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中考英语复习题 (19)

(2010?江苏省镇江市,5,1)( ) That film was so _________ that most of the audience kept screaming in fear while watching it last night.
A. exciting B. frightening C. boring D. amazing
(2010?湖北省咸宁市,34,1) — Congratulations! Your English teacher told me you got an A this time.
— Thank you. She is very .
A. impressed B. embarrassed C. terrified D. frustrated
(2010?湖北省宜昌市,31,1) ---How can I get well along with others, father?
---Try to smile to others, boy. That will make __________ much __________.
A. them, easier B. them, more easy C. it, easy D. it, easier

(2010江苏省南京市11. 1)-I don’t think your uncle really like drama series.
--No,________he still watches the programe
A.and B..so C.or D.but
(2010江苏省宿迁市17. 1)_______ they are twin brothers, they don’t look like each other.
A. Though B. Since C. However D. When
(2010年上海市38. 1)Money is important ,________it can’t buy everything.
A.for B.but C.or D.so
(2010四川省成都市35. 1)I won’t be able to understand what you say,_______you speak too quickly.
A.if B.though C.because

(2010?福建省晋江市,31,1). There are sixty minutes in __________hour.
A. a B. an C. the
(2010?山东省聊城市,26,1)—Lingling !Do you know ___________woman in white?
--Yes.She is _________nurse in Liaocheng People’s Hospital.
A.a;a B.the;the C.a;the D.the ;a
(2010?新疆省阜康市,29,1)( )We often take part in after class activities(活动),I like to play________basketball,but my brother likes to play_______guitar.
A.a;the B.the;the C.不填,不填 D.不填,the

(2010?四川省卷,31,1)( )31. Mr. Yang’s daughter is pretty good ______ drawing pictures and won many prizes.
A. with B. for C. in D. at
(2010?江苏省苏州市,2,1)The earthquake which happened in Yushu________ 14th April 2010 was a big disaster.
A.at B.on C.in D.to
(2010?浙江省东阳市,22,1)( ) 22. People _______the southwest of China were in great need of water a couple of months ago.
A. in B. at C. to D. on


26.When I saw him,he was walking ________his school.
27.Al l the guests arrived at the party but the host didn’t _______up.
28.On Sunday school is usually___________and students have one day off.
29.Gold is a kind of much-loved_______,so everyone like it.
30.Yesterday Tom_________me some money and I return it to him today.
【答案】26.towards 27.show 28.empty 29.metal 30.lent
(2010山东省潍坊市 五、词汇考查 ,满分 7分)
1. November is the e_________month of a year.
2. Lakers will play a _________Rockets in the NBA match tonight.
3. Lingling,Betty and I enjoyed o__________at the party last night.
4. Dragon Boat Festival is one of the Chinese t___________festivals.
5. F____________,the soldiers arrived at the village after a few days’ long walk.
6. If there’s something wrong with your teeth, you’d better go to see a d________.
7. Many teenagers would like to s_________their photos or articles with others on the Internet.
【答案】 1.eleventh 2.against 3.ourselves 4.traditional
5.Finally 6.dentist 7.share

