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1. It’s time to go home./to play computer games./ for school.是回家/玩电子游戏/上学的时候了。 2. Smoking is bad for your health. 抽烟不利于你的健康。 To walk is good for your health. 散步有益健康。 3. It’s kind of you to help me. 你帮助我真好心。 类似形容词有:nice/good/right/wrong/clever/foolish/polite/careless. 4. It took me half an hour to fall asleep/get to sleep last night.昨天夜里我花了半个小时才入睡。 It cost him¥1000 to buy the air ticket from Lhasa to Hohhot. 从拉萨到呼和浩特的飞机票花了他一千元。 5. She spent a lot of money on clothes. 她花很多钱买衣服。 She spent a lot of time (in) surfing. 她花很多时间玩冲浪。 He paid $10 for the book.== The book cost him $10. He bought the book for $10. 他花了 10 美元买这本书。 6. What’s the price/cost of it? ==How much is it? 它卖多少钱? ==How much does it cost? ==How much should I pay for it/spend on it? 7. You’d better put away all your clothes./go over your homework again./ read more books. (’d better = had better) 你最好把你的衣服收好/再检查一遍你的作业/多读几本书。 8. I want to know what’s wrong /the matter/the trouble with the animal? 我想知道这动物出了什么毛病? I want to know if you can tell me which is the way to ...请问您是否能告诉我去…怎么走。 9. I’d like to go there on foot./ by bus. 我愿意步行/坐公共汽车到那儿去. Would you like him to make a phone call to you? 您愿意他打电话给您么? 10. The children can’t wait to open their presents.孩子们迫不及待地打开礼物。 11. Let’s hurry so that we can get there before supper. 让我们抓紧时间这样才能在晚饭前赶到那里。 My father lives so far away that we hardly see him. 我父亲住在很远的地方所以我们难得见到他。 He walked such a long way that he felt pretty tired. 他走了这么远路,所以感到相当疲倦。 12. Tom made such a noise that his sister told him to be quiet. 汤姆太吵闹了以至他姐姐叫他安静点。 His idea was such a good one that we all agreed to use it. 他的想法是如此的好以至我们一致同意采纳它。 13. The harder you work, the higher marks you’ll get. 你学习越努力,你的成绩就越好。 The more we get together, the happier we will be. 我们相聚越多就会越快乐。 14. Don’t be late for /come late to the concert. 去听音乐会可别迟到了。 15. He enjoys reading in bed. 他躺在床上津津有味地看书。 She kept on working although she was tired. 她虽然累了,但仍然继续工作。 They are busy getting ready for the party. 他们正忙着为聚会作准备。 16. He often tells me not to play a joke on the old people. 他经常告诫我不要和老年人开玩笑。 Miss Gao told me not to be late for class. 高老师告诉我上课别迟到。 17. I heard someone shout “ Fire!” and then I heard people running and shouting. 我听到有人高喊“着火啦!”,接着我又听到人们在边跑边喊。 18. They made us play football in the rain. 他们让我们冒雨踢足球。

The medicine will make you better. 这药会使你好转。 19. The girl is too young to get married.这姑娘还太年幼还不能结婚。 He was too tired to walk any farther/further. 他太累了不能再走任何一点更远的距离。 20. He is not only(both) a writer but also(and) an actor. 他不但是一位作家,还是一位演员。 He is not only the pride of the people in Hainan ,but also the pride of people all over the world. 他不仅是海南人的骄傲也是全世界人的骄傲。 21. I prefer trains to buses. 我喜欢火车,不喜欢公共汽车。 He prefers traveling by train to sitting in a bus. 他喜欢坐火车旅行,而不喜欢坐公共汽车。 22. Neither she nor I failed the history exam. 她和我历史考试都没有不及格。 He will come back either this Sunday or Saturday. 他将于星期日或星期六回来。 The uneducated people was either unable to do it or do it badly. 未受教育的人要么不能做要么做得很差。 Either book is cheap.==Either of the two books is cheap.这两本书任何一本都是便宜的。 23. He waited until his father came back home. 他一直等到把爸爸回来为止。 The TV play didn’t start until (it was) ten o’clock last night. 昨天夜里电视剧十点钟才开始。 =It was not until ten o’clock that the TV play started. =Not until ten o’clock did the TV play start. 24. Stop making so much noise. 别这么吵闹。 We stopped (walking) to have lunch in a village pub. 我们停下来在一家乡村小酒馆吃午饭。 25. It’s dangerous (for you) to drive so fast. 你车开得这么快是危险的。 It’s impossible for him to work out this maths problem. 他解出这道数学题是不可能的。 