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新视野大学英语 Book II 课后练习题答案

Unit 1

Section A

Language focus

3.Words in use

1.condense 2.exceed 3.deficit 4.exposure 5.asset 6.adequate 7.competent

8.adjusting 9.precisely 10.beneficial

4.Word building

Words learned

new words formed





























1.editorial 2.recovery 3.accuracy 4.substance 5.managerial

6.margin 7.assembly 8.Ministry 9.survival 10.tradition

11.consistency 12.efficient

6.Banked cloze

1.L 2.C 3.J 4.A 5.I 6.O 7.N 8.E 9.H 10.F

7.Expressions in use

1.feel obliged to 2.be serious about 3.run into 4.distinguish between

5.thrust upon


allergic to

7.get lost 8.be attracted to

9.make sense

10.looked upon as

9.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.


发生了很大的变化。英语的历史可以分为三个主要阶段,古英语,中古英语和现代英语。英语起源于公元 5 世


语的影响遍及不列颠群岛。从 17 世纪初,它的影响力开始在世界各地显现。欧洲几百年的探险和殖民过程导



10.Translate the following paragraph into English

Chinese calligraphy is a unique art and the unique art treasure in the world. The formation and development of the

Chinese calligraphy is closely related to the emergence and evolution of Chinese characters. In this long evolutionary

process,Chinese characters have not only played an important role in exchanging ideas and transmitting culture but also

developed into a unique art form.Calligraphic works well reflect calligraphers’ personal feeling, knowledge,

self-cultivation, personality, and so forth, thus there is an expression that “seeing the calligraphers’ handwriting is like

seeing the person”. As one of the treasures of Chinese culture, Chinese calligraphy shines splendidly in the world’s

treasure house of culture and art.

Section B

4.words in use

1.mysterious 2.desperate 3.devise 4.negotiate

5.recalled 6.specifically 7.depict 8.ignorance

9.expand 10.confusion

5.Expressions in use

1.apply to 2.in a bid to 3.end up 4.Speaking of 5.get hold of

6.appealed to 7.Leaving behind 8.focus on

6.Sentence structure

1.Even though it is important for the students to have a deep understanding of the texts,it doesn’t make any sense to

read texts word for word from the beginning to the end.

2.As it is a matter of little importance to us,it doesn’t make much sense to argue out which is wrong or which is better

or worse.

3.It makes no sense to compel children to obey their parents;instead, we should try to tell them what is right and what is



1.If l had known it was so hot yesterday,l might as well have stay at home.

2.Since we waited for so many hours at the airport lat night,we might as well have taken the train home.

3.I already knew the secret,so he might as well have told me all about it.


warm up

1.essential framework 2.distinctive difference

3.high standards

4.valuable possession

5.considerable frustration 6.acquire knowledge

7.overcome deficiencies 8.sketch thoughts

9.devise a scheme


1.essential framework

2.proper vocabulary

3.excellent control

4.language deficit

5.high standards

6.language proficiency

7.acquire knowledge

8.competent communication

9.overcome deficiencies 10.sketch thoughts

11.effective communication 12.advanced vocabulary

Unit 2

Section A

3.Words in use

1.promotes 2.accelerate 3.mystery 4.insight 5.boost 6.analysis 7.calculate 8.barriers

9.destruction 10.prospect

4.Words building

Words learned

New words formed

























1.excess 2.bearing 3.objective 4.intensify 5.execute 6.promising 7.exclude 8.identity 9.offend


6. Banked cloze

1.C 2.H 3.D 4.J 5.B 6.L 7.M 8.G 9.F 10.A

9.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese. 慕课是一种网络课程,它旨在通过网络实现广泛参与和开放接入。慕课是远程教育迈出的







10.Translate the following paragraph into English

In recent years, with the development of Internet technology, the construction of digital education

resources of our country has made great achievement. Many universities have set up their own digital

learning platforms, and digital teaching is playing an increasingly important role in education.