One famous artist Sheikh went back to his hometown.He hadn’t seen of his friends for many years,who was a_41_man.When Sheikh asked about him,he was told by people that he was no longer poor.Sheikn _42_to pay a visit to his friend.
_43_talking with his friend,Sheikh asked him the _44_for the change.The man answered that he had been so poor that he had to sell some properties(财产)that _45_him.By selling these things,he had _46_some money enough to start a business with.
As he was on his way home with the money,he saw a poor woman_47_by the road.The man asked the woman reason,and she_48_that her husband died and her children were _49_.Hearing this,the man felt pity,and on seeing that she needed to money than _50_,he gave all the money to her.He _51_home and spent the night sad and _42_for his family.
The next morning,_53_he was summoned (召唤)to the house of a rich man.The rich man told him that he had _54_bags ofrice which he wanted to sell quickly and the man could buy it at a low price on loan(借用)from him.The poor man did so and sold the rice _55_.Soon he became rich.
41.A.poor B.rich C.silly D.lazy
42.A.refused B.forgot C.allowed D.decided
43.A.Until B.While C.Before D.Unless
44.A.reason B.message C.time D.plan
45.A.woke up B.got annoyed C.belonged to D.paid for
46.A.wasted B.carried C.chose D.collected
47.A.walking B.crying C.lying D.standing
48.A.explained B.believed C.dreamed D.imagined
49.A.dangerous B.crazy C.hungry D.angry
50.A.hers B.his C.herself D.himself
51.A.drove B.left C.returned D.stayed
52.A.pleased B.worried C.disappointed D.injured
53.A.surprisingly B.happily C.unluckily D.differently
54.A.thousands B.many thousands C.thousands of D.thousand of
55.A.possibly B.loudly C.badly D.quickly

In the past.many people used horses for traveling,farming and other kinds of work.A
lot of people still like to ride horses.And horse racing is also popular.So it is not surprising
that Americans use this animal when they talk.
Long ago,rich or important people rode horses which were very tall.Today, if a girl
acts like she is better than everyone else,you might say she should get off her high horse.
Yesterday my children wanted me to take them to the playground.But I had to finish
my work, so I said.“Hold your horses.Wait until I finish what I am doing.” My two boys
like to compete against each other and play in a noisy and not very careful way.I always tell
them to stop horsing around or someone could get hurt. ‘
Last night,I got a telephone call while I Was watching my favourite TV show.I decided
not to answer it because wild horses could not drag(拖,拽)me away from the television.There was nothing that could stop me from doing what I wanted to do.
Sometimes you get information straight from the horse’s mouth.Let us say your teacher tells you there is going to be a test tomorrow.You could say you got the information straight from the horse’s mouth.
You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.That means you can
give someone advice but you cannot force him to do something he does not want to do.
A horse around B straight from the horse’s mouth
C get off her high horse. D wild horses could not drag her away
E You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink
( )61 Mike,don’t——with your brother.You’ll break my mirror!
( )62-—I can’t stand Mary any more! She always says she has a better voice than me
—Please take it easy. I’ll go and tell her to
( )63.He no longer tried to stop her watching that movie because from it She
loved it so much
( )64—I hear from Grandpa that Uncle George is coming at the weekend Is it true?
—You’ve got the news .
( )65 Jerry, your soil really hates going to the piano class Remember Let him
Do what he likes
(2010四川达州 阅读理解 每小题2分 )(A)
The Water World Swimming Pool is open every day from eight o’clock in the morning until half past seven in the evening. It costs two dollars sixty to enter the pool. There is a special cheap price for students with a student card. The price is one dollar forty. But you must bring your student card with you.
On Wednesday morning the pool is only open to mothers and babies. So mothers can enjoy themselves in the water with their babies. Please leave your older children at home on Wednesday morning.
The new Water World Café will be open up on June 22nd. From the café you can watch the swimmers or enjoy a drink after you swim.
Please call 2105369 for more information. We look forward to seeing you at the Water World Swimming Pool.
46. How long is the Water World Swimming Pool open every day?
A. Eleven hours. B. Seven hours.
C. Eleven and a half hours. D. Seven and a half hours.
47. What is the price for students with a student card to enter the pool?
A. Two dollars. B. One dollar forty.
C. Two dollars sixty. D. One dollar.
48. A ten-year-old boy can’t go to the Water World Swimming Pool .
A. on Saturday B. on Sunday
C. on Wednesday afternoon D. on Wednesday morning
49. From the café you can watch the swimmers or enjoy a drink after you swim ___________.
A. on May 21st B. on May 22nd
C. on June 23rd D. on June 21st
50. This passage is a(n) .
A. advertisement B. note C. story D. slogan
【答案】46-50 CBDCA

