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The captain ordered his men to fire.

核心单词: fire -- n. 火,火灾,闪光,炮火,热情 vt. 点燃,烧制,使发光,激动,放枪,解雇 vi. 开枪 要点提示: 翻 译: 船长命令船员们开火.

He fired a warning shot and shouted, Police. 他鸣枪警告并且大声喊道,警察。 Mexicans have a tradition of firing off guns to welcome in the new year. 暂无翻译,点此查看网友翻译 Residents were evacuated when fire broke out in a block of flats yesterday. 昨天一栋住宅楼突然发生了火灾,居民都被疏散了。

The big multinationals moved in and started pushing up prices.

核心单词: move -- n. 移动,迁居,步骤 vt. 移动,开动,感动,鼓动 vi. 移动,离开,运行, 迁移,行动 要点提示: 翻 译: 这些大型跨国公司进入后开始哄抬物价. I've moved on since high school, and now I don't have much in common with some of my old friends. 自上中学以来,我变了不少,现在我和以前的老朋友们都没什么共同点了。 The plan should boost employment and get things moving in the economy. 暂无翻译,点此查看网友翻译 Much more research is being done, which is a move in the right direction. 更多的研究在朝着正确的方向努力

Scientists are building computer models of the ocean currents.

核心单词: model -- n. 模型,模范,模特儿 a. 模范的,作模型用的 vi. 做模型,做模特儿 vt. 使模仿 要点提示: 翻 译: 科学家们正在建造海洋环流的电脑模型.

Her daughter was the model of a perfect child. 她的女儿是完美孩子的典型。

She's over the moon about her new job.

核心单词: moon -- n. 月亮,月球,月光 vi. 闲荡 vt. 虚度 要点提示: 翻 译: 对于她的新工作,她感到欣喜若狂

The full moon is bright enough to read a book by. 满月的光亮完全可以读书。

He's always been mean with his money.

核心单词: mean -- v. 意思是,意味着,有重大意义;预定,打算,准备,意欲 a. 中间的,中庸 的,平均的; 吝啬的;卑鄙的;邪恶的;丑陋的 n.中间;中庸;平均数;平均值;平均标准 要点提示: 翻 译: 他在钱的方面总是很吝啬。

She meant to call you on the telephone, but she forgot. 她本来想打电话给你的,但后来她忘了。

Hello, operator? Could you put me through to Room 31?

核心单词: operator -- n. 运算符 n. 操作员,行家,经营者,算子 要点提示: 翻 译: 你好,接线员,能帮我转接到 31 号房间吗?

He had been primed to say nothing about it.

核心单词: prime -- n. 最佳部分,初期,全盛期 a. 主要的,最初的,根本的 vt. vi. 灌注, 填装 要点提示: prime somebody: [transitive] to prepare someone for a situation so that they know what to do 翻 译: 有人指示他对此事保密

Did you prime her with what to say? 你有没有让她准备好该说什么呢? Safety is a matter of prime importance. 安全第一。

I need the money as soon as possible.

核心单词: possible -- a. 可能的,潜在的,合理的 n. 可能性,可能的事物 要点提示: 翻 译: 我需要尽快得到这笔钱.

The original features of the house have been preserved as far as possible. 暂无翻译,点此查看网友翻译 I should wish to die while still at work, knowing that others will carry on what I can no longer do, and content in the thought that what was possible has been done. 我希望工作到死为止,明白了有人会继续我的未竟事业,想到能做的事都做了,也就坦然了。

The train is a possible way to get there. 坐火车是去那里的一种可行方法。

Max refused the money out of sheer perversity.

核心单词: perversity -- n. 乖僻,堕落,刚愎 要点提示: perversity: [uncountable] the quality of being perverse 翻 译: Max 拒绝这笔钱纯粹是因为任性.

I'll pass the information on to our sales department.

核心单词: pass -- v. 通过,传递,传球;消逝,忽视;批准,及格,合格 n. 通行证,护照,入场 券,机票 要点提示: 翻 译: 我将会把信息转达给我们的销售部。

Control of these services has now passed into the hands of the local authorities. 暂无翻译,点此查看网友翻译 He passed along the corridor to a small room at the back of the building. 暂无翻译,点此查看网友翻译 You can buy a cheap one-day bus pass 你可以购买一个便宜的为期一天的公交乘车证.

Calvin remained outwardly calm, but inside he was very angry.

核心单词: outwardly -- ad. 表面上;外表上;向外面 要点提示: outwardly: according to the way people or things seem [≠ inwardly]: 翻 译: Calvin 外表保持冷静,但内心却很生气.

