou Benzhibao Auto Xenon Lamp Fitting Co., Ltd Guangzhou Feida Cylinder Head Gasket Factory Guangzhou Huajing Machine Manufacture Automotive Engine Overhaul Kits, Cylinder Gasket Axle,Bogie,Spare Parts

Co.,Ltd. Guangzhou Liancheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Guangzhou Yifeng Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Hid Xenon Kit, Led Auto Light, Ballast China 8AM626

Oil Filters;Fuel Filters And Air Filters. Automobile Fuel System Parts,Running System Parts,Braking



Guizhou Newera Union Imp. System Parts, Steering System Parts,Transmission System & Exp. Corp. Parts,Automobile Tools, Automobile Electronic — Electrical Products, Etc. Gulbros Brakes Gulf Stars General Trading Est. Parts, Alloy Wheels, Diagnostic Tools



India United Arab Emirates China Germany WAHLER AUTOLOGIC

7AM229 3AM515 1AM117 3AM105

Guocheng Automobile Parts Stepper Motor,Idle Air Control Valve Co.,Ltd Gustav Wahler GmbH u. Co. Thermostats, thermo switches, exhaust gas recirculation systems KG (EGR), pipes and hoses. Replacement Bearings for European trucks & trailers, Clutch Release Bearing, Wheel Hub Bearing, Replacement Bearings for truck & trailor for Man,Mercedes Benz, Iveco ,Volvo, benz, Scania,DAF, Renault, Tapper Roller Bearing, Cylindrical Bearing, Needl Interior Hid Kits, Hid Parts

H. R. International


ATNA Bearings


H.M.L. Auto Industries Sdn Bhd Haining First Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Malaysia China China China

4AM130 7AM129 8AM429 8AM127

Haining Taichang Light Automotive Lighting Co. Ltd. Haining Xinguangyang Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd. Haji Abdul Rahim Auto Spare Parts Trading Hid Spare Parts for Classic Cars, Group Drivetrain, Alloy wheels, Brake Repair and Replacement Services, Replacement Part Suppliers, Standard Parts (Fastening Elements, Thread and Securing Elements)

United Arab Emirates United States Sudan


Halo Automotive Hamadelnil Diesel Int Hana International FZE Hanatech Co., Ltd. Hangcheng Industrial Parts Co., Ltd Hangzhou Annat Industry Co.,Ltd Hangzhou Boya Industry Co.Ltd Cylinder Liners, Engine Parts, Piston Rings, Pistons, Powertrain (Engine, Gearbox, Exhaust) Measuring Instruments, Measuring Tools Truck Parts, Trailer Parts And Etc. Brake Pad & Brake Shoe, Brake Lining, Spark Plug, Zinc Casting, Aluminium Die Casting, Motorcycle Brake Pad & Clutch Plate Car Seat Cover, Car Seat Cushion And Other Car Accessories

8AM311 3AM125 7AM303 2AM211 1AM508 1AM432 1AM415 1AM436 8AM225 8AM426 1AM320

United Arab Emirates Korea, Republic of China China China China China China China

Hangzhou Feiying Autoparts Brake Lining/ Clutch Plate Co.,Ltd. Hangzhou Fenglei Industrial Auto Maintain & Care Product Co., Ltd Hangzhou Shine Tire Industrial Co., Ltd Hangzhou Westlake Tire,Inner Tube Clutch Kits And Brake Parts

Automotive Spare Parts Group,Inc. Hannover-Messe International Istanbul Hao-Guo Enterprise Co., Ltd. Hassan Alhawai Trading Door Handles, Handle Parts, Hinges, Locks, Regulators, Hinges Tyres and Wheels Rims Turkey Taiwan United Arab Emirates Turkey China China China Ogreen, Ograndness HAYES LEMMERZ 6AM209 7AM630 7AM813 8AM105 1AM237 1AM304 1AM422

Hayes Lemmerz Jantas A.S. Commercial Vehicles Disc Wheels Hebei Yideli Automobile Parts Import&Export Co.,Ltd Hengke Precision Machinery Wheel Hub Bearings &Assembly & Electronics Co.,Ltd Henweit Engine Parts Co.,Ltd HG Tools Co., Ltd. High-Pro Company Ltd. Piston,Piston Ring, Liner,Sleeve

Bodywork (Sheet Metal Parts, Mounted Parts, Windows, Bumpers, Body Repair Systems, Body Repairs: Equipment and Material, Taiwan Abrasives, Grinding and Sanding Products Ignition Coils Taiwan South Africa Turkey Boru,Hidrolik fren hortum

2AM529 7AM719 4AM605 6AM224

HIL Industries T/A Securi-Lid Securi-lid load body cover Hizlanlar Otom.San.Ve Tic.A.S Honglida(Quanzhou) Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd Hongtech International Co. Ltd. Horim Company Ltd. Bumpers, Brake Linings, Brake Shoes, Shock Absorbers, Suspension Struts, Cables and Wires Bending Tubes,break hoses

Torque Rod Bushing ,Engine Mounting, Shock Absorber



China Korea, Republic of Taiwan China China Taiwan China Cylinder Liner Rubber-Bonded Metal Parts, Belt Pulleys, Drive Belts, Silentblocks, V-Ribbed Belts China France Germany South Africa


2AM334 4AM530 7AM720 2AM136 1AM203 7AM428 3AM424 1AM307

Hu Shan Transportation Co., Truck Accessories, Chrome-Plated Parts, Door Handles, Handle Ltd. Parts, Molded Plastic Parts, Plastic Interior Body Parts Huachang International Co.,Ltd Huaxin Garage Equipment Co., Ltd. Hui Yang Precise Industrial Co., Ltd. Huiyun Electric Company Hunan Xinyuan Cylinder Liner Co.,Ltd HUTCHINSON (UBI France) HYWEMA-Hebebü hnen GmbH & Co. KG I & A F Of South Africa (Pty) End Caps, Sleeves, Brackets, Battery Parts Ltd IADA, S.L. IAGe Autoteile GmbH Ibrahim Dahshan Factory Bodywork Brakes fluids. Power steering. Antifreeze-Coolants. Maintenance products. Cleaning products. Motor oils. Hydraulic oils. Greases. Additives and IADA Moto 2T Cummins Engine Spare Parts, Dongfeng Spare Parts, Turbochrgers Auto Lift, Tyre Changer, Wheel Balancer, Wheel Alignment Piston Rings


3AM405 2AM621 4AM605

Spain Germany Egypt Italy

4AM520 2AM822 7AM109 3AM725

ICE - Istituto Nazionale per il Commercio Estero (Messe Export Promotion Agency Frankfurt Italia S.r.l)

Igeme - Export Promotion Center of Turkey Imperial Cable Industry Co., Ltd. Importers & Exporters Association Of Taipei Inci Aku San Ve Tic A.S. Indiamart Industria E Comé rcio De Auto Pe? Rei Ltda. as Industrias Del Recambio Distribucion, S.L. Infotrade Ing Tien Enterprise Co., Ltd. Injectronics Inta Ith. Ihr. Parca San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Intellitec Mv Ltd. Bearing Batteries, Control Modules, Electronic, Electromechanical and Electronical Components, Battery Care Products Fire Extinguishers for Vehicles, Radar Detectors, Backing Up Monitoring Systems, Reversing Cameras, Car Radios, Mounting Kits and Accessories Automotive Control Cables, Bonnet Cables, Brake Cables, Bowden Cables Event Agencies, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Batteries Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Turkey Thailand Taiwan Turkey India Inci Aku, Hugel

6AM318 4AM119 7AM818 8AM113 6AM501 4AM625 4AM423 6AM530 7AM315 5AM215 5AM325 Intellitec Mv Ltd., Battery Guard 3AM803 3000 4AM310

Our Range Line Is Center Bearings, Mountings For Engines, Gear Brazil Cases, Cabins. Bushing And Vibration Dampers. Control arms and their components. Silentblocks. Chasis components. Advertising Agencies, Advertising Materials, Catalogues, Event Agencies, Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Cylinder Head Gaskets, Engine gaskets, Engine Overhaul Seal and Gasket sets, Rubber-Bonded Metal Parts, Seal Spain Taiwan Taiwan Australia Turkey United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Italy Trailer Axles, Trailer Brakes, Trailer Fittings, Trailer Hitches, Trailer Lighting Equipment Netherlands United Arab Emirates United States Tires and wheel rims Timing Chains United Arab Emirates Germany China Control Arms, Forged Suspension Parts, Steering Linkages, Steering Systems, Tie Rod Ends Taiwan Thailand Poland United Arab Emirates China China China China China E-Shades Hastings, Casite, Quickworks, Airtex, Luberfiner, Wells, Falcon Steering

Inter Apex LLC (Far Co.) International Battery Company S.r.l. Intertruck Benelux B.V. Intertruck MENA

3AM814 3AM415 3AM415

Intraco Corporation


Ites Middle East FZCO Iwis Motorsysteme GmbH & Co. KG Jackson Optical Manufactory Ltd. Jason Co., Ltd.

