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2015-2016 学年高一上学期期末考试试卷 英语
(共 150 分,共 120 分钟)

第一卷 共 100 分 一、听力(30 分,每小题 1.5 分)略 二、阅读理解(30 分,每小题 2 分) A Yesterday was awful. We had what they?re calling a “weather event” here, and it poured about 14 inches of rain in a day, causing by far the worst flash flooding I?ve seen in the 13 years in the place where we?ve lived. The kids and I ended up being trapped in our car in rapidly rising flood waters. The engine had stopped and couldn?t start again; the kids were terrified and I didn?t know what to do. Then a man in a 4WD pulled up beside us and offered to pull us out of the water. When he got us to higher ground he asked where our home was. We lived about 2km down the road, so he pulled us all the way back to our street before going off to look for more people in trouble. I don?t know this man and I ?ll probably never see him again, but the kids and I owe him a huge debt of gratefulness that we?ll never be able to repay. Five local people died in this “weather event”, just a few streets away from here, so I?m in no doubt as to how dangerous our situation was. Going through what we went through has only reinforced(强化) the fact that we should always be ready and willing to help someone in need to stay safe and be well, whatever the situations are. 21.What can we learn about the “weather event”? A. It was the biggest flood ever in this area. B. It rained for several days. C. Several people lost their lives in the event. D. Nobody was hurt in the event. 22.Which statement is NOT TRUE about the man? A. He drove a car of great power. B. He left as soon as he pulled the author?s car out. C. He was willing to help those in trouble.


D. He was a brave and selfless person. 23. What is the author probably going to do after going through such a “weather event”? A. Be ready to give hands to others. B. Buy a car with a more powerful engine. C. Try hard to search for the man. D. Pay some money for the man?s help. 24.Which one is the best title for the passage? A. A Weather Event B. The Kindness of a Stranger C. A Car Accident in Flood D. An Awful Day B Do two kids make a perfect family? Share your views about this issue on our website. Lucina When you decide to have another child , you should plan your budget (预算) in advance. If you or your parents can?t take care of your body, you have to at least spend an extra 5000 yuan per month to hire a body sitter. If you want to send your kids to study abroad, you have to save another 1 million yuan. I think most young Chinese couples cannot afford the expense. Bcnu Two is more than twice the work, there?s no guaranteeing(确保)they?ll share interests; they could very well fight or want to head off in completely different directions. If you find you love the second one more than the first, I don?t see how that could possibly make life simple, as children are very sensitive to that sort of thing. My advice is to take care of yourself and take time for your love for the first child to relax and grow before even thinking about having a second child. Steven I always thought having two kids sounded perfect. But when my daughter was born with life-threatening health problems I knew she would be my only kid. Raising our daughter was going to take a lot of emotional, physical, and financial resources. If I had any more children, I don?t think I could handle it. William



Under the one-child policy carried out in China for three decades, many kids are spoilt by their parents. The “little emperors” have no idea of sharing and giving and many of them even become self-centered. If we have another child, the first one will learn something about responsibility, sharing and caring for others. 25.What can we learn from the passage? A. Few families are ready for a second child in China. B. It takes a lot of money to raise a second child. C. Steven has never considered having a second child. D. Many kids become selfish because of the one-child policy 26.Of all the four persons, who is most likely to have a second child? A. Lucina B. Bcnu C. Steven D. William

27.What does the underlined part “that sort of thing” most probably refer to ? A.The two kids have different interests. B. It makes life hard to have two kids. C. Parents can?t treat the two kids equally. D.The two kids fight with each other. 28.Which of the following statements about the four persons is true? A.Lucina plants to send her kids to study abroad. B. Bcnu thinks having a second child means more trouble. C. Steven suffers from health problems. D.William has a selfish child.

