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Unit 2 What is happiness to you? 晨背佳作·日积月累 类型:反映信 话题:校园中的乱涂和乱扔垃圾现象 典例展示 June 8,2011 Dear Mr.Headmaster, I am Li Yue,a student from Class 1,Senior Ⅱ.I am writing to draw your attention to some improper behaviour among us students:littering and scribbling.It makes our school dirty and unpleasant,and does harm to the image of our school.1I always feel ashamed whenever I see this.It is clearly not appropriate for a student to litter and scribble about.I wonder if the school could place more dustbins around and set up specific rules against such behaviour.At the same time,students should be encouraged to develop good habits and better behave themselves.I believe that,with the joint efforts of both teachers and students,our school will become a more enjoyable place in the near future.2 Thank you for your consideration. Yours faithfully, Li Yue (2011· 浙江卷) 佳句变式 范文中的划线句子可改为如下句式: 1.Not only does it make our school dirty and unpleasant,but also it does harm to the image of our school. 2....we will make our school a more enjoyable place to study in in the near future. 基础梳理·授之以渔 Ⅰ.词汇与派生 A 联想记忆法 1.junior adj.青少年的;地位(或职位、级别)低下的→be junior 比……低 2.adapt vi. & vt.(使)适应;改编→adapt 适应 3.advocate vt.拥护;支持;提倡→advocate ...提倡做…… 4.admirable adj.令人羡慕的,令人钦佩的;值得赞美的→admire sb. ...钦佩某人…… 5.entertainment n.娱乐活动;娱乐;招待,款待→ one’s entertainment 使某人愉快的是 6.assist vt.帮助,协助→come/go to one’s 来(去)帮助某人 7.maximum adj.最多的,最大的;n.最大值,最大极限→ adj.最少的,最小的;n.最小值,最小极限 8.instant adj.即食的,方便的;立刻的→ an instant 立刻→the instant...一……就…… B 构词记忆法 1.viewer n.电视观众;观看者→ n.风景;v.观看 2.specialist n.专家;专科医师→ adj.专门的 3.appreciation n.感激,感谢→ v.感激;欣赏 4.accomplish vt.完成,实现→ n.成就;成绩 5.thankful adj.感激的,感谢的→ v.感谢 6.depth n.最深处;深厚;深度→ adj.深的 7.golden adj.美好的;金色的;金的→ adj.金色的;n.金子 8.motivation n.动力,动机→ v.激励 C 语境助记法 The gymnast suffered a lot during his drill.The sufferings and hardships were unbearable, but he persisted. Fortunately, he accomplished his

dream at last. His talent in sports and outstanding skills impressed all of us.His struggle for success was admirable.In his spare time, he often assisted those who were in sorrow.His goodwill was also worthy of praise. 学情自测 A.用括号中所给词的适当形式填空 1.We need (adapt) workers who are willing to learn new skills. 2.We’re full of (admire) for all your hard work. 3.These coasts are (special) treated to be water repellent. 4.Arranging the peace talks was a remarkable (accomplish). 5.She’s very good at (motivation) her students. B.将左栏的单词和右栏的英语释义连接起来 1.advocate A.an extremely short period of time, that ends almost immediately 2.instant B.to publicly support a particular policy or way of doing things 3.maximum C.to go with sb. to a place or event 4.surround D.the largest in amount, size, or number that is allowed or possible 5.accompany E.to be all around or on all sides of someone or something Ⅱ.短语与拓展 1. good/high spirits 心情好 the spirit of the 时代精神 one’s spirits 鼓舞情绪 2. after 追求;谋求;追赶 after 追求 3.head 朝……方向(地方)行进,前往 be one’s head 神志不清 4.in a 匆忙地,急切地 in a 匆忙地 hour 高峰时间 5.be surrounded 被……包围 surround ... ...用……包围…… 6.devote ... ...专心于;致力于 be to 致力于 7.cheer 振作起来 cheer 为……加油 8. one’s relief 使某人感到轻松的是 relief 轻松地 学情自测 选词填空 (be) surrounded by, in high spirits, head for, go after, in a rush 1.Dad is today, isn’t he? 2.We’re both the same job. 3.We decided to home. 4.Sorry, I can’t stop.I’m . 5.He found himself an admiring crowd.

