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----2016.01.15 更新并标识 some people claim that the disadvantages of the car are more than the adva ntages,do you agree or disagree? 范文 1 The birth of cars have made an enormous change to our life.in the past,we travel from one place to another only by foot,nowaday,cars can do it .its goes withour s aying that the invention of cars bring great benefit to all of us.but as proverb goes :no garden without weeds. Car is not exception. Owing a car has a lot of advantages.for one thing,car provide us the most convien t way of transportation.we can get around freely without spenting a lot of time. Emotionally,i always found driving is so exciting.for another,its the comfortable to drive a car.In winter.drivers always can stay warm and dry even in rainy whet -her,in addition,drivers are usually safe in their cars when they are out at night. Cars bring the human merits,their side-effects graudually come to the surface.firs tly,to run a car need a lot of oil,which is getting less and less.the increasing numb er of cars contribute the lacking of energy.secondlly,as more and more cars are u sed,the traffic ecpecially in big cities is getting heaver and heavier,which lead to t he serious social problem--traffic jam.in addition,the inceasing numbers of cars , which excaust sent a huge quantities of carbon monoxide into atmosphere.it mak e the air of cities unbreathabe,it strip people contact with frensh air. Therefore,the new energy should be explored to replace the oil so that our envio nmental pollution can be avioded .and the strick law should be issued to keep the numbers of cars under control.thus,our heavier traffic can be solluted!

范文 2:Private cars vs Public traffic As traffic problems become more and more serious in many cities of develop ed and developing countries, their governments have to try hard and loads of mo ney and energy have been spent to deal with them. Firstly, it is not efficient for the commuters to use their private cars to and b ack from their workplaces. Occasionally we can see they have to sit on the wheel s wasting time and fuel in a heavy traffic jam. At the same time, through burning t he fossil fuels, green house gas CO2, CO1, acid rain gas SO2, fumes and dusts are being released into the atmosphere, all of which heavily overload the environme

nt. Thirdly, with the increase of private cars, the road traffic accidents are also ris e dramatically. For example, in a city with 5000 cars, there will be at least 250 ac cidents happening everyday, which also burden the public healthy services. On the contrary, expected public traffic may be an ideal solution to these pro blems. For example city buses and railways are widely used or being constructed by many cities. People can take buses easily, which can be found every 10 minut es or less in the peak time. Actually, Nottingham Transport Company is building i ts own light railway in the city, which is announced by the speak man of the com pany, “It will be completed in the next year, the tickets will be very competitive a nd at the same time the travel will be very safe and comfortable.” On the other hand, public traffic had its own disadvantages. Usually it cannot pro vide door-to-door service. It is inconvenient to go shopping by public vehicles. So metimes you must wait a long time for the train. And quite a lot of people prefer t o enjoy driving. In conclusion, developing the public traffic is a useful approach to deal with these difficulties. One possible way, if not the best, is to taxi private cars heavily a nd use these revenues to provide citizens cheaper public traffic services. 范文 3 With the development of science and technology, the cars have already become t he important component in our daily life gradually. Cars make our life convenien t and swift. However, too many cars have caused very serious social problems. So many people claim that the disadvantages of car are more than the advantages. I doubt whether the argument can bear much analysis.

Since one century [ago], the auto industry has [been] developed at full speed wor ldwide, and has brought the enormous progresses to our life. For example, the ca r is the most convenient tool of transportation. We can [be] on and off duty by ca r every day, we can go to travel by car on the vacation, we can utilize the cars to d eal with some emergency too. The car [is] playing an important role in our daily l ife. They make our rhythm of life faster and faster, make our business become m ore and more efficient.

On the other hand, the development of the automobile has brought a lot of infant industry to people, Give people countless employment opportunities too. Such as , manufacturing industry, repairing industry and maintaining industry. We are en joying the convenience that the cars bring to us; at the same time we can utilize t he auto industry to support ourselves.However, we can not ignore that too many cars cause enormous social problems, for example, traffic jam, air pollution, traffi c accident, to which we have to find a solution.

In a word, the cars have brought enormous change to our life; the advantages are far more than the disadvantages. We should recognize the merit of the cars, and do our best to solve the problems. If so, our life will be brighter. Version 00106 : tobacco and smoking Although it is a freedom to use tobacco while some people think it shoul d be made illegal as the same way as other drugs. To what extent do you agre e or disagree? What’s your opinion?
范文 1 Nowhere in the world has the issue of tobacco been so much debated as in our society. Nowad ays, tobacco is more harmful than drug to people’s health, therefore many people think that s moking is legal that is a direct and primary reason to induce this kind of problem. The above point is certainly true; this essay will outline three reasons.

The main reason is that tobacco is a silent killer to smokers. Tobacco is known to be the probable cause of some 25 different diseases, and for some, such as lung c ancer, bronchitis and emphysema, it is the main cause. According to a WHO repo rt four million people die yearly from tobacco-related diseases, that is one death every eight seconds. Tobacco is significantly becoming a greater cause of death a nd disability than any other single cause. Another reason is that more and more young people are under 18 years old who smoke cigarette have been blinded by the deceit of tobacconists. Tobacco among adolescents remains stubbornly persistent. Smoking among adolescents rose in t he 1990s in several developed countries , such as China,Vietnam and Thailand . While new markets are being opened by the tobacco industry actions, old market s have not been closed. Tobacco is a global threat. Last but not the least reason is the increase in cigarette smuggling. Because of to bacco smuggling, the legal retailing and distribution systems are badly affected, a nd faced with increased lawlessness and heavy tax losses. This behavior severely affects the economy. In conclusion, the tobacco should be considered illegal. Perhaps a pack of cigarett es is less harmful than another drug, but tobacco is actually the biggest killer of al l the drugs.

范文 2 Advertisements of tobacco and those of “smoking is harmful”are often seen toget her. But there has been an on-going argument about whether or not tobacco sho uld be forbidden and made illegal. I have always believed that smoking should be illegal for the following reasons.


First, smoking does great harm to human health and causes many diseases. It is r eported that more than 70% of lung cancer sufferers are smokers, and the averag e life-span of smokers is seven years less than that of non-smokers. Moreover, it hurts not only smokers, but also the ones around the smokers. Many researchers claim that breathing “second-hand smoke” may be even more harmful than smok ing. Second, many social problems and disasters can be attributed to smoking. For ins tance, many wives cannot bear their husbands’ smoking all the time, which cause s many quarrels, or even divorces. Furthermore, the biggest fire disaster in China , the Daxinganling fire disaster, was caused by a burning cigarette end, and the co st of the resulting loss was unimaginable.Last, smoking tobaccos is a main source of air pollution.A magazine said that for every cigarette smoked each day,a whol e tree is needed to clean the air.In other words, smoking one less cigar every day equals planting a tree. It is a brilliant contribution to the earth we are living on. In a word, all the above demonstrate that smoking harms yourselves as well as y our neighbors, pollutes the air we ourselves are breathing, and even agitates the social peace. So, in my opinion, tobacco should be strictly forbidden, and smoking should be made illegal. 范文 3 There has long been controversy over the legality and apparent acceptance of to bacco in society .some hold that cigarettes and other tobacco containing products should be banned, that is, treated as narcotics.personally,i agree with this point of view for the following reasons: Although cigarettes do not offer as intense an effect as drugs like heroin and coca ine,they rank higher in the level of dependence it creates in the user.thousands of smokers try to rid themselves of cigarettes but cannot,because of the physiologic al dependence they developed,chiefly imputable to its chemical nicotine.this expl ains why smokers continue their habit despite the numerous health warnings. fu rthermore,medical science has now proved beyond a doubt that smoking kills.wi th all the other causes of preventable deaths such as alcohol,illegal drugs,aids,sui cide,road accidents,fire,and guns,cigarettes still account for more preventable de aths than all of those combined. More disturbingly,whilst the use of heroin is dangerous solely to the users,the us e of tobacco endangers those who are in their vicinity as well. this phenomenon, known as passive smoking, nulls the counter-argument that putting one's own he alth at risk through smoking should be up to one's own individual choice.reports have shown that the amount of second-hand smoke inhaled by a typical nonsmo ker is equivalent to one cigarette smoked per day,and what is more,passive smok ing can increase a nonsmoker's chance of getting cancer by ten to thirty two per cent.

There are those who will say that the black market created by outlawing tobacco will produce deadlier cigarettes because the product standards of the bootlegger s are not as high.however,we should all bear in mind that legal cigarettes cause r oughly four hundred thousand deaths a year.it is hard to imagine the limited dist ribution provided by the criminal underworld could compete with this tragic figu re. To sum up, the harm visited upon our society by tobacco usage is substantial.ther e will be no solution other than to control tobacco much in the same way that the government now controls drugs which could allow people to remain attentive to the seriousness of the effects of these substances,and hopefully to prohibit their usage. 范文 4 Apparently, it would seem that tobacco is totally different substance from drugs, and it can be used freedom by public. In fact, however, our authority should mak e tobacco illegal as well as drugs, and using of tobacco should be controlled strict ly. Tobacco only can be used for research and medical purpose. As far as I am conce rned, as a kind of dope, tobacco has been widely used to help patients alleviate th eir pain in surgery. At the same time, ordinary people should not be allowed to ac cess it legally for two main reasons. Among countless factors which influence my inclination, there is a most conspicu ous one: it is harmful that smokers addict to tobacco. Many decades ago, scientist s have already found that there is a definite link between smoking and bronchial troubles, cardiac disease and lung cancer. More seriously, it not only has negative influence for smokers, but others living or working in same surrounding, even th e next generation of a smoking pregnant women may be harmed by so-called “se cond hand smoking”. Research shows that sometimes “second hand smoking” is more dangerous than smoking directly, because, at least smokers can get the pro tection from filter tips to some extent. Thus, compared to the hazard of drugs, to bacco can involve more other innocent people and harm their health unknowingl y. The second aspect relates to the problem that our natural resources and money a re wasted senselessly during the course of planting, transporting and manufactur ing tobacco. In light of a statistics, China consumes nearly 1,000 tons of wood fibe rs to produce cigarettes annually. Besides, the investment absorbed by tobacco manufacturers every year, is enough to solve all financial troubles that higher ed ucation have to face. Obviously, if tobacco is banned by our governments, it mean s that considerable money will be saved.


In summary, judging from all the evidence offered, we may safely arrive at the co nclusion that tobacco should be forbidden as well as drugs except for a few speci al purposes, such as research and medicine. 补充 With the development of society, our life and working pressure are greater and g reater. In this way, a lot of people have become smokers. Tobacco, as a kind of dr ugs, prevails in the society. Some people hold the opinion that tobacco should be given freedom be used, but others, in contrast, deem it should be made illegal as t he same way as other drugs and that is also my point. Medical science proves that smoking can cause the heart diseases, lung cancer, a nd the immune system diseases. These diseases are all mankind's healthy enemie s. The statistics have showed that people who die of the lung cancer, over 90% ar e smokers. In these smokers, 85% are chain smoker. So, obviously, there is enor mous danger to the human health in smoking. In addition, smoking not only dangerous to smoker, but also do harm to people at smoker's side. The tobacco contains a large number of noxious substances, such as nicotine. Just as a famous physician says, smoking is equivalent to commit suic ide chronically. However, the cigarette can really relax our nervous nerve, within short time. Peo ple, especially, who have heavy working pressure, are prone to produce sense of relying on to cigarette. Moreover, as everyone knows, a lot of countries impose th e heavy taxation to tobacco manufacturer and seller, thus, if the tobacco business is considered as the illegal activities, the revenues of the country will be reduced correspondingly. In a word, the danger to people of cigarette is obvious. Though it can help us flee away from pressure, this to use health as cost. Our government should forbid the production of the tobacco, make our world fresh and nonpoisonous.

Version 00108 Some people said the government shouldn't put money on building theater s and sports stadiums; they should spend more money on medical care and education. Agree or not agree? 范文 1 Nowadays, the gap between the city and the countryside becomes more and mor e overt, which arouses colossal concerns. To understand the solution, let’s take a closer look at the causes of the gap at first. The main reason of the gap is the unequal investment between city and ruralarea . China is a typical example. While more and more money is being invested to the

coastal areas and big cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the lack of investment barriers greatly the society development of rural area and western regionsThe lo w education level partly sharps the gap. There is no doubt that the prime force of productivity is education. However, because of poverty, thousands of people go t o work without graduating from primary school. The poorer, the few children go to school. This bad cycle finally leads to the dream of rich becoming a dream that is hard to realize. Moreover, the rural area is short of people with high quality. A survey prove d that most of university students, whether they come from city or countryside, c hoose big cities instead of poor areas to work. The rural area can neither adept ta lent man nor attract talent man. No wonder the gap is increasing largely.

Hence, The government ought to knock itself out to decrease the gap as soon as p ossible. First, balance the investment between city and rural area. In addition, the education level should be improved, especially pay attention on raising high qua lity people. Besides, let more people realize the latent capacity of rural area in or der to attract talent and investment. The set up of CCTV channel12-western regio n channel is a good example.Only when the ways mentioned above are realized st ep by step, can the gap between the cities and the countryside be bridged.

范文 2 Nowadays, many people argue against the government putting money on buildin g theaters and sports stadiums. They have claimed that medical care and educati on would benefit the citizens and the country much more. However, I believe it is worth building more theaters and arenas. First, stadiums and arenas provide ideal places for people to have physical exerci ses and entertainment. After a whole week’s hardworking, people can enjoy a wo nderful football game in the weekend, and refresh themselves with a good relaxa tion there. Moreover, the physical exercises are good for people’s health, which will ease the pressure of medical care.

