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learning a foreign language 讲义

Book one

Unit one

Learning a Foreign Language I: Lead-in 1. Why should we learn English? Have you ever seen the movie The Babel , which is called 《通天塔》 in Chinese? If you have seen the movie, I think you must have some idea about the Biblical story of Babel. According to the record of the Bible, people spoke the same language at the
very beginning. And they decided to build a tower which can lead to heaven. Human being’s arrogance made the God annoyed and he disordered people’s language. Suddenly, those arrogant men could not communicate with each other, and they began to shout at each other, which caused them to give up their dream of building a tower reach to the heaven. From this story, we can learn that if the whole world want to reach some big goals, the first thing we can do is to communicate and understand each other. So learning a foreign language is totally necessary. Since English is generally regarded as the international language, we Chinese should learn English in order to integrate with the world.

2. Some tips on English learning: Pleasure, pressure. Recite. II Listening and Answering: Listen to the tape. Then answer the following questions with your own experiences. 1. What problems do you have in trying to learn English in your middle school? 2. Why do you think the computer can help you in learning English? 3. What other things do you think we can gain through English language learning? Online learning: A form of distance education, refers to learning and other supportive resources that are available through a networked computer. With the development of the internet, online learning often takes place on the internet. In an online lesson, the computer

displays material in response to a learner ’s request. The computer asks the learner for more information and presents appreciate material based on the learner ’s input. 1. What made the author ’s English learning in junior middle school very successful? The kind and patient teacher and her positive method of praising all students often. 2. Judging from the sixth para, what is basic to online English learning? It requires much time, commitment and discipline to keep up with te flow of the course. 3. According to the last para, what interests the author most about English? He could communicate with many more people than before.

III: Main idea of the text Learning a forging language was one of the most difficult yet most rewarding experiences of my life. Structure of the text: Part one: (para one) Learning a forging language was one of the most difficult yet most rewarding experiences of my life. Part two: (para 2--4) my different experiences with the regular course in junior and serior middle schools and at collage. Part three: (para 5--7) benefits of hard work. Part four: (para 8) Learning English brings me benefits. my experiences with the online course helped me reap the

IV: NEW WORDS reward vt. n. give sth. in return for good and valuable doings 报答,酬谢,奖励 1. something as a return for good and valuable doings 报答,奖赏

2. some money given to someone for his good doings 报酬,酬金

How can I reward your kindness? 我如何酬谢你的好意呢? It’s a reward for virtue. 那是对美德的回报。 As a reward for passing the exams, she got a new bike from her parents. 她因为通过 了考试,父母给她买了一辆新自行车作为奖励。 I hear there is a big reward for the seizing of the thief. 我听说为捉拿小偷设了重奖。 frustrate vt. 1. cause sb. to have feelings of disappointment 使沮丧,使灰心

2. cause the failure of sth. 使挫败,使受挫折 The lack of evidence in this case is frustrating the police. 警察因缺乏证据而感到很 伤脑筋。 The bad weather frustrated our hopes of going out. 头。 junior n. 1. someone who is younger 年少者 坏天气使我们打消了外出的念

2. someone of low or lower position 地位较低者,晚辈 positive a. 1. leading to a practical action 积极的,肯定的

2. sure, having no doubt 确实的,明确的 senior n. 较年长者

former a. n. of an early period 在前的,以前的,旧时的 (the ~) the first of the two people or things just mentioned 前者

In former times, people were hanged for stealing in Britain. Of the two possibilities, the former is more likely. Of the two the latter is better than the former. unlike Prep. not like; being different from 不像;和……不同 Her recent report is quite unlike her earlier work. Unlike me, my sister likes to get up early.

