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Scenic Sports(1)

Scenic Sports


Overview of Tourism
? The distinctive features of Fujian can be described as "mountain and sea as an integrative whole; close relationship with Taiwan; distinctive folk custom; multiple religions". ? “山海一体,闽台同根,民俗奇异, 宗教多元”是福建旅游的鲜明特色。

Overview of Tourism
? Fujian has developed ten major tourism brands: the charming wonderland of Wuyi Mount, the romantic piano island of Gulang, the holy pilgrimage to Mazu, the unique danxia (Red Grit Stone) landform on water[奇 特的水上丹霞], the charm of appealing Hui`an women, the mystical Hakka , the site of glorious Gutian Meeting, the centuries-old Tanshishan Culture, the marvelous spectacle of the mysterious Baishuiyang and the magnificent coastal volcano.

Overview of Tourism
? The province has totally 4 national historic & cultural cities, 7 excellent tourism cities of China, 13 national key scenic zones, 10 national natural reserves, 19 national forest parks, 8 national geology parks, 2 national tourism & holiday zones and 85 national key cultural relics protection departments. The total area of natural reserves, forest parks and scenic zones accounts for 8% of the total land area of Fujian, and such an excellent environment help achieve the good harmony between human and nature.

wuyi mountains
? in 1996 December, fujian wuyi mountains was honored as “world cultural and natural heritage” by the un organization of science, education and culture. wuyi mountains is situated in the wuyishan city, the northern part of fujian province; ? the main site is 60km2 in acreage, the average height of peaks is about 350 meters, it is a typical rosy cloud landform; it is a place of interesting with a long history. if you take a bamboo raft trip fleeting through the river, you will get quite a view of the water and the mountain, and particularly, the raft coffin hanging on the cliff, it is a special and mysterious burial 3800 years ago.

Mountain wuyi state nature reserve
? A national-class nature reserve and the best-preserved of green lands at the same latitude on earth, the nature reserve has a forest coverage of 97.3%. Mountain Huanggang, the main peak, towers 2,158 meters above sea level. It is referred to as the Roof of East China. The 20,000-hectare primitive forest in the surroundings abounds in fauna and flora resources. ? The forest is called a window on the living things in the world, a paradise of birds, a kingdom of snakes, and a world of insects by people in the scientific community. The nature reserve became a member of UNESCO's Men and the Biosphere, and on December 1, 1999, was included in the list of World Natural and Cultural Heritages. .

Jiuqu stream
? Originating in Sanbao hill at the southern foot of the Wuyi Range, the Jiuqu Stream snails 9.5 kilometers through Xingcun Town and Mountain Wuyi Scenic Resort to form nine turns and 18 bends which extend around the hills like a floating belt around a celestial beauty

Jiuqu Stream

Great King Peak
? Great King Peak is also known as Sand Cap Rock and Heaven Pillar Peak. It sits commandingly on the north side of the mouth of the Nine-Twist Stream. Standing 530-meter high like a gigantic pillar, it greets tourists as they set out their trip. It has long been rated as “Immortal King of the Valley” among the 36 peaks of Mountain Wuyi.

Lianhua Peak
? Lianhua Peak is covered with luxuriant bamboo trees and strewn with bizarre rocks. The caves and cliffs vary in shape, and the spring water gurgles down the ravine, giving off a sound like the music from a string instrument. The peak is so named because it looks like a lotus blossom. Halfway uphill stands the Miaolian Temple in a crack. The temple has a huge rock above and cliffs below. When viewed from a distance, it seems that the temple hangs in mid-air. Inside the temple is a goldcoated statue of Kou Bing. Legend has it that Kou Bing had contacts with the deities in his dream, attained the nature of Buddhism, overcame worldly thoughts, and finally entered sainthood. The temple is a sacred place for Buddhist worshippers.

Shaibu Crag
? Shaibu Crag lies under Heavenly Tour Peak (Tianyou Peak), north of Six Crooked Stream, Clothes-Drying Rock is 400 meters high and 200 meters wide, and it divides the scenic area of Mountain Wuyi into south of the stream and north of the mountain. Due to the erosive effects of running water through the years, the rock wall is overspread with hundreds of straight slippery tracks of running water.

