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2015-2016 学年第一学期灌南高级中学读写竞赛

试题编制:胡刚宝 本试卷分第Ⅰ卷(选择题)和


第Ⅱ卷(非选择题)两部分,共 100 分。考试时间 80 分钟。 第Ⅰ卷(选择题,共 60 分)

Part Ⅰ (20marks) Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A,B,C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context. Dad had a green comb.He bought it when he married Mum.Every night,he would hand me his 1 and say,“Good girl,help Daddy clean it,OK?” I was 2 to do it.At age five,this dull task brought me such return the comb to Dad.He would things started to grew between us. After my graduation,Dad’s business was getting back on track.On my 28th birthday,Dad came home 10 .As usual,I helped him carry his bags into his study.When I turned to leave,he 11 my comb?”I looked at him a while,then 13 12 the comb said,“Hey,would you help me and headed to the sink. It hit me then:why,as a child, Dad clean his comb was such a pleasure.That 14 the evening with Mum and me.It 15 a routine(习惯)meant Dad was home early to 7 2 .I would excitedly turn the tap 4 and brush the comb carefully.Satisfied that I’d done a good job,I would happily 5 affectionately at me and place the comb on his wallet. 6 ,which wasn’t doing so well.That was when 9 ,an uncomfortable silence Two years later,Dad started his own

.Dad didn’t come home as early and as much as he used to.Mum and I

became 8 with him for placing our family in trouble.With

happy and loving family. I passed the clean comb back to Dad.He smiled at me and 16 placed his comb on his wallet.But this time,I noticed something 17 .Dad had aged.He had wrinkles next to his eyes when he smiled, 18 his smile was still as 19 as before,the smile of a father who just wanted a good 20 for his family. 1.A.bag B.wallet C.comb D.brush 2.A.annoyed B.relieved C.ashamed D.pleased 3.A.joy B.sadness C.courage D.pain 4.A.out B.over C.in D.on 5.A.stare B.smile C.shout D.laugh 6.A.family B.business C.task D.journey 7.A.progress B.change C.improve D.form 8.A.satisfied B.delighted C.mad D.strict 9.A.time B.patience C.speed D.ease 10.A.occasionally B.early C.frequently D.rarely

11.A.sharpen 12.A.dropped 13.A.watching 14.A.find 15.A.affected 16.A.firmly 17.A.different 18.A.for 19.A.convincing

B.repair B.took B.letting B.lose B.broke B.hurriedly B.exciting B.or B.heartwarming

C.clean C.handed C.helping C.waste C.meant C.casually C.interesting C.so C.cautious

D.keep D.threw D.hearing D.spend D.supported D.carefully D.urgent D.yet D.innocent

20.A.origin B.life C.reputation D.education Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (40 marks) Directions: Read the following passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four chokes marked A. B. C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage. A Welcome to the Electronic Village to explore new ways of language teaching and learning. Electronic Village Program(Thursday,June 18,2015) Nearpod · 9:00 am to 10:00 am · Room 501 Nearpod is a software program that creates a rich context(语 境)for students to learn vocabulary. The presenter will show how to use it. Kahoot · 10:30 am to 11:30 am · Room 601 Kahoot software can be used to create grammar tests which can be graded on a network. It can provide students with instant feedback(反馈),including reports about their strengths and weaknesses. 21.Nearpod can be used to A.offer grammar tests C.help vocabulary learning . B.teach listening on-line D.gain fluency in speaking

TEO · 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm · Room 502 Our students come from different backgrounds but have the same desire to learn on-line. The presenter will use examples from his first on-line class to explain how any teacher can begin teaching on-line with TEO. Prezi · 3:30 pm to 4:20 pm · Room 602 Uses of Prezi in listening and speaking courses draw students’attention to speaking more fluently. The presenter will show how students can use Prezi to confidently present on a variety of topics,including introducing family,friends,and hobbies.

