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江苏省 2018 届华冲中学高三周练 3 英语
2017. 10 第一卷(选择题,两部分,共 65 分) 第一部分 听力(共两节,满分 20 分) 第一节 (共 5 小题;每小题 1 分, 满分 5 分) 1. Why does the man like his new room? A. It is near the friends’ flats. B. It is close to the school. C. It is larger than the old one. 2. How much will the man pay for two general tickets and two student tickets? A. $30. B. $40. C. $20. 3. What do we learn about Jack? A. He worked there as a boss. B. He spoke to the boss. C. He gave orders like a boss. 4. What does the woman suggest? A. The radio batteries have been replaced. B. They should get a new radio. C. They don’t really need to hear the radio. 5.What do we learn about the woman? A. She should plan for a good dictionary. B. She can’t afford any dictionary. C. She has a better dictionary. 第二节 (共 15 小题;每小题 1 分, 满分 15 分) 听第 6 段材料,回答第 6 至 8 题。 6. What kind of color TV was the man going to buy? A. A small one. B. A big one. C. A cheap one. 7. What kind of color TV set does the woman suggest the man should buy? A. A cheap one. B. A small one. C. A big one. 8. Why does the woman give the man such a suggestion? A. It would be a waste of money. B. He might have to change it in a few years’ time. C. His sitting room is not very big. 听第 7 段材料,回答第 9 至 11 题。 9. Which language is beautiful and popular, according to the speaker? A. English. B. French. C. Portuguese. 10. What’s true about Spanish? A. It is popular in South America. B. It is popular in European countries. C. It is popular in Central Africa. 11. What determines the importance of a language? A. The number of the people who speak the language. B. The words and the structures of the language. C. The power of the country whose people speak the language. 听第 8 段材料,回答第 12 至 14 题。 12. What is the weather probably like at the weekend? A. Rainy. B. Windy. C. Sunny. 13. Where will they go? A. Mountains. B. Seashore. C. Desert. 14 What does the man ask the woman to take with her? A. A bat. B. A cat. C. A hat. 听第 9 段材料,回答第 15 至 17 题。 15. Why is the woman moving? A. To have a better job in a new place B. To find a nicer place to live in. C. To live together with her parents.

16. Where do her parents live? A. In a small village. B. In a big city. C. In a nearby country. 17. Why doesn’t the woman take her dog with her? A. She can’t take care of it. B. She thinks the dog might not be happy there. C. Her parents don’t want her to take it. 听第 10 段材料,回答第 18 至 20 题。 18. What is the total number of students at Deep Springs College? A. 17,000. B. 9,000. C. 24. 19. Which of the following is TRUE of the Deep Spring College? A. Its library is often crowded with students. B. Its school buildings are old. C. It is located in a college town. 20. What can students at Deep Springs do in their spare time? A. Watch TV. B. Go to the cinema. C. Take a walk in the desert. 第二部分: 英语知识运用 (共两节, 满分 35 分) 第一节: 单项填空 (共 15 小题; 每小题 1 分, 满分 15 分) 21.The Roman alphabet is a Greek invention, ________ is _________ marathon, a long distance race created by Greeks. A. so; the B. as; the C. so ; / D. as; / 22. Much of the money for the reconstruction of the quake-stricken town has been allocated by the government, the rest ___________ from the coming charity concerts. A. to be collected B. having been collected C. being collected D. to have been collected 23. The Nobel Prize winner is going to talk about the geography of his country, but I’d rather he __________ more on its economics. A. focus B. focused C. would focus D. had focused 24. It’s very wise of the manager to ______ experienced workers _______ green hands in the assembly line. A. substitute; for B. substitute; with C. replace; by D. replace; with 25.Although the Romans couldn’t be forced to pay taxes, they couldn’t vote _________ they agreed to ______ to the government. A. until; correspond B. when; resign C. unless; submit D. while; compromise 26.It was the middle of the night ___________ the priest knocked every door and told them about the war. A. that B. as C. which D. when 27. --- Helen is going to Manchester for further education next month. --- I am ___________ because I have to stay at home and work. A. Tickled pink B. black and blue C.green with envy D. white as a sheet 28.The Five 5-pointed stars in the Chinese National Flag ________ the importance of the number five in Chinese philosophy. A. reflect B. underline C.symbolize D. explode 29.An Introduction to Comparative Literature is a ________ course for the students majoring in Chinese language and literature. A. fundamental B. arbitrary C.concrete D. compulsory 30. It’s really annoying that my mum always ____________ my neighbour as an example of good behaviour. A. takes up B. keeps up C. picks up D. holds up 31. It is not only blind men who make such stupid mistakes. People who can see sometimes act ____________. A. just foolishly B. less foolishly C. as foolishly D.so foolishly 32. ---The hurricane __________ to reach the coast tomorrow morning. --- If so, we’d better make full preparations for it.