Ⅲ.经典课文原句 1.These people are all doing things (使他们高兴的). 2.To some, (幸福就是有家人和朋友陪伴在自己身边). 3.When I imagine my future, I (看到自己工作成功) and surrounded by my family. 4.By the time she competed in the gymnastics tournament at the New York Goodwill Games, (她已是一名体操小将)for eleven years. 5.Even though her training meant(即使她的训练意味着……)that she had to live apart from her parents,she was happy to devote herself to gymnastics. 6.A coach changed the way the equipment was set up,but (直到……时桑兰才意识到这一变化)it was too late. 7.I know I will think about how she rebuilt her life (每当我感到我的生活无法忍受的时候). 8. (特别注意这一问题的答案)will give you a better understanding of the topic. 9.I have received letters from so many people, (所有的信都表达了他们的关心). 10. (他们一到达医院),they headed directly for the doctor’s office. Ⅲ.经典课文原句 1.These people are all doing things (使他们高兴的). 2.To some, (幸福就是有家人和朋友陪伴在自己身边). 3.When I imagine my future, I (看到自己工作成功) and surrounded by my family. 4.By the time she competed in the gymnastics tournament at the New York Goodwill Games, (她已是一名体操小将)for eleven years. 5.Even though her training meant(即使她的训练意味着……)that she had to live apart from her parents,she was happy to devote herself to gymnastics. 6.A coach changed the way the equipment was set up,but (直到……时桑兰才意识到这一变化)it was too late. 7.I know I will think about how she rebuilt her life (每当我感到我的生活无法忍受的时候). 8. (特别注意这一问题的答案)will give you a better understanding of the topic. 9.I have received letters from so many people, (所有的信都表达了他们的关心). 10. (他们一到达医院),they headed directly for the doctor’s office. Ⅳ.教材与高考 (教材原句)Well, in case some of our viewers don’t know her story, can you tell us a little bit about Sang Lan and who she is? (2011· 山东,28)He had his camera ready he saw something that would make a good picture. A.even if B.if only

C.in case D.so that 命题思路 答案选 C 项。考查 in case 引导的目的状语从句。in case 意为“以防万一”,用作连词,引导目的状语从句。in case 也可用作副 词,单独使用,或构成 in case of 短语。A、D 两项虽然也可引导状语从句,但在此意思不可。 变式训练 My parents live in a small village.They always keep candles in the house there is a power cut. A.if B.unless C.in case D.so that 解析 句意为:我父母住在一个小村庄里。他们总是在家里存着蜡烛以防停电。in case 万一,以防,符合题意。 Ⅴ.单元语法自测——不定式与分词(Ⅱ) 用括号中所给词的适当形式填空 1.We were astonished (find) the temple was still in its original condition. 2.Alexander tried to get his work (recognize) in the medical circles. 3. (look) at my classmates’ faces, I read the same excitement in their eyes. 4.I’m calling to enquire about the position (advertise) in yesterday’s China Daily. 5.Many buildings in the city need repairing, but the one (repair) first is the library. 高频考点·深度探究 重点单词 1.surround v.to be all around sth./sb.围绕;环绕 surround...with...使……包围…… be surrounded with/by 被……包围 surroundings n.[pl.]环境 (1)They would be surrounded by a much larger area of green belt, also owned by the company, containing not merely farms but also some industrial institutions. (2011· 江西,阅读 C) 也是这家公司拥有的更大的绿化带将环绕着花园城市,里面不仅包含着农场还有一些工业结构。 (2)A high wall surrounds the prison. =The prison a high wall. 一道高墙把整个监狱围了起来。 (3)The house is situated in very pleasant surroundings. 那所房子所处的环境非常美。 2. adapt v. to change your behavior in order to deal more successfully with a new situation 适应(合); to change a book or play so that it can be made into a film 改编(写) adapt(...) to (使……)适应于…… adapt...for...为……改编(写) adapt from 根据……改编(写) (1)It is true that the lifestyle would be different,but human life and cultures have adapted in the past and surely could in the future. (2011· 江西,阅读 D) 生活方式会不同这是事实,但在过去人类的生活和文化已经适应,在未来也一定会适应。 (2)These materials can use with older children. 这些材料改一下可以给大一点的孩子们用。 (3)The series play is adapted from a novel. 这部电视剧是由小说改编而成的。 3.advocate v.to support sth. publicly 拥护;提倡;主张;n.a person who supports or speaks in favour of sb. or of a public plan or action

