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PRACTICE for advanced english vocabulary

Vocabulary PRACTICE Beneath each of the following incomplete sentences you will see four words or phrases, marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

Part 1
1) Finding the cause of a disease will provide a ______ for research on a cure for it. A. prospect B. incentive C. spur D. inducement 2) He _____ his childhood memories for the material of most of his stories, A. draws for B. draws on C. draws over D. draws from 3) A library takes pride in its rare-book ______. A. acquisitions B. accomplishments C. attainments D. acquirements 4) A subcommittee has been appointed to ______ a new constitution for the club. A. work off B. work away C. work in with D. work out 5) Anyone who offended against the King used to be ______ to a distant lonely island. A. sequestered B. rusticated C. relegated D. banishing 6) The individual's freedom and right to privacy is being ______ in that country. A. finalized B. evaded C. spilled D. eroded 7) Children with only one parent are not necessarily ______. A. underprivileged B. excited C. females D). cultural 8) In his book he adopts an entirely new ______ to the vexed question of Wang Anshi's status as a social reformer. A. reform B. procedure C. technique D. approach 9) Older people are complaining that the old values are ______ in this free society. A. withering up B. withering away C. drooping D. wilting 10) It was fine ______ and then it started to rain. A. first B. firstly C. to begin with D. to commence with

Part 2
1) They called the police to ______ the demonstrators from the lobby. A. eject B. oust C exit D dismiss 2) His aloof manner ______ under her hospitality. A. helped B. completed C. thawed D liquefied 3) He muttered _____ to himself against his mother-in-law. A. praise B. imprecations C. citation D. malediction 4) The speaker was ___ by the jeers of the crowd A. gratified B. understood C. pleased. D. discomposed 5) The ______ between Arabs and Israelis threatened to break into open war at any time. A. politeness B. enmity C. animus D. quietness 6) There is a danger that the disease may _____ in later life. A. revisit B. repeat C. recur D. re-enter 7) A woman may be ___ to leam that her dearest friend has been spreading malicious

gossip about her. A. frightened B. impressed C. flattered D. astounded 8) Be as ______ as you like — I won't mind your rudeness if you tell me the truth. A. notorious B. blunt C. bright D). hostile 9) If you ______ something, you throw it violently and with a lot of force. A. throw B. hurl C. toss D. force 10) The head window of the car is made of safety glass that won't _____ if it's broken. A. shatter B.shudder C.crush D. crumple

Part 3
1) AIDS is caused by a ______ which destroys the body's natural protection from infection. A. microbe B. germ C. virus D. bacterium 2) Fingerprints on the gun were ______ evidence that the suspect was guilty. A. conclusive B. abundant C .insufficient D. considerable 3) The volunleers gave ______ la the wounded. A. soccer B. subsidy C. succor D. substance 4) The advertising agency will ______ a campaign to introduce a new computer. A. carry on B. open C. launch D. institute 5) The minister attempted to ______ the wounded and dying during the battle. A. sympathize B. solace C. consult D. condole 6) The ______ of a chairman turned the meeting into a near riot. A. absence B. shortage C. hostility D. dearth 7} The mechanic jacked up the car and then _____ to change the tire. A. advanced B. went C. proceeded D. moved 8) Talking to him was like playing upon a(n) ______ violin. A. refined B. exotic C. graceful D. exquisite 9} It is _____ to expect an adult reaction from a child. A. irrational B. effective C. prospective D. farcical 10) Every U.S. President must take ______ to uphold the constitution. A. a guarantee B. a bail C. an oath D. an appeal

Part 4
1) Growing children ______ in summer camps. A. prosper B. flower C. thrive D, flourish 2) He learned to ______ disappointments ______. A. take ... in hand B. take ... in stride C. take ... in vain D. take ... in his hands 3} It is a generous and receptive intelligence that was ______ from attaining its full scope by bad training, poor schools and lack of opportunity. A. foiled B. thwarted C. balked D. inhibited 4) Jim had to ______ all his skill ______ to defeat his tennis opponent. A. call ... into play B. call ... to mind C. call ... to attention D. call ... into action