Second, theaters and museums can be used as base areas of culture and history e ducation. The British Museum, which is the largest one in the world, provides visi tors with knowledge about the world culture and the arts. The visitors to the mus eum are all overwhelmed by the magnificence of the cultural and historical displ ays featuring mankind’s achievements. In addition, the performances shown in the theaters will also greatly enrich the li ves of citizens. People can enjoy ballet, symphony, and Peking Opera in a theater, which contain the soul of Chinese and western cultures.Third, running theaters a

nd stadiums can earn much money.And this amount of money can do great contri bution in other fields, including medical care, and education. After winning the Ol ympic 2008,Beijing made a plan to spend 160 billion RMB building an Olympic Vi llage. This will surely attract many sports fans to China, which would be much re warded, not only in economy but the whole society.You can tell form my commen tary above,since building theaters and stadiums benefit not only individuals but also the state, it is very worthy of these expenses.And the government should spe ed up the pace of the constructions. 范文 3 An argument often heard these days is that whether or not the government shoul d put money on building theaters and stadiums. Some believe that instead of spe nding money on this area, Medical care and education, both of which are basic de veloping factors of one country should be spent more money on. After weighting the pros and cons, I disagree with this opinion. Firstly, theaters and stadiums are best choice for people relaxing. Most of worker s, especially white collar who often feel nervous after one day’s hard work, need t o relax both mentally and physically. Compared with staying at home, it is much better way to stay in comfortable theater and listen to a wonderful concert.

In addition, going to theaters and stadiums affect the same effect as education an d medical care. Having more chances to go to theaters can help them mold charac ter. There is no better way to keep healthy than doing proper sports in the daily. In this way, the culture and health will be improved greatly, which plays the sam e role of education and medical care.

Moreover, theaters and stadiums are basis essential facilities to a developed city. Take holding an Olympic games as an example, it is no doubt it will take millions of money to build stadiums. Why the winner country is proud of that. Because thi s is a confirmation given by whole world.

Of course I don’t mean that the more theaters and stadiums, the better society wi ll be, after all, nothing can take the important place of medical care and education. In summary, the key point is to keep both of this two part developing. Only in thi s way, can all people live better in future. V108 Some people said the government shouldn't put money on building theater s and sports stadiums; they should spend more money on medical care and education. Agree or not agree?


范文 1: Recently, a criticism often heard is that the government tends to put too much m oney on building theaters and sports stadiums. They maintain that medical care and education would benefit the citizens and the country much more. However, I advocate building more theaters and arenas. Numerous circumstances lead to th e worth of building theaters and arenas, but here are two main reasons: What strikes me most of all is that theaters and sports stadiums provide ideal pla ces for people to build up a world of relaxation. After five days of hardworking, p eople can refresh themselves by taking physical exercises and enjoining a footbal l game there. Meanwhile, exercises is to health what water is to fish. The physical exercises can benefit people’s health, which will surely ease the pressure of medi cal care. Moreover, it provides people a good opportunity to enter into communi on with each other, which will benefit people’s mental health. Beyond this, it is also of paramount importance to use theaters and museums as t he “social classroom” of culture and history education. The Sydney Opera House, which is the mother and father of all modern landmark buildings, has come to de fine not only a city, but also an entire nation and continent. The opera house sho ws the concept of modernism and the never properly finished inside provides vis itors with a story of its creator Jorn Utzon. In addition, the performances which c ontain the soul of human civilization shown in the theaters will also greatly enric h the lives of people from all over the world. Certainly, medical care and education both play dominant roles, but building the aters and sports stadiums will benefit not only the individual both mentally and physically, but a nation and continent permanently 范文 2: Government, as the controller of the macroeconomy, usually put large amount of money on building theatres and sports stadiums to stimulate the consumption. E specially when globle economy is in recession, stimulation is one of the methods for government to catch the economy’s fall. However, to my opinion, governmen t should spend more money on medical care and education. For men, health and education are the basic elements for development. We often say health is the best wealth. Without health, even if you are a millionaire you w ill not enjoy your life. The society needs more medical care to ensure people to li ve happily and create more fortune. This is a physical base for development of so ciety. The spiritual foundation should be obtained from education. Only with mo re knowledge, can we catch up with the improvement of economy, society and te chnology. We need healthy people and brilliant minds to change our world into a better one. Theatres and sports stadiums are signs for higher standard of living. Compared with the basic development factors, they are minor.

Insufficiency in medical care and education will impose great stress on poor peo ple and produce unstable factors for society. If government invested too much o n recreational places, it has to lessen the expenditure on medical care and educat ion since the total amount of distributable money will not be changed. Such actio n will do little influence on riches, but affect poors greatly. They can’t take out m oney from their own pockets to see doctors nor pursue higher education. Dissati sfaction for government will arise gradually. Then, how long the government can exist with the society fluctuated? To make all people live and work in peace and contentment and to be a long-last power, government should do more to secure people’s basic rights. Establishme nts for improving living standards are in second place.

范文 3: Theatres and sports stadiums are facilities with the purpose of enriching pe ople’s spiritual life. However, some people claim that the government should spe nd more money on medical care and education rather than on such recreational programs. As a matter of fact, these people fail to realize the essence of this issue. I disagree with this statement for the following reasons. First, with the development of society, the basic material needs for people h as mainly satisfied, a more important task for the government is to improve peop le’s spiritual life. Human beings differ from other animal species in that we live n ot only for prolonging our lives, but also for spiritual pursuit. Second, entertainment projects contribute to the development of economy, as well as collect money to solve people’s basic needs. An typical example can be found in the fact that every country is eager to win the right of hold the Olympics mainly because of the economic benefits it brings. Another example is that many sports and cultural activities have donated a considerable amount of fun for bene fic projects. Last but not least, entertainment and cultural services also play an importan t role in education as well as improvement of people’s health. As the living standa rd enhance, people tend to not only go to school for education, but also go to thea tres to receive another form of education. Sport facilities such as stadiums pro vide opportunities for people to exercise their body.According to the reasons I gi ve above, it can be concluded that entertainment and cultural constructions are worth building. The statement that government shouldn ’t put money on them is invalid. Version 00109 the computer are widely used in education and some people think teacher a

re not play important role in the classroom . to what extend do you agree?(ag ree/disagree) 范文 1 The 21st century is the period of information, in which computers will play an im portant role in every area of our lives. Recently, computer assisted education has b ecome more and more popular in primary schools, high schools and colleges. The computer’s multimedia abilities make the classes lively and interesting. As a resul t, some people have said that teachers are no longer playing a significant role in cla ssroom.I can hardly agree with them. First, it is the teacher who creates the software used in class. For example, the soft ware may be an outline of the teacher’s lecture.If you listen to some lectures, you will find that the lectures contain far more information than the multimedia softw are includes. While showing the class, most teachers will expand the knowledge ex tent, especially adding some latest discoveries and breakthroughs. So, the comput er is just an assistant, which makes the class more vivid and clear. Teachers and st udents are the main part of a class. Second, computers cannot organize activities in class in place of teachers. For example, we often do some group work during classes, and it is the teachers who set the groups and control the time. After checking our homework, teachers will u nderstand what the real weakness of students is, and adjust their classes to improv e their teaching, while computers cannot. Moreover,the interaction between students and teachers is very useful.During the asking and answering of questions, students pose problems and find answers more clearly. But computers, now, have not that intelligence.All in all, although co mputer technology is developing very quickly and computers can solve more and more problems without people, teachers still play an important role in class. And I insist that, no matter how the technology develops, teachers will be in the front of the classroom forever 范文 2 In this period of communication,computer has been used in all kinds of fields wide ly, and plays a particular role in our lives. Especially computer has become more a nd more important in educational field, therefore dozens of people considered teac hers could be replaced computers that will go with the current of the times. The a bove point is certainly wrong; this essay will outline three reasons.The main reas on is that people’s brain better than computer. Firstly, people design all kinds of computer’s programs. Secondly, computer doesn ’t have logistic ideation. Computer only can defend on that designer inputted comp uter’s programs to judge a question’s right or wrong. In other words, computer ca n’t defend on thinking that computer independently analyzes a question’s right or wrong. In case, designer inputted programs that are wrong. Computer output the result that also will be wrong. If this kind of problem happened in classroom, stud ents would be infused plenty of wrong information.

Another reason is that computer’s programs designed software of education that could be amended difficultly.If software of education of bugs were found, commonl y these of problems couldn’t be solved in the classroom. The software was amende d that means total of program were corrected, not only parts of program were ins erted or amended usually. Last but not the least reason is computer is mechanical,it couldn’t be suited all kin ds of students and different demands. As students’ intellect is different, same of soft ware couldn’t base on every status of student to set a perfect project.In conclusion, computers couldn’t instead of the position of teachers in the classroom, however computer is an absolutely good helper for teacher 范文 3 In this IT age, computers are widely used in the classroom in order to enrich the methods of teaching. This phenomenon gives some the illusion that the thing tea ching students is no longer the teacher but a computer. Personally, I disagree wit h this opinion. As another machines, computer doesn’t enable to control itself. Though com puters are capable of learning from their mistakes and improving on their perfor mance, they need details instructions from human being in order to be able to op erate. They can never, as it were lead independent lives, no mention teaching stu dents. In case a computer lacks the control of a teacher, there is no difference bet ween a computer and waste. Not only this, but computers, unlike a teacher, can’t solve a variety of new pr oblems. Everything is developing in today’s society, including education. For exa mple, a student suddenly asks a creative question that the computer isn’t progra mmed for, it can do nothing, while teacher can explain clearly though abundant t eaching experience. Last but not least, the computer can’t communicate with students from emot ion. Such as an eyesight or gesture of teacher can transfer his or her idea and feel ing to students. In this way, students can feel more human touch in the class. In c omparison, the computer is too dry and dusty to understand. All in all, no matter how nice a computer is, it can’t take the place of teacher. Of course, I don’t mean that computer is useless. In contrary, I believe it will beco me the most powerful assistants to teacher in further. 范文 4 Computer, the most exciting and significant invention in 20 century, will reshape our lives and our world. As a result, some people proclaim that computers should


be involved into our classroom, and replace the roles of human teachers. Howev er, I cannot agree with their point of view. Admittedly, as the useful tools, computers can become the optimum assistan ts for human teachers in the classroom. To beginning, vivid pictures shown on sc reen can motivate students’ interest and curiosity dramatically. Moreover, the co mbination of computers and Internet can provide children the abundant informa tion. Although computers enjoy considerable merits, they cannot compare with h uman teachers for two main reasons. Among countless factors which influence my inclination, there is a most con spicuous one: computers are not as qualified as human teachers in academic fiel ds. As we all know, students can get the final result of a mathematic question und er the help of computers, however, they are still confused on the whole computin g process. By contrast, our human teachers’ performance is much better in those cases. They not only can teach students how to analyze and compute the questio n, but also can remind them what are the possible errors that they may meet. Th us, human teachers are more adequate than computers in academic aspect. The second advantage of human teachers is they can guide students to deal with some psychological problems that they meet in schools. In China, sometime s, teachers even burden many responsibilities that students’ parents have. For ex ample, as for the student with rebellious spirit, the important duty for teachers is to prevent the student from campus violence, even crime. Obviously, computers cannot do that. In summary, from what has been discussed above, we may safely arrive at th e conclusion that the positions of human teachers are unshakable, and computer s cannot take the places of them.

范文 5 with the development of new techonology and science,computer are widely used in education.therefore,some people think we dont need teachers anymore.i total ly disagree with the above point. there is no denying that the computer bring great benefit to people and are of great help to students.computer can be programmed to simple digits of questi on,as the students answer these digits,their theoritical knowledge can be reinfor ced.However,in practice and learning of complex questions,computer can never r eplace the humain brain or surpass the human intelligence.computer only can tel l your the final correct answer.but it cant provide students opportunity to think o ver it,which limited their creativity.teaching itself is an art rather than a machnic an activity.therefore,teachers function can not be neglected.


firstlly.computer only can do work according to the procedure fomulated pr eviously.they can not answer all question in defferent way.teachers,however,can teach students according their attitute.some students who have better ability to a ccept knowledge,under teachers'guidance,can be save time to gain other knowle dge. secondly,facing the vivid dilivery from teachers,students can be improved th eir motivation and concentration.the effective communication operated by teach ers not only can help students understand the knowledge,teachers also can teach students how to be a valuable people,which cant be done by computer. in addition,various teaching methods can help student absorb the knowledg e rapidly.when students meet with the thorny question,teachers not only can exp lain it in different way,they also can show them the important deductive process. therefore,i would say teacher is the good compesation for flexiabilly lacting i n the computer.i totally disagree with view that we dont need teachers anymore!

范文 6 It is a completely ordinary dialogue occurring in modern life. Yes, it is the comput er, whose ever-accelerated updating brings about tremendous changes in our sch ool lives. A typical application is Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), which aids teacher to impart knowledge to student more efficiently by it’s multimedia chara cters. However, a vigorous debate over the issue whether or not teacher are by n o means important in pedagogy field has intrigued the public. In my submission, the computer can be great help of teacher but they can never replace or surpass t he position of teacher. I will offer the following reasons. Firstly, CAI are designed and programmed by human instructor. They only c ondense parts of teacher’s experience and intelligence. Moreover, being a succes sful instructor requires not just these factors but a wealth of experience and inter pret new experiences using that information. The computer after all are man-ma de machine. Secondly, the progress of instruction is complicated and complex, and the ed ucational achievement of CAI is limited. Some sorts of course, such as basic educa tional course, are not necessarily to be expressed by the computer to reach prod uctive effect. Finally, communications and interactions with teacher and computer are quite di fferent. The latter is too impersonal, which ruins the pleasure of emotional excha nges. Sometimes gazing at the cold flickering screen is a disinteresting and tiring experience.