7AM601 2AM815 8AM719 7AM420 4AM216 8AM418 Hyundai Batteries, Advans Tire, 7AM805 Tire Valves, Jet Wheel Rims 1AM309 1AM610 1AM532 1AM326 8AM623

JB Materials Handling Group Compact Tow Truck Co.,Ltd. Jees Elix Sp. z.o.o. Sp. k. JET International General Trading LLC Jiangmen Shongli Rearview Mirror Industrial Co.,Ltd. Jiangsu Dongxing Auto Decorations Co., Ltd Jiangsu Kawei Auto Parts Co., Ltd Air Freshener, Car Decorations Tires, Tyre Valves, Batteries Rearview Mirror And Auto Parts Truck Spare Parts Auto Lamp,Grille,Mirror

Jiangsu Veectory Group Co., Clutch Facingbrake Shoesbrake Padsbrake Lining Clutch Disc Ltd Clutch Cover Jiaxing Datong Machinery Hydraulic Bottle Jacks

Co.,Ltd Jinan Century Tianbang Automobile Import And Export Co., Ltd. Jinan Jiudingzhongtai International Trade Co.,Ltd Jinhua Yichen Imp&Exp Co.,Ltd Jiu Jiang Yada Traffic Equipment Co.,Ltd Jiuh Men Industrial Co., Ltd. Jiunn Shyang Auto Industry Co., Ltd. J-Long Parts Changzhou Co.,Ltd. Johnson Window Films, Inc. Joint Venture Wenzhou Tianqiu Electrical Co., Ltd. Jonnesway Enterprise Co.,Ltd. JSC Radiolinija Ltd. Juken Technology Limited Junar Sa Jvk Inc. Jyuhn Tair Industry Co., Ltd. Kai Giu Enterprise Co., Ltd. Kalika International Kapas International Trading Corp. Kaymar 4wd Accessories KDB Bearing Co. Ltd. Keba Otomotiv Keenco Industrial Co., Ltd. Ken Sean Factory Co., Ltd. Khan Se Ltd. Kijsiam Partworks Co., Ltd. King Springs Pty Ltd Trailer Parts, King Pins, Spring Bushes, Engine Parts, Pistons Automotive casting parts, Exhaust Manifolds, Water pumps Vehicle Tool Kits Auto Lamps, Mirrors, Body Parts & Accessories Self-Adhesive Accessories, Chrome-Plated Parts, Molded Plastic Parts, Plastic Exterior Body Parts, Wheel Arch Trims Camshafts, Cylinder Liners, Engine Parts, Piston Rings, Pistons Oil and lubricants Auto spare parts Starter, Alternator, Gear,Shaft,Mirror,Body Parts, Jack Yada Wiper Blade Electric Motors, Power Window Systems, Belt Pulleys, Drive Belt Tensioners Battery Cases, Bumpers, Plastic Exterior Body Parts, Radiator Grilles, Truck Steps Auto Parts Sinotruk (Howo, Steyr, Steyr King, Huanghe Prince) And Dfm (Dongfeng T375) Trucks And All Their Original And Genuine Parts. China 1AM220

China China China Taiwan Taiwan China

1AM305 1AM327 1AM433 7AM618 7AM619 8AM726 8AM401 1AM728 2AM624 2AM113 7AM704 6AM201 1AM533 7AM525 7AM625 2AM303 Kapas, IACE 4AM529 5AM312 1AM623 6AM328 2AM524 7AM522 JS Asakashi, NiBK, Toyoguard 5AM302 4AM218 4AM213 Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, MAN, Mercedes, 7AM219 Perkins, Renault, Rumanian Tractor, Scania, Volvo, Zetor 7AM312 2AM815 3AM512

Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, United Plastic Foils / Adhesive Foils States Electric Glass Risers Compressed Air Tools, Ratchet Wrenches, Tool Kits and Boxes, Tool Trolleys, Wrench Sockets Diesel Engine Testers, Electronic Testers, On-Board Diagnostic Read-Out Units, Speedometer Testers Emblems, Molded Plastic Parts, Plastic Interior Body Parts, Instrument Clusters, Molded Plastic Parts China Taiwan Lithuania Singapore Argentina China Taiwan Taiwan India Korea, Republic of Australia Hong Kong Turkey Taiwan

Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Custom Rear-View Mirrors, Styling Elements, Direction Indicator Taiwan Lights Kazakhstan Automotive Accessories, Front Nudge Guard, Rear Nudge Guard, Thailand Side Steps, Roll Bar, Rack Systems Australia

Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.

Bimetallic Bearings, Bushing & Thrust Washers


Kishan Auto Parts Ltd. (M/S) Connecting Rods, Valves and Valve Guides Kistenmacher Auto und Technik GmbH & Co. KG KLAXCAR (UBI France) Trailer Parts, Mirrors, Wiper Arms, Wiper Blades Wiper Blades, Brake Parts, Bulbs, Clutch parts, Water pumps

India Germany France

KM Auto Technik Kary + Mangler GmbH Ko Chou Enterprise Co., Ltd. Truck Accessories, Fog Lamps, Headlamps, Led Headlights Kohli Automobiles Pvt. Ltd. KONEKS Piston Konpar Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti Korea Yellow Pages Kortech Auto Industries (Pvt.) Ltd. Lahore

Germany Taiwan Bands

3AM215 7AM423 7AM322 6AM313 6AM204 Korea Yellow Pages 2AM201 5AM204 4AM225 KSCE & Svrl 7AM209 4AM719 4AM329 8AM501 1AM506 3AM707 3AM705 GLYCO, GOETZE, BEHR, LEMFORDER, FEBI, BILSTEIN, NEWTECH, TEXTAR, GK

Shock absorbers, struts, dampers, gas springs for heavy truck and India trailers Cylinder Liners, Piston Pins, Piston Ring Carriers, Piston Rings, Pistons Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Brake Parts, Wheel Hubs Address Books, Product Lists, Advertising Agencies, Internet Service Providers Cooling Systems for Commercial Vehicles, Heat Exchangers, Cooling System Parts, Radiator Casings, Radiators and Coolers Turkey Turkey Korea, Republic of Pakistan Thailand India Exhaust Repair Materials, Headers, Pipes, Exhaust Systems, Tubes Paper airfresheners, Pump sprays. Vent Clip-on airfresheners. Publicitary airfresheners. Private label Air Fresheners Brake Disc And Brake Drums Korea, Republic of Spain Hungary China Italy Italy United Arab Emirates

Kosei Yachiyoda Wheel Co., Aluminium Alloy Wheel, Wheel Balance Weight Ltd. KSC Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Kumsung Bellows Co. L & D Aromá ticos La Paloma Bt Laizhou Sanli Auto Replacement Parts Co.,Ltd. Lavorwash S.p.A. LE.MA S.r.l. Lebanese Europe Auto Spare Parts Centre

Auto Spare Parts


Lebo S.L.U Leshan Dongfeng Auto Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. Lesj? fors GmbH Lianyungang Allen Iron Steel.Co.,Ltd Liaoning 518 InternalCombustion Engien Fittings Co.Ltd. Liaoning Tongda Axle Co., Ltd. Linhai Aofa Pipes Co.,Ltd. LinTech GmbH Liqui Moly GmbH Liverani S.r.l. Loads Limited, Karachi

Air Freshener, Chamois Leather, Cleaning Cloths and Paper Towels, Care Care Products, Car Wash Products Automotive Parts



China Germany

1AM627 2AM815 1AM328

Wheel Rim





Axle Shaft Silicone Hoses,Low/High Pressure Pipes,Brake Hoses

China China Germany Germany Italy Pakistan Taiwan China China China

1AM631 2AM134 2AM813 3AM205 3AM714 5AM212 7AM726 6AM615 8AM229 8AM724

Long Chuan Traffic Industrial Brake Line Connectors, Brake Parts, Brake Shoes Co., Ltd. Longgu Brake Drum & Disc Factory Longlink International Co., Ltd Brake Drum Wheel Hllb Tyres,Wheels &Rims ,Rubber

Longyao Xinxing Auto Spare Auto Spare Parts Part Factory

Lotus Impex

India Lubrex CIDEX, Lubrex CIHEX, Lubrex Dextron, Lubrex GEAREX, Lubrex HYDREX, Lubrex Lithex, Lubrex SICEX, Lubrex SIJEX, Lubrex SILEX


Lubrex FZC

Anti-Freeze Products, Engine Oils, Grease, Hydraulic Fluids and Oils, Lubricating Products

United Arab Emirates


Lucidity Enterprise Co., Ltd. Luzhou Jinxin Piston Power Co,Ltd Lyssen Enterprise Co., Ltd. M.R. International MAC Iraq Mach S.r.l. Mackay Macoflex S.A Mahle Aftermarket GmbH Majestic Workshop Equipment & Tools Trading Makina Times Man Zai Industrial Co., Ltd. Manatec Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Mann + Hummel GmbH

Truck Accessories, Car Trailers and Small Commercial Vehicle Trailers, Parts for Trailers, Trailer Lighting Equipment Piston Instrument Clusters, Instruments and Gauges, Speedometers, Tachographs, Tachometers Bearings Brake Parts, Steering Systems, Air Conditioner Accessories, Automatic Transmissions, Engine Parts Off-Road Vehicle accessories, Pick-Up Truck Accessories

Taiwan China Taiwan India United Arab Emirates Italy Australia MNRS International ACDelco, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GM, GMC, HUMMER

7AM725 1AM629 7AM721 7AM230 3AM501 4AM116 5AM215 6AM721 2AM805 2AM206 6AM532 7AM421 2AM105 3AM115 Solux, Inffratec, Filmtec, Sunmask, E-Tech, Coolzone 8AM414 5AM206 Master 4AM404 5AM113 Maxlux, Blesk 4AM624 3AM813 3AM615 2AM526 Mefin 3AM125 7AM201 7AM613 3K battery, Jumbo battery, KV battery, RB battery, Tiger battery

Cable Controls, Bonnet Cables, Brake Cables and Cable Controls, Tunisia Speedometers, Clutch Control Cables Cylinder Liners, Engine Parts, Pistons, Filter Inserts, Oil Filters Germany United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Air Conditioner Condensers, Evaporators, Radiators and Coolers Taiwan India Germany Singapore Pakistan Brazil Pakistan Korea, Republic of Italy Italy Taiwan Common Rail Systems, In-Line Injection Pumps, Dpa Injection Pumps And Spare Parts Romania United Arab Emirates Air Conditioning Systems Singapore

Marko Tack (Singapore) Pte Air Freshener, Tinted Window Foils, Car Care Products Ltd. Masood Engineering Works Master Sistemas Automotivos Ltda. Matchless Engineering (Pvt) Brake Drums, Front Axles, Engine Parts, Flywheels, Oil Sumps Ltd. Lahore Maxlux Co., Ltd. MecArm S.r.l. Med S.p.A. Medical Intubation Technology Corp. Mefin Sinaia Mega Mic General Trading LLC Mega Power Automotive Parts Pte Ltd Megacell Int'l Co., Ltd. Megacell Int'l Co., Ltd. Megatex Mego S.r.l. Car lights, Fog Lamps, Headlamps, Led Technology, Xenon Headlights, Xenon Lamps Contols labels, fasteners

Automotive Batteries Automotive Batteries Batteries, Battery Recycling Fire Extinguishers for Vehicles, Engine Hoods, Radiator Shutters, Blinds and Covers, Steering Columns

Thailand Thailand Ukraine Italy

8AM120 4AM221


7AM830 3AM708

Mekra Lang GmbH & Co. KG Mercan Conta Messe Frankfurt (H.K) Ltd. Div. V Messe Frankfurt Italia S.r.l. Messe Frankfurt Italy Metagal Industria e Comercio Ltda Metalú rgica Schadek Ltda MEYLE Products - Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG MI.R.A. S.r.l.