A team leader was appointed to oversee the project.

核心单词: 要点提示: a piece of 翻 译:

oversee -- vt. 向下看,了望,监督 oversee: [transitive] to be in charge of a group of workers and check that work is done satisfactorily [= supervise]: 一位团队领导被任命监管此项目.

Dog-owners have been warned to keep their animals under control.

核心单词: owner -- n. C 所有人,物主 要点提示: 翻 译: 狗的主人们被警告要控制住他们的宠物。

Applications must arrive by first post on September 23.

核心单词:post -- n. 柱,杆,准星,邮件,邮政,标竿,职位,岗位,哨所,兵营 vt. 张帖,邮递, 公布; (将信件发送到 USENET 的动作,就称为邮寄) 要点提示: post: British English when letters are collected or delivered [= mail]: 翻 译: 申请必须在 9 月 23 日随第一批邮件到达. Don't worry. We'll be there, rain or shine.

核心单词: rain -- n. 雨,雨水,下雨,雨天 vi. 下雨 vt. 使大量落下,大量地给 要点提示: rain or shine: spoken whatever happens or whatever the weather is like: 翻 译: 别担心.我们将会在那里,无论晴雨(无论天气如何).

Rain has fallen for three days. 雨已经下了三天了。

Dan banged on her door and rattled the handle.

核心单词: rattle -- vt. 使嘎嘎响,喋喋不休地说,急促地谈 vi. 格格响,喋喋不休 n. 格 格声,拨浪鼓 要点提示: rattle: [intransitive and transitive] if you rattle something, or if it rattles, it shakes and makes. 翻 译: Dan 使劲敲她的门, 并将门把手扭的吱吱作响

A cup of tea would be very welcome.

核心单词: welcome -- n. 欢迎,接待 a. 受欢迎的,可任意的,可喜的 vt. 欢迎,接待 int. 欢迎 要点提示: welcome: if something is welcome, you enjoy it because you feel that you need it: 翻 译: 一杯茶就太合适不过了.

We welcomed the sun after a week of rain. 我们在一周雨之后迎来太阳。 The proposals have so far received a cautious welcome from government ministers. 到目前为止,这个提案已得到了政府部长们的谨慎欢迎

A cup of tea would be very welcome.

核心单词: wall -- n. 背景墙 n. 墙,墙壁,垣,内壁,分界物,屏障 a. 墙的 vt. 禁闭,围住 要点提示: wall: the side of something hollow, especially within the body: 翻 译: 血管壁已经损伤了。

He has many pictures on his wall. 他的墙上有很多图片。

Luckily, I have a very understanding boss.

核心单词: understanding -- n. U 理解,领会;C 谅解,协议 a. 了解的,通情达理的 要点提示: 翻 译: 很幸运,我有一个非常通情达理的老板.

There's no point in arguing over trifles.

核心单词: trifle -- n. 小事,琐事,琐碎东西;少量,些许 v. 玩弄,轻视,嘲笑,浪费 要点提示: trifle: something unimportant or not valuable: 翻 译: 为毫无价值的事情争论是没有意义的.

You will not succeed if you waste your time on trifles such as movies and dances. 如果你浪费时间在看电影、跳舞等琐事上,那你将不会成功。

The bill was thrown out by the Senate.

核心单词: throw -- vt. 投,掷,抛,发射,摔下,匆匆穿,抛弃,摆脱,施加 vi. 丢,掷,抛 n. 投掷,掷骰子 要点提示: throw: if people throw out a plan or suggestion, they refuse to accept it: 翻 译: 法案被参议院否决了.

We've got all the information on tap.

核心单词: tap -- n. 轻打,水龙头 vt. 轻打,轻敲,敲打出,选择,装上嘴子,使流出,开发, 召集,分接 要点提示: on tap: informal something that is on tap is ready to use when you need it: 翻 译: 我们已经把所有的资料都准备好了.

I went up and tapped on the window. 我起身轻敲着窗户. He tapped me on the shoulder. 他轻拍我的肩膀。 I had never thought about becoming an actor.

核心单词: think -- vt. 想,思索;想出;使想,想得;想要,打算;认为,以为;料想;感到 vi. 想,思考 要点提示: 翻 译: 我从来没有想过成为一名演员.

For some reason, I keep thinking it's Friday today. 出于某些原因,我一直认为今天是星期五.

How could a supposedly intelligent person be so stupid?

