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【2015春走向高考】高三英语一轮(人教版)复习练习:选修7 Unit 3


(2014· 北京)

Unit 3

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium (水族馆) The allnew Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, situated in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, is one of Victoria's leading visitor attractions and an unforgettable outing for the whole family. Having 12 amazing zones of discovery, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is the very place that you cannot miss when you visit the city. ◆Opening Times Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is open from 9:30 am until 6:00 pm every day of the year, including public holidays. Last admission is at 5:00 pm, one hour before closing. ◆Location ( 位置) Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is located on the corner of Flinders Street and King Street, Melbourne. It is situated on the Yarra River, opposite Crown Entertainment Complex. ◆Getting to Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium Train Sea Life Melbourne Aquarious is a short walk from either Flinders or Southern Cross train stations. Tram(有轨电车) The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium train stop is located on the free City Circle Tram route (公 交线路) and also routes 70 and 75. City Circle trams run every 10 minutes in both directions. Shuttle Bus The Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium is a free bus service, stopping at key tourist attractions in and around the City. Running daily, every 15 minutes from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. ◆Car Parking While there is no public car parking at Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, there are several public car parking lots available only a short walk away. ◆Wheelchair Access Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium provides people in wheelchairs with full access to all 12 zones. Each floor also has wheelchair accessible toilets. ◆Terms Tickets will be emailed to you immediately after purchase or you can download and print your ticket once payment has been accepted. Please print out all tickets purchased and present at the front entrance of Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. No ticket, no entry! 文章大意:本文详细介绍了墨尔本海洋生物水族馆情况,包括位置、开放的时间、交通 方式及停车等,为游客提供了方便。

1.Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium ________. A.is located at the center of the CBD in the city B.has 12 most attractive places in Melbourne C.admits visitors from 9:30 am until 6:00 pm D.is beside Crown Entertainment Complex 答案:A 细节理解题。根据第一段第一句话中的...situated in the heart of Melburne's

CBD,...可知 A 项正确;B 项与第一段的 Having 12 amazing zones of discovery.不一致;C 项中 的时间与文中不符,即最后进入的时间为下午 5:00;根据第三段的最后一句可知,D 项中介 词 side 错误。 2.Getting to Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, visitors can take ________. A.trains from Southern Cross train station B.shuttle buses around the train station C.boats across the Yarra River D.either tram route 70 or 75 答案:D 细节理解题。根据文中对 Tram(有轨电车)这一段的描述可知,游客可乘坐 70、

75 路公交车到达水族馆。 3.Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium offers visitors ________. A.free car parking C.Internet connection 答案:B 馆。 4.Tickets to Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium ________. A.are free to all visitors B.can be purchased by email C.are checked at the entrance D.can be printed at the ticket office 答案:C 细节理解题。根据最后一段内容可知,进入水族馆的票在购买之后可以通过 B.wheelchair access D.transportation service

推理判断题。根据 Wheelchair Access 这一段的内容可知,轮椅能够进入水族

电邮发送或下载并打印出,并在水族馆的前门口处出示,要不然就不能进入。 Ⅱ.完形填空 (2014· 辽宁辽阳质检) A learned man has always a lot of riches in himself. Simonides, a famous Greek poet, once made a tour around the wellknown cities of Asia. Years later, he decided to __1__ to his native land by sea. However, he boarded on a ship, which got __2__ in a terrible storm. Together with its own poor condition, the ship began to __3__ into the sea. Some passengers was busy __4__ together their bags,

and others their __5__ belongings. To everyone's surprise, Simonides was a(n) __6__. One who was __7__ curious, asked, “Are you going to save __8__ of your property, Simonides?” He made a reply, “All my possessions are __9__ me.” While a few made their __10__ by swimming, the majority, being weighed down by their burdens, disappeared in the sea.__11__, some thieves made their appearance, and stole __12__ the few lucky people had saved, leaving them nothing. Clazomenae, an ancient city, chanced to be near the beach. Here lived a wealthy man __13__ the pursuits (追求) of literature. He had often read the poems of Simonides, and was a very great __14__ of him though he had never seen Simonides.__15__, Simonides was saved by this man shortly after he got to the beach. Knowing who he was from their brief conversation, the man __16__ Simonides into his house with the greatest pleasure, and __17__ him with clothes, money, and attendants. The other __18__ meanwhile were carrying about their bowls, begging for food in the same city. One day, Simonides __19__ to meet them. With much sympathy, Simonides remarked, “I told you that all my property was about me; what you have __20__ to save is lost now.” 文章大意:作者用一名古希腊诗人遭遇沉船事故之后的经历告诉我们:钱乃身外之物, 智慧才是永恒的财富。 1.A.return C.visit 答案: A B.get D.come return 意为“返回, 回去”; get 意为“得到”; visit 意为“参观, 拜访”; come

