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【开学大礼包】2013届高三英语一轮总复习精品课件: unit 5(新人教版选修8)

即境活用 16 The little boy tried his best to amuse his mother only________that he was annoying A.told B.telling C.to be told D.to tell [解析]only to

be told 结果被告知表示意外结果 [答案]C 堂 课 双 基 Ⅰ词义辨析 1.As there is less and less coal and oil scientists are exploring new ways of making use of ________ energy such as sunlight wind and water for power and fuel A.primary B. alternative C. instant

D. unique [解析]alternative 可选择的 primary 最初的 instant 立即的 unique 独 特的 [答案]B 2.It is generally ________ that stress is caused by too much work A.assumed D. preserved [解析]assume 假设 interrupt

B.interrupted C.accelerated

打断 accelerate 加速 preserve 保护 [答案]A 3.He will be put into prison if there is ________ evidence to prove his guilt A.brilliant B.horrible C.effective

D. ample [解析]ample 充足的 brilliant 辉煌的 horrible 可怕的 effective 有效的 [答案]D 4.It was only later that we realized the true ________ of his remark A.analysis B.category C.significance D . relief [ 解 析 ]significance 意 义 analysis 分 析

category 范畴 relief 欣慰 [答案]C 5. could have finished it on schedule but ________ he He fell behind A.anyway B.somehow C.somewhat D . anyhow

[解析]somehow 不知怎么地 anyway 无论如何 somewhat 有点 anyhow 无论如何 [答案]B 6.We must seize this opportunity and take proper measures to ________ the growth of our economy A.accelerate B.applaud C.overlook D. accumulate [解

析]accelerate 加速 applaud 喝彩 overlook 忽视 accumulate 积累 [答案]A 7. 2012·湖北八 校联考一 The pioneers who settled in the west in the 1860s had to handle ________ living condition and severe weather A.primitive B.sensitive C.unique

D. fundamental [解析]primitive 原始的简陋的句意在十九世纪六十年代定居在西部的先 锋 们 不 得 不 处 理 简 陋 的 生 活 条 件 和 严 峻 的 天 气 sensitive 敏 感 的 unique 独 特 的 fundamental 基本的 [答案]A 8.Someone who is suffering from sunstroke feels ________ and has a high temperature A.specific B.ample C.dizzy D.valid [解

析]dizzy 晕眩的 specific 具体的 ample 充分的 valid 有效的 [答案]C 9. had a headache and He went to the chemists to get something for his pain________ A.affection C.outcome B.relief

D.exit [解析]relief 减轻 affection 喜爱 outcome 结果 exit 出口

[答案]B 10.Many parents opposed the ________ of the classes into different sets A.division B.accuracy C.mess D. patent [解析]division 分划分 accuracy 准确性 mess 杂乱

patent 专利 [答案]A Ⅱ短语填空 cut up keep out as well lie in wait for regardless of look ahead think of show sb around in spite of pull out 1.Kelly loved her husband ________ the fact that he drank too much 2.________we must expect some changes to be made in our system of government 3.If you come to London for a visit I will________ 4.She frequently ________ Sophiethe child she lost during the war 5.The project became so expensive that we had to______ 6. The club welcomes all new members ______ age and sex 7. ________ the meat She on her plate 8.The robbers were ______ me as I came out of the bank 9.Were going to the cinema tonightwhy dont you come along________ 10.The notice hanging on the front wall is meant to ________the unwanted visitors especially at working hours 答案 1.in spite of 2Looking ahead 3show you around 4thinks of 5pull out 6regardless of 7cut up 8lying in waiting for 9as well 10keep out Ⅲ单词拼写 1.________ 假定 that the news report is

true what should we do next 2.A reward has been offered for information that leads to the________ 逮捕 the________ 选择 of the murderer 3.If you dont like the company lunch you have of bringing your own 4. Sorry to________ 打断 you but I need to ask you

some questions 5.References to places of battle were________ 删除 from soldiers letters during the war 6.Sunshine fresh air and lots of rest often________ 加速 a persons recovery from sickness 7.After another glass of whisky Mr White began to feel a little________ 晕眩 的 . 8. audience warmly________ 鼓掌欢迎 when the performance came to an end 9. The He could have arrived on time but________ 不知怎么地 he was late 10.The old lady still has very________ 敏锐的 3alternative 4interrupt hearing though she is eighty years old 答案 1.Assuming 2arrest 5deleted 6accelerate 7dizzy 8applauded 9somehow 10acute

温 示 提 馨 请做课时作业 40 课时作业·堂堂清

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合测试八 点击进入 即境活用 5 The robber was________by the police A.arrested B.rested C.arranged D.announced [解析]arrest 逮捕 rest 休息

arrange 安排 announce 宣布 [答案]A 6.preserve vt 保持保存保藏 n 禁猎地 She managed to preserve her sense of humour despite everything 她不管遇到什么都竭力保持幽默感 The fishing in this stretch of the river is strictly preserved 此段河流严禁外人捕鱼 preserve ones eyesight 保护视力 preserve the peace 维护和平 preserve order 维持秩序 preserve the lives of the passengers 保护乘客生命 即境活用 6 A society was set up to________the old customs from dying out in this area A.reserve B.preserve C.observe D . deserve