Compared with the traditional way of teaching, the digital way has a lot of advantages. On one hand,

digital teaching makes global sharing of teaching resource possible; on the other hand, it expands the

learner’s study time and space to learn, allowing people to get access to the digital virtual schools though the Internet anytime and anywhere. These advantages make it possible for people to shift from one-time learning to lifelong learning.
Section B
4.words in use 1.enroll 2.revise 3.accumulate 4.accorded 5.evaluate 6.prime 7.confirm 8.shrinking 9.sufficient 10.recruit 5.Expressions in use 1. bother to 2. is available to 3. been compelled to 4. described...as 5. Exposed...to 6. rather than 7. have something to do with 8. for its own sake 6.Sentence structure 1. A teacher, no matter how knowledgeable he is, cannot teach his students everything they want to know. 2. No matter where you travel, you can always find someone to communicate with in English since English is an important language. 3. No matter what work a person is doing, if he gives his best each day,he creates lots of happiness for himself. 7. 1. Although the number of applications is small, there is little doubt that the program will help the students who really need financial aid. 2. There is no doubt that computer crime is a very serious problem, so people think that all hackers need to be punished for their actions. 3. Though the boy worked very hard and finally successfully passed the exam, there is no doubt that overwork and too much worry caused his illness. Collection Warm-up 1. sufficient/promising jobs 2. well-rounded human beings 3. develop identity 4. shrinking job market 5. dominant pillars 6. reform system 7. specialized fields 8. general consensus 8 1.promising 2.worsens 3.shrinking 4.dominant 5.land 6.great 7.well-rounded 8.creative 9.elegant 10.constructive 11.skills 12.make
Unit 3 Section A

Language focus

3.Words in use: 1. peculiar 2. radical 3. phase 4. sensible 5. predict
6. labeled 7. resent 8. witnessed 9. equivalent 10.parallels

4.Word building

Words learned

New words formed





























1.journal 2.chaotic 3.cooperate 4.erosion 5.dramatic 6. confuse

7.academy 8.rightists 9.depression 10.dictate 11.detection 12.classification

6.Banked cloze

1.K 2.E 3.A 4.C 5.L 6.I 7.G 8.N 9.H 10.O

7.Expressions in use

1. saddled with 2. back off 3.gives way to 4.resorted to

5.make allowances for 6. wonder at 7. prior to 8.based upon/on

9.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese. 作为美国文化价值体系的一个重要组成部分,“个人主义”受到大多数美国人的推崇。美国







10.Translate the following paragraph into English

Filial piety is the basic code of ethics in the ancient Chinese society.Chinese people consider

filial piety as the essence of a person’s integrity,family harmony,and the nation’s well-being.With filial piety being the core of Confucian ethics,it has been the moral standard for the Chinese society to maintain the family relationship for thousands of years.It’s undoubtedly a traditional Chinese virtue.The culture of filial piety is a complex concept,rich in content and wide in range. It includes not only cultural ideas but also institutional etiquettes. Generally speaking,it refers to the obligation of children to their parents required by the society,including respect,care,support for the elderly and so forth.Filial piety is fundamental to the ancient”Oriental civilization”.

Section B

Language focus 4.Words in use 1.hollow 2. restless 3.demonstrate 4.exiled 5.miserable 6.commercial 7. hesitated 8.erupt 9.refine 10.feasible 5.Expressions in use 1. are tired of 2.fall into 3.be strict with 4.not amount to mach 5.drifted off 6.bonded with 7.resign himself to 8.surrender themselves to 6.Sentence structure 1.The man walk slowly,with one hand pulling with effort at his coat and the other holding tightly on to his trousers. 2. With more and more students joining it,the new club soon expanded and became the largest one on the campus. 3.With the Internet becoming increasingly popular for young people to connect with their friends, 7.
1.With the traditional values in their heads,most parents found it hard to accept their child’s thinking. 2.With this kind of jeans out of fashion,young people do not like to wear them any more now. 3.With the differences in their skills and abilities,the young and the old seem to live in two very different worlds. Collocation Warm-up 1.fluid journey 2.enormous pressure 3.contemporary generation 4.rebellious attitude 5.peculiar challenge 6.equivalent need 7.radical change 8.traditional aspirations 8. 1.fluid 2.contemporary 3.radical 4.enormous 5.prideful 6.competitive 7.rebellious 8.transition 9.unavoidable 10. traditional 11.unique 12.peculiar