Chinatown is the name given to an area in the middle of London. It is just between Leicester Square and Shaftsbury Avenue. Gerrard Street is at the center and is the most important street in the area. There is a large Chinese community(社区) with a lot of Chinese restaurants, Chinese supermarkets and shops in this street.
In the 1950s, it was a poor area and everything was very cheap. At the same time, the world rice market changed and thousand of farm workers in Hong Kong lost their jobs. They began arriving in London to look for work. They found jobs in the restaurants in this area. Many British people like Chinese food, and the restaurants were popular.
These restaurant workers often worked 17 hours a day and had no time to learn English. As more Chinese arrived, more shops and businesses grew up. Wives came and joined their husbands and children came and joined their fathers. The community grew, and Chinatown was born.
In the 1970s and 1980s, British-born Chinese started to have a better education and this brought economic(经济的) success to the area. Many families moved out of Chinatown, and there was more space for businesses. Gerrard Street become a street only for visitors and was soon a popular place for tourists.
Now everyone knows about London’s Chinatown. During the Chinese New Year, the streets are seen with flags and thousands of Chinese go into the streets. For most of the year, though, Londoners and tourists go there mainly for the food in the Chinese restaurants. They best restaurants are the ones where the Chinese eat.
65. Is this Chinatown in the middle of London?
66. Ws the area rich or poor in the 1950s?
67. Why did the restaurant workers have not time to learn English?
68. When did British-born Chinese start to have a better education?
69. What are the main points about Chinatown in this passage?
【答案】65.Yes  66.It was poor  67.Beacuse they often worked 17 hours a day
  68.In the 1970s and 1980s  69.Where it is and how it has developed.


(2010?山西省,Ⅸ,5)A)话题表述(共5 分)
【答案】One possible version:
After the exam ,I really want to travel to Dalian.I think Dalian is a very beautiful city.I like the sea there..I can swim in the real sea.I t will make me relax.Also I can lie on the beach and enjoy the sunshine. How happy I will be!

爱是心中的太阳,融化你我身边的冰雪。假设你是李明,你们学校的 “English Garden”正在举办主题为“付出即是收获”的征文活动,请你联系自己平时的爱心行为和感受写一篇文章投稿。
参考词汇:help ,clean up,an old people’s home,make…happy
Giving Is Receiving全品中考网
I am a student from Green Middle School.____________________________

(2010?浙江省东阳市,16,1)( ) 16. —By the way, have you got ______ e-mail address?
—Oh, yes, it is swimonland @ hotmail.com.
A. a B. an C. the D. /
(2010?浙江省卷,16,1)— Mike,could you come and give me hand?
— OK,Mum. I’m coming now.
A. a B. an C the .D 不填
(2010 .河北省卷,30. 1) Jenny, put on your coat you will catch a cold.
A. but B. and C. or D. so

(2010?江苏省镇江市,11,1)( )The Gulf of Mexico(墨西哥湾) is being polluted seriously. That has affected _________ several hundred kinds of sea animals there.
A. at least B. at once C. at birth D. at times
(2010?江苏省镇江市,2,1)( ) The plane will take off _________ three hours. I must get to the airport right now.
A. in B. for C. on D. at
(2010?湖北省咸宁市,22,1)The World Table Tennis Championship began the morning of May 25, 2010 Moscow, Russia.
A. Fifty; in; in B. Fiftieth; on; in C. Fiftieth; in; on D. Fifty; on; in

(2010?广西省定西市,4,1)( )China lies the east of Asia.
A. in B. on C. To D. of
(2010福建三明21.1)—How beautiful the Christmas card is!
--Yes,it’s _________my cousin.I received it this morning.
A.from B.to C.for
(2010?天津市,33,1)Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo won the gold medal for China so we’re proud _____them.
A.in B.on C.of D.for