5) He was ______ from the rank of lieutenant to captain. A. lifted B. lifted up C. hoisted D. elevated 6) The factory is ______ for increased production with new machines. A. gearing along B. gearing down C. gearing up D. gearing to 7) It was a secluded comer where he could work with complete ______ A. rest B. success C. confidence D. relaxation 8) The emotional strain of attending to his dying mother ______ all his strength. A. sapped B. weakened C. enfeebled D. broke 9) It was only ___.__ pleasures as opposed to sources of no-ending satisfaction. A. transitional B. transparent C. transitory D. transcendent 10) They ____ a decisive victory in the hard-fought battle. A. accomplished B. reached C. attained D. earned

Part 5
1) The student did _____ research before writing the term paper. A. exhausted B. consumed C. exhaustive D. intact 2) A pianist's innovative style will sometimes _____._ a negative response from the critics. A. elicit B. illicit C. prove D. provide 3) In his closing speech to the jury, the prosecutor ______ the mass of incriminating evidence he had developed in the trial. A. reminded B. retained C. reckoned D, recalled 4) In spite of the difficulties, she ______ the best performance of her life. A. turned round B. turned in on C. turned in D. turned into 5) The sea has been ______ this cliff for centuries. A. eating B. eating away C. eating away at D. eating into 6} I ______ the honourable member's statement to be a complete falsehood. A. publish B. advertised C. enunciate D. proclaim 7) From his directions, it shouldn't be difficult to ______ the beach house in the map, even though you've never been there before. A. determine B. locate C. unearth D. ascertain 8) It was ______ that he was present at the scene of the crime, but he ______ that he was in Europe at the time. A. asserted, alleged B. affirmed, alleged C. alleged, asserted D. maintained, alleged 9) Parents have great ______ of their children. A. expectations B. hope C. wishes D. plans 10) As soon as the young man returned home, his parents ______ him with questions about the interview. A. asked B. assaulted C. charged D. besieged

Part 6
1) She bought a ______ fur to wear as a second coat in place of her real mink.

A. new B. fake C. extra D. genuine 2) The book ______ the nation into a belated concern for the impoverished. A. helped B. backed C. prodded D. launched 3) His ______ approach to the crisis averted a catastrophe. A. sober B. uninterested C. heated D. passionate 4) The restaurant serves no liquor because the owner believes in ______. A. merry-making B. continence C. self respect D). temperance 5) Try to keep the ______ crowd from becoming ______. A. peaceful, wild B. violent, blustering C. boisterous, violent D. violent, riotous 6) He was _____ in his pursuit of fame and fortune. A. pitiless B. relentless C. merciless D. rigid 7) The ______ man who insisted upon seeing her home was looked down upon by the people in the village. A. stubborn B. boorish C. insistent D. clumsy 8) During the hot summer our family ___ gallons of iced tea. A. digest B. ingest C. imbibe D. assimilate 9) I think you showed great _____ in not hitting him after what he said A. constraint . B. curb C. restraint D. check 10) Tile plan is under ______ from all sides. A. aggression B. offensive C. discussion D. assault

Part 7
1) The chair follows the ______ of the body. A. structure B. contour C. gestalt D. configuration 2) Philosophical semantics is too ___ to understand A. easy . B. long C. vague D. abstruse 3) They won the battle because the specialist had ______ military and diplomatic signals. A. undiscovered B. preceded C. deciphered D. shaped for 4) Memory has been shown to_____ in many different organisms. A. enliven B. occupy C. reside D. settle 5 ) Science works with _____phenomena in hopes of including them eventually within the widening circle of what we consider natural and explainable. A. unsuspecting B. understandable C. proven D. preternatural 6) Unknowingly ______, he had a knack of asking embarrassing personal questions A . permissive B. desperate C. intrusive D. imperative 7) Instead of ______ her, the thief ______ her purse and ran. A. grabbing, snatched B. snatching, grabbed C. gripping, grasped D. grasping, grabbed 8) A legislative body might __ _ terms concerning the amount and source of new revenue, after __ _ and each affected person might be ___and then taxed accordingly. A. assess, imposed B. impose, taxed