C You know how much your telephone has changed over the past 10 years? Your car will change even more than that in the next 10 years. One of the big changes is that cars will drive themselves. Some day you may not need to drive a car. You will just tell the car where you want to go and it will drive itself. “We definitely have the technology for it now,” says Andrew Poliak of automotive technology supplier QNX. “We expect self-driving cars to be a mainstream thing between 2020 and 2025.” The American company Google has been working on a self-driving automobile for years. These cars are already on the roads in the United States, mainly in California. Google cars are truly self-driving. These cars have


no steering wheels(方向盘)or pedals(踏板) Last week, police ordered one of Google?s cars to stop for driving too slowly on a public road. The car was not breaking any law, so no one was punished. But police did speak with the operators of the vehicle. According to Google, its self-driving cars have been driven nearly 2 million kilometers. That is equal to the distance the average person drives in 90 years. So far, no Google self-driving car has gotten a traffic ticket. Some of them have been in accidents when other cars hit them. 29.Why was the Google?s car stopped by police? A.It ran too fast C.It drove too slowly. 30.What can we learn from the passage? A.The car hasn?t changed a lot over the past 10 years. B.Google has no self-driving car technology. C.Self-driving cars are widely used in the U.S. D.Google self-driving cars haven?t been fined so far. 31.What distance can a person drive in year on average? A.About 22,000km B.About 18,000km C.About 45,000km. D.About 11,000km. D For over a month, forest fires in Indonesia spread very quickly out of control as the country suffered its worst drought(干旱) in 50 years. Within days a cloud of some was hanging over neighbouring countries including Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. When the smoke combined with pollution from factories and cars, it soon became poisonous(有毒的). Dangerous amounts of CO became trapped under the smog and pollution levels rose. People coughed as they left the house and their eyes watered immediately. The smog made it impossible to see across streets and whole cities disappeared as grey soot(烟灰)covered everything. In some areas, tap water was used from high-rise city buildings to try and break up the smog. Finally, heavy rains, which came in November, put out the fires and cleared the air. But the environmental

B. It looks the law D. It had no driver.


costs and health problems will remain. Breathing problems could well increase and many non-sufferers may have difficulties for the first time. Wildlife has suffered too. In low-land forests, elephants, deer, and tigers have been driven out of their homes by smog. But smog is not just an Asian problem. In fact, the word was first used in London in 1905 to describe the mixture of smoke and thick fog. Sometimes the smog was so thick and poisonous that people were killed by breathing problems or in accidents. About 4,000Londoners died within five days as a result of thick smog in 1952. 32.When did the forest fires most probably happen? A. In July B. In October C. In November D. In December

33.Which of the following is true about the forest fires? A.The fires spread to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. B.The fires were put out by the firefighters and volunteers. C.Many animals were left homeless because of the smog. D.4,000people were killed by the forest fires. 34. When can we learn from the passage? A.Smog can lead to drought problem. B.Smog can cause forest fires easily. C.Smog has little effect on wildlife. D.Smog is more than an Asian problem. 35.What is the similarity between the Indonesia smog and the London smog? A.Both were caused by drought. B.Both caused many deaths. C.Both were poisonous. D.Both spread in several countries. 三、七选五 (共 5 小题;每小题 2 分。满分 l0 分) 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余选项。 Receiving unwanted or anonymous(匿名的) calls makes you angry and annoyed, wondering who is calling you and how this caller got your personal number. If you keep receiving such calls you will finally get scared and start thinking what this person wants from you._______36________ One way to deal with unwanted calls is to just hang up(挂断电话)._______37_____ Usually some callers want to frighten and upset you and if you give them this satisfaction, they will keep calling and bothering you. ________38__________Your kids and house helper must be taught how to deal with unwanted calls and must be


trained not to give personal information to the anonymous caller. Use answering machine to screen your calls. This will help you deal with unwanted calls. If you receive

malicious(恶意的)messages from your answering machine, do not delete(删除)them. _____39________ If the caller keeps annoying you, take note of the caller?s voice, gender, time or pattern of calls and report to the police. This information will help you in filing your complaints and deal with unwanted calls. ________40_______ You can easily do this using phone?s caller ID. Once you have the anonymous caller?s phone number you will find out who is calling you, the location and address and even their criminal records. Knowing these things will help you and the police deal with unwanted calls and stop in at once to keep your safety and privacy.

A. Do not express anger or worry. B. There are many ways to punish the callers. C. These can be helpful when you decided to get the police in. D. Here are some tips on how to deal with unwanted calls. E. Another way to deal with unwanted calls is to get the caller?s phone number. F. Do not give details or information about you and your family. G. Turn to the police for help if you receive unwanted calls.