Shuilian cave

? Yixiantian is,a huge mass of rocks several hundred meters long and several thousand meters high.

Tianyou peak

Wuyi palace

Gulangyu Islet

Xiamen Museum
? Standing in a high place anywhere in Xiamen, you can easily find the two landmarks of Gulang Island: Sunlight Rock on the highest peak by Lujiang Harbor and Xiamen Museum (Eight Diagrams Building) overlooking Xiamen and Gulang Island. The original owner of the building-Lin Heshou, cousin of Lin Erjia, original owner of Shuzhuang Garden, set up the building in 1907.

Yu Garden
? Going along the Zhangzhou Road or Fuxin Road by the side of Bright Moon Garden, traveler will reach Yu Garden. This beautiful and peaceful garden was built in 1984 in memory of Professor Lin Qiaozhi, a medical scientist, expert of gynecology and obstetrics

Shuzhuang Garden
? Built in 1931, Shuzhuang Garden is located in the south of the island, facing the sea and against the Sunlight Rock, with tourist village in the east and the Gangzihou Beach Baths in the west ? The whole garden can be divided into two parts——Canghai Garden for sea views and Bushan Garden for hill views.

Sunlight Rock
? Sunlight Rock is also called Huang Rock (Dazzling Bright Rock), which is located on the top of Mountain Dragon Head slightly south of the island's center. ? On the top, there is a sightseeing platform, where tourists can have a panoramic view of Xiamen and Gulang islet. ? On the mountain, huge and precipitous

sunlight Rock Temple

Piano Garden
? Piano Garden is a tourist attraction, which is pervaded with a deep cultural atmosphere. It is located on Mountain Hero on the island, standing opposite to the Sunlight Rock. It consists of several different parts, all of which were named in relation with music, especially with the piano, such as Melody Square, Thinking-of-piano Square, Harmonious Music Building, Flowing Music Building, Lingering Sound Gate, etc.

Bright Moon Garden
? Bright Moon Garden is located in the southeast of the island, facing the Lujiang Harbor. The garden occupies an area of nearly 20,000 square meters. It was established in August 1985. ? The Zheng Chenggong Statue, standing between the sky and the earth, is the main structure of the garden. It is 15.7 meters in height, and is the biggest Chinese historical figure statue. On the plaza in the garden a group of bonze statues show us the historical scene of driving out the Dutch invaders out of Taiwan under the leadership of Zheng Chenggong. ? The garden forms a wonderful view combining


Zheng Chenggong's Stone Statue

Gulangyu architecture

Koxinga’s command platform
? 郑成功水操台

Mountain Gushan

Mountain gushan 鼓山
? Located in an east suburb of Fuzhou City and on the north bank of the Minjiang River, Mountain Gushan Scenic Area is 17 kilometers from the city proper. It got its name for a large rock on top of the hill which is said to give reverberations like the beating of drums during storms.The main peak has an elevation of 969 meters. The scenic area consists of five attractions, namely Mountain Gushan, Gulin, Shanxi Stream, Moxi Stream and Phoenix Pool Cloud

? Cave.Since the Song Dynasty, Mountain Gushan has been a famous scenic area, which is one of the top 10 scenic areas in Fujian Province. Famous personalities in the past dynasties have left more than 700 carved stones on the cliff, comprising a peculiar long corridor of calligraphy and art. Yongquan Temple on Gushan Mountain is 1,000 years old, has a complex of magnificent halls and towers, known as “The Mecca of Buddhism” and “The Best Buddhist Monastery in Fujian” frequented by large numbers of worshipers.

Yongquan Temple

Lin Zexu Memorial
? Lin Zexu Memorial is located at Macao Road, Fuzhou City, initiated in 1905, the 31st year of Guangxu's reign in the Qing Dynasty. ? With many stone inscriptions and statues, Lin Zexu Memorial is of primitive simplicity. In the memorial is a square stele kiosk with three bluestone steles. One is for decree;one for elegiac address and the last for epigraphy. They were all bestowed by the emperor when Lin Zexu died. In the winter of 1982, it was made Lin Zexu Memorial, which collects plentiful culture relics and data about the Opium War's background.