C. impose, assessed D. taxed, imposed 9)I can't _____ to Grandfather that he must rest. A. get through B. get round C. get over D. get off 10) Wouldn't it be wise to___the possibility of rain before planning for the garden party? A. check with B. check in C. check on D. check through

Part 8
1) While daydreaming she ______ a great deal about the life she had lived before her marriage. A. memorized B. reminisced C. reminded D.. retained 2) Did Socrates really ___ the youth of Athens? A. adulterate B. contort C. pervert D, pollute 3) If you wish to ________ a small child from littering the living room with his toys, you may suggest to him that it would be fun if he would help you unpack the groceries in the kitchen instead. A, divert B. disinterest C. convince D. interest 4) A film is rated to prevent children from being ______. to sex and violence. A. abetted B. seen C. experienced D. exposed 5) The U.S. Congress is ___ of the British Parliament. The A. correlate B. counterpart C. parallel D. complement 6) Her parents were very permissive and ______ her to stay on until midnight. A. forbade B. allowed C. alloted D. prohibited 7) Father made all the .______ decisions in our family. A., crucial B. acute C. pressing D. urgent 8) The full _____ _ of the news hit us several days later. A. contact B. concussion C. impact D. jolt 9) It takes a really special kind of teacher to ____ these disappointed students. A. turn loose B. turn in C. turn off D. turn on 10) I was sorry to hear that you ______ debt again. A. got into B. got inside C. got in D. got in on

Part 9
1) The forest fire _____ many miles of country. A, sacked B. ravaged C. pillaged D. looted 2) A careful daily reading of the newspaper will ______ the reader as to what is happening. A. acquaint B. advise C. enlighten D. appreciate 3) Throughout the Latin ___, Spanish is the predominant language. A. municipality B. quarters C. quarter D. accommodation 4) More and more people don't like the hippies who live ______ fly-by-night lives. A. squalid B. dirty C. foul D. soiled

5) In anger, he ______ his knee ______ the man's stomach, and hit him in the faceA, ground ... away B. ground ... into C. ground ... on D. ground .,. in 6) Demonstrators who marched as a body into the square, ___ in its centre, and then threw themselves down on the pavement. A. knocked off B. desisted . halted D. fell 7) The performance of this reasonably priced record player is ____ in quality to that of some more expensive hi-fi sets. A. parallel B. compared C. comparable D. alike 8) Take this tablet and the pain should _____ within half an hour. A. pass away B. pass out C. pass over D. pass off 9) Most of the boys went home. The ______ assembled in the school hall. A. remains B. rest C. remnants D. residue — 10} Ann could not see very clearly as tears ___ in her eyes. A. welled over B. welled on C. welled in D. welled up

Part 10
1) His fifteen-year-old daughter never forgets anything; her memory is ______, A. prodigious B. prophetic C. prosodic D. prodigal 2) If your question is ___, I will answer it. A. perturbed B. pertinent C. pervasive D. pertaining 3) His thoughts were .. ____ from this painful topic by the sudden arrival of a neighbour. A. attracted B. retracted C. distracted D. protracted 4) It would be ____ backward all the time. A. lucid B. controversial C. argumentative D. ridiculous 5) If you ______ someone, you are a lot better than he or she is at a particular activity. A. outgrow B. outweigh C. outnumber D. outclass 6) If something ______, it gradually develops and changes over a period of lime into something different and usually more advanced. A. revolves B. evolves C. resolves D. involves 7) Florence Nightingale spent all her life, ___ to the needs of the sick. A. catering B. appealing, C. ministering D. custom-tailoring 8) The changes ______ out of a long-running fraud inquiry by the police. A. rose B. arose C. raised D. roused 9. The glassware in the box is ____; it has got lo be handled with care. A. crunchy B. crisp C. brittle D fragile 10. Jane screamed when Tom put a live, ___worm into her hand. A. wriggling B. writhing C. wagging D. waggling

Part 11
1) They ______ his property at a higher valuation because of the improvements he had made on it.