A. is predicting B. has predicted C. is predicted D. will be predicted 33.________ is known to all is that the old photographer, for ________ life was hard in the past, still has to work very hard. A.As; whose B. As; whom C. It; whose D. What; whom 34. “President Xi and Saudi Arabian King’s talks,” the spokesman continued, “______ to several hot issues, witness the friendship of the two countries. A. refer B. referring C.having referred D.referred 35. ---I’m sorry. I didn’t accomplish the job on time. ---That’s all right. Everyone _______ sometimes. Just finish the rest when you feel well. A. sits on the fence B. has butterflies in his stomach C. feels under the weather D. throws good money after bad 第二节:完型填空(共 20 小题,每小题1分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题 卡上将该项涂黑。 Whether you have a young son or daughter or you simply would like to shop for your favorite kid, there are many toys __36__ for you to give the kid you have in mind! The question becomes, with all this __37__ around, you'll often find yourself a little bit __38__ at what might be the right choice. When you are in such a situation, however, you should always remember that construction toys are great when it __39__ to young children, for a variety of reasons. Building toys can do excellent things for the motor reflexes(运动反射) of a young boy or girl, and the child you have in mind will be happy to __40__ toys, with which they can __41__ and create. When you are looking at young children, perhaps the first things you think of are soft toys. Although soft toys can be very __42__, building toys can help a child develop considerably faster! Many say that __43__ of sex, small children are instinctively attracted by toys that __44__ them to be builders and architects. One way to __45__ this is by purchasing a set of small wooden blocks and planks(木板) that are __46__ to a child's hands. These toys, while simple, give a child a sense of __47__ over his or her environment and can help them learn more about it as well. Though you might not __48__ see it, construction toys also make children more __49__. Think about a small child building a house with you. When the house is done, you can always ask the child who he or she thinks lives there. Many parents are a little __50__ as to how to play with their children, especially as those children get older, and you will soon see that if you have something to __51__ with, like building toys or construction sets, you will be able to form a rapport(密切关系) with them. When you are looking for toys that will both __52__ your child and improve his or her manual dexterity(灵巧), you are __53__ to see what you can find from construction toys. __54__ you might not find what you are looking for right away, take a look at the innovative toys that are offered in Europe, like the KAPLA Building Planks and CLICS. Take a look around and don't let these __55__ development years pass by without comment. This is a great time to improve your child's reflexes, so don't let them pass you both by! ( )36. A. anxious B. available C. reliable D. appropriate ( )37. A. variety B. quality C. difference D. advantage ( )38. A. disappointed B. surprised C. lost D. annoyed ( )39. A. replies B. goes C. comes D. caters ( )40. A. give up B. put away C. make out D. play with ( )41. A. build B. copy C. watch D. equip ( )42. A. interesting B. disgusting C. comforting D. amusing ( )43. A. instead B. despite C. regardless D. plenty ( )44. A. allow B. urge C. require D. prefer ( )45. A. enjoy B. admit C. avoid D. develop

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

)46. A. fixed )47. A. duty )48. A. finally )49. A. creative )50. A. satisfied )51. A. argue )52. A. challenge )53. A. forced )54. A. Unless )55. A. valuable

B. sized B. freedom B. gradually B. active B. interested B. work B. defeat B. supposed B. Until B. flexible

C. used C. belonging C. immediately C. sensitive C. impressed C. compare C. distinguish C. permitted C. While C. controversial

