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Unit1 1.在有些人眼里,毕加索(Picasso)的绘画会显得十分荒谬。 In the eyes of some people, Picasso’s paintings would seem rather foolish. 2.他们利润增长部分的原因是由于采用了新的市场策略。 The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy. 3.那个男人告诉妻子把药放在最上面的搁架上,这样孩子们就够不着了。 The man told his wife to keep the medicine on the top shelf so that it would be beyond the children’s reach. 4.有钱不一定幸福。 Happiness doesn’t always go with money. 5.那辆小汽车从我买来以后尽给我添麻烦。 That car has given me nothing but trouble ever since I bought it. Unit2 1.自今年夏初起, 海尔公司 (Haier) 展开了空调促销的广告大战。 Since the beginning of this summer, Haier has waged a massive ad campaign to promote its air-conditioner sales. 2.玛丽的父母不同意她去美国,因此她最终能否实现自己的愿望尚不可知。 Mary’s parents frown on the idea of her going to America, so it remains to be seen whether she will realize her dream. 3.罗斯明白约翰源源不断的来信,连同无数的玫瑰花,目的是为了赢得她的心。 Rose knows that continuous letters from John, together with countless roses, are aimed at making her fall in love with him. 4.政府通过资助种植果树以使荒地重新变绿,成功地改善了生态环境。 Through sponsoring the growing of fruit trees to regenerate waste land, the government succeeded in improving the ecological environment. 5.政府已采取了一系列新的环保措施,由此在全国多地出现了许多公园和公共绿地。 The government has taken a series of new environmental protection measures, thus there have been many throughout many parks and public green. Unit3 1.人生充满了欢乐与痛苦。 Life is full of ups and downs. 2.我始终知道他会以优异的成绩毕业. I knew all along that he would graduate with distinction. 3.工作人员对这一说法的真实性有些保留看法。 The working staff had some reservations about the truth of the claim. 4.当地政府将毫不犹豫地采取最严厉的措施对付犯罪分子。 The local government will not hesitate to take the severest measures against criminals. 5.他企图以滔滔不绝的谈话来拖延时间。 He tried to buy time by doing a lot of talking. Unit4 1.对大多数父母来说, 送孩子出国学习的决定是经过仔细考虑后做出的。他们会尽力在孩 子离开之前安排好一切。


For most parents, the decision to send children abroad for study is made after careful thinking. They will try to have everything worked out before their children leave. 2.杰克才开始工作了三个月, 经验尚不足,所以让他独立完成这项任务是有困难的。 Jack has only been working for three months, so, for lack of experience, he will have difficulty finishing the task alone. 3.只要你详细说明要我们做些什么,我们就会尽力帮你做好一切准备的。 As long as you specify what we are expected to do, we’ll try our best to help you get everything ready. 4.苏珊以为自己会很快适应那儿的生活,可后来发现事情没那么容易,于是她开始想家 (homesick)。 Susan had thought she would adapt to life there soon, but she found later things were not so easy, and she began to feel sick about being away from home. 5.当离别时刻到来时,这些孩子越发觉得忐忑不安起来, 因为他们不知道自己是否能适应 没有父母在身边的生活。 Tension descended on these children when it was time for departure, since they didn’t know whether they could adapt to life without parents. Unit5 1.我父亲太忘事, 老是在找钥匙。 My father is so forgetful that he is always looking for his keys. 2.再没有收到过他的信,于是我们开始怀疑他是否还活着。 Nothing more was heard from him so that we began to wonder if he was still alive. 3.对于这位科学家来说,凌晨两、三点钟上床睡觉是很平常的事。 It is not unusual for the scientist to go to bed at two or three in the morning. 4.那人弯腰从地上把书拣起来。 The man bent down and picked up the book from the floor. 5.丽贝卡(Rebecca)把头靠在丈夫的肩上哭起来了。 Leaning her head on her husband’s shoulder, Rebecca began to cry. Unit 6 1.她误解了自己最好的朋友,感到非常内疚。 She was very guilty about not having understood her best friend. 2.她容貌秀美, 举止优雅,很吸引人。 Her good looks and elegant manners are very attractive. 3.显然,他总以为自己的学历和工作经历肯定会给人深刻的印象, 但实际并非如此。 Obviously, he takes it for granted that his educational background and work experience are surely impressive. But actually they are not. 4.他引用一位著名艺术评论家的话,为自己的绘画才能增加一点自信心。 By quoting from a well-known art critic, he tried to add a bit of self-confidence to his talents. 5.每个学生都有自己的不同特点,友善或拘谨,长相平平或漂亮妩媚。老师不应该歧视中 间任何人。 Every student has his or her characteristic qualities, such as friendliness or reserve, plainness or charm. A teacher should not be prejudiced against any of

