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Key to Exercises (Units 1-8)

Unit 1
IPart II Vocabulary

I. 1.

1) arguments 3) sequence 5) tedious 7) reputation 9) off and on

2) put ... down 4) rigid 6) hold back 8) distribute 10) vivid

11) associate ... with 12) congratulations 13) finally 14) turn in/turn out 15) tackle 2. 1) George has been assigned to the newspaper's Paris office. 2) There is a possibility that his wish to become a writer will come true. 3) She had a clear image of how she would look in twenty years' time. 4) When the officer gave the command the soldiers opened fire. 5) As long as people keep buying bikes we'll keep turning them out. 3. 1) Mr. Green is very dull as a lecturer. He's rigid and old fashioned, and doesn't seem to have the faintest idea of how to inspire. I always get bored with / by his lectures. 2) Alan's essays are long and tedious to read. What's more, his arguments are often based on out of date ideas. 3) I was pleasantly surprised at my ability to compose an essay that the professor chose to read to the class. It was without doubt one of the happiest moments in my school career, but I did my best to avoid showing pleasure. When the professor offered me his congratulations, however, I could hardly hold back a smile. II. Synonyms in Context 1. composed 3. agony 5. recall 7. was violating III. Collocation 1. at 3. of 5. as 7. to 8. in, in 9. from10. on/upon 2. for 4. with 6. about

2. severe 4. extraordinary 6. command 8. anticipate

Structure 1. 1) Russell Baker is reported to live today with his wife in Virginia. 2) They are said to be building another bridge across the river. 3) Only a few students in Mr. Parker's composition class are said to have really captured the essence of the essay. 4) Those love poems were believed to have been composed by an English poet of the sixteenth century. 2. 1) as you suggested 2) as I told you to

3) exactly as I was 4) as you have described them to me Comprehensive Exercises

I. Cloze
(A) 1. hold back 3. tedious 5. recall 7. arguments 9. turn out/turn in (B) 1. that 3. black 5. at 7. different 9. On 11. answer 13. wrong 15. Thus 2. 4. 6. 8. 10. 2. 4. 6. 8. 1 0. 1 2. 1 congratulations scanned vivid off and on career after kids/children for/of So she assignment/boo k proved

4. myself 1 6.

II. Translation Susan lost her legs because of / in a car accident. For a time, she didn't know how to face

Appendix I

- 93 -

up to the fact that she would never ( be able to) walk again. One day, while scanning (through ) books, a true story caught her eye/she was attracted by a true story. It gave a vivid description of how a disabled girl became a writer. Greatly inspired. Susan made up her mind to read as much as she could, and what's more, she wanted to write stories about her own childhood. Susan began to feel that she, too, would finally be able to lead a useful life.

Part III TextB
Comprehension Check l.b 3. c 5.b Translation (参见 Appendix HI) Language Practice 1. on purpose 3. comprises 5. assumed 7. generally 9. represent 11. voluntary 13. motioned 15. decent 2. in advance 4. adjusting to 6. think up 8. clashes 10. evil 12. in the meantime 14. 2. a 4. c 6. c

Unit 2
Vocabulary I. 1. 1) absolutely 3) every now and then 5) destination 7) mostly 9) right away 11) or something 13) went by 15) keep in touch 2) available 4)are urging/urged 6) know ... by heart 8) hangs out 10) reunion 12) practically 14) going ahead

2. 1) It seemed that his failure in the examination was still on his mind. 2) He was completely choked up by the sight of his team losing in the final minutes of the game. 3) She was so lost in study that she forgot to have dinner. 4) Something has come up and I am afraid I won't be able to accomplish the project on time. 5) The cost of equipping the new hospital was estimated at $2 million. 3. 1) A couple of flights at Pudong Airport were postponed this morning because of the awful weather. It is estimated that over one thousand passengers were held up. 2) My professor assigned me some reference books on computers to read. Unfortunately they are not available in our school library. I am kind of worried about it. 3) Michael is not much of a teacher. He often skips from one subject to another so it is difficult for his students to follow him. Besides he just lets them go ahead with exercises without making sure they have understood what they are expected to do.