D. applied D. control D. continuously D. positive D. confused D. compete D. connect D. warned D. Although D. miserable

第三部分 阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 请认真阅读下列短文,从短文后各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并将答案填在 答卷上。 A Inspiring Archaeological Study Tours across the World in 2017… An Archaeological Tours getaway is an archaeology lover’s vacation like no other.We have an exciting selection of tours departing in 2017 with unsurpassed service.Here’s a small selection of what we have to offer.Also a code for you: Never allow dogs to run freely there to keep the plants and animals live in peace and get rid of rubbish properly.Be careful to bury your toilet waste and keep to the designed tracks. Guatemala & Belize Go on the trail of Mesoamerican civilizations in the lush forests,rugged foothills ,and (丘陵地带) modern cities of these fascinating sites in central America. January 6-20,2017 $6,495 Ancient Egypt From the pyramids of Giza to the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, discover the glorious splendors of ancient Egypt. February & November 2017 $5,995 Ghana,Togo & Benin Witness the meeting of thriving traditions, ancient past, and forward-looking present in incomparable West Africa. February 7-22,2017 $7,495 Central Mexico Follow the ancient civilizations of the Toltec, Aztec, Zapotec, Olmec and Mixtec across the centre of magnificent Mexio in North America. March 11-24,2017 $5,795 Malta,Sardinia & Cors ica Explore the characteristic geological environments and unique cultural and political histories of these three islands in South Europe. April 19-May 4,2017 $7,495

Iran Discover the beauty and majesty of Iran’s long-passed empires, early modern dynasties, and timeless scenery. April,September & October 2017 $7,995

56.According to the travel leaflet,visitors should tour ________. A.with calmness and curiosity B.with self-defence and honour C.with convent ion and religion D.with self-discipline and protection 57.Tom is keen on early modern dynasty while his wife enjoys Africa traditions.Which places are their best choices? A.Ancient Egypt and Central Mexico. B.Guatemala,Belize and Iran. C.Ghana,Benin,Toga and Iran. D.Malta,Sardinia and Corsica.

B Frauds(诈骗犯)play complex psychological tricks to fool others, says Colin Barras and that means anyone can be cheated unless they know what to look for. None of us likes to be cheated, and David Modic has done some researches on it. It’s the personal passion that has convinced Modic to study the psychology of cheating. He’ s not alone:the field is thriving, and the information that researchers are uncovering is valuable to us all---from those single in search of love to the technology wizards(人才) in charge of the world’s online security. Modic is particularly interested in what makes people easy to fraud. It’s common to imagine that only the foolish or poorly educated might fall victim---but even hard evidence suggests this is not the case. Take Paul Frampton, an Oxbridge educated academic professor of physics for example. In 2012 Frampton was given almost 5 years in prison for drug smuggling in Argentina, after falling victim to an online dating frauds.And then there’s John Worley. As a psychotherapist, Worley knows more than most of us about controlling life’s right ways. But in 2005 he was put on trial for bank fraud after becoming a victim of a fraud. This fraud sees people contacted by someone claiming to be a Nigerian government official appealing for help moving large sums of money out of the country — who just requires a little money upfront (预付的) to release the fortune. Worley was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison. Intelligent and experience offer no protection against cheaters,says Modic. “If it did, then better educated people and older people would be less likely to fall for scams.And that is not supported by my research.” To look for answers to that question, Modic and Frank Stajano have quizzed thousands of people,asking them first whether they think various frauds are reasonable—and whether they have fallen victim to them— before asking them to perform a personality test. The research has identified a number of characteristics that people who are victims of frauds seem to have in common.Some of these traits—like a lack of self-control— we would probably recognize as dangerous. But others—a trust in authority, a desire to act in the same way as our friends, or a tendency to act in a consistent way—we might think of as good characteristics. 58.According to the passage,the frauds may ________. A.highly threaten the world’s online security B.play their tricks in a consistent way C.receive much education of psychology D.have high intelligence to help cheating 59.Paragraph 3 mainly tells us that ________.[来源:学科网] A.who and what makes people easy to fraud B.all walks of life would be likely to fall for scams C.the poorly educated may be easier to be cheated D.government officials should be responsible for frauds 60.Modic and Frank Stajano’s researches find out that the victims ________. A.often follow friends’ actions B.also share good characteristics C.are considered to be dangerous D.shouldn’t have a trust in authority C It’s well established that people with low economic status are the hardest hit by the current obesity pandemic (肥胖症),as well as related health problems such as diabetes. Poor healthcare, stress, unhealthy lifestyles, and a lot of cheap junk food are all thought to play a role. But a new study suggests there’s a subconscious component, too. When researchers merely led study volunteers to consider themselves low-class, they were more likely to prefer, choose, and eat larger amounts of food, as well as higher-calorie foods. The findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reflect what’s been seen in a variety of animals. Thus, the