核心单词: supposedly -- ad. 据信 要点提示: 翻 译: 一个所谓聪明的人怎么会这么笨呢?

Alexander has been stumping in New Hampshire.

核心单词: stump -- n. 残株,树桩,烟蒂,讲演台 vt. 砍断,挑战,难住 vi. 蹒跚而走 要点提示: stump: American English to travel around an area, meeting people and making speeches in order to gain political support: 翻 译: 亚历山大一直在新罕布什尔州做巡回演说.

Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.

核心单词: startle 单词详解: n. 惊愕,惊恐 vt. 吃惊,使惊愕 vi. 惊起 翻 译: 对不起,我本不想令你受惊. I was startled at the news of his death. 他死亡的消息使我大吃一惊。

They're all either married or spoken for. 核心单词: speak 单词详解: vi. 说,说话,演说,发言,表明 vt. 说,讲,说出 翻 译: 他们要么已经结婚了,要么已经名花有主了(有对象了). She would not speak to him. 她不愿意和他说话。 He emphasized that he was speaking as a private citizen, not in any official capacity. 他强调他是以一个普通公民的身份发言,并不代表官方。 Do you speak English? 你会讲英语吗?

I went to meet Hank, but he never showed. 核心单词: show 单词详解: n. 显示,表现,展览,卖弄,炫耀,外观,景象,演出,表演 vt. 表示,显示,展现,陈 列 翻 译: 我去见 Hank, 但他一直没有出现

If the subject is singular, use a singular verb. 核心单词: singular

单词详解: a. 单数的;非凡的,卓越的 翻 译: 如果主语为单数,动词就要用单数形式.

Blacks were segregated from whites in schools. 核心单词: segregate 单词详解: a. 分离的,被隔离的 vi. 分离,隔离,分凝 vt. 使分离,使隔离 翻 译: 学校里黑人和白人被隔离开来.

Her husband was nine years her senior.

核心单词: 生。 要点提示: older than 翻 译:

senior -- a. 年长的;资格较老的,地位较高的 n. 年长者,前辈;大学高年级学

be two/five/ten.. years somebody's senior: to be two, five, ten etc years someone: 她丈夫比她大 9 岁.

I managed to scrounge some money off my dad.

核心单词: scrounge -- vt. 占有,行乞,搜寻 vi. 东张西望,搜寻,偷东西 要点提示: scrounge: to get money or something you want by asking other people for it rather than by paying for it yourself 翻 译: 我向爸爸要到了一些钱.

Trade Union leaders were charged with sedition.

核心单词: sedition -- n. 煽动骚乱,暴动,妨害治安,骚动 要点提示: 翻 译: 商会领导人被指控犯煽动罪.

Dan was rushed to hospital with serious head injuries.

核心单词:rush -- n. 匆促,冲进,急流,灯心草 vi. 冲,奔,闯,赶紧,匆促行事,涌现 vt. 使 冲 要点提示: 翻 译: 头部受重伤的 Dan 被紧急送进了医院.

The sound of traffic rose from the street below.

核心单词: rise -- n. 上升,增加,上涨,高地,小山,升高,出现,发生 vi. 升起,起身,起立, 上升,上涨 要点提示: 车辆的嘈杂声从楼下的街道传来. He rose to become chairman of the company. 他升职成为了公司的董事长.

Remind me to buy some milk tonight.

核心单词: remind -- v. 使想起,使记起,提醒 要点提示: 翻 译: 提醒我今晚买牛奶.

I stood back at a discreet distance.

核心单词: discreet -- a. 小心的,慎重的 要点提示: discreet: careful about what you say or do, so that you do not offend, upset, or embarrass people or tell secrets [≠ indiscreet]: 翻 译: 我往后退,小心地保持着一定的距离.

He suffered an attack of malaria and was delirious.

核心单词: delirious -- a. 神志昏迷的,发狂的 要点提示: delirious: talking continuously in an excited or anxious way, especially because you are ill 翻 译: 他疟疾发作, 变得语无伦次.

I wish I had a nice cushy job like her.

核心单词: cushy -- a. 容易的,轻松而容易赚钱的 needing little efforts 要点提示: cushy: a cushy job or life is very easy and does not need much effort: 翻 译: 我希望像她一样有一份轻松容易的好工作.

The guide is crammed full of useful information.

核心单词: cram -- vt. 塞满,填满,猛吃 vi. 贪吃 n. 塞满 要点提示:crammed with/crammed full of something: completely full of things or people [= packed]: 翻 译: 这本指南充塞了许多有用的信息.

I wish I could afford a cashmere sweater.