II. Collocation
1. to 3. at 5. in 7. on 2. for 4. from 6. to 8. with


III. Usage 1. more or less 3. Something 5. more or less

2. kind of/sort of 4. kind of/sort of 6. or something

1. 1) may/might as well watch 2) may/might as well pour out 3) may/might as well walk 4) may/might as well buy 2. 1) She looks as if she is worried about it. 2) It smells as if it is fresh. 3) It sounds as if it is Chinese. 4) It feels as if it is made of silk.

Comprehensive Exercises
I. Cloze (A) 1. choked up 3. practically 5. correspondence 7. destination 9. Mostly 11. absolutely (B) 1. how 3. but 5. to 7. reply/answer 9. asking 11.touch 13. pieces 15. check 2. awful 4. neighborhood 6. available 8. reunion 10. postponing

2. himself 4. So 6. long 8. from 10. when 12. for 14. go 16. out


II. Translation It is not easy to keep in touch with friends when they are far away. This is certainly true in my case. It has been a couple of years since I left my old neighborhood and all the friends I had there. I've been meaning to write to them but something or other comes up and I just don't seem to find the time. Now I have kind of lost touch with them. They are always on my mind, however, and I think I will certainly make an effort to keep up correspondence with them in future.

Part III Text B
Comprehension Check

3. a 5. c 7. d Translation (参见 Appendix III) language Practice 1. stuff 3. dragging 5. get rid of 7. was peering/peered 9. swung 11. extent 13. draw on 15. Worse still

2. b 4. d 6. d

2. uneasy 4. highlight 6. despair 8.soaked 10. in good shape 12. rescue 14. let... down

Unit 3
Vocabulary 1 ? 1) inquired 2) brief 3) 4) cut...off in terms of 5) 6) anyway tend 7) 8) moreover 9) precise 10) in the form of 11 grasped 12) initiative ) 13 sufficient 14) fit into ) 15 convey ) 2 1) in two minds 2) Winning the match today has ensured their team a place in the Cup Final. 3) Susan was not informed of the reasons why she was dismissed. These 4) computer games entertain as well as educate the learner. No living thing can 5) do without air and water. The election is likely to be held in June. 3 1) The film's appeal lies in not only the entertainment it provides to the audience but also the . questions it raises about the possible contact between human beings and alien civilizations. 2) The decision on the new project is made on the basis of scientific study. The project is



- 103 -

likely to succeed despite the fact that we do not have sufficient funds at the moment. 3) True it is hard to make accurate predictions (预言), but the steady growth of the information industry ensures that this line of products will be highly profitable. II. Prefixation 1. regained 3. undersupplied 5. precondition 7. mispronounced

2. undecided 4. disabled 6. foresight 8. enrich

III. Antonyms Good Rich Dry Agree Attack Colored Long Early 2. bad poor wet differ defend colorless short late modern forget go young simple like v., n. likely trust ancient remember come old difficult dislike unlikely distrust 2) accepted 1)majority 3) increased 5) local 7) wrong 8) false 4) weaknesses 6) late

1) My income is now twice as much as I used to earn two years ago. 2) I am wearing only half as much as I usually do because of the warm weather. 3) If you had spent half as much time on your studies as your elder sister did, you could have made the honor roll. 4) I could eat/could have eaten as much again if the doctor had not told me to go on a diet. 1) As is shown by the growth rate of GDP in the last two decades, China's reform and open policy is a great success. 2) As is predicted by some newspapers, there will be a substantial cut in tax on imported cars in

- 104 -

Appendix 1

the coming year. 3) As is proved by the records, China's human rights situation has been steadily improving over the years. 4) The failure of the joint venture was not, as was assumed by outsiders, because of lack of capital, but because of poor management. Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze
(A) 1. attitude 3. informed 5. rate 7. put across 9. Hence 11. audience (B) 1. which 3. Besides 5. discoveries 7. through 9. an 11. imagine/tell 13. supply 15. make 2. 4. 6. 8. how that/which Another other 2. highly 4. bring... about 6. sufficient 8. proportion 10. ensure

10. affect 12. may 14. around 16. live

II. Translation It is hard to imagine how our forefathers could do without so many conveniences that modern technology has brought about. Back then only a small proportion of the population enjoyed some comforts. The majority didn't even have sufficient food, not to speak of/let alone the privilege of being educated. However, many people blame modern technology for the problems it has created. They want to slow down the rate of progress. But no one can put the clock back. The best we can do is to make informed decisions as to the direction in which technology is to develop.

