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新视野大学英语unit2. deep concern


Unit 2 Deep Concern




Warming up:

Do you think your parents are nagging?
If so, what do they nag about?

What do they nag about ?

Unit 2 Deep Concern

What do they nag about ?

Unit 2 Deep Concern

What do they nag about ?

What do they nag about ?
Dad, I’m practising my listening!

What do they nag about ?
It’s cold cold today .Why don’t wear lammy(棉袄)? It will make me look fat, and ruin my image!

What do they nag about ?
You can’t marry him ;he has no money! But I love him and he is potential stock.(潜力股)

Generation gap It is the lack of understanding or the differences in ideas, lifestyles and attitudes between older and younger people.

Q1, What are the differences between different generations?

different value

different tastes and dressing

different hair style

different medium for information

2, The causes of generation gap
1. The two generations live in different periods.

Parents and children have different views and values.
2. Parents are busy with work. Parents rarely spend time chatting or communicating with children. Children are unwilling to communicate with parents.

3. Parents ask children to be absolutely obedient to them.

3. How to bridge the gap?

? Stand in the other’s shoes ? Give each other chances of understanding and making mistakes ? Be forgiving and considerate ? Talk freely and equally

3. How to bridge the gap?

spend more time to stay with the children.

“Attention "to the child please don't " shut” children “关注”孩子请不要“关住”孩子

Unit 2 Deep Concern

3. How to bridge the gap? Children:

show enough respect for parents when exchanging feelings with them

The key to narrowing the gap is: com m unica ting ba se d on m utua l unde rsta nding a nd conside ra tion . 建立在相互理解和关心基础上的交流

Try to put these into Chinese
1. We never know the love of the parents until we 1.不养儿不知父母恩。 become parents ourselves.
2. is a skeleton in every house. 2.There 家家有一本难念的经。 3. a wise father that knows his own child. 3.It’s 知子莫如父。


Text study

Paras. 1-3: Q1: What woke up Sandy? Rock music woke Sandy up (para.1) Q2:Why did Mr. Finch shout at his daughter? He didn’t like the music his daughter listened to. He thought it was a horrible stuff. (para.2) Q3:Did Sandy agree with her father? No, she liked the music (para.3)

1.[U] 担心,忧虑(concern for/about/over sb/sth) The doctor expressed serious concern about her health. 医生对她的健康表示担忧。
2. [C] 关心的事;担心的事 These are the concerns of the poor people. 这些是穷人所关心的问题。

? concern


1. 使担心,使忧虑 What concerns the experts most is the increasing level of pollution in our cities. 令专家最为担忧的是城市的污染日趋严重。 2. 涉及,与…有关 The story concerns two famous scientists. 下面这个故事是关于两位著名科学家的。

? click vi. 发出咔嗒声 The alarm clock is clicking. 闹钟在发出咔嗒声。 n. 咔嗒声 The front door closed with a click. 前门咔哒一声关上了。


? Blast forth 突然响起 ? blast it 真讨厌,真该死!(表示抱怨) ? Blast it, I ’ve forgotten my key! ? 真该死,我又忘了我的钥匙。


along with: together with ? I will go along with you no matter where you travel ? 无论你到哪儿旅游,我都和你一起去。 ? He, along with the teacher, comes into the classroom. ? 他和老师一起走进了教室。


Sandy sang along with the word as she lay listening to her favorite radio station.
e.g. As the teacher entered the classroom, all the students shouted “Happy Birthday” to him. I watched her as she combed her hair.


? 我跑回家时在冰上滑了一跤。 ? 当我跟他说话时,害羞的男孩子脸红了。

I slipped on the ice as I ran home. The shy boy blushed as I spoke to him.


lie lied lied lying 撒谎 lie lay lain lying 躺 lay laid laid laying 生蛋,放 Sandy sang along with the words as she lay listening to her favorite radio station. (L5) It isn’t healthy to eat standing up. (L38)

v.+ v-ing



? 躺着看电视真舒服。

? 开车打手机很危险。
? It feels so comfortable to lie watching TV. ? It is dangerous to drive making calls.