核心单词: 要点提示: especially 翻 译:

cashmere -- n. 产于咯什米尔和西藏的一种羊毛 cashmere: fine soft wool made from the long hair of a type of goat, used for making expensive clothes 我希望我能买得起一件开司米羊毛衫.

They need money to pay for new buildings.

核心单词: building -- n. C 建筑物,房屋;U 建筑 要点提示: 翻 译: 他们需要钱来购买新的房子.

Jo enjoyed feeling the warm sand beneath her feet.

核心单词: beneath -- prep. 在…下面 ad. 在下面,在下方 要点提示: 翻 译: Jo 喜欢温暖的沙子在她脚下的感觉.

Some roofs collapsed beneath the weight of so much snow. 在如此大量积雪的积压下,一些屋顶坍塌了.

I feel really bloated after that meal.

核心单词: bloated -- a. 发胀的,浮肿的,傲慢的 要点提示: 翻 译: 吃完饭我感觉真的很撑.

What I do in my free time is my affair.

核心单词: affair -- n. 事情,事务;恋爱事件,外遇 要点提示: 翻 译: 我在空闲时间做什么是我自己的事。

When he asked me how much money I earned, I told him to mind his own affairs. 当他问我赚多少钱时,我叫他别管闲事。

Sue was singing away to herself in the bath.

核心单词: away -- ad. 离,远离;…去,…掉;不断…下去;在外的 要点提示: away: used to emphasize that an action continues 翻 译: Sue 洗澡的时候一直在唱歌.

The old man came from far away, but his home is here now. 老人来自远方,但是他的家现在就在这里。 You must bring a note from your parents if you've been away from school. 暂无翻译,点此查看网友翻译 Dinah was crying as she drove slowly away. Dinah 哭着开车慢慢离开.

She's the best of the new young writers.

核心单词: best -- a. 最好的,最佳的 n. 最好的人或物 ad. 最,最好地 要点提示: 翻 译: 她是这些年轻新作家中的佼佼者.

We're taking the night boat to St. Malo.

核心单词: boat -- n. 船 vi. 乘船 vt. 以船运 要点提示: 翻 译: 我们将乘坐夜船去 St. Malo.

Someone broke into my car and stole the radio.

核心单词: break -- n. 中断,休息时间,中止 vt. 打破,折断,破碎;使中止,打断;破坏 vi. 打破,破碎 要点提示: 翻 译: 有人闯入了我的车并偷走了收音机.

You mustn't worry.These are just routine enquiries.

核心单词: routine -- n. 例程 n. 常式,日常工作,惯例,例行公事 a. 日常的,常规的 要点提示: 翻 译: 你别担心,这只是常规询查.

Can I have some of your cake?

核心单词: some -- a. 一些,有些;某一个 pron. 一些,几个 ad. 大约,约摸 要点提示: 翻 译: 我能吃点你的蛋糕吗?

The prisoners tunneled their way under the fence.

核心单词: tunnel -- n. 隧道,地下道 vi. 挖隧道 vt. 掘隧道于 要点提示: 翻 译: 囚犯们在围墙下自己挖了地道.

She scarfed down a bagel on her way to work.

核心单词: scarf -- n. 围巾,头巾,领带,领巾,嵌接 vt. 围围巾,嵌接 要点提示: scarf: to eat something very quickly 翻 译: 在上班的路上她飞快地吃了个百吉饼.

How long are they going to stay?

核心单词: stay -- n. 停留,逗留,制止,延缓,停止,依靠,支柱,支撑物,支索 vt. 制止,平 息,延缓 要点提示: 翻 译: 他们要待多久呢?

Billy! Put your coat on, it's cold outside!

核心单词: coat -- n. 外套,上衣;皮毛,表皮;层,涂层 vt. 涂上,盖上,包上 要点提示: 翻 译: Bill,穿上外套,外面冷.

We haven't got enough money coming in.

核心单词: come -- vi. 过来,来,到达,出现,开始 int. 嗨!; vbl. 来,到达,合计为 要点提示: come in: if money or information comes in, you receive it 翻 译: 我们还没有得到足够的资金.

She managed to maintain a facade of bravery.

核心单词: facade -- n. 门面,正面,外观,虚设的外表 要点提示: facade: a way of behaving that hides your real feelings 翻 译: 她努力在表面上保持着勇敢。

She hopes to find work in the fashion industry.

核心单词: fashion -- n. 流行,时髦,时尚,时装,式样,方式 v. 形成,制造,塑造,使合适 要点提示: the fashion industry: all the companies and people who are involved in fashion 翻 译: 她希望能在时尚界找到工作.

