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2011 届高考英语一轮复习讲解:名词性从句 届高考英语一轮复习讲解:
【知识要点】 知识要点】
一、在句中起名词作用的从句叫名词性从句,它包括主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语从句。 在句中起名词作用的从句叫名词性从句,它包括主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语从句。 如:Whether he will come here or not is unimportant to me.(主语从句)? I don’t know what he means.(宾语从句)? I’m glad that you are here.(宾语从句用在形容词之后)? The teacher is satisfied with what you have done.(介词宾语从句)? That was because he was ill.(表语从句)? The news that he got killed in the race surprised us all.(同位语从句)?? 二、引导名词性从句的连接词? 引导名词性从句的连接词?

连接词 that

词义 无词义

功能 不作成分, 只起连接?作用 ?

whether/if what,which who,whom,whose when,where,how,why

是否 什么,哪个 谁,谁的 什么时候/地方,怎么样, 为什么

不作成分,起连接作用 作主语、宾语、表语 作主语、宾语、定语 作状语

how many/much how soon/often/long/much

多少 多久,多久一次,多长,多 么

作定语 作状语

... whatever=anything that

... 无论什么

词义及功能同疑问词 作主语、宾语、表语、?定 语

whosever=anyone whose


作主语、宾语、定语、?表 语

whichever=anything that whoever=anyone who whomever=anyone whom

无论哪个 无论谁 无论谁
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作宾语、定语、主语、表语 作主语 作宾语