Steve Finch burst into her room. (Para. 2) burst into: ? (1) enter hurriedly or explosively冲进,闯入 ? e.g. The children burst into the room looking for toys. ? 孩子们冲进房间找玩具。 ? (2) start suddenly 突然爆发 ? e.g. She burst into laughter. ? 突然大笑了起来。

? Para.2

? ? ? ?

burst into tears 突然哭起来 burst into flames 突然着火

? 玛丽突然唱起歌来。

? Mary burst into song. ? 观众突然鼓起掌来。 ? The audience burst into applause.


Stuff ? n. sth. that one does not know the exact name. 东西 ? What is that stuff you are drinking? ? 你喝 的是啥东西? ? Vt. push sth into a place 填,塞 ? She stuffed a book into her bag.


Though it does have rhythm. ? 虽然它确实有节奏。

Does/do/did 在句中表示强调,后面加动词原形。 ? 他的确有个哥哥在英国。 ? He does have a brother in England.


— Did you see his performance (表演) last night?
did — Yes, he ___ do a good job!

— Do you think she is like her father?
does look like her father. — Yes, she ___

reach for

? 伸手去(拿,抓)
Don't wish to reach for the moon, do something practical. 别痴心妄想,做点实际的事。


他伸手去拿遥控器,按了“播放”键。 He reached for the remote control and pressed the “play” button.


turn it up

radio off turn on shower



Paras. 1-3: Q1: What woke up Sandy? Rock music woke Sandy up (para.1) Q2:Why did Mr. Finch shout at his daughter? He didn’t like the music his daughter listened to. He thought it was a horrible stuff. (para.2) Q3:Did Sandy agree with her father? No, she liked the music (para.3)


grab vt. 抓住,夺住 The little boy grabbed the woman’s bag and ran away. 小男孩抢过那个妇女的包就跑开了。 He grabbed the opportunity of a free trip to America. 他抓住机会,免费去了一趟美国。
Para. 5

After her shower, Sandy brushed her hair, put on her old, green T-shirt and some jeans Then she put on her makeup and went to the kitchen. Time markers : After, then, and

Writing Device

To write a series of actions, you’d better connect every step with time markers. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Final step At the very beginning, At first, Firstly, First of all, … Then, Second, Secondly, … And, Third, Thirdly, ... Finally, At last, Eventually, …

? As usual, she didn’t know what to have for breakfast, so she grabbed a glass of milk and ate a piece of toast while standing by the sink. ? 像往常一样,她不知道早餐应该吃什么,便 抓起一杯牛奶,站在水槽边上吃烤面包。

? disgust: n. v. 使厌恶,使作呕 ? disgusting a.令人厌恶的,令人感到恶心的 What a disgusting smell!

? disgusted a. 感到厌恶的,感到恶心的
– be disgusted at 因…而感到恶心/厌恶 – be disgusted with 讨厌…,厌恶…

I feel disgusted at this awful smell. I am disgusted with his way of speaking.
Para. 13


=bother v.打扰,使烦扰

What bugs you the most after you come to the university?
food; climate; studying methods; …



clothes √

shoes √


√ √

glasses/contact lenses (隐形眼镜)



She wears her hair long.


He wears a beard. 他留着胡子。

beard √



√ wear makeup
wear perfume

wear a smile on the face √


Sandy Finch, you’re too young to wear that much makeup. that对其后的形容词(如much)或副词进行强调修饰


It is not that cold.
我不知道你那么在乎。 I did not know you cared that much. 我喜欢他,但是并不是非常喜欢。 I like him, but not that much.