Appendix I


Part III TextB
Comprehension Check
l.d 3. a 5. c 7. b 2. b 4. c 6. a

(参见 Appendix III)

Language Practice
1. outcome 3. yield 5. worn down 7. amount 9. proposed 11. Somehow 13. process 15. challenges 2. frustrating 4. Failure 6. conclusions 8. professional 10. evaluating 12. bulk 14. step by step

Unit 4
Part II Text A
I. 1.1) wreck 3) approaching 2) balance 4) handle

- 106 -


1 6) have worked out 8) passed away 10) do with 12) cleaned up

5) discard 7) Above all 9) diet 11) confidence

13) property 14) weekly 15) amuse 2. 1) Efforts to look for survivors were abandoned after it had been/was determined that all people in the sunken ship had died. 2) I was amazed that Bob left a well-paid job to travel around the world. 3) Her request for a loan has been turned down by many a bank as her business is small and she could provide no guarantee. 4) The home network system on display was found to be very helpful in freeing people from trivial housework. 5) Nothing will weaken our determination to modernize our country in the shortest possible time. 3.1) You can spend hours wandering around the department stores, leisurely inspecting the items for sale, or hunting for some antiques along the sidewalks, where you'll most likely be amazed by the variety of things on display. 2) The local government encourages laid-off workers to learn another trade and become skilled workers. Besides, it has done a lot to help solve their financial troubles by creating reemployment opportunities and by providing business startup loans. 3) For years, the farmer had built up a reputation for kindness by calling on his needy neighbors and trying to be helpful. He was very much respected in the neighborhood and hundreds attended his funeral when he passed away. II. Confusable Words 1. 1) personal 2. 1) sometime 2) Sometimes III. Euphemism l.d 3. h 5.g 7. b

2) personnel 3) some time 4) sometime

2. e 4. c 6. a 8 .f

Appendix 1

- 109

Structure 1.1) Every day, the kids came home from school dusty and hungry. 2) The newly-appointed director walked to his office cheerful and confident. 3) Ben hurried home, anxious to watch the football league game on TV. 4) Jenny opened the door quietly, afraid of waking the baby up. 2, 1) "... snow pretty soon," Correction: "... it's going to snow pretty soon," 2) "When winter come, you give me job clearing snow at the factory." Correction: "When winter comes, please give me the job of clearing snow at the factory." 3) "I like a buy a house." Correction: "I'd like to buy a house." 4) "Mr. Craw, I sell my house!" Correction: "Mr. Crawford, I've sold my house!" 5) "Mr. Craw, I buy a farm." Correction: "Mr. Crawford, I've bought a farm." Comprehensive Exercises
I. Cloze

(A) 1. create 3. amazed 5. away 7. loan 9. hunting
(B) 1. with 3. in 5. kids/children 7. dream 9. for 11. house 13. and

2. sponsored 4. determinatio 6. n capacity 8. character 10. send for 2. until 4. or 6. up 8. more 10. open 12. don't 14. you




II. Translation After graduating from college, Tony decided to start his own business. At the beginning, many a bank turned down his request for a loan. But he was not a bit discouraged, and continued to call on one banker after another seeking help. Impressed by his determination and optimism, one banker finally agreed to loan him the money. Now he has become a wealthy businessman. Talking about his amazing achievement, Tony puts great emphasis on the importance of creating. rather than waiting for opportunities.

Part III Text B
Comprehension Check
l.a 3. c 5. a 2. c 4. d 6. d

(参见 Appendix III)

Language Practice
1. appointed 3. hardship 5. fulfill 7. take advantage of 9. was motivated 11. afterward 13. surroundings 15. obtain 2. divorced 4. have come up with 6. opportunity 8. be threatening 10. Assure 12. sacrifice 14. soared




Unit 5
Vocabulary i. 1.1 fertile
3 5 7 9

straightens overseas slim sustained

2) reflected 4) identify 6) scheduled, scheduled 8) split 10) glow 12) delicate 14) thrust

11 grateful 13 more than a little 15 keen

2. 1 2 3 4 5 3. 1 2 3

The extent of the human body's response to a drug depends on the amount taken. Mary stopped corresponding with Henry after the death of her mother. A radio transmitter is best located at an isolated place far from cities. I was so absorbed in the game on TV that I didn't hear Martin come in. The rough surface of the basketball helps players grip the ball. During the 1880s, several black colleges were founded in the U.S. to broaden educational opportunities for black students and help them make their way in the world. Joy Warren was grateful to the five rescuers for saving her three children from the sinking car in response to her cry for help. "The food at this hotel disgusts me. Why not dine at the restaurant across the street?" "Well, we haven't reserved a table, but we'll take a chance on its not being full."