▲intimidate vt. frighten by making threats 恐吓,威胁 make one frightened by threats John intimidated his brother into not telling their parents the truth. opportunity n. a good moment or chance for doing sth. 机会,时机

online a. & ad. 连线的,联网的;连线地,联网地 communicate vi. vt. 传播 He is slow in speaking and cannot communicate very well. Our teacher communicates his ideas very clearly. communication n. the action of sending and exchanging information 交流,交际;通信 send and exchange feelings, opinions or information 交流,交际 make (opinions, feelings or information) known or understood by others 传达,

Radio is an important means of communication. medium n. a. a method for giving information 媒质,媒介物,传导体 of middle size, amount, quality 中等的,适中的 TV can be a medium for giving information and opinions. phone n. 电话,电话机

modem n. 调制解调器

access n. 1. [U] means or right of using, reaching 接近,进入

2. means of entering, or a way in 通道,入口 technology



participate vi. (in) take part in 参与,参加

virtual a. 1.[计]being produced by the computer but almost true to the reality 虚构的,

虚拟的 2. almost what is stated 实质上的,事实上的,实际上的 commitment n. 1. devotion to promise 信奉,献身

she doesnot want to get married because she does not want any commitments. 2. a promise to follow certain beliefs or actions 承诺,许诺,保证 discipline n. 1. a state of order and control; self-control 纪律;控制, 自制

Discipline is very important and necessary for college students. 2. punishment 惩罚,处分 3. a branch of learning 学科 minimum a. n. the smallest 最低的,最小的 the smallest amount 最低限度,最少量

assignment n. 作业 2. [U] act of dividing assignments 分配,指派 notebook n. 笔记簿 1. [C] a piece of work given to a particular person(分派的)任务, (指定的)

embarrass vt. 思 screen

make someone feel upset esp. doing sth. not rightly 使窘迫, 使尴尬, 使不好意


1. 屏幕,银幕

2. 屏风,帘,纱窗 continual a. 1. continuing without breaks 不间断的,不停的

2. repeated often and over a long period 多次重复的,频频的 continually ad. 1. 不间断地,不停地 2. 多次重复地,频频地 finally ad. at last 最后,终于 ▲reap vt. 1. have and enjoy the food or things that happen as a result of work 获得,得到

3. cut and gather a crop of grain 收割,收获 get something as a reward Online learning made it possible for me to reap the pleasure of English learning. benefit n. vt. anything that brings help or profit 益处,好处 be useful or helpful to 有益于

insight n. the power of using one's mind to see or understand the true nature of sth. 洞察

力,洞悉,深刻的见解 culture n. 文化,文明

favorite (英 favourite) a. n. most loved 特别受宠的 something or someone that is loved above all others 特别喜爱的人(或物)

activity n. gap

something that is done or is being done 活动,行动


an empty space between two objects 缺口,裂口

bridge make up for the difference between The policy will do help to bridge the distance between the rich and the poor. PHRASES AND EXPRESSIONS 1. be well worth sth./ doing sth. be rewarding enough (to do) for the time or effort 值得……的 This book about the methods of online learning is well worth reading. 2. not only...but also... 不仅……而且…… Not only is placed at the beginning of a sentence, and the sentence order should be inverted. Not only did we enjoy the movie, but also we had a good time. 3. far from not ... at all; rather than 一点都不 Although the environment of our university is still far from perfect, we have not lost the desire to change it for the better. 4. a couple of two or three 两三个 I saw a couple of children playing in the garden. 5. get access to get the right of using or reaching sth. 可以使用,获得 way of entiring. The students in our university have access to that computer lab for free. 6. keep up with not to fall behind in; keep the same speed as 跟上,不落后

keep up with the jones 赶时髦,与人攀比 Don’t run—I can’t keep up with you. 7. feel like sth./doing sth.

want to do sth. 想做,想要 At the sight of the miserable scene, the lady felt like crying. 8. give up stop having or doing 停止,放弃 9. come across meet with 偶然遇上 We have just come across an old friend we havenot seen for ages. 10. reap the benefits of get sth. as a reward 获得益处,得到好处 He felt that he got much benefit from conversations with foreigners. 11. trade...for exchange...for 用……换 In order to pay off his debts, he had to trade his wedding ring for money. 12. participate in take part in 参加 13. now that because (sth. has happened) 既然,由于 引导原因状语从句,用于解释新出现的情况。从句常常出现在居首,有时 that 可以省略。 Now that you are here, why not have a drink? Now you mention it, I do remember the thing. 14. reach out to communicate with; contact 接触,联系 With the introduction of the Internet, we can reach out to our friends all over the world. 由于互联网的使用,我们可以和世界各地的朋友联系。 Bridge the gap: Learning a foreign language heplps us bridge the gap between two different culture.


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