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先后次序联系:at this time; first; second; at last; next;previously; simultaneously 同时地; eventually;last but not least;to begin with;to start with;to end with;finally;seeing...由于, 因为;since then;first of all;afterwards 后来; following this; preceding 先前的 ;originally 最 初的 ultimate 最终的,极限的,根本的


因果联系:because;because of this;being that(口语)既然,因为;another important factor /reason of... ; since; as; for; in that...; owing to 由于,通常负面; due to 由于; for the reason that...;in view of 鉴于,考虑到 result from 归因于 the reason seems to be obvious; there are about... ;for this reason; as a result of this; therefore;...and so...; consequently 所 以,因此;as a result; thus 这样,如此,因而;hence 因此; so;so that...; in consequence 结果, 结果; as a consequence; accordingly 因此, 于是, 相应地; inevitably 不可避免地; under these 因此于是 upon 迫近


转折联系硕士论文:but;even so;however;though;even though;independent of;reckless of 不顾 ;despite that; in spite of that; regardless of 不顾; yet...;and yet; but unless. Nonetheless 尽管如此

4. 5.

并列联系硕士论文: and; also;too;as well as;either...,or...;both...and... 补充)递进联系硕士论文:furthermore 此外,而且;moreover 而且,此外;further 进一步地, 此外; this way ; In still; not only...but also...; not...but...; in addition (to); additionally, much more interesting, more specifically 更具体地说, next, besides; as far as... is concerned 至于; moreover 此外;in other words;on (the) one hand...在一方面,on the other hand...; even; as a saying goes...;in order to do it...; meanwhile 同时; at the same time; accordingly 因此; In the first place...,in the second place...of even greater appeal.


比较联系硕士论文: similarly; in like manner, in comparison with;when compared with; compared with;when in fact...; like...; likewise 同样地,也; similarly important; apart from (doing)...; ... rather than...,by doing so ;both…and...; in the same way; not only...but (also).


对照(不同点): yet; still; for all of that; not withstanding 虽然, 尽管; rather 当然, 的确, 宁愿, 相当; neither ... nor; although; though; but; however; something is just the other way around;yet; conversely 相反的; unlike; opposed to; as opposed to this 与不同 ; in contrast (to); by way of; the contrary; on different from this;nevertheless 然而, 不过, 虽然如此; contrary to;whereas 但是,鉴于; while;but on the other hand


举例联系硕士论文:for example; for instance 例如; in this case 既然假若这样; namely 也就 是 instance 例子实例换句话说; as you know; you may as/say; as he explains; like; such as; a case in point is 一个恰当的例子是...; consider...; in particular 尤其特别;including...; for one thing...首先,for another...;put it simply;stated roughly 粗糙地,概略地; as an illustration, I will say...; a good example (of...; detail this, would like to...; It is interesting to I to note that...;in this situation; as proof; take the case of; take as example(something); as for; as regards; as to; according to; on this occasion.


强调联系硕士论文: fact; especially; in particularly 特别, 尤其; moreover(此外); naturally; what is more important; reality 事实上; certainly; of course; indeed; in particular; to mention...; in not believe it or not;undeniably(无可置疑); other thing being equal;it is certain/sure that...;to be strict; to be true; definition; definitely 明确地, by 肯定地; undoubtedly; without a doubt; in truth, in any event(不论怎样); without reservation(毫无保留地); obviously, not only.. 条件联系硕士 论文: if; unless; lest; provided that; it is the case; this sense; if in once...; possible; necessary; if if if so;if not all; if anything.

10. 归纳总结类: in a word / in sum / in short 因此,所以 / hence 因此,今后 11. 地点联系硕士论文:beyond; opposite to; adjacent 邻近 to; at the same place; there; over; in the middle; around; in front of; in the distance; farther; here and there; above; below; at the right; between; on this side. 12. 目的联系硕士论文:with this object 无证; for this purpose; in order that; in this way, since; so that; on that account 由于。。缘故; incase 万一; with a view to 考虑到; for the same reason. 。 13. 重申联系硕士论文:in other words; that is to say; as I have said; again; once again. 14. 结 果 联 系 硕 士 论 文 : accordingly; thus; consequently( 因 此 ); hence; therefore; thereupon; inevitably; under these conditions; as a result; as a consequence; because; because of; so that; not only...but(also...); so... as to. 15. 顺序联系硕士论文:first; second; thirdly; next; then; at the outset(在开始时),following this; at this time; now; at this point; after; afterward 后来; after this; subsequently 后来; lastly 最终; finally; consequently 所以,因此; before this; previously; preceding this; simultaneously 同时地; concurrently(同时发生的) 16. 时间联系硕士论文:at once; immediately; at length 终于,最后; in the mean time 同时; meanwhile; at the same time; in the end; then; soon; not long after; later; at once; at last; finally; some time ago; at present; all of a sudden 突然; from this time on; from time to time; since then; when; whenever; next point; a few minutes later; formerly; as; once; since; occasionally 偶然地; in a moment; shortly 立刻; whereupon 于是,因此; previously 今后 17. 特 殊 引 导 词 : the minute, the moment, the second, every time, the day , the instant, immediately ,directly, no sooner … than, hardly …when, scarcely … when 倒装 18. 地点状语以句常用引导词:where 特殊引导词:Wherever, anywhere, everywhere 特殊引导词:seeing that, now that, in

19. 理由状语以句常用引导词:because, since, as, for that, considering that, given that. 20. 目的状语以句常用引导词:so that, in order that in the hope that, for the purpose that, to the end that

特殊引导词:lest, in case, for fear that,

21. 结果状语以句常用引导词:so … that, such … that, that, to the extent that, to such a degree that, 程度 22. 条 件 状 语 以 句 常 用 引 导 词 : if, unless,

特殊引导词:such that, to the degree

特 殊 引 导 词 : as/so long as, only if,

providing/provided that, supposing that, in case that, on condition that 23. 让步状语以句常用引导词:though, although, even if, even though while, whatever, whoever, wherever, whenever, however, whichever 24. 比较状语以句常用引导词:as(同级比较), than(不同程度的比较) more … the more … ; just as …, so…; A is to B what /as X is to Y; no … 25. 方式状语以句常用引导词:as, as if, how 特殊引导词:the way 特殊引导词:the 特殊引导词: as(用在

让步状语以句中必须要倒装), while ( 一般用在句首 ), matter …, in spite of the fact that, no

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