[解析]preserve 保护符合句意 reserve 预订 observe 观察 deserve 值得 [答案]B 7.identify vt 确认证明鉴别出 Can you identify your umbrella among these umbrellas 你能在这些伞中认出 你的那一把吗 She identified the man as her attacker 她认出那个男人就是袭击过她的那个人 identify sbsth as sbsth 确认 鉴别出 某人 某物 identify sthwith sth 认为某人或某物等同于 即境活用 7 He was so far away that I________him as my former student A.identified B.proved C.supposed D.suggested [解析]identify 辨别出符合句意

prove 证实 suppose 认为 suggest 建议 [答案]A 8. significance n. 意义意思重大意义重要性 Few people realized the significance of the discovery 很少有人意识到这一发现的重要性 It is a matter of great significance 这是一个非常重要的问题 be of great significance 非常重要 significant adj 有意义的意味深长的重要的重大的 significantly adv 有重大意义地显著地意味 深长地 即境活用 8 This new policy is of great________to the education in poor rural areas A.significance B.accuracy C.satisfaction D.direction [解析]significance

意义符合句意 accuracy 准确 satisfaction 满意 direction 方向指导 [答案]A 即境活用 9 2012· 沈阳二中月考 If he is determined to do a good thing Guo Mingyi known for his generosity in assisting poor people will do so ________ what others say A.in spite of terms of C.in consequence of B . in

D.regardless of [解析]regardless of 不管句意以慷慨帮助穷

人闻名的郭名义如果下决心做好事就会做不管别人说什么 in spite of 尽管 in terms of 就而 言 in consequence of 由于 [答案]D 2.cut up 切碎割碎使伤心 His mother has to cut up all his food for him 他母亲不得不为他将所有的食物切碎 She still seems very cut up about it 她似 乎仍为那件事感到十分伤心 即境活用 10 Owing to the heavy stormthe water and electricity B.cut off C.cut up D . cut through [ 解

supply were________ A.cut out

析]cut off 切断 cut out 切去 cut up 切碎 cut through 剪掉 [答案]B 3.be fed up with 受够了 吃得过饱厌烦 Well Im fed up with all the attention and 我很厌烦有这么多人在关注我而且 I am fed up with the lecture 我受够了这个演讲 思维拓展 feedonwith 用来喂 feedto 把喂给 feed on=live on 牛马等 吃东西以为食 即境活用 11 cant it be sunny for a change A.fed up to Im really________this weatherwhy B.fed on C.fed to

D. up with [解析]be fed up with 厌烦 [答案]D 4. fed look ahead 向前看为将来打算 If only she had looked ahead and planned better 她要是早有预见计划得更好些就好了 思维拓展 look up 仰视查阅 look up to sb 尊敬某人 look into 调查 look over 浏览 look through 翻阅查找 看穿 look forward to 盼望期待 look down upon 瞧不起 look out 当心小心 look back on 回顾

look onuponas 把看作 即境活用 12 life A.look ahead

You should________and keep up a positive attitude to D . look out [ 解 析 ]look

B.look up C.look back

ahead 为将来打算 look up 查找抬头看 look back 回顾 look out 当心 [答案]A 5.date back to 追溯到远在年代 Collecting exotic plants as they are called dates back to the earliest times 收集 所谓的外国植物要追溯到很久以前 This church dates back to 1173 这所教堂是在 1173 年建 成的 即境活用 13 This bridge________Zhou Dynasty A.dates back to B . comes

back to C.looks forward to

D.looks up to [解析]date back to 追溯到 [答案]A

6.show sb around 领某人到处转转 Please show the lady out of the building 请把这位太太送 出去 Our trained guides will show you around the museum 我们这些训练有素的导游会带你 们参观博物馆 showin 带或领某人进来 showout 带或领某人出去 show sb around 领某人参 观某地 show off 炫耀 show up 出现来到某处揭露显得好看 be on show 在展出 14 Tom didnt________at the party as we expected A.show out C.show around 即境活用 up

B . show

D.show off [解析]show up 出现符合句意 show out 送出 show around

带领某人参观 show off 炫耀 [答案]B If only I had more time to think about this suggestion 我 要是有更多的时间去考虑这个建议就好了 If only I had followed the doctors advice 要是我听 从了医生的建议该多好啊 If only we could have the opportunity to work in Tibet next year 我 们明年要是有机会去西藏工作就好了 即境活用 15 Did you meet with the famous space hero Yang Liwei ________I had come here earlier A.If only B.If not C.But for

D.For fear [解析]if only 要是就好了 [答案]A I tore the box only to discover that some of the parts were missing 我撕开盒子却发现有些零件不见了 The police hurried to the spot only to find that the damaged car had been taken away 警察急忙赶到现场结果发现被毁的汽 车已被人拖走 系列丛书 列丛书 进入导航 进入导航 高三总复习 · 人教版 · 英语湖北专用 系