Admittedly, though computer may help teacher to provide student with a ric her and more effective learning environment, yet they can not substitute the posi tion of teacher, not only today, but the future.

范文 8 With more and more extensive use of computers in education, some people claim that the importance attached to teachers has been jeopardized. Therefore, computers will replace teachers in the classroom. However, it seems quite clear t o me that learning from teachers is the most important way that cannot be substi tuted for students. Naturally, some people maintain that computer should instead of the old way of education. They hold that the strong function of the computer offers a new mode of education, which is more interesting, more vivid and more acceptable by child ren. The students will not face to the serious teachers and calm classes any more, which are replaced by a brand-new world offered by the Internet. In addition, th is can decrease the investment on the foundational education and save the huma n resources and material resources. As an assistant, computers do help teachers with their work, but they can ne ver replace the important role of a real teacher. The main functions of any compu ter are storage and calculation. It cannot think on its own anyway. All the teachin g data stored in computers are the essence of teaching experience generalized by many teachers during their work. Hence, to assist education, what a computer ca n do is just to repeat the contents summarized by real teachers. In addition, each student has different talents and different defects, and acco rdingly, they may come across various problems during their study. Computer pr ogrammer designing the software, however, cannot predict these problems. Ther efore, a single computer can never solve these problems without a teacher’s guid ance Furthermore, if the significance of teacher has been weakened, the number of teachers may be decreased, that is to say, many teachers may be laid-off. If suc h a case comes to reality, series of social problems will break out, such as the dro p of working opportunity which will surely make the burden of whole society bec ome heavier and heavier. In conclusion, although computer-aided-education has spread widely, teach ers still play s crucial part in the classroom, which cannot and will not be replace d by computer.


范文 9 as the most important invention in the 21 century,computers have windspre ad in the world,and the use of it has become the necessity of various spheres bot h in our work and in our daily life. although computers are also greatly utilized in the education field,teachers are still playing a crucial part on the platform. perso nally,i believe that teachers should not be replaced by computers due to the follo wing reasons. being the architect of humanbeings' moral, teachers shoulder the responsib ilities of passing knowledge to students as well as shaping them to be real men w ith good qualities. students may learn some certain knowledge from computers which are cold and senseless, but good qualities can only be taught by teachers. at the same time,computers might not give detailed and understandable ela boration of complicated theories. after judging whether the answers are right or wrong computers fail to tell them why they make such mistakes. the problems ca n only be dealt with by teachers. in addition,some elementary academic exchanges,such as discussion and ass ociation,cannot be organised by computers.nevertheless, teachers make up the d eficiendy.by this means,students' learning enthusiasm is greatly activated. above all,computers bring about many significant revolutions in the educati on field,but teachers are still the hosts of the classroom.we should always bear in mind that men are the owner of technology and no matter how intelligent the co mputers are,they are merely man-made machines. 范文 10 Along with the mass use of computer technology in education circles, we are delighted to witness the uncountable conveniences be brought by computer. So me people even argue that teacher will not be important in classroom any more. Is this reasonable? Personal speaking, I oppose holding such a ridiculous conclusi on. In the first place, the feature of teaching defines teachers as an essential part in education. It is well known that teaching is a process of mutual-communicatio n: firstly, teachers impart/initiate knowledge or ideas to students, then students should promptly transfer their feedback to teachers, moreover, teachers will give students the final interpretation according to their specific requirement. Besides , teachers also can (teach students in accordance of their aptitude). In contrast, w hat computers can do is merely to display materials which have already stored in their EMS memory or mechanically execute operator’s commands. We actually c

an not image what our education will being if computers substitute teachers total ly.

As to another reason, it seems that teacher’s role as a supervisor is more and mo re overt. Computer is indeed a controversy, it not only can be an efficient educati on assistant, but also can become an addiction which includes too much violent a nd (pornographic propaganda). Youngsters do not mature fully in psychology, th erefore, without teachers' supervision, many children would spend hours playin g computer games or surfing unhealthy websites, which are regarded as a waste of valuable time and intelligence, instead of trying to have a good command of kn owledge and skills. We never deny that computers are absolutely an available education imple ments, furthermore, the combination of teacher and computer technology will gr eatly improve our education quality. However, from all of the grounds of argume nt mentioned above, we can safely draw a conclusion that teacher will not be rep laced by computer in the classroom. 范文 11 Computers nowadays are more and more widely used in education. Hence, some people claim that teachers are no longer playing important roles in the classroo m. I completely agree with this statement. Although teacher may be more emotio nal than computers, the later actually far outdoes in educating students, for the f ollowing three reasons. First, it is an undoubted fact that computer are more likely to provide suffici ent information to students. Neither a well trained graduate from education insti tute nor an experienced teacher can offer more knowledge than an advanced co mputer. Human brain is more suitable for creative activities, but not in conveying information. As a result of the rapid development in technology, the computer’s capacity of containing information will become much stronger. Second, computers are more efficient in educating students than teachers, n ot only because they will merely make mistakes, but also due to that the will not f eel worn out after a long time of work. It goes without saying that teachers are so metimes complained to transfer mistaken messages to students. And the latter, la ck of enough related knowledge, finally become the victims of such mistakes. Fur thermore, as they were so tired after a whole day working, teachers are often slo w in reaction while asked questions by students. Computers, which can never eff ected by emotional factors, have no such disadvantages. Last but not least, children are becoming more and more familiar with comp uters while they are being taught by this new technology. It’s widely accepted tha t computer has become an essential tool for our daily life. Children could learn ho

w to master it better by the process of being educated by it rather than taking an intentional class presented by a teacher. Classroom, as everybody believes, is a pl ace where students learn knowledge and skills, both academic and practical. So it should be the duty for school to prepare students for the computer-oriented soci ety. All in all, although teachers still contribute to education, we can’t turn a blin d eye to the fact that they are not important any more compared to another kind of tutors-computers

范文 12 Along with the mass use of computer technology in education circles, we are deli ghted to witness the uncountable conveniences be brought by computer. Some p eople even argue that teacher will not be important in classroom any more. Is thi s reasonable? Personal speaking, I oppose holding such a ridiculous conclusion.

In the first place, the feature of teaching defines teachers as an essential part in education. It is well known that teaching is a process of mutual-communicatio n: firstly, teachers impart/initiate knowledge or ideas to students, then students should promptly transfer their feedback to teachers, moreover, teachers will give students the final interpretation according to their specific requirement. Besides , teachers also can (teach students in accordance of their aptitude). In contrast, w hat computers can do is merely to display materials which have already stored in their EMS memory or mechanically execute operator’s commands. We actually c an not image what our education will being if computers substitute teachers total ly. As to another reason, it seems that teacher’s role as a supervisor is more an d more overt. Computer is indeed a controversy, it not only can be an efficient ed ucation assistant, but also can become an addiction which includes too much viol ent and (pornographic propaganda). Youngsters do not mature fully in psycholog y, therefore, without teachers' supervision, many children would spend hours pla ying computer games or surfing unhealthy websites, which are regarded as a was te of valuable time and intelligence, instead of trying to have a good command of knowledge and skills. We never deny that computers are absolutely an available education implements , furthermore, the combination of teacher and computer technology will greatly i mprove our education quality. However, from all of the grounds of argument me ntioned above, we can safely draw a conclusion that teacher will not be replaced by computer in the classroom.


Version 00111 Is it nature or nurture that plays a major role in the development of personality? What's your opinion? 范文 1 IN certain respects, children are the same all over the world. But many factors aff ect the development of children, both parental support and education being majo r influences. There are vast differences between schooling styles, and parental at titudes towards children, in China and the West. Some of these differences have o bvious causes, for example, the "Little Emperor" syndrome in China. Parents ever ywhere have dreams for their offspring. However, the concentration of energy in vested into planning for a child's future is noticeable in China, as it is not diluted by the presence of siblings. This adoration can be seen in other ways. One of the most common is spoiling children, giving them everything they want. Some of the time this is a reward for good work, although there are children who receive all t hey want merely because they demand it from their parents. Hard work?

Parents also have this tendency to spoil children in the West. If a child does start to see itself as the all-deserving star of the Universe,usually its siblings will tease and bully the child until it stops feeling self-important. Another contrast between the upbringing of children in China and the West is in schooling. Without a doubt , Chinese children work harder than their European and American counterparts. Their industriousness is admirable, and in comparison, Western students are laz y. In European countries, teenagers will often have a Saturday job, or holiday job, to supplement their allowance. This is rare in China,where education is consider ed of paramount importance, and time working detracts from study.The same co ntrast is true of romantic relationships between teenagers. I spoke to Han Li, a 1 6-year old student in Huhhot, about boyfriends. She said: "I have no time for a bo yfriend, even if I did want one. I must study hard, there is a lot of pressure on me to get good grades and go to university."

The style of teaching is very different in China from in the West. The notion of "re peating after a teacher'' seems old-fashioned and redundant in America and Euro pe. Large class sizes may be the reason for the popularity of this teaching method . In England, any class over 30 is considered large enough to impair learning. Ho wever, I have noticed that this parrot-style of learning is being replaced with mor e progressive methods of education in many Chinese schools.

The perfect solution would be to combine Western and Chinese education metho ds. Combat the laziness and apathy of Western students; encourage initiative wit hin Chinese students, by expecting independent thought as opposed to mindless


repetition. As for spoilt kids anywhere, some of these children would benefit fro m a smack on the bum. 范文 2 There has been an argument on personality and individual’s development for a lo ng time. The key point of the dispute is which factor plays a more important role, genes or training after birth? In my opinion, the latter is the crucial complication, though genes are significant. Although genes have great effects on one’s personality, environment plays a more important role in his further development. Let’s take an experiment for inst ance. There was a research on a couple of identical twins who were born in a big city, but they were separated after birth. One was taken to a poor suburban area, while the other remained in the city. Fifteen years later, surely, the one in city gre w tall, strong, extroverted and well educated. By contrast, the other was short, th in, introverted and nearly illiterate. This well demonstrates the importance of nu rturing. In addition, education, especially early education, is another key factor.When chil dren are very young, they try to imitate their parents’ behaviors, and run into so me manners. After going to school, different education systems and even differen t courses students taking will make influence on their personalities and ideas. St udents of science and technology subjects are good at logical thinking, while stud ents of arts usually think in terms of imagine. As you can tell from my comments above, no one can choose his nature,buto ne can be greatly successful after striving for himself or being well educated. And no one can be successful relying on his genes without good environment. So, in my opinion, environmental influence and education will ultimately decide one’s personality and development. 范文 3 Nowhere in the world has the issue of children’s education been so much debate d as in our society. Nowadays, many parents let their children attend all kinds of courses that will help children to get a better future; therefore, some people thin k that the postnatal nurture is more important than the congenital factors for per sonal growth and progress. The above point is certainly true; this essay will outli ne three reasons. The main reason is that success of a child would not be separated from right teaching and personal effort. Currently, lots of famous scientists and politicians g ain huge success in the world, as they are long-term to hard work. Moreover, the main reason why plenty of developing countries drop behind is their poor educat ion.


Another reason is that if people do not work hard but only depend on their h igh intellect, they will be far from successful. For instance, the little Bronte was q uite clever during his childhood; he was particularly adept at writing. But he was so satisfied with his superior intellect that he did not study carefully. Finally, he b ecame an idle person. However, his sisters became famous authors as a result of t heir hard study. They are Charlotte Bronte and Emily Bronte. Charlotte wrote “Ja ne Eyre “, “Wuthering Heights” was written by Emily. Last but not the least reason is the advantages of natural factors that are mo re and more similar.Plenty of advanced technological products are invented and widely used.They can supply people’s gaps.In the past, the difference of mathema tical ability was remarkable. With the invention of the calculator, people can har dly find out the difference. In conclusion, scientific and proper teaching is the most significant factor for personal growth and development. If people are satisfied with their advantages, t hey will become the biggest failures. 范文 4 Nowadays, most of children are the center of a family, so the issue about which plays major role in personality, nature or nurture, is paid increasing attention by parents. As to me, I am fond of that molding one's character depends on nurture rather than nature. People's character will affect greatly by the people around them especially thei r parents. The survey proves the possibility of commit of person who deleted bor n in a family which have a crime is one to four times higher than the normal famil y's person's. To image, when a child shape character, always have a bad example around him or her, no wonder the crime possibility is much higher. So just as the saying goes:" he who keeps company with the wolf will learn to howl."

Moreover, the growing environment influences child's personality unconscious ly. There is a famous story in China: Aiming to find a willing studying condition, a mother moves for three times. They at last move nearby school. From then on, th e boy who used to be naughty corrects his bad habits and changes into a hardwor king student. After he grows up, this boy becomes one of the greatest philosophe rs in Chinese history---Mencius.

This story really shows how important role that the environment play in childre n's personality. Of course, we couldn't neglect the effect of nature, such as parent s' gene. The child is a chip off the old block. Some characters proved by medical r esearch have already existed before human were born.


All in all, as for one person's, both nature and nurture influence the developme nt of quality. Personally, I believe the nurture can partly make up the shortage of nature. 范文 6 Human's endeavor in researching on factors affecting one's personality and deve lopment has offered quite a amount of proofs. My position may provide you with a clear notion that nurture plays a far more important role in one's development.

