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综合教程6Unit 2 课文讲解知识点又一版

Unit 2 课文讲解知识点又一版 Paragraph 1 invention…inventor make a phone call You are wanted on the phone professional amateur expert…be expert in/be good at do well in academy n. 学院;研究院;学会;专科院校 academic research academic adj. 学术的;理论的;学院的 n.大学教师;学者 academia 学术界 academician 院士,学会会员 paragraph 2 be dumbfounded be startled stamp collecting millionaire millionairess billionaire billionairess dozens of scores of key in input/output compute genius prodigy typist…typewriter stapler staple 订书针 scanner; scanning machine duplicator; duplicating machine 复印机 fax machine stationery stationary 固定的 printer 打印机;印刷工;印花工 be aboard the plane be on board the plane go abroad at home and abroad poem poet poetics

economic boom 经济繁荣,经济腾飞 baby boom 婴儿潮;生育高峰 business boom 商业繁荣,生意兴隆 paragraph 3 inflexible column…columnist chronology 年代,年代学 balcony railing associate professor vice president edit…edition…editor chief editor a place of interest a scenic spot/resort date back to hark back to paragraph 4 in comparison with compare A to B compare A with B put forward a question represent representative on behalf of awesome quarrelsome lonesome grammarian 语法家 deconstruct reconstruct framework puerile…puerility paragraph 5 in the name of 以?的名义 the reason for… the reason why… the cause of… insane…insanity regard as consider as/to be

think of as take…as headquarters emerge…emergency stylistics…stylist linguistics…linguist bilingual one-way ticket/single ticket 单程票 + to a place return ticket; round-trip ticket 往返票+ to a place phonetics 语音学 phonology 音位学 semantics syntax anthropology sociology zoology botany ['b?t(?)n?] n. 植物学; anatomy and physiology 解刨和生理学 equator 赤道 semi-manufactured goods; semi-finished products; finished product; made-up articles; processed food minute minute run out of clicks paragraph 6 produce…production…product…productive prolific proliferate vi. 增殖;扩散;激增 vt. 使激增 fictionist…novelist playwright obstacle keep…doing keep/prevent/stop…from doing at the entrance to publishing house publisher publication garage garbage strike…struck…stricken stroke n. (游泳或划船的)划;中风; (打、击等的)一下;轻抚 vt. (用笔等)画;轻抚;敲击;划掉; (打字时)击打键盘

vi. 击球;作尾桨手,指挥划桨; (打字时)击打键盘 apoplexy ['?p?pleks?] n. [医] 中风 paralysis 麻痹;尤指(身体的局部或全部)瘫痪; 完全无力;无能为力 Paralympic Games 残奥会 Paragraph7 anonym ['?n?n?m] n. 假名;匿名者;化名 pseudonym ['sju?d?n?m] n. 笔名;假名 technique…technology…technician…technical suspend…suspension 悬,挂; 暂停;中止;(法律、政策等的)暂时失效 suspect handcuffs shackle 脚铐 arrest pumpkin napkin 餐巾纸、尿布 dumpling cabbage 白菜、卷心菜 celery 芹菜 spinach leek mushroom bamboo shoot lotus root onion garlic pepper turnip carrot 胡萝卜 cilantro 香菜 parsley 荷兰芹 cucumber sweet potato【植物】番薯,甘薯,红薯,白薯,山芋 soy sauce/soy vinegar aginomoto [?,d?in?'m?:t?] n.味精 dressing wheat flour; flour 面粉 yokel/bumpkin 乡巴佬 refrigerator. daffodil n. 水仙花

paragraph 8

have an impact on…=impact on… afflict vt. 折磨;使痛苦;使苦恼 be afflicted with==suffer from insomnia impose on Even when we are physically distant from our groups they can still impede creativity through the unconscious standards they impose on their members. 已经远离群体,他们仍然可以通过强加 于我们的无意识准则来妨碍我们的创造性。 expose… to expose oneself to Which interfaces do modules expose to the outside world? 模块向外界公开哪些接口? poll/public opinion poll densely populated ; dense population sparsely-populated=under-populated calendar 阳历 lunar calendar solar eclipse 日食 lunar eclipse galaxy solar system 水星 Mercury 金星 Venus 地球 Earth 火星 Mars 木星 Jupiter 土星 Saturn 天王星 Uranus 海王星 Neptune 冥王星 Pluto Paragraph9 exemplary, exemplify cooperate cooperative coordinate coordinate [k?u'?:dinit; k?u'?:dineit] adj. 同等级的,同样程度的,同样重要的 【数学】坐标的【语法学】并列的 coordinate sentence n. 同等重要的人(或物) 【数学】坐标 vt.

使协调,使调和;调节;整理: You must coordinate the movements of your arms and legs when swimming. 游泳时你必须使臂和腿的动作相协调。 vi.协调,协同 collateral adj. 并行的;旁系的;附属的 parallel n. 平行线;对比 vt. 使?与?平行 adj. 平行的;类似的,相同的 in parallel with 与?平行;与?同时 inverse proportion n.反比例 direct proportion 正比例 n. 正比例函数 proportional function in proportion to in inverse/direct proportion to incompact adj. 松散的,不紧密的;不细致的 incomparable heated discussion think highly of sing high praise for compliment n. 恭维;称赞;问候;致意;道贺 vt. 恭维;称赞 complement n. 补语;余角;补足物 vt. 补足,补助 object complement 宾语补足语 complimentary complementary commendatory term derogatory term ode to paragraph10 decorate decorator, decoration polish cosmetics/makeup ellipsis n. 省略符号 大括号 brace {} 中括号 bracket [ ] 小括号 Parentheses () period/full stop comma colon semicolon dash quotation mark single/double quotation mark exclamation mark question mark

converse [ken] with sb on a subject converse [kang] adj 相反的 conversation; conversational construction, constructional…constructive a bunch of flowers a herd of deer 一群鹿 a herd of gazelles 一群羚羊 a flock of birds 一群鸟 a swarm of ants 一大群蚂蚁 ; 一群蚂蚁 a huge swarm of bees 一大群蜜蜂 a swarm of locusts 一群蝗虫 paragraph11 democratic…democracy coherent 连贯的 coherence technology…technological… technique technical…technician mechanism… mechanic n. 技工,机修工 adj. 手工的 take on take up 拿起;开始从事;占据(时间,地方) take in…=absorb enthusiasm… enthusiastic energy …energetic vigor…vigorous prosperity…prosperous paragraph 12-13 trivial…triviality vital…vitality simple…simplicity…simplify modern…modernize…modernization pure…purify…purification necessary…necessity…necessitate overestimate overpass surpass vt. 超越;胜过 n. 天桥;陆桥 It is estimated that generation gap (the Communist Party of China represents the requirement to develop advanced productive forces, and orientation towards advanced culture, and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people in China) 五讲、 四美、 三热爱 five stresses, four points of beauty of mind, three aspects of love (stress on decorum, manners, hygiene, discipline and morals, beauty of mind,

language, behavior and the environment, love of the motherland, socialism and the Communist Party) 三个代表"重要思想 important thought of Three Represents ; the important thought of "Three Representatives The Communist Party of China takes Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Three Represents as its guide to action. 中国共产党以马克 思列宁主义、毛泽东思想、邓小平理论和“三个代表”重要思想作为自己的行动指南。

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