A. raised B imposed C. assessed D. levied 2} He'd made a serious mistake, and it was no use trying to___ its seriousness. A. detract B. disparage C. minimize D. discredit 3) The Nazis built concentration camps to ______ those considered to be enemies of Nazi Germany . A. oust B. eliminate C. evict D. eject 4) You'll have to _____ the ladder to reach the top shelf. A. mount B. creep C. rise D. crawl 5) The legendary island of Atlantis was ___.__ by the sea and disappeared without a trace. A. engulfed B. disclosed C. emerged D.. whelmed 6) The car is completely ______ and the driver seriously injured. A. written off as B. written of C. written off D. written out 7) Correct ideas are not ______ in the mind, but come from social practice. A. learned B. innate C. imparted D. friendly 8) II is ______ to expect an adult reaction from a child. A. natural B. farcical C. unreasoning D. irrational J9) Hard-to-get theatre tickets can be bought at a ______. A. bounty B. discount C. premium D. high value 10) What will happen to their children if Jim and Mary ______? A. break of B. break up C. break short D. break in

Part 12
1) Good salesmen know by ______: the best approach to take with a particular customer. A. bent B. genius C. instinct D.. faculty 2) The yellows used to paint the sun were only faintly ______ from the other yellows used throughout the whole sky. A. disproved B. differentiated C. discriminated D. discerned 3) The patient complained of pains in the head, dizziness and ______. A. delusion B. fantasy C. hallucination D. imagination 4) In describing the bombing mission at dinner, he used water glasses to ____. enemy targets. A. represent B. describe C. sketch D- delineate 5) She ______ from scolding her child until the company left. A. retrained B. abstained C. forbore D. avoided 6) When we arrived unexpectedly she____ a meal from some vegetables and a piece of ham. A. put together B. had together C. served D. had served in his career by a lack of belief in himself. B. advanced D. promoted 7) The fuel is served to ____. a missile or a rocket A. push. B. thrust C. propel D. shove 8) Many a man is ___ A. assisted B. advanced C. impeded D. prompted

9) A ______ statement will very likely be one that appears to be convincing on the surface, but which, upon closer examination, is not so. A. reasonable B. plausible C. credible D.. laudable 10) They ______ the mounting evidence of discrepencies in the report as justifying a new investigation. A. beckoned B. conjured C. called D. invoked

Part 13
1) Another ____ in the problem is ihe manager himself A. benefactor. B. villain C. solution D. intellectual. 2) Don't just sit there and __ Get to work A. loaf . B. idle C. roam D. blame 3) She cherished a deep ___ towards her employer for having denied her a promotion. A. liking B. suspicion C. resentment D. offense 4) ______ myself up on my elbow, I could talk more easily to my visitors. A. Resting B. Supporting C. Holding D. Propping 5) The proposed law, while brilliantly conceived, has been poorly devised to do the job at hand; even worse, it is so vaguely ______ that it invites misinterpretation. A. formulated B. contrived C. invented D. readable 6) During his illness he ______ all society, and in particular those who had been his dearest friends. A. escaped B. omitted C. shunned D. evaded 7) Many people have ______ about astrology. A. misconceptions B. errors C. mistakes D. miscalculations 8) She ______ without telling anyone or being noticed. A. skulked around B. sneaked off C. prowled about D. sank away 9) The teacher ______ the boys not to be late for their assignments. A. admonished B. reprimanded C. censured D. reproached books. 10) More and more Professor Hamilton ___ A. escaped from B. retired to C. retreated into D. ran away

Part 14
1) Plastics soften slowly and can easily be ___ while they are soft. A. forged B. fashioned C. shaped D. broken 2) Internationally one speaks of ______ over disarmament. A. controversy B. discord C. dissension D. bickering 3) The doctor ______ a plastic heart in the body of his patient. A. imbued B. inseminated C. implanted D. instilled 4) Her blue eyes were an. ___characteristic A. bequeathed . B. inherited C. devised D. endowed

5) Tom has been _ crime stories for twenty years A. stirring up B. churning out C. whipping. D. shaking 6) We bought an extra supply of coal in ____ _ of cold winter. A. outlook B. hope C. expectancy D- anticipation 7) 1 am going to do all I can to ______ the unpleasant impression yon have of me. A. disgust B. move C. remove D, oust 8) He didn't ______ his position so much as modify his severity. A. transmute B. transform C. alter D. convert 9) One male fox could easily ___ twenty and more females. A. implant B. infuse C. ingrain D. inseminate 10) It was pitiful to see the young addicts ______ drugs into their veins for a few hours of relief from their craving. A, injecting B. inserting C, inhaling D. insetting