II. Usage 1. 1) frightened 2) afraid / frightened 3. 1) alive

2. 1) alike / similar 2) similar 4. 1) sleeping


Appendix 2) living


III. Word Family 1.1) disappointed 2) disappointment 3) disappointing 4) disappoint 5) disappointingly 6) disappointing Structure

2) gripped 2) asleep 4) scheduled 6) overseas 8) hesitated 2. 1) attractive 10 made my way 2) attract ) going my way 12 3) attraction 2) thought 4) attractively 5) unattractively 4) ring 6) unattractive 6) She

1. 1) Europa is one of Jupiter's four bright satellites, all named after characters in Greek mythology. 2) The woman stood over there, her graying hair pinned up under a worn hat. 3) The tourist bus rolled south, the fields it passed green with newly planted rice. 4) The principal stormed into the noisy classroom, his face black with anger. 2. 1) Please sit down for a moment, and I'll tell the manager you're here. 2) Drop a stone into a smooth lake, and the surface will be covered with circular waves moving outward from the center. 3) Bring the flowers into a warm room, and they'll soon open. 4) Arrive late once more, and you're fired.

Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze (A) 1) identifying 3) margins 5) corresponding 7) more than a little 9) grateful 11) response (B) 1) before 3) believed/thought 5) Nor/Neither

8) letter 7) did 9) that/it 11) Jenny/she 13) and 15) had 17) but II. Translation Not rich himself, Uncle Li never hesitates to help others. Previous to / Before his retirement, through Project Hope he located the addresses of two country kids who grew up in poor families but had a keen desire to study . From then on he sent them money regularly. Later the two made their way to college, and even got a chance to study overseas. They often thought of Uncle Li and kept corresponding with him. Whenever he read their letters, Uncle Li's face would broaden into a smile. He felt this to be the most sensible investment in his life. 10) the 12) could 14) with 16) table

Part III Text B
Comprehension Check
l.b 3.d 5. c 2. c 4. b 6. d

(参见 Appendix III)

Language Practice
1. identity 3. came across 5. goodness 7. hope for 9. erect 11. for sure 2. are forbidden 4. make out 6. relief 8. other than 10. clue(s) 12. is coming to an end

- 11 6 -

Appendix I 14. exchange

13. knots 15. match up to

Unit 6
I. 1.1) maintaining 3) go (very) far 5) make a deal 7) wiped out 9) convince 11) encountered 13) assessed 15) envy 2. 1) There used to be a long / long-running controversy over whether the book should be published or not. 2) Kate felt relieved after her first meeting with Tom had gone smoothly. 3) Something suddenly went wrong with my computer when I was in the middle of writing the essay. 4) It's a miracle that she survived the air crash when it brought about 109 deaths. 2) intelligent 4) has expanded 6) In the interest(s) of 8) surrounding 10) figure out 12) has cooperated 14) (had) switched



- 119 -

5) She is determined not to give in until they give her a pay rise. 3. 1) It is obvious that Sherman never thought Melati was so intelligent that she would deceive her. 2) Scientists have undertaken various kinds of original research projects to explore animal intelligence, but they still can't reach an agreement on whether it exists or not. 3) Lots of evidence convinced us/them/me/him/her that the lost ancient tunnel must have run right underneath the city, extending to the seashore. II. Confusable Words 1. firstly 3. At first 5. first 7. at first

2. first, first 4. First/Firstly 6. First 8. first

III. Usage Phrases 1. animal intelligence 2. zoo keeper 3. eye contact 4. money supply 5. killer whale 6. baby whale 7. family member 8. sea turtle

In the phrase, the attributive noun indicates: whose where through what of what what kind how old of what what kind/ where

1. 1) Scott arrived at the South Pole on January 18th, only to find that someone had got there before him. 2) They spent a lot of time negotiating for a pay increase, only to get fired. 3) I got to the theater only to find that I had left the ticket at home. 4) I went to this St. Valentine's party to have some fun only to discover that everyone there was my mother's age. 2. 1) Why pay so much for such a coat? You could have it at half of the price in the supermarket near our house. 2) The central heating system seems to have gone wrong. Why not call the repairman to check it?