Language focus 3.Words in use: 1. confess 2. tempting

3. commence

Unit4 Section A
4. Coordinating

5. granted

6. deserved 7. displayed 8. Consequently 9. lodged 10. proceed 4.Word building contented compress complicate identification justification qualification illustration exhibit extension interpretation plantation perception 5. 1. qualifications 2. perception 3. plantations 4. Compressed 5. exhibit 6. contented 7.interpretation 8. complicate 9. illustration 10. identification 11. identification 12. justification 6.Banked cloze 1. N 2.B .3.G 4. I 5. H 6.L 7. E 8. M 9. K 10. C 7.Expressions in use
1. on her behalf 2. took the liberty of 3. immune to 4. were filled with 5. fall in love with 6. Expelled from 7. been pessimistic about 8. go along with 9.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.
美国和欧洲各国都会庆祝 2 月 14 日的情人节,这是一个充满爱情和浪漫的节日 ,恋人之 间通常都会交换情人结和爱情信物。关于这个节日的起源有着不同的说法。一个传说是罗马人 马一个叫圣瓦伦丁的神父关进了监狱,因为他拒绝相信罗马神。2 月 14 日那天,瓦伦丁被处死, 不仅因为他是基督徒 ,而且因为他曾治愈了一位监狱看守双目失明的女儿。他在被处死的前一 天晚上给她写了一封“你的瓦伦丁”的告别信。后来,2 月 14 日就成了一个人们可以为他们的情 人展示感情的节日。现在,人们以不同的方式庆祝情人节他们发送贺卡、鲜花,赠送巧克力或 其他礼品,或共进浪漫的晚餐。现在这个节日已流行世界各地。在中国,这个节日也正越来越 受年轻人的欢迎。 10.Translate the following paragraph into English
July 7th on the Chinese calendar is Chinese Qixi Festival, the most romantic of all the traditional Chinese holidays.Every year,some big businesses organize various activities,and young people send gifts to their lovers.As a result,the QiXi Festival is considered to be Chinese “Valentine’s Day”. The QiXi Festival is derived from the legend of Cowherd and Weaving Maid. The legend holds that on this particular night every year the Cowherd and Weaving meeting in the Milky Way on the night of QiXi. On this night, girls would also beg Weaving Maid for some wisdom for a happy marriage. But, with the changing of times, this activities are diminishing. All that remains is the legend of Cowherd and Weaving Maid, a sign of faithful love, continuously circulate among the folk.
Section B
Language focus 4.Words in use 1. conveying 2. forged 3. thriving 4. abnormal 5. frowning 6. thrilled 7. reckoned 8. clarified 9. conquer 10. concealing 5.Expressions in use 1. contact with 2. took the initiative 3. are inclined to 4. thrive on 5. indifferent to 6. whip out 7. in the pit of her stomach 8. chip in 6.Sentence structure

1. With online learning, there is less study in a regular classroom and more time to spend by yourself. 2. With regular exercise,you will have less mental stress and more physical strength. 3. With the new high way, there is less traffic and more comfort for drivers on the road. 7. 1. Ambitious as he is,he has never been able to accomplish his goal and made his parents feel proud of him. 2. Embarrassed as they were,they remained positive throughout their travels and learned from the mistakes they made along the way. 3. Hard as she tried, Jane failed to introduce her father to the joys of rock music. Collocation Warm-up 1. casual attraction 2. healthy friendship 3. romantic relationship 4. dynamic personality 5. mature love 6. mutual friends 8. 1. college sweetheart 2. take the initiative 3. romantic relationship 4. steady boyfriend 5. casual attraction 6. fairy-tale romance 7. exceedingly embarrassed 8. madly in love 9. healthy friendship 10. traditional upbringing 11. mature love 12. mutual friends

Unit 5

Section A

Language focus

3.Words in use:

1.contradict 2.paradox 3.perspective 4.explicit 5.suspended




9.manipulating 10.tackle

4.Word building

browse browser

message messenger

consumer consume

negotiate negotiation



react reaction

constitute constitution

cultivate cultivation



expand expansion

concentration concentrate

civilization civilize


1.concentrated 2.messenger 3.Civilized 4.constitution 5.browser

6.objection 7.expansion 8.consume 9.definition 10.cultivation

11.reaction 12.negotiation

6.Banked cloze 1.B 2.D 3.O 4.E 5.F 6.C 7.K 8.H 9.N 10.I
7.Expressions in use 1. referred to 2.at odds with 3.put off 4.consulting with 5.do their utmost 6.took stock 7.of on track 8.take in
9.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese. 大发现年代,也被称为大勘探年代,是欧洲进行全球勘察的一个历史时期,始于 15 世
纪初并一直持续到 18 世纪。这一时期通常被认为是中世纪和近代之间的桥梁,当时西方帝 国主义刚兴起,欧洲各王国之间正在经济上互相竞争,他们想通过建立贸易路线和殖民地 来寻找财富。在这一时期众多伟大的探险家中,最杰出的是克里斯托弗。 哥伦布,因为他 发现了新大陆。欧洲的海外扩张导致了殖民帝国的崛起,旧大陆与新大陆的接触也促成了 两边的互相交换:大量的财务、动物、食物、文化等得到了迁移。这代表了历史上生态、 农业和文化在全球范围内最重大的活动之一。欧洲大勘探让绘制全球性的世界地图称为可 能,从而使人们看到了一个新的世界与古老的文明正遥相呼应。 10.Translate the following paragraph into English
The Silk Road is a traffic route in the ancient times connecting China and Eurasia.This trade route focuses on the trade of silk,hence the name “the Silk Road”.As an international trade channel and a bridge of cultural exchanges,the Silk Road effectively improved the economic and cultural exchanges and development between the East and the West,exerting a profound impact on the progress of the world civilization. Nowadays, under the new historical circumstances,our country proposes the strategy of”One Belt,One Road”(namely the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road).The strategy of “One Belt,One Road”focuses on cooperation and mutual benefits,emphasizing mutual benefits, win-win, as well as common development of the related countries.Once proposed,the strategy has received positive responses from the related countries along the road.
Section B
Language focus 4.Words in use 1. conveying 2.prohibited 3.submit 4.remedied 5.imposed 6.feature 7.crisis 8. artificial 9.principal 10.issued 11.isolated 5.Expressions in use
1.suffering from 2.in accordance with 3.be entitled to 4.care about 5.ear at 6.access to out of the question 6.Sentence structure 1.It seems you got a bad cough Follow your doctor’s advice or your cough will get worse. 2.The oil painting hanging on the wall is too high.Stand over there and you’ll be able to see it better. 3.Because of the rain,the road is extremely slipper.Watch your step if you go out or you might fall. 7. 1.There is nothing more important than being honest with everyone at shool and at work. 2.There is nothing more helpful than using the Internet to improve my English skils.

3.There is nothing more encouraging and stimulating than communicating successfully with your




1)seemingly free

2)barely enough

3)easily accessible

4)absolutely needed

5)financially bankrupt

6)completely charmed

7)truly autonomous

8)staggeringly expensive

9)emotionally crippled


1.financial distress 2.financial trouble 3.financially bankrupt 4.seemingly tree

5.suspend desires 6.easily accessible 7.emotionally crippled 8.artificial sense

9.truly autonomous 10.completely charmed 11.staggeringly expensive 12.buying decisions

Unit 6

Section A

Language focus

3.Words in use:

1. implement 2. rival 3. motivating 4. discarded 5. fluctuating

6. prejudiced 7. restore 8. enlightening 9. profit 10.investigate

4.Word building


strategy strategic

sympathy sympathetic


confirm confirmation

locate location

reflect reflection

provide provision

install installation

register registration

quotation quote


sympathy sympathize



industrial industrialize


1.sympathize 2.confirmation 3.strategic 4.installation 5. quote 6.sympathetic

7. criticize 8.location 9.reflection 10.industrialize 11.provision 12.registration