支持者;拥护者;提倡者 It is advocated that...主张,提倡…… advocate doing...主张做…… 注意 advocate 后不跟不定式,跟从句时,从句中用虚拟语气即(should+)do。 (1)This is not a surprise to public health advocates. (2009· 山东,阅读 C) 这对公共卫生的提倡者来说一点也不足为奇。 (2)Many experts advocated your child for good behavior. 很多专家主张对小孩的良好表现加以奖励。 (3)The report advocated that all buildings be fitted with smoke detectors. 报告主张所有的建筑物都应安装烟火探测器。 4.accompany v.to travel or go somewhere with sb.陪同,陪伴;to happen or appear with sth.else 伴随;与……同时发生 accompany sb. to some place 陪伴某人去某地 accompany sb. at/on...用……为某人伴奏 accompany...with/by 与……同时存在或发生 keep sb. company 陪伴某人 in company with 与……一起 注意 不能说 accompany sb. to do...。

(1)When I was a little girl,I would often accompany you as you modeled for fashion photographers.(2011· 天津,完形) 我还是个小女孩时,你在为时装摄影师展示时装,那时我经常陪伴在你身边。 (2)一句辨义 Last night, my kept me to see a film and then they me to my home. 昨天晚上,我的伙伴们陪我看了一场电影然后陪我回了家。 (3)A skin rash may be accompanied by fever. 出皮疹时可能伴有发热现象。 5.talent n.a natural ability to do sth.well 天赋;天才;才能;people or a person with a natural ability to do sth.well 有才能的人;天才; 人才 a man/woman of many talents 多才多艺的人 have a talent for 有……才能 talented adj.有天资的;才华横溢的 (1)There were many talented actors out there just waiting to be discovered. (2010· 江西,32) 在外面有许多有才华的演员等着被发现。 (2)He’s a man . 他是个多才多艺的人。 (3)We’re helping to organize the school talent show. 我们在帮忙组织学校的才艺大赛。 6.quit v.to leave a job or school permanently 辞职;退(学);to stop doing sth.停止,放弃 quit doing sth.停止做某事 quit office/one’s job 离职 quit as sth.离开;离任 be quit of...=quit oneself of...摆脱……

(1)They figure they’d better quit while they’re ahead. 他们明白当他们在前面时最好停下来。 (2)I wish you would all quit . 我希望你们都别抱怨了。 (3)He has decided to quit as manager of the team. 他已决定辞掉球队经理的职务。 7.assist v.to help sb. to do sth.帮助;协助;援助 assist sb. with sth.帮助某人做某事 assist sb. to do/in doing...帮助某人做…… with the assistance of 在……的帮助下 give/lend/offer assistance 提供帮助 come to one’s assistance 来帮助某人 (1)I swam to Dad quickly and assisted him in climbing onto the hull of the boat. (2011· 重庆,完形) 我迅速地游向父亲并帮他爬到船壳上。 (2)We asked him to a new bridge. 我们请他帮助我们设计一座新桥。 (3)I am willing to assist you whenever there is an opportunity. 有机会我愿意随时帮你。 8. instant adj. happening immediately 立即的; 立刻的; that can be made quickly and easily, usually by adding hot water 速食的; 即食的; n.a very short period of time 瞬间;片刻 in an instant 立刻,马上 in instant need of help 急需救助 for an instant 片刻,一会儿 the instant 一……就……(用作连词,引导时间状语从句) (1)Banks,for example,encourage staff at call centers to use customer data to establish instant and good relationship with them. (2011· 浙江,阅读 C) 例如,银行鼓励客服中心的员工利用顾客的资料来和顾客建立即时友好的关系。 (2)I shall be back . 我马上就回来。 (3)The injured were in instant need of help. 那些伤者急需救助。 思考题:表示“一……就……”的结构有:

