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Vocabulary exercise Book 1_图文

Multiple Choice Unit 1
Directions: For each sentence there are four choices marked A,
B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. 1)It is said that experts have _____with some effective measures to pr event the disease from spreading. A. caught up B. put up C. come up D. kept up 2)In his parents’ eyes, his ____ to his study is far from perfect. A. communication B. requirement C. commitment D. discipline 3 ) Only a third of the population was estimated to have free ______to the health service. A. access B. commitment C. opportunity D. reward

Unit 1
4)Candidates who fail to meet these_____ will not be admitted to the University. A. acquirements B. assignments C. commitment D. requirements 5)As you are well _____, there is a great competition on the part of both Germany and the United States. A. critical B. aware C. visual D. effective 6)It is better for you to be _____ about its consequences before you take any action. A. positive B. absolute C. critical D. favorite 7)When her business goes wrong, she tends to _____ for advice. A. get access to B. come across C. reach out D. speak up

Unit 1
8)The most important for us now is to _____how to help them out of property. A. allow for B. reflect on C. feel like D. remind of 9)________ the train’s being late, we should be back by half past ten. A. Having insight into B. Coming up with C. Allowing for D. Reflecting on 10)Good habits of living have proved to be of much _____ to our health. A. barrier B. benefit C. immunity D. commitment 11)____ reality (VR) is a technology, which allows a user to interact with a computer-simulated environment, be it a real or imagined one. A. Vicious B. Virtual C. Visual D. Vital

Unit 1
12)Anyone that goes against the social order is _____ to answer for his action. A. possibly B. probably C. likely D. normally 13)_____ his sister, Jack is quiet and does not easily make friends with others. A. Dislike B. Unlike C. Alike D. Liking 14)More new _____ will be opened up in the future for those with a university education. A. opportunities B. necessities C. realities D. probabilities 15)One day I _________a newspaper article about the retirement of a professor in the university. A. came across B. came about C. came after D. came of

Unit 1
16)Now that they have done something ______ about the situation, it comes to return to normal. A. unique B. effective C. absolute D. sequential 17)Is money _____ to happiness? A. complete B. absolute C. essential D. necessary
18)_____ you realize your trouble with English learning, you can take some effective steps. A. By now B. From now on C. Ever since D. Now that 19)The robbers’ attempt to rob the bank was _____ by the police.. A. reaped B. frustrated C. given up D. caught up 20)He is quite sure that it’s _____ impossible for him to fulfill the task within two days. A. fully B. exclusively C. absolutely D. roughly

3.1 Multiple Choice Unit 3
1. You are late again today. You have to____ that you will not be late tomorrow. A. refer to it B. look to him C. see to it D. turn to it 2. When a fire____ at the National Exhibition in London, at least ten priceless paintings were completely destroyed. A. broke off B. broke out C. broke down D. broke up 3. I had hoped to attend the meeting, but I could not____. A. see to it B. attain it C. catch it D. make it 4. If you _____ in too many extracurricular activities, you can not expect to have much time for your study. A. engaged B. occupied C. practiced D. undertaken

Unit 3
5. After so many years, he still ____ the hope that his lost son would return one day. A. clang to B. clung to C. inclined to D. subjected to
6. The action of cheating in an examination would ____ you ____ severe punishment. A. cause…to B. subject…to C. turn…to D. take…to 7. Most students ______ the severe punishment of those who cheated on the exams. A. called for B. applied for C. cared for D. allowed for 8. It is of bad manners to ____ a speaker with frequent questions. A. interpret B. intervene C. interrupt D. interfere

Unit 3
9. My camera can be ____ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny conditions. A. adapted B. adjusted C. adopted D. remedied 10.It is critical that you _____ your legs and arms when swimming. A. coordinate B. cooperate C. correspond D. convince 11. We forgave his bad temper because we know that his son’s illness had put him under great____. A. pins B. stress C. crisis D. depression 12. Can you _______your new campus on this map? A. spot B. locate C. place D. situate

Unit 3
13.The university teaching ____ consists of full professors, associate professors and assistant professors. A. crew B. rank C. circle D. staff 14. He refused to take the hand I ______in friendship. A. expanded B. extended C. reached D. placed 15. It was no use trying to discuss business with James, who was well-known for____ everything. A. coping with B. trifling with C. striving for D. doing well in 16. Jane is scolded by her boss because she left the office with the computer ____ yesterday. A. on B. out C. unlocked D. unclosed

Unit 3
17. I have taken the mid-term exam, but I don’t know what my ____will be. A. future B. career C. chance D. fate

18. In the eyes of most students, her teaching method is far from ____ . A. content B. consent C. satisfied D. satisfactory
19. The newcomers were very slow to ____ the severe weather conditions in the new country. A. react to B. relate to C. adapt to D. turn to 20.He was _____ the great progress the student had made in his study. A. trembled at B. startled at C. wandered at D. amazed at