Mirros and Camera Systems for Commercial Vehicles Automotive casting parts

Germany Turkey Hong Kong Italy Italy


2AM815 5AM317

3AM623 4AM625 4AM625 2AM704 3AM806

Internal and external rear view mirrors OIL PUMP, WATER PUMP AND ACESSORIES.

Brazil Brazil Germany

Brake Drums, Brake Hoses, Wheel Hubs, Wheel Suspension Mountings, Engine Mountings Obd Systems (On-Board Diagnostic Systems), On-Board Computers, Engine Testers, Equipment Carriers, Mobile, for Measurement, Testing and Diagnostic Equpiment, On-Board Diagnostic Read-Out Units Electromechanical and Electronical Components, Ignition Modules, Voltage Regulators, Throttle Cable Controls, Fuel Consumption Meters Car Radiators, Car Condenser


Microtronik FZE

United Arab Emirates



Midas Microelectronics Corp. Mido Industry Co., Ltd. Minerolia Misfat Societe Tunisienne Des Filtres MJ De-Yi International Ltd. Moafaq Al Gaddah Trd. Co. MOHM Chemical Sdn. Bhd. Monde Intertrade Co.,Ltd. Mori S.P.A Moshref Trading Co. Ltd. (MTC) Motech Industries Co., Ltd. Motortec (Sernauto) MS Motor Service International GmbH - KS KOLBENSCHMIDT MS Motor Service International GmbH - TRW Engine Components

Taiwan China France

7AM424 1AM504 2AM325 6AM523 7AM616 MAG, MF, QV, CF X-traseal 7AM705 2AM107 4AM324 3AM425 MTC 3AM831 8AM323 4AM418

Air Cleaners, Filters, Interior Air, Fuel Filters, Oil Filters, Pollen Filters Automatic Transmission Oil Filters, Cylinder Head Gaskets, Engine Gaskets, Valve Seats, Valves and Valve Guides

Tunisia Taiwan United Arab Emirates

Adhesives and Sealants Products


Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Grilles for Additional Headlamps, Off Road Vehicle Accessories, Thailand Pick Up Truck Accessories, Sun Visors Belt Pulleys, Clutch Release Bearings, Drive Belt Tensioners Powertrain, Chassis Automotive Batteries International Equipment and Components for Vehicles Trade Show. Pistons, Cylinder Liners, Piston Liner Kit Sets, Engine Bearings, Piston Rings and Filters Italy Iran, Islamic Republic of China Spain




Valves, Valve Guides, Valve Cotters and Valve Seats



Multi-Code Electronics Alarm Systems for Vehicles, Central Locking Systems, Regulators, Malaysia Industries (M) Berhad (MCE) Sensors and Transmitters, Switches Mustang Dynamometer Mutlu Aku Ve Malzemeleri S.A.S My Car N.O.K. Industry Co.,Ltd. Tuning, Performance systems, Workshop equipment and tools Battery Batteries, Battery Acid Testers, Battery Filling Device, Battery Testers and Chargers, Battery Care Products Engine Mounting, Propeller Shaft Cushion, Rubber Bushing United States Turkey Tunisia Thailand

Itaco Mustang Dynamometer, Turbo Chargers.com

4AM228 8AM301 6AM215 8AM128 4AM123

Nahwasharq Co. Ltd. / Pitstop / Look East

1. Grills: Asanti, Lexani, T-Rex, Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, 2. Wheels - Asanti, Lexani, Car Conversions, Decorative Films, Stripes and Pictures, Spoilers, Saudi Arabia Tezzan, Status, Nakayama, 8AM505 Alloy Wheels Ruff Racing, Element 3. Pitstop Custom Paint samples 4. Ford Brake Linings / Brake Shoes, Disc Brake Parts, Drum Brake Parts, Automatic Transmission Friction Clutch Plates, Automatic Taiwan Transmission Steel Reaction Plates Mirrors, Brake Parts, Clutch Parts China Taiwan 7AM427

Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd. Nanjing Automobile I/E Co., Ltd

1AM410 7AM527

Nankang Rubber Tire Corp., Tires Ltd. National Association Of Automobile Manufacturers Of South Africa (NAAMSA) National Association Of Automotive Component & Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM) Association, Export Promotion Agency

South Africa


Association, Export Promotion Agency

South Africa


National Batteries Company Batteries Nbtm New Materials Group Co., Ltd Neutron Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd. Newsun Bearings Ningbo Able Rubber And Auto Parts Co.,Ltd Powder Metal Parts Molded Rubber Parts, O Rings, Sealing Rings, Seals and Gaskets, Washers Auto Spare Parts Tire Valves, Tire Tools, Wheel Weights, Tire Gauges

Saudi Arabia China Taiwan China China China China China China China China

NBC, Super, Actron, Horizon, JS, Spark

8AM101 2AM126 7AM317 1AM604 8AM422 1AM206 8AM430 1AM332 1AM635 1AM614 1AM109

Ningbo Berda Control Cable Control Cables,Spark Plugs Co.,Ltd Ningbo Blueocean Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. Tire Valve, Wheel Balance Weights, Tire Repair Patch, Tire Seal, Tire Repair Tools, Wheel Nuts & Bolts, And Etc.

Ningbo Bode Apu Electricals Spark Plugs Co., Ltd Ningbo Guangya Car Accessories Co.,Ltd Ningbo Hongyan Autoparts Ningbo Kasico Shock Absorber Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Ningbo Kingsun Industrial Co.,Ltd. Ningbo Lipinge Machine Industry Co.,Ltd Ningbo Maojia International Trading Co.,Ltd Ningbo Ningshing International Inc. Ningbo Oucer Vibration Control System Co.,Ltd. Cylinder Head Gasket, Gasket Set Radiators And Plastic Tanks Shock Absorber

Engine Mounts,Transmission Mounts,Rubber Mounts Shock Absorber Gas Spring Belt,Tesioner,Plugcable, Gasket, Steel Wheel, Steel Wheel, Tire Valves, Tire Pressure Gauges, Other Wheel Parts & Accessories, Tire Repair Tools, Couplers And Nipples, Air Duster Guns. Rubber Mount;Engine Mounting;Bushing;

China China China

1AM734 1AM729 1AM421




1AM107 1AM323 1AM632 1AM412

Ningbo Shuntian Fuel Pencil Nozzle,Nozzle,Element,Delivery Valve,Fuel Injector &Pump China Injection Equipment Co.,Ltd. Ningbo Sinoflag International Auto Parts And Accessories Holding Co.Ltd Ningbo Suida Trading Jacks, Vehicle Lifts, Auto And Motorcycle Repairing Machinery China China

Co.,Ltd./King-E Enterprises Ltd.

And Tools, Auto And Trailer Parts, Lifting/Pulling/Conveying Tools And Equipments, And Industrial Equipments For Workshop China 8AM531

Ningbo Tianwei Automomile Brake Pad,Brake Shoe,Brake Lining,Universal Joint Parts Co.,Ltd. Ningbo Wanji Electronics Science&Technology Co.,Ltd Hid Conversion Kit



Ningbo Xianlong Automobile Distributor,A/C Compressor,Electromagnetic Clutch,Electric Fittings Co,.Ltd Winch,Auto Electronic Ningbo Xinhai Aiduo Automobile Wiper Blade Manu Co.,Ltd Ningbo Yinzhou Jinuo Auto Accessories Co.,Ltd Ningbo Zhenhai Wanli Power Machinery Manufactory Nordic Notiziario Motoristico NOVOCAR NS Auto Parts Industries Sdn Bhd Ball-and-Socket Joints, Steering Linkages, Tie Rod Ends, Tie Rods, Torsion Bars Cylinder Liners, Piston Pins, Pistons Exterior Mirror Lenses, Window Washers / Jets, Wipers, Control Arms, Wheel Hubs Wiper Blade





Wheel Accessories



China United Kingdom Italy France Malaysia Auto Air-conditioning Parts, Compressor and Oir Cooler, Fan Assy and Fan Motor, Hyundai and Kia and Daewoo, Radiator and Condenser Novocar


Nordic Volvo and Saab Parts

3AM614 3AM621 3AM311 4AM127

NSM & Ki-Sung Co., Ltd.