There's no call for that kind of language!

核心单词: call -- n. 呼叫,访问,打电话,号召,召集,要求 vt. 呼叫,召集,打电话 vi. 叫 喊,访问 要点提示: there is no call for something: used to tell someone that their behaviour is wrong and unnecessary 翻 译: 那种语言根本没必要.

He cut the paper up into little pieces.

核心单词: cut -- v. 剪切; n. 切口,割伤,降低,切,割,砍,削,伤口,削减,缩短,删节,近路 a. 经切割的 n.插图 vt.删减(字数)

要点提示: 翻 译: 他将这张纸裁成小片.

His sister was very dear to him

核心单词: dear -- n. 亲爱的人 a. 亲爱的,昂贵的,严厉的,急迫的 int. 啊! ad. 深爱地, 高价地 要点提示: dear: a dear friend or relative is very important to you and you love them a lot 翻 译: 他妹妹是他心爱的人.

We're leaving for New York the day after tomorrow.

核心单词: day -- n. 白天,白昼,日子,时代,全盛时期 要点提示: 翻 译: 我们将在后天启程去纽约.

I realized I had made a fatal error.

核心单词: error -- 误差,错(=ERR) 由计算或量测出来的值与理论上正确的值之偏差。 由于可确定的特别原因所造成的误差部分,例如一个四舍五入误差,严格的讲这种误差是不 可避免而且随时会发生的, 又如无限级数所用的近似值也会造成误差。 精确量度一个值的损 失量,其正确的值与计算的近似值之误差。 误差发生在数值的方法上。 要点提示: 翻 译: 我意识到我犯了一个致命的错误.

I failed my test because of errors in spelling. 我因拼写错误而未通过考试。

I got done for speeding last night.

核心单词: done -- a. 完成的,完蛋的,筋疲力竭的;煮熟的 要点提示: be/get done: to be caught by the police for doing something illegal, but usually not too serious. 翻 译: 昨晚我因为超速驾驶被警察拘留了.

She is a star of stage and screen.

核心单词: star -- n. 星,恒星,星形物,运气,明星演员 vt. 以星状物装饰,用星号标 要点提示: 翻 译: 她是个舞台和银幕上的两栖明星.

The earthquake was felt as far south as San Diego.

核心单词: feel -- vi. 有知觉,有感觉;摸上去有某种感觉 vt. 感觉,觉得;以为,认为;摸, 触,试探 要点提示: 翻 译: 南至圣地亚哥都能感受到地震.

I don't know what's wrong. I just don't feel quite myself. 我不知道出什么问题了。我就是感觉不对劲。 It's been a year since her daughter died, but to her, it still feels like yesterday. 她的女儿已过世一年了,但对于她来说,一切仿佛像是在昨天。

Well that's it. 18 months' work down the drain.

核心单词: drain -- n. 排水沟,阴沟;消耗,负担 vt. 排去,放干;耗尽 vi. 流去,流干 要点提示: down the drain: if time, effort, or money goes down the drain, it is wasted or produces no results. 翻 译: 就是这样,18 个月的工作都白费了.

How do you know he won't do it again?

核心单词: know -- vt. 知道,了解,懂得;认识,熟悉;识别,认出,分辨;体验,经历 vi. 知道 要点提示: How do you know: what makes you sure 翻 译: 你怎么知道他不会再这样做呢?

I wish you'd get to the point.

核心单词: point -- n. 点,小数点,标点,地点,一点,要点,细目,特点,尖端,分数,得分,穴 位 vt. 弄尖 ; (它是指正式 BBS 站的延伸,它的地位附属于每个正式节点站之下) 要点提示: the point: the most important fact or idea 翻 译: 我但愿你能抓住重点.

Jill dunked her ginger biscuit in her tea.

核心单词: dunk -- v. 泡;浸 【体育】 (篮球中的)扣篮 要点提示: dunk: to quickly put something into a liquid and take it out again, especially something you are eating. 翻 译: Jill 迅速地将生姜饼干在她的茶里蘸了蘸.

Wonderful smells were emanating from the kitchen.

核心单词: emanate -- vi. 散发,发出,发源 要点提示:

译: 香味正从厨房散发出来.

The bird's large wings enable it to fly very fast.

核心单词: enable -- vt. 使能够,使成为可能 要点提示: enable v. 使能够 翻 译: 这只鸟的大翅膀使它能够快速飞翔。

Many famous people have stayed in the hotel.

