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What life will be like in the future?


The Space City

The Space House

Introduction: Word Study










Pre-reading :
Which topics you think it will mention?
alternative energy
shopping crime

public services
environment entertainment




Garbage ship
为解决垃圾问题,一所城市将把废料装到 大型宇宙飞船上并把它们射向太阳,来防止 垃圾填埋地球和环境问题。

To get rid of garbage problems, the city will load huge spaceships with waste material and send them towards the sun.

Police will arrest criminals by firing nets instead of guns.

No smoking will be allowed within a future city`s limits

All shopping will be done on line. and catalogues will have voice commands to place orders.。


Everyone will be given telephone number at birth that will never changed no matter where they live.



All forms of recreation will be provided free of charg

softball bowling

All cars will be powered by electricity.

car using solar energy

surgery 外科手术

Distance surgery will become common as doctors carry out operations from

远距离手术 telesurgery

People with disabilities will be able to go anywhere in the world using high-tech cameras attached to their head.

senior citizens

space travel

Travelling in space by ordinary citizens will be common.

?Language points for Reading

for sure 肯定;一定;必定 1, That is for sure. 那是一定的。 他一定回生病的。 2, He will be sick for sure.

sure 肯定

certai sure/ certain 1,I am ____________ about it. n 2, We are sure/ _____________of victory. certain sure 3, It is _______ to rain.

常可换用,而certain更肯定 不是人做主语时,只能用certain


1) n. 爱护,关心,关爱 1,Take care of your brother while I am aw

2, Cross the road 2) vi.

with care. 过马路要留神。

1,I don`t care about your opinion.

2,He care for no one. 关怀,照顾

run out = become used up 用完,耗尽
1, Our supplies finally run out.

2, His money soon ran out.
用完,耗尽 表主动,主语一般是人 run out of

He has run out of money. 他已经花完了钱。
run away 逃跑 run after 追逐,追求

rely on /upon sb./sth. 指望,依赖某人/某物

Nowadays we rely increasingly on computers fo

1, I relied on your coming early.

2, We can`t relay on her for help.

get rid of 处理掉,排除,摆脱
1,We have to get rid of the rubbish.

2, He made up his mind to get rid of his bad habit. 他决定改掉坏习惯。

3, You must get rid of all your worries and have a good rest.

把…装进…中 load … with . a ship /a train with good 1, load a… truck/ 给卡车 / 轮船 /火车装货 我们要负担太多的作业了。

2,We are load with too much homework fill… with…. equip…with… fit …with… cover…with…

no matter where they live = wherever they live

Whatever you say, I won`t believe you.

=No matter what you say, I won`t believ

no matter what/ where/ how…. = whatever/ wherever/ however

…will be provided free of charge by the

1, (货物或服务所需的)费用

1)His charge is reasonable.

2) All the food is free of charge.
所有食物免费供应。 2, 掌管,照管,监护

Who is in charge here? 这儿谁负责? The patients are under the charge of D

in charge of 掌管,负责 in the charge of charge of =under the


Mr zhu is in charge of class 5.
Class 5 is in(under ) the charge of Mr zhu.

….and it will be possible to change the co

of cars at the flick of a switch.


一….(就会发生 )

1, I will go at your call.

2, She burst out crying at the news.

.using high-tech cameras attached to thei
通过系在头上的高科技照相机。 把某物系在,缚在或附在…上 attach…to…

be attached to 附属于… 依恋于… attach a sign on each bag


普通的,常见的,不足为奇的 adj.

侧重“时时发生,人所共有” 含“地位底下”之意

ordinary adj.普通的,平常的,平凡的
含“平淡无奇” 之意

ordinary 1,That is quite an/a ________ event. 2, He isn`t a hero but just a common /an_______ m

3, An/A ordinary _________working day is eight hou

2. with的复合结构: (1) He felt safe with his mum standing behind him.

with + n. + doing
(2) He went to the library with his homework finished.
(3) With a lot of homework to do, he isn’t free. (4) He is used to sleeping with the windows open.

with + n. + to do with + n. + adj.

(5) He likes reading with his MP3 on.

with + n. + adv. (6) He went out with a stick in his hand. with + n. + prep.

What will the city of the future look like?
Garbage ships Telephones for life Recreation Holidays at home Space travel

Batman Nets

Forget smoking Forget the malls



carry out

alternative energy
criminals huge spaceship material natural resource

recycle rely on waste ( v)


1,What have students in a Texas university They`ve thought how to run a city in 2025 done? To the sun 2, Where will garbage ships go? Criminals 3, Who will batman nets catch? city`s limits be allowed to 4, Within Where a won`t people On smoke? line Their telephone number. 5, How will people go shopping? Recreation 6, What number will people keep for life?

Ask and answer the questions

7, What people have to pay for? They won`t will be powered by electricity Surgery 8, How will cars be different? Anywher

Work in groups
In your opinion, what life will be like in the future? Make predictions for the year 2015. Use your imagination as much as possible.

?What will schools be like in the future? ?What subjects will people study?


School on the air

?Where will people work in the future? ?What kink of jobs will people have?

Q: 在英语中,用来表达将要发生的动作或 事情有些什么表达方式? Study: They will come back next week. The project will be completed in a month. Conclusion:
“Will+动词原形”表示在将来某个时间要发生的动 作或存在的状态,常与表示将来的时间状语连用。 有时也可用来表示揣测。如:The predictions will come true if technology continues to develop.

Study: Look! It’s going to rain. They are going to stay for two days. What are you going to do when you leave school? Conclusion:
“be going to +动词原形”表示打算在最近或将来 要做的事;或表示根据已有的迹象推测很可能要 发生的事情。

Study: When does the summer vacation begin? My train leaves at ten o’clock. The department store opens at nine tomorrow morning. Conclusion:
一般现在时可以表示按计划或时刻要发生的事; 只限于某些瞬间动词,如arrive, begin, come, finish, get, go, leave, meet, return, sail, spend, start等。

Function – Activity 2 on Page 4
Match the sentences with the meanings. Answers: A. 3

B. C. D. E. F.

4 2 1 6 5

Function - Activity 3 on Page 5
Work in pairs and try to underline the most appropriate form of the verb. Answers: 1. will be like
2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. are you going to do does the plane arrive are going to have is coming will ring is going to study will go

Grammar:The future continuous
Q: 将来进行时的构成、用法? Study: At nine o’clock tonight I will be doing my homework. In the year 3000 a lot of people will be living on space stations. Conclusion:
将来进行时由“shall/will+be+现在分词”构成; 表示将来某个时刻或某段时间内发生的动作,常 与特定的将来时间状语连用。

Q: 将来进行时还可以表示什么? Study: You needn’t cook supper, Mum. I shall be cooking dinner tonight.

Tom will be telling you about it this afternoon.

Q: 一般将来时与将来进行时的区别? Study: When will you finish the letters? When will you be seeing Mr White? Conclusion:
将来进行时表示对将来事实的简单陈述;一般将 来时除表示时间概念外,还常带有感情色彩。

Grammar- Activity 3 on Page 7
Answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. will be doing will be getting dressed won’t be working will be living Will, be staying will be lying

Let’s work hard and create a bright future.

Wish everybody a beautiful future!

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