Mada 摇头 丸


Meizhou island

Pu tian

? Located in Putian, Fujian, Meizhou Island National Tourism & Holiday Resort is a national AAAA scenic zone and national tourism & holiday resort, about 42 kilometers from the city center of Putian and 72 sea miles from Taichung Port of Taiwan Island. ? Meizhou Island enjoys the good reputation of “Holy Land of Mazu and Pearl of Sea”. ? Meizhou Island is the famous hometown of Mazu (Peace Goddess of the Sea) and the birthplace of Mazu Culture. The Mazu Temple on Meizhou Island, praised as the “Oriental Mecca”, is the ancestral temple of over 5,000 Mazu temples dispersed over 20 countries and regions in the world. ? . When March 23 (birthday of Mazu, lunar calendar) or September 9 (the day when Mazu was raised to heaven, lunar calendar) comes, there will be numerous visiting pilgrims.

Mazu Temple
? It was the earliest Mazu Temple in the world, and enjoyed the honorific title of “Ancestral Temple”. The Ancestral Temple keeps the Mazu's gold body of Song Dynasty, the stone statue of Mazu, stone-carved royal instruction and a seal presented by an emperor of Qing Dynasty, which reveal the profound historical origin of Mazu culture.

Mazu Culture Garden

New Hall of Ancestral Temple
? A five-tiered architectural complex copied from that of Song Dynasty was built to the south of Ancestral Temple during 19982002, and it is the New Hall of Ancestral Temple. Queen of Heaven Square covering one hectare in front of the New Hall is where large-scale rites of Ancestral Temple and other grand activities are held.

The site of Shanghang Gutian Meeting

The site of Shanghang Gutian Meeting
? It was an ancestral hall built in 1848 at the end of Qing Dynasty. On Dec 28 and 29 of 1929, the ninth congress of the Fourth Red Army of CCP was held here. The site of Shanghang Gutian Meeting is a national revolutionary base scenic area, a selected national cultural relic protection unit and a base for the national patriotism education.

The site of Shanghang Gutian Meeting
? The Site of Gutian Meeting mainly include the site of Fourth Red Army's headquarters Zhongxing Hall, the site of Fourth Red Army's political department Songyin Hall, Xiecheng Store where Mao Zedong wrote “A little spark kindles a great fire”, special CPC West Fujian Committee of Shuhuai Hall, Red Army Bridge, Red Army Sentry, the site of the 1st congress of CPC West Fujian Committee Jiaoyang Wenchang Pavilion etc.

Peitian Ancient Village Building Complex
? Situated at the foot of Mountain Guanzhai in Liancheng County, Fujian Province, Peitian Ancient Village Building Complex forms a completely different architectural style from that of Earth Buildings. ? Consisting of over 30 beautiful houses with tall halls, 21 ancient ancestral temples, 6 studies, 2 ancient streetcrossing honorific archways and one 1000-meter-long ancient street, Peitian Ancient Village Building Complex is compact, in order, interspersed but harmonious, and arranged in a scientific and rational way. And it possesses the distinct characteristic of Ming & Qing architectures.

Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings
? As an AAAA-level national scenic zone and a selected national cultural relic protection unit, listed among the preparative places of World Cultural Heritage, and a miniature museum of Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings, the Folk Culture Village of Yongding Hakka Earth Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings was appraised by UNESCO as “mythological mountain village architecture that are unmatched in the world”.

Zhengcheng Building——“the prince of earth buildings”

Chengqi Building——“the king of earth buildings”

Yijing Building——“the largest square earth building”

Fuyu building

Mountain Guanzhai
? Mountain Guanzhai is a scenic zone of typical Danxia landform. With its shape just like the head of an ancient goat, and hence the name. It has been reputed as “No.1 Sight of the Upstreams of Three Rivers (Min River, Ting River and Jiulong River)” since as early as Ming Dynasty.