1.that 引导的从句如果作介词宾语只可用在 except,in,but,besides 等少数介词后。如: 等少数介词后。 , , , I could say nothing but that I’m sorry.? that 引导的从句可作 it 的同位语从句。如:? You may depend upon it that all the goods will be delivered in time. 2.that 引导宾语从句时可省略;引导其他名词性从句时,一般不省略,特别是引导主语从句且位于 引导宾语从句时可省略;引导其他名词性从句时,一般不省略, 语从句时可省略 句首时。 句首时。如:? That the earth is round is true. The fact that he is a thief got around.? 注意:下面一句中,第一个 that 可省略,第二个 that 不可省略:? He said(that) he had been working here for ten years and that he wanted to go home. 3.whether 与 if 引导名词性从句时的区别。 引导名词性从句时的区别 句时的区别。 (1)在引导宾语从句时 whether 与 if 可互换,但如果和 or not 连用则只用 whether。如: I don’t know whether or not he can stay here longer.? (2)如果宾语从句是否定结构,则用 if 而不用 whether 引导。如:? He asked me if I wasn’t going there.? (3)介词宾语从句只能用 whether 引导。如:? I’m not interested in whether he is rich.? (4)引导主语从句、表语从句或同位语从句一般多用 whether。如:? The question is whether you can do it yourself.? The question whether he will come here himself isn’t decided yet.? Whether it will do us harm or good remains to be seen.? (5)用 it 作形式主语时,whether 或 if 都可以引导主语从句。如:? It is not clear to me whether/if he likes the present. 4.注意 what/whatever;who/whoever;which/whichever 的区别。试比较下列句子:? 注意 的区别。试比较下列句子: ; ; Whoever will go to the concert please signs your name here.=Anyone who will go to the concert please signs your name here.? Who will go to the concert isn’t known.=It’s unknown who will go to the concert. He won’t believe whatever she says.=No matter what she says,he won’t believe her. Whichhever toy you want is yours.=No matter which toy you want,it is yours. 5.注意 how long/how soon/how often/how much 的区别。 注意 的区别。 How long will he stay here??
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他将在这里待多久?? How soon can you be ready?? 你多久能准备好?? How often do you visit her?? 你多长时间去探望她一次?? How much is that dress?? 那件衣服多少钱? 6.当主句谓语动词表示不肯定或怀疑时,宾语从句用 whether/if 引导;表示有把握时用 that 引导。如: 当主句谓语动词表示不肯定或怀疑时, 引导; 引导。 当主句谓语动词表示不肯定或怀疑时 I doubt whether/if he can win the match.? I don’t doubt that he can win the match. 7.what 与 that 在引导主语从句时的区别? 在引导主语从句时的区别? what 引导主语从句时在从句中充当句子成分,如主语、宾语、表语,而 that 则不然。如:? 引导主语从句时在从句中充当句子成分,如主语、宾语、表语, 则不然。 What you said yesterday is right.? That she is still alive is a fact. 8.主语从句不可位于句首的五种?情况?? (1)if 引导的主语从句不可居于复合句句首。? (2)It is said/reported...结构中的主语从句不可提前。如:? It is said that President Jiang will visit our school next week.(right)? That President Jiang will visit our school next week is said.(wrong)? (3)It happens...,It occurs...结构中的主语从句不可提前。如:? It occurred to him that he failed in the examination.(right)? That he failed in the examination occurred to him.(wrong)? (4)It doesn’t matter how/whether....结构中的主语从句不可提前。如:? It doesn’t matter whether he is wrong or not.(right)? Whether he is wrong or not doesn’t matter.(wrong)? (5)含主语从句的复合句是疑问句时,主语从句不可提前。如:? Is it likely that it will rain in the evening?(right)? Is that will rain in the evening likely?(wrong)? 一、主语从句 主语从句是在复合句中充当主语的从句,通常放在主句谓语动词之前或由形式主语 it 代替,而本身放在 句子末尾。
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1.it 作形式主语和 it 引导强调句的比较? it 作形式主语代替主语从句,主要是为了平衡句子结构,主语从句的连接词没有变化。而 it 引导的强调 句则是对句子某一部分进行强调,无论强调的是什么成分,都可用连词 that。被强调部分指人时也可用 who/whom。如:? It is a pity that you didn’t go to see the film.你没去看那场电影真是遗憾。? It doesn’t interest me whether you succeed or not.你成功与否对我没有什么吸引力。 2.用 it 作形式主语的结构? 1)It is +名词+从句? It is a fact that ...事实是……? It is an honor that...非常荣幸? It is common knowledge that...……是常识? 2)it is +形容词+从句? It is natural that...很自然……? It is strange that...奇怪的是……? 3)it is +不及物动词+从句? It seems that...似乎……? It happened that...碰巧……? 4)it +过去分词+从句? It is reported that...据报道……? It has been proved that...已证实…… 3.主语从句不可位于句首的五种情况? 1)if 引导的主语从句不可居于复合句句首。? 2)It is said ,(reported)...结构中的主语从句不可提前。如:? 据说江主席下周要来我校视察。? It is said that President Jiang will visit our school next week.(right)? That President Jiang will visit our school next week is said.(wrong)? 3)It happens...,It occurs... 结构中的主语从句不可提前。如:? 他考试没及格。? It occurred to him that he failed in the examination.(right)? That he failed in the examination occurred to him.(wrong)? 4)It doesn’t matter how/whether ...结构中的主语从句不可提前。如:?