I found it impossible to work out this maths problem.我发现他解出这道数学题是不可能的。 We find it not easy / difficult to search the Internet./get on-line. 我们发现上网不是很容易的。 26. He showed me his new suit. / He showed his new suit to me. 他向我展示他的新服装。 She bought a new dress for me. == She bought me a new dress. 她给我买了一件连衣裙。 27. What/How about having a rest? /(having) a try? 休息一会儿/尝试一下怎么样? What about going scuba diving deep into the sea.? 去深海潜水怎么样? 28. Why not make friends with him? 何不跟他交个朋友? 29. It’s better to make up your mind. 你最好下定决心。 It’s best for people to wear silk clothes in summer. 在夏季最好穿丝绸衣服。 30. Your cake is as delicious as mine. 你的蛋糕和我的蛋糕一样好吃。 He doesn’t run so / as fast as you. 他不如我跑得快。 31. He often helps me with my Chinese. 他经常帮助我学习语文。 He often helps me (to)do the homework. 他经常帮助我做家庭作业。 We must help protect the environment 我们必须帮助保护环境。 32. What do you think of the novel? 你认为这本小说怎么样? ==How do you like the novel?==How do you find the novel? 33. Don’t forget to post the letter on your way home. 别忘了在你回家的路上把这封信寄了。 Did you remember to send your mother a birthday card last week? 上星期你没有忘记给你母亲寄生日卡吧? I’ll never forget seeing the girl for the first time. 我将终生难忘初次见到那位姑娘的情景。 I’ll always remember receiving such a special present.

我会永远记得曾收到一份这样特殊的礼物。 34. We are proud of what you’ve done. 我们为你所做的感到骄傲。 We are proud of our city.==We take pride in our city. 我们为我们的城市感到自豪。 35. He was soon able to sit up and read. 他很快就能坐起来看书了。 She is still unable to read English freely now. .她现在仍然不能流畅地读英语。 You will be able to use English all over the world. 你将能在全世界范围内使用英语。 36.There is a boy swimming in the river,isn’t there? 河里有个孩子在游泳,是吗? There was no machine allowing a person to breathe under water for a long time,was there? 没有机器允许人在水下呆很长时间,是吗? There will be beautiful sunshine/heavy rain tomorrow,won’t there? 明天是大晴天/有大雨,是吗? There is something wrong with it/him,isn’t there? 他有些毛病,是吗? There is nothing serious/much wrong with it/her, is there? 她没什么大毛病,是吗? There is a book and two pens on the desk ,isn’t there? 桌上有一本书和两支钢笔,是吗? There stands a round table in the middle of the room,doesn’t there? 屋中央放着一张圆桌,是吗? There lived an old man long ago in the village,didn’t there? 很久以前村里住着一位老人,是吗? 37.It’s a pity that you didn’t come to the party. 你没来参加聚会真是个遗憾. What great fun it is swimming /to swim in the sea! 在海中游泳多有趣啊! How important it is for us to master a foreign language! 对我们来说掌握一门外语多重要啊! How lucky she was to have such a beautiful ring! 她拥有如此美丽的戒指真下于幸运啊! 38.Mother found Tom (to be) a very clever boy. 妈妈发现 Tom 是个非常聪明的孩子。 39.The coat washes well. 这个大衣很好洗。 The book sells well. 这种书很畅销。 His meat looks good and sells well. 他的肉看起来好也很畅销。 40.He was made to work ten hours a day. 他被强迫一天工作 12 小时。 He was seen to come to the museum. 他被看到进入博物馆。 41.He had his hair cut yesterday. 他昨天剪了头发。 He had his pictures taken in the park.the other day. 他前两天在公园里拍了一些自己的照片。 He had his car washed the day before yesterday. 他昨天让人洗了一下车。 42. We will leave Turfan for next week. 下周我们将离开吐蕃去西藏. Don’t leave anything behind. 不要落下任何东西。 The old man died without leaving anything to his sons.老人死后没留下任何东西给他儿子。 He left his notebook at home. 他把笔记本忘在家里了。 There is little / no time left for us.==We have little / no time left. 我们剩下没多少时间了。 Leave the door open when you go out. 当你出去时让门开着。 43. We have no time/right/chance to do sth .我们没时间/权力/机会做某事. 44. You don’t need to/needn’t buy anything if you don’t need it. 你不必买任何东西如果你不需要的话。 45. We can do nothing but wait. 除了等待我们无事可做。 We had no choice but to fight. 我们别无选择只有战斗。 46. Would/Could/Will you please (not) turn on the radio? 请你(不要)打开收音机好吗? Would you mind (not) turning on the radio? 你介意打开收音机吗?