高三总复习 ·人教版 ·英语湖北专用 课 时 作 业

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作 诵 读 考 点 锁 定

单元综合测试 课 堂 双 基 作 佳 诵 读

2009· 山东 假设你是李华曾在美国学习半年现已回国你想联系你的美国老师 Mr Smith 但没 有其联系方式请根据以下要点给你的美国同学 Tom 写一封信 1.感谢 Tom 对你英语学习的 帮助 2.询问 Mr Smith 的近况并索要其联系方式 3.邀请 Tom 在春节期间来中国感受中国 文 化 注 意 1 . 词 数 120 - 150 2 . 可 适 当 增 加 细 节

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________ 点 考 锁 定 Ⅰ重点词汇 1.________n.可能的选择 adj 供选择的其他的 2.________vt vi 打断讲话→_____n.打断打岔 3.________adj 有观察力 的敏锐的严重的深刻的 4.________vt 假定设想→________n.设想假设 5.________n.意 义 意 思 重 要 性 重 要 意 义 6 . ________adv 以 方 式 不 知 怎 么 地 7 . ________vt 删 删 除 8.________n.学院学会学术团体院校 9.________vi vt 鼓掌欢迎赞赏→________n.<a name=baidusnap0></a>掌声</B> 10.________vi vt 加速促进 11.________vt 逮捕吸引 n 逮 捕拘留 12.________n.挨饿饿死→________vi 挨饿饿死 13.________n.精确准确→ ______adj 准 确 的 精 确 的 14 . ________adj 凌 乱 的 脏 的 → ________n . 凌 乱 脏 答 案 1 . alternative 6somehow 2interruptinterruption 8 . academy 3acute 4assumeassumption 10accelerate 5significance 11arrest


9applaudapplause 14messymess

12 . starvationstarve


Ⅱ 短 语 回 顾

1.regardless________不管不顾 2.________most 最多→at________至少 3.cut________ 切碎 4.be fed up________受够了饱受厌烦 5.look________向前看为将来打算 6.be skilful________在方面熟练有技巧 7.________back to 追溯到→date________追溯到 答案 1.of 2atleast 3up 4with 5ahead 6in 7datefrom Ⅲ句式填空 1.It wasisthatwho 强 调句式 You must be aware that________ 就是在这儿 we found evidence of some of the earliest people who lived in this part of the world 2.if only 意为要是就好了句中要用虚拟语气 ________ 要是 it could be just like last year 3.had donewhen when 引导时间状语从句表这时 She________ 就要到达 her destination________ 这时 a delicious smell arrested her progress and she stopped 4.only to do 不定式短语在句中作结果状语强调意想不到的结果 Abruptly she sat down________ 结果被抱起 by her laughing shouting sister Luna 答案 1.its here that 2If only 3had almost reached when 4only to be scooped up 频 高 考 点 There was no alternative but to close the road until February 别无选择必须把道路封闭至 2 月份 The store offers a wide choice of fruits and vegetables 商店提供许多可供选择的水果和蔬菜 Parents should be careful in their selection of the movies their young children see 家长们为孩子挑选电 影时应小心谨慎 即境活用 1 The manager said that they had an______plan if the plan they had submitted was not accepted A.appropriate B.alternative C.approximate

D. anxious [解析]alternative 可选择的 appropriate 合适的 approximate 大约 anxious 焦虑的 [答案]B 即境活用 2 Dont ________me while I am speaking on the phone A. interrupt

B.disturb C.bother bother 烦扰 trouble 麻烦 [答案]A 即境活用 3

D.trouble [解析]interrupt 打断 disturb 扰乱 From the appearance of their dead son the

parents________that their son was abused in the Ring Network Center 戒 网 中 心 . A.announced B.doubted C.assumed D . declared [ 解

析]assume 认为假定 doubt 怀疑 announce 宣布 declare 声明 [答案]C 4. messy adj 凌乱的脏 的 Your illness makes a mess of my holiday plans 你的这场病把我的假期计划打乱了 He spent all day just messing about 他整天只是混日子 be in a mess 杂乱无章 make a mess of 把搞得一 塌糊涂 get sb into a mess 使某人陷入狼狈处境 mess aroundabout 混日子浪费时间 mess up 搞乱搞糟 即境活用 4 What a ________room You must put away the things A.messy B.clear C.clean D. neat [解析]messy 凌乱的句意多么凌乱的房间啊

你必须把东西收起来 [答案]A 5. arrest vt 逮捕吸引 n 逮捕拘留 He was arrested for possession of illegal drugs 他因私藏非法毒品而被捕 The bright light arrested the babys attention 明亮的 灯光吸引了婴儿的注意力 arrest sb for 因逮捕某人 under arrest 被捕拘留 place sb under arrest 逮捕某人 arrest ones attention 吸引某人的注意力

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