意为“到来”。前文说 Simonides 在亚洲各大名城旅游,根据此空后的 to his native land by sea 可知他要返回家乡,故 A 项正确。 2.A.hit C.struck B.caught D.seized

答案:B 根据此空后的 in a terrible storm 可知,此处表示他坐的船遇到了风暴,get/be caught in 意为“被困于,遭到”,固定结构,符合语境。 3.A.break C.fall B.drown D.sink

答案:D break 意为“打破”;drown 意为“淹没”;fall 意为“下降”;sink 意为“下 沉”。根据空前的描述 together with its own poor condition 可知船很破旧,遇到暴风雨之后就 开始下沉,故 D 项正确。 4.A.gathering C.joining B.keeping D.carrying

答案:A gather 意为“收集”;keep 意为“保存”;join 意为“参加,加入”;carry 意 为“拿, 携带”。 根据此空后的 together their bags 可知此处表示一些乘客忙着收拾自己的行李, gather together 意为“收拢,归拢(分散的东西)”,为固定结构,符合语境。


5.A.common C.precious

B.formal D.previous

答案:C common 意为“共同的,普通的”;formal 意为“正式的”;precious 意为“珍 贵的”;previous 意为“以前的,先前的”。根据语境可知船要沉了,乘客收拾行李时会拿珍 贵的东西,故 C 项正确。 6.A.millionaire C.fool B.example D.exception

答案:D millionaire 意为“百万富翁”;example 意为“例子”;fool 意为“傻瓜”; exception 意为“例外”。根据此空前的 To everyone's surprise 可知,此处表示人人都在收拾行 李,只有 Simonides 是个例外,故 D 项正确。 7.A.slightly C.gradually B.extremely D.generally

答案:B slightly 意为“轻微地,些许地”;extremely 意为“非常,极其”;gradually 意为“逐渐地”; generally 意为“通常,普通地”。根据语境可知此处表示有一个人对 Simonides 的反应感到非常好奇,故 B 项正确。 8.A.nothing C.none B.few D.no one

答案:C 根据下文 All my possessions are __9__ me 可知此处用 none 表示“全无,没有 一点儿”。 9.A.about C.of B.around D.for

答案:A 根据文章最后一句中的 I told you that all my property was about me...可知此处填 about,Simonides 认为他自己就是所有的财产,故 A 项正确。 10.A.effort C.escape B.effect D.attempt

答案: C effort 意为“努力”; effect 意为“效果”; escape 意为“逃脱, 逃离”; attempt 意为“试图”。根据后文 the majority,being weighed down by their burdens,disappeared in the sea“大多数人被背上的东西所累,消失在了海中”可知,此处与后文对比,讲一小部分人活 了下来。make one's escape 意为“逃脱”,为固定短语,故 C 项正确。 11.A.In fact C.After all B.In brief D.Worse still

答案: D in fact 意为“事实上”; in brief 意为“简言之”; after all 意为“毕竟, 终究”; worse still 意为“更糟糕的是”。根据此空后的 some thieves made their appearance 可知,此处 表示意义上的递进,故 D 项正确。


12.A.that C.which

B.what D.when

答案:B 分析句子成分后可知,所填词引导宾语从句,且从句中 the few lucky people had saved 中的 save 后缺少宾语,故用 what 引导,故 B 项正确。 13.A.related to C.determined to 答案:D B.adapted to D.devoted to

related to 意为“与??有关”;adapted to 意为“适合,适应于”;determined

to 意为“有做??的决心”; devoted to 意为“致力于”。 此处表示一名富人致力于追求文学, A、B 两项不符合语境。determined to 后接动词不定式,devoted to 后接名词或动名词,故 D 项正确。 14.A.adviser C.admirer B.listener D.buyer