Reportedly there was a maid, a countryside girl with only an educational backgro und of primary school, working for an American professor who worked in Shang hai Jiaotong University, China. After two years of stay at the learned and exotic su rroundings, amazingly this plain girl could speak fluent English and started to hel p the host to receive and send e-mails to his students. When the professor left for New York later, soon she sought a post at a multinational firm. This example clea rly reveals a common truth: appropriate nurture can turn an average person to b e competent. I will then go on to examine my position by offering other facts. It is well believed that overseas graduates who once furthered their education in foreign universiti es are taking incredible places in China because these elites have a broader way of thinking and their bilingual and creative capabilities have proved themselves much better than domestic ones. In contrast, some people show their linguistic ta lent by precisely speaking a variety of dialects but still lead a poor life because no foreign language learning process has been conducted for them. Conclusion To sum up, the competence of a former maid and the qualities of overseas Chines e students already illustrate an undeniable fact: a right way of nurture can mould one to be outstanding whilst extraordinary nature without nurture is a waste of resource. 范文 7 Which element between nature and nurture plays the major role in children’s pe rsonality and development is always a controversial problem. Of course, which y ou prefer depends on your own experience, life style and emotional concern. Her e, I would like to illustrate my point of view about it. Admittedly, different nature determines people have distinguished starting points in their lifetime. To beginning, in light of medical research, a person’s bloo d type has considerable influence to his character. General speaking, for example, a person whose blood type is A means that his personality is amiable and tender probably. Besides, the physical condition, even appearance may influence a perso

n’s development. Statistics shows that beautiful people are more confident than others, because they do not need to worry about the prejudice from public. Obvio usly, some parts of our personality have been decided when we born. On the other hand, although nature is important during the course of shapin g personality, we cannot ignore another essential element, nurture. There are ma ny factors which affect the development of children, both parental support and e ducation being vital influence. It is reported that the kid whose parents are divor ced is more likely has psychological troubles than those with a harmonious famil y. By contrast, as we all know, good education will positively cultivate a person’s personality and improve his self-restraint in a big way. In summary, from what has been discussed above, we may safely arrive at th e conclusion that partly because of different nature, partly because of different n urture, people have their unique personality. 范文 8 For centuries,people have heatedly debated the problem that what runs a more significant position in characteristic and development. At first glance,it would see m that nature is the crucial factor. Closerexamination reveals,however,that nurtu re makes the determinative effect.Personally,I side with the later opinion.Some r easons as follows can demonstrate my viewpoint. Most important,elder generation's way of actionun fluences much on childr en's psychology.Because of the small age,kids have little understandings about t he condition and they always intimate what their parents do.It is frequent to fin d that the sons possess the same gestures of walking or eating with the fathers.M eanwhile children are using their parebns' way to think of and deal with matters out of habit. What is more,just as Edison's best-known saying goes:"Genius is one percen t inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." Everyone is no exception.The heritag e does give out benefit; however, its effect is too limited.Man must make it throu gh hardwork and proper cultivation. In ancient China,Fang Zhongyong, concidere d as a child prodigy, had a talented ablity of poem creation.Unfortunatly,he did n ot acquire a well education,which leaded to the lost of teputatuon ten years later.

Last but not least, superior postnatal nurture can bting a promissing develo pment to youngsterds.Numerous aspects o fchildren's personality are formed aft er the borth such as the view of world and value.The nurture just serves as these points as it shows a correct direction to the youngs and tutors them. From what has been mentioned above, we can safely come to the definitive conclusion that nurture is the most critical ingredient for personality and personal growth.


范文 9 nowaday,variety of language and culture has been lost rapidly,as a matter of fact, the speed of language and culture dissapear is as fast as the speed of developmen t of society.i would rather to give the main reasons for it and explore the good sol ution to this phenomenon. firstly,its undeniable that the development of new technology and science co ntribute the ressesion of traditional culture.microwave,for example,save my mot her time.throw the prepared and forzen food into it,we will have the dinner withi n a few minutes.but we will not have the delicious food cooked by my mother.go ne foreveris the traditional cooking. secontly,as the economic globalization is being carried out,the traditional cu lture is being under the threat of assimilation.especailly in chinese depress areas, as the western culture with investment floods into these nations,.the young peop le became obbessed with the fresh culture so that they miss very much their own culture.however,culture just like a mirror which reflect the value of one country, how can these cultures exist if the young people who are the hope of one country are tired of learning it? in addition,nowaday the young people whose mother tongue is not english b ecame crazy about learning english on the ground that english well can ensure t hem a decent job,a better life.they spent a lot of time in studying english so that t hey dont have spare time to develop and enrich their own language.so,its not sur pring that many a language,only spoken by few people,disappear one by one in t he mordern society. To sum up,the distinct culture make our world colourful .it is notonly belong to their own country,it also belong to the world.let us cherich our traditonal cult ure,for it embody the very costoms and culture,which sustain our family ,our frie ndship and our spirital life!

范文 10 some people think the natural gift play the major role in the children's developm ent.in contrast,other think the nurture is more important than nature .personally ,its more advisale to choose the latter view than the former one. to begin with the Einstein's bestknown saying:the gunius is 1% inspiration , and 99% prespiration.even Einstein who is one of most wisest people in the worl d also have to think and study for months before he fomulate the famouse relativ ity of theory.in addition to it,there is also a countexample to support my point.in Ming dynasty of china,there was a 3-year-old boy who was genius at creating a p erfect poem within 3 mins.but his father did not provide him opportunity to deve

lop his ability,instead,he frequatly took his son to the banquet hold by the rich to perform how to make a quict poem in order to earn money.when this genius chil d grew up,his tallents dissappeared just for lacking of right education.so ,i fomula te the two important factors for the development of children's personality. firstlly,the success of child would not seperated from round education.as th e hebert spenser's famouse saying:education is has for it abject the information o f charactors.its reported by scientists that the disble man also can performs as w ell as the nomal people if they are nurtured and educated.the parents as the first teacher and teachers should give proper instruction and correct guidance to thei r development. secondlly,indiviial great efforts is indispensable.the many politican and state mans gain success though the great efforts when they were young.there is also co untexample.the most successful people may not be the most cleverest people.acc ording to the studies conducted among the group who was the same class before 10 years,those whose average point is in the middle 50 % ,all became the richers and managers.while few of the young people who is upper 10 % became the boss es or excutives.studies show people who do not word hard only depend on their i ntelligence will be far from the sucess. therefore,the kid is the seed,the nurture is the fertile soil in which the seed c an grow well.among all ingredients for children's development,round education is very important,moreover,individial offort is also indispensable! 范文 11 The contentious issue in the domain of sociology in the past mainly concentrated on postnatal nurture and congenital element still has been steeped in controvers y nowadays. The key point of it is, which factor has top priority in personal grow th and progress. On the strength of compelling and convincing research and evid ence, I prefer the former. This essay will outline the following reasons. In the first place, environment and parents enlightenment play utmost and c rucial roles in children’s personalities and further development. When they are y oung, they often unconsciously imitate parents’ behaviors. As prevailing Chinese slang says, “Better unborn than unbred”, which connotes that parents should stre ngthen the supervision over and education of kids. After accepting education in s chool, their identities and ideas are deeply affected by diverse instruction system and even distinguishing courses. For instance, students of science are apt at logic al thinking, while students of arts are inclined to thinking in image. Granted that i t happens to identical twins, their behaviors are not genetic because life has pres ented them with different opportunities. In the second place, one with innate intellect uncertainly becomes a genius i nsomuch as his success owes much to his capabilities and arduous efforts. Take a

n instance of Charlotte Bronte’s brother who was quite bright during his childho od. Only did he depend on his superior intellect, so that neglected his study. Final ly he became an idle person, while his sister became a famous author as a result of hard study. Even Albert Einstein said, “A genius is that kind of person with 99 percent diligence plus 1 percent intelligence.” Apparently, his success is not so much by talent as by strenuous work. In conclusion, no one can choose his nature, but one can be successful after s triving for himself and being well educated. Moreover, no one can be triumphant only relying on his genes. Namely, nurture passes nature. 范文 12 In certain respects, children are the same all over the world. But when they grow up, they become quite different. What has caused such considerable changes? I b elieve nurture plays the crucial role in personality and development of a child. In another word, the circumstances surrounding the child are more important to fo rm its character. As an old saying remarked, ‘No man is born wise or learned’. Had nobody ta ught him, a man would even not be able to count from 1 to 10, no matter how tal ented he were. In fact, a nascent infant to who has scarcely given birth, in certain aspects, is just the same as a kitten being no aware of so-called character. Its natu re is to cry for food when it feels hungry, or cry for release when it feels uncomfo rtable. That is that. The true story of ‘wolf-child’ can be the best evidence. On the other hand, the parents, teachers, as well as other people around a ch ild, are the main builders who develop its personality. Learning from the circums tances, the child forms its character and concepts of the world. People always say ‘the best horse needs breeding, and the aptest child needs teaching.’ Without cor rect guidance, a clear conscience can even go bad. For instance, a father is a deep drug addict, and in most cases, his son starts this dangerous experience very earl y, by reason of smoky air he has breathed since his childhood. Such situation is n ot rare. On the contrary, we often hear similar news from media. As you can tell from my analysis, among all factors affecting the growth of ch ildren, nurture is the crucial one, which is much more important than the nature or any other else.

范文 13 Nature or nurture, which one has major influence on our personality and develo pment? This issue has been widely debated in our country nowadays. As far as I a m concerned, I am inclined to support the standpoint that nurture plays a more c rucial role in youngster’s development.


To begin with, scientific research has already proved that the intelligence qu otient(IQ) we were born with is not differ from each other too much. We have to admit that the so-called whiz-kids could be found are actually seldom. If we want to lead to any success, we need to rely on postnatal education and self-struggle which are the decisive factors. For example, Edison was regarded as a fool in his primary school. However, he got uneaqualed achievement by his own efforts. In the second place, children’s limited natural gift will disappear soon if his/ her nurture can not support it sufficient. Only can we say that the advantageous i ntelligence is a helpful condition to achievement, but the advantages will not last for long. There is Chinese fable: a boy called zy had some talents in poetry, so his father continuous take him to attend feast to boast his gift instead of bringing hi m to school, several years latter, zy have not any intelligence in composing poem s any more. Therefore, we can find how important does the parental education a nd studying environment are! Finally, the concept for success given by Einstein also indicates the essential effect of education and hardworking. He said: success is equal to 99% of diligenc e plus only 1% of genius. From his notion, we can easily find that the diligence is the indispensable element for people’s accomplishments. From all mentioned above, we can safely come to a conclusion that only edu cation and industry can mould people to be excellent and outstanding, merely de pend on So-called nature gifts are absolutely deficiency.

Version 00113 some people think that university should not provide theoretical knowledge, but t o give practical training benefit to society.do you agree or disagree. use your own experience and knowledge to support your idea. 范文 1 Most universities and colleges spend a rather long period in fundamental theorie s and elementary courses. But students regard these kinds of knowledge useless, and pay less attention to them. They suggest school pay more time for practical t raining instead of providing theoretical lessons. In my opinion, however, theoreti cal knowledge is necessary. And one will definitely benefit from it.

First, fundamental theories, such as math and physics, are the basis of other kno wledge. To a student who majors in automatic control, the course of control syste m is the most practical and useful in the future. But if he isn’t good at math and ci rcuit, he will hardly be able to understand the principles and methods of how to c ontrol a subject or process. It is just like constructing a building. How can you im


agine a spectacular high-rise without a firm groundsill? That is, theories and prac tices are interrelated. We can ignore neither of them.

Second, theoretical basic knowledge provides not only the knowledge itself, but a lso a way that how to learn and research. University is a place for scientific resea rch and invention. So it is necessary for students to have the skill of doing researc h. Seeing from another angle, science and techniques are exploding so quickly th at present skills will soon be out of date. If one learnt nothing except practical ski lls, he would also fall behind the society. But if one could master the method of re search, he would be able to refresh himself continuously with advanced technolo gy.

From all the commentaries above, we can learn the important role of theoretical knowledge. Although pragmatism is very popular today, we should pay enough a ttention to the basis and principles. 范文 2 Nowhere in the world has the issue of student been so much debated as in our so ciety. In this competitive society, ability of work and employment experience hav e become very important features of ordinary students’ future; therefore, many p eople think that university should teach students the real knowledge that comes from practice and direct experience. The above point is certainly wrong; this essa y will outline three reasons. The main reason is that students’ study will be delayed and disadvantaged. The academic knowledge of students will be hard to make greater progress in or der to practical training and employment experience. In this special period of life, students have the best memory and intellect. If they do not work hard at study, t hey will lose it that could be balanced by neither good employment experience n or information of outside classroom. If students choose to carefully study acade mic knowledge in the university, they would gain a better future.

Another reason is that current knowledge of students is not enough capable to fa ce practical training’s requirements. If students are not taught professional theor etical knowledge, they just depend on the basal academic knowledge that they st udied in the high school. In fact, they are really difficult to progress real practical training and gain abundant employment experience.