核心单词: famous -- a. 著名的,驰名的,闻名遐迩的;极好的;擅长的 要点提示: 翻 译: 许多名人都在这家酒店住过.

Are you going to have a swim?

核心单词: have -- vt. 有;必须,不得不;吃,喝;经历,遭受;使,让;进行,从事;拿,得到,取 得 要点提示: 翻 译: 你去游泳吗?

Finishing the task will not be easy.

核心单词:easy -- a. 容易的,缓缓的,舒适的,从容的,宽容的,流畅的,随便的,自然而然的, 疲软的 要点提示: 翻 译: 要完成这项任务并不容易.

How can she afford to eat out every night?

核心单词: afford -- vt. 提供;花费,负担得起 要点提示: 翻 译: 每天晚上都在外面吃,她怎么负担得起呢?

She was our cheerleader, teacher, and friend.

核心单词: cheerleader -- n. 啦啦队队长 要点提示: 翻 译: 她是我们的啦啦队长,老师和朋友.

She managed to get an interview with that elusive man.

核心单词: elusive -- a. 难懂的,易忘的,难捉摸的 要点提示: elusive: an elusive person or animal is difficult to find or not often

seen: 翻 译: 她设法对那个难以捉摸的人进行了一次采访.

Can you hold the bottom of the ladder for me?

核心单词: bottom -- n. 底部 a. 底部的 vt. 装底,查明真相,测量深浅 vi. 到达底部, 建立基础 要点提示: bottom: the lowest part of something [≠ top] 翻 译: 你能为我扶着梯脚吗?

Higgins had started at the bottom and worked his way up to become managing director. Higgins 从公司底层做起,一直升到常务董事。

There was a brief flare as the match was lit.

核心单词: flare -- n. v. 闪烁,摇曳;突然燃烧起来,勃然大怒 n. 燃烧弹,照明弹 要点提示: flare: a sudden bright flame 翻 译: 火柴被点燃的时候会突然闪出火星.

I'm extremely sorry to have troubled you.

核心单词: extremely -- ad. 极端地,非常地,很 要点提示: 翻 译: 麻烦到你我感到非常抱歉.

The village has a number of buildings of note.

核心单词: note -- n. 笔记,注解,备忘录;纸币;票据[C] v. 记录,注解,注意; 要点提示: somebody/something of note: important, interesting, or famous 翻 译: 这个村子有很多著名的建筑物.

It's a place where people can chat and exchange ideas.

核心单词:exchange -- vt. 交换,调换,兑换;交流,交易 vi. 交换,兑换;调换岗位或任务 n. 交换,调换 要点提示: 翻 译: 这是一个人们可以互相交谈和交换意见的地方.

Exchange of prisoners during a war is not very common. 战争交换战俘不常见。

They are now trying to organize a boycott.

核心单词: boycott -- n. v. 拒绝购买,抵制,联合抵制 要点提示: 翻 译: 现在他们正在试图组织一次抵制活动.

The farm workers union called for a boycott of vegetables picked by foreign workers. 农场工人联合要求抵制外国工人采摘的蔬菜。

Can you pass me that wine glass there?

核心单词: there -- ad. 在那里;在那点上,在那个方面 int. n. 那个地方 要点提示: 翻 译: 你能把那儿的酒杯递给我吗?

What did you find over there? 你在那边发现了什么? It's all very sad, but there it is. There's absolutely nothing any of us can do about it. 很让人伤心,但事实就是这样。我们每个人都无能为力。

Karen waved until the car was out of sight.

核心单词:out -- ad. 在外,向外,外出,不在家 a. 离开的,外面的,在野的,完全的,彻底的; 用完的 要点提示: 翻 译: Karen 一直在挥手,直到汽车消失在视线中.

He walked out of the house. 他走出房子。

I'll probably have to sign on with a nursing agency.

核心单词: sign -- n. 符号,招牌,征兆,正负号,手势 vt. 签名,打手势表达 vi. 签名 要点提示: sign on: to sign a document to show that you agree to work for someone 翻 译: 我很有可能得与一个护理机构签约.

Parents must sign pupils out when collecting them for doctor's or dentist's appointments. 家长们在医生或者牙医处接孩子们时,需要签字后才能离开。 The writer signed a copy of his book for me. 那位作家为我在他写的书上签了名。

Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit.

核心单词: fruit -- n. 水果,果实;成果,效果 要点提示: 翻 译: 尽量多吃新鲜水果.