Air Conditioner Compressors, Condensers, Radiator Fans, Radiators and Coolers

Korea, Republic of


Ocap S.p.A. OEM Comercio Exterior Ltda Brake Parts, V-Belts, Air Cleaners, Oil Filters, Seals and Gaskets Okiya Group Co.,Ltd. OMC Maghreb OMS Officina Meccanica Scalvini Opas Otomotiv Otokam Otomotiv Otto Christ AG Our Workshop System (S) Pte. Ltd. Oymak Oto Yan San.Ve Tic.Ltd.Sti Ozenmis Otomotiv Bakim Urunleri Ve Aks.Iml.Paz.San.Ve Tic. P.J.B. Enterprise Co.,Ltd. PAAPAM Pakistan Motors Ltd. PAM France (UBI France) Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Diesel Fuel, Horns, Ignition Coils, Spark Plugs, Fuel Injection Pump Parts, Injection Nozzles Shock Absorbers, Brake Systems, Stabilizer Bars, Tie Rods, Spark Plugs Door Handles, Handle Parts, Locks, Electric Motors, Switches, Additives, Engine Cleaners, Engine Oils, Fuel Additives, Radiator Cleaning Products Shaft,Brake Disc,Clutch Automotive spare parts, Air Fresheners, Window Cleaning Products, Car Care Products, Car Wash Products Clutch Discs, Water Pumps, Clutch Linings, Clutch Parts, Clutch Pressure Plates Automotive spare parts, Battery Jump Cables, Contact Points, Sensor and Transmitters Disk Brakes, Drum Brake Parts, Shock Absorbers, Springs, Suspension Springs and Spring Accessories Turbocharger,Filter,Air Flow Sensor Polish Products

Italy Brazil China Tunisia Italy Turkey Turkey Germany Singapore Turkey ?aft,Fren Disk,Debriyaj Fabio, Vector

3AM704 4AM313 1AM529 6AM725 4AM112 6AM123 6AM305 2AM611 2AM601 6AM229



Thailand Pakistan United Arab Emirates France Taiwan Denso CFA France, GATES, SNR ROULEMENTS

4AM227 5AM108 4AM209 1AM502 7AM620

Ltd. Panaf & Co – LR Spare Parts Panirex FZE Parts-Mall Corporation Parvinder Automotive / Parvinder Automotive Perfecto Products GmbH & Co. KG Petrofer Endustriyel Yaglar Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S PFK Electronics Pty. Ltd Pheeramas Group Co., Ltd. Philips Technologie GmbH Pin Hsiu Rubber Co., Ltd.

Electric Window Motors Off-Road Vehicle Accessories, Shock Absorbers, Tie Rods, Alternator Parts, Starters United Kingdom United Arab Emirates Korea, Republic of Trailer parts, Tyres and Wheels Rims Electric Motors, Car Care Products (DIY), Car Wash Products, Cleaning and Care Products, Polish Products India Germany 7AM406 2AM401 4AM601 7AM215 2AM722

Industrial Oils, Anti-Freeze Products, Automatic Transmission Fluids, Engine Oils, Hydraulic Fluids and Oils, Transmission Fluids Turkey and Oils Hp3 Hancement Unit, Breath anaiyser blocking, Tracking interface South Africa Oil Additive, Engine Treatment, Motor Oil, Coolant Additives, Engine Cleaners, Fuel Additives Thailand Germany Seals, O Rings Taiwan


6AM124 4AM605 4AM326 2AM723 7AM624

Pangyang Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd Was Established In 1973,Locates Wenzhou City And Nears Taizhou City Which Are Pingyang Foreign Trade Co. Famouse Bases Of Producing Automobile Parts In China.It Is Ltd. Specialized In Exporting And Agent Automobile Engine Parts For Many Years.Its Pro Pistones Persan Plastic Electromechanic Company Pneutrend Industry Co., Ltd Portable Power Ltd. Power Industries Powerrex Corporation Co. Ltd. Precision Int. Premier Auto Premier Multipart Co.,Ltd. Engine Mount, Center Bearing Support, Bushing Molded Plastic Parts, Wiring Accessories, Electrics Body Work Tools, Chisel Hammers, Grinders, Spray Guns, Compressed Air Tools Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General Connecting Rods



Argentina Tunisia Taiwan United Kingdom India Korea, Republic of Australia Australia Thailand Power

6AM201 7AM116 2AM429 7AM305 7AM221 2AM324 5AM308 5AM215 4AM117

Premier Supply

Electrics / Electronics / Sensor Systems (Electrical Systems, Batteries, Headlights, Cables, Wiring Harnesses, Control Modules, United Bus Engine Management, Engine Speed Sensors, Sensors and Kingdom Transmitters Spark Plugs, Fuel Injection Pump Parts, Injection Nozzles, Radiators and Coolers, Seal and Gasket sets Serpentine & Parallel Flow Condenser, Serpentine & Laminated Coil, Receiver Driers Singapore Thailand Denso, Zexel, Nippon Diesel & Cool Gear


Premo International President Automobile Industries Co., Ltd. Prista Oil EAD Pro-Brixia Products Show Case (Taiwan) Promos - special agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce Proplast GmbH

7AM605 4AM320 2AM315

Brake Fluid, Anti-Freeze Products, Coolant Additives, Engine Oils, Bulgaria Grease Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Association, Exhibition Consultancy Services Italy Taiwan


Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Italy Germany 2AM815

PSD Expomedia Services Private Limited

Export Promotion Agency, Publication

India China China China China

6AM232 1AM511 8AM326 1AM229 2AM234 8AM730 8AM322 1AM315

Qingdao Aonuo Tyre Co.,Ltd Tyre Qingdao Candon International Trade Co.,Ltd. Qingdao Eaa Rubber Ind.Co.,Ltd Qingdao Jinhuan Autoparts Mfg Co., Ltd. Qingdao Morechi Rubber Co.,Ltd. Qingdao Wangyu Rubber Co.,Ltd Quanzhou Fengye Industrial&Trading Co.,Ltd Quanzhou Liangfa Machinery Accessories Co.,Ltd Tyre And Wheels Air Spring Rear Gear Parameter, Fly Wheel Parameter

Motorcycle Tyres, Natural Rubber Tubes And Butyl Rubber Tubes China Tyre Filter China China

Auto Spare Parts Auto Spare Parts And Heavy Truck Spare Parts. Such As Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, MercedesBenz, Volvo, Scania, Man And So On. Some Of Our Leading Products Are: Torque Rod Bush, Engine Mounting, Bushing, Carrier Tinner, K Oil and lubricants Oil and lubricants Air Conditioners and Spares, Belt Pulleys, Transmission Parts, VBelts Pulleys, Tensioners Air conditioning products, sealers, lubricants, UV dye tools, leak stop Fuel Injection Pumps, Injection Nozzles, Injection Systems for Diesel Engines, Nozzle Holders, O Rings



Quanzhou Tianzhong Machinery Fittings Co., Ltd.



Queen Auto Spare Parts LLC Queen Filter Trading LLC Queen Jen Co., Ltd. Quest Europe Sarl R.A.S.E.D S.P.A Racing Pro - Shell Racing Solution ME Radiators World

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Taiwan Luxembourg Quest Italy Jordan SPACO DIESEL

7AM208 7AM208 7AM425 5AM110 4AM304 8AM309 4AM715 8AM213 7AM320

Air Conditioner Accessories, Compressors, Condensers, Radiators and Coolers, Radiator Reconditioning

United Arab Emirates Bangladesh India

Rahimafrooz Globatt Limited Batteries Rajnish International Car Trailers and Small Commercial Vehicle Trailers, Parts for Trailers, Pressed, Drawn and Punched Pparts, Camshafts, Fuel Injection Lines, Fuel Injection Pump Parts

Rane Holdings Limited Rastgar Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd. Islamabad

Brake Linings, Brake Shoes, Steering Systems, Tie Rod Ends, Die India Cast Parts, Valves and Valve Guids Pakistan Automatic Transmission Friction Clutch Plates, Automatic Transmission Oil Filters, Automatic Transmission Steel Reaction Plates, Automatic-Transmission Brake Bands, Torque Converter Parts Radiator; Tanks; Charge Air Cooler; Cooling Fan; Auxiliary Oil Cooler; Radiator Components; Condenser; Compressors; Evaporator; Expansion Devices; Receiver Drier; Relay & Switch




Raybestos Powertrain

United States


Reach Cooling Group Real S.p.A. Red Wood Enterprise Co., Ltd.

China Italy

1AM228 3AM714 7AM615

Belts & Straps, Competition Seat Belts and Harnesses


Reem Batteries

Batteries Cylinder Head Bolts, Cylinder Head Gaskets, Engine Gaskets, Seal and Gasket sets, Sealing compounds


Antara Hybrid, Antara Gold, Antara, Gulfstar, Powerpack, Gulfracer, Charger


Reinz-Dichtungs GmbH Rema Tip Top GmbH Rhino-Rack Australia

Germany Germany

3AM123 2AM101 5AM205 2AM528 7AM410 1AM430 6AM404 3AM605 8AM202 2AM605 4AM316 1AM225 1AM308 1AM615 1AM428 2AM132 2AM235 1AM121 1AM302 1AM730 1AM431 1AM233 1AM524 1AM232 1AM515 6AM225 4AM223 5AM309