? Some have tattoos and pierced ears, and noses and tongues ? ? ? ? tattoo 纹身 Pierce v.穿洞,打眼 pierced a. 穿了洞的 Piercing n.刺穿的孔

? upset a. feeling ill, worried, or anxious 心烦的; 苦恼的;沮丧的, 不舒服的 The naughty boy made her father upset. 淘气的小男孩使他的父亲很烦恼。 vt. (upset, upset) make sb. worried, anxious, or ill 使心烦;使苦恼 The news upset him a great deal. 这消息使他非常心烦意乱。

? old-fashioned 落伍的 ? ? ? ? ? In fashion 时髦的 Mary only buys the clothes in fashion. Out of fashion 落伍的,不流行的 High heels are out of fashion in Guangdong. 高跟鞋在广东不太流行。


Use it

?讨厌的,令人不快的,冒犯的,无礼 的,攻击的 remark manner 冒犯性的话 无礼的态度


weapons 攻击性的武器



? My stomach feels upset—like it is full of knots. It is probably that awful music that wakes me up every morning. I do not think I’m old-fashioned, but hearing those tuneless, offensive lyrics repeatedly makes my blood boil. ? 我的胃很不舒服,心乱如麻。可能是那讨厌的 音乐每天早上把我吵醒的缘故。我想我还不至 于 老的落伍吧。可老是没完没了地听那毫无韵 律,令人讨厌的歌曲实在是让我生气。

? appeal


1,使喜欢,吸引(appeal to sb) 出国工作对你有吸引力吗? Does the idea of working abroad appeal to you?

2,恳请;呼吁(appeal to sb to do sth.) 政府呼吁人人节约用水。 The government is appealing to everyone to save water.


? influence
? Have a negative/ positive influence on/upon 对…有负面/正面的影响

? 金融危机给我国的经济带来了负面影响。
? The financial crisis had a negative influence on/upon our nation’s economy.



After years of waiting, I only got her negative answer. 经过几年的等待,我只等到她的拒绝。


? Concerned adj. 关心的;有关的 ? Be concerned about 关心,担心…

? Be concerned with… 涉及,与… 有关


in any case

no matter what happens

We’ve decided to go in any case.


无论如何,你最好听听你妻子的话。 In any case you had better hear what your wife has to say.


She knew she had to have patience and keep the lines of communication with her daughter open. (L. 122)

Keep+ n./pron. + a./ad./prep./v-ing/v-ed ? The coat will keep you warm. ? The illness kept her away from school for many years. ? I kept the plates in this cupboard. ? I am sorry to keep you waiting.

? ? ? ? ? ?

告诉我是什么让你一直睡不着觉啊。 Tell me what keeps you awake. 干嘛整晚一直开着电视? Why do you keep your TV on all night? 我一直把你的劝告记在心里的。 I have always kept your advice in my mind.


.… she was so glad that she and Sandy could still talk things over. She knew she had to have patience and keep the lines of communication with her daughters open. She wanted to be there as an anchor for her, but at the same time she would give her freedom to find her own identity. 令她高兴的是她和桑迪之间还可以进行交流。 他知道自己得有耐心,得保持自己同桑迪之间 的沟通渠道畅通。 她想在桑迪的身边,做她 的依靠,同时又给她寻找自我的自由。



The text shows us the generation gap between a daughter and her parents through their daily dialogues. Please find out their different attitudes towards the same items.


(Rock music blasted forth)
horrible ; the same thing over and over again; hurting ears and brain.
How did the parents react?

“I like that music .”


Having breakfast while standing by the sink.

Parents: It wasn’t healthy to eat standing up.


“I’ll brush my teeth when I’m done.”

She should brush her teeth as soon as she got up.


Wearing her old, green T-shirt and some jeans.

Parents: It was disgusting.


Sandy: Wearing her makeup (such as eyeliner).
All the girls at school did so. Some have tattoos ...

“Too young to wear that much makeup.”


