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新视野第二版读写教程第一册UNIT2 SECTION A

Unit 2
Section A

Part I.
? Part One consists of the first four paragraphs. ? In this part we can find Sandy and her father had different tastes for music. ? Here we have the first problem or conflict between the daughter and her father.

Part II.
? Part Two is only one paragraph, Paragraph 5, a transitional paragraph. ? In this paragraph we can find that Sandy was pretty annoyed by her father.

Part III.
? Part Three contains fifteen paragraphs, from Paragraph 6 to Paragraph 20. ? There is a clear time marker: after her shower, which was followed by direct and brief conversation exchanges between Sandy and her mother.

Part IV.
? Part Four is made up of eight paragraphs, form Paragraph 21 to Paragraph 28. ? There is a clear time marker: after sandy had left for school. ? There have been some differences between them, especially about the music Sandy listened to .

Part V.
? Part Five is the last paragraph, Paragraph 29. ? The time marker is : as Jane Finch drove to work. ? The mother was thinking about how to talk to her daughter. She wanted to protect her daughter while giving her the freedom to find her own identity.

? concern

New Words

n. ① 担心;忧虑 eg. The doctor expressed concern about her health.

关心的事;担心的事 eg. The manager’s only concern was how to improve the quality of their products.


? vt. ① 使担心;使忧虑 concern oneself with/in/about sth. 忙于某事;关心某事 eg. There’s no need to concern yourself with this matter; we’ re dealing with it. 你不用管这事了,我们正在处理。 be concerned about/ for sth. 担心… that… . eg.我们都为她的安全担忧。 We’re all concerned for her safety

so/ as far as…is concerned 就…来说

② 涉及;有关 be concerned with 和……有关;涉及 eg. This film is concerned with love. be concerned in sth. 与某事有牵连或负有 责任。 eg. There was no evidence that he was concerned in any criminal activities. 没有证据表明他与任何犯罪活动有牵连。

concerned adj. 担心的;挂念的;有关的 concerning prep. 关于;有关

? blast eg. The village was blasted by the enemy. a blast of wind /hot air

burst: vi 冲;闯;突然发生
? burst into→ a house ↘ tears laughter thunderous applause song ? burst out→ of the room ↘crying /laughing

? stuff n. 东西 eg. What’s this sticky stuff on the floor? vt. 填;塞 eg. He stuffed the shoes with newspaper.

? thorough adj. 全面的;彻底的 ≠through 通过 eg. Give the room a thorough cleaning. thoroughly adv. eg. The work had not been done very thoroughly. He’s a thoroughly nice person.

? makeup n. 化妆品 (cosmetics) wear→ makeup (自己)化妆 put on↗ eg. She never wears makeup. make sb. up 给某人化妆 eg. They made him up as an old man.


祝 酒 Toast , 干 杯

Let’s toast our friendship! I’d like to propose a toast to the health of the guests.

? bug vt. 打扰,使烦恼 eg. What’s bugging you? n.

将窃听器装在(房间、 电话里);窃听(谈话等)

? Pierce vt.穿孔,打眼

eg. She had her ears pierced so that she could wear earrings. (光,声等)透入,进入(某处) eg. A sudden light pierced the darkness. 突然一束光线划破黑暗。 A loud scream pierced the silence. 一声响亮的尖叫划破了宁静。 n. piercing [C] 刺穿的孔

? Bolt vi. 奔;窜 eg. When the police arrived, the burglars bolted. n. (门或窗的)插销,闩

? a bolt from/out of the blue 晴天霹雳;意外事件 eg. The news was (like) a bolt from the blue. 这消息犹如晴天霹雳。

? upset
up + set
上 下→七上八下→不适的;心烦的;苦恼的 (adj.) eg. The noise made me upset.

vt. (upset, upset) eg. The news upset him a great deal. 这消息使他心烦意乱。 Don’t upset your stomach by eating too much rich food. 别吃太多的油腻食物,那会使你的胃不舒服。 ② to knock something over accidentally (不小心)打翻,弄翻(某物) eg. I upset a bottle of milk on the floor.