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他是不是错了,这一点不重要。? It doesn’t matter whether he is wrong or not.(right)? Whether he is wrong or not doesn’t matter.(wrong)? 5)含主语从句的复合句是疑问句时,主语从句不可提前。如:? 傍晚有可能下雨吗?? Is it likely that it will rain in the evening? (right)? Is that will rain in the evening likely? (wrong) 4.what 与 that 在引导主语从句时的区别? what 引导主语从句时在从句中充当句子成分,如主语、宾语、表语,而 that 则不然。如:What you said yesterday is right. 你昨天说的是对的。?? 二、宾语从句 宾语从句就是在复合句中作宾语的名词性从句,通常放在主句谓语动词(及物动词)或介词之后。? 1.作动词的宾语? 1)由 that 引导的宾语从句(that 通常可以省略),如:? I heard that he joined the army. 我听说他参军了。? 2)由 what,whether (if)引导的宾语从句,如:? She did not know what had happened. 她不知道发生了什么事。? 3)动词+间接宾语+宾语从句。如:? She told me that she would accept my invitation. 她跟我说她愿意接受我的邀请。 2.作介词的宾语,如:? Our success depends upon how well we can cooperate with one another.? 我们的成功取决于我们的合作情况。 3.作形容词的宾语,如:? I am afraid (that)I’ve made a mistake. 我恐怕是犯错了。? that 引导的从句常跟在下列形容词后作宾语:? anxious, aware, certain, confident, convinced, determined, glad, proud, surprised, worried, sorry, thankful, ashamed,disappointed,annoyed,pleased,hurt,satisfied,content 等。也可以将此类词后的 that 从句看 作原因状语从句。 4.it 可以作为形式宾语? it 不仅可以作为形式主语,还可以作为形式宾语而把真正的宾语 that 从句放在句尾,特别是在带复合宾 语的句子中。如:?
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We heard it that she would get married next month. 我们听说她打算下个月结婚。 5.后边不能直接跟 that 从句的动词? 这类动词有 allow,refuse,let,like,cause,force,admire,condemn,celebrate,dislike,love,help, take,forgive 等。这类词后可以用不定式或动名词作宾语,但不可以用 that 引导的宾语从句。如:? 我非常羡慕他们赢得了比赛的胜利。 ? I admire their winning the match.(right)? I admire that they won the match.(wrong) 6.不可用 that 从句作直接宾语的动词? 有些动词不可用于“动词+间接宾语+that 从句“结构中,常见的有 envy,order,accuse,refuse,impress, forgive,blame,denounce,advise,congratulate 等。如:? 作为一个诚实的人,他给经理留下了很深的印象。? He impressed the manager as an honest man.(right)? He impressed the manager that he was an honest man.(wrong) 7.否定的转移? 若主句谓语动词为 think,consider,suppose,believe,expect,fancy,guess,imagine 等,其后的宾语从 句若含有否定意义,一般要把否定词转移到主句谓语上,从句谓语用肯定式。如:I don’t think this dress fits you well.(我认为这件衣服不适合你穿。 )?? 三、表语从句 表语从句是在复合句中作表语的名词性从句,放在系动词之后,一般结构是“主语+连系动词+表语从 句”。可以接表语从句的连系动词有 be,look,remain,seem 等。另外,常用的还有 The reason is that... 和 It is because 等结构。如:? The question is whether we can make good preparation in such a short time.? 问题是我们能否在那么短的时间内作好充分的准备。? This is why we can’t get the support of the people.? 这就是我们为什么得不到人民支持的原因。?? 四、同位语从句 同位语从句就是在复合句中作名词的同位语的名词性从句。 1.同位语从句的功能? 同位语从句对名词进一步解释,说明名词的具体内容,一般由 that 引导。如:? The king’s decision that the prisoner would be set free surprised all the people.? 国王作出的这名囚犯释放的决定让人们大吃一惊。
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2.同位语在句子中的位置? 同位语从句有时可以不紧跟在它所说明的名词后面,而是被别的词隔开。如:? He got the news from Mary that the sports meeting was put off.? 他从玛丽那里得知运动会要延期举行。 3.同位语从句与定语从句的区别? 1)定语从句中的 that 既代替先行词,同时在从句中作某个成分(主语或宾语) ,而同位语从句中的 that 是连词,只起连接主句与从句的作用,不充当句中任何成分。? 2)定语从句是形容词性的,其功能是修饰先行词,对先行词加以限定,描述它的性质或特征;同位语从 句是名词性的,其功能是对名词进行补充说明。如:? The news that he told me is that Tom would go abroad next year.? 他告诉我的消息是汤姆明年将出国。 (第一个 that 引导的从句是定语从句,that 在从句中作宾语)? The news that Tom would go abroad is told by him.? 汤姆将出国的消息是他讲的。 (同位语从句,that 在句中不作任何成分)?

