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【内容来自于相关网站和学校提供】(考试时间:90 分钟 满分:100 分) 选择题(每题 4 分,共 100 分):

第 1 题: When I was nine years old, I used to go to the post office with my mother, sending greeting cards to my aunt in Singapore. To me, these trips were really 21 memories. And receiving mail through a mailbox outside our gate was just as exciting. My small hands could 22 get the mail without using a key! I always couldn't wait to see how much I was 23 . Oh, a letter! From Singapore! I would run back home and show it to my 24 . When there was a letter for me, I wouldn't run—I would open it right there. After my family moved back to Singapore, I 25 going to the post office. Years later, my company sent me to Shanghai, and the post office found me again. Two years ago I celebrated my 26 with five friends on top of the mountain in Longsheng, China. At sunrise we 27 up to a beautiful view from the mountain top. Later in the afternoon, as we were going 28 the mountain and returning from the sunrise viewing place, a 29 shop caught our attention. It only sold noodles, coffee and had a China 30 sign. We asked the owner if she could really send mail. She happily said yes. It seemed hard to believe, 31 we were at the highest top of the mountain. I picked one postcard out and asked my friends to write 32 a birthday note. We bought a stamp, wrote some notes and gave the shop owner the postcard. Three weeks later, I arrived home and 33 my mailbox: Hello, postcard! I broke into a big smile.That birthday postcard attracted me again to the post office and all its delights. I had 34 the post office all these years. Today I 35 send postcards to friends. And every time I am at the post office buying stamps, I cannot help but smile—how one postcard will make its way across the world and brighten up someone's day. A. bad 【正确答案】C B. poor C. good D. short

讲解:联系后一句描述,可知此处指的是这些旅程对我来说是不错的记忆。故选 C, 好的,不错的。

第 2 题:A. party

B. meeting

C. shop

D. hotel

【正确答案】A 讲解:由下文可知,被邀请参加的是聚会。选 A

第 3 题:The best title of the passage is _____. A. Escaping from the WindowsB. Save Yourself in the Burning HouseC. Knowledge on FireD. Waiting for Help 【正确答案】B 讲解:主旨大意题。本文主要介绍了当遇到火灾时,我们该如何自救。选 B

第 4 题:下列词语字形有误的一项是(

A.婉转悠扬 古墓荒冢 翠锦斑斓 明灭闪烁 B.饱经苍桑 雄伟瑰丽 浮想联翩 层 峦叠障 C.养尊处优 浩浩荡荡 荒诞不经 飞流急湍 D.命途多舛 寥寥无几 促膝谈 心 云蒸霞蔚 【正确答案】B 讲解:此类题目主要考查音近(同)字、形似(近)等正确书写,容易混淆,把握不 准的可以用排除法进行筛选。B 饱经沧桑;层峦叠嶂。

第 5 题:A. Other

B. Every

C. Any

D. Another

【正确答案】D 讲解:another +单数表示另一个。选 D


第 6 题:What do you want to do after you _______ school? A. graduate from 【正确答案】A 讲解:句义:毕业后你想干什么?选 A B. begin C. reach D.arrived at

第 7 题:Speaker A: Would you like to have dinner with me this Saturday?Speaker B: ______________________________________ A.Where are you going to have dinner?B.Yes, I’d love to, but I am not free then.C.Sorry, I would not like to have dinner with you. 【正确答案】B 讲解:你想这周六和我共进晚餐吗?回答要注意礼貌。拒绝需要委婉。选 B

第 8 题:The patient should ________ to the hospital at once. A. send 【正确答案】B 讲解:【解析】被动语态。选 B B. be send C. be sent D. is sent

第 9 题:How far is it? It is

from here. C.a twenty minutes,

A.twenty minutes, walk B.twenty minutes walk walk D.twenty minute walk 【正确答案】A

讲解:从这步行大概 20 分钟。考查名词所有格。20 分钟的步行,选 A

第 10 题:When she was reading, her mother was ______. A. beside her B. not in her room C. speaking to someoneD. crying in the living room