(2010?湖北省宜昌市,27,1) ---Where may you advise me to start my business?
---In my opinion, Yichang is __________one of __________ best places for you.
A. the, the B. /, the C. the, / D. /, /

(2010?四川省眉山市,30,1)-- Lily is coming by plane tomorrow.
-- Let’s go to airport to meet her.
A. a; a B. /; a C. the; the D. /; the
(2010?山东省滨州市,21,1)21. — You’ve dropped ________ “s” in the word “necessary”.
— Oh, ________ letter “s” is doubled.
A. a; a B. a; the C. an; the D. the; the
(2010?江苏省苏州市,5,1)We can have_______ bluer sky if we create________ less polluted world.
A.a;a B.a;the C.the;a D.the;the


76.In China,students go to school from Monday to F_____________.
77.The boys like reading.They often b___________books from the school library.
78.It was so dark that we couldn’t see the road c___________.
79.My shoes are too old,I want to buy a new p___________.
80.Th radio says it will be_____________/’s An /tomorrow.
81.Please don’t ___________/’war/about Jim.he can take care of himself.
82.My uncle was born in __________(六月),1968.
83.His _______________(梦想)is to be a doctor.
84.Hurry up,or we will _____________(错过)the school bus.
85.An unhappy home ____________(环境)can affect a child’s behavior.
【答案】76.Friday 77.borrow 78.clearly 79.pair 80.sunny 81.worry 82.June 83.dream 84.miss 85.environment


(2010.四川省自贡市 第二节 完形填空A,满分 5分)
April 27 is a special day in Britain.It’s called Take Our Daughters to Work Day.On that Day thousand of girls take a day off school and go with one of their parents to their work places.By doing this,it can _41_girls more about the society where they live.
Now the girls can have a close look at -42_their parents are doing.This may help them to be calmer when they have to choose a job.Mary experienced a day of work at her mother’s office.This helped her _43_her mother’s work better.She said that this made her feel more confident about her future.
Schools and many companies support the activity,too.Some schools _44_make the day a necessary part of school life.
Experts think that girls with more self-confidence are more likely to be_45_than common girls.
41.A.talk B.keep C.teach
42.A.which B.what C.that
43.A.thank B.understand C.remember
44.A.ever B.never C.even
45.A.successful B.polite C.friendly


How important is your appearance ?Although everyone want to be good-looking ,are beautiful people always’s happier people?For example,it must be a problem to be a really beautiful woman,because some people may be more interested in looking at you than talking to you.They think of you as a picture rather than a person.There are also some people who think that women who are exceptionally(格外地)pretty and men who are particularly handsome must be stupid.They believe that only unattractive(无魅力的)people can be intelligent.
On the other hand,no one wants to be really ugly,and have a face that even your mother doesn’t want to look at ;and no one wants to be plain,either-that is ,to be neither attracvive nor unattractive ,and have a face that is easily forgotten.
Being attractive is like being rich it can help you find happiness,but it doesn’t always make you happy.So maybe the best thing is not to worry too much about how you look,but simply try to be a interesting person .For interesting people have interesting faces,and interesting faces are almost always attractive.
81.Everyone wants to be attractive.
82.No on likes to talk to a very pretty woman.
83.Some people think that handsome men are unintelligent.
84.A plain face is easily forgotten.
85.Not many interesting people are also attractive.