【考点诠释】 考点诠释】 考点 1 主语从句

引导主语从句的连接词主要有三类:连接词 that,whether; 连接代词 what,who,whose,whatever,whichever,whoever 等; 连接副词 when,where,why,how 等。 1.连接词 that,whether 引导 ①That the college wiU take in more new students this year is true.今年这所大学将招收更多新生是真的。 ②Whether he can finish his task on time is of great importance.他是否能按时完成任务非常重要。 特别提示 (1)if 不能引导主语从句。 (2)形式主语 it 替代主语从句。常见的 it 替代主语从句的句式主要有以下几种: A.It+系动词+形容词+that 从句。如: It is quite clear that the whole project is doomed to failure.很清楚,整个计划注定要失败。 B.It+系动词+名词+that 从句。如: It is our hope that the two sides will work towards peace.我们的希望是双方能朝着和平的方向发展。 C.It+be+v.ed 形式+that 从句。如:
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It is announced that the plan has been successfully carried out.据宣布计划已经顺利实施。 2.连接代词引导 ①What we can’t get seems better than what we already have.我们得不到的东西似乎比我们拥有的东西 好。 ②who the letter was from is still unknown.这封信是谁寄出的还不清楚。 ③Whichever of you gets here first will get the prize.你们当中第一个到达这里的人将获得奖项。 3.连接副词引导 ①How acupuncture reduces and relieves pain is unclear.针灸是如何减轻和解除疼痛的还不清楚。 ②why dinosaurs suddenly disappeared still remains a mystery.恐龙为什么突然消失了还是个谜。

考点 2


引导宾语从句的连接词主要有三类: 连接词 that, whether, 等, if 连接代词 what, who, whose, whatever, whichever,whoever 等,连接副词 when,where,why,how 等。 1.连接词 that,whether,if 引导 ①I think(that)you should turn to the teacher for help.我认为你应该向老师寻求帮助。 ②I don’t know if/whether he still lives here after so many years. 我不知道这么多年后他是否还住在这儿。 特别提示 whether/if 都意为“是否”。 一般情况下, 它们可以互换, 口语中常用 if, 但以下情况中, 只能用 whether。 (1)与 or not 紧接连用时。如: Let me knoW whether or not you can come.请让我知道你是否能来。 (2)作介词的宾语从句时。如: We are interested in whether you will attend the meeting.我们对你是否参加会议感兴趣。 2.连接代词和连接副词引导 连接代词有 what,who,whose,whatever,whichever,whoever 等,连接副词有 when,where,why, how 等。如: ①She asked me whose handwriting was the best in the class.她问我班上谁的书法最好。 ②I’11 just say whatever comes into my mind.我想到什么就说什么。 ③Do you know when the ancient Olympic Games began?你知道古代的奥运会是什么时间开始的吗? ④I’ve been thinking about how we can make the newspaper more interesting.我一直在考虑如何使我们的 报纸更用趣。 3.宾语从句的语序 在宾语从句中要用陈述句语序。如:
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①He asked me when we could set out the next day.他问我第二天什么时候可以出发。 ②Did you find out where she lost her car?你查出她在哪里丢的车了吗? 4.宾语从句的时态 (1)当主句的谓语动词是一般现在时时,其宾语从句的时态可以是任何适当的时态。如: ①She says(that)she works from Monday to Friday.她说她周一至周五上班。(从句是一般现在时) ②she says(that)she will leave a message on his desk. 她说她要在他桌子上留个便条。 (从句是一般将来时) ③She says(that)she has never been to Mount Emei.她说她从来没有去过峨眉山。(从句是现在完成时) (2)当主句的谓语动词是一般过去式时,其宾语从句的时态一般要用适当的过去时态。如: ①He said there were no classes yesterday afternoon.他说昨天下午没有课。(从句是一般过去时) ②He said that he was going to take care of the baby.他说他会去照看这个婴儿。(从句是过去将来时) ③He said that they were having a meeting at that time.他说他们那时正在开会。(从句是过去进行时) (3)当宾语从句是表达客观真理和规律的句子时,其时态仍旧用一般现在时。如: ①The teacher told us that nothing is difficult if we put our hearts into it.老师告诉我们世上无难事,只怕 有心人。 ②He said that light travels much faster than sound.他说光比声音传播得快。 特别提示 在使用宾语从句时需要注意下面几点: (1)动词 find,feel,think,consider,make,believe,guess,suppose,assume 等后有宾语补足语时, 则需要用 it 作形式宾语,而将 that 宾语从句后置。如: ①I think it necessary that we take plenty of boiled water every day.我认为每天多喝开水是有必要的。 ②I have made it a rule that I keep diaries.我每天写日记成了惯例。 (2)hate,like,take,owe,have,take for granted 等表示“喜欢;痛恨;认为”的动词或动词短语和 see to 表示“注意,留意”后有宾语补足语时,需要用 it 作形式宾语而将宾语从句后置。如: ①I hate it when they talk with their mouth full of food.我讨厌他们满嘴食物说话。 ②When you start the engine,you must see to it that the car is in neutral.启动发动机时,一定要使汽车的 离合器处于空档位置。 (3)介词后的宾语从句。如: ①She is always thinking of how she can do more for others.她总想着如何才能为别人做得更多。 ②We are talking about whether we admit students into our club.我们正在讨论是否让学生加入我们的俱 乐部。 (4)宾语从句的否定转移。将 think,believe,suppose,expect,fancy,imagine 等动词后面宾语从句的
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否定词转移到主句中,即主句的谓语动词用否定式,而从句的谓语动词用肯 定式。如: ①I don’t think I know you.我想我并不认识你。 ②I don’t believe he will come.我相信他不回来。