Much of the fruit fell from the tree. 很多水果从树上掉下来。 I'm looking forward to retirement and having time to enjoy the fruits of my labour. 我期待退休,那时候就有时间享受到我的劳动成果了。

Can you walk in a straight line?

核心单词: in -- prep. ad. n. 在…里;在…时候;在…方面;在…以后;进入,在家里,来临, 参与 =Indiana 美国印第安纳州邮政编码 要点提示: 翻 译: 你能走一条直线吗?

He had a pile of books in his arms.

核心单词: arm -- v. 武装,扩充军备,为…提供武器 n. 胳膊,前肢;武装,武器,装备 要点提示: 翻 译: 他双臂抱了一摞书.

These results don't say much for the quality of teaching.

核心单词: say -- v. 说,讲;比方说,譬如,大约 n. 要说的话,发言权 要点提示: 翻 译: 这些结果都不能说明教学的质量很好.

Only a thin curtain divided her cabin from his.

核心单词: divide -- v. 分开,分类; 要点提示: 翻 译: 一层薄薄的窗帘隔开了她和他的小木屋.

Never fear, he'll be with us soon.

核心单词: fear -- n. 害怕,畏惧 vt. 害怕,畏惧 vi. 害怕,感到顾虑 要点提示: 翻 译: 别害怕,他一会儿会和我们会合.

He feared what he could not see. 他害怕自己看不见东西。 We have been brought up to fear insects. 我们自幼就在对昆虫的惧怕中长大。

There are some dissenting voices among the undergraduates.

核心单词: dissent -- n. v. 不同意,不同政见,异议 要点提示: 翻 译: 大学生中有一些反对的声音.

I've always had a high opinion of her work.

核心单词: high -- n. 高度,高处; a. 高的,高级的,主要的; ad. 高度地,奢侈地; 要点提示: high opinion/regard/praise etc: strong approval of someone or something, or an expression of strong approval 翻 译: 我一直对她的工作给予评价很高

Houses, often three storeys high, were built of stone. 房子一般有 3 层楼高,用石块修建。 If you want better public services, you'll have to pay higher taxes - it's as simple as that. 如果你想拥有更好的公共服务,你就得付更高的税,就这么简单。 Houses, often three storeys high, were built of stone. 房子一般有 3 层楼高,用石块修建。

I have to buy a few things at the supermarket.

核心单词: few -- a. 很少的,不多的,少数的 n. 少数 要点提示: 翻 译: 我得去超市买些东西.

Finding a dentist on a Sunday can be very difficult.

核心单词: sunday -- n. 星期日 a. 星期日的,业余的,礼拜日的,最好的 vi. 度星期日 要点提示: 翻 译: 星期天很难找到牙科医生.

She held the money tightly in her fist.

核心单词: fist -- n. 拳头,手,笔迹 n. v. 紧握,掌握,用拳打 要点提示:

译: 她将钱攥在她的拳头里.

He raised his fist and threatened to hit me. 他举起拳头威胁要打我。 I was awake all through the night.

核心单词: awake -- a. 醒的 vt. vi. 唤醒,唤起,醒来 要点提示: 翻 译: 一整晚我都没睡着。

The country was on the cusp of economic expansion.

核心单词: cusp -- n. 尖头,尖端,尖头 要点提示: be on the cusp of something: to be at the time when a situation or state is going to change 翻 译: 国家正处于经济扩张之际。

文: Sign your name on the dotted line.

核心单词: line 单词详解: n. 列,线,航线; v. 排成一行,顺...排列,划线于; 翻 译: 在虚线处签上你的名字..

Are you all set for the trip?

核心单词: set 单词详解: v. 设置,树立,确立,确定,固定 n. 一盘;布景,舞台装置;一套,一副,一批,一系 列;机器 翻 译: 你做好旅行的准备了吗? The futuristic sports stadium is the pride of the city.

核心单词: futuristic 单词详解: a. 未来派的 翻 译: 这个极其新潮的体育馆是这个城市的骄傲. Couldn't you get one of your friends to help you?

核心单词: could 单词详解: aux. can 的过去式;能,可以;能,可能;能 翻 译: 你不能找个朋友来帮你吗? Retail sales showed a gain of 0.4%.

核心单词: gain 单词详解: n. 增益,获得,利润,收获,增加,腰槽 vt. 得到,增进,赚到,开腰槽于 vi. 获利 翻 译: 零售额出现了 0.4%的涨幅.

Chapman had known all along that the plan wouldn't work.

核心单词: all 单词详解: a. 所有的,全部的; ad. 全部,全然; int. 全部,全体,一切; 翻 译: Chapman 一直都知道这个计划是行不通的.