authors assume that the mental problem may be an evolutionary holdover (遗留物)intended to improve survival by compensating for a lack of social and material resources. More important for humans, the findings suggest that we may not be able to deal with obesity by just improving access to healthier foods and promoting exercise. For the study, psychology researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore drafted nearly 500 healthy participants for two experiments. In the first, the team had 101 participants complete a task in which they were shown a ladder with ten steps and told to select which step they were on relative to either a wealthy, well-educated, powerful person or a poor, uneducated, unimportant person. Next, the participants got to pick foods from an imagined buffet. Taking into account things like each participant's normal eating pattern, hunger, and gender, the researchers found that those who ranked their social status lower chose more food and more high-calorie foods than those that ranked themselves as having a higher social status. In the other experiment, researchers gave 167 participants the same socioeconomic ranking task, then asked them to match high calorie foods (pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken) and low calories foods (vegetables and fruits) with either pleasant or unpleasant descriptors, such as tasty or nasty. Again, those who landed lower on the ladder had a tendency to prefer the high-calorie food. “These findings suggest that the thought of low social standing may be critically linked to obesity risk via increased intake of calories,” the authors conclude. As such, the subjective experience of low social standing may be another barrier to improving health. 61. What does the author want to reveal in the first paragraph? A. More and more people tend to suffer from diabetes. B. Unhealthy lifestyles contribute to obesity pandemic. C. Subconscious plays a part in causing obesity pandemic. D. low-class people are less likely to be affected by diabetes. 62. What is the possible link between low-class people and animals? A. Consumption of larger amounts of food results from desire for survival. B. Low-class people and animals are easily affected by mental disabilities. C. Creatures consuming higher-calorie foods consider themselves low-class. D. humans and animals have both consumed much food during evolution. 63. How can humans deal with obesity completely according to the findings? A. By carrying out the two experiments. B. By adopting comprehensive approaches. C. By accessing large amounts of healthy foods. D. By getting involved in lots of physical exercise. 64. What does the underlined word “critically” in the last paragraph mean? A. loosely B. importantly C. closely D. relatively 65. The passage mainly intends to inform us that ____________. A. findings remain to be proved B. obesity pandemic represents risks C. low social standing ruins dignity D. positive thoughts help stay in shape D Gamblers (赌徒) at Monte Carlo are pursuing money, and most of them lose it instead, but there are other ways of pursuing money, which often succeed. So it is with happiness. Epicurus, a Greek philosopher, pursued it by living only in pleasant society and eating only dry bread for the sake of his poor health, with a little cheese on feast days. His method proved successful in his case, but something more nutritious would be needed for most people, for whom the pursuit of happiness, unless supplemented (补充)in various ways, is too abstract and theoretical to be adequate as a personal rule of life. We imagine ourselves more different from the animals than we are. Animals live on impulse (冲动),and are happy as long as external conditions are favorable. A cat will enjoy life if it has food and warmth and

opportunities for an occasional night on the roof. Your needs are more complex than those of a cat, but they still have their basis related to nature. In civilized societies, especially in English-speaking societies, this is too likely to be forgotten. People propose to themselves some topmost objective, and prevent all impulses that do not seem to serve it. A businessman may be so anxious to grow rich that he sacrifices health and private affections . When at last he has become rich, no pleasure remains to him except annoying other people by inspirations to imitate his noble example. Many rich ladies,although nature has not qualified them with any spontaneous (自发的)pleasure in literature or art, decide to be thought cultured, and spend boring hours learning the right thing to say about fashionable new books that are written to give delight, not to afford opportunities for dusty snobbism (势利). If you look around at the men and women whom you can call happy, you will see that they all have certain things in common. The most important of these things is an activity which at most gradually builds up something that you are glad to see coming into existence. Women who take an instinctive pleasure in their children can get this kind of satisfaction out of bringing up a family. Artists and authors and men of science get happiness in this way if their own work seems good to them. Also, many men devote their weekends to voluntary and unpaid labor in their gardens, and when the spring comes, they experience all the joys of having created beauty. The whole subject of happiness has, in my opinion, been treated too seriously. It had been thought that man cannot be happy without a theory of life or a religion. Perhaps those who have been led to unhappiness by a bad theory may need a better theory to help them to recovery, just as you may need a tonic (补药)when you have been ill. But when things are normal a man should be healthy without a tonic. It is the simple things that really matter. If a man delights in his wife and children, has success in work, and finds pleasure in the alternation of day and night, spring and autumn, he will be happy whatever his philosophy may be. If, on the other hand, he finds his wife faithless, his children’s noise unbearable, and the office a nightmare; if in the daytime he longs for night, and at night sighs for the light of day, then what he needs is not a new philosophy but a new lifestyle 一 a different diet, or more exercise, or what not. Man is an animal, and his happiness depends on his physiology more than he likes to think. This is a simple conclusion, but I cannot make myself disbelieve it. Unhappy businessmen, I am convinced, would increase their happiness more by walking six miles every day than by any imaginable change of philosophy. 66. What does the author think of Epicurus' way of pursuing happiness? A. It deserves wide recognition. B. It helps gamblers pursue money. C. It is suitable for a few individuals. D. It is adequate as a personal rule of life. 67. From the passage, we can learn _________ . A. humans can find pleasure without thinking too much B. animals tend to be content with basic requirements C. animals live in harmony with nature like humans D. humans should learn to avoid high expectations 68. The businessman mentioned in the passage _________ . A. succeeds in inspiring people around him B. attaches little importance to his life goal C. makes efforts to meet basic requirements D. ends up with wealth but little happiness 69. According to the passage, what do happy people have in common? A. They are good at reading some fashionable new books. B. They expect both family happiness and career success. C. They possess the spirit of sacrifice without any reward. D. They get satisfaction from their worthwhile activities. 70. What’s the author’s opinion of life philosophy? A. Philosophy shouldn’t be stressed too much in our life.