22.If you want to improve your speaking skills,you can go to . A.Room 501 B.Room 502 C.Room 601 D.Room 602 23.Which of the following can assess your grammar learning? A.Nearpod. B.Kahoot. C.TEO. D.Prezi. 24.A teacher who wants to learn on-line teaching is expected to arrive by . A.9:00 am B.10:30 am C.2:00 pm D.3:30 pm B The freezing Northeast hasn’t been a terribly fun place to spend time this winter, so when the chance came for a weekend to Sarasota, Florida, my bags were packed before you could say“sunshine”.I left for the land of warmth and vitamin C(维生素 C),thinking of beaches and orange trees. When we touched down to blue skies and warm air, I sent up a small prayer of gratefulness. Swimming pools, wine tasting, and pink sunsets(at normal evening hours, not 4 in the afternoon)filled the weekend, but the best part—particularly to my taste, dulled by months of cold-weather root vegetables—was a 7 a.m. adventure to the Sarasota farmers’market that proved to be more than worth the early wake-up call. The market, which was founded in 1979,sets up its tents every Saturday from 7 a.m.to 1 p.m., rain or shine, along North Lemon and State streets. Baskets of perfect red strawberries; the red-painted sides of the Java Dawg coffee truck; and most of all, the tomatoes: amazing, large, soft and round red tomatoes. Disappointed by many a broken, vine-ripened(蔓上成熟的)promise, I’ve refused to buy winter tomatoes for years.No matter how attractive they look in the store,once I get them home they’re unfailingly dry,hard,and tasteless.But I homed in,with uncertainty,on one particular table at the Brown’s Grove Farm’s stand,full of fresh and soft tomatoes the size of my fist.These were the real deal—and at that moment,I realized that the best part of Sarasota in winter was going to be eating things that back home in New York I wouldn’t be experiencing again for months. Delighted as I was by the tomatoes in sight,my happiness deepened when I learned that Brown’s Grove Farm is one of the suppliers for Jack Dusty,a newly opened restaurant at the Sarasota Ritz Carlton,where—luckily for me—I was planning to have dinner that very night.Without even seeing the menu,I knew I’d be ordering every tomato on it. 25.What did the author think of her winter life in New York? A.Exciting. B.Boring. C.Relaxing. D.Annoying. 26.What made the author’s getting up early worthwhile? A.Having a swim. B.Breathing in fresh air. C.Walking in the morning sun. D.Visiting a local farmers’market. 27.What can we learn about tomatoes sold in New York in winter? A.They are soft. B.They look nice. C.They taste great. D.They are juicy. 28.What was the author going to do that evening? A.Eat in a restaurant. B.Check into a hotel. C.Go to a farm. D.Buy fresh vegetables.

C In ancient Egypt,a shopkeeper discovered that he could attract customers to his shop simply by making changes to its environment.Modern businesses have been following his lead,with more tactics(策略). One tactic involves where to display the goods.For example,stores place fruits and vegetables in the first section.They know that customers who buy the healthy food first will feel happy so that they will buy more junk food(垃圾食品)later in their trip.In department stores,the women’s shoe section is generally next to the women’s cosmetics(化妆品)section:while the shop assistant is going back to find the right size shoe,bored customers are likely to wander over and find some cosmetics they might want to try later. Besides,businesses seek to appeal to customers’senses.Stores notice that the smell of baked goods encourages shopping,so they make their own bread each morning and then fan the bread smell into the store throughout the day.Music sells goods,too.Researchers in Britain found that when French music was played,sales of French wines went up. When it comes to the selling of houses,businesses also use highly rewarding tactics.They find that customers make decisions in the first few seconds upon walking in the door,and turn it into a business opportunity.A California builder designed the structure of its houses smartly.When entering the house,the customer would see the Pacific Ocean through the windows,and then the pool through an open stairway leading to the lower level.The instant view of water on both levels helped sell these $10 million houses. 29.Why do stores usually display fruits and vegetables in the first section? A.To save customers time. B.To show they are high quality foods. C.To help sell junk food. D.To sell them at discount prices. 30.According to Paragraph 3,which of the following encourages customers to buy? A.Opening the store early in the morning. B.Displaying British wines next to French ones. C.Inviting customers to play music. D.Filling the store with the smell of fresh bread. 31.What is the California builder’s story intended to prove? A.The house structure is a key factor customers consider. B.The more costly the house is,the better it sells. C.An ocean view is much to the customers’taste. D.A good first impression increases sales. 32.What is the main purpose of the passage? A.To explain how businesses turn people into their customers. B.To introduce how businesses have grown from the past. C.To report researches on customer behavior. D.To show dishonest business practices.