对点自测 Ⅰ.语境填词 surround,adapt,advocate,accompany,talent,quit,assist,instant 1.He can walk only with the of crutches. 2.She finally herself of fear. 3.She had an obvious for music. 4.The I saw him, I knew he was the man the police were looking for. 5.I’d like to bring up my child in healthy . 6.I’ll stay here and you. 7.He reducing military spending.

8.When you go to a new country, you must to new manners and customs. Ⅱ.单项填空 1.He is a highly young designer. A.talent B.talented C.talents D.talenting 解析 句意为:他是一个非常有才华的年轻设计师。talented 为形容词,意为“有天资的,才华横溢的”。 2.Tomorrow the mayor is to a group of Canadian businessmen on a tour of the city. A.accompany B.support C.associate D.assist 解析 句意为:明天市长将陪同一群加拿大实业家游览本市。从“a tour of the city”,“the mayor”和“Canadian businessmen”可确定答案为 accompany“陪伴,陪同”。 3.Doctors are doing research to find out what happens physically when people smoking. A.quit B.decline C.depart D.reserve 解析 quit smoking 戒烟,符合句意。 4.We must learn to the new life when going abroad. A.adapt B.adapt to C.adapt with D.adapt in 解析 考查固定短语 adapt to 适应。句意为:当去国外时我们必须学会适应新的生活。 5.There are not many teachers who are strong of traditional methods in English teaching. (2012· 张家港模拟) A.sponsors B.contributors C.advocates D.performers 解析 advocate 指“拥护者,提倡者”。句意为:在英语教学中坚决主张采用传统教学方法的教师为数不多。 sponsor 发起者,主办者; contributor 投稿者;捐助者;performer 表演者,执行者。根据句意只有 C 项符合题意。 6.The baby was playing on the carpet by all kinds of toys. A.surrounding B.surrounded C.surrounds D.having surrounded 解析 由句子结构可知此处应使用非谓语动词可排除 C 项;再由 the baby 与 surround 之间是被动关系可排除 A、D 两项;此处是过去分 词短语作定语,故选 B 项。 7.You see the lightning it happens, but you hear the thunder later. A.the instant B.for an instant C.on the instant D.in an instant 解析 句意为:闪电一发生你就看见闪光,但过一会儿才听到雷声。instant 瞬间,刹那,比 moment 所指的时间更短,但用法与 moment 基本一致。the instant 一……就……,引导时间状语从句;for an instant 一瞬间;on the instant 立即;in an instant 立刻,马上。 8.The play was directed by Mike Johnson, by Sharon Gale. A.assisting B.assisted C.assists D.to assist 解析 句意为:该剧由迈克· 约翰逊导演,沙伦· 盖尔为助理导演。其中的 Mike Johnson 和 assisted 是被动关系,故答案为 B 项。 短语与句式 1.in good spirits 精神状态饱满 spirit 作“妖怪,幽灵”讲是可数名词;作“精神,精神实质”讲时是不可数名词;作“情绪”讲时多用复数。spirits 的短语还有: in high spirits 情绪高昂 in low/poor spirits 情绪低落