Part 15
1) Will the speaker ______ five minutes of his allotted speaking time to the senator from California? A. surrender B. .yield C. complete D. have 2) The sick girl ______ on in great pain for many months until at last she died. A. stayed B. lingered C. abided D, remained 3) The old professor was a ______ of out-of-the-way knowledge. A. barn B. warehouse C. store D. repository 4) The belt of her coat _____ in the mud. A. appended B. suspended C. dangled D. affixed 5) I have read this French play ____ an English translation. A. in B. with C. at D. via 6) She ____her French lessons so that she would he proficient by the time of her first trip abroad. A. gobbled B. devoured C. supped D. gorged . 7) His keenness to get the job done ___over into the lack of consideration for the workers. . A. spilled B. dropped C. overflew D. revealed 8) We always dread winter and its ______ hardships A. accessory B. relating C. attendant D. associating 9) Critics agreed that the actress was charming and _ _____. A. colored B. vibrating C. vibrant D. resonant 10} The motorcycle ______ along the road al 90 miles an hour. A. hurdled B. hurtled C. hurled D. spurted

Part 16

1) The belly-dancers _____ like snakes. A. wriggled B. squirmed C. slithered D. writhed 2) Many whooping cranes were already in _____?_ of extinction because of human destruction of their natural habitat. A. menace B. threat C. peril D. vulnerability 3) Scientists have studied the __ of fish from one part of the ocean to another over long distance. A . emigration B. migration C. immigration D. travel 4) Before the arrival of the white people, Australia _ _ ___ solely by Aborigines. A. dwelled in B. was inhabited C. settled D. occupied 5) The Ionic style of architecture is a______ from ancient Greece. A. leftovers B. bequest C. legacy D. birthright 6) Generosity is but one of her fine____ A. peculiarities B. features C. personalities D. attributes 7) The return of the swallows is the ______ _ of spring. A. presence B. harbinger C. sense D. inkling 8) The hot, ______ metal is poured into the sand lo harden. A. dissolved B. flowed C. molten D. warmed 9) In the hour between trains, he ______ about in a book shop near the station. A. dangled B. lagged C. plied D. dawdled 10) A walk in the beautiful woods is very _____. A. exhilarating B. inhabiting C. bird- watching D. approaching

Part 17
1) There appeared to be a war between his heart and his head, and you could almost watch this___ going A. discussion B. education C. conflict D. bickering 2) She poured water all over my painting and _____ it. A. hung B. razed C. ruined D. annihilated 3) Bathing in the Fountain of Youth is supposed to assure A. stable B. durable C. perpetual D undeletable 4) If you _____ the rope I will pull you up . A. glisten B. grasp C. gasp D. glitter 5) As to Grosvenor and Scott, she ______ never lo meet them again. A, solved B. resolved C. settled D. voted

6) Every spring they ______ seeds in their respective gardens . A. diffuse B. disperse C. radiate D. spread 7) The Pilgrims immigrated to this new world because of ______ and persecution in their own land. A. intolerance B. interest C. excitement D. poverty 8) If you can think of no better ______, you had better weed the garden. A. profession B. specialization C. occupation D. vacation 9) A _ ____ harvest is anticipated this year. A. bountiful B. grateful C. lavish D. magnanimous 10) He urged the timid boy to be a little more _____ about his needs and desires. A. outspoken B. open-minded C. eloquent D. loquacious Part 18 1) Bad grades ____ the students’ chances for a scholarship. A. burst B. shivered C. shattered D. cracked 2) The patient ____ on and on about how unfairly her psychoanalyst had treated her. A. prated B. rhapsodized C. prattled D. chattered 3) They agreed with the judge’s decision to ___ the man’s sentence in light of his previous record. A. allege B. castigate C. mutilate D. mitigate 4) I can’t stand him –He’s a thoroughly___ young man who behaves in an unpleasant, offensive , and rude manner. A. obnoxious B. oblivious C. pompous D. arrogant 5) Most shareholders vote for directors by _____. A. agent B. deputy C. proxy D. substitute 6) The odd noises and flashes of light in the empty house completely ___ him. A. fibbed B. typified C. escaped D. baffled 7) The actress__ the terms of her contract and was sued by the producer. A. encroached B. violated C. profaned D. invaded 8) As they mature, many young radicals ___ into a more tolerant attitude towards life and society. A. develop B. ripen C. mellow D. mature 9) the child was often ill and was ____ by his parents. A. honored B. corrupted C. pampered D. sent 10) A huge ___ of athletes from China was present at the last Olympic Games. A. contingent B. number c. amount D. figure