B. Philosophy plays a more important role than lifestyle. C. Philosophy will determine how happy people feel. D. Philosophy is generally based on one’s physiology.

第四部分 任务型阅读(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 请认真阅读下列短文,并根据所读内容在文章后表格中的空格里填入最恰当的单词。 注意:请将答案写在答题卷上相应题号的横线上.每个空格只填一个单词。 The worst time to look for a job is when you must have a new one immediately. Job Searching under pressure often results in nervous interviewing and decision-making from relatively few options. If you are not in need of an immediate career change, here are ways you can improve your long-term career prospects today: Identify at least two different roles. You do not have to be qualified for these positions today, nor do they have to exist in your company. However, these roles should be related to your current skill set. They are career options that look interesting. Once you have a couple of targets, think about why and what interests you. Pay close attention to what appeals to you, and write it down. This will give insight into your motivations and targets. Subscribe to a career specific magazine. Knowledge is power in the workplace. All businesses must stay relevant to their customers in order to win the competitions and increase revenue. Reading about industry trends, advancements and success stories keeps you in touch with market conditions. This information allows you to see which companies and professionals are leading the peak. You can follow their examples in your own workplace. If you associate with those that stand out from the rest, you are likely to find yourself with better opportunities. Do exceptional work. In any role, there is a way to perform at your best. Look for ways to deliver a top performance. Show up early, be flexible to new assignments, have a positive attitude, cooperate with other departments, pay attention to the little details. Be professionally curious. Talk to people about their careers. Learn more about how success is measured in other roles, departments and companies. Ask people their thoughts on different industries. Challenge yourself to expand your business knowledge through interactions with people at regular time. People hire people. You never know what connections may be relevant when you start your next job search, so develop a habit of making good connections no matter where you go. Take the time to learn about others, and be helpful when you can. As in all things in life, getting in front of a difficult task early is always less stressful than reacting to a career surprise. Changing jobs is to be expected. No matter how secure you feel today, the time will come when either you or your employer decide it is time to change.


How to Improve Your Carter Prospects Passage outline Introduction Identify at least two different roles Subscribe to a magazine on carter Supporting details ?Job searching under pressure (71) ▲ decision- making from relatively few options. ?The roles are supposed to have (72) ▲ skill set. ?Pay close attention to those things that (73) nervous interviewing and

to do with your current ▲ you.

?The relevant knowledge in the workplace can help beat the (74) ▲ working in other companies. ?Follow the examples in your field, making it (75) ▲ for you to get better chances. ? Try your best to perform at your best. ? Work early to finish new tasks with a flexible and positive attitude. ? Cooperate with other departments, not (76) ▲ little details. ? Talk about people’s careers and learn how people (77) ▲ success in other roles and fields. ? Widen your business knowledge by interacting with people on a (78) ▲ basis. ? Develop a Habit of connecting well wherever you go. ? Getting hard tasks early can be more (79) ▲ than reacting to a career surprise. ? Changing jobs may be unavoidable in your way, (80) ▲ the fact that you feel secure today.