考点 3、表语从句 、
常由连接词 that, whether; 连接代词 who, whom, whose, which, what, whoever, whomever, whichever, whatever;连接副词 when,where,how,why 引导。 1.连接词引导 ①The reason for his absence is that he hasn’t been informed.他缺席的原因就是他没接到通知。 ②The question remains whether they will be able to help us.问题还是他们能否帮我们。 2.连接代词和连接副词引导 ①The problem is who will take charge of this shop.问题是谁将接管这家店铺。 ②That is when I realized the importance of journalism.那时我才意识到新闻工作的重要性。 特别提示 (1)as/as if/as though 引导的表语从句常跟在特定动词后面, 如 seem,appear,look,taste,sound,feel 等。如: ①It sounds as if someone is knocking at the door.听上去好像有人在敲门。 ②At that time,it seemed as though I couldn’t think of the right word.当时我似乎怎么也想不出一个恰当 的字眼来。 (2)当主句的主语是 reason 时,表语从句一般由 that 引导,这种用法常见于句型 The reason why…is that…。如:The reason why he came late was that he got up late.他来得晚是因为起床晚了。

考点 4


同位语从句在句子中作某一名词的同位语,一般位于该名词之后,说明该名词的具体内容。这些名词 常见的有 idea,fact,news,hope,belief,thought,doubt,promise,suggestion, order 等。 1.通常用连词 that 引导同位语从句,that 无词义,也不作句子成分,但不能省略。注意从句用陈述句 语序。如: ①They expressed the hope that we would go and visit Shanghai again.他们表示希望我们再去访问上海。 ②I have no idea that she quit her present job.我不知道她辞掉了现在的工作。 ③Give me your promise that you will come to our party this evening.答应我,你今天晚上会来参加我们 的聚会。
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2.同位语从句还可以用 whether,when,where,why,how 等引导。如: ①The student asked me the question whether the book Was worth reading.学生问了我这个问题:这本书 是否值得一读。 ②I have no idea why he was excited at that time.我不知道当时他激动的原因。 .

