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必修三 Unit1 Festivals around the world 1. 那照片让她想起淹死在海里的爱人,她哭了。当她走出房间时,尽管已拭去了泪水,但仍掩盖 不住脸上的悲伤。(remind…of; drown; weep; wipe; sadness ) The photo reminded her of her lover who had drowned at sea, and she wept. Although she had wiped all her tears away when she came out of the room, she could not hide the sadness on her face. 2. 多年来,这位身居墨西哥的老人日夜梦想着回到自己的祖国。(Mexico; day and night) For many years this old man who lives in Mexico has been dreaming day and night about going back to his homeland. 3. 这位精力旺盛的诗人也没有能够找出这些词的起源。(energetic; poet; origin) The energetic poet could not find the origins of the words. 4. 我们又见面了, 他为自己没有信守诺言而向我道歉, 并希望我能原谅他。 (keep one’ s word; apologize; forgive) When we met again, he apologized to me for not having kept his word and asked me to forgive him. 5. 根据专家们的预测,他会荣获今年金鸡奖的最佳男演员奖。(prediction; award; rooster) According to experts’prediction, he will win the best actor at the Golden Rooster Award this year. 6. 很明显,他在尽力屏住呼吸。(obvious; hold one’s breath) It was obvious that he was trying to hold his breath. 7. 如果你没有获得夜间泊车许可,就不能在此停车。(parking; permission) If you haven’t got a night parking permission, you can’t park your car here. 8. 下周举行的大会是为了纪念他们的祖先 100 多年前来到这个村庄。(take place; in memory of; ancestor; arrival) The meeting that will take place next week is in memory of their ancestors’ arrival in the village one hundred years ago. (P50)Unit 2 Healthy eating 1. 这一饮食的缺点是包含了太多的脂肪和糖分,优点是有很多能提供能量的食品。(diet; strength; weakness) The weakness of this diet is that it has too much fat and sugar; its strength is that it has plenty of energy-giving food.

2. 那个商店老板试图通过打折来赢回顾客。(win back; discount) The shopkeeper is trying to win his customers back with a discount. 3. 如果你不为自己的错误道歉的话,他们是不会放过你的。(get away with) If you don’t say sorry for your mistake, they won’t let you get away with it. 4. 他已经负债很久了。对于他来说,如何谋生成了个大问题。(in debt; earn one’s living) He has been in debt for a long time. How to earn his living is a big problem. 5. 就在我等朋友时,突然发现有个男人在离我不远处正瞪眼看着我。(spy; glare at) When I was waiting for my friend, I suddenly spied a man not far away glaring at me. 6. 我不想对你说谎,但是我不得不告诉你他的智力有限。(lie; limited) I don’t want to lie to you, but I have to say that his intelligence is limited. 7. 专家说吃胡萝卜对眼睛很有好处。(benefit; carrot) Experts say eating carrots benefits your eyes. 8. 我吃饺子时通常都会加点醋,因为醋有助于消化食物。(vinegar; digest) I usually eat dumplings with a little vinegar, which I believe helps me digest the food. (P56)Unit 3 The Million Pound Bank Note 1. 事实上,当他进入办公室时是偶然被保安发现的。(spot; by accident) As a matter of fact, he was spotted by accident by the guard as he entered the office. 2. 地面在摇晃着,人们尖叫起来,“地震了! ”(scream) As the earth was shaking, people screamed, “It’s an earthquake!” 3. 威廉向那位女士鞠了一躬, 送给她一个盒子, 里面是一枚漂亮的真钻石戒指。 (bow; genuine) William bowed to the lady and offered her a little box inside which was a genuine diamond ring. 4. 这些年,我有很多朋友都来到这座大城市追求幸福和成功。至于我,则想碰碰运气,在家乡开 个公司。(seek one’s fortune; as for; take a chance) In recent years many of my friends have gone to the big cities to seek their fortune. As for me, I want to take a chance and set up my own company in my hometown. 5. 他把大量的时间和金钱花在世界各地的旅游上,因为他酷爱冒险。(amount; adventure) He has spent a large amount of time and money travelling around the world, as he enjoys adventures.


6. 小女孩盯着桌上的菠萝甜点,她很想吃。(stare; pineapple; dessert) The little girl stared at the pineapple dessert on the table and wanted to eat it very much. (P63)Unit 4 Astronomy: the science of the stars 1. 既然我们已经完成了设计,就该由公司来精心建设了。(now that; in one’s turn) Now that we have finished the design, the company, in its urn, will do the construction. 2. 火灾没有造成太大损失,因为消防人员及时赶到了。(in time) The fire did not cause too much damage, because the firefighters arrived in time. 3. 由于强大的引力,飞船被拖得离卫星很近。(gravity; pull; satellite; spaceship) The spaceship was pulled close to the satellite by its strong gravity. 4. 沙尘暴导致了连锁反应,最后造成火车撞毁。(chain; reaction; crash) The sandstorm led to a chain reaction which ended in a serious train crash. 5. 老师幽默的谈话让我们很振奋,班里的气氛也放松下来了。(atmosphere; cheer up) The atmosphere in the classroom relaxed after the teacher’s humorous talk cheered us up. 6. 别打扰她。她昨晚刚生了一个男孩,现在还在睡觉。(give birth to) Don’t disturb her. She gave birth to a boy last night and now she is asleep. 7. 大部分证据都被毁了。因此,不可能证明这种药物是有害的。(harmful; thus) Most of the evidence is destroyed. Thus, it’s impossible to prove that the drug is harmful. 8. 云就是漂浮在空中的大片的非常细小的水滴。(float; mass) Clouds are masses of very small drops of water that float in the sky. (P75)Unit 5 Canada---“The True North” 1. 小时候,在黑暗中睡觉让我们感到很害怕。(terrify) When I was young, going to sleep in the dark terrified me. 2. 按照传统,鹰常常被人们当作勇气的标 志。(tradition; eagle) According to tradition, the eagle is usually regarded as a symbol of courage. 3. 市区的交通总是很糟糕, 我每天大概要花一个小时才能回到家。 (approximately; downtown)

The traffic is always terrible downtown; it takes me approximately one hour to get home every day. 4. 这座城市里宽敞的马路上都种满了灌木和枫树。(broad; bush; maple) The city’s broad streets are lined with bushes and maple trees. 5. 她的衣着和行为证实了我的猜想---她确实很富有。(confirm; wealthy) Her clothes and behaviors confirmed my guess that she was really quite wealthy. 6. 站在塔顶上,我发现自己被云雾包围着。然而我仍能看到远处的山。那迷人的景色给我留下了 深刻的印象。(surround; in the distance; scenery; impress) Standing at the top of the tower, I found myself surrounded by some clouds. However, I could still see the mountain in the distance. The beautiful scenery impressed me a lot. 7. 他善于交流,所以在工作中他和各种人打交道都应付自如。(have a gift for; mix; manage) He has a gift for communication, so he managed to mix with all kinds of people in his job. 8. 据我所知,距离汽车站不到一百米就有一个银行。(as far as; within) As far as I know, there is a bank within a hundred meters of the bus stop.



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