Unit 4
1) This human caring should be_______ with the social development and the traditional culture as well. A. consistent B. continuous C. considerate D. continual 2) I had to make a ______ effort not to be rude to him. A. conscious B. sensitive C. considerate D. aggressive 3) She was so _____ in her job that she didn’t notice my entering the room. A. attracted B. drawn C. absorbed D. concentrated 4) Professor Smith’s findings have indicated that computer science has a very strong _____ on the everyday life of the human society. A. motivation B. perspective C. impression D. impact

Unit 4
5) The ______ sanctions could not prevent the development of that country A. economical B. economy C. economic D. economics 6) For further information, please______ your local agent. A. consent B. contract C. context D. contact 7) _____ with his new teaching method, we need to take a critical look at our traditional ones. A. Cursed B. Depressed C. Impressed D. Fed up 8) The group leader is expected to give a _____ of the case that they are looking into. A. attitude B. presentation C. comment D. remark

Unit 4
9) Like the flu,________ is a highly contagious disorder that can be transmitted socially. A. conviction B. relaxation C. depression D. competition 10) I gradually got ______ with my new friend and no longer felt lonely. A. consented B. content C. obvious D. acquainted 11) The clothes a person wears may express his_____ or social position. A. estate B. stature C. esteem D. status 12) One rainy night the policeman had a chance _____ with a gang of smugglers. A. acquaintance B. encounter C. account D. interview

Unit 4
13) I found myself in an entirely new world ______I arrived in Beijing. A. the moment B. a moment C. the instance D. an instance 14) People all over the world are _____ their attention on the situation in Iraq. A. emphasizing B. relaxing C. focusing D. achieving 15) In most cases, the _____ of a person who sits on a pin is to leap into the air. A. reaction B. behavior C. function D. instance 16) Rich as they were in forms, the speaker’s_____ seemed unrelated to his speech. A. signs B. gestures C. symptoms D. symbols

Unit 4
17) He built the team through both hard training and _____ discipline. A. loose B. physical C. rigid D. slack

18) If you want to attain your goal, you really have to _____ yourself to it. A. commit B. assume C. depress D. promote
19) The president ______the teachers and students to review the past and to announce plans for the next. A. contacted B. addressed C. impressed D. acquainted 20) After a great deal of thought, she decided to choose career_____ family. A. in B. on C. with D. over

Unit 5
1) “I will give you an example to _________ my point,” said the speaker. A. illustrate. B. reveal C. expose D. display 2) The young nurse was very nervous when she ___________ in her first operation. A. resisted B. insisted C. disease D. assisted 3) The big player will probably _____ his team’s chance to win because he seems to have such a great______ them.. A. affect; influence B. effect; influence C. affect; effect on D. effect; affect on 4) A square can be defined ____ a rectangle with four equal sides. A. like B. as C. with D. to

Unit 5
5) The repairman is very skillful. Whenever I took my car to the garage, he soon____ what the trouble was. A. emerged B. realized C. explored D. diagnosed 6) A man with a gun in his hand suddenly_____ from behind a tree. A. appeared B. emerged C. submerged D. immerged 7) Our country has launched a(n) ____ to demonstrate care and concern about HIV and AIDS, and to remind others of the need for their support and commitment. A. war B. battle C. campaign D. action

8) “Marry ______, repent at leisure”, as the saying goes. A. in hurry B. in haste C. in a haste D. with haste

9) ____ the Revolution War, the United States was an English colony. A. Prior to B. By priority of C. Previous of D. Precious to 10) In China, there are some areas which are still densely populated ____ their severe weather conditions. A. due to B. with regard to C. regardless of D. but for 11) He’s chatting on the Net? He’s ____to be doing his homework. A. known B. supposed C. regarded D. considered 12) _____________ in an atmosphere of simple living was what her parents wished for. A. The girl to be educated. B. The girl’s being educated C. The girl educated D. The girl was educated.

Unit 5
13) China has changed a lot since it ____a more open policy. A. adapted B. adjusted C. agreed D. adopted 14) The teacher encouraged the students to _____the problem in different ways. A. implement B. approach C. thrust D. dispose 15) The conference to be held will ____ the possibility of closer trade links between the two countries. A. explore B. implement C. establish D. constitute 16) The more ____ you feel in yourself, the more chances you will stand to win the day in life. A. significance B. intensity C. fortune D. confidence

Unit 5
17) Nothing is worse than the ____ between what is right and what is wrong. A. connection B. establishment C. illustration D. confusion 18) He always did well at school __________ having to do part-time jobs every now and than. A. in case of B. despite C. regardless of D. on account of 19) The intense competition in job market put ____on them to study harder. A. crisis B. thrust C. pressure D. approach 20) You cannot _____smoking too soon . A. remind B. quit C. dispose D. risk

Unit 7
Directions:For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C
and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence.