考点 5


1.that 的用法。在主语从句、表语从句和同位语从句中 that 一般不能够省略;在宾语从句中有时可以 省略,一般需要注意下面两点: (1)当 that 从句作介词宾语时, 不能省略。 They share little in common except that they are from the that 如: same country.除了来自同一个国家之外,他们几乎没有共同点。 (2)当主句谓语动词后接两个或两个以上的宾语从句时,可以省略第一个 that,其他的不省略。如: I believe(that)you’ve done your best and that things will improve.我相信你已经尽力了,而且情况也会得 到改善。 2.that 与 what 的区别。that 在从句中不能够充当句子成分,也没有含义;what 可以在从句中作主语、 表语、宾语或定语,意思是”什么,……的事情”。如: ①The hope that he may recover is not gone yet.他会康复的希望没有消失。(that 不充当成分,也无含义) ②Wht he said proved to be true.他所说的话证明是正确的。(what 作 said 的宾语,可以翻译为“……的 话”) 3.定语从句与同位语从句的区别。定语从句是从句对其先行词的修饰或限制;而同位语从句是对从 句前面的抽象名词作进一步的说明和解释。如: ①The news that our team has won the game Was true. 我们队赢了那场比赛的消息是真的。 (同位语从句, 补充说明 news 到底是一个什么消息) ②The news that he told me yesterday Was true.昨天他告诉我的那个消息是真的。(定语从句,news 在 从句中作 told 的宾语) ③I made a promise that if anyone set me free 1 would make him very rich.我许诺如果谁让我自由,我就 让他非常富有。 (同位语从句,补充说明 promise 的内容) ④The mother made a promise that pleased all her children. 妈妈许下了一个令她的孩子们高兴的诺言。 (定 语从句,promise 在从句中作 pleased 的主语)

【高考链接】 高考链接】
1.(2010 高考英语上海秋季卷,37)When changing lanes, a driver should use his turning signal to let other
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drivers know______. A. he is entering which lane C. is he entering which lane B. which lane he is entering D. which lane is he entering

2.(2010 高考英语上海秋季卷,36)One reason for her preference for city life is ______ easy access to places like shops and restaurants. A. that 【答案】A B. how C. what D. why

she can have

【解析】此处考查的是同位语从句。考察 that 引导同位语从句的用法。此处 that 不可以省略。 3.(2010 高考英语重庆卷,25)To improve the quality of our products, we asked for suggestions ______had used the products. A. whatever B. who C. whichever D. which

、 4.(2010 高考英语 浙江卷,9)It is uncertain ______ side effect the medicine will bring about, although about two thousand patients have taken it. A.that 【答案】B 【解析】考查名词性从句。此处是由 what 引导的主语从句,指代 It 的具体内容,It 是形式主语,所以这 里选 B 项。 5.(2010 高考英语浙江卷,1)—How about camping this weekend, just for a change? —OK, ______ you want. B.however C.whatever D.whoever B.what C.how D.whether

A.whichever 【答案】C

【解析】本题考查引导词和交际用语。句意:“这个周末野营怎么样,来点新鲜的?”“好啊,按你的意思 吧!”查情景交际。——周末野营怎么样,换换口味?——好的,你想干啥咱就干啥。此处 whatever 表示” 无论什么”,作 want 的宾语。选 C 项。 6.(2010 高考英语天津卷,14)As a new graduate, he doesn’t know ______ it takes to start a business here. A. how 【答案】B
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B. what

C. When

D. which

【解析】考查名词性从句。句意为:“作为新毕业生,他不知道如何才能在这儿开创事业。”宾语从句暗 含 it takes…to do sth 句型,因此应用 what 引导宾语从句并充当从句中的宾语。 7.(2010 高考英语四川卷,14)How much one enjoys himself travelling depends largely on with,whether his friends or relatives. A.what B.who C.how D.why ______ he goes