Boat Racks, Luggage Racks, Roof Racks, Ski Racks and Roof Boxes

Australia Taiwan United Kingdom

Rich Star Precision Industrial Angle Grinders, Grinding and Sandling Products, Orbital Grinders Co., Ltd. and Spray Guns Rimstock / Team Dynamics Alloy Wheels Rirong Imp.& Exp.Trading Co., Ltd. RIW Roberto Nuti S.p.A. Rottler Manufacturing ROWE Mineral? GmbH l Rubber Intertrade Co.,Ltd. Ruian Ehua Auto Parts Co., Ltd Ruian Guangsheng Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd. Ruian Haji Imp & Exp Trade Co., Ltd. Ruian Jiabao Automobile Electric Co., Ltd. Ruian Mingzhou Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. Ruian Qiujing Auto Parts Manufacture Co.,Ltd Rui'An Ruiba Pump Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Ruian Ruishen Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd Heat Blown Motor Power Steering Pump Radiator;Heat Exchanger;Intercooler;Condenser Mechanical Petrol Fuel Pump, Diesel Fuel Pump Start Car Care Products, Additives, Anti-Freeze Products, Grease, Lubricating Products Engine Mounting, Arm Bushing, Shock Absorber Mounting Water Pumps And Oil Pumps For European Trucks Auto Condenser/Auto Evaporator/Auto Radiator Auto Shock Absorber, Fuel Pumps, Electric Part Ball-and-Socket Joints, Control Arms, Steering Systems, Suspension Links, Tie Rod Ends Shock Absorbers

China Turkey Italy United States Germany Thailand China China China China China China China China

Ruian Shengtong Auto Parts Timing Belt Tension Wheels, Separation Bearings, Air Conditioner China Co., Ltd. Tension Wheels, Belt Tension Implement Ruian Waloda Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd. Ruian Wanlicheng Filter Co.,Ltd. Ruian Weifeng Motor Assembly Co.,Ltd. Ruian Zhongbo Starter Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Ruili Machinery Co.,Ltd. Rü?tü Girginer S.B. Precision Parts Co., Ltd. Safak Dokum Makina Parca Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S Water Pump Auto Filter Automotive Electro-Jet Fuel Pumps Auto Starter,Alternator,Auto Spare Parts Suspension-Parts Automotive spare parts Suspension Parts For Automobile Casting, iron, Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Wheel Hubs China China China China China Turkey Thailand Turkey

SAFI Export sa Sahni General Trading Co. Samyung Metal Ind. Co. Ltd. San-Fly Auto Parts Ltd. Sangsin Brake Sanmen Shuntong Auto Systems Co.,Ltd. Tyres and Wheels Rims Axle Parts, Steering Linkages, Steering Systems, Suspension Links, Tie Rod Ends Oil Seal Gasket O-Ring Wiper Blade Brake Systems Brake Lining,Brake Pad

France United Arab Emirates Korea, Republic of China Korea, Republic of China Saudi Arabia South Africa United Arab Emirates Iran, Islamic Republic of United Arab Emirates Spain Turkey Italy

SAFI Export Singa Tyres

5AM112 8AM114 4AM717 1AM414


4AM528 1AM124 1AM703 4AM605

Saudi Basic Technology Co. Jacks, Hydraulic Systems, Lifting Gear, Lifting Platforms Ltd. Schrader South Africa (Pty) Ltd Segal Automotive Parts / Navel Trading Sepahan Koosha Casting Industrial Co. LLC. Serck Services International Heavy Duty Radiators Sernauto Sertel Seven Diesel S.p.A. Shalimar Precision Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (M/S) Dealer Management Systems: Business Organisation, IT, Data, Association Automatic Break Adjuster Common Rail Systems, Engine Parts, Fuel Injection Pump Parts, Injection Nozzles Refrigeration Valve: F205,F203, HPB/m, Sensor Bosses, Visteon, HM Leers, 6020, Gauges Control Arms, Rubber-Bonded Metal Parts, Tie Rod Ends, Torsion-Bar Suspensors, Wheel Bearing Sets

Sater, Segal

4AM631 6AM707 3AM415 4AM418 6AM208 3AM627

Vehicle Tool Kits, Truck Accessories, Trunk and Load Floor Mats, Utility Holder (Magnetic) for Priority Vehicle Warning Lights, Trailer India Parts China China


Shandong Better Wheel Co., Tubeless Steel Wheel Ltd Shandong Fongder Imp.& Exp.Co.Ltd Shandong Longji Group Co.,Ltd Howo Truck Parts, Jac Truck Parts,Dongfeng Truck Parts And Also Have Brake Pads, Wheel Or Others.

8AM325 1AM518

Brake Disc And Drum For Passenger,Heavy Duty Drum、Disc For China Truck And Tralier,Brake Pad,Brake Shoe,Water Pump,Oil Pump,Air Pump China


Shandong Tongli Wheel Co., Wheels for middle and heavy-duty truck and engineering machine Ltd wheel Shandong Tyrewheel Import&Export Trading Co., Ltd. Shandong Yinbao Tyre Group Co., Ltd. Steel Wheels Including Tube Wheel And Tubeless Wheel For Truck Tbr, Otr, Ltb




China China

8AM622 1AM311

Shandong Yongtai Chemical Durun Radial Tires Group Co.,Ltd Shandong Zhengshun International Trading Co.,Ltd. Wheels



Shanghai Fuao Auto Parts & Spring Brake Chamber, Air Dryer Accessories Co.,Ltd Shanghai Jiunai Motor Clutch Co.,Ltd. Clutch Cover, Clutch Disc,Brake Lining, Auto Parts.

China China China China Kernel

1AM115 1AM234 2AM205 8AM231

Shanghai Kernel Auto-Equip Painting Booth and Boxes Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Shanghai Roctyre Tyres/Wheels/Tubes International Trading Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Sunwind Auto Parts Industry Co.,Ltd Shanghai Yifeng Bearing Co.,Ltd Shangrao Sweet Industry Co.,Ltd. Shaoguan Southeast Bearing Co., Ltd Shatterprufe t/a PG Group (Pty) Ltd Sheng Mei Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Shock Absorber Standard Self-Lubricating Sintered Bronze And Iron Bearings Powder Metallurgy Automobile Parts Sintermetal Parts Window Regulator ,Battery Terminal Automotive Bearings Laminated windscreens, toughened glass, Aluminium sliders Regulators, Switches, Expansion Tanks, Coolant, Hoses, Thermostats

China China China China South Africa Taiwan China China China Taiwan China

1AM525 1AM510 1AM202 1AM427 4AM605 7AM623 2AM124 1AM633 1AM406 7AM718 1AM418

Shenyang Fengli Detent Co., Brake Disc, Brake Drum, Hub Ltd. Shenyang Kexiang Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. Engine, Cylinder Head, Autoparts

Shenzhen Ce-Hd Electronics Hid Conversion Kits,Led Bulb,Bluetooth Speakerphone Co., Ltd Shih Hsiang Auto Parts Co., Control Arms Ltd. Shijiazhuang Botong Diesel Fittings.,Ltd. Diesel Part,Nozzle,Plunger,Turbo Charger,Test Machine

Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Shin Chin Industrial Co., Ltd. Truck Accessories, Trailer Lighting Equipment, Ceiling Lights, Taiwan Ignition Distributors Bodywork (Sheet Metal Parts, Mounted Parts, Windows, Bumpers, Shin Mei Vehicle Parts, Co., Bumpers, Collision Guard Bars, Molded Plastic Parts, Plastic Taiwan Ltd. Exterior Body Parts Shing Shing Long Industrial Inc. Shouguang Kangyue Turbochargers Co.,Ltd. SHS Trading Co. Starter And Alternator(Auto,Lawn And Garden,Marine) Sichuan Jidao Electrical 2.Engine Control Vacuum (Pcv,Tvsv,Egr,Vacuum Magnetic Equipment Industrial Co.,Ltd Valve 、Idle Up Etc.) SICIT S.r.l. Sidexport S.r.l. Sindicato Nacional da Industria de Componentes para Veiculos Automotores Singh Trading Axle Drive Shafts, Axle Parts, Axles, Drive Axles, Complete, Rear Axles Turbocharger And Turbo Kits Taiwan China Syrian Arab Republic Kernel



7AM717 1AM721 2AM205



Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Italy Propeller Shafts, Transmission Parts Italy Brazil Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, United Arab Anti-Slip Mats, Cables Controls, Car Trailers and Small Emirates Commercial Vehicle Trailers, Parts for Trailers, Trailer Axles Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, United Arab Anti-Slip Mats, Cables Controls, Car Trailers and Small Emirates Commercial Vehicle Trailers, Parts for Trailers, Trailer Axles Howo Truck Spare Parts Tyres Conecting Rod Bearing - Main Bearing, Thrust Washer, Camshaft Bush/Bearing, Top Bushing, Flanged Bearing, Cylinder Liner China China Argentina

3AM202 3AM715 4AM625


Singh Trading LLC Sinotruck Jinan Zhenyu Commerce Co.,Ltd Sinotyre International Company Limited SINTERMETAL SAIC


1AM727 8AM226 6AM201

Siyam Radiators Sky Dragon Spare Parts & Auto Accessories (L.L.C) Slime Tire Sealants SNT Industriale S.r.l. Societe Des Industries Mecaniques ? Simec ? Societe Industrielle D'Amortisseurs SIA SOEXIMEX (UBI France) Sofima SOLAUFIL (UBI France) Solex International (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Solid Corporation Bhd Solite Soltec Film Ltd. Sonar Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Soprecab Sotufca SoundOff Signal Southern Taiwan Innovation & Research Park, Moea (ITRI) Spacekey Auto Electronics Co.,Ltd

Complete radiators and radiator cores for buses, trucks and heavy Jordan equipment Turbochargers Breakdown Kits, Compressors As Accessories, Tyre Inner Tubes, Tyre Pressure Control Systems United Arab Emirates United States Italy Tunisia Shock Absorbers Tunisia

Siyam SDT Turbocharger

4AM302 8AM420 5AM121 3AM805 6AM719 6AM523

Brake Fluid

France Tunisia


Filters, Interior Air Security Products Alternators and Dc Generators

France Thailand Malaysia United Arab Emirates Korea, Republic of

Headlamps, Led Headlights, Led Tail Lights, Lighting Modules, Magnetic Lamps

Taiwan Tunisia Tunisia

Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, United Warning Lights As Accessories, Led Technology, General States Taiwan