raise one’s spirits 鼓舞某人的情绪 keep one’s spirits up 振作精神 (1)Before the party had been going half an hour,everyone was in good spirits. 晚会进行不到半小时,大家都已兴高采烈。 (2)The army was in good spirits despite the uncomfortable conditions. 尽管处于不适的情况,军队依然士气高昂。 (3)They believe that his spirit lives on after death. 他们相信他死后灵魂还活着。 2.go after 追求 go about 开始做,着手干 go 前进;好吧 go by 流逝;过去 (1)—May I open the window to let in some fresh air? —Go ahead! (2009· 四川,1) ——我可以打开窗子放点新鲜空气吗? ——开吧! (2)I don’t know what is the best way to it. 我不知道着手做此事最好的方法是什么。 思考题:其他与 go 相关的短语: 3.head for 朝……方向行进;前往;面临(状况结果) head off 阻挡;阻止 head sth.up 领导、主管 (1)They look as though they’re heading for divorce. 他们看样子会离婚。 (2)We’ll head them off at the bridge! 我们将在桥头拦截他们! (3)He efforts to replace him as leader. 他挫败了要取代他的领导地位的企图。 4.at that point 在那时;在那个阶段 at/on the point of 就要……的时候,接近 off the point 离题的 to the point 切题的,适当的 come to the point 谈正题;谈主要问题 point at/to 指向 point out 指出 (1)It was at that point that her acting career really took off. 正是在那时,她的表演生涯才真正起飞。 (2)At that point,I didn’t care what you decided to do.在那个时候,我不在乎你决定要做什么了。 (3)When you write an article,you should keep to the point.当你写文章时,你应该紧扣主题。 5.believe in 信任;信仰;支持,赞成 n.信念;确信 believe it or not 信不信由你 believe sb.to be...相信某人是……

have belief in 相信;信任 belief 令人无法相信;令人难以置信 It is believed that...=Sb./Sth.is believed to...据信…… (1)Our teachers always tell us to believe in what we do and who we are if we want to succeed. 老师常告诉我们要想成功就要相信自己所做的和相信自己。 (2)Those vases worth over 20,000 each. = 据估计,那些花瓶每个价值都超过两万美元。 (3)I believed him to be right. 我认为他是对的。 易混辨析 believe,believe in 一试身手 I don’t (1) what you have said because I don’t (2) you. 名师指津 (1)believe sb.侧重于相信某人所说的话是真的。 (2)believe in sb.信任某人,相信某人的为人或人 品,或对宗教、理论的信仰。

(2011· 四川,10)

6.By the time she competed in the gymnastics tournament at the New York Goodwill Games,she had been a junior gymnast for eleven years.到参加纽约友好运动会的体操锦标赛时,桑兰已经是一名有着十一年经历的体操小将了。 句式提取:by the time 引导时间状语从句 (1)by the time+一般过去时,主句一般用过去完成时。 (2)by the time+一般现在时,主句一般用现在完成时或将来完成时。 (1)By the time Jack returned home from England,his son had graduated from college. (2011· 辽宁,34) 杰克从英国回到家的时候,他儿子已经大学毕业了。 (2)By the time he was fourteen years old,he advanced maths by himself. 当他 14 岁时,他已经自学了高等数学。 (3)I’ll have finished my work by the time you come.你来时我就能完成工作了。 7.All I had to do was go to school and spend a few hours studying when I came home.我要做的事就是上学,以及回家后再学习几个小时。 句式提取:省略 to 的不定式短语 go to school and spend...在句中作表语。 当不定式在系动词后作表语时,如果主语部分带有实义动词 do(包括 do 的任何形式),可以省去不定式符号 to;否则,保留不定式符号 to。 (1)The only thing I could do is wait. 我唯一能够做的事情只有等待。 (2)The first thing she did after she won the prize was thanks to her coach. 她获奖后做的第一件事就是走向她的教练,并向他表示感谢。 (3)The only choice the government could have was to calm down the angry people. 政府唯一的选择是平静愤怒的人们。 对点自测 Ⅰ.选词填空 in good spirits,go about,head for,come to the point,believe in 1.Could you please inform me how to contacting a lawyer? 2.She believed in me,so I began to myself. 3.You may an accident if you drive after drinking. 4.The boy sings to himself when he is .