答案: C adviser 意为“顾问; 劝告者”; listener 意为“听众”; admirer 意为“崇拜者”; buyer 意为“买主”。根据此空前的 He had often read the poems of Simonides 可知这个富人喜 欢读 Simonides 的诗歌,因此可见他是 Simonides 的崇拜者,故 C 项正确。 15.A.Unluckily C.Naturally B.Fortunately D.Frequently

答案:B unluckily 意为“不幸地”;fortunately 意为“幸运地”;naturally 意为“自然 地”; frequently 意为“频繁地”。 根据此空后的 Simonides was saved by this man shortly after he got to the beach 可知,这对 Simonides 来说是一件很幸运的事,故选 B 项。 16.A.ordered C.received B.forced D.begged

答案:C order 意为“命令”;force 意为“强迫”;receive 意为“接受,收到”;beg 意为“乞求”。根据此空后的...with the greatest pleasure 可知此处表示这个富人高兴地接 Simonides 到他家里,故 C 项正确。 17.A.provided C.showed B.offered D.afforded

答案:A provide 意为“提供”;offer 意为“提供”;show 意为“显示,说明”;afford 意为“支付得起”。根据语境可知此处表示这个富人还为 Simonides 提供了衣服、钱及侍从, provide sb.with sth.意为“给某人提供某物”,符合语境。 【易错警示】注意 offer 也有“提供”的意思,但其用法是 offer sb.sth.或者 offer sth.to sb. 要分清其结构搭配上的区别。 18.A.villagers C.stealers B.writers D.survivors


答案: D villagers 意为“村民”; writers 意为“作者”; stealers 意为“偷窃者”; survivors 意为“幸存者”。根据语境可知,此处表示同一条船上的其他幸存者的境遇,故 D 项正确。 19.A.hoped C.managed 答案: B B.happened D.demanded

hope 意为“希望”; happen 意为“发生”; manage 意为“管理, 经营”; demand

意为“要求,需要”。Simonides 碰巧遇到他们,此处用 happen to do sth.意为“碰巧做某事”。 20.A.struggled C.encouraged B.failed D.succeeded

答案:A struggle 意为“努力,奋斗”;fail 意为“失败”;encourage 意为“鼓励”; succeed 意为“成功”。根据语境可知此处表示“当初你们努力要拯救的东西现在都丢了”, 故 A 项正确。 Ⅲ.语法填空 (2014· 唐山市二模) Mr. Woods:I'd like a double room for tonight. Clerk:Do you have a reservation? Mr. Woods:Yes. I __1__(call) you last week. My name is George Woods. Clerk:Wait __2__ second, please. (She checks the computer.) Yes, Mr. Woods, we have a room reserved for you. How long do you plan __3__(stay)? Mr. Woods: __4__(probable) two days. My wife will join me tomorrow. Then we'll decide when to leave __5__ Seattle. Clerk:Would you sign the register, please? Mr. Woods:By the way, does my room have a private bath? Clerk:Certainly. __6__ of the rooms in this hotel has a private bath. Mr. Woods: I have a __7__(prefer) for a room with twin beds. Does my room have twin beds or a double? Clerk:Twin beds. __8__, it also has a view of the sea. I'm sure you'll like it... It's on the eighth floor. Room 801. Mr. Woods:Thank you. One more thing, where is your restaurant? Clerk:The restaurant is on the second floor __9__ you can enjoy dishes from all country. We also have a bar. If you would like something to drink, you __10__ come down here. The bar is right behind the restaurant. Mr. Woods:Thank you. Clerk:You're welcome. 文章大意:本文是 Mr. Woods 的订房电话。 答案:

over the

can either call room service

1.called 由时间状语“last week”可知,用一般过去时。 2.a wait a second“请等一下,请稍等”。 3.to stay plan to do“打算做某事”。你打算住多久? 4.Probably 此处为省略句。完整表达为 I plan to stay probably two days。 5.for leave for“前往??”。 6.Each 由句意可知,此处表示所有房间都有淋浴室。再由后面谓语动词为 has 可知, 填 each 而非 all。 7.preference have a preference for sth. “爱好某物,偏好某物”。 房间里是两张单人床,此外“Actually/Besides”,还可以俯瞰大海。

8.Actually/Besides 空后的 also 是提示词。

9. where 此处为定语从句。 先行词为 floor, 从句中缺少地点状语, 所以填关系副词 where。 10.or either...or...“或者??或者??”。


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