- 1 20 -

Appendix I

3) Why argue with him any more? He's made up his mind not to undertake this task. 4) "I called and left a message for him several times but he never called back." "Why not try his mobile phone, then? "

Comprehensive Exercises
I. Cloze (A)
1. emergency 3. original 5. negotiates 7. intelligent 9. dominant 11. deceiving 13. judgment (B) 1. or 3. from 5. behavior 7. doesn't 9. But 11. Another 13. a 15. associate 17. food 2. evidence 4. sizing up 6. reveal 8. make a deal 10. in their interest(s) 12. controversy 14. explore 2. 4. 6. 8. How However when example

10. attention 12. that 14. every 16. when 18. Learning

II. Translation When I was young I developed a keen interest in animals. So I often visited the zoo in my home town. There what attracted me most was a couple of tigers, especially the male. They were kept in a huge iron cage at first, but later was released from it and put in a place called Tiger Hill. The hill was separated from the visitors by a very wide and deep ditch. What's more, it was also surrounded by a high iron fence along the ditch. Twenty years later, I revisited the zoo and was relieved to find the Tiger Hill was still there but greatly extended. Moving around now were six tigers, old and young, instead of two!



- 121 -

Part III Text B
Comprehension Check
l.b 3.d 5. c 2. d 4. b 6. a

(参见 Appendix III)

Language Practice
1. purchase 3. display 5. shed light on 7. typical 9. alarmed 11. pulled himself together 13. cautious 15. accompany 2. took to 4. rejected 6. magnificent 8. Nevertheless 10. exhibited/displayed 12. indicate

Unit 7
Vocabulary I. 1.1) nearby 2) signaled 3) resumed 4) spotted 5) instant 6) exploded 7) swaying 8) messing around 9) leaped 10) grabbed 11) loose 12) horror 13) punched 14) calculate 15) clear of 2. 1) The comet is visible to the naked eye as a fuzzy ball in the western sky. 2) Application papers may be sent via e-mail. 3) The city government feeds and shelters the homeless children. 4) He was warned by his brothers to keep clear of the street gang. 5) I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that the students' enthusiasm about the project has cooled down. 3. 1) He struggled with the big rock lying in the middle of the road, lifted it with all his strength.

and got it out of the way just before the train flashed by with a full load of freight. 2) Sam fell off the horse, injuring his back, twisting his left arm and scraping his knee. Fortunately, the back injury was not serious, and he recovered in two weeks. After the incident. Sam never dared to mess around with the horses on the farm again. 3) The driver pulled on the brake the instant he saw two kids jumping up and down on the road. But he knew that the car would not stop in time. In an effort to keep the car from injuring the kids, he swung left, and the car crashed into a big tree before coming to a stop. II. Usage 1. The sound of the engine became thunderous. 2. He exploded: "Why didn't you tell me earlier!" 3. The fireman sprang through the window into the room. 4. He froze when he faced the audience. 5. He stared at me in shock.

- 126 -

Appendix I

6. Every morning, the policeman on duty will see thousands of cars flash by. 7. The plane crashed into the mountainside, killing all aboard. III. Word Formation 1. possibility 3. amazement 5. widened 7. fulfillment

2. highly 4. violation 6. neighborhood 8. determination

1. 1) making 3) to ask 5) spending 7) to pay 2. 1) With Christmas only a week away 2) With his physical condition improving day by day 3) With our GDP growing steadily 4) With all the shops closed 2) to kill 4) to think 6) being spoken 8) practicing

Comprehensive Exercises
I. Cloze (A) 1. incident 3. instant 5. horror 7. grab 9. loose 11. all my strength 13. punched (B) 1. had 3. with 5. for 7. with 9. house 2. when 4. before 6. herself 8. on 10. other/older 2. leaping 4. spotted 6. calculating 8. clear of 10. reach out 12. scraped 14. internal

Appendix I 11. too 13. speak 15. come 17. When 19. of II. Translation 12. and 14. to 16. out 18. what 20. like

- 127 -

The instant the professor entered the classroom, the words on the blackboard "Welcome Back Professor" drew his attention. He had been injured in a car accident, and had had several operations in a nearby hospital. The doctor calculated his chances of survival to be no more than 10%. Now, not only had he recovered from his injury, but he was also able to resume teaching. Every student felt excited at the sight of him, and minutes passed before the class cooled down.