Part 19
1) One who favors proposals for reform, is open to new ideas for progress, and is tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others is considered by some a ______. A. progressive B. liberal C. radical D. socialist 2) The champion ____ his opponent in the first round of boxing. A. smoothed B. evened C. flattened D. overcame

3) It was a ____ observation ---anyone might have made it A. fair . B. commonplace C. passable D. tolerable 4) A. mission like this had to ____ _ as quickly as possible. A. be done with B. do away with C. do with D. make do with 5) 1 get ______ with hearing the same old tune. A. pissed about B. pissed off C. pissed around D. pissed around with 6) A ______ person often feels disgust at things that are not delicate, refined, or neat. A. fastidious B. difficult C. particular D. meticulous 7) The inoculations made the children ______ to measles. A. not vulnerable B. safe C. immune D. free 8) The kidnappers subjected their prisoners lo extreme ______. A. bestiality B. brutality C. disgust D. happiness 9) Don't be afraid to ___ __ the dog; he won't bite. A. pet B. play C. bet D. bat 10) The girl's endless crying has been _____ her mother's nerves all day. A. wearing down B. wearing in C. wearing from D. wearing on

Part 20
1) He ____ that he didn't know where he had put his keys. A. hemmed B. hummed C. stammered D. hawed 2) She was very ______ when she came back from holiday. A. tamed B. damned C. dammed D. tanned 3) Much of the criticism against him ___ __ from his political opponents. A. emerged B. emaciated C. emancipated D. emanated 4) He ______ the articles that might give the information he needed. A. scanned B. canned C. scaled D. scared 5) Her pitiful face had not seemed touching to him al the time, but recalling it now filled him with a ______ sorrow and delight. A. pregnant B. pertinent C. poignant D. indignant 6) She gingerly touched her bruised shin and _____ at the pain. A. flinched B. cowered C. winced D bounced 7) His real ______ for joining the club was not to make new friends, but to try to meet potential clients. A. moment B. motion C. movement D.motive 8) The priest tried, if not impossible, to ___ __ his fears, doubts and philosophical ideas. A.. speak B. ask C. verbalize D. talk 9) Tears ______ in her eyes as she said goodbye to her mother. A. welled up B. welled C. welled over D. welled out 10) Mary came to the party all ______ in her best dress. A. done in B. done up C. done well D. done with

Part 21
1) Your teeth are full of ______ ; you must see a dentist. A. pits B. cavities C. excavations D. hollows 2) ______ the rope over the post and tie. it fast. A. Loop B. Wind C. Plait D. Curve 3) The young soldier had to ______ ail his courage to prevent himself from running away and being regarded as a coward. A. screw to B. screw on C. screw out of D). screw up 4) He ______ a stone from the wall while climbing over. A. ousted B. expelled '' C. dislodged D. ejected 5) Bruce behaved in such a strange way that we had doubts about his ______ . A. sanity B. normality C. sense D. insanity 6) I can see that the new responsibilities are ____ the young father. A. pressing to B. pressing for C. pressing on D. pressing out 7) If he ______ the rope, he'll fall to his death. A, lets off B. lets go of C. lets loose D. lets out 8) The young man ______ through the station a few minutes before the train's departure. A. rambled B. strode C. strolled D. sauntered 9) Snobs are usually ______ of people they feel to be beneath them. A. insolent B. audacious C. contemptuous D. supercilious 10) Children delight in being able to get long lists of difficult words to _ A. roll over B. roll in C. roll up D. roll off