6.Banked cloze

1.M 2.D 3.H 4.O 5.F 6.L 7.I 8.C 9.J 10.A

7.Expressions in use 1. Was attached to 2.be measured in 3.come in handy 4.clinging to 5.pay a big price 6.are exhausted from 7.imposed on 8.revolve around
9.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese. 极简主义是去掉多余的,仅保留需要的部分。用最简单的话来说,极简的生活方式,
就是生活得越简单越好,直到获得心灵的平静,这种简单既是精神上的,也是身体上的。 这样的生活方式会减轻压力,带来更多自由时间,并增强幸福感。极简主义者会说,他们 生活的更有意义了,更从容了。极简的生活方式让他们着眼于生活中更重要的事物:朋友、 爱好、旅游和体验。当然,极简主义并不意味着拥有物质财富从本质上来讲有什么不对。 现在的问题似乎在于,我们往往太重视所拥有的东西,而常常抛弃了健康、人与人之间的 关系、我们的热情、个人成长,以及帮助他人的愿望。极简主义除了在我们的日常生活中 可以得到应用,还存在于很多创意领域,包括艺术、建筑、设计、舞蹈、电影、戏剧、音 乐、时尚、摄影和文学等。 10.Translate the following paragraph into English
National Happiness Index(NHI) is an index that measures how happy people are. It is also a tool that measures the levels of economic development and people’s livelihood and happiness in a country or region. With the fast growth of Chinese economy, the Chinese government has been playing more and more attention to people’s living quality and the increase of happiness index. The government stresses improvement of its people’s livelihood, striving to improve their economic conditions and meet their growing material and cultural needs. Currently, the Chinese government advocates the unleashing of more reform dividends with the aim of offering more real benefits to its people. All these measures will combine to effectively increase the NHI of our people.
Section B
Language focus 4.Words in use 1. concerning 2.specified 3.controversy 4.rendered 5.enforced 6.distribute 7.highlighted 8. implication 9.penetrating 10.subtract 5.Expressions in use
1.played a role 2.turned out 3.are depressed about 4.settle for 5.rushed into 6.out of control 7. transferred to 8. rely on 6.Sentence structure 1.The more carefully he thought about it, the clearer it became to him that this was a job for someone with experience. 2.The more exercise you do, the more energetic you will become, and the easier your everyday tasks will seem. 3.The more interesting the plot is, the more appealing the film will become to the audience. 7. 1.He is normally a quiet person, but when it comes to sports, he becomes a completely different man. 2.When it comes to computers and the Internet, all the students become excited, each eager to say

something about his experience.

3.A Frenchman may be ready to start a chat with a stranger on a train or in a cafe, but when it comes

to friendship, the French seem to be more cautious than the British.



1)conscious effort

2)winning strategy

3)limited choice

4)remotest ideas

5)temporary pain

6)primary role


1.rival options 2.painful choices 3.carefully chosen 4.multiple options

5.winning strategy 6.predictably irrational 7.temporary pain 8.complex decision

9.limited choices 10.conscious effort 11.naturally prejudiced 12.accumulating evidence

Unit 7 Section A
Language focus 3.Words in use:
1. harness 2. symbolic 3. disposed 4. flourishing 5. violated 6. accommodation 7. infer 8. compose 9. plausible 10. tolerance

4.Word building

Words learned

New words formed




























1.actuality 2.mechanical 3.logic 4.denial 5.Occasional

6.fatal 7.continuity 8.relativity 9.priority


11.proportional 12.horizontal
6. Banked cloze 1.D 2.J 3.M 4.H 5.A 6.O 7.F 8.L 9.I 10.C
7. Expressions in use 1.comes down to 2.take exception to 3.make concessions to 4.burst into 5.feel at ease with 6.on both counts 7.took over 8.stemmed from 9.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.
婚纱礼服的颜色和款式可取决于婚礼参与者的宗教和文化。例如,在西方文化中新娘通常 会选择白色的婚纱,而在中国,传统的结婚礼服是红色的。虽然白色已成为当今婚纱礼服在世 界各地最受青睐的颜色,可是这在维多利亚时期之前并不是一个普遍的潮流。白色在 1840 年成 为了一个受欢迎的选择,那年维多利亚女王在她的婚礼上穿了一件白色的礼服。官方的婚礼照 片被广泛刊登后,很多新娘都仿效女王选择白色。很多人相信白色象征着童贞,尽管这不是她 们选择白色的初衷。就款式而言,婚纱礼服曾一度是前面短短的、后面是长长的裙摆。这种趋 势一直持续到 20 世纪 60 年代后期,那个时期全长裙边的设计恢复了流行。 10.Translate the following paragraph into English
China is home to silk, thereby having a variety of arts related to silk, one of which is embroidery. Embroidery, with at least two or three thousand years of history, is one of the Chinese traditional folk arts and crafts. Since most embroiderers are women, it’s also called “women’s needlework”. Embroidery has been much-loved by the Chinese people. It can be used to beautify clothing and things. For example, clothes, quilts, pillowcases etc. can be embroidered with beautiful designs, or a piece of embroidery can be made for a special ornament. There are four most famous types of embroidery in China: Suxiu from Suzhou, Yuexiu from Guangdong, Xiangxiu from Hunan, and Shuxiu from Sichuan, each having its own style and theme. Among the four, Suzhou embroidery has enjoyed the highest reputation.
Section B
Language focus 4.Words in use 1.bounced 2.tolerate 3.supplement 4.condemn 5.overflowed 6.swear 7.resemble 8.compounded 9.disgusting 10.trim
5.Expressions in use 1.convert to 2.was revolted by 3.was comprised of 4.busied himself with 5.fussed over 6.is unique in 7.exerting themselves 8.substituted for 6.Sentence structure 1.Having no idea about their thoughts and opinions, I would rather give up the attempt to guess what
their reaction will be. 2.To avoid making mistakes, I would rather be home alone and not communicate with anybody. 3.The old man would rather be living in the past, for things are much more different today than they

were in the past.