8.(2010 高考英语上海春季卷,38)There is no obvious evidence ______ there is life on any other planet in the solar system. A.which 【答案】B 【解析】名词性从句。此处是 that 引导同位语从句对 evidenc~进行具体的说明。语意:没有明显的证据 表明在太阳系能其他行星上有生命存在。据此选 B 项。 9.(2010 高考英语上海春季卷,33)Tina was hesitation about the job offer as she did not know ______ company was an established one. A.whether 【答案】A 【解析】名词性从句。语意: 。Fina 对所提供的工作正在犹豫中,因为她不知道这家公司是不是一家地 位稳固的公司。此处 whether 引导宾语从句,作 know 的宾语。 10.(2010 高考英语陕西卷,18)It never occurred to me _______ you could succeed in persuading him to change his mind. A. which 【答案】C 【解析】考查固定句型。我从来没有想到你能成功地说服他改变主意。It occurs to sb that…的意思为“某 人突然想到……”其中 that 引导主语从句,it 为形式主语,指代 that 从句的具体内容。 11.(2010 高考英语山东卷,25)Before the sales start, I make a list of ________ my kids will need for the coming season. A. why B. what C. how D. which B. what C. that D. if B.what C.until D.although the B.that C.how D.where

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12.(2010 高考英语辽宁卷,34)—It’s no use having ideas only . —Don’t worry. Peter can show you A. how 【答案】A 【解析】句 A 考查“疑问词+动词不定式”代替名词性从句。分析句子结构可知,此处是”疑问词+动词不 定式”代替宾语从句。语意为:Peter 可以向你展示如何把点子变为行动。连接词 how 表示“如何”,合乎语 意。 13.(2010 高考英语江苏卷,35)-I prefer shutting myself in and listening to music all day on Sundays. -That’s_______I don’t agree .You should have a more active life. A.where 【答案】A 【解析】考查名词性从句。说话人在星期天喜欢整天把自己关在家中听音乐,答话人对这一点不赞同。 答语中“where I don’t agree”是表语从句,表示的是抽象概念。假如选择 D 项,agree 后需要加上介词。 14.(2010 高考英语湖南卷,35)Cindy shut the door heavily and burst into tears. No one in the office knew ______ she was so angry. A. where 【答案】D 【解析】考查名词性从句。该空引导宾语从句,根据句意“办公室中没人知道她为什么如此生气”可判断 选 D 项。 15.(2010 高考英语福建卷,35)We should respect food and think about the people who don’t have ______ we have here and treat food nicely. A. that B. which C. what D. whether B. whether C. that D. why B.how C.when D.what B. who C. what _______to turn an idea into an act.

D. where

16.(2010 高考英语福建卷,29)Teachers recommend parents ______ their children under 12 to ride bicycles to
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school for safety. A. not allow 【答案】 A 【解析】考查宾语从句。句意为:“教师们建议:为了孩子的安全,父母不应让 12 岁以下的孩子骑自行 车人去学校。”这里是 recommend 引起的宾语 从句,且从句谓语动词用 should+动词原形的形式,should 可以省略。故选 A 项。 17.(2010 高考英语大纲全国 I 卷,33)We haven’t discussed yet ______ we are going to place our new furniture. A. that 【答案】 D 【解析】考查名词性从句。题干中 We haven’t discussed yet 后为宾语从句,从句中缺少地点状语,因此 空白处应填 where,故答案为 D。 18.(2010 高考英语北京卷,33) ______some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plus by many others. A. Whether 【答案】 B 【解析】考察名词性从句。句意为:“有人认为是缺点,可在别人认为可能就是优点。”分析句子成分可 知“______ some people regard as a drawback”是主语从句,在此主语从句中动词 regard 后缺少宾语,故用 what 来引导。 19.(2010 高考英语北京卷,32)Part of the reason Charles Dickens loved his own novel, David Copperfield, was ______ it was rather closely modeled on his own life. A. what 【答案】 B 【解析】考察名词性从句。句意为:“Charles Dickens 喜欢他自己的小说 David Copperfield,部分原因是 因为这很大程度上是他自己生活的一个模式。”分析句子成分可知,“______ it was rather closely modeled on his own life.”是表语从句,在此表语从句中不缺少任何成分,故用 that 连接。 20.(2010 高考英语北京卷,31)I want to be liked and loved for ______ I am inside. A. who B. where C. what D. how B. that C. why D. whether B. What C. That D. How B. which C. what D. where B. do not allow C. mustn’t allow D. couldn’t allow

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