It’s not easy to be an astronaut’s son.Everybody expects you to be special or perfect.I
often wonder how my father ever had a son like me.I mean he’s so special and so good at
everything he does.Even in middle school he was class president and captain of the football
Well,to be honest,I often dream about being some kind of hero or doing something
special—like saving a child from a burning building or discovering a new star.I was daydreaming at school one morning when my teacher said there would be a Father’s Day writing competition for the whole sch001.“I hope we have a winner right here in my class.”
When I got home,I started to think about what to write.My father is an astronaut.N0,I
wouldn’t start like that.That was the way others saw him.How did I see my father? Hmm.
I saw him sitting with me in the dark when I had a terrible dream.I remembered how he
hugged me for hours when my dog Spotty was killed by a car.Yes,these were the things I
was going to write.To me,he wasn’t just a world—famous astronaut.He was my dad.
My parents and l went to school Thursday night.There were so many people in the big
hall! My dad looked at me,and I shrugged(耸肩).
The third prize was announced and it was not me.1 was relieved(释然)and disappointed at the same time.The second prize was announced.It was me.
1 went up to the stage and read what I had written,“My father’s son”.When I finished,the people stood up and cheered.I saw my father blowing his nose.Tears were running down my mother's face.Dad cleared his throat and put his hand on my shoulder.“Son,this
is the proudest moment of my life.’’
It was the proudest moment of my life,too.Maybe I’ll never be a great hero or win a
Nobel Prize,but it was enough just to be my father’s son.
( )46.The writer felt it to be the son of a famous person.
A.1ucky B.natural C.hard D.pleasant
( )47.In order to_ the writer would like to save a child from a burning building.
A.become astronaut B.become a great hero
C.be made school team captain D.be made class president
( )48.What did the boy probably write in his composition?
A.A lot of special things he had done.
B.The story of his father as an astronaut.
C.The unforgettable time he spent with his father.
D.The experiences his father had in middle school.
( )49.The writer felt proud when he .
A.got a prize in a writing competition B.won a Nobel Prize
C.saved a child from a burning building D.discovered a new star
( )50.What is the best title for the passage?
A.My daydream B.My father’s son
C.My famous father D.My happy family

Feeling left out?
A reader wrote in to say that she was feeling lonely at break because her best friend
wasn’t around.Here’s our advice to her—and to all kids who feel lonely sometimes.
It’s hard when a best friend isn’t around—maybe because she moved to a different
school or a different class.You may feel lonely at break or lunchtime.You want to have new
friends.but how do you make them? Maybe it seems like everybody else already has their
friends.But remember, there’s always room for more friends. 。.
Start by looking around your classroom—think about which kids you’d like to play
with at break.Look for chances to say hi to them,smile,and be friendly.Offer to share
something or express your appreciation(欣赏)to them.Invite someone to play with you or
say “Do you want to sit here?” in the lunchroom.When you’re at break,walk over to kids
you want to play with.act friendly,and say “Hi,can l play, too?” or just join in.
If you have trouble doing this or if you’re feeling shy, ask your teacher to help you make
new friends.Teachers are usually pretty good at matching up friends.The best way to make
friends is to be a friend.Be kind,be friendly,share,say nice things,offer to help—and pretty soon,you’ll have one,or two,or even more new friends.
You might still miss that special best friend.But when you see each other, you can share
something you didn’t have before she left:You can introduce her to your new friends!
( )51.This text is written for .
A.teachers B.parents C.students D.visitors
( )52.According to the writer, some kids feel lonely at break because they .
A.have trouble with their studies B.don’t have their best friends around
C.need their parents to be with them D.are too young to look after themselves
( )53.The underlined word this in Paragraph 4 refers to(指的是) .
A.sharing your ideas B.talking before many people
C.studying better at school D.developing new friendship
( )54.Some kids need help from teachers to make friends because ?
A.they miss their old friends a lot
B.they have no time to stay with others
C.teachers know who wants a new friend
D.they are shy or not good at making friends
( )55.The expression “feeling left out'’ means“ ”in Chinese.
A.受冷落 8.被调侃 C.挨批评 D.遭攻击


New rules and behaviour standards(行为规范) for middle school students came out(颁布) in March. Middle schools are going to use a new way to decide who the top students are. The best students won’t only have high marks. The following are some of the new rules.?
Tell the truth. Have you ever cheated(作弊) in an exam? Don’t do it again! That’s not something honest students should do.
Do more at school. Good students love animals and care for other people. April is Bird loving Month in China. Is your school doing anything to celebrate it? You should join! In that way, you can learn more about animals and how to protect(保护) them.?
Be open to new ideas. Have you ever thought people could live on the moon? Maybe you’ll find another earth in space in the future. Everyone’s new ideas are important.?
Protect yourself. Has a thief ever taken money from one of your classmates? Don’t let it happen to you. If you have to go back home late, you should let your parents know.?
Use the Internet carefully. The Internet can be very useful for your study. But some things on the Internet aren’t for kids, so try to look at the good web pages(网页). You can use the web pages for fun or homework.?
36. What should the best students do in an exam? ?