Last but not the least reason is the professional theoretical knowledge that it is n ecessary to work of future. For instance, when I graduated from university, I did not have any employment experience. But, I was hired a famous network compan

y. I could gain this work chance, only, because of my professional theoretical kno wledge. In conclusion, the students ought to only study theoretical knowledge in the university. It is unnecessary to let university that provides plenty of practical training 范文 3 Which kind of courses should universities provide: theoretical knowledge or pra ctical training? Some people prefer the later one and assert that the practical trai ning can benefit our society. Personally, I strongly disagree with their point of vie w for three reasons. Among countless factors which influence my propensity, there is a most con spicuous one: practical experience should be accumulated in society, not in unive rsities. I can think of no better illustration than the saying: “society is another kin d of university” (Mao Zedong). Literarily, in society people can study practical kn owledge as well as studying theoretical knowledge in universities. Besides, camp us is full of academic atmosphere, and there is totally different from the circumst ance in society. Thus, it is difficult for students to accumulate the real practical ex perience in campus. The second aspect relates to the importance of theoretical knowledge. Appa rently, it would seem that some academic subjects, such as mathematics or sociol ogy, cannot benefit companies or society directly. In fact, however, they are the b asis of practical subjects, such as management or finance. For example, it is almo st impossible to talk of economics without mentioning the fundamental roles pla yed by statistics and mathematics. Furthermore, universities are where theoretical knowledge is handed down from generation to generation. As we know, form Oxford University to Yale Unive rsity, from Beijing University to MIT, universities congregate a lot of preeminent scholars and professors whose main jobs are the academic research. They are res ponsible to impart the academic knowledge to the young generation in case of th ey are faded from our memory. In summary, from what has been discussed above, we may safely arrive at th e conclusion that the theoretical courses are not as obsolete, profitless and unim portant as some people believed. And our universities should be responsible to p rovide the theoretical knowledge 范文 4 along with the shinking job market,the young school leavers found its more and more hard to follow the ideal job,therefore ,they place the blame on the universit ies today,saying that courses offered by universities cant provide them the enoug h practical training which ensure them a decent job , a chanllenging and promoti


on position.i dont think that view can hold water.they dont really understand the function of universities in our society. its impossible that people experience all important events,only by practical t raining offered by universities.as the speed of which skills is getting obsolete,the new techolology and science is getting unpredictable.the practical training is far f rom the enough.the theoritical knowlege provide us unlimited additional experie nce.we not only can trace back the wisdom of anticedents.we also can keep up w ith the development of society.sure,its the second- hand experience.few of us can live over 100years,but all of us can live many lives by learning anticedents's seco nd- hand experience. moreover,the university is not teach us how to earn our bread,but make us e very monthful sweeter.thats is to say,they can not guarantee our future jobs.but t hey can help me to add energy,to rich inspire,to increase knowledge.which set u s apart from the schools which only vocational trainings.without a solid theoritic al knowledge,the latter cant elicit our creativity. therefore,we should not measure the university only by how many their gra uduates get established in society. 范文 5 Most universities and colleges spend a rather long period in fundamental theorie s and elementary courses. But students regard these kinds of knowledge useless, and pay less attention to them. Thus, some people think that university should n ot provide theoretical knowledge, but to give practical training benefit to society. As for me, I think this view is reasonable in some aspects. First of all, the theoretical knowledge just handles problem is an abstract co ncept. It must combine with real job, can just give play to its efficiency. The theor etical knowledge losing contact with reality is nonsensical. For instance, as every one knows, with the development of society, Work position more and more need experienced talent, that is to say, they need those people who can combine theor etical knowledge with practice. So, more offering practice training to university s tudents can help them to adapt to the society better. Secondly, the theoretical knowledge root in practice. Any theory knowledge is obtained from the work of practicing. The universities provide practical trainin g to students, make them understand the theoretical knowledge deeply. Just beca use of this, more and more universities stipulate that students should participate in social work at least one year in the four years, in order to get practical trainin g.


However, the theoretical knowledge is the quintessence of practice, and it is the important course that we can't ignore too. So, theoretical knowledge and pra ctice have the equal status in our study. In a word, theory knowledge and practical training are all our required cour ses. We must study theory knowledge, and then apply it to practice. Just like wha t a famous sayings said: thoughts can give off brilliant light only when put into ac tions. version114 People have different expectation for jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job f or the same company, and some people rather than change the job frequently. adv antage and disadvantage? 范文 1 Some people prefer to stay in the same job for the same company, but others pref er to change jobs frequently. You should use specific reasons to compare the adva ntages and disadvantages of both sides. people rarely have an absolute consensus on the controversial issue whethe r a man should intend to go in for a life-time career. These day, very few people p refer to always taking a position. in some senses, a life-time career has its merits. First, if you stick at taking a post, all angles of the job will have appeared; after some time, you will definitely have a good command of it. Consequently you may become a veteran of the field and earn respect or prestige from others. Second, you can establish an extensive social connections relating to the field, helping you tear down most of the barrier s standing in the way of your working endeavor. Finally, mistakes of the routine t asks would be minimized because you have learned the lessons. however, as the modern society develops, experiencing different jobs has its adv antages. Initially, we look at the issue of bribery. Many high-level staff are incline d to accept bribes via power in hand. However, if he knows that someone else wil l soon take his place, such acts can be avoided. We then look at work motivation. If one works for the same company for a long time without promotion, he may ge t sick and tired of doing the same daily routine. Nonetheless, a manager should h ave qualities of a sense of teamwork and the capability of coordination. Therefor e, to try various positions can help you gain ground to be promoted. In summary, staying in the same post can cultivate one to cut out for the job but involve one in a boring career while changing jobs frequently can be both ad vantageous by keeping bribery away and providing one with more opportunities of promotion and disadvantageous by making mistakes occasionally. In my opini on, people should seek a decent and good-paid job and pay little attention to cha nging it.

范文 2 Nowadays, whether of not stay in one position for a long time is a problem that w orried about a lot of people. To understand the solution, let’s take a closer look at the two sides of both at first. The merit of going in for a life-time career is obvious. Firstly, long time work ing in the same position can help one become an expert in this area, for it is natur al to get familiar with your work from every angle and accumulate abundant exp erience. In addition, mistakes of the routine tasks would be minimized because y ou have learned the lessons. However, the defect is also caused by the long time unchanging job. As every one’s patience is different, some may feel that the longe r they do the same job, the less interest and power they may have. In comparison, if one person changes job frequently, he or she never annoy about this problem, which is the best advantage of doing like this. Once the worker feels bored with job, changing it directly. But this would make o ne person not good at any subjects that he or she did. What is worst, while the co mpetition of job is getting sharper and sharper, who can be sure of finding a job whenever he or she wants? Therefore, since each of two ways shows a unique quality, the better way, in my opinion, is to try some jobs at first in order to make an aim. Once seeking the j ob you like, don’t alert it easily and devote yourself to it 范文 3 In the last few years, with the development of society, working in a place all alon g has already become history. People can choose their job freely, so, people have different expectation for jobs. Some people prefer to do the same job for the sam e company, and some people rather than change the job frequently. This dispute has brought our attention. First of all, the free choice of the job is the inevitable outcome of the social d evelopment. People can give play to their different ability in different work positi ons. To a person gifted in many ways, it is very challenging to often change the jo b. For example, a person has very outstanding ability, in the specific field. He can change his job after working some time in one place, in order to seek kind develo pment. Moreover, a person has very good ability in many aspects, then, He can of ten change and work, in order to seek the feeling of freshness or raise the quality of life. However, to some people or some specific posts, it is impossible to often cha nge the job. For instance, an accountant, he only grasps the knowledge and exper ience of accounting, he can work perfectly within the specific limits, and then cha


nging job is unnecessary to him. Furthermore, in order to make the scientific pay offs, some scientists dedicate themselves to the scientific undertaking. So, I think whether people should change the job frequently, should depend on their personal situation or their working position. As a saying goes, it is one-si ded to treat the question in isolation. Version 00116 Some information in films, books and on the Internet has bad influence on young people and even on society. Some people think such information should be controlled. Give your opinion on both sides of view use your own experience and e xamples
范文 1

Nowadays,people can get almost any information from films,books or the interne t,but some information can have negative influences on young people and even o ur society. The following essay discusses whether there should be censorship of i nformation in society or not. To begin with, some information is harmful for children, therefore we shoul d protect children from some information. By this I mean, children are easily infl uenced and they cannot distinguish what is right or real and what is wrong or un real, as they are immature, and hey probably imitate what they have seen. As a co nsequence, we should protect children from some information such as excessive violence or obscene material, so that they can grow up to be valuable members o f society. Another point to bear in mind is that some information which could be harm ful to society should be censored. For example, some material that encourages ra cism,violence or terrorism threatens social security, and it might lead to some se rious social problems, such as crimes. Therefore, the government should ban this kind of information in films,books or on the internet. However, people do have the right to choose what they what to know, and t hey should be allowed access to most information. Further more, most adults are good people and will not be influenced in a negative way easily, thus they should have the freedom to decide what they want to know, and the government should not censor all information, as the government is only a group of people after all. In conclusion, parents should strictly control what their children watch or re ad, and the government should censor such information in children’s books, film s or websites. In addition, the government should ban some information which e ncourages racism, violence and terrorism, as it is harmful to society. However, on the other hand, since it is people’s right to choose what they want to know, the g overnment should not censor most information.


范文 2 As the more and more important part of our lives, media plays significant role. H owever, sometimes public may ignore its negative influence on teenagers, even o ur society as a whole. Here, I would like to illustrate my point of view on the issu e. Admittedly, it is almost impossible to talk of our vivid lives without mention ing the vital roles played by various medias, such as books, films and Internet. Fir st, as main entertainment and leisure methods, reading, watching films and surfi ng on Internet take up our most spare time. And they become the most popular way to help us relax after a pressured working day. Second, we have opportuniti es to access to all kinds of up-dated information, news and events reported by m edia. Thus, it is undoubted that mass medias are reshaping our lives, and influenc e our world in a big way. However, we should notice that, in this moment of triumph of media, it also presents us realistic and potential hazards along with its benefits. To beginning, because of more and more vehement competition, some medias come to fudge ev ents for catering the appetite of a few readers and audience. More seriously, som e of them, representing their political groups or governments, may tend to report a war with bias. We become content with the second-hand experience. Little by l ittle, some medias cut us off from the real world. In addition, some books, films a nd TV programs with pornographic information and glamorizing violence may p oison the minds of juvenile. It is commonly believed that there is a definite link b etween violent movies and campus violence. Last but not least, over addicting to films, Internet and TV waste children a lot of study time. And it is always accomp anied with poor academic performance. One of my classmate did not pass final ex am last semester due to surfing on Internet took up his too much study time. Obv iously, media bring too much negative influence to our teenagers, even the societ y as a whole. In summary, there are still many other reasons can support my inclination, but the obvious ones have been represented as above. Although so many proble ms brought by media need to be resolved, I do believe that, as time passes, gover nments will find a feasible way to change the situation

Version 00117 Competition and cooperation 范文 1 Nowhere in the world has the issue of competition and cooperation been so muc h debated as in our society. Nowadays,the competition is more and more furious between different groups, but many people think that parents teach competition to children that it will be bad for their growth,let them learn how to cooperate th at is the most important. Above point is certainly true; this essay will outline thre

e reasons.The main reason is that children’ intellect is not enough capable to anal yze right and wrong competition. If children do not have correct teaching, the co mpetition easily leads children to a wrong way. For instance, children usually pay attention to match their clothing and toys; in fact, it is really worth competing thing that their study is being ignored.Anoth er reason is that if children work together,they could easily find out and supply t heir gaps. Because of limit of age,in order to children’s knowledge is limited so th at they have the different strongpoint. When they work together, they can learn t he merit from others, and quickly correct their mistakes. Last but not the least reason is the cooperation means common progress. A people’s ability is limited, but group’s power is unlimited.Lots of things are really difficult to complete by personal power. Nevertheless, people work together to s olve problems that will become really easy and simple. Thus, it is important to let children get to know signification of cooperation.In conclusion, children ought to learn signification of cooperation and how to work together, in order to their bet ter future. 范文 2 Competition and cooperation are going along together in the modern society . And there has been an on-going argument on which to be more essential in chil dren’s education. In my opinion, they are both necessary, and the society cannot grow any more without either of them.On one hand, competition concerns about the subsistence of individuals and companies. We can take Motorola for instance. He used to be the strongest cooperation in telecommunication industry. No one could compete with him. But he slowed his steps in exploration of digital communication, which gave a good c hance for companies like NOKIA and SIMENCE to develop. And NOKIA now has p ossessed more than 30% of the market, while SIMENCE 25%. To individuals,the t hing is the same. No employer would like to employ a man without ambition and progressive spirit.On the other hand, we can achieve no goals without cooperatio n. Along with the division of labor in society, no one can fulfill a task by himself. T here are many examples in our lives. In the designing process of a PC game, it cos t many people to work together. Some work on the ideas, some paints the images , some edit the music, and some deal with the programs. Without this cooperatio n, the production would break down. Since jobs are more and more complicated, the only way to deal with them is separating people into groups, and making the m cooperate with each other. You can tell from my comments above, without competitions we will be able to live peacefully though develop slowly, but without cooperation, we cannot liv e in a modern society. Furthermore,since China put out the one-child policy, Chin ese children are competing with each other drastically, what they are short of is c

ooperation. So, instead of competition,children should learn more about coopera tion. 范文 3 Nowadays, the world in developing at a high speed, therefore, everyone, especiall y children, need to learn how to live in this fast changing day. The problem is whi ch ability is more important, competition or cooperation? Personally, I believe bo th of them are essential skills in future life. It seems that learning competition is more useful, for children will live in a comp etitive environment after they grow up. However, the time of proud of one hero h as past. We also could neglect the importance of cooperate, after all, no matter ho w strong ability that a hero has, he or she in also different to beat up to power of one group. It is why “working with group” in one of basic requirements of many c ompanies. Of course, the future society ‘s rule is “Surival is the fittest”, so just becoming an e xpert of cooperation is far from enough. Stress from society and family impels chi ldren to involve in the cruel competition. Studies have shown that the children w ho living in competitive environment will knock their out to study courses and ac complish jobs. It is reasonable to believe that Competition, which is the one of str ong power of future society developing, is the basis ability of young people. In thi s way, Competition will playing an important role in education, and even more p owerful. All in all, competition and cooperation must go hand in hand. The key point is kee ps the balance between competition and cooperation during teaching. Only when you get this two ability that you walk faster on the way that leads to success.