Comprehension Check
1. a 3. c 5. a 7. b 2. b 4. d 6. d

(#JSL Appendix III)

Language Practice
1. plunged 3. squeeze 5. hang on 7. presence 9. pressure 11.snapped 13. pray 15. up to 2. wrapped 4. shivering 6. collapsed 8. conceal 10. crushed 12. trapped 14. nowhere

Unit 8
Vocabulary 1.1) drive home 3) is functioning 5) scared 7) luxury 9) woke up 11) miracle 13) was jammed 15) humble 2. 1) The cost of electricity is likely to be seriously affected by the rise in gas prices. 2) There has been a decline in the number of people borrowing from public libraries, but book sales are rising. 3) They made a suggestion at the meeting that an assistant be appointed to help Mr. Green. 4) The local history group was astonished when they heard of/to hear of a plan to build an office building right next to the castle. 5) They had run out of water by the time they got to the camp. 3.1) Highly complex in design, the engines cost too much to produce. We simply can't compete with other companies unless we improve our engine design and reduce the cost of production. 2) Philip was very upset to find it so hard to make a living by writing in the new country. He swore that he would give up his writing career and try some other job. To his delight, he was/became much better off when he switched to teaching, and even had adequate money /means for a new car. 3) The other day my friend John and I paid a visit to the museum of fine arts in our city. The museum had recently acquired several original paintings by an American woman artist. Ignorant of art, I turned to John and asked how her works struck him. John replied that for him, her paintings/ works summed up the restless spirit of America. 2) idle 4) searched ... for 6) handful 8) ability 10) slice 12) has broken down 14) faculties



II. 1. The young man made $ 5 an hour in his summer job. 2. What made you change your mind? 3. I'm sure Jason will make a good lawyer. 4. The vet put something down the dog's throat to make it vomit. 5. The story makes interesting reading. 6. Five and five make ten. 7. On foot they can only make about 20 miles a day. 8. I don't think she'll ever really make it to the top. III. 1. 1) developing 3) development 5) developing, developed 2. 1) amazed 3) amazingly 5) amazement Structure 1. 1) With the help of a bank loan 2) Without first-hand knowledge of the Middle East 3) With support from the trade union 4) Without trying hard to build up a large vocabulary 2. 1) While I admit that there are problems 2) while reading the newspaper 3) while Jane is ready in ten minutes 4) While she is a likeable girl Comprehensive Exercises I. Cloze (A) 1. decline 3. idle 5. accumulated 7. function 9. ignorance 2. complex 4. make a living by 6. affect 8. faculties 10. compete 2) develop 4) develop 2) amazes 4) amazing

- 1 82 -



11. wake up (B) 1. half 3. during 5. from 7. Since 9. marrying 11. none 13. whom 15. if 2. ever 4. when 6. enough 8. and 10. about 12. fire 14. writing 16. sound

II. Translation This morning I heard an interesting piece of news over my portable radio: A man of 36 and his son of 10 attend the same class competing with each other for high marks. The story goes/It's like this: The man, Li Wei by name, was too idle to learn anything when young. With little education, with no useful skills, he could hardly earn an adequate living wage. His life experiences drove home to him the point that he had to acquire knowledge before he was able to accumulate wealth. So Li Wei swore that he would go to school with his son, determined to learn.

Part III

Text B

Comprehension Check l.d 3. b 5. b Translation (参见 Appendix III) Language Practice 1. solve 3. proceed 2. benefits 4. 2. b 4. c 6. a


Appendix I - 1 S3

5. What if 7. claims 9. in the first place 11. essential 13. concentrate on 15. contribute

6. focus 8. at hand 10. competent 12. ultimate 14. Effective

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