Do exceptional work

Be professionally curious



第六部分 书面表达(满分 20 分) 请阅读下面文字及图标,并按照要求用英语写一篇 150 字左右的文章。 1.Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die life is a broken-winded bird That can never fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field From only with snow 3.Once a teacher received a paper from a boy where he described the dream of owning a 200-acrc horse ranch and a large house.He graded it with a red F,thinking it was an unrealistic dream.Though asked to change it (he boy stated,“You can keep the F and I’ll keep my dream.” Many years later,the boy made it a reality. 2.Strong belief is everything in wishing.If you don’t believe in your own power to make your wish come true,your wish will fly away,never to be seen again.If you’re wishing for something possible,then it may be possible for you to do whatever you need to make it come true.The ultimate magic is not wishing,but doing .

85% have a dream ■ 78% have a dream but give up ■ 7% have a dream and realize it

【写作内容】 1.用约 30 个单词概述上述信息的主要内容; 2.结合上述信息,简要阐述坚持梦想的重要性; 3.谈谈你的梦想 ,并分析实现梦想的必要要素(不少于两点)。 【写怍要求】 1.写作过程中不能直接引用原文语句; 2.作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称: 3.不必写标题。 【评分标准】 内容完整,语言规范,语篇连贯,词数适当。


英语答案 2017.10
一、 听力 (共 20 题, 每题 1 分;满分 20 分) 1---5 CACBA 6---10BBCBA 11---15CCBCA 16---20ABCBC

二、单选 (共 15 题;每题 1 分;满分 15 分) 21--25 BABAC 26--30 DCADD 31--35 CCDBC 三、完形填空 (共 20 小题; 每小题 1 分, 满分 20 分) 36--40BACCD 41-45 ACCAD 46-50 BDCAD 51-55 BABCA 四、阅读理解(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 56-57 DC 58-60 DBB 61-65 CABCD 66-70 CBDDA

五、 任务型阅读(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 71.causes 72.something 73.interest/attract 75.possible/probable 76.ignoring/neglecting/overlooking 77.measure 79.relaxing 80.despite 六、单词拼写(共 10 小题;每小题 0.5 分,满分 5 分) 81. dynamic 82. rated 86. compromise 87. 83. friction ambiguous 88. 84. register arbitrary 85. liberty 89. bureaucratic 90. struck 74.competitors/rivals/opponents 78.regular


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2018届高三语文周练试卷_语文_高中教育_教育专区。...。 首先是“五帝” “三王”时代历史的神话化。...宗璞随父亲冯友兰南迁,就读西南联大附属中学。当时 ...
2018届高三语文周周练2(含参考答案)_语文_高中教育_教育专区。2018 届高三语文周周练周练 2 本卷包括论述类文本阅读、文言文阅读、语言文字运用三部分,满分...
2018 届高三语文周周练周练(四) 命题人:唐玄俊 本卷包括文言文(宋史)
2018届高三语文周周练1(含参考答案)_语文_高中教育_教育专区。2018 届高三语文周周练周练 1 本卷包括论述类文本阅读、文言文阅读、语言文字运用三部分,满分...
江苏省沭阳县华冲中学2009... 11页 免费 江苏省白塔中学2009届高三... 6页...改变沿海农作物的种类和品种 3.关于海底扩张学说的说法,正确的是 A.海底扩张...
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深圳市高级中学2018届高三下学期(3.11)周练(生物)...为了监测水华的发生,可采用抽样检测法对藻类数量变化...江苏省溧水高级中学2018... 暂无评价 5页 2下载...
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届高三数学学情分析试卷 江苏省华冲中学 2012 届高三数学学情分析试卷( 一、
云南省云天化中学2018届高三地理下学期周练试题3 - 啊啊啊啊 啊啊啊 啊你 云南省云天化中学 2018 届高三地理下学期周练试题 3 性别比是指人口中男性人口与女性...
2017-2018上海市上海中学高三上学期周练英语试题(一)_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。017-2018上海市格致中学高三上学期期中考试英语试题 ...
江苏省华冲中学2012届高三数学学情分析试卷(含答案) - 孕味国际母婴用品旗舰店 http://yunweiguoji.taobao.com/ 全场满 100 元包邮 江苏省华冲中学 2...
届高三数学学情分析试卷 江苏省华冲中学 2012 届高三数学学情分析试卷( 一、