Shimen Lake

Zhu'an Stockade

Jiulong Lake

Mountain Qingyuan

Mountain Qingyuan
? The sight is known as “No.1 Mountain Penglai in Fujian Province” and the “Back garden of Quanzhou”. ? The most attractive site is the giant granite statue of an old gentleman, which is 5.63 meters high, 6.85 meters thick and 8.01 meters wide. it is the largest Taoist granite statue existing at present in China. ? The mountain has gathered rock calligraphies of Taoism, Confucius, Buddhism, Muslim, Muni, as well as many fine calligraphy since Tang and Song Dynasties, hence the name of “Museum of Stone Carving”.

Chongwu Ancient Town
? Chongwu Ancient Town has gained the reputation of “natural film studio” and “Beidaihe in the South”.
? It is located at Chongwu Township, the coastal jag in the east of Hui-an County.

Charm of Appealing Hui'an Women
? The formation and development of the costumes of Hui’an Women can be traced back to Ming & Qing Dynasty, and can be divided into two series of Chongwu/Shanxia and Xiaozha/Jingfeng while both of them are based on the adaptation to life and labor, strictly abide by the aesthetic perception of themselves and take "body fitting and fashionable" as their ultimate objective. ? With a perfect combination of tradition and modern times, labor and aesthetics,the costumes reveal animatedly the charming, graceful, hard-working and hardships enduring Hui’an Women in the mystical land of Hui'an

Earth buildings

Earth buildings
? There are more than 80 earth buildings widely scatted in Zhangzhou. They are world-renowned for their long history, large quantity, majestic scale, peculiar structure and unique styles, and reputed as “mythical construction in a mountainous area”. ? Constructed in 1371, the 4th year of Hongwu's reign in the Ming Dynasty, “Qiyun Building” is the earliest earth building, while the largest is “Zaitian Building” with a diameter of 94.5 meters, resulting in its fame as “super earth building”.

Hegui Building
? Hegui Building——“the tallest earth building on marsh areas” ? Built in 1732 and lying in the west of Nanjing County, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province and 45 kilometers to county seat of Nanjing, the 21.5meter high Hegui Building is the tallest earth building ever known. The name of Hegui (literally Peace & Precious) is derived from the Chinese saying of traditional virtues “Peace is the most prized value”.

Nanjing Tianluokeng Earthbuilding Group
? The square building, called Buyunlou (Cloud stepping building) stands in the middle, and surrounded by three round buildings (Ruiyun Buiding, Hechang Building and Zhenchang Building) and one elliptical building (Wenchang Building). ? Five buildings were built according to the positions of “gold, wood, water, fire, and earth”, and not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for the function of fortification.


Zhangzhou Coastal Volcano National Geology Park

Zhangzhou Coastal Volcano National Geology Park
Zhangzhou Coastal Volcano National Geology Park is unique in China. Covering an area of 100 km2, it is a typical Age 3 volcano geographical park, composed of “two mountains, two islands and three bays”.

? The geological geomorphologic terrain was formed by the central eruption of the volcano and the wind and sea erosion between 28.61 million and 15.41 million years ago, due to the movement of Himalayas. It reflects the movement of the new generation of volcanoes and the involvement of the geological structure in the west Pacific Ocean

? A batch of physiognomic wonders, such as the volcano outlet in the shape of eight diagrams (for fortune telling), “plum flower pole”, the column of bubble holes, corals, fish-scale shaped stone water fall, sea eroded caves, sea eroded cliffs have been created by nature, hence the name of marine terra cotta.

Ancient Crater on Mountain Niutou

The Scenic Zone of ZhangpuLinjinyu Coastal Volcano

Baishuiyang Water Square


Baishuiyang Water Square
? Located in Pingnan and also known as Xianpa Stream, Baishuiyang Water Square is one of the Four Great Wonders of Mandarin Duck Stream. Its Ten Thousand People's Square on Water is reputed as “Scenic Masterpiece under the Sun, Riddle of the Universe

Fairies Feasting on Grains at Ding Pond

Baizhangji Water Curtain Cave

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