Knots in one’s stomach

a knot of people Knots of people

? tune n. ①曲调,旋律 eg. There is many a good tune played on an old fiddle. ②和谐,协调 in tune with 与……协调,和谐,融洽 out of tune 走调 out of tune with 与……不协调,不融洽, 脱节 eg. His ideas are in tune with the times. feel out of tune with one’s surroundings, companions.

vt. 为(乐器)调音;调(音);调整 tune a guitar tune in (to sth.) 收听或收看(某节目) eg. He tuned in to the BBC World Service. 他收听了英国广播公司对外广播节目。 Tune in next week at the same time. 请在下周同一时间继续收听。

? tuneless: 不成调的;不悦耳的 eg. He gave a tuneless hum. 他不成调地乱哼。
? tuneful: 曲调优美的

? Offend
v. ①cause (sb.) to feel upset or angry; hurt the feelings of (sb.) 触怒,冒犯,得罪(某人);伤(某人的)感情 be offended

with sb.
by/at sth.


eg.她被那些涉及个人隐私的问题惹恼了。 She was offended by the personal questions. ② cause displeasure to sb. / sth. 使(某人)不快;使(某物)不 适 eg. The building really offends the eye. (looks very ugly)

? offensive
① very rude or insulting and likely to upset people 冒犯的;得罪人的;使人恼怒的 +to sb. offensive remarks/behavior/manner无礼的言语/行为/态度 ② very unpleasant 讨厌的;令人作呕的 eg. an offensive smell The noise is offensive to the ear. n. aggressive action, campaign or attitude; attack 进攻的行动;进攻;攻势;攻击 go on/take the offensive: 开始进攻;采取攻势 eg. Launch a fierce offensive against the enemy position 向敌人阵地发起猛烈进攻。 In meetings she always takes the offensive before she can be criticized. 在会上她不等别人批评她而总是先发制人。

? Offence/offense n.进攻;得罪;冒 (BrE) (AmE) 犯;引起反感的 事物;罪行

? appeal vi.
① appeal to sb. 对某人有吸引力,使某人感兴趣 eg. Does the painting appeal to you? 你喜欢这幅画吗? eg. Does the idea of working abroad appeal to you? 你对出国工作感兴趣吗? ② appeal to sb. (to do sth.) 恳请;呼吁 (for sth.) eg. The government is appealing to everyone to save water. 政府正呼吁大家节约用水。 ③ appeal to arms/force/law/reason 诉诸武力 /法律/理性

? rid adj. 摆脱……的 vt. (rid, rid) 使摆脱;使去掉 get rid of 摆脱;除去;丢弃;扔掉
rid sb./sth. of…使……摆脱…… rid the area of poverty rid clothes of cooking smells

rid oneself of sth. 使自己摆脱某物 eg. He determined to rid himself of the bad habits. 他决心改掉坏习惯。

? Influence n./ vt. 影响;作用
eg. The Internet has a strong influence on people. have/exert/exercise an influence on 对……有/施加影响 under the influence of 在……的影响下 influential adj. 有影响力的;有权势的 n. 有影响力的人;有权势的人

? influence


influence 指通过劝导、榜样示范或行为对别人的行动、
思想、性格等产生不易觉察的、潜移默化 的影响。 eg. Parents have great influence on their children. Affect ①特指对别人的感情或心情造成影响。 eg. The news did not affect her at all. ②外界因素施加的物质的、具体的、比较直接的 (消极)影响。 eg. Smoking affects health. The entire country was affected by drought.