5.His speech was very short,but . Ⅱ.完成句子 1.你所要做的是把表格填完。 What you have to do is . 2.到退休时,他将工作满 35 年。 ,he will have worked for 35 years. Ⅲ.单项填空 1.As is known to all,he is honest.That’s why I him all the time.But I don’t what he told me this time. A.believe;believe B.believe in;believe C.believe in;believe in D.believe;believe in 解析 believe in sb.信任某人;believe sb.相信某人所说的话。故选 B 项。 2.We are just trying to reach a point both sides will sit together and talk. A.where B.that C.when D.which 解析 考查定语从句关系词。先行词为 point 其后定语从句不缺主语或宾语,故用关系副词 where 作状语。 3.Would you please this form for me to see if I’ve filled it in right? A.take off B.look after C.give up D.go over 解析 考查动词短语辨析。句意为:你可以帮我检查一下这个表格填得是否正确吗?take off 脱下;起飞;look after 照顾;give up 放弃; go over 复习;仔细查看。 4.By the time Jane gets home,her aunt for London to attend a meeting. A.will leave B.leaves C.will have left D.left 解析 从句中为 by the time+一般现在时,主句中应用将来完成时。 5.If he can not do this,he has not grasped the of the foreign language and can’t use it freely. A.spirit B.spirits C.quality D.qualities 解析 spirit 作“精神;实质”讲,故选 A。 6.The thing he could choose was down and cry. A.to lie B.lie C.lying D.lay 解析 主语中不含有实义动词 do 的某种形式,用带 to 的不定式作表语。 7.If you go on with him,Jinny,you are disaster. A.leaving for B.heading for C.searching for D.heading 解析 句意为:珍妮,如果你继续和他交往下去,你一定遭大难。leave for 赶往某地;search for 到处找寻;head 使开往(前往),都不符 合句意;head for 将来碰到(遭到)。 写作提升·步步为赢 如何写采访类作文 一、篇章结构 1.交待采访的时间、对象、主题等。 2.描述数据和信息呈现出的问题所在,并分析原因。

3.被采访人提出个人观点或对解决该问题提出建议。 二、套语背诵 1.交待采访的时间、对象和主题。 Last weekend,I had an interview with Professor Wang,an eyedoctor,concerning/about the issue of shortsightedness of school children in China. 上周末,我就中国学生的近视问题采访了眼科医生王教授。 2.交待被采访者所叙述的问题。 (1)39% of the students are against the suggestion. 有百分之三十九的学生反对这项建议。 (2)Most of the residents here say yes to the project. 大多数的居民对这项工程表示赞同。 3.交代被采访者所叙述的问题与原因分析。 (1) According to Professor Wang, slightly more than half of the school children in our country are shortsighted, ranking first in the world. 据王教授所说,我国略多于一半的学生都是近视,居世界第一位。 (2) He also pointed out that the causes for shortsightedness are so complicated that no medicine can cure shortsightedness. 他还指出说,导致近视的原因很复杂,没有药物能治愈近视。 4.陈述被采访者的个人观点或建议。 (1)He suggested that school children avoid overuse of their eyes and do more outdoor activities.他建议学生应避免过度使用眼睛并且多做 户外活动。 (2)He particularly reminded us that how to hold a pen is also related to shortsightedness.他特别地提醒我们如何握笔也和近视有关。 三、范文欣赏:中学生上网成瘾问题 Last week,I had an interview with Professor Yang about the middle school students’ addiction to the Internet. According to Professor Yang,the number of the netizens in our country has increased to 338 million,and 25% of them are middle school students,most of whom are playing computer games while surfing the Internet.Internet addiction will certainly cause them lack of sleep and will have a bad influence on their health and studies. He suggested that schools should try not only to reduce students’ heavy burden and relieve their stress,but also enrich their afterclass activities.He also pointed out that it is useful to improve the relationship between teachers and students and to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere in schools and families. 语篇图解·答题策略 完形专项提升(八) 分析长难句阅读法 How Reverse Thinking Can Move You Forward Most business owners and marketing managers know they don’t gain the market share by cutting the spending on their marketing.But that 1 often gets forgotten when incomes are down or cash flow is tight. 1.A.knowledge B.information C.message D.proverb 解析 结合文章第一句的意思“大多数企业老板和销售经理都知道不能通过削减营销开支来获得市场份额。”可知这里指的是一个普通的 知识,故选 A。 One of the best techniques for 2 your viewpoint,and looking at your challenges 3 ,is reverse thinking. 2.A.forming B.changing C.judging D.analyzing 解析 此处表示最好的技巧之一是改变你看问题的方法,所以选 change。form 形成;judge 判断;analyze 分析,均不符合语境。 答案 B 3.A.secretly B.slightly C.differently D.carefully 解析 从前面的“changing your viewpoint”以及后面的“reverse thinking”(逆向思维)可知此处表示要从不同的角度看待问题。 secretly 秘密地;