1. 突然响起来 2.嘴里跟唱着歌词 3.冲进房间 4.梳理头发 5.化妆 6.画眼线 7.奔出/窜出房子 8.平静地坐下来 9. 心乱如麻 10.使某人愤怒 11.对某人有吸引力

blast forth sing along with words burst into the room brush/comb one’s hair put on/wear makeup wear eyeliner bolt out of the house sit down in peace and quiet have knots in one’s stomach make sb’s blood boil appeal to sb.


12.摆脱,抛弃 13.感到幸运
14.对· · · 产生负面影响 15.发生在某人身上

get rid of sth. feel lucky happen to sb. be concerned about sb. have a talk with sb. teenagers in trouble in any case
keep the lines of communication open

have a negative influence on/upon…

16.担心/关心某人 17.与某人谈话

20.保持沟通渠道畅通 21.是某人的依靠

be an anchor for sb.


Unit 2 Deep Concern

A mini-test
1. Think before you ___ the tap ___. Do you really need the water?
A. turn... down B. turn... off D. turn... on

C. turn... out

Reading & Writing


Unit 2 Deep Concern

2. They ___ laughter at the sight of us. A. ran into C. burst out B. burst into D. went into

3. Then Johnny reached ___ a cup to have a drink.
A. down C. for
Reading & Writing

B. out D. to



Key to exercises

III. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

appeals identity concern disgusting upset

6. influence 7. offensive 8. burst 9. stuff 10. thorough

IV. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

off/down off as on for

6.on/upon 7.to 8.over 9.in 10.of

V. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.


6.C 7.L 8.I 9.O 10.N


1. Kate saw her brother Bill. At the same time she
was getting off the school bus. Kate saw her brother Bill as she was getting off the school bus. 2. Mother was standing up from her seat. At that time she dropped her glass to the ground. As she was standing up from her seat, mother dropped the glass to the ground.


3. A policeman fired at a thief. The thief was bolting out of the house at that time.
A policeman fired at a thief as the thief was bolting out of the house.

4. Sandy ran to catch the school bus. At the same time she thought of her talk with her mother. As she ran to catch the school bus, Sandy thought of her talk with her mother. 5. The teacher entered the classroom. All the students shouted “Happy Birthday” to him. As the teacher entered the classroom, all the students should shouted “Happy Birthday” to him.

Key to exercises

VII. 1.She listened to her favorite rock music while singing along with the words.
2.She was putting on her jeans while asking me to hand her the sweater. 3.He banged the door while opening it.

4. In the bathroom she put on some makeup while looking in the mirror. 5. The schoolmaster shot an angry glance at the naughty first grader while talking with his parents.


1)当她就要关掉音乐时,她父亲冲进她的房间,朝她 喊道:“难道你就不能把音乐关小一点?”
as she was about to…

can’t you …

burst into

As she was about to turn off the music, her father burst into her room and shouted at her, “can’t you turn down the music a little bit?”

Key to exercises

Unit 2 Deep Concern

2) 酒吧的老板一直在看那个姑娘跳舞,一面却假装

while pretending not to kept doing

The owner/boss of the bar kept watching the girl dancing while pretending not to.

3) 桑迪如此喜欢摇滚音乐以至于不顾父亲反对而将

paying no attention to so much that appeal to

Rock music appealed to Sandy so much that she turned it up, paying no attention to her father’s objection.

4) 像往常一样,当他的父母不喜欢他的穿着的时候,


bug/nag sb

as usual

As usual, when his parents don’t like what he wears, they start bugging/nagging him.

5) 在会上,他们讨论了如何保持师生间的沟通渠道 畅通。
Keep open lines of communication

At the meeting they discussed how to keep the lines of communication open between teachers and students.

6) 一想到这些年幼的男孩和女孩被父母强迫沿街讨

along the street to think of make one’s blood boil

It makes my blood boil to think of these boys and girls who are forced by their parents to beg for money along the street.

X. 1-5 BBAAA 6-10 AABCB 11-15 AAACA 16-20 CBAAC


Thank You!
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