? Patience have patience with 对……有耐心 lose patience with 对……失去耐心 out of patience with 忍受不了 patient adj.有耐心的 n. 病人 impatient inpatient

cast anchor 抛锚

可以依靠 的人或物

依靠;靠山; 精神支柱

Religion is his anchor. 宗教信仰是他的精神支柱。

weigh anchor 起锚

at anchor 停泊着

along with
? ? together with 一起,一道 Along with hundreds of others, she lost her job when the factory closed. 工厂倒闭,她和其他几百名工人 一起失去了工作。 ? The mother was saved from the fire along with her baby. 母亲和婴儿 都被从火中救了出来。

turn off
? stop using a piece of equipment by moving a switch 关闭 ? Please turn all the lights off as you leave the building; we can't afford to waste power. 离开时请将所有的灯关掉, 我们浪费不起电。 ? She turned off the water, dried herself, and dressed in jeans and a shirt. 她把水关掉,擦干身上的水,然后 穿上牛仔裤和衬衫。

burst into
? 1. enter a place suddenly 闯入 ? She burst into the manager's office and demanded to speak to him. ? 她冲入经理办公室,要求当面跟他说话。 ? 2. start suddenly 突然开始 ? She burst into laughter. ? 她突然笑了起来。

over and over
? again and again; repeatedly 一再,反复 ? Read the word over and over until you can say it correctly. 一遍一遍地读这个单词,直到 你读对了为止。

reach for
? move one's hand or arm in order to touch or hold sth. 伸 手去摸;伸手去取 ? There was a noise outside, so Bill reached for his flashlight. 比尔听到外面的声响,便伸手 去拿手电筒。

turn up
? increase the amount of heat, sound, etc. by moving a switch 调大,开大 ? He turned the heat up because it was very cold inside the house. ? 他把暖气开大了点,因为屋里非常 冷。

turn down
? reduce the amount of heat, sound, etc. by moving a switch 调小,开小 ? She could not bear the music and turned down the volume. 她受不了这种音乐,于是把音 量关小了。

as well as
? in addition to 除...之外;和 ? Flowers are chosen for their scent as well as their look. ? 选花既要闻其香,又要观其色。

turn on
? cause water, gas, etc. to flow or equipment to operate 打开 开关 ? Please turn on the light for me; it's getting dark. ? 天黑了,请给我开开灯。

as usual
? in the way that happens most of the time 像往常一样,照例 ? As usual, they'd left the children at home with the babysitter. ? 像往常一样,他们将孩子留在 家里由保姆看管。

in peace and quiet
? calmly; in a peaceful state 平静地
? I'm tired—can't you just leave me in peace and quiet? ? 我累了,你不能让我静一静吗

wake up
? ? ? ? (cause to) stop sleeping (使)醒来 Wake up, Jimmy, it's 8: 00. 醒醒,吉米,八点钟了! I'll wake you up when it's time to leave. 到了走的时候我会叫醒你。

make one's blood boil
? make sb. angry 使某人生气 ? Her tuneless music made her father's blood boil. ? 她那难听的音乐使她父亲很生 气。

get rid of
? 1. free oneself from sth. unwanted or unpleasant 摆脱;除去 ? I've tried all sorts of medicines to get rid of this cold. ? 为了治好感冒,我已经试了各种药物。 ? 2. throw away or destroy sth. that one does not want 丢弃;扔掉 ? We're moving, so we have to get rid of a lot of our old furniture. ? 我们要搬家,不得不扔掉很多旧家具。

knots in one's stomach
? an unpleasant tight feeling 紧 张,不安 ? She had knots in her stomach before meeting his parents for the first time. ? 她第一次见他的父母时感到紧 张。

in any case
? no matter what happens 无论 如何;不管怎样 ? I don't understand why you're against it. In any case, I'm going to try. ? 我不明白为什么你不同意,无 论如何我要试一试。

talk sth. over
? talk about sth. thoroughly and seriously, esp. in order to settle a problem or reach a decision 商议;讨论

? She wanted me to go to her office to talk things over. ? 她要我到她办公室把事情谈清楚。

Language Point 1
? The radio clicked on. Rock music blasted forth. (Para. 1) ? Meaning: As soon as the radio started with a short, sharp sound, rock music began playing loudly.