范文 4 Children education, is always a debating issue. Some people support that chi ldren should learn how to compete, others opposite that cooperation should be t aught in schools. Of course, which you prefer depends on your own experience, li fe style and emotional concern. Here, I would like to illustrate my point of view o n the controversial issue Admittedly, it is commonsense that a person without cooperative spirit will be difficult to survive in the modern society. Increasingly, companies come to rea lize that teamwork spirit is one of most important elements, which can positively influence their success in business. Consequently, many job recruiters focus on whether applicants are qualified in this factor. Although cooperation enjoys a con siderable advantage, it cannot compare with competition in two main aspects as follows. Among countless factors which influence my propensity, there is a most con spicuous one: survival of the strongest. In light of Darwin’s evolutionism, no matt

er in animal kingdom or human society, only the strongest and fittest one can sur vive. For example, because finding a good job is becoming more and more difficul t, a job applicant must weigh up the competition form others, and show his merit s to interviewers. Thus, a bright career future depends on whether you know ho w to compete with rivals. The second factor relates to the essence of fair competition. As we all know, there is not a man who can win everything. Students will know and understand h ow to face success and failure through competitive activities. I can think of no bet ter illustration of the idea than the proverb, “failure teaches success”. That experi ence no matter winning or losing, will benefit their future success eventually. In summary, from what has been discussed above, we may safely arrive at th e conclusion that competitive spirit will prepare students for the tough things in the future. As a result, schools should be responsible to provide competitive train ing or class. 范文 5 nowaday,competition and cooperation are involved in every field of our life.whic h one is more important to children'education?some emphasis the former,some s tress the latter,personnally,i think they are of the same important. the main reason why some think competiton is more important to children i s that they know adult life to be difficult.Finding a job emtremaly are ,for exampl e,competitive activities.as the competition is getting more and more fierce in our society,the odds of landing the plum and sought-after is considerably shortened.t he potentially successful applicant,in order to weigh up the competition from oth er applicants,have to place themselves on the position by gaining more experienc e and qualification. the further reason why they advocate the competition is that children often can get great efforts in contests.although they cant win at everything,they can do well at something.by attempting compete with others in viariety of activities,they can learn calm down in victory and smile in failure. competiton,however,make children tend to be selfish and self-centered.som e children gain their success by hook or crook,or even climbing up by trampling o thers' shoulders.this activities only lead to narrowmindedness.,which will be har mful to their further development. the only way for compensating it is to let children know cooperation.in footb all teams,for instant,all players work with joint efforts in order to win the watchs. our study also need teamwork.for one thing,we compete with others,as a result, we all get great efforts.for another,we help each other by pointing out others'mis takes and reminding words.

Human being is social being,Human life is frequantlly as competitive as is th e animal kindom.only both with competition and cooperation,can we achieve suc cess and live in pease and harmony

范文 6 The contentious issue in the domain of sociology in the past mainly concentrated on competition and cooperation still has been steeped in controversy nowadays. The key point of it is, which factor has priority in children’s education. In my sub mission, they are not contradictory to each other. Not without either of them can children gain ground any more. Both of them are required. On one hand, competition is ubiquitous. It exists not only between individua l but also between groups or community and is more and more furious. Brutal th ough it seems to be, it does stimulate our growth. Not to advance is to go back. Su ffice it to say that how outstanding students become. It is because that, even if th ey have already got high marks, they often keep studying hard lest someone shou ld catch up with them. Sense of competition prompts them to make progress unc easingly. On the other hand, cooperation is the approach to get ahead, as individual p ower is limited after all. Can one person build up the Great Wall? Obviously no. M odern pedagogy also emphasize on fostering children’s collaboration spirits. Tak e computer-supported cooperative work, groupware that is a type of software de signed for groups and for communication, as an instance. Students are encourage d to accomplish systematically ordered instruction tasks by teamwork. During w orking together they can perceive their own weaknesses and other’s merits as w ell, which are virtual for them to go forwards. To sum up, competition and cooperation are inseparable and indispensable i n children education. Without competition we will loosen demand to ourselves, meanwhile without cooperation we will achieve nothing. We should treat them i n dialectical view. At the same time, as the competition among Chinese children a re more fierce people are more likely negligible to cooperation. So, I slightly tilt t owards cooperation.

Version 00118 the standard of living between cities and rural areas 范文 1 Generally speaking, there has been a gap in the standard of living between cities a nd rural areas.And in China, the problem is seriously obvious in every corner of s ocial life. Several contributing factors can be identified. In the following, I would lik e to present my point of view.Although China’s economy is developing very fast, th e keystone is the policy in many eastern big cities. For example, the city of Shenzh en grew quickly several years before, because its policy is widely open and the go

vernment expended great effort to help it develop. The development of Beijing and Shanghai is almost the same. But in rural areas, the policy is not that advanced. What the state cares most is the production of food, since China has a huge p opulation. As a result, the progress of rural areas is much slower than that in cities . In addition, the attitude of people in the countryside is greatly different from that o f people in cities. The feudal influence in countryside is apparently continuing. Peo ple there are still doing everything in traditional manners, many of which are badl y impeding their improvement. By contrast, people living in cities have given up m any outmoded customs, and worked out some new cultures, which makes their liv ing style more compatible with the progress of the society. Moreover, many former farm laborers have rushed into cities in order to earn mor e money, which makes the supply of farmers sharply inadequate. As a result, peop le there have to give birth to more children, which causes a vicious circle in that th e more they breed, the poorer they live.However, Chinese government has already noticed this problem, and is trying to establish some means to solve it.The way I t hink most efficient is to pay more attention to the science and technique in agricu lture, and free part of the farmers to other occupations. And we also need to go in side the country-side, and bring them the most advanced ideas and cultures. Follo wing this way, our society must develop faster, steadier and more balanced. 范文 2 When you look back to the last century,amazingly you will find that not only all w orld's largest populated cities had experienced different population growth rates,b ut also the difference between the city and the countryside had grown accordingly. Two reasons of mine can examine this tendency as following. The glamorous city life allures lots of human resources to move to agglomer ate in the city, taking major contribution to the gap. Supporting sentences: In the city, there are many advantages to attract those talented people to settle down-more job opportunities, cultural activities, sporting events, you name them.There fore, even those well-educated people who are originated from the country inten d to lead a dynamic city life instead of returning to face the static country view. If the rural government can work out some favorable policies such as low prices of land occupied for industrial uses, with the combination of low cost of workforce,i nvestors are willing to establish factories in the countryside. The improvement o f employment situation will enormously help pull back some intellectuals and les sen the gap.

In the second part, I would mention the factor of transportation. Supporting sent

ences: The vital resistance of economic development in the countryside is the inc onvenient transportation.It has been witnessed in China that almost all leading ci ties are scattered along the coastline. They take advantages of sea, air and other s ophisticated transport facilities to enjoy high economic growth rates.I suggest th at the central government should fund on infrastructure for the whole nation, inc luding rural areas, to build up a nationwide tr-ansport network. Consequently to urism as well as housing in the countryside will be boosted, and the difference be tween the city and the country would be minimized.

To sum up, intelligent resources would determine who is the winner or loser of the intense competition; moreover, transit systems also play an important role in developing economy. If both issues were tackled properly in the countryside, gap between the city and the country would never be overwhel ming. 范文 3 An argument often heard these days is that whether or not the government shoul d put money on building theaters and stadiums. Some believe that instead of spe nding money on this area, Medical care and education, both of which are basic de veloping factors of one country should be spent more money on. After weighting the pros and cons, I disagree with this opinion. Firstly, theaters and stadiums are best choice for people relaxing. Most of worker s, especially white collar who often feel nervous after one day’s hard work, need t o relax both mentally and physically. Compared with staying at home, it is much better way to stay in comfortable theater and listen to a wonderful concert.

In addition, going to theaters and stadiums affect the same effect as education an d medical care. Having more chances to go to theaters can help them mold charac ter. There is no better way to keep healthy than doing proper sports in the daily. In this way, the culture and health will be improved greatly, which plays the sam e role of education and medical care.

Moreover, theaters and stadiums are basis essential facilities to a developed city. Take holding an Olympic games as an example, it is no doubt it will take millions of money to build stadiums. Why the winner country is proud of that. Because thi s is a confirmation given by whole world.

Of course I don’t mean that the more theaters and stadiums, the better society wi ll be, after all, nothing can take the important place of medical care and education. In summary, the key point is to keep both of this two part developing. Only in thi s way, can all people live better in future.


范文 4 Nowadays, the gap between the city and the countryside becomes more and mor e overt, which arouses colossal concerns. To understand the solution, let’s take a closer look at the causes of the gap at first. The main reason of the gap is the unequal investment between city and rura l area. China is a typical example. While more and more money is being invested t o the coastal areas and big cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, the lack of invest ment barriers greatly the society development of rural area and western regions The low education level partly sharps the gap. There is no doubt that the pri me force of productivity is education. However, because of poverty, thousands of people go to work without graduating from primary school. The poorer, the few c hildren go to school. This bad cycle finally leads to the dream of rich becoming a dream that is hard to realize. Moreover, the rural area is short of people with high quality. A survey prove d that most of university students, whether they come from city or countryside, c hoose big cities instead of poor areas to work. The rural area can neither adept ta lent man nor attract talent man. No wonder the gap is increasing largely. Hence, The government ought to knock itself out to decrease the gap as soon as possible. First, balance the investment between city and rural area. In additio n, the education level should be improved, especially pay attention on raising hig h quality people. Besides, let more people realize the latent capacity of rural area in order to attract talent and investment. The set up of CCTV channel12-western region channel is a good example. Only when the ways mentioned above are realized step by step, can the gap between the cities and the countryside be bridged.

范文 5 The gap of living in cities and the countryside is larger and larger. What are the r easons in your country and how to reduce the differences? As the step of economic development accelerates, the gap between the city a nd the countryside becomes more and more overt, which arouses colossal concer ns. Take a further look at the phenomenon, there are three major causes. Firstly, the insufficiency of investment in the rural areas accounts mainly for the i ssue. China, for example, covers a very large area. Due to the emphasis on the dev elopment in the coastal areas, the government devotes more investment in the la rge cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. The investment, undoubtedl

y, is repaid by the threefold increase of economy and commerce in these cities. H owever, this is not the case in the rural areas and the western regions. The lack of investment barriers the productivity and economic development and sharpens t he gap between the city and the countryside. Secondly, the low education level in the rural areas contributes partly to the gap of living. Education is the prime force of productivity. Keeping this in mind, many countries and governments give priority to the development of education. China’s education witnessed a rapid growth in the past decade. However, the edu cation level in the countryside still keeps very low. The enrollment of primary sc hools and secondary schools is much lower compared with the advanced regions, not to mention the developed countries in the world. Without good education, th e development of economy and technology would be a dream difficult to be realiz ed. Finally, the influx of migrant workers to the cities from the countryside dete riorates the undeveloped condition in the rural areas. The life style in the urban a reas is very attractive to the people in the countryside. To seek more working op portunities, many people abandon the fertile lands and leave them uncultivated. I f the situation continues, it will lead to serious unbalance of economic and region al development. To sum up, only when the government renders more concerns over the issu e, can the gap between the cities and the countryside be bridged. (325 words)

范文 6 nowaday,the gap between cities and countryside is getting more and more larger .the factors for it is complex.i would like to disccuss the main reason for the phen omenon. some place the blames on the few employment opportunity in countryside.t oday,men and women crowd into the big cities in order to in seach of employme nt ,a better life .especially young school leavers,including some graduates born fr om the countryside,are reluctant to seek a job in countryside.as a result.city gain s more modersization while few attention can be given to the countryside. other contribute it to the goverment's ignoring attitutes to it.every year,gove rment contribute more of limited money to build more musuemes and galleries i n big cities.they can attract the investment from abroad,anf furturemore,it can im prove the development of cities.while there are a lot of people in countryside wh o are stilll struggling below the line of poverty.this disequlibrium lead to the gap.


therefore,the contribution and education of contryside should be fully given the priority by govenment.government should make good use of every cent to br idge the gap! with the increasing numbers of guaduates,the employment opportunity of bi g city is getting few and few.while there are a lot of the potentially succesfull opp ortunity and career development in countryside.all neglacted tasts should be und ertaken,why not go there to play your ability to full?