Automobile alarms and security systems


8AM628 LMI, GK, Boge, Trilex, SWF, VLO, Borges, ETG, Relo, Eberspacher, V. Reinz, Baldur, 3AM402 Meyle, Nural, Goetze, Glyco, Beral, Moog, Mahle 3AM625 8AM513 Ate, Behr, Bosch, Conti, Eibach, Febi, Flennor, Gates, Geri, Hella, KAE, KS, LUK, MANN+HUMMEL, Reinz, Sachs, Siemens VDO, Swag, Textar, ZF, Zimmermann

Spare Parts & Hardware Co. Automotive Spare Parts

United Arab Emirates

Special Diesel S.r.l. Speciality Equipment Market Trade Association Association (SEMA)

Italy United States

Speed Autoteile



Spesso Gaskets S.r.l. SRP Sadid Road Is Makinalari Yedek Parcalari Ve Dis Tic.Ltd.Sti Star Clutch S.r.l. Steel Impex & Industries Stip Electic,Power transmission,Break,Stearing

Italy Turkey Italy India Tunisia Trusttec, Fox

3AM718 6AM114 4AM108 5AM104 7AM122

Stork Auto Engineering P. Ltd. Stork Rubber Products (P) Ltd. Styr Exports Styr Foundry & Mfg. Co. Success International Pte Ltd

India India Car Trailers and Small Commercial Vehicle Trailers, Parts for Trailers, Connecting Rods, Crankshafts, Cylinder Heads, Die Cast India Parts India Auto Air-Conditioning Spare Parts, Condensers, Compressors, Coils, Evaporators, Filters Driers, Exp. Valve, Block Valve, Hoses, Singapore Fans, P. Relay, Refrigerant Gases, Solenoid Valve and other accessories. Body Repair Systems, Body Repairs: Equipment and Material, Abrasives, Sanding Paper Air Brakes, Brake Air Dryers for Commercial Vehicles, Brake Boosters, Brake Parts, Brake Repair Kits Sensors and Transmitters Batteries For Cars And Motorcycles Engine valve Korea, Republic of Taiwan Hong Kong China Turkey United Arab Emirates Alloy wheels Taiwan Brazil China India Air Brakes, Axles, Brake Linkage Adjusters, Brake Parts, Suspension Links Brazil Germany Drive Axles, Complete, Steering Racks, Air Conditioner Compressors, Starter Motors, Used Parts Sale Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Brake Linings / Brake Shoes, Brake Systems, Disc Brake Parts Sweden

7AM314 7AM314


Sun Abrasives Co. Ltd. Sundoz Co., Ltd. Suneo Industrial Co. Ltd Sunrise Corporation Group Limitide Supar Subap Super Dolphin Trading Co. Superalloy Industrial Co., Ltd. Suporte Rei Ltda.

2AM703 7AM617 1AM720 8AM428 5AM323 5AM123 7AM429 4AM625 1AM731 6AM330 4AM404 2AM815 3AM802

Suqian City Sulin Machinery Ball Mount, Towing,Trailer,Hitch,Basket Carrier,Walk Ramp Manufactury Co.,Ltd Suri International Suspensys Sistemas Automotivos Ltda SWAG Autoteil GmbH Swedecore AB SYL - S Industrial Automotivo Com. Pcs. Mat Fricead Synergy Tires Inc. T.A.S. S.p.A. T.D.S. S.p.A. Tae Chul Industrial Co., Ltd. Clutch control system, brake system Tai Zhou Tian Xi Clutch Co.,Ltd Taiwan Brake Technology Corp. Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Mfrs Association Taiwan Weiling Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd. Taizhou Aite Sealing Element Manufacturing Clutch Disc & Pressure Plate Brake Callipers, Brake Discs, Brake Linings / Brake Shoes, Brake Parts, Brake Shoes Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Export Promotion Agency

Brazil United States Italy Italy Korea, Republic of China Taiwan


8AM313 4AM122 3AM714 4AM630 1AM523 7AM521



Exhibition Consultancy Services Euro Truck Parts(Volvo Scania Man Renault) Gasket,Full Gasket Set For Many Kinds Of Cars

Taiwan China China

7AM531 1AM507 1AM118

Co.,Ltd Taizhou Fuju Rubber Belt Manufacture Co.,Ltd All Kinds Of Automobile And Industrial Rubber Belts, Such As Timing Belts, Pk Belts And V-Belts China China China China China China China Clutch Cover,Clutch Disc Rocker Arm, Rocker Shaft,Clutch Lever Kit, King Pin Kit,Etc. China China China Power Steering Gear.Manual Steering Gear.Steering Shaft And Joint Starter Drive, Overrunning Alternator Pulley China China 1AM116 1AM120 2AM128 1AM402 1AM205 1AM110 1AM333 1AM114 1AM224 3AM530 1AM521 1AM608 7AM414 5AM220 3AM822 6AM104 5AM210 6AM213 7AM715 2AM701

Taizhou Honghui Machinery Wheel Hub,Tensioner,Stabilizer Link Co.,Ltd Taizhou Hongli Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd Taizhou Hualong Clutch Co.,Ltd. C.V.Axles & C.V.Joints Clutch Cover, Disc Brake Pad

Taizhou Huangyan Dasheng Lights Mould Plastics Co.Ltd Taizhou Jiaxian Industrial Co.,Ltd Taizhou Jike Automotive Spare Parts Co.,Ltd Taizhou Victor Clutch Co.,Ltd Taizhou Wonderful Machinery Co.,Ltd. Taizhou Xinteng Oil Pump Co. Ltd. Taizhou Yihao Steering Gear.,Ltd Taizhou Zhenpeng Overrunning Clutch Co., Ltd Takamori Enterprise Co., Ltd. Tasra Automotive TECNOSTAR SRL Teknorot Teletronix Industries, Lahore Temel Conta San Tenacity Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Teng Tools (AOIT) / Spellbound Tenghua Railway Material And Fitting Factory Of Xingtai City Terramar Gulf FZCO Texa Deutschland GmbH Thai-Ishe Automotive Rubber Craft Co.,Ltd The Department of Trade & Industry The Seeker Limited Partnership The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders Ltd. (SMMT) The Trade UNION International LLC Brake Discs, Steering Linkages, Suspension Springs and Spring Accessories, Suspension Struts, Tie Rods Diagnostic tools and AC service units Automotive Spare Parts, Brake Pad, Brake Shoe, Automotive Battery Export Promotion Agency Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, Glossy Tire Coat, Glass Coat, Cleaning Car Nylon Plug, Filters And Other Automobile Part. Gasket Insulation Material, Control Arm Bearing Bushes, Rubber Hoses, Rubber-Bonded Metal Parts, Suspension Struts Rod Mil,Steering knockles,Rotul C.V.Joint,Drive Shaft

Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Taiwan Steering Systems, Steering Wheels Wheel Hubs, Alternators and Dc Generators, Starter Generators, Air Conditioner Compressors, Fuel Pumps United States Italy Turkey Pakistan Turkey Taiwan United Arab Emirates China United Arab Emirates Germany Thailand South Africa Thailand United Kingdom United Arab Emirates TEXA


2AM713 3AM105 4AM219 4AM605 4AM328



Ting Teng Enterprise Co., Ltd. Tires & Parts Magazine Tirsan Kardan A.S.

Brake Repair Kits, Brake Sleeves, Master Brake Cylinders, Wheel Brake Cylinders / Pistons, Clutch Cylinders Magazines Air Brakes,Brake Callipers, Chassis (Axles, Steering, Brakes, Wheels, Dampers), Cardan Joints, Propeller Shafts

Taiwan United Arab Emirates Turkey Turkey United Arab Emirates Pakistan Tirsan, Arvin Meritor, TTT Truck Technik

7AM627 8AM320 7AM115

Tokez Yag Kaceleri San. Ve Engine Oil Tic. A.S Top Performance Trade Development Authority of Pakistan Trading House "Kama" Tyres and Wheels Rims


Russian Federation United States United States United States United States Tri Star, Allomomatic, Sonnax Spray N Glow, The Treatment, Tire Gold, Trim Gold, Wheel Cure


Treatment Products Ltd.

Air Fresheners


T-Rex Grilles Tri Star Group Tri Star Satco Inc. Triumph Expolink Trading LLC Troton Sp. z.o.o

Wheels & Tuning accessories

8AM305 7AM509 7AM509 7AM829 YS 2AM103

Truck Accessories, Trailer Parts, Tyres and Wheels Rims Body Repairs: Equipment and Material, Grinding and Parting Disks, Plastic Component Repair Sets, Abrasives, Sprays Computer Software, Dealer Management Systems, Dealer Management Systems: Business Organisation, IT, Data Management, Customer Loyalty Programmes, Fleet Management Systems, Workshop Management: Training, Technical Monitoring and Cetification Air Freshener Tuning, Performance systems, Workshop equipment and tools

United Arab Emirates Poland

TSI Group

New Zealand


Tun Kuang World Trade Corp. Turbo Chargers.com Tyre & Accessories

Taiwan United States United Kingdom Turbo Chargers.com

7AM629 8AM301

Tz Auto Industrial Corp. UBIFRANCE Ucem Otomotiv Uniauto Inc. Unicom Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Unione Industriali Di Torino Unipoint Electric Mfg.Co., Ltd. United Int'L Auto Systems(Hangzhou) Ltd. Universal Universal Clips

Window Regulator, Electrical System, Cooling System,AirConditioning System Chassis System,Power Train System, Ignition System