Language Point 2
? Like a shot, the music woke Sandy. (Para. 1) ? Meaning: Sandy heard the music and woke up as if startled by a gunshot. ? Please notice that these three words -"click", "blast" and "shot"- in the first three sentences are used to suggest a sense of suddenness.

Language Point
? Sandy sang along with the words as she lay listening to her favorite radio station. (Para. 1) ? Meaning: Sandy followed the words of the song although she was still in bed, listening to her favorite radio station.

Language Point
? ... turn that music off! (Para. 2) ? Means: ... stop that music!

Language Point 4
? Steve Finch burst into her room. (Para. 2) ? Meaning: Steve Finch rushed into her room without knocking or warning her in advance.

Language Point 5
? Why do you have to listen to such horrible stuff? (Para.2) ? Meaning: Why do you have to listen to such bad music?

Language Point 7
? I can't stand it. (Para. 4) ? Meaning: It is too much for me to bear.

Language Point 8
? Then she grabbed the soap and washed thoroughly, including her hair. (Para. 5) ? Meaning: Then she took the soap suddenly and washed herself all over, including her hair.

Language Point 9
? It isn't healthy to eat standing up. (Para. 7) ? Meaning: It isn't good for your health if you have your breakfast while standing up.

a piece of toast
? 一片烤面包 ? Similar expressions: a piece of cake 一块蛋糕 a piece of wood 一块木头 a piece of luck 一件幸运的事 a piece of cloth 一块布 a piece of gum 一片口香糖

Language Point 10
? I'll brush my teeth when I'm done. (Para. 12) ? Meaning: I'll brush my teeth when I have finished my breakfast.

Language Point 11
? It's disgusting. (Para. 13) ? Meaning: It's bad, and I don't like it.

Language Point 12
? Stop bugging me. (Para. 16) Meaning: Stop bothering me.

Language Point 13
? Sandy Finch, you're too young to wear that much makeup. (Para. 19) ? Meaning: Sandy Finch, you're not old enough to wear so much makeup. ? Notice that the mother greeted the daughter by full name, which means the mother was very firm in her opinion and / or wanted to be sure to get her daughter's full attention.

Language Point 14
? ... and bolted out of the house. (Para. 20) ? Meaning: ... and left the house quickly.

Language Point 15
? After Sandy had left for school, Jane Finch sat down in peace and quiet to drink her coffee. (Para. 21) ? Meaning: After Sandy had left for school, Jane Finch sat down calmly to drink her coffee.

Language Point 16
? No, thanks, honey. My stomach feels upset—like its full of knots. (Para. 23) ? Meaning: No, thanks, dear. I am not feeling well in stomach. It seems full of knots. Notice that the expression "it's full of knots" may come from the idiom "knots in ones stomach", which means a tight uncomfortable feeling caused by a strong emotion such as fear or anger.

Language Point 17
? I don't think I'm old-fashioned, but hearing those tuneless, offensive lyrics repeatedly makes my blood boil. (Para. 23) ? Meaning: I don't think I am unwilling to accept new ideas, but hearing those unpleasant songs over and over makes me angry.

Language Point 18
? ... different music appeals to different ? generations... (Para. 24) ? Meaning: ... people of different age groups like different types of music...

Language Point 19
? Maybe eating breakfast will help me get rid of some of the knots in my stomach. (Para. 25) ? Meaning: Maybe eating breakfast will help me feel better.

Language Point 20
? ... that music could have a negative influence on Sandy. (Para. 27) ? Meaning: ... the music could have a bad effect on Sandy.

Language Point 21
? ... she and Sandy could still talk things over. (Para. 29) ? Meaning: ... she could still have a good discussion with Sandy about these things.

Language Point 22
? She knew she had to have patience and keep the lines of communication with her daughter open. (Para. 29) ? Meaning: She knew she had to be patient and keep communication with her daughter effective.

Language Point 23
? She wanted to be there as an anchor for her, but at the same time she would give her freedom to find her own identity. (Para. 29)

? Meaning: She wanted to be a person who can make her feel safe and supported but at the same time let her find out who she is by herself.

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