them. Unit7 1.医生建议说, 有压力的人要学会做一些新鲜有趣、富有挑战性的事情, 来发泄负面情绪。 The doctor recommends that those stressed people should try some new, interesting and challenging things in order to give their negative feelings an outlet. 2.那个学生的成绩差,老师给他布置了更多的作业,而不是减少作业量。 The teacher gives more homework to the student who has bad grades, instead of allowing him to cut that down. 3.尽管我已经把许多任务分派给其他人去做,我依然担心这项计划无法赶在四月一号截止 期前完成。 Although I've delegated many tasks to other people, I'm still afraid that I won’t be able to finish the plan before the April 1 deadline. 4.从医生的角度看,脾气越急躁的人越易于失控。因此他们往往容易患心脏病。 From a doctor's viewpoint, the hotter tempered people get, the more likely they are to lose control. Consequently, they tend to suffer from heart diseases. 5.教师首先要考虑的事情之一是唤起学生的兴趣,激发他们的创造性。 A teacher's priorities include exciting students' interests and stimulating their creativity. Unit8 1.他给了我一些建议,同时还给了我一笔钱让我开个小公司。所以现在我也想用积累的钱 给别人提供一些帮助。 As well as some advice, he gave me a certain amount of money to start a small business. So now I want to render help to others with money I’ve accumulated. 2.从一项非正式的民意调查来看, 大多数人希望缩短工作时间,因为他们意识到除了工作, 生活中还有许多别的东西。 According to an informal poll, most people hope the working hours will be reduced, because they’ve realized that there is a lot more to life than a job. 3.这些艺术家把一生都献给了艺术,为艺术事业作出了巨大的贡献。 These artists devoted all their life to art, and made great contributions to the artistic field. 4.在每周例会上,每个人的发言都不能离开会议议题。 At the weekly meeting, everyone must confine his remarks to the subject. 5.要是我没说那些愚蠢的话该多好!那时我太年轻,不能明辨是非。 If only I hadn’t said those silly words! I was too young then to distinguish right from wrong. Unit9 1.成功需要不断的努力。因此小王常常工作到深夜,希望能赶上计算机技术的最新发展。 Success calls for non-stop efforts. So Xiao Wang often worked until very late at night in hope of keeping pace with the latest developments in computer technology. 2.他们最终实现了要以自己的生命为祖国的自由而努力的诺言。 They eventually fulfilled their pledges to work for the freedom of their country at the expense of their lives.

3.考虑到彼得的计划缺乏严密性,总裁放弃了该计划,而主张采纳汤姆的意见,认为它比 其他人的高明。 Considering that Peter’s plan didn’t hold water, the president abandoned it in favor of Tom’s idea over all the others’. 4.由于年轻人在这家公司没有多少机会,小李辞职了。同时,她开始向美国的一所大学申 请,想出国留学。 As there wasn’t plenty of scope for young people at this company, Xiao Li quitted/quit her job. In the meantime, she began to apply to an American university, aiming to study abroad. 5.露西所讲的关于新领导班子的坏话可能会导致她在这儿的待遇发生变化。换句话说,由 于她所说的话, 她在我们公司不会像以前那样受到特别的优待了。 Lucy's terrible references to the new leadership will probably change her treatment here. In other words, her comments will probably end the preferential treatment she has been getting at our company. Unit10 1.人们穿着体面的衣服,成群结队地去广场参加庆祝会。 People dressed themselves decently and flocked to the square for the celebration. 2.为数不多的战士们英勇抗敌,壮烈牺牲。 The handful of soldiers fought bravely against the enemies and died heroic deaths. 3.在那次事故中,300 多人被埋在废墟中,等待援救。 In the accident, over three hundred people were buried underneath the wreckage waiting to be rescued. 4.途中她忍受了种种艰难困苦;什么都无法阻止她去寻找失散的女儿。 She endured all kinds of hardships on the journey; nothing could keep her from finding her lost daughter. 5.别跟那帮人混在一起。他们在光天化日之下干了很多坏事。 Don't get mixed up with that gang. They have committed many crimes in broad daylight.


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