47. What did you hit him for?==Why did you hit him? 你为什么打他? 48. Best wishes to sb for sth. 为某事祝福某人 Good luck to sb for sth. 祝某人某方面好运 Wish you a happy birthday.Wish you good luck. 祝你生日快乐。祝你好运. 49. English is a bridge to so much knowledge. 英语是通向丰富知识的桥梁。 50. Shanghai is larger than any city in . 上海比印度的任何一个城市都更大。 Shanghai is larger than any other city in . 上海比中国的任何一个其它的城市都更大。 He asked his car to be washed every day. 他要求他的车每天都被洗一下. 52.The number of the students is over 5000./ still increasing. 学生的数量已超过 5000/仍在增长。 53. He didn’t pass the ball often enough. 他没有足够频繁地传球。 He is not tall enough to reach the apples on the trees. 他不够高去够到树上的苹果。 54. Even though he studied hard, he still failed (in) the final-examination. 虽然他学习努力,但还是没通过期末考 Because there was too much traffic, he didn’t come on time. 因为交通拥挤,所以他没能准时来。 55. John is the cleverer of the two boys. 约翰是这两个男孩子中较聪明的那一个。 Lucy is the taller of the twins. 露茜是双胞胎中较高的那一个。 Mother is the busier of the parents. 妈妈是父母中较忙的那一个。 56. I can hardly think of / remember his name,can I? 我几乎不能想起他的名字,是吗? There is hardly any cloud in the sky, is there? 天空几乎万里无云,是吗? 57. I was deeply moved by the moving film “Titanic”. 我被这个令人感动的电影深深打动了。 He was amazed/surprised at the amazing/surprising colours. 他惊奇于那些令人惊奇的颜色。 Everyone was excited about the exciting news. 大家都为这个令人激动的消息而感到激动。 He became interested in the interesting stamps. 他变得对那些有趣的邮票感兴趣。 58. The teacher spoke highly of his spoken English .老师高度赞扬他的英语口语。 He always thinks more of others than of himself. 他总是关心别人甚于关心自己。 Edison thought more of a person who has one idea and makes it work than of a person who has a thousand ideas but doesn’t do anything about them.爱迪生更多的看重那种有一个想法就立即 付与行动的人而不是那一种有一千个想法却什么都不做的人。 59. Climbing Mount Tai is one of my most unforgettable experiences. 爬泰山是我最难忘的经历之一。 60. I’ll be back tomorrow if it doesn’t rain hard. 如果天不下大雨的话,我明天就回来。 Even if/though I have no money, I will still go there. 虽然我没有钱,我还是会去那儿。 61. Not all sharks are alike. 并非所有的鲨鱼都是一样相像的。 Not everyone likes sandwiches. 不是每个人都喜欢三明治。 All the students aren’t hardworking. 不是所有的学生都是勤奋努力的。 Both of my parents aren’t doctors. 我的父母不都是医生。 62. I don’t know where to go/when to leave/what to do /how to do it/which one to buy. 我不知道去哪儿/何时离开/做什么/如何做它/买哪一个。 63. He is not a thief any longer.==He is no longer a thief. 他不再是贼了。 Bethoven didn’t say any more.=Bethoven said no more. 贝多芬不再说话了。 64. It seemed to him that he didn’t enjoy himself at the party. 似乎他在聚会上玩得不开心。

It seems to rain.=It seems that it’s going to rain. 天似乎要下雨了。 She seemed (to be) rather worried. 她似乎相当着急。 65. Which sport/season do you like best/most? 你最喜欢哪种运动/哪个季节? What is your favourite food/sport? 你最喜爱的食物/运动是什么? 66. Everyone is here except Jim. 除了吉姆大家都在这儿。 Nobody but Jim came to see her. 除了吉姆没有人来看他。 Besides Jim, all the other students went there. 除了吉姆以外,所有其他学生也去那儿了。