D What Theresa Loe is doing proves that a large farm isn’t a prerequisite for a modern grow-your-own lifestyle.On a mere 1/10 of an acre in Los Angeles,Loe and her family grow,can(装罐)and preserve much of the food they consume. Loe is a master food preserver,gardener and canning expert.She also operates a website,where she shares her tips and recipes,with the goal of demonstrating that everyone has the ability to control what’s on their plate. Loe initially went to school to become an engineer,but she quickly learned that her enthusiasm was mainly about growing and preparing her own food.“I got into cooking my own food and started growing my own herbs(香草)and foods for that fresh flavor,”she said.Engineer by day,Loe learned cooking at night school.She ultimately purchased a small piece of land with her husband and began growing their own foods. “I teach people how to live farm-fresh without a farm.”Loe said.Through her website Loe emphasizes that“anybody can do this anywhere.”Got an apartment with a balcony(阳台)?Plant some herbs.A window?Perfect spot for growing.Start with herbs,she recommends,because“they’re very forgiving.”Just a little of the herbs“can take your regular cooking to a whole new level,”she added.“I think it’s a great place to start.”Then?Try growing something from a seed,she said,like a tomato or some tea. Canning is a natural extension of the planting she does.With every planted food,Loe noted,there’s a moment when it’s bursting with its absolute peak flavor.“I try and keep it in a time capsule in a canning jar.”Loe said.“Canning for me is about knowing what’s in your food,knowing where it comes from.” In addition to being more in touch with the food she’s eating,another joy comes from passing this knowledge and this desire for good food to her children:“Influencing them and telling them your opinion on not only being careful what we eat but understanding the bigger picture,”she said,“that if we don’t take care of the earth,no one will.” 33.The underlined word“prerequisite”(Para.1)is closest in meaning to“ ”. A.list B.appropriate C.requirement D.challenge 34.Why does Loe suggest starting with herbs? A.They are used daily. B.They are easy to grow. C.They can grow very tall. D.They can be eaten uncooked. 35.According to Loe,what is the benefit of canning her planted foods? A.It can preserve their best flavor. B.It can promote her online sales. C.It can better her cooking skills. D.It can improve their nutrition. 36.What is the“the bigger picture”(Para.6)that Loe wishes her children to understand? A.The knowledge about good food. B.The way to live a grow-our-own life. C.The joy of getting in touch with foods. D.The responsibility to protect our earth. E Your house may have an effect on your figure.Experts say the way you design your home could play a role in whether you pack on the pounds or keep them off.You can make your

environment work for you instead of against you.Here are some ways to turn your home into part of your diet plan. Open the curtains and turn up the lights.Dark environments are more likely to encourage overeating,for people are often less self-conscious( 难 为 情 )when they’re in poorly lit places—and so more likely to eat lots of food .If your home doesn’t have enough window light,get more lamps and flood the place with brightness. Mind the colors.Research suggests warm colors fuel our appetites.In one study,people who ate meals in a blue room consumed 33 percent less than those in a yellow or red room.Warm colors like yellow make food appear more appetizing,while cold colors make us feel less hungry.So when it’s time to repaint,go blue. Don’t forget the clock—or the radio.People who eat slowly tend to consume about 70 fewer calories(卡路里)per meal than those who rush through their meals.Begin keeping track of the time,and try to make dinner last at least 30 minutes.And while you’re at it,actually sit down to eat.If you need some help slowing down,turn on relaxing music.It makes you less likely to rush through a meal. Downsize the dishes.Big serving bowls and plates can easily make us fat.We eat about 22 percent more when using a 12-inch plate instead of a 10-inch plate.When we choose a large spoon over a smaller one,total intake(摄入)jumps by 14 percent.And we’ll pour about 30 percent more liquid into a short,wide glass than a tall,skinny glass. 37.The text is especially helpful for those who care about . A.their home comforts B.their body shape C.house buying D.healthy diets 38.A home environment in blue can help people . A.digest food better B.reduce food taken into your body C.burn more calories D.regain their appetites 39.What are people advised to do at mealtimes? A.Eat quickly. B.Play fast music. C.Use smaller spoons. D.Turn down the lights. 40.What can be a suitable title for the text? A.Is Your House Making You Fat? B.Ways of Serving Dinner C.Effects of Self-awareness D.Is Your Home Environment Relaxing?
第Ⅱ卷(非选择题,共 40 分)