1AM424 3AM408 6AM222 7AM622 4AM115 3AM816 7AM515

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions, Export Promotion Agency, Publication France Automotive spare parts Anti-Theft Devices for Wheels, Tyre Pressure Control Systems, Wheel Bolts, Wheel Nuts, Wheels, Alloy Rubber Parts, Auto Spare Parts Turkey Taiwan Thailand Italy Wiper Blades, Alternators and Dc Generators, Starter Solenoid Switches, Starters, Air Conditioner Compressors Trailer Axle,Tandem Bogie/Mechanical And Air Suspension Systems,Beam Spring/Parabolic Spring And Multi-Leaf Spring,Hydraulic Hoist Unit And Gear Pump,Fifth Wheel/King Pin/Landing Gear/Trailer Twist Lock,Etc., Taiwan



Pakistan Hoseclamps, leadlights, wire clamps, heavy duties, grolok baskets South Africa

5AM107 4AM605

Universal Industrial Trading Company Usmer Kaucuk San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Vahdet Tiryakio?lu Valeo Schalter + Sensoren GmbH Valeo Service

Pos Car Accessories, Car Decorations, Custom Rear-View Mirrors, Wipers, Bulbs Air Springs Belt&Bearing


7AM327 6AM220 6AM322 2AM815 4AM413

VBSA (UBI France)

Body Repairs: Equipment and Material



Verde & Blu S.r.l. Vertexcel Dieselectra S.r.l. Vipiemme S.p.A. Vision Automobile Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd. Vision Automotive Inc. Volga Machinery Spare Parts LLC VSS Engine Management System Co., Ltd. VT Tecnorapp S.r.l. VXB Auto Spare Parts LLC Wai Kar Auto Parts Co. Ltd. Walker Products, Inc. Wang Lai International Co., Ltd.. Well-Run Hardware Co., Ltd. Wenbi International Corp. Address Books, Data Processing, Product Lists, Banners, Catalogues Heavy Duty Truck Parts, Undercarrige Glow Plugs, Ignition Cables, Carburetors and Spares, Emission Control Systems, Lambda Probes Radiator Grilles, Trim Mouldings, Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Clutch Casing Covers Alarm Systems for Vehicles, Lane Recognition Systems, Parking Aids, Remote Controls, Tyre Pressure Control Systems Automotive Lights and Lamps, Headlamps, Air Conditioner Condensers, Cooling System Parts, Radiators and Coolers Tire Fitting and Removing Devices for Commercial Vehicles

Italy Italy Italy Taiwan

3AM821 4AM104 3AM609 7AM828

Taiwan United Arab Emirates Euro Hand Cleaner, Gaither Tool, Myers, Rema Tip Top, Winntec



Engine Management, Ignition Coils, Sensors and Transmitters, Air Taiwan Flow Sensors, Crankshafts Italy United Arab Emirates Hong Kong United States Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan WKK Walker

7AM330 3AM713 7AM108 1AM722 7AM612 7AM722 7AM628 7AM614

We Are The International Trading Company From China,Dealing With Car Accessories And Auto Spare Parts.We Aim To Be One Wenzhou Aoya International Of Your Cooperative Friends In This Field,If You Are In Need Of Trade Co.,Ltd This Line,Please Don'T Hesitate To Contact Us, We'Ll Supply High Qu Wenzhou Baian Autoparts Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Bozhong Auto Electrical Machinery Co;Ltd Wenzhou Chezhou Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Chezhou Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Credit Trading Co.,Ltd. Wenzhou Datong Piston Pump Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Guihang Radiator Co.,Ltd Piston And Gasket Auto Radiators , Auto Heat Exchangers ,Auto Condensers For Worldwide Vehicle Air Flow Sensor,Sensor,Door Handle,Window Lifter And So On. Electric Fuel Pump Fan Blade,Fan Clutch,Fan Clutch With Fan Fan Blade,Fan Clutch,Fan Clutch With Fan



China China China China China China China

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Wenzhou Huakang Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Hualian Piston Manufacture Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Keda Automobile Bearing Co., Ltd Wenzhou Nanyang Packing Factory Wenzhou Rainbow Electric Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Wanhao Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. Wenzhou Wanhong Automobile Engine Bearing & Pump Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Weite Automotive Fittings Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Xinbao Automobile Aparts Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Yongyu Filter Co.,Ltd Wenzhou Yuantai Filter Development Co.,Ltd WES Worldwide Expo Services Ltd. Westa International Scientific Industrial Corporation Western Auto LLC Whetron Electronics Co., Ltd. Wichien Dynamic Industry Co.,Ltd. Widesky Group Co.,Ltd Win Parts (UBIFrance) Winbo Dongjian Auto Accessories Manufacturing Co., Ltd Winjet Bright Auto Lighting Co.,Ltd. Winning Industrial Co., Ltd. Winsafe International Limited Winter Hoff (UBIFrance) Wolf Oil Corporation NV Workshop Solutions Wuhan Dongfeng Motor Industry I&E Co., Ltd Wuhu Dajie Clutch Co.,Ltd. Wuhu Hangtian Automobile

Engine Bearings, Tensioner Piston

China China China United Arab Emirates

1AM527 1AM127 1AM626 7AM802 1AM210 1AM411

Fuel Pumps & Auto Motors Fuel Pump, Priming Fump

China China

Engine Bearing ,Piston Ring



Automotive Piston Ring Engine Valve And Valve Guide Fuel Filter Filter Export Promotion Agency

China China China China Taiwan Westa, FORSE, Fire Ball, Vortex, Veron

1AM618 8AM630 1AM726 1AM335 2AM527


Ukraine United Arab Emirates



Alarm Systems for Vehicles, Backing-Up Monitoring Systems, Distance Warners/Acoustic Parking System (Aps), Keyless Vehicle Access, Tyre Pressure Control Systems Spot Light, Fog Light, Lamp For Pick up and Trucks, Auto Accessories Pistons Brake Discs, Steering Systems, Wheel Bearing Sets, Water Pumps Grille Guard,Side Bar,Roof Rack,Running Board,Sport Rack,Spare Tyre Cover Fog Lamp, LED Tail Light, Head Light,Wheel Cover Door Handles, Handle Parts, Ignition Systems, Starter Parts, Switches, Fuel Filters Brake Pad; Brake Shoe; Wire Sensor; Repair Kit For Pad Brake Discs, Steering Systems, Wheel Bearing Sets, Water Pumps



Thailand China France

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China Taiwan China France Belgium Australia Champion, Wolf

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Auto Parts. Clutch Parts

China China China

Connecting Rod Co. Ltd. Wuhu Hefeng Clutch Co., Ltd. Wuhu Hetian Auto Industry Co., Ltd. Wuhu Wandu Friction Material Co.,Ltd Wuhu Yongyu Autocar Industrial Co., Ltd. Wuhu Zhongsheng Steeringknuckle Co.,Ltd Wuxi Xishan Huanyu Metal Hose Co.,Ltd Xado Technology Xado Trading FZC Xgm Group Co.,Ltd Xiamen Hongcheng Signal Equipment Co., Ltd Xiamen Level King Keep Electronics Co., Ltd. Xiamen Sunrise Wheel Group Co., Ltd Xiamen Wondee Autoparts Co.,Ltd Clutch Disc And Cover Aluminum Control Arms; Rubber Metal Suspension Mounts Brake Pads/Clutch Disc Cylinder Head Steering Knuckle) Flexible Pipe/Tube/Coupling,Clamp,Interlock Brake Fluid China China China China China China Ukraine XADO, Verylube, Anyway, Vitaflush, Maxiflush 1AM214 1AM628 1AM213 1AM606 8AM327 8AM425 2AM102 2AM102 1AM112 1AM301 1AM211 1AM612 1AM330 8AM228 1AM526

Brake Fluid, Anti-Freeze Products, Automatic Transmission Fluids, United Arab Engine Cleaners, Engine Oils Emirates Auto Shock Absorbers,Motorcycle Brake Discs,Electrinic Motors Auto Led Lamp Automotive Steel Wheels For Truck,Trailer And Passenger Car Auto Parts China China China China China China China

Xiangfan Hengde Auto Parts Car Alloy Wheel, Alloy Rim Co., Ltd Xiaogan Almighty Machinery Piston Ring;Piston;Engine Bearing Co., Ltd Xinxiang City Tianlong Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd. Xinyi Group (Glass) Company Limited Yake Auto Parts Co.,Ltd Yamamoto Industries Sdn Bhd Yangzhou Spray Machinery Co. Ltd. Yantai Bantam Automobile Test&Repair Equipment Manufacture Co. Ltd. Yantai Hengtai Trading Co.,Ltd. Ybm Group China Yenmak Engine Cylinder Liner-Piston-Ring Co Yepar Otomotiv San.Ve Tic.Ltd.Sti Yes Development Co. Ltd. Yigit Aku Malz. Nak. Tur. Ins. San. Ve Tic. A.S. Laminated Glass, Rear Screens, Trim Mouldings, Window Glass, Windows With Integrated Antenna Diesel Fuel Pump Parts Brake Linings / Brake Shoes, Disk Brakes Paint Spray Booths



China China Malaysia China


4AM701 1AM223 4AM125

Sunlight Spray

Car Body Collision, Repair Bench, Heavy Vehicle Lift




Brake Disc,Brake Pad,Brake Drum,Brake Shoe,Cv Joint,Repair T Starters, Armatures, Field Coil, Field Case, Transmission Belts, Rotor, Filters Cylinder liner, piston, piston pin, piston ring, engine bearing Automotive spare parts

China China Turkey Turkey Hong Kong Amwell Platin, Yigit, Helden YENMAK, MOTOREX

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Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Turkey Batteries

Yildiz Pul Otomotiv San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. (YPS) Ying Paio Enterprise Co., Ltd. Yongkang Panrong Industry And Trade Co.,Ltd. Youbisheng Rubber Products Co,.Ltd. Young Sung Corp. (HCC AGNT) Yow Jung Enterprise Co., Ltd. Yuan Cherng Industry Co., Ltd. Yuan Rong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Yueqing Zhongtai Electronics Co.,Ltd. Yuhuan Aixin Hongqiang Pump Co.,Ltd Yuhuan Changhao Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd Yuhuan Dezhong Plastic Cement Machinery Co., Ltd

