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1. There were two large buildings,_______ stands nearly a hundred feet high. A. the larger B. the large of them C. the larger of whom D. the large of which D. mustn’t have found 2. Mike ________ his car, for he came to work by bus this morning A. can have found B. could have found C. can’t have found A. competing against ;for C. compete with ;against A. take part in important to him. A. After all A. to study B. In all B. studying C. First of all C. study D. Above all D. studied 6. They spent as many hours as they could _____ their lessons. 7. This book _____ ten units, ______ three mainly revision. A. contains; including B. includes; containing C. contains; containing D .includes; including 8. The movie once ____ a whole generation of people. They proved to be of much _____ in the education of people. A. affected;effect C. effected;effect A. solved A. not to see B. effected;affect D. affected;affect C. to solve D. being solved B. join in B. competed; with D. competing with ;to C. join D. attend 3. Several companies are__________ each other__________ a contract.

cleaning about a dozen or more cars. He must have begun to work quite early in the morning. Several thoughts ___44___my mind as I watched him work. He wasn’t well-dressed. He had on a pair of shorts and a(n) ___45___ T-shirt. The bicycle he rode was not by any means the kind modern ___46___would want to be seen riding on. But he seemed___47___ with life. There he was, working hard at his small business, ___48___ at passers-by and stopping to chat now and then ___49___ elderly men and women on their way to the market nearby. There was a noticeable touch of___50___ in the way he seemed to be doing things— ___51___the windscreen (挡风玻璃), then standing back to admire it; scrubbing (擦净) the wheels and ___52___, standing back to see what they look like after the scrub. It was a ___53___ to learn, I felt. At no age need one have to beg for a ___54___if one has good health and is willing to work hard. For a while I felt ___55__ of myself. Young as I am—just sixteen, and there was this old man who must have been usefully engaged perhaps before the sun appeared above the horizon. 36.A.forces 37.A.otherwise 38.A.parking lot 39.A.interesting 40.A.noticed 41.A.back 42.A.searched 43.A.stopped 44.A.crossed 45.A.attractive 46.A.repairmen 47.A.busy 48.A.waving 49.A.about 50.A.worry 51.A.cleaning 52.A.still 36 me to sleep in. And I 53.A.lesson 54.A.business 55.A.tired B.allows B.therefore B.bus stop B.surprising B.recognized B.handle B.left B.started B.slipped B.shiny B.businessmen B.content B.looking B.for B.respect B.fixing B.yet B.subject B.living B.doubtful C.causes C.however C.school C.awful C.called C.wheel C.moved C.intended C.disturbed C.simple C.drivers C.careful C.laughing C.with C.sympathy C.replacing C.again C.skill C.success C.fearful D.forbids D.besides D.market D.useful D.assisted D.seat D.wandered D.finished D.inspired D.expensive D.cyclists D.bored D.pointing D.like D.pride D.covering D.soon D.fact D.right

4. Our headmaster will __________us in the discussion this afternoon. 5. Although he had to spend lots of money for going to the ball, he accepted the invitation. __________the ball was

9. With a lot of problems _____, the manager felt like a cat on hot bricks. B. solving B. not seeing 10. She pretended me when I passed. C. to not see D. having not seen

二、 完形
That holiday morning I didn’t have to attend school. Usually, on holidays, Mother would certainly take full advantage of it. On this particular morning, ___37___,I felt like getting up early. I stood by my window overlooking the ___38___, having nothing better to do. But as it turned out, I was soon to learn about something ___39___ in life. As I watched several people go by, get into their cars and go off, I ___40___ an old man on a bicycle with a bucket on its ___41___ and a basket rags and bottles on its back-carriage. He ___42___ from one car to another, washing and cleaning them. From the water on the ground, it seemed that he had already ___43___ washing and

It happened to me recently. I was telling someone how much I had enjoyed reading Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father and how it had changed my views of our President. A friend I was talking to agreed with me that

it was, in his words, ―a brilliantly (精彩地) written book‖. However, he then went on to talk about Mr. Obama in a way which suggested he had no idea of his background at all. I sensed that I was talking to a book liar. And it seems that my friend is not the only one. Approximately two thirds of people have lied about reading a book which they haven’t. In the World Book Day’s ―Report on Guilty Secrets‖, Dreams From My Father is at number 9. The report lists ten books, and various authors, which people have lied about reading, and as I’m not one to lie too often (I’d hate to be caught out), I’ll admit here and now that I haven’t read the entire top ten. But I am pleased to say that, unlike 42 percent of people, I have read the book at number one, George Orwell’s 1984. I think it’s really brilliant. The World Book Day report also has some other interesting information in it. It says that many people lie about having read Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoevsky (I haven’t read him, but haven’t lied about it either) and Herman Melville. Asked why they lied, the most common reason was to ―impress‖ someone they were speaking to. This could be tricky if the conversation became more in–depth! But when asked which authors they actually enjoy, people named J. K. Rowling, John Grisham, Sophie Kinsella (ah, the big sellers, in other words). Forty-two percent of people asked admitted they turned to the back of the book to read the end before finishing the story (I’ll come clean: I do thi s and am astonished that 58 percent said they had never done so). 64. How did the author find his friend a book liar? A. By judging his manner of speaking. C. By mentioning a famous name. B. By looking into his background. D. By discussing the book itself.

65. Which of the following is a ―guilty secret‖ according to the World Book Day report? A. Charles Dickens is very low on the top-ten list. C. The author admitted having read 9 books. 66. By lying about reading, a person hopes to A. control the conversation C. learn about the book 67. What is the author’s attitude to 58% of readers? A. Favorable. B. Uncaring C. Doubtful D. Friendly . B. appear knowledgeable D. make more friends B. 42% of people pretended to have read 1984. D. Dreams From My Father is hardly read.

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