范文 7 All countries with a vast territory face the problem of uneven development betw een cities and countries. The economic development of China, (which has a territ ory of 9.6 million square km,) is likened to an eagle spreading only one wing for f light. This implies that while the urban area has made great stride during the 20odd years of reform and opening, the rural region has lagged behind. What with t he external and the internal factors, the gap between them becomes more and m ore overt. In my submission, what we should do is to suit the remedy to the case. In the first place, the insufficiency of investment in countries accounts mainl y for the issue. It has been witnessed in China that most leading cities are scatter ed along the coastline. It is because that the government devotes more investme nt in such areas as ShangHai and Shenzhen, with implementing widely open polic ies. However, this is not the case in rural areas. The lack of investment heavily ha mpers the productivity and economic development. So, recently the government has been introducing some effective measures, such as, development of western regions, to offer investors more trade and investment opportunities, with the ai m of expediting the progress of poverty-ridden interior. In the second place, the low education level in countries attributes to the ga p. The form chairman of China, Dengxiaopeng strengthened the notion repeatedl y, “Science and technology is the primary productive force.” which illustrates the magnitude of education. Although instruction system in China experienced a rapi d advancement in the two decades, the level in countries has not gained overt gr ound so far. And in true chicken-or-the-egg fashion, the lag of countries deters th e progress in education. So I suggest the government should fund on amelioratin g the education system not only in “hardware” but also in “software”. In brief, only when the government renders more concerns over the issue, w ill we enable the eagle to spread both wings. Though it is not an easy nut to crack, I believe this situation will be mend gradually.

Version 00119 Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female study in every subje

ct. Do you agree or disagree. 范文 1 Nowhere in the world has the issue of female rights and interests been so much de bated as in our society. Nowadays, plenty of universities limit the number of femal e students who study in some of subjects; therefore, many people think universitie s should accept equal numbers of men and female study in every subject, but othe rs have a negative attitude. As far as I am concerned, I think men and women shoul d gain equal educational opportuni-ties, but accepting equal numbers of male and female, in every subject, is unnecessary and impossible. Therefore, I disagree with the view that univers-ities should accept equal numbers of male and female stude nts in every sub-ject. My argument in support of my view is as follows.The main reason is that mo de of thinking is different between female and male. Everyone, male and female, ha s equal right to study in universities, nevertheless, due to difference of in thought and views. Men and Women may represent varied study capability. A case in point is that men may possess more talent than women in mathematics, physics and lik e stuff. In the study of language, on the other hand, female shows stronger ability t han male. In the history of human beings, most scientists, especially those who re search abstract theories, are male.Another reason is that nature decides different directions of development bet-ween men and women. Today, although female’s rig ht is being increased, female still plays a different social role. Women are by nature good at housekeeping since the biological function of a woman is first to bring ch ildren into the world and then to bring them up and it has been proved by some sc ie-ntists that women are not good at business management, political administer-a tion, etc. So, in the study of business and management, requiring equal numbers o f male and female is not essential .From what has been discussed above, we may draw the conclusion that accepting equal numbers of male and female students in every subject is impossible a nd I also disagree with this point of view.

范文 2 It is obvious that there are far more men than women in college studying science and technical subjects while when it comes to the arts, the opposite is true. But s ome people claim it will cause serious problems. However, I bel-ieve the phenom enon is very normal. In the first place, subject selection is decided by students themselves,without infl uences from universities and colleges. Studies show that of men and wo-men thi nk differently. Male students like to major in technical subjects, while female stu dents are more likely to choose the arts. This may be because it is thought that pe ople who major in more technical fields have a better chance to get a higher salar y after graduation, since men usually take the burdens of feeding the family. To w omen, however, what they study is nothing serious for their future lives.

In the second place, some work is more suitable for an appointed gender.For inst ance, nurse schools are open to women only, and infants’ schools like female teac hers better. This is all because they are more careful and patient, and less aggres sive in nature. By contrast, men fit the job like steel worker and police officer bec ause of their braveness, haleness, and decisiveness.From my comments above,yo u can tell that it is unreasonable for universities and colleges to accept the same number of men and women to study in ev-ery subject, due to differences in their natures. It is free for everyone to ch-oose their own way, and no one can force ot hers to get into a certain field. 范文 3 University, a place disseminating knowledge and illuminating people’s mind, ren ders people opportunities to further their study and cultivate their capabilities. S ome people propose that university should enroll equal number of male and fem ale students in every subject. From my point of view, this is not only impractical, but also unfeasible. On the one hand, different students have their own research interest and study f ocus, which decide on their career and success. If university enroll equal number of male and female students regardless their interest, the students will lose their motivation and aspiration of study. If a talented writer is forced to study mathem atics, for instance, he will not become a good mathematician, nor an excellent wri ter. In this sense, university should consider students’ study interest instead of p ursuing equal number of males and females in one subject. On the other hand, different subjects have their own characteristics. For example , histories make men wise; poets, witty; mathematics, subtle; natural philosophy, deep; moral, grave; logic and rhetoric, able to contend. It is common that most st udents in science and engineering are males, while the majority of students in nu rsing and education are females. Some jobs, such as navigating a boat, plying a pl ane and working in extreme circumstances, are more suitable for males, for male s have higher ability to endure hardship. Likewise, some positions become femal es only, such as, nurses, baby-sitters, secretaries, assistants, textile workers and s o on. If university enrollment ignores the differences in sex, a person cannot perf orm properly in their position. In conclusion, it is not a good idea for university to enroll equal number of male a nd female students, because the characteristics of subjects differ from each other and students have their right to choose the subject they are interested 范文 4 Nowadays, more and more people, particularly feminism supporters, help to imp rove women’s place in society. They indeed play a vital role in helping improve w omen’s status. However, Some of them are too dogmatic to the equal right of two genders. They argue that universities should accept equal numbers of male and f

emale study in every subject. Although being a girl, I feel this opinion is unreason able. It is natural that different genders have different talents. Everyone, male and female, has equal right to study in universities, nevertheless, due to difference of in thought and views. The male has more powerful ability in logical analysis whil e the female naturally good at designing and making handicrafts. Hence, universi ties should establish an educational atmosphere for different genders in which st udents are more likely to be stimulated to study what they’re good at. Pursuing absolute equal numbers of male and female study in every subject is unscientific. For example, few girls like to study subjects like mechanics and m athematics, which are favored by a lot of boys. It is also hard to find male student s in nursing school. If we make a rule that seems to be “equal”, it would lead to th e results that student can’t fulfill their wishes .In the long run, the development o f those subjects will be confined. All in all, I believe it is unreasonable that universities should accept equal nu mbers of male and female study in every subject. Giving each gender equal chanc e to choose majors is a much better way. 范文 5 Apparently, it would seem that universities should accept equal numbers of male and female student to study in every subject. In fact, however, men and women s hould share equal opportunities, not the equal enrolment figures in every subject . Among countless factors which influence my inclination on this issue, there i s a most conspicuous one: different academic aptitude results in unequal percent age between men and women in some subjects. In light of medical research, as fo r women, their left hemisphere of brains are more developed than their right he misphere of brains, leading to their strong suits are arts, such as linguistics, langu age. By contrast, men are good at science and technology due to their different br ain structure from women’s. Thus, it will be a ridiculous decision to admit equal numbers of male and female students in same major regardless of their different academic aptitude. The second reason relates to the careers that men and women will engage af ter graduation. As we know, no matter male or female students have rights to ch oose the majors what they are interested in, whereas, it may be found that some j obs concerned with their majors are not suitable for them. For example, it is und oubted that the kindergartner is not an appropriate profession for men. Besides, many companies still do not change their prejudice to female students in some fi elds. Sometimes, they may reject a qualified female applicant because of their dis


crimination attitude. Obviously, whether they can successfully find jobs is anothe r factor that students have to consider before study. In summary, judging from all the evidence offered, we may safely arrive at t he conclusion that universities do not need to accept equal numbers of male and female students. More importantly, the equal work opportunities without sexual discrimination should be provided.

范文 6 In such society as advocating everyone-is-equal theory, some equalitarian espou se that the quantities of male students and female students should be tantamoun t in the same subject during their academic study. This issue seems to be steeped in controversy, while if asked to how to reckon it, I would take a dim view of it, a s it is much too overdoing and impossible to carry out. In the first place, as prominent psychologist Fred put it: “the interests are th e best instructor”, individual interests have top priority when student pick up the ir majors. Moreover, interests vary even of the same gender, let alone different o ne. Namely, it is unimaginable that there are equivalent boys and girls in the sam e classroom. In the second place, some courses such as engineering are more suitable for male students, while the opposite is true when it comes to liberal arts. From phys ical aspects as well as psychological term, the main reason is that mode of thinki ng is different between different sex. Men are apt at logical thinking, while wome n are inclined to thinking in image. Therefore, it is not necessary to invariably em phasize absolute equality at that kind of situation, otherwise it is detrimental to t he entire society. What a disaster it should be if you experienced such condition, as you perceived half of male nurses in hospital or female steel workers tying the male ones. Judging from all analyses offered, we might reasonably come to conclusion t hat, it is unpractical and uncalled-for to restrict male and female students to para llel subjects.

Version120 What are the purposes of places such as museums and how should they be f unded? Nowhere in the world has the issue of museum’s progress been so much deb ated as in our society. Nowadays, more and more museums have to face the seriou s economic problem. Therefore, many people doubt museum’s existent significatio n. In this essay we will discuss the existent signification of museum and the soluti

ons, such as buying by government and supporting by society Firstly, museum is considered the historical symbol that it exhibits tradition al culture of a nation. Nations of difference have different culture and history. Th e museum is the best way to let the younger generation savvy their ancestor’s his tory and let visitors and foreigners know varied culture and tradition. Secondly, museum could save plenty of cultural relics that they are not destroyed and lost. The equipments of museum could perfectly save all kinds of displays. As a result of the future of museum, the outlook is somewhat grim. People al ready realize this problem exists and are trying to solve it. For one solution, the government ought to buy all museums. If museum belong to government, it will means main economic problem of museum is solved. The second solution is that society ought to donate lots of money to maintai n development of museum. The museum protects our history and culture, so we have obligation to support progress of museum. The important thing is to protect current museums before it’s too late. Otherwise we will lose them. 范文 2 Museums illuminate the culture, history and arts of the world. Every country and government spare no effort or money to enrich the collection of museums to cat er for different tastes or needs of people, for the benefit of the present and future generations.There are bounteous museums all over the world. The British Museum, which is maybe the largest one in the world, provides v isitors with all-round knowledge about the world culture and arts. The visitors to the museum are all overwhelmed by the magnificence of the culture and history of mankind. If one wants to know about the development of human science and i ndustry, he can have a tour to The Museum of Science and Industry located in Chi cago, the United States,where a detailed scientific progress is presented vividly. Y ou cannot miss every achievement human beings have made in history and you a re sure to be shocked by the civilization our forefathers created. If one wants to h ave a browse of the important events in the past, American Museum of Photogra phy is the best choice. It abounds in precious historical pictures and gives visitor s unforgettable memory. Apart from the state-owned museums, there are also in numerable private museums whose purpose is to exhibit their cherished collecti on and popularize knowledge. With a view to giving people updated information and rendering them a mor e detailed overview, many countries invest a great deal of money in the foundati on of museums, because museums disseminate human knowledge and culture, w hich are more significant for the development of the young generation. Besides, e ntrepreneurs and individuals should also lay a fund for the improvement and reb

uild of museums.The prosperity of human culture is not only the responsibility of the government, but also the responsibility of every individual and organization.

范文 3 It is almost impossible to talk of human civilization without mentioning the signif icant roles played by some places, such as museums, art gallery and so on. From London to Paris, from Beijing to New York, museums attract millions of visitors f rom all over the world annually. Museum is where people go to get their education and entertainment. Nowa days, more and more parents are energetic for taking their children to visit histo ry museums or art museums in weekend, because they find the collections and a ntiques displayed in museums can stimulate their children’s curiosity and enlarg e their scope. Besides, recent years, some entertainment facilities were equipped in many China’s museums. For example, in Beijing Aviation Museum, visitors hav e chance to steer glider under the guide of pilots. Obvious, museums have becom e vital parts of our lives. The second main purpose of museums is related to the protection of culture. As we know, a lot of cultural relics, literature and antiques are exhibited in vario us museums ranging from history museum to technical museum, from militaries museum to sea museum. Here, visitors will not miss any achievement our ancest ors have made and they will be shocked by human civilization. We cannot find be tter places than museums to protect those symbols of human history and culture.

However, partly because of limited fund from governments, partly because o f inefficient management, more and more museums have to face severe financial problems. It is commonly believed that our governments should burden more re sponsibilities and invest a great deal of money on museums. Besides, the manage rs of museums also should solve those troubles by themselves, such as improving management efficiency, increasing the price of tickets and selling souvenirs. In summary, as the symbol of human civilization, museums take up very sig nificant positions in our lives. There are still many troubles need to be solved, ho wever, I do believe that, as time passes, people will come to realize the value of m useums eventually. 范文 4 It is well known that a museum is a building to display a collection of artistic, hist orical,cultural or military objects. Undoubtedly museums can have a variety of pu rposes in the city; I think two roles the museums play can illustrate they are wort h visiting.


Visiting museums is informative. (topic sentence) Once I visited a military m useum in Beijing,China, soon I learned that an ancient warrior might have outfou ght his enemies in combat if he had had great strength while a modern soldier sh ould be armed with sophisticated weapons.Therefore present soldiers should sp end far much time on studying modern technology instead of building up muscle s. Likewise, If you visit other museums, you will have a better perception on a cer tain field, because you can witness some genuine objects which cannot be seen o n books. In addition, a museum can function to cultivate one's sense of patriotism.(to pic sentence) In china, schools often organize trips to some historical museums. When the students learn that many years ago, a number of countries invaded Chi na robbing treasure and killing Chinese civilians, promptly they will establish a st rong sense to defend the nation, revealing that only a strong motherland can give them pride and safety. Now we talk about how to fund a museum. A museum can never be consider ed as a financial burden to society. I suggest that the Government should invest a small amount of money on advertisements for the museums in the city. For exam ple, ads of the museums should be forwarded on the travel brochures or maps of the city. Consequently tourists come and admission tickets are collected. Both re putation and funds are earned. In brief, museums should play a role as an instructive means of the city and i ncomes from admission can keep them running properly.