Metal Sheet Stampling, Gaskets,Shims Tire Fitting Products, Tire Fitting and Removing Devices for Cars, Tire Repair Equipment, Tool Boxes, Tyre Repair Equipment Automobile Hydraulic Brake Hose Assembly Torque Rod,V Stay,Repair Kits,Rubber Support

Turkey Taiwan China China

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Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, Air Conditioner Accessories, Air Conditioner Condensers, Interior Korea, (Cockpits, Instruments, Airbags, Trims, Seats, Heating, AirRepublic of Conditioning, Electrical Adjusters), Air Conditioning Syste Engine Speed Sensors, Ignition Coils, Ignition Distributors, Ignition Taiwan Modules, Air Flow Sensors Seals, Axle Parts, Brake Parts, Rubber-Bonded Metal Parts, Spare Chassis Parts for Classic Cars Taiwan


7AM332 7AM523

Tuning, Performance Systems (Motorsport), Design Enhancement, Optical Tuning, Door Modules, Frame Parts, Plastic Taiwan Exterior Body Parts, Trim Mouldings Power Inverter Water Pump Wheel Hub,Hub Assemblies,Tensioner,Stabilizen Link Water/Oil Tank;Vert-Pipes;Valve,Bearings China China China China China China China China China Taiwan China United Arab Emirates Poland Spare parts for European heavy trucks Korea, Republic of Germany Steering and Suspension Parts, Rubber and Rubber-to-Metal Components Shock Absorbers and Clutches Tire Germany Germany China LEMFORDER SACHS Euronax


8AM627 1AM128 2AM130 1AM622 1AM132 1AM519 1AM108 1AM528 1AM732 7AM325 1AM321 7AM106 8AM128 4AM425 2AM815 3AM105 3AM105 8AM223 8AM115 1AM425

Yuhuan Dideli Steering Parts Ball Joint,Tie Rod End,Rack End,Tie Rod Assy,Stabilizer Link, Co.,Ltd. Control Arm, Pitman Arm & Idler Arm Yuhuan Fine Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd Yuhuan Jinli Auto Parts Co.,Ltd Yuhuan Southern Company Yuhuan Yifei Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd Yu-Tuo Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. Yuyao Zhongyi Fuel Nozzle,Element,Delivery Valve,Complete Injector,Pencil Injection Equipment Co.,Ltd. Nozzle,Common Rail Nozzle,Rotor Head Z.T.H Trading LLC ZAP Sznajder Batterien Zero Corporation ZF Trading GmbH ZFTrading GmbH LMI Lemf?rder ZFTrading GmbH SACHS Zhaoqing Junghong Co.,Ltd Zhaoyuan Leo Rubber Co. Ltd. Horns, Filter Casings, Fillers, Fine Filters Constant Velicity Joint Drive Shaft Suspension Parts,Placard,Catalogue Suspension Parts,Brake Disc/Pad,Water Pump C.V. Joint Radiator. Suspension Parts, Drive Shafts

Accessories and Special Equipment for Motor Vehicles in General, China Tyres and Wheels Rims, Tires, Tyre Inner Tubes China

Zhejiang Ankang Auto Parts Piston Ring & Shock Absorber Co.,Ltd

Zhejiang Baokang Wheel Manufacture Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Benxing Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Bode Automobile Electronics Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Buyang Auto Wheel Co.,Ltd

All Kinds Of Aluminum Alloy Wheels. Filter In Vehicle Oxygen Sensor Alloy Wheel

China China China China China China

1AM204 1AM531 6AM621 1AM314 1AM119 1AM316 1AM724 1AM535 8AM722 1AM736

Zhejiang Changhong Steering Electromechanical, Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Chuangsheng Auto Leaf Spring U-Bolt Center Bearing Parts Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Dlz Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Hongji Auto Part Co., Ltd Zhejiang Hongshengyuan Car Accessories Co.,Ltd

Ball Joint, Tie Rod End, Rack End, Pitman Arm, Idler Arm, Control China Arm, Stabilizer Link,Drag Link And... Car Accessories,Brake Pad,Brake Shoe Car Mats China China China

Zhejiang Hrx Automobile AirAutomobile Condenser,Evaporator,Radiator Condition Co.,Ltd. 1. Nylon Tubing(Pa11& Pa12) And Assembly; 2. Air Brake Hose And Assembly; 3. Fluro-Rubber, And Silicon Rubber Hose; 4. Radiator Hoses; 5. Air-Conditioning Hose; 6. Air Hoses; 7. High Pressure, Steel Braided Hoses And Assembly; 8. Ptfe, Teflon Hose An Auto Parts, Pu Tube, Air Brake Coil, Seven Core Cable Alloy Wheels Multifunctional Electrical Tool For Changing Tyre(Electrical Jack, Electrical Wrench Car Battery Car Mat, Seat Cover,Steering Wheel Cover Air Brake Valve,Clutch Servo And Water Pump Engine Bearing Auto Accessories

Zhejiang Iron Horse Auto Parts Co., Ltd



Zhejiang Jindakang Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Jinfei Kaida Wheel Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Jinzi Machinery & Electrical Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Just Electric Appliances Co., Ltd Zhejiang Kanglida Auto Limited Company Zhejiang Keli Auto Parts Co.Ltd. Zhejiang Kyungshin Automobile Parts Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Lifeng Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Mingzhen Machinery Manufacturing Co. LTD Zhejiang Nowvow Mechanical And Electrical Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Ouruitai Automobile Parts Co., Ltd Zhejiang Outdo Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Pujiang Bohu Chain Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Sangong Automobile Parts Co., Ltd Zhejiang Sanren Machinery

China China China China China China China China

1AM102 8AM328 1AM126 8AM227 8AM527 6AM729 1AM216 8AM522

Shock Absorber



Electric Winches , Hydraulic Winches



Truck Air Brakes, Gearbox Parts, Electric Appliance

China China

1AM222 1AM615 1AM329 6AM623 8AM731

Snow Chain,V-Bar Snow Chain,Link Chain,Welded Chain,Lifting Chain,Animal Chain,Knotted Chain,Chain Lock Water Pump, Fuel Pump, Carbureter Cylinder Liner For Automobile And Motorcycle

China China China

Co., Ltd Zhejiang Shangzhong Piston Piston Ring Ring Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Songtian Automotive Motor System Co.,Ltd. Zhejiang Taiking Electronic Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Tnho Automotive Spare Parts Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Vie Science &Technology Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Yuxuan Pump Co.,Ltd Zhejiang Zhengtian Electric Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Zhejing Tongshi Auto Parts Co.,Ltd Zhengxing Vehicle Wheel Co., Ltd Of Shaoguan Zhong Huang Machine & Electronics Co. Ltd. Zhuji Chaoan Mechanical Gadget Co.,Ltd Zhuji City Jidong Machinery Co.,Ltd Zhuji Jiahua Auto Parts Factory Injector Sleeve,Air Brake Coil,Seven Core Cable Auto Spare Parts Bushing Radiator Cooling Fan, Wiper Motor, Blower Motor, Window Regulator Etc. Switches And Machine Parts Gasket, Piston Ring Air Brake Parts Water Pump,Oil Pump Auto alternator China 1AM212



China China China China China

1AM219 1AM235 7AM123 1AM106 1AM313 1AM530 1AM303 8AM717 1AM215 8AM427 1AM217

Auto Suspension Parts, Such As Tie Rod End,Ball Joint,Rack End, China Ball Pin,Housing,Stabilizer Link,Bolt And Forging Parts Whell Rim;Boogie China China China China China

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...2012年法兰克福迪拜汽配展 2012年中东迪拜汽配展.doc
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2012年法兰克福(迪拜)国际汽配展 - 上海起鸿展览有限公司 QihongExhibiton Co.,Ltd. 2012 年法兰克福 迪拜)国际汽车配件博览会 年法兰克福(迪拜 迪拜) 布展...
2011迪拜法兰克福汽配展... 53页 1下载券 2012年法兰克福汽配展 1页 免费 德国法兰克福汽配展 2页 免费 2009年法兰克福汽配展(迪... 36页 7下载券 2012年德国...
9.11-16.2012德国法兰克福汽配展(定) - 中国最具影响力出国参展组织
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2014迪拜汽配展(重点) - 迪拜汽配展是中东地区规模最大的汽配展会,迪拜汽配展是中东效果最好的展会,迪拜汽配展每年一届,法兰克福迪拜汽配展是专业的汽车配件的展会...
年 5 月 2224 日 展会地点:阿联酋迪拜国际会展中心 组委会:德国法兰克福(...专业汽配展会,是世界规模最大的汽车零件配件系列展 AUTOMECHANIKA 全球巡回展之一...
2012年迪拜汽配展-北京中企创展徐佳 - 01067021980、 67024849 全球专业展会咨询?电话: 2012 年法兰克福(迪拜)国际汽车配件及售后服务展览会 ● 展览时间: 20...
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迪拜 时间每年 10 月份 每双年 9 月份 每双年 2 月份 创办时间 1993 年 ...2009 年 1999 年 2000 年 2007 年 法兰克福(马德里)国际汽配展 两年一届 每...
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各展览会报价如下(按时间排序)名称巴西汽配展 迪拜汽配展 墨西哥汽配展 俄罗斯汽配 德国法兰克福汽配展 拉斯维加斯汽配展 伊朗汽配展 上海汽配展 时间 4 月 10-...
龙源期刊网 http://www.qikan.com.cn 2016 上海法兰克福汽配展再现优质品牌高 地 作者:朱彤 来源:《中国对外贸易》2017 年第 01 期 亚洲地区规模最大的第十二...
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