A fountain of blood was pouring from his chest.

核心单词: fountain 单词详解: n. 泉水,喷泉;源泉 翻 译: 血像喷泉似的从他的胸口涌出.

Jackson is going for his second gold medal here.

核心单词: go 单词详解: v. 去,走; 翻 译: Jackson 将在这里争取他的第二枚金牌.

What time are you going out tonight?

核心单词: time 单词详解: n. 时间,时侯,时机,时期,期限,次数,节拍,暂停,比赛限时 vt. 安排…的时间 翻 译: 你今晚几点出去?

I'm taking a few days off before the wedding.

核心单词: wedding 单词详解: n. 婚礼,结婚,结婚仪式,结合 翻 译: 婚礼之前我会请几天假.

One question is whether he's telling the truth.

核心单词: question 单词详解: n. 问题,疑问,疑问句; v. 询问,审问,怀疑; 翻 译: 有个人怀疑他说的是否是事实.

Nicholas looked at her as if she'd lost her mind.

核心单词: lose

单词详解: vt. 失,丢失,丧失;迷路;输去,负;错过;失踪,死去,使丧失 vi. 受损失,赔钱 翻 译: Nicholas 看着她,似乎她已经失去了理智。

Are there any jobs going where you work?

核心单词: going 单词详解: n. 去,离去,工作情况,行为 a. 进行中的,流行的,现存的 翻 译: 你的工作单位还有空缺的职位吗?

There is no point in gratuitously antagonizing people.

核心单词: gratuitous 单词详解: a. 免费的,无理由的 翻 译: 无端与人为敌毫无意义.

We've been sweating our guts out here!

核心单词: sweat 单词详解: n. 汗,出汗,水珠,焦急 vi. 出汗,渗出,冒出水气,结水珠,烦恼,懊恼 vt. 使出 汗; vt. [口]为(某事)担心;为(某事)忧虑 翻 译: 我们在这里十分努力地工作.

So far, policy is being made on the fly.

核心单词: fly 单词详解: n. 苍蝇,两翼昆虫,飞行 vi. 飞,飞翔,飘扬,逃走,溃退 vt. 飞,飞越,使飘扬 翻 译: 到目前为止,政策正在紧急制定中.

He lit a cigarette and handed it to her.

核心单词: hand 单词详解: n. 手,掌握,协助,指针,人手,手艺,手迹,支配,插手 vt. 支持,搀扶,交给 翻 译: 他点了一支烟递给她.

Make a list of all the things you need.

核心单词: make 单词详解: vt. 制造,安排,创造,构成,变成,使得,获得,产生,造成,使成为,使适合,整理 翻 译: 把你需要的东西列一份清单.

I'm a bit hard up at the moment.

核心单词: hard 单词详解: a. 难的,艰苦的,坚硬的,硬的,坚固的,猛烈的,艰难的,结实的,困难的 翻 译: 目前我手头有点紧.

Ben, drunk and incoherent, slumped in a chair.

核心单词: incoherent 单词详解: a. 不连贯的,语无伦次的 翻 译: 烂醉如泥,说话语无伦次的 Ben 从椅子上摔了下来。

Liz smoothed her skirt and sat down.

核心单词: smooth 单词详解: a. 平滑的,平坦的,平稳的,顾忱 v. 弄平,使平滑;消除,排除,克服 翻 译: Liz 抚平了她的裙子然后坐了下来.

His mother's death was a shattering blow.

核心单词: blow 单词详解: vi. 吹,充气;吹响 vt. 吹,吹动;吹响 n. 一击,打击 短语 deal a blow 给予打 击 翻 译: 他母亲的去世对他是一个沉重的打击.

Steve's married to a lovely Dutch girl.

核心单词: girl 单词详解: n. 女孩子,姑娘;女儿;女仆,保姆;女工作人员 翻 译: Steve 和一位可爱的荷兰女孩结婚了.

Did he ever lose his temper, ever raise his voice?

核心单词: voice 单词详解: n. 声音,嗓音,嗓子,愿望,发言权,表达,喉舌,语态 vt. 表达,吐露,调音 翻 译: 他有没有发过脾气,有没有提高过嗓门呢?

We'll have to hurry otherwise we'll miss the start.

核心单词: hurry 单词详解: vt. 使赶紧,使匆忙,催促;急派,急运 vi. 赶紧,匆忙 n. 匆忙,仓促 翻 译: 我们得快点,不然就会错过开场了.

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