Version 00121 some people think visitors to others countries should imitated local custom a nd behaviors. some people disagree, they think the host country should welcome c ulture different. discuss the two views, and give your own opinion. 范文:1 some people think visitors to others countries should imitated local custom and b ehaviors. some people disagree, they think the host country should welcome cultu re different. nowadays, giant jumble jets carry millions of people each day to and from alm ost all corners of the globe, giving most people the chance of visiting distant count ries. however, many of us are sometimes troubled by unfamiliar customs and tradi tions and are puzzled by the way foreigners behave. in my essay, both sides of the argument would be presented and analyzed as to whether we should follow the c ustoms of the visited country, or should all nations be more willing to embrace ex otic culture. some people maintain that it is better for one to adopt host countries' culture for the following reasons. first of all, as the old saying goes, when in rome d o as the romans do,by observing and following their particular way of doing thing,

travelers can greatly reduce the chances of misunderstanding and embarrassment . for instance, it is advisable not to ask a western lady perso-nal questions such as her age or her marital status on the first meeting, wh-ich is common practice in ch ina. secondly, a nation’s customs and traditions are often fascinating and offer a u nique insight into that very country. Obvio-usly, people travel in order to broaden t heir horizon or merely to relax and enjoy themselves. but these aims could not be satisfactorily fulfilled if they have no idea about a country’s culture. moreover, you r interest in and und-erstanding of their ways of life could help to establish a rapp ort with the loc-al people, because people feel respected when their customs and behaviors are understood and imitated. and by doing things in their way, you beco me unconsciously a member of them and thus will no long experience culture sho cks. however, others also have strong reasons to believe that a country should tolerate and embrace foreign culture. in the first place, no country should cling to its old cu stoms and traditions at all cost and expect others to follow- suit. culture should als o be subject to changes brought about by advances in science and technology and the process of globalization. like everything else, numerous traditional practices h ave been abandoned and people are forming/creating new customs all the time. b esides, instead of challenging and damaging the local traditions, the customs broug ht by international visitors actually help to enhance our awareness of our own cul ture, by pointing out that what we took for granted is really not universally praise d but rather unique characteristics of our own. in china, for instance, the spring fe stival is being celebrated with ever more enthusiasm despite the popularity of Chr is-tmas. moreover, it is unjustifiable and unrealistic to expect visitors to alter their ways of doing things,to while they have a right, and pick up some new behaviors and customs on short notice. many chinese americans,for example, still live exclus ively in china towns and celebrate all the traditional chinese holidays. like a religio us belief, one should be allowed to follow their own customs whenever and where ver they like. as far as i am concerned, i agree with the latter view that people can keep their ow n customs and nations should welcome culture differences and integ-rate the posi tive aspects from other culture to update their own. apparently, if all are open-min ded about different traditions and behaviors, the idea of a global village could com e true in corner of the earth, with people living in harmony and each enjoy his ow n cultural heritage. for: 1. if we observe the local customs and rules we could reduce the chances of offend ing the locals and misunderstanding consciously or unconsciously. 2. many embarrassments and conflicts are results of differences in custom and tra ditions between the tourists and the locals, the solution to which would be for the

visitors to appreciate and imitate local culture and behaviours. 3. for instance, many a time, american ladies are embarrassed by repeated qu estions about marriage, age, weight, and salary raised by chinese visitors who are only trying to be friendly by showing concerns over personal matters, which, by t he way, is the right thing to do in china. 4. understanding and following their way of life shows our respect for the loc al people and thus makes it easier to establish good relationship with them. 5. odd as some of the customs seem, they enable us to better appreciate that country’s culture and traditions, the very thing that sets up apart.6. experiencing a nd appreciating others culture and custom are the purpose for travelers, but one c ould never fully understand a nation’s tradition until he has gained first-hand expe rience through following and practicing it’s unique custom. 7. when in rome do as the romans do. 8. it gives you insight into another culture, brings you better understanding of the countries that you visit. 9. by doing things according to their custom, we can better understand them and become more tolerant toward differences, the very quality that enable us to live in harmony. 10. through accepting and practicing other custom, we broaden our minds and be come more open-minded toward everything else. 11. though natural to the local people, their custom and tradition always see ms fascinating to visitors from other parts of the world, the imitating of which ma kes the travelers life more colorful. against: 1. like religious belief, people are entitled to their traditions and custom, and shoul d not be forced to forsake/abandon them when they travel to a different place. 2. it is unrealistic to expect visitors coming afar to readily pick up the local cu stom for their own culture are deep-rooted and dearest to them. 3. take many chinese americans for example. although they have spent dozen s of years in the states, it is still hard for them to celebrate the Christ-mas instead of the traditional chinese spring festivals. 4. like anything else, culture can’t remain static, especially in light of the profo und technology revolution taking place worldwide; it should have the resilience to embrace culture differences so as to appeal to larger numbers of people, especiall y the younger generation, who stands at the forefront of changes and take up new things readily. 5. as a kind of unofficial ambassadors, travelers bring different culture to the desti nation country, which not only enriches their lives but promote mutual-understan ding as well. 6. nowadays, we are experiencing a kind of cultural integration, whos e advantages far outweigh its disadvantages. 7. had it not for the tolerance of chinese people toward foreign culture, people in c hina would have stick to the rigid system of wearing long robes on all occasions fo r women and men alike, which is cumbersome and wastef-ul of cloth.

8. culture understanding and exchange can promote world’s economy becau-se th ere have been numerous cases in which the failure to take into conside-ration of a nother culture had lead to great economic losses. 9. paradoxically, for any nation to preserve its unique culture heritages, she has to first embrace cultural difference in order to increase the awareness of its own culture for its citizens. 范文 2 travelling to a different culture can be an overwhelming,indeed,even an intimidat ing experience.it is very easy for misunderstandings to occur,and tourists are oft en deterred from places of cultural interest through fear of offending the indigen ous people.therefore,some would argue,it is up to the locals to accomodate visito rs by speaking their language,serving their cuisine,and generally making them 'at home'.without doing this,local perple can be considered as unfriendly and viewe d with suspicion by travellers.consequently they are dissuaded from staying,whi ch is ultimately detrimental to the local community,as the tourists take their spe nding-money with them. the counterview argues that acting naturally does not necessarily equate wit h being unfriendly.if a local person wishes to live their life as his or her ancestors have done for centuries then visitors should show respect and allow them to do so.in fact,many would argue that immersing one's self in a different culture is vit al in order to truly appreciate it.nothing is gained by travelling,potentially,thousa nds of miles to experience the same language,food and culture that could have be en found a few miles down the road from one's house.ultimately,it is a waste of money,nothing is learned from the experience,and the memories saved will be le ss vivid. this is the point of view i take.although it is vital for many countries' econom ies to welcome tourists,it does not have to imitate them so as to encourage their s tay.if travellers have the right mind-set and show respect,all they need to do is to let the locals carry out their day-to-day lives to gain many insights into the cultur e.in this way,visitor and host can mutually benefit each other,through an increase d income,and an enriching experience,respectively. 范文 3 nowaday,the culture shock exists between the tourists and host country.therefor e,some people consider should try to model themselves on the local culture and c onvention.personally,i totally agree with the above point. firstlly,by abserving and understanding of local culture,the tourists can redu ce the chance of offending the locals and misunderstanding consiously and uncon siously.in manchu area of china,people think the dog is their anticedent.if you co me there,you must always show respects and love to dog,otherwise it will lead to the embarrassment and conflict.


secondly,understanding and following the activites of local people can show our respects to them.by doing things with their way,we will be easy to establish t he good relationship with them.the local residents often feel friendly when their culture are imitated and understood.they are unconsiously bring us into the me mbers of them. in addition,imitating can let us gain insigts into other countries.we not only c an know whats people's life is like in other counties,we also can be enlarged our knowledge and broaded our horizon,which will be cherish wealth in our life. to sum up.tourists should adjust themselves adapt to the local habits and cu stoms,which will make them fully enjoy their travel and live in harmony! 范文 4 Recent years, because traffic is convenient day-by-day, people have a more chance to travel around the world. The plane can make us reach any corner of the earth in a short time. Some people think visitors to others countries should imitated local custom and behaviors. Some people disagree; they think the host country should welcome culture different. As the a famous saying goes: Do as they do at Rome. The knowledge of local custom can help outside person adapt to the new environment rapidly. Moreover , each place has the own unique culture, may keep in touch more ideology and cul ture through the local folkways and customs. For instance, a Chinese people cam e to Britain, he can imitate British life style. In this way, He can understand Britis h habit more thoroughly, thus, make himself live a more comfortable life in Britai n. On the other hand, the outside thought has a lot of positive influence on loca l culture too. For example, the outside thought could bring the new theory and inj ect vigor into local culture. The exchanges of outside thought and traditional cult ure can help people to find out about the culture of other areas and countries. Making a general survey of human history, it is a positive trend that the nati onality has been merging all the time. So, we should not only propagate local cult ure for the outside people but also study outside culture and custom. In this way, the earth would become a family, all the people would get along harmoniously.

范文 5 As the world grows smaller, as ever-increasing numbers of people travel, work o r study abroad, more attention is being focused on how to treat culture differenc e. It has risen as to the issue of whether foreigner should follow the custom of vis ited country, or host nation should greet the exotic culture. Before giving my opi nion, I think it is essential to look at the argument on both sides.

Some people claim that visitors should learn and suit local culture and behavior, which is benefit for both visited nation and exotic people. As far as visited countr y is concerned, it is an effective measure to protect local custom and culture herit age that is formed through thousands of years. To foreigners, by learning local cu stom and culture they understand the behavior and way of local citizen, and adap t to the society quickly. In addition, it is a good chance of broadening their horizo n and expanding their experience.However, other people also have strong reason s to argue that any nation should embrace the different culture. At first, Foreigne rs usually take many novel ideas and things that will enrich the entertainment an d recreation. In the second place, visitors might push the economic development of host c ountry. For example, in Chinese history, Zhenhe took many new technique such a s weaving cloth, agriculture and making wine to south-east Asia, which exerted g reat influence on local people's lives. Last of all, in the era of information, for a co mpany or a nation it is good way to gain undefeated position only by learning ext ernal world and making others to learn yourself.Taking into account of all these f actors, I am in favor of the latter view that nation should embrace the difference culture and absorb it's merit. In the near future, all the people on the earth will b reak through the border of nation and live in one happy family.

范文 5 Nowhere in the world has the issue of culture shock been so much debated like i n our society. Nowadays culture shock stands out particularly between tourists a nd host countries, therefore dozens of people considered visitors should try to ad apt local traditional culture and habit of living. The above point is certainly true, t his essay will outline three reasons. The main reason is that respecting the custom and behavior of the host coun try can help tourists understand its culture. For instance, in Islamic countries, the ir belief is that the people can’t eat pork; they think that pig is not a symbol of sp otlessness and pig will sully their holy belief. Therefore, when the visitors come t o the Islamic countries, they should accept the custom, and then they will be gree ted by indigene. There is no better example than this to demonstrate the strength of this point. Another reason is that it is the best way to express tourists’ respect. Everyon e state owns her behaviors and custom; history saw the development of this cou ntry. For example, when tourists go to visit host country, perhaps some of things are so out of fashion. However visitors also admire local culture and custom, it wi ll be good for their communication with indigene.


Last but not the least reason is based on the reason of safety. Considering pe rsonal safety, visitors should pay attention to their manners and actions. Someti mes, rude actions will be brought dangers for tourists. In conclusion, the tourists should respect and understand local traditional c ulture and custom of host country. Otherwise it will be chill journey for visitors. 范文 6 Nowadays, tourism is developing flourishingly and more and more people travel abroad. When people visit others countries, facing the local customs and behavio rs, should imitate it or not, there is a hot debate. Some people hold that we should imitate the local customs and behaviors of the foreign country. First of all, respect is one of the most important factors while we visit others countries. Understanding and following their way of life shows o ur respect for the local people and thus makes it easier to establish good relation ship with them. Secondly, many embarrassments and conflicts are results of diffe rences in custom and traditions between the tourists and the locals, the solution to which would be for the visitors to appreciated and imitate local culture and be haviors. If we don’t experience their customs and behaviors by ourselves, it is ha rd to understand the local people and culture. By doing things according to their custom, we can better understand them and become more tolerant toward differ ences, the very quality that enable us to live in harmony. Thirdly, the foreign cust om and traditional always seems fascinating to visitors from other parts of the w orld, the imitating of which makes the travelers life more colorful. On the other side, however, those who oppose the above viewpoint believe t hat the host country should welcome culture different. In the first place, as a kind of unofficial ambassadors, travelers bring different culture to the destination co untry, which not only enriches their lives but promote mutual-understanding as well. Besides, imitating is not the best or the only way to understand the local cus toms and behaviors well. The understanding of the foreign culture also can be th rough careful observing and intently perceiving. What’s more, for any nation to p reserve its unique culture heritages, she has to first embrace cultural difference i n order to increase the awareness of its own culture for its citizens. In addition, it is unrealistic to expect visitors coming after to readily pick up the local custom f or their own culture and deep-tooted and dearest to them. And we are experienci ng a kind of cultural integration, whose advantages far outweigh its disadvantage s.People of both sides have their own sound reason to support their opinions. Ta king all the above into consideration, to be honest, it is difficult for me to make a decision and I have to hold a balance point of view. It is need not to imitate the fo reign customs and behaviors completely, and at the same time, understanding th e local culture through this kind of way is not a bad way.


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