slightly 稍微;carefully 仔细地,均不符合语境。 答案 C When used for marketing,the technique of 4 in reverse shows you outcomes that can lead you into new ways of communicating with 5 by challenging opinions that have become ingrained into the way you think. 解析 前面提到了最好的技巧之一是“reverse thinking”,所以这里应选 D。trade 做买卖;number 总计,共计;calculate 计算,均不符合语 境。 答案 D 5.A.consumers B.employers C.workers D.managers 解析 从文章的第一段就知道此处谈论的是有关商业营销的问题,所以这里应选 A。此处指与顾客交流。employer 雇主;worker 工人; manager 经理,均不符合语境。 答案 A When looking at the many 6 of your sales and marketing,try thinking from a different 7 . 6.A.degrees B.areas C.mistakes D.rewards 解析 结合后面的“your sales and marketing”可知此处表示看看你销售和营销的领域,故选 B。degree 程度;mistake 失误;reward 奖励, 均不符合语境。 答案 B 7.A.way B.point C.view D.place 解析 本文的第二段中提到“changing your viewpoint”,与之呼应,故 C 项正确。way 方法;point 要点;place 地点,均不符合语境。 答案 C If you want to build more traffic to your website, 8 sitting in meetings making statements such as “We need to get more traffic to our website.But 9 do we do that?” 8.A.regardless of B.in spite of C.by means of D.instead of 解析 结合语境可知此处指不要坐在办公室里,只是说说我们要增加网站的流量,所以选 D。 答案 D 9.A.how B.when C.why D.what 解析 结合语境可知此处表示我们怎样才能增加我们网站的流量,指方式,所以 A 项正确。 答案 A Ask yourself this question, “Why don’t we get more people 10 our website?” If sales in your 11 product line are in a slump, 10.A.awarding B.visiting C.recommending D.praising 解析 由上文中的“get more traffic to our website”可知此处应表示为什么没有更多的人访问我们的网站。故 B 项正确。 答案 B 11.A.advanced B.modern C.primary D.old 解析 根据语境可知此处应该指主要的产品生产线,所以选 C。advanced 先进的;modern 现代化的;old 旧的,均不符合语境。 答案 C instead of trying to revive them,you should look at which product line is selling the best.Then ask yourself “What if we 12 all our marketing on the product that people are buying instead of on the product we want to 13 ?” 12.A.focused B.paid C.gathered D.took 解析 文章倒数第二段中的“instead of focusing on ways to get them into the store to buy”有暗示,故选 A。pay 偿还;take 拿走;gather 聚集, 均不符合语境。 答案 A 13.A.use B.purchase C.make D.sell 解析 此处与前面的“buying”形成对比,表示把我们的市场集中在人们买的产品上而不是集中在我们想卖出去的产品上,所以选 D。