37. What should you do if you have to go back home late?.?
38. What can the children use the good web pages for? ?

39. When did the new rules come out? ?

40. Which new idea do you think may come true? ?
【答案】 36.They should not cheat./ They should be honest.
37.We should let our parents know.?
38.For fun or homework.
39.In March.?
40.People could live on the moon in the future.?


B)某英语杂志开辟中学生栏目。请以If I enter my favourite high school,I'll________为题,写一篇短文,以便为该栏目投稿。词数80~100。步骤与要点如下:
If I enter my favourite high school,I'll________________
The entrance exam(升学考试)will be over,and I'll be free for nearly two months.If I enter my favourite high schooI.I'll ...

(2010?河南省,22,1)( )To help Tommy learn better, his parents have done they could:cards,
tapes,special learning centers,in short, everything they can think of.
A both B all C none D neither
(2010?湖北省黄冈市,38,1)—How many students like this song?
--___________of us likes it.It sounds terrible.
A.None B.Nobody C.Every one D.All

(2010?吉林省通化市,40,1)Taking buses in Beijing is______than taking a taxi.
A.more cheap B.much cheaper C.a little cheap D.less cheaper
(2010?湖北省荆州市,18,1) —Which province is the ________ one in winter?
—It should be Hainan Province, I think.
A.coldest B.hotter C.warmest D.cooler
(2010 .河北省卷,28. 1)I don’t think looking after children is just work.
A. woman B. woman’s C. women D. women’s
(2010 .河北省卷,34. 1) Sometimes walking is even than driving during the busy traffic time.
A. fast B. faster C. slow D. slower
(2010?河南省,28,1)( ) I often laugh when I see my grandma learning pop songs But she says,“One is never old to learn’’
A too B so C very D quite
(2010?湖北省荆州市,17,1) —Do you think yesterday’s math problem was difficult?
—Yes. I could ________ work it out.
A.hardly B.easily C.finally D.nearly
(2010?福建省晋江市,37,1) --Don’t worry.My mother will look after your baby __________.
--Thanks a lot.
A. careful enough B. enough careful C. carefully enough

(2010?湖北省十堰市,32,1)—Our teacher wants us to be_______when we talk with the foreigners.
--Yes,we should believe in ourselves.
A.comfortable B.confident C.unusual D.energetic
(2010?湖北省十堰市,35,1)—Did you have a wonderful time at the party?
--Yes,it’s ________ one I’ve ever been to before.
A.a more excited B.a more exciting C.the most excited D.the most exciting
(2010?广西省梧州市,37,1)—Which do you like ________,tea,coffee or juice?
A.good B.better C.best D.well

Dear Dad ,
The day before yesterday was Father’s Day .I couldn’t celebrate it for you because Iwas busy taking the high entrance exam . But I have said “I love you , Dad !” in my heart many times .
You are an ordinary (普通的) man ,but in my eyes ,you are the 1. (great )father in the world .Every time I have trouble ,you always give me advice and help me out . I remember once I 2 . (fail) in a competition ,and I felt very upset . Instead of complaining , you just said to me 3._ (quiet) , “It doesn”t matter . A real man must learn to face many failures (失败) in life bravely .Cheer up !”
Dad , I am not going to buy you anything as a present because I don’t think it express my thanks to you .I’ll try my best to get good 4 . (grade).I think that is the best present
You are looking forward to 5 . (get). I’m sure I won’t let you down .
Hope my dear dad is healthy forever .
【答案】1.greatest 2.failed 3.quietly 4.grades 5.getting