Part 22
1} The two countries were ancient ______ and had met more than once on the field of battle. A. contestants B. adversaries C. competitors D. foes 2) He was an investor who was ___ about his holdings during the recession. A. apprehensive B. aghast C. alarm D. scare 3) The psychiatrist used hypnosis to___ the patient's amnesia. A. pervade B. penetrate C. impregnate D. saturate 4) The patients in the hospital were all __ dysentery. A. suffering from B. sleeping with C. subjected to D, happy about 5) The radio station agreed to ______ the minister's speech ___. the whole of Europe, A. beam ... to B. radiate ... on C. shine ... to D. gleam ... to 6) They were obviously preparing to break oil the ___. negotiations covering four months of se rious discussion. A. stretched B. extended C. protracted D. prolonged

7) The general was on inactive status, but he received the services of three military____ A. deputies B aides C.helpers D. subordinates 8) Bill thought he would be elected, but his friends ____him and voted for Vin A. pulled the nig from under B. pulled the rug out of from under C. pulled the nig over D. pulled the nig round from under 9) He was a brilliant industrial diplomat, who dignitaries. A. presided in B. presided C. presided over D. presided on 10) You'll be able to enjoy your holiday now that you've ______ A. gotten ... over B. gotten ... across C. pollen ... past D. gotten ... out

Part 23
1) We ______ our own metaphors for our own needs. A. conjured with B. conjured away C. conjured D. conjured up 2) We have to invent a new method for ______ prisoners ______ without the guards noticing. A. sneaking ... out of B. sneaking ... out C. sneaking ... in D. sneaking ... on 3) Memorization is only an__ to real education, not its whole. _ A. appellation B. adjunct C. appendix D. accessory 4) Cyril is lazy: he won't do any work if he's not__ into it A. prodded at B. moved C. prodded D. poked 5) When we've finished this pile of papers, let's ______ and go home, A. pack up B. pack together C. pack out D. pack off 6) To his surprise, he ______ a bright red glow emanating from a crater in the moon. A. determined B. deleted C. detected D. dispersed 7) The kitchen is equipped with modern ______. A. apparatus B. appliances C. contrivance D. device 8) After the quarrel, he com pletely ___ his relations with his family A. split . B. sundered C. cleaved D. severed 9) Genes are ______ from one generation to another by the chromosomes. A. transmitted B. dispatched C. delivered D. forwarded 10) Police ______ the suspect's comings and goings with a camera planted in the building across the street. A. eavesdropped B. bugged C. monitored D. planned

Part 24

1) He stubbornly _ ____ on certain changes. A. wanted B. persisted C. insisted D. wagered 2) The odd noises and flashes of light in the empty house completely ___ him. A. battered B. vitiated C. elated D. baffled 3) Considering her reputation as a gourmet, the dinner she served was ______. A. passable B. tolerable C. exciting D. second-rate 4) An _____. person is disposed to resist discipline hut can he brought under control. A. unruly B. obstinate C. intrepid D. unrestrained 5) Our plans for a party didn't __ because no one could come. A. get off the wrong feet B. get off the ground C. get off easy D. get off the hook 6} He ___ _ for months over the thought of his son's death. A. worried B. agonized C. panicked D. strained 7) The basketball coach has worked hard to ______ a team spirit into the players. A. inculcate B. fuse C. ingrain D. imbue 8) She shrunk from entering the grimy bar with him and once inside, she __.___at every depraved face that met her gaze. A. reclined B. reckoned C. recoiled D reciprocated 9) Tom wrote his last book in such a short time by _____ at the typewriter for hours on end. A. staring B. plowing C. plodding D. typing 10) For three decades we have been ______ about the dangers of smoking, but millions of people still continue to smoke. A. anxious B. series C. serious D. curious

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PRACTICE for advanced english vocabulary_教育学/心理学_人文社科_专业资料 暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载|举报文档 PRACTICE for advanced english vocabulary_教育学/...
英语单词测试D Test of English Vocabulary-D D
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English vocabulary_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。不错啊 pe
English Vocabulary Acquisition by Chinese Learners.doc
English Vocabulary Acquisition by Chinese Learners_... P-practice, S-suggest, P- prefer, A-advise,...In Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of ...
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