答案 D If you want more people visiting your store,instead of focusing on ways to get them into the store to buy,ask yourself “What can we do to 14 more people into our store?”The answer may not be the 15 “have a sale” technique. 14.A.introduce B.attract C.threaten D.force 解析 此处意为“我们能做什么来吸引更多的人到我们的店里来呢?”所以选 B。introduce 引进,介绍;threaten 威胁;force 强迫,均不符 合语境。 答案 B 15.A.common B.ordinary C.usual D.regular 解析 这里指的是人们往往利用的降价销售,usual 通常的,惯常的,符合语境。common 普通的;ordinary 平凡的;regular 有规律的, 均不符合语境。 答案 C It may be that you’ll be more 16 if you focus on nontraditional ways to bring customers into your 17 . 16.A.successful B.nervous C.energetic D.intelligent 解析 如果你换一种思维方式,你可能会更成功。所以选 A。nervous 紧张的;energetic 精力充沛的;intelligent 有才智的,均不符合语境。 答案 A 17.A.office B.workshop C.factory D.store 解析 根据此段中的“get them into the store to buy”可知此处应填 store。office 办公室;workshop 车间;factory 工厂,均不符合语境。 答案 D When you employ the 18 of reverse thinking in your planning and team meetings,you’ll make another fascinating discovery. 18.A.influence B.process C.importance D.benefit 解析 此处指逆向思维的过程应用到你的计划和团体会议中,故选 B。influence 影响;importance 重要性;benefit 利益,均不符合语境。 答案 B You’ll start to 19 which people in your management team are stuck 20 traditional “we’ve always done it this way” thinking and which people have the ability to think out of the box to take new risks with new ideas. 19.A.pursue B.examine C.see D.explore 解析 如果你应用逆向思维的话, 你就能看出谁是那种有传统思维方式的人以及谁是有框外思维能力的人。 故选 C。 pursue 追求; examine 检验;explore 探索,均不符合语境。 答案 C 20.A.to B.with C.of D.in 解析 这里的 be stuck in 是一个固定词组,表示“陷入……之中”,这里指你会看到你的小组中的哪些人会深深地陷入到传统的“我们总是 这样做的”思维中。stick to 坚持(做某事);stick with 紧跟,不离开,均不符合语境。 答案 D 应试策略 分析句子结构,突破长难句关 长难句主要通过使用复合句、成分省略、插入语或改变语序等方式形成。正确分析句子结构是准确理解句意的有效手段,也是做好完形 填空题应具备的一种基本能力。遇到长难句,不必焦虑,摆正自己的心态。如果注意下面三点,我相信你一定能突破长难句关。 首先,需要了解英语中的五种基本句型: 1.主语+谓语 2.主语+系动词+表语 3.主语+谓语+宾语 4.主语+谓语+宾语+宾语补足语 5.主语+谓语+间接宾语+直接宾语 其次,考生要掌握分析句子结构的最基本的方法:先找出句子中的连词(关系词),分清句子中的主句和从句,然后再分别分析主从句的成

分。一般来说,句首是 what,when,where,why,which,who 等词,句末是句号,而不是问号,这些词引导的句子很可能是主语从句; 名词或代词后有 which,who,that,whom,when,where,why 等词时,这些词引导的句子可能是定语从句或同位语从句;动词后接一 个从句,很可能是宾语从句。如: More than three million people live in inner London and nearly five million people live in the surrounding suburban area,which is made up of formerly separate villages that have merged to form what is now called outer London. 乍一看,此句较长,结构复杂。但是只要你能够抓住句中关键词“and”(连接的是并列句),再分别分析 and 前后的句子,句子结构就简单 多了。and 前面的句子结构简单,and 后的句子是主从复合句,其中,which 引导非限制性定语从句,修饰 area;that 引导限制性定语从 句,修饰 villages;what 引导宾语从句。 此外,还需要对英语中的省略句、倒装句以及强调句这些特殊句式做到了然于胸。 典例 …. It is also an opportunity to recoginize the 3(considerable) challenges we face in maintaining their capacity to 4 the global climate,supply essential ecosystem services and provide 5(sustanable) living and safe recreation. … 4.A.destroy B.change C.control D.regulate 得分点 4.D。只要我们理出句子的主干,结构就清晰了。句中的 we face 是定语从句,在分析主干时可以暂时将其删除。句中的 in maintaining their capacity 作定语,修饰 challenges,capacity 后是动词不定式作主语,supply...,provide...为省略了 to 的不定式(都是讲海洋 的作用的),与第 4 空中的动词为并列关系。经过这样的分析之后,句子的结构就清晰多了。我们就可以很快确定这句话的意思了。如上 分析,第 4 空讲的是海洋的作用(海洋对气候具有调节作用),故答案为 D。



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