Part Ⅲ


(40 marks)

Section A (20 marks) Directions: Read the following passage. Fill in the numbered blanks by using the information from the passage Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each blank. Put a group of strangers in a room together, and they’ll probably start a conversation.“Hot today, isn’t it?” one might say.“You said it.” another replies. Why do we talk so much about the weather? When we meet new people,we don’t begin by telling them our life story. We start with small talk, a polite conversation about something like

traffic or weather. Research suggests that small talk can build new friendships. When we begin conversations with new people, we want to feel comfortable, and so do they. We use small talk to find common interests. Once we have a common interest, a friendship can begin. Small talk even helps people get hired. In order to impress at a job interview, you need to bond with the interviewer right away. Proper small talk can make that first impression get you the job. So,how can you make small talk lead to a new friendship or job? First off, find common ground. Select something around you that you share with the other person. Next, keep the conversation going. Compliment(赞美)the other person to make him or her feel comfortable, and ask questions to show interest. Third, keep eye contact(接触).When you look people in the eye, they feel you appreciate what they are saying. It makes you appear honest and builds trust. Naturally, shy people might not have enough confidence to start up conversations with strangers. Talking to someone you don’t know is not the easiest thing to do! Some experts say with more practice, small talk does get easier. Some people avoid small talk because they dislike discussing things like traffic or weather. For them, they are just too small.However,when you think about it, small talk is anything but small. In fact,it is actually a very big deal! Title Introduction (43) Small Talk:A Big(41) We are likely to make small talk when we(42) · Small talk can help people form(44) · Small talk can also help people get a(45) Advice · Find some topics(46) friendships. . meet people.

with the other person. questions. .

· Keep the talk going by making compliments and(47) · Keep eye contact in conversation to build(48) · (49) Conclusion more in order to make small talk easier. Small talk really(50) a lot to us.

Section B Writing a composition (20 marks) Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below. 51.假定你是李华。在校报英语专栏看到了学校“体育艺术文化节”的一则招募启事,请阅 读启事,并根据写作要点和写作要求写一封应征邮件。

Volunteers Wanted Our annual( 一年一次的 ) Sports and Art Festival, which will be held on December 7—31,2015,is now looking for 20 student volunteers to provide service for Talent Show, Sports, Games,Speech Contest, and English Debate. If you are interested, please send an application(申 请) email at your earliest convenience to Mr. Chen at chenlaoshi@aef.com. 写作要点: 1.表示写信意图; 2.陈述应征目的; 3.说明应征条件(性格、能力等)。 写作要求: 1.邮件词数 130 个左右; 2.开头和结尾部分已写好,不计入总词数; 3.可根据情况增加细节,使行文连贯; 4.不能使用真实姓名和班级、学校名称。 Dear Mr. Chen, I’m Li Hua , a student from Class 1,Grade 1. _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Looking forward to your reply. Yours truly, Li Hua


2015-2016 学年第一学期灌南高级中学读写竞赛 高一英语试题参考答案 2015/12/10

第Ⅰ卷(选择题,共 60 分) Part Ⅰ (20marks) 1-5 CDADB 6-10 BBCAB 11-15 CBCDC 16-20 DADBB Part Ⅱ Reading Comprehension (40 marks) 21-24 CDBC 25-28 BDBA 29-32 CDDA 33-36CBAD 37-40 BBCA 第Ⅱ卷(非选择题,共 40 分) Part Ⅲ Writing (40 marks) Section A (20 marks) 41.Deal 42.first 43.Benefits/Advantages 44.new 45.job/position/post 46.shared 47.asking/raising 48.trust 49.Practice(Practise) 50.matters/means Section B (20 marks) Dear Mr. Chen, I’m Li Hua , a student from Class 1,Grade1. I’m writing to apply for the position as a student volunteer. I really want to obtain this precious opportunity because, by offering my service, I will be able to improve my organizational ability, communication skills as well as my confidence in speaking English in public. As an outgoing girl, I get along well with my classmates. Besides, I have such a good command of English that I am elected as assistant to my English teacher. Successfully, I have lent a helping hand to her in several English activities of my class, which have been appreciated by both teachers and my classmates. I am sure that I can perfectly live up to your expectations. I will be grateful if you could give me a kind consideration. Looking forward to your reply. Yours truly, Li Hua


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