One day before my final exam,my dad gave me a gift.It completely changed my life.
On that day I had a _31_with my friends and it was a difficult time with my studies.I was unhappy .Then I noticed the gift.I _32_it and saw a DVD inside.Its name was “THE SECRET”.However ,I was in no mood (心情)to watch it.I sat down to study ,but the _33_in my life-the fight,the sleepless nights and my poor health…Everything came to my mind.I wanted an answer but I wondered _34_there was any.Just then,I saw the DVD again.May be it would be helpful.I _35_my DVD player.I had no words to describe the feelings I experienced while watching it.The moving(动人的)stories of human beings made me so moved that I wouldn’t _36_any of them.
Thanks to my father’s gift “THE SECRET”,I discovered _37_.Everyboday has difficulties in their lives .The important thing is that you should be _38_enough to face them.Now I have started _39_my studies and my friends.And I’m in good health,too.I often hear people say, “Wow!_40_perfect life you have!’
31.A.trip B.party C.talk D.fight
32.A.opened B.kept C.moved D.broke
33.A.chances B.problems C.suggestions D.mistakes
34.A.why B.that C.if D.how
35.A.turned on B.looked for C.put away D.paid for
36.A.report B.forget C.think D.remember
37.A.yourself B.itself C.himself D.myself
38.A.mad B.brave C.sad D.weak
39.A.being busy with B.worrying about
C.getting on well with D.being afraid of
40.A.What a B.What C.How a D.How

Every morning, the newspaper chief editor(主编) holds a meeting with the reporters. They discuss the main events(事件) of the day. Reporters are then sent to cover the events.
As soon as the reporters know what to write about, they get down to work. They telephone people and fix a time for a face-to-face interview with them. Sometimes they do telephone interviews. Checking information is very important. They go to the newspaper’s own library to look up any information that they need. This is called “doing one’s homework”.
At the same time, the picture editor decides which photographs will be used for the next day’s paper. All the people who work on a newspaper must be able to work fast. Reporters have to stop working on one story and start working at once on the important new one. They must find out the new information as quickly as possible. Later in the day, everything is put together at the news desk. Reporters return, type their stories into the computer and hand them to the editor.
The chief editor decides which will be the most important story on the front page. Sometimes this will have to be changed if something more important happens late in the day. Other editors read the stories which the reporters have written and make any necessary changes.
Finally, there is no more time left for adding new stories, and the time for printing(印刷) the newspaper has come. This is done on fast-moving printing machines. The newspapers are then delivered(发送) by truck, plane or rail. Speed is important. People want to buy the latest newspaper; nobody wants to buy yesterday’s.
61. What is the work in a newspaper office like?
A. Interesting and confusing B. Important and patient.
C. Particular and necessary. D. Fast and busy.
62. According to the passage, the right order for a reporter’s work is ____________.
a. writing stories b. doing interviews c. joining in a discussion
d. doing homework e. handing stories to the editor
A. cbade B. cdeab C. cbdae D. cadbe
63. The front page contents(内容) are decided by ___________.
A. the importance of the events B. how well the stories are written
C. the knowledge of the chief editor D. whether they are the latest
64. Word editors’ work is to ____________.
A. help the chief editor with the morning discussion
B. decide when and how the papers can be printed
C. read the stories and make necessary changes
D. get together information from reporters and photographers
65. The best title for this passage is “____________”.
A. How a newspaper is produced B. How newspapers are delivered
C. What kind of papers readers like D. Whose work is more important
【答案】61~65 DCACA

Prana was a beautiful dog, whose name means “breath of life”. Although he died several years ago, I can still remember the days we spent together and what he has taught me about love.
I have two apple trees in the garden. Prana loved apples. When he went outside, he’d catch an apple and take it into the house to eat later. The apples had been on the ground and were often dirty so I wasn’t always happy that Prana had brought them into the house.
It was an autumn day in America, but it was very cold. A big snow fell and we had not done anything for its coming. On that special day, Prana went outside and I watched him through the window. I noticed that he was madly digging(挖) holes and bringing the apples to the ground so they could be seen above the snow. I did not know why he was doing this. He seemed to want to do something special.
When I called him back, he had his usual one apple in his mouth. About five minutes later, I looked outside. The garden was completely covered with birds. Prana had dug up all those apples for his bird friends to eat. He knew that they wouldn’t have stored enough food for the coming winter!
51. Prana was .
A. the writer B. a boy C. a bird D. a dog
52. I wasn’t always happy because .
A. Prana loved apples
B. Prana caught an apple and ate it
C. the apples fell on the ground and were dirty
D. Prana brought the dirty apples into the house
53. On the snowy day, Prana .
A. ate up all the apples
B. dug holes to put the apples in them
C. brought the apples under the snow to the ground
D. left the house and died
54. The birds flew to the garden to .
A. look for Prana B. eat the apples
C. make new homes D. store food for the winter
55. The topic of the story is about .
A. apples B. animals C. love D. life
【答案】51-55 DDCBC

One day Harvey’s wife was cleaning out a cupboard.
“Look at all these umbrellas,” Harvey’s wife said to him. “There are eight and they all b__(76)___.”
“I’ll take them all to the umbrella shop and have them repaired,” Harvey said. “They are too good to t__(77)__ away.”
Harvey took the eight umbrellas to the shop and l__(78)__ them there. The shopkeeper said, “They’ll be r__(79)__ tomorrow.”
That evening Harvey went home from the office by bus as he u__(80)__ did. He sat next to an old woman. She had an umbrella on the floor between the s__(81)__. When the bus reached his stop, he picked up her umbrella and stood up.
“Hey!” the woman said, “That umbrella b__(82)__ to me.”
“I’m so sorry.” Harvey said, giving it to her. “Please excuse me for taking your umbrella by m__(83)__.”
The next day he collected the umbrellas from the umbrella shop and got on the bus. As he sat down, a v__(84)__ behind said, “You have certainly had a s__(85)__ day!” He turned around and saw the woman whose umbrella he had almost taken the day before.
【答案】76. broken 77. throw 78. left 79. ready 80. usually 81. seats 82. belongs 83. mistake 84. voice 85. successful


请仔细阅读上图,对90后学生普遍具备的优点进行阐述(至少3点),可适当发挥(例如:We are usually fair. We always treat others equally.)。另外,作为一名90后学生,请结合你自己和周围同学的表现,列举至少2点不足之处进行描述。最后,请根据你自己的感悟,对即将开始初中生活的新生提出你的建议。
1? 内容包括至少3个优点、2个不足之处和1个建议,可适当发挥。
2? 括号内所给例句不得使用。
3? 不少于80词,开头已给出,不计入总词数。
4? 语句通顺,意思连贯,条理清楚,字迹工整。
5? 文中不得出现真实校名及姓名。
As post?90s students, we have so many advantages.
【答案】One possible version:
As post?90s students,we have so many advantages. We are usually kind and helpful. When someone is in trouble,we always give him or her a hand. We are also energetic. We like to do sports and go traveling. Most of us can work hard in class and play happily after class. In addition,we are abviously imaginative. We always try something new and do everything differently.
On the other hand,we also have some disadvantages. To tell you the truth,some of us ar a little impolite. Sometimes we can?t express our opinions in a correct ways. What?s more,we are so careless that we often make some mistakes in our studies and lives.
Overall,as post?90s students who will enter a middle school,I think you need to get used to school life as quickly as you can. You should work hard every day and take an active part in all kinds of activities to improve your abilities. Boys and girls,the future is up to us to createe.

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