【正确答案】B 讲解:第一段结尾 At once she called her mother, who was in the kitchen.选 B

第 11 题:A. daughter

B. wife

C. mother

D. sister

【正确答案】B 讲解:【解析】wife 名词找重复,这里重复再后面,刚做的时候放一放,第五段的第 一句出现了 marriage,表示他们俩曾经有一段,那么选老婆这个选项。

第 12 题:选文主要的论证方法是( ) A.引用论证 举例论证 D.举例论证 归纳论证 【正确答案】A 讲解:从文段选用大量诗句可以看出。 B.比喻论证 比较论证 C.引用论证 类比论证

第 13 题:A. her

B. them

C. they

D. she

【正确答案】B 讲解:【解析】代词 them 指代上面的 vegetables 选 B

第 14 题:关于阅读方法的表述.正确的是( ) A.文章的主旨比较复杂,领会主旨要顾及文章内容的各个方面,避免简单化、片面化、 浅表化。B.查辞书,要掌握使用方法,还要注意细心分辨、酌情抉择,根据所阅读的 文本内容作出合情合理的解释,不可生搬硬套,更不能张冠李戴。C.引申式心得是因 原文而得的启发、收获,重在对原文思想内容的解释、阐发,发掘原文蕴含的意义、

感情等。D.圈点的符写以线条简洁、醒目为宜。至于用什么符号表示什么意思,有严 格的规定。 【正确答案】B 讲解:查辞书也是一门学问,要逐渐掌握其精髓。

第 15 题:对下列各句表达方式的判断正确的一项是( )①小粒的种子,如马尾松、 云杉主要靠风播,借助风力落到 100—300 米远的土壤中。而带翅膀的、披着绒毛的 种子,如柳树、桦树种可飞散到 1—2 公里之远。②跟着这种有威势的喊声,充满了汗 臭、粪臭和湿气的空气里,很快地就像被搅动了的蜂窝一般骚动起来。③1927 年夏, 25 岁尚未结婚的海森堡当了德国莱比锡大学理论物理系主任。他喜欢打乒乓球,而且 极好胜。④要诊治这三种流行的毛病,唯一的方剂是扩大眼界,加深知解。 A.①说明 ②记叙 ③记叙 ④议论 描写 ③记叙 ④议论 【正确答案】C 讲解:各种表达方式要明确其特点。 B.①议论 ②描写 ③抒情 ④记叙 C.①说明 ②

D.①议论 ②记叙 ③抒情 ④说明

第 16 题:下列各项中,作品、文体、作者及其国籍对应错误的一项是( ) A.《致橡树》 比亚 英国 诗歌 舒婷 小说 中国 B.《世间最美的坟墓》 散文 海明威 美国 D.《哈姆莱特》 茨威格 莎士

俄国 C.《老人与海》


【正确答案】B 讲解:B 项国籍为奥地利。

第 17 题:A. little

B. sick

C. finger

D. right


讲解:【解析】划线部分为 i 发音分别为 A.[i] B.[i] C.[i] D.[ai]选 D

第 18 题:Youd better go and find a person you can trust and ____. A. know what happens lonely 【正确答案】C 讲解:You should find a person you can trust,and tell them. After you tell someone, you will get some support and feel some relief(解脱).选 C B. learn from them C. ask for help D. make them

第 19 题:Open the window so that _____ if the building is on fire. A. you can get fresh air you can be seen first 【正确答案】A 讲解:Keep your head low at the window to be sure you get fresh air rather than smoke that may leak (渗) into the room.选 A B. you can call for help C. you can easily jump off D.

第 20 题:根据原文内容,下列推断不正确的一项是(


A.人类的苦味基因和其他人类基因一样,都是自然选择的结果。B.非洲人和欧美人 的苦味基因经受自然选择的时间早于中国人。C.在人类历史上,我们的先民都曾先后 经历过尝百草这一阶段。D.神农尝百草是具有真实性的,但尝百草不是神农的个体行 为。 【正确答案】A 讲解:(“人类基因……都是自然选择的结果”错)

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