1.I couldn’t stand bad manners and thought my leaving was anything but rude, so I got the next train

back home and left him there.

2.They usually look very nice and even generous, but in terms of integrity, they are anything but


3.When the two young people got married, many people attended the wedding ceremony, yet it was

anything but modern.



1. strong urge 2. particularly difficult 3.demanding job

4.make concessions 5.social context

6.management style


1.plausible 2.context 3.management 4.pleasantly 5.great 6.strong 7.subtle

8.conflicting 9.personal 10.typically 11.diplomatically 12.vaguely

Unit 8

Section A

Language focus

3.Words in use

1.arresting 2.omits 3.optional 4.transplanted 5.hence

6.twisted 7.stung 8.minute 9.imitate


4.Word building

Words learned

New words formed






















1.interference 2.invasion 3.Consumption 4.procession


6.Banked cloze

5.specific 6.deception 7.scarce

1.B 2.G 3.L 4.K 5.F 6.D 7.H 8.N 9.E 10.I 7.Expressions in use 1.persisted in 2.have relevance to 3.becoming aware of 4.isolated from 5.in the name of 6.make a contribution 7.been occupied with 8. tip the scales 9.Translate the following paragraph into Chinese.
世界自然基金会(WWF)是一个致力于有关保护、研究和修复环境议题的国际性非政府组织。 该组织最初于 1961 年被命名为世界野生动物基金会。1986 年,它更名为世界自然基金会,以 更好地反映其活动范围。它是世界上最大的、独立的自然保护组织,拥有世界各地超过 500 万 的支持者,在 100 多个国家开展工作,并援助约 1300 个与自然和环境保护有关的项目。它的任 务是阻止破坏地球的生态环境,建立一个能使人类与自然和谐相处的未来。目前,其大部分工 作都集中在对海洋和海岸、森林、淡水的保护。在其他问题上,它也关注濒危物种,污染和气 候变化。现在他们最需要的是资金,以履行其使命和处理与自然保护有关的突发事件。 10.Translate the following paragraph into English
Since the founding of New China, especially since the economic reform and door-opening to the world, the Chinese government has made considerable efforts in eco-environmental protection and achieved effective progress. The government has taken a series of important measures to protect and improve the ecological environment, such as actively promoting key ecological projects, enhancing ecosystem construction and biodiversity conservation, establishing a number of nature reservations, ecological demonstration zones, scenic spots and forest parks. One of the important goals of building a socialist harmonious society is to strengthen ecological protection and construction and to achieve harmony between man and nature. Environmental protection and ecological civilization construction have provided a solid foundation for the sustainable development of China’s economy and society.
Section B
Language focus 4.Words in use
1.emitted 2.shoved 3.symbol 5.wakened 6.ditch 8.countdown 9.discharged 10.rotated 5.Expressions in use 1.out 2.with 3.in 4.between 5.from 6.of 7.with 8.over 6.Sentence structure
1. People with sleeping disorder cannot sleep much, as is the case with the people who get older. 2. The new irrigation system would require farmers to apply for a planning permission, as is the case with other commercial or industrial developments. 3. We have seen encouraging signs of improvement in our financial conditions, as is the case with the overall economy according to the media reports. 7.
1. Samuel is good at filmmaking, and he is still as enthusiastic and curious about it as he was at the start of his career. 2. He seemed to assume that she was as interested in these questions as he was when he first read them online. 3. She recognized that her son had not always been as attentive toward his wife or

children as she had expected.
Collocation Warm-up 1.severely restricted 2. terrifying effects 3.subsequent advances 4.damaging impact 5.remain undiscovered 8. 1.entire field 2.subsequent advances 3.reasonable argument 4.severely restricted 5.terrifying effects 6.suitable alternatives 7.well-understood principles 8.Medical research 9.supreme desire 10.moral compass 11.remain undiscovered 12.innocent animals

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