1) He's always __________ about giving his address to strangers, especially in places where gun control policy has not been implemented. A. ignorant B. cautious C. capable D. alert 2) Almost all the buildings were damaged in the severe storm, with the ________ of a few stone castles A. excursion B. expedition C. exception D. explosion 3) People know that babies cry by ________ when they are hungry. A. instinct B. distinct C. institution D. impulse

Unit 7
4) The man killed several people when robbing the bank. When he was arrested, no one was willing to show _________ on him. A. care B. mercy C. concern D. attention 5) Archeologists_______ great value to the set of ancient cooking vessels unearthed in Shanxi province. A. granted B. devoted C. attached D. directed 6) Although he was a good swimmer, he was swept away by the _____ and drowned. A. current B. motion C. pressure D. air 7) Different fields of research have disclosed the many different factors that can_______ both physical and mental behavior. A. reflected B. affected C. effected D. infected

Unit 7
8) National security and defense organs and the public in the United States have all been fully moved to _______ these horrific events. A. oppose B. resiste C. confront D. withstand 9) Nuclear science should be developed to benefit people _____ harm them. A. more than B. other than C. rather than D. better than 10) I still feel ________ about that mistake in the report; I ought to have noticed it, and pointed it out. A. innocent B. illegal C. guilty D. unlawful 11) I hate people who _____ the end of a film that you haven’t seen before. A. reveal B. rewrite C. revise D. reverse 12) We_______ to go all out to win everything we can; we have the strongest team. A. intend B. attend C. extend D. pretend

Unit 7
13) They found that rust had _________ the metal structure. A. run out of B. eaten away at C. taken away D. brought away 14) The proportion of women in the total work force has risen and many women are working in the positions men used to ___________. A. dominate B. rule C. govern D. inspect 15) We _____ complete equality between men and women. A. omit B. suggest C. advocate D. agree 16) When people try to remember things, there is a tendency to _______, alter, and add details. A. admit B. submit C. emit D. omit

Unit 7
17) When once you have had the disease, you are _______ to it for the rest of your life. A. indifferent B. immune C. hostile D. alert 18) Thanks to the progress in medicine, the life _____ of people throughout the world was greatly extended. A. temple B. span C. dam D. residence
19) More and more _____ home appliances like washing machines and microwave ovens trouble the older generation. A. guilty B. instinctive C. automatic D. offensive 20) He has _____ a number of journals this morning for the information he needs badly. A. looked through B. looked on C. looked over D. looked at

Unit 10

Multiple Choice

Directions: For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C
and D. Choose the ONE answer that best completes the sentence. 1) Among scientists today radiation exposure is the hottest ________ today, but it remains almost entirely unknown to the public. A. issue B. view C. argument D. case 2) In my opinion, he's by far the most imaginative of all the __________poets. A. contemporary B. content C. conscious D. consistent 3) When you buy the spare parts for your car, try to get the __________ ones from the authorized dealer. A. generous B. genuine C. genius D. gentle 4) China is pushing on with its goal of trying to__________ that the country's population stays below 1.4 billion by 2010. A. assure B. ensure C. insure D. promise

Unit 10
5) Feeling that the direction for the exercise was difficult to understand, the students asked the teacher to _________ it. A. clarify B. cling C. claim D. clap 6) A key task is to get pupils to ________ for themselves the relationship between success and effort. A. polish B. purchase C. perceive D. pursue
7) When he first arrived there, he found himself in a _________ situation because he lacked the ability to adapt easily. A. rough B. crude C. coarse D. tough

8) Because we are lacking in necessary equipment and medicine, the patient has to be _________ to a bigger hospital. A. transferred B. transformed C. transmitted D. transported

Unit 10
9) Nowadays some people are _________ to worry about a loss of functions of the family while the more optimistic people will talk of the specialization of these functions. A. inclined B. puzzled C. accompanied D. performed 10) This cream can restore skin to youth, these tablets can reduce fat around the thighs, and these pills can ________ everlasting youth. A. preserve B. reserve C. deserve D. observe
11) They take classes to learn how to make their hair beautiful and to learn how to ________ make-up. A. apply B. supply C. reply D. comply 12) The students are holding a demonstration to ________ against the increase in their fees. A. deny B. rebel C. protest D. compete

Unit 10
13) They did not _________to the enemy and determined to go on fighting. A. leak B. draw C. quote D. yield
14) Doctors are often caught in a _____ because they have to decide whether they should tell their patients the truth or not. A. puzzle B. dilemma C. mystery D. confusion

15) It is polite to hand _________ your seat on the bus to an old lady. A. out B. over C. back D. down 16) Do not _____ on the exam. It will do you no good. A. cheat B. bother C. trick D. deceive

Unit 10
17) Some lawless people try to ________ government officials to do evil things. A. inspire B. tempt C. overcome D. encourage 18) There's a higher _________ of left-handedness among boys than girls. A. incident B. accident C. incidence D. issue 19) His ________ purpose of doing all this is only to attract your attention. A. supreme B. superior C. ultimate D. fundamental

20) For the lost _________ necklace, Mathilde had worked hard for ten years. A. false B. fake C. artificial D. unreal

Unit 10
17) Some lawless people try to ________ government officials to do evil things. A. inspire B. tempt C. overcome D. encourage 18) There's a higher _________ of left-handedness among boys than girls. A. incident B. accident C. incidence D. issue 19) His ________ purpose of doing all this is only to attract your attention. A. supreme B. superior C. ultimate D. fundamental

20) For the lost _________ necklace, Mathilde had worked hard for ten years. A. false B. fake C. artificial D. unreal

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