四、完形填空(共 20 小题;每题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) Roy Tan came from a poor family. To _____41_______ his school fees, he had to go from door to door to ________42_____ packets of tissue paper. One hot day, after knocking on many doors and failing to sell his goods, he was very______43________ and hungry. He _____44_______ he would ask for a glass of water at the next house. A lovely young woman opened the door. “May .....I .....have a glass of water, please? I.....am thirsty,” Roy said. Emma looked at the skinny boy and thought he looked hungry. Without another word, she brought him a large glass of ______45______ instead. Gratefully, he _____46_______ it and then asked,” how much do I have to pay you?” “You don?t need to pay me anything,” Emma replied. “Mother has taught me_____47______to accept payment for a(n)_______48_______. As Roy Tan left that house, he not only felt________49_______physically, but also his spirits were lifted. He had been ready to ______50______ and drop out of school. Years later, Emma became seriously ill and the doctors were baffled(难住). They _____51_____ called in a specialist, Dr Roy Tan, to study her _____52_______disease. Dressed in his doctor?s gown, he went in to see her. He ______53______her at once. He was _______54________to do his best to save her life. From that day on, he paid______55______attention to Emma?s case. After a long struggle against the illness, the battle was won. Dr Tan requested the final ______56______to be


passed to him for approval (批准) .He looked at it, _____57_______something on the edge and the bill was sent to Emma. Emma _______58______to open it, for she was sure it would take the rest of her life to pay for it all. Finally, she looked and _______59_____caught her attention on the side of the bill. Emma?s tears rolled down her cheeks ______60______she read the following words,” paid in full with one glass of milk. 41. A. dream of 42. A. sell 43. A. angry 44. A. agreed 45. A. milk 46. A. bought 47. A. always 48. A. invitation 49. A. happier 50. A. pay back 51. A. finally 52. A. interesting 53. A. appreciated 54. A. excited 55. A. little 56. A. bill 57. A. removed 58. A. waited 59. A. somebody 60. A. as B. care about B. collect B. thirsty B. remembered B. water B. drank B. often B. drink B. stronger B. help out B. gradually B. important B. recognized B. upset B. special B .medicine B. wrote B. feared B. nobody B. before C. add up C. pack C. amazed C. decided C. tea C. sold C. never C. child C. healthier C. take part C. frequently C. rare C. protected C. hopeful C. necessary C. patient C. painted C. forgot C. something C. until D. pay for D. beg D. unlucky D. pretended D. coffee D. broke D. sometimes D. kindness D. taster D. give up D. secretly D. common D. visited D. determined D. some D. card D. replaced D. disagreed D. nothing D. since

五、单词拼写(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)

共 50 分

根据所给单词的首字母或者汉语提示,在答题卷上写出空缺处单词的正确形式,每空一词。 61. I?m writing to e 62. The colorful book is d my thanks for what you have done for me. for children under 5years old. seeing.

63.Personally I think The Martian (火星救援)is well w 64.We sent Helen our c 65. The student was r 66. Having a good c

on her winning first place in the competition. with a medal for saving the girl. of English is of great help when you look for a job.


67. The lady looks young ,but a 68.I hope you will 69.I plan to work as a

she is over 50.

(恢复)from your operation soon. (志愿者) (允许进入)into the park after 5 pm. (态度)towards life. (质量)of the products.

70.According to the rules ,tourists are not 71.Whatever happens ,we should hold a positive 72.We must pay attention to improving the 73.The students are 74.Tu Youyou does 75.I tried to

(装饰)the classroom with beautiful flowers. (指的,应受)the Nobel prize for her contributions to science. (说服)her to stop shopping on November 11,but failed.

六、语法填空(共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 76. Climbing the mountain ( be )hard work but we were surprised by the view. he didn?t notice the block on the road. (hold)in Brazil. (arise)in the past few years. homes had been destroyed.

77.The man was so buried in thought 78. The 2016 Olympic Games 79.Many new problems 80. Workers built shelters for survivors

七、单句改错 (共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 81.I hope I can speak English as fluent as he does. 82.I would appreciate if you could give me some advice. 83.It was years of hard work which made him successful. 84.It won?t be long until we can meet again. 85. I have a friend who I can tell everything to him. 八、书面表达 (25 分) 假定你是李华,得知上次你去伦敦旅游时接待过你的 Peter 打算寒假来中国游玩。请你用英语向 Peter 写一 封电子邮件。内容包括: 1. 再次表示感谢 2. 邀请其到家中做客 3. 向他推荐一个旅游景点,并说明